October 2011 - Magnolia Manor


October 2011 - Magnolia Manor

Magnolia Manor

Creating Communities of Care for Senior Adults


Volume 32, No. 4

President Mark Todd with Nursing Home Administrators

at the GHCA Annual Summer Convention

Story on Page 22

Board of Trustees

Mr. Cecil D. Abarr

Dr. Connie Blanchard

Mr. Jimmie Buchanan

Mr. John P. Gill

Mrs. Ann L. Harris

Mr. Mark D. Johnson

Mrs. Eloise R. Paschal

Hon. J. Taylor Phillips

Mr. Chuck Reeves

Rep. Kip Smith

Rev. John E. Stephens, Ph.D.

Mrs. Edie S. Vinson

Mrs. Jean Parker Wheeler

Ex Officio Trustees

Rev. Henry Bass

Rev. Lowery Brantley

Rev. Shane Green

Rev. Michael Huling

Bishop James King

Rev. Thomas Martin

Rev. Wayne Moseley

Rev. Benjy Varnell

Emeritus Trustees

Rev. J. William Dupree

Mr. Will Peterson

Mrs. Betty D. Pope

Mr. J. Hinton Reeves

Dr. A. Jason Shirah

Dr. James T. Trice, Jr.

Andrea Walker

Communications Manager

2001 S. Lee Street

Americus, GA 31709

(229) 931-5922


From the President’s desk

As I began writing this letter to you, it

occurred to me that a well-known quote

from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities,

“It was the best of times, it was the worst

of times…” is as applicable today as it

was over a century ago in 1859. Charles

Dickens was clearly speaking about the

daily struggles of the era. As we look around

today at the economic uncertainties,

the political climate, and the changes

taking place in the Middle East, this

quote, “It was the best of times, it was

the worst of times” is just as relevant

today as it was back then.

Now, I know many of you are asking,

“What does this have to do with me and

Magnolia Manor?” Bear with me, as

I am excited to draw your attention to

the great features in this newsletter

which reflect our best of times. It truly is

the best of times with Magnolia Manor’s

efforts in Servant Leadership, donors

responding to residents’ needs like a

bus for the Moultrie campus, and all

the hard work being done by our staff to

advance their training so they are better

prepared to serve our residents.

It can also be said, “This is the worst of

times.” The economic realities of today

continue to bear down on us as we make

daily choices which affect our staff and

the residents we serve. There are many

daily challenges we face that often make

us choose between what we want to

do and what we are able to do. It is

imperative our perspective of these

situations should be “the glass is half

full rather than half empty”. Despite

Corporate Management

Mark R. Todd, President & CEO

Hill Fort, Sr. Vice President for Operations

Jerry Vick, Sr. Vice President for Finance

Willie C. Beasley, Sr. Vice President for

Church Relations and Development

2 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

Diane Wade, Sr. Vice President for Marketing

these trying times, I am convinced at

all times the Magnolia Manor staff is

working hard every day to provide the

best possible care for the loved ones

entrusted to us.

Despite these trying times,

I am convinced at all times the

Magnolia Manor staff is

working hard every day to

provide the best possible care.

In aging services, a fast approaching

holiday season is also “the best of times,

the worst of times”. This season is filled

with family gatherings, spiritual renewals,

presents, and happy spirits… “the best of

times”. It can also be a time filled with

loneliness, sadness and depression…

“the worst of times”. Please be mindful of

these two extremes as we work together

to make this holiday season truly “the

best of times”.

Magnolia Manor is a place of support

for each and every person who is part of

our organizational family. Charles Dickens

also said, “Reflect on your present

blessings, of which man has many; not

on your past misfortunes, of which all

men have some.” Although we all have

some misfortunes, we are all so blessed

to be a part of the Magnolia Manor

family. Now, let’s take advantage of that

and continue… “the best of times”.

Campus Administration

Hill Fort, Americus

Barbara Mitchell, Buena Vista

Angela Rose, Columbus

Wade Barr, Macon

Teresa Newell, Moultrie

Michelle Laidler, Richmond Hill

Dianne Feine, St. Marys

Jackie Crisp, St. Simons Island

Mark R. Todd,

President & CEO

the League of the

Good Samaritan

Older Adult Care

at Its BEST

When my mother had a stroke

she needed more care than my dad

could provide for her at home, but

he wanted the best for her. A good

nursing center was chosen for mother

to receive the care she needed. But my

dad, knowing they would take good

care of her was not enough…he went

every morning to help my mother

with her breakfast. He cut her banana

into her cereal and broke her bacon

into her eggs because she could not.

He was there and did what he could.

My mom had the best of care.

The best of care comes from those

involved doing what they can with

a nursing center resident. Those

involved include staff, family, friends,

volunteers and church groups. Those

who are involved elevate good care

to best care. This takes place at

Magnolia Manor when the staff offers

the benefits of servant leadership and

a commitment to “residents first.” It is

seen when our chaplains offer support

for crisis moments as well as spiritual

growth through study and reflection.

Families make good the best as they

visit and encourage older adults with

their presence and love. Churches

make good care the best care when

they bring groups to present programs

of music and study connecting

residents with the community.

Magnolia Manor changes good care

to the best care when they offer a

wellness program that enables our

residents to “keep on keeping on” and

enjoy good health. You see, the “best”

comes from all who are involved just

being there and doing what they can.

To the congregations in the South

Georgia Conference, I want to challenge

you to find your place in the process

of making good care the BEST at

Magnolia Manor. I also want to thank

you for the generous way you offer

support through prayer, programs,

gifts and activities. I hope you will

continue to come and support the

best care for our older adults.

Serving Christ with you,

Willie Beasley


If you wish, you can donate to Magnolia Manor through

our secure website by following three easy steps:

1-Go to www.magnoliamanor.com

2-Click on Giving.

3-Click on Make a Gift.

Thank you for your gifts of love and support!

Reverend William C. Beasley

Sr. Vice President for Church

Relations and Development

The “Best” comes

from all who are

involved just

being there and

doing what

they can.



Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 3



April 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011

hank you for supporting the ministry of The League of the Good Samaritan through your generosity.

The following were honored from April 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011. We sincerely apologize

the honorariums below were not included in the previous Magnolia Manor magazine.

In Honor of:

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Creech

Rev. & Mrs. Dennis


Cheryl Crosby

Mrs. Amanda Fasnacht

Rev. Charlie Culbreath

Mr. & Mrs. John

Wight, Jr.

Doris W. Daniel

Ms. Kate Noury

Mother’s Day

Mrs. Rhona Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stimpson

Rich DeLong

Ms. Mary DeLong

Emily Dodson Dozie

Mr. & Mrs. William


Laura Duke

Betty Ray & Max Coffee

Cass & Novella Spell

Tracy & Dave West

Jean Edwards

L. G. Thompson

& P. J. Edwards

Mr. Peter Edwards

Van E. Estes, Jr.

Mrs. Betty Jo Estes

Harriet Evans

Ms. Catherine Glenn

Earnestine Exley

Mr. & Mrs. John Cooler

Helen Farris

Mr. & Mrs. William

Farris III

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Farris Sr.

Mike & Nancy Faust

Mrs. Pat Beatty

Frances Feagin

Rev. Jerre Feagin

Mary Louise Flowers

Mr. & Mrs. James


Cameron Folmar

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Ellen Folmar

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Jay Folmar

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Jim Folmar

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Virginia Franklin

Mr. & Mrs. James

Franklin II

Lucile Garrison

Mr. & Mrs. Louie Tanner

Charlie Gibbs

Mr. & Mrs. Ray


Polly J. Gladin

Dr. Dwight D.

& Suzanne G. Irons

Reb & Howard Graham

Rev. Bill & Sue Dupree

Audrey Gray

Wade & Elaine Payne

4 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

Ann R. Griffeth

Dr. Ronald H. Griffeth

Patsy Hamby

Mr. & Mrs. Bob


Jim & Marj Hamlin

Mr. & Mrs. Don Kinnett

Kathleen Hardin

Mr. & Mrs. Ray


Dorothy Harrell

Maurice O. & Faye


Doris Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Wren

Harris, Jr.

Merlyn Harris

Mrs. Jean Stoufer

Wattie Hays

Bill & Harriett Bland

Eleanor Heisler

Mr. & Mrs. Frank


Arthur Herndon, Jr.

Ms. Wynn Herndon

Jo Hixon

Ms. Jeni Hixon

Martha Holland

Miss Mary Green

Marthalene House

Beth & Earl Williams

Louise Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Robert


Azile Irwin

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh


50th Wedding Anniversary

of Rev. & Mrs Jim


V. L. & Catherine


Ruth Jones

Dr. Kendall &

Dr. Connie Blanchard

The Hept, Clyde and

Jordan Mothers

Ms. Margaret Jordan

Rev. Wesley Kaylor

Ellie & Bill Gonye

Lena Kennon

Henry & Gloria Hicks

Amy Kramer

Ms. Kay Cantrell

Pat & Nell Ledford

The Fitch Family

Spiritual Life Committe

of Magnolia Manor

Rev. & Mrs. Madison

Morgan, Jr.

The Mothers at

Magnolia Manor

Mary O’Quinn Sunday

School Class

Mt. Zion UMC

The Resident Council

of Magnolia Manor

on the Coast

Rev. & Mrs. Madison

Morgan, Jr.

The Staff of Magnolia

Manor on the Coast

Rev. & Mrs. Madison

Morgan, Jr.

The Fathers at

Magnolia Manor

Mt. Zion UMC

Luetta Martens

Mrs. Shirley Stiver

Joel & Nancy Martin

Crusaders Sunday

School Class

Nell Mason

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford

Johnson, Jr.

Ollie Darsey Sunday

School Class

Women with Vision

of Faith

Thelma McMichael

Bill & Mary Claire


Sally Summerford


Mrs. Joe Walker


Montine Moore

Magnolia Manor

Friends of Vespers

All Mothers

Friendship Sunday

School Class–Plains


Plains UMC

Rev. Ken Myers

Avalon Ladies Bible Class

Anne Neal

Drs. Mark & Joyce


Development &

Marketing Offices

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Edna Parker

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy

Zielinski, Jr.

Eldridge & Doris


Mrs. Kay Cowart

Sara Phillips

Rindall & Mamie


Andrea Pinckard

Mr. Russell Cross

Emmet Pipkin’s

86th Birthday

V. L. & Catherine


Betty Pope

Dr. Kendall &

Dr. Connie Blanchard

June Powell

Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Glenn

Elizabeth Richardson

Ms. Frances Harris

Mary Rooks

Jane Canington &

Carla Canington

Mr. & Mrs. Walter


Ms. Sarah Edgemon

Larry Schlekewy

Mrs. Jan Oxford

Jane Short

Adam & Andrea Walker

Sam & Brenda Smith

Tom & Myrna Liner

Mary Jo H. Stephens

Dr. Dwight D. &

Suzanne G. Irons

Eleanor Stranahan

Rev. & Mrs. Dennis


Brenda Thaxton

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Barry

Erianne Thornton

Mrs. Martha Usry

Nell Tracy

Dr. Mary Heritage

The Ladies of Maple

Springs UMC

Maple Springs UMC

Marianne Walls

Ricky & Robin Singleton

Tazewell UMC

Eleanor Walton

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph


Rev. & Mrs. Hamp


Mrs. Willie Dee Elkins

James Wilbanks

Jimmy & Nan Wilbanks

Lib Wilbanks

Jimmy & Nan Wilbanks

Mrs. James E. Wilbanks

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Pressly

Juanita Wilder

Ms. Barbara McLendon

Lutrelle & Bob Perry

Dorothy C. Williams

Dr. Patricia Williams

Kitty McCall Williams

Ms. Kay Hipp

Scott & Marilyn McCall

Rev. Warren Williams

Winton & LaVerne Cain

The Rev. & Mrs. Owen


Mr. & Mrs. Kelton Cook

Debra Willis

Mrs. Jimmie Willis

Ronnie & Carmine Wills

Rev. Bill & Sue Dupree

Dr. John W. Wilson

Ms. Eloise Wilson

Joy Wilson

Mrs. Lynda Sweat

Joy & Carlton Wilson

Ms. Lillyan Wilson

Lucile W. Witt

Ray & Donja Tripp

Elizabeth Woods

Ms. Catherine Cravey

Ruth Zielinski

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy

Zielinski, Jr.

Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 5

The League of the Good Samaritan

5K Run/Love Walk

The youngest


Firefighters lead and walkers/

runners follow!

Thurston Clary

provided live

radio coverage.

6 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

The day could not have been more

perfect! The weather was cool and

sunny, and everyone had a wonderful

time at the annual 5K Run/ Love

Walk to raise money for the League

of the Good Samaritan. This fund

enables Magnolia Manor to keep the

promise that “no resident will ever be

asked to leave if they can no longer

fully pay for the costs of their care”.

Lee Street United Methodist Church’s

Water Ministry was greatly appreciated

by everyone.

Junior Service

League members

provided fun

activities for


We are grateful to everyone who ran,

walked, worked and collected money

for this vital ministry and helped raise

over $23,000.

Once again, these vulnerable residents

depended on the generosity of the

Americus community and you did

not let them down! Many Thanks!

Willing workers, Chaplain Dennis Stalvey in

charge of parking and JoAnn Sheridan,

Marketing and Media Relations Manager

helped with registration and clean-up.

Rev. Willie Beasley, Sr. Vice President for

Church Relations and Development finished

the 5K run and was congratulated by his

assistant, Diane Smith.

in Americus

In an effort to more fully include

the residents in this fundraising event,

we added a “Just For Fun Walk” that

was designed just for them.

Chaplain Joy Wilson and Activities

Director, Brittney White, designed

a course that wound through the

dining rooms, down the hall and back

to the Magnolia Room, where they

crossed the Finish Line and received a

t-shirt and water bottle.

Walkers followed a

well-marked path put down

by Chaplain Joy Wilson

and Activities Director,

Brittney White.

Their participation was enthusiastic

and the pace was lively! As they

followed the footsteps that marked

the path, smiles and laughter rang

through the air.

There were over a dozen participants

and their efforts raised $800 for the

League of the Good Samaritan. These

residents understand the importance of

the League and were excited to have a

way to participate in the fundraising.


Start your


Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 7

There’s a new group in town....

Magnolia Manor of St. Simons

The new St. Simons Auxilary

chairperson, Debbie Pease

(pictured at left.)



Diane Hardee at



Debbie Pease at


8 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

In the fall of last year an Auxiliary

was established for Magnolia Manor

of St. Simons Island. The following

Mission Statement was adopted:

To support Magnolia

Manor’s effort to create a

community of care for senior

adults on St. Simons Island.

Officers were elected, with Debbie

Pease as chairperson, Janice Halderson,

Secretary and Evelyn Grantham-

Holland, Treasurer.

In her recent letter to Auxiliary

members, Debbie makes the following

report: “I would like to take this

opportunity to thank you for your

support during this last year. I am happy

to report we exceeded the goals set in

August, 2010! Between membership

dues, donations and fundraising efforts,

the St. Simons Island Magnolia Manor

Auxiliary raised over $20,000! I am

grateful to everyone for this amazing

accomplishment. Let me tell you how

we spent the money!

Several improvements have been

made in the Nursing Center since we

began our journey. New, safer chairs

were purchased for the dining room.

A wheelchair-friendly vegetable planter

was constructed so residents could

plant a seasonal garden and enjoy the

produce at the Nursing Center and

The Cottage. Auxiliary Members made

prayer shawls and donated items from

their homes to give resident rooms a

more personal touch. Volunteers made

window valances from donated fabric

to further brighten those rooms.

Heritage House residents are enjoying

their newly redecorated “Club Room.”

It is frequented by bridge groups and

other community organizations, and

many residents enjoy the room as

a quiet place to read a book or just

relax. And that’s not all.…

Chairpersons recently met with

Magnolia Manor Administrators and

agreed to use the remaining money

to purchase new, resident-friendly

furniture for the Nursing Center

lobby, replace dining room chairs at

the Cottage and put the ‘finishing

touches’ on the Club Room. Most of

the money for these additional projects

was raised by the Love Walk in

April. In that effort, our enthusiastic

volunteers raised more than $8,000.

And remember, all money raised by

the Auxiliary stays at the St. Simons

Island campus.

It has been an honor to be the

Chairperson for our first year and I look

forward to another exciting year for

this important ministry to Magnolia

Manor. I am delighted to announce

that Diane Hardee has accepted the

position of Auxiliary Chairperson for

the coming year! She is a very active

volunteer at Magnolia Manor and will

be an asset to the Auxiliary. Please join

me in giving Diane our support!”

The Auxiliary is in the process of a

Membership Renewal Drive. If you are

not a member of the Auxiliary, please

join. If you are a member please renew

your membership and recruit others

to join. Dues are $25.00 per year.

Please mail your checks to Magnolia

Manor, 2255 Frederica Road, St. Simons

Island, GA 31522 and designate on

the memo: SSI Auxiliary.

Helping Hands

Magnolia Manor, Macon

Service Coordinator, Ashton McCarty, and the Director of Assisted Living,

Casey Hopkins deliver goodie bags to The Children’s Hospital in Macon.

Magnolia Manor residents of

Macon Assisted Living have initiated

a program called “Helping Hands.”

Every month the residents come

together to make a variety of things

for people in need.

In August, the residents filled and

decorated goodie bags for the patients

at The Children’s Hospital. A total of

15 bags were filled with school supplies

and decorated with stickers and sweet

“thinking of you” notes for kids ages

3-10. The bags contained things like

pencil boxes, notebooks, pencils,

pens, crayons, coloring books, and

notepads. They were happily received

by the children.

The residents in this group are

happy to extend a Helping Hand as

they enjoy socializing and exploring

their crafty side through projects such

as making greeting cards for patients

in nursing centers, or filling goodie

bags as a treat for children.

Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 9

Mr. and Mrs. Davis of

the Camden Car Club

10 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

St. Marys

Soda Shoppe

On Saturday, August 27, 2011,

the third Annual Soda Shoppe took

place at Magnolia Manor in St. Marys.

Over 200 participants showed up

to enjoy delicious milk shakes, floats,

and sundaes, making this the most

well-attended event thus far. As soon

as one entered onto the property, the

aroma of hotdogs being cooked filled

the air and the sight of antique

cars conjured up other images of

yesteryear. The Camden Car Club

was responsible for bringing a variety

of antique vehicles for everyone’s

enjoyment, along with live 50’s music

provided by Bill Owens. If you missed

it this year, you should look for this

great entertainment next year.

Thanks to the Magnolia Manor

Advisory Council members and

employees, the event was a big hit!

Employee, Toni Hoylman, says,

“It just keeps getting bigger and

better every year!”

Residents Maxine Plum and

Carolyn Matthews

Advisory Board Members say, “The Soda

Shoppe is open for business!”


Magnolia Manor South

held a dedication ceremony for

their new bus on August 11, 2011.

A benevolent anonymous donor

met the transportation needs of the

residents with the generous gift of

this bus. Pictured with the Assisted

Living and Independent Living

Residents John & Pat Neff

at Magnolia Manor South in Moultrie

residents are The Advisory Board

members, as well as Magnolia Manor

Corporate staff members, Mark R.

Todd, President & CEO, Reverend

Willie Beasley, Sr. Vice President for

Church Relations and Development,

and Reverend Dennis Stalvey, Assistant

Vice President for Spiritual Care.

Employee Brittany Cobb poses

as a hula hoop girl.


Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 11

Assisted Living Week

in Americus



12 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

The National Center for Assisted

Living established National Assisted

Living Week in 1995 as a way to

promote assisted living to the public.

It provides a unique opportunity for

residents, families, staff, volunteers,

and the surrounding community to

come together to celebrate and enjoy

a variety of events. It is a week full of




fun and socialization expressing how

much we care about our older adults.

Magnolia Manor in Americus

hosted National Assisted Living Week

September 11–September 16, 2011.

The theme was “A European Excursion.”

The week began on September 11th by

hosting a 9/11 remembrance service

while departing from the United States.

On September 12th the excursion

reached Madrid, Spain. The residents

watched a thrilling Bull fight between

Reverend John Brodess and Chaplain

Joy Wilson. Then everyone had fun

dancing together in a Congo line!



On September 13th the residents

explored Monte Carlo, Monaco,

where they participated in Casino

Night. Volunteers from the Georgia

Southwestern Women’s Soccer team

manned the different games and

served a delicious meal.





Sept 14th was an adventurous day

in Paris, France. Residents and staff

visited Art museums and watched a

video about France. Magnolia Manor’s

Activity Director, Brittney White, and

Volunteer Mary Comer are enjoying

a sidewalk cafe in Paris.

The excursion landed in Milan,

Italy on September 15th. Dinner,

a Fashion Show, and music were

enjoyed by all. Magnolia Manor Staff,

Americus Junior Service League and

Central Baptist Women’s Mission

Group volunteered to serve dinner

and model in the fashion show.

Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 13


Serving Buena Vista Residents

Tina always

goes above

and beyond

the requirements

of her job,

giving her

best effort.

14 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

Tina Gray, Activities Director for

Magnolia Manor of Marion County,

recently attended the Georgia Society

of Nursing Home Activity Director’s

annual conference. What she did not

know when she attended was that

she had been nominated for Activity

Director of the Year by residents and

staff at Magnolia Manor. Although

Tina did not win at the state level, she

is certainly a winner to everyone at

Magnolia Manor of Marion County.

She puts in countless hours truly

making a difference in the quality of

life for Magnolia Manor residents.

Tina is far more creative with

activity programs than imaginable

and does not hesitate to put programs

Pictured is Tina in action at Carnival Day with the residents.

into place that she learned through

training classes. She decorates the

nursing center in coordination with

many of the activities, creating a most

festive atmosphere. Tina and Magnolia

Manor’s Dietary Manager (also named

Tina) coordinate activities and food

choices to enhance the interest for

residents. Tina and Tina are a

dynamic duo.

Tina Gray coordinates well with the

restorative nursing program which

helps maintain the residents’ health

and well-being. She truly believes the

resident comes first and exhibits this

on a daily basis. She always goes above

and beyond the requirements of her

job, giving her best effort.


Richmond Hill


When you hear “Old Hollywood,”

Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe,

Audrey Hepburn, and James Dean all

come to mind. On Friday, September

27th, those Hollywood stars came

to life when Magnolia Manor on the

Coast transformed into a glamorous

Hollywood Night Club where

characters like Scarlett O’Hara

and Lucy Ricardo vividly appeared

for patrons to see.

Beautiful fresh cut roses, alluring

décor glistening by candlelight, and

fascinating costumes were all a sight

to see for seventy-five senior adults

from the coastal area.

“The ambience was breathtaking

and it was obvious that each of our

residents and guests had a magnificent

time”, says Magnolia Manor Admissions

Director, Julie Licavoli. What made the

atmosphere even more exciting was

how guests and staff arrived dressed

for the occasion. In attendance were

flappers and Hollywood stars with

Capone-like gangsters serving our

guests. Warren Walker played 40’s

and 50’s music for the listening

and dancing pleasure of all residents

and guests. Everyone also had a

wonderful time having their pictures

taken with life-size Hollywood

Star cut-outs.

Magnolia Manor on the Coast

hosted the Old Hollywood Party

as a way to bring awareness to the

Greater Savannah Coalition on

Aging, an organization whose sole

purpose is to bring education and

advocacy for senior adults within our

community. The party was held as a

part of the Coalition’s Senior Safari,

a week-long event in which retirement

communities in the coastal area host

fun events for seniors.

Residents Bridget Kirsch (left) &

Eleanor Carson (right) posing

with Marilyn Monroe.

Resident Charles Dixon

enjoying the candlelight dinner.

Residents Mary Worth & Joshua

Lee eating the delicious chicken

parmesan and pasta with

alfredo sauce.

Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 15

In Honor of:

Dr. Aubrey Alsobrook

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Replogle

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Rowe

Joan Anderson

Mrs. Kitty McCall


Rev. & Mrs. Henry Bass

V. L. & Catherine


Chandler Beasley

Willie & Jackie Beasley

Rev. William C. Beasley

Blackshear First UMC

Crowell UMC

Reynolds UMC

Jackie Bellamy

Cass & Novella Spell

Jimmie Buchanan

Harry & Ann Entrekin

Jeannette Buchen

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Buchen

Ms. Virginia Reitmayer

Jane Canington

Shad Canington

Mary Nell Carson

Mrs. Marthalene House

Judy Cory

Cass & Novella Spell

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Crenshaw

Ray & Betty Crenshaw

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Crenshaw

Liz & Fred Williams

Ray Crenshaw

Ms. Denise Kilpatrick

Susan M. Cross

Ms. Anne Mulkey

Elizabeth Crutchfield

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas

Judson Davis Jr.


July 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011


grateful appreciation to those who supported our ministry these months.

Lillian Davenport

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage Jr.

Emily Dozier

Billy & Lyn Dozier

Laura Duke

Betty Ray & Max Coffee

Mrs. Helen Farris

Mr. & Mrs. Silas


Mrs. Marthalene House

Ms. Carol Sanner

William & Sue Dupree

Mr. Samuel Edwards

Cindy Elliott

Ms. Annie Corinne


George & Betty Ellis

Ms. Laverne Carter

Gladys Ellis

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth


Hazel Ellis

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Snipes

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Evans

& Family

Mr. & Mrs. Ulmer


Laura Nell Forehand

Mrs. Rhona Smith

Ida Fowler

Madison, Caryl,

& Kerri Morgan

Lucile Garrison

Mr. & Mrs. Louie Tanner

Neil & Dianne Gillis

Rich & Deb Mitchell

Ron & Joyce Gregory

Ms. Anita Rundle

Carl & Barbara Harvard

Carl & Geneva Howard

16 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

Eleanor Heisler

Mrs. Zena Dixon

Floyd Herrington

Ms. Charlotte McCall

The Families of Ralph &

Cheryl Hospodarsky

Mr. Alan Weil

Julia Pettyjohn


Ms. Yvonne Laster

Frank & Rona Jones

Mr. Alan Weil

Ruth Jones

Harry & Ann Entrekin

Steven, Martha, & Sheila


Ms. Laverne Carter

Mary Earle Mackin

Mary & Reggie Comer

Magnolia Manor

Love Walkers

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George Marston

Mrs. Doris Batts

Judy McIlwraith

Mary & Reggie Comer

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Dr. & Mrs. Jack Rowe

Gwen & Homer


Avalon Ladies

Bible Class

Carole Mitchell

Rich & Deb Mitchell

Margaret Oliver

Billy & Lyn Dozier

Steve & Grace Pace

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pace

Rev. & Mrs. Brooks


Miss Nena Perry

Mrs. E. J. Phelps, Jr.

Rev. & Mrs. Tom Dent

Polly Player

Evelyn & Lynn Perry

Betty Pope

Harry & Ann Entrekin

Rev. Larry Roberts

Edie & Tim Vinson

Erma W. Robinson

Ms. Eloise Wilson

Lenette Roquemore

Mrs. Marthalene House

Sandy & Rex Runyon

Ms. Rosa Vining

Virginia Sellars

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage Jr.

Virginia Sewell

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pool

Ms. Betty Pope

Julia Ann Slappey

Drs. William & Naomi

Oliver Jr.

Rev. Dennis Stalvey

Wesley United

Methodist Church

Mary Frances Stewart

Dr. Howard Williams Jr.

Jim Stimpson

Jean Stimpson

Matt & Jane Sullivan

SafEnvirons, Inc.

Jerrell & Bonnie


Mr. & Mrs. Al Spence

Nelle Tracy

Mrs. Evelyn Berg

Tributes continued

Adam, Andrea,

& William Walker

Mr. & Mrs. James Short

William Walker

Adam & Andrea Walker

Dr. & Mrs. Robert D.


Frank & Carolyn Joiner

Dr. Robert Waller

Kiwanis Club of Americus

Ray & Juanita Wilder

Mrs. Joan Anderson

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Dr. & Mrs. Emora


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Carl

Mary & Reggie Comer

Dr. & Mrs. David Edgar

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Gonye

Ron & Joyce Gregory

Mr. & Mrs. William Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Robert

Lashley, Jr.

Marie Edgar Fitness

& Dance LLC

Ms. Barbara McLendon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Perry

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen

Pittman, Jr.

Ms. Betty Pope

Mrs. Eloise Thompson

Mr. Stanley Tolbert

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Waller

Mr. & Mrs. Donnie White

Mrs. Linda White

Ms. Betty Worthy

Mrs. Fred A. Williams

Fred Williams

In Memory of:

Beth Adkins

Mr. Floyd Herrington

Alice Chaphe


Dr. W. A. Alsobrook

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Chaphe

Ms. Carol Chaphe

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Perry

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Replogle

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Our Grandparents

Mr. & Mrs. Ardis Bennett

Edna Assad

Mrs. Elizabeth


Mary Atton

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Snipes

Betty Attyah

Mary & Reggie Comer

Marthalene House

& Jane House

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Mrs. Evelyn Bickley

Mrs. Elizabeth Dominy

Maude Averett

Mr. & Mrs. William Pilcher

Rev. J. David Aycock, Sr.

Mrs. Polly Aycock

E. O. Baggett

Mrs. Jane Baggett

Martha Baird

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Lowrey

Charlie L. Barfield

Sonny & Mary Lynn


Bubba Bateman

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Bubba & Aubrey Bateman

The G. H. Wade Family


John R. Batts

Mrs. Doris Batts

Claude & Lois Bazemore

The G. H. Wade Family


Thelma Beachamp

Jerrell & Bonnie Tanner

Bettye Beasley

Willie & Jackie Beasley

Thelma Beauchamp

Gene Butler, Kathy,

Anne, & Frank

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage, Jr.

Ms. Kay Hipp

Marthalene House

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Bill & Mary Claire


Fred Bell

Mr. & Mrs. William Acuff

Ms. Frances Harris

Mrs. Henrietta Heyerdahl

Herman Grady Bell

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Chambliss, Jr.

Loveard & Dorothy


Bill & Mary Claire


Pam & Dan Reeves

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SweetWater Ministries

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Pauline Bennett

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The G. H. Wade Family


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& Joy Carter

Cathy Carter continued

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Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage, Jr.

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Loveard & Dorothy


Ms. Betty Pope

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Strange Sr.

Beth & Earl Williams

Wayne Cason

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Ms. Carolyn Cromer

Farrah Castleberry

Mary & Reggie Comer

Marthalene House

& Jane House

Margaret Cross


Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage, Jr.

Lillian Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage, Jr.

Ruth Clements

Magnolia Manor

Friends of Vespers

Ms. Carol McAllister

Myrtice Cline

Mr. & Mrs. William Pilcher

Betty Collier

Sonny & Mary Lynn


Edward W. Corson

Nina & Dean Terrell

Tabby Crabb

Mrs. Mervin Fennessy

Mr. Thad Wallis

Mary Crawford

Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Austin

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage, Jr.

Pauline Cripe

Bobby & Rebecca


Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 17

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Andy Crisp

Ms. Rhonda


Betsy Crisp

Jimmie & Joyce Buchanan

Mrs. Ruth Jones

Carson & Mary Len


L. E. Crook, Jr.

Crook’s Paint Center

Ralph Crouse

Mrs. Bea Crouse

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Raymond Wilder

Mary F. Dalton

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Ruth Flanders

Ms. Ruth Flanders

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& Kerri Morgan

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& Jane House

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Hunt, Jr.

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Mrs. Blanche Palmer

18 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

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Shop, Inc.

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Marcy Tarrer Massey

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and Family

Marc Matthews

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Matthews

Sibyl Matthews

Ms. Rhetta Thompson

George & Perrie Mayo

Mr. George Mayo, Jr.

Bill McCall

Ms. Kay Hipp

Mrs. Kitty McCall


David McIlwraith

Loveard & Dorothy


Louise McLemore

Ms. Hester Price

Betty McLendon

County Line UMC

Hope Circle

Myrtle Methvin

Mr. & Mrs. Edward


Teri Mims

Rev. & Mrs. Jarrell Lillard

Mrs. Rachel Rogers

Leonard & Buford Moore

Ms. Barbara McLendon

Paul Mullen

Ron & Joyce Gregory

Mary C. Nelson

Ms. Janet Scales

9-11 Victims & Families

Rev. & Mrs. Randall Ray

Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. O’Neal

Mrs. Linda White

Luvenia K. Peters

Marthalene House &

Jane House

Paul Player

Marthalene House

& Jane House

Evelyn & Lynn Perry

John Pope

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth


Ms. Betty Pope

Jimmy Rees

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage, Jr.

Royce Rice

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Sara Roberts

Laverne Carter, Rick

& Joy Carter

Mr. & Mrs. Ross

Chambliss, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Earl

Gammage, Jr.

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& Jane House

Loveard & Dorothy


Bill & Mary Claire


Mr. & Mrs. Bob


Miss Jane House

Rachel Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Austin

Mrs. Jo Jones

Mr. & Mrs. John


Mrs. Imogene Marchant

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Mildred Rouse

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Ellen Royal

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& Jane House

Walter Rylander

Marthalene House

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Pearl G. & William R.


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Doris Sapp

Alpha Delta Kappa–

Alpha Gamma

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W. Seckinger

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Daughtery, Jr.

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Newton UMC

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Mrs. Jacquelyn Mullis

Estelle M. Smith

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Strange, Sr.

Mary Smith

Becky & David Ragsdale

Robert Smith

Mr. A. Robert Johnson

Mrs. Joyce Smith

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Derek & Charlene


Michael Stewart

Mrs. Vivian Stewart

Tom Studstill, Jr.

Col. & Mrs. Richard May

Annie L. Sweat

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sears

Dovie Syfrett, Jr.

Mrs. Patsy Watson

Mary Tatum

Mr. & Mrs. William Pilcher

Pat Taylor

Ms. Carolyn Cromer

Beatrice Parsons Terry

Mr. & Mrs. Maxie Terry

Dorothy L. Thomas

Mr. John Thomas III

Zona Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip


Sara Hart Tolbert

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Iris Turner

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Hilda Waddell

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Lipscomb Forrest

Alton Wade

The G. H. Wade Family


Frank Wade

The G. H. Wade Family


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Rev. Asbury Walton

Mrs. Eleanor Walton

Madelyn Warren

Mr. & Mrs. William Bruce

Ms. Mary Hammon

Moore Stephens

Tiller, LLC

Dr. Tom Watson

Ms. Beth Joiner

Mrs. Patsy Watson

Our Grandparents

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne


Helen Weil

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph


Wick & Marthalyn


Billy & Lyn Dozier

Dan Whitaker

Mr. & Mrs. George Ellis

Oscar & Christine


Ms. Fan Wilcox

Marie Wilder

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 19

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Rev. Raymond Wilder, Sr.

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Rosie Willey

Magnolia Manor

Friends of Vesper

Bill Williams

Mrs. Kitty McCall Williams

Dot Williams

Liz & Fred Williams

Howard Beckham

Herman Bell

Willie Bell

Beatrice Brown

Doris Brown

Leon Bush, Jr.

Zula Clark

Emma Cook

Martha Danford

Quida Davis

Daryl Davis

Helen Eisenberg

Mollie Evans

Roy Gatian, Jr.

Leroy Green, Sr.

Henry Greer

Grace Williford

Newton UMC

Lucille Wisham

Mary & Reggie Comer

Mrs. Lucile Garrison

Beth & Earl Williams

Reatha Wisham

Catherine & John Wells

Athalaine Wommack

Mrs. Mary Brasington

The following residents passed away from

July 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011

20 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

Lillian Griffin

Pearlie Harris

Lear Hatchett

Marguerite Jackson

Charles Kluball

Ina Libera

Alma Little

William (Bill) Lord

Johnnie Mathis

James Meacham

Annie Natal

Eleanor Nelson

Irene Oliver

Sarah O’Quinn

Cecilia Page

Jeanette Perkins

Jean C. Worthy

Ms. Betty Worthy

Lottie Worthy

Mrs. Joyce McGee

Anna Young

Ardis & Wanda


Mrs. Eloise Thompson

Helen Louise Zornes

Miss Jane House

Helen Louise Zornes


Mr. & Mrs. W.

Frank Joiner

Dr. Claude Rhyne

Beth & Earl Williams

Miriam Zuber

Magnolia Manor

Friends of Vespers

Verdell Pope

Emma Read

Donald Richardson

Sara Roberts

Jane Rouse

Doris Sapp

Edith Smith

Mable Thomas

Ruby Todd

Johnnie Waller

Madelyn Warren

Helen Welch

Elizabeth West

R. B. Willis

Lucille Wisham

Miriam Zuber

Remembering September 11, 2001

stirs the heart in many directions.

The overwhelming grief and loss of

all those who lost their lives in the

terrorist attacks all over the United

States, the survivors and the scars of

violence, the witnesses, the stories of

valor, the relatives and friends left to

cope and rebuild will always impact

the history as well as the future

of our country.

Reverend Joy Wilson, Magnolia

Manor Chaplain, says, “As a Christian

I am ever reminded that God is the

source and giver of life. True hope

is found in Him. No earthly disaster

can rob us of the hope and life

that God gives.”

On September 11, 2011, believers

gathered for worship on the Magnolia

Manor campuses across South Georgia.

Residents and employees turned their

hearts toward God and prayed for

those affected by the tragedy of 9-11,

affirming that our hope is not in

ourselves but in God.

Magnolia Manor

Will Remember....

Chaplain Wilson says, “On September

11th, as on other patriotic holidays,

I am always reminded and grateful

for those who have given their lives

for our freedom as well as those who

make sacrifices to keep watch for

our country that we may remain

One Nation Under God.”

Reverend Mollie Danner enjoys

leading worship and spending time

with residents at Magnolia Manor

South in Moultrie. For the 9-11

remembrance service, Reverend

Danner gave United States flags

to all the men and gave embroidered

handkerchiefs to all the ladies.

Reverend Danner says, “some of those

ladies used their handkerchiefs to

wipe the moisture from their eyes just

remembering those who were killed

and those who lost their lives fighting

for our country.” The residents ended

this remembrance ceremony by

singing patriotic songs.

“God is the

source and giver

of life. True hope

is found in Him.

No earthly

disaster can

rob us of the

hope and life

that God gives.”

Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 21

Continuous Staff Development

To Provide the Best Care at Magnolia Manor

B. Diane Wade, Sr. Vice

President for Marketing

There is no doubt that a

well trained and developed

staff will be a valuable asset

to the company for which

they work; thereby increasing

the chances of their efficiency

in discharging their duties.

Magnolia Manor recognizes

this and is committed to

assisting employees in

developing their personal

and organizational skills,

knowledge, and abilities. It

is from this personal growth

that an employee will gain

the knowledge and desire to

excel in their tasks or duties,

ensuring they give the best

care for our residents.

For every employee to

perform well, especially

Supervisors and Managers,

there is a need for constant

training and development.

The right employee training,

development and education

provides big payoffs for

the employer in increased

productivity, knowledge,

loyalty, and contribution

to the general growth of the

company. Hence, customer

service moves from mediocre

or average to superior service

for customers, resulting in

the best care for our residents.

22 Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com

Training sessions in an organization

can be mainly of two types: Internal

or External training sessions. Internal

training is when the Human Resources

Department uses either a senior staff

or any talented staff in the particular

department as a resource person.

Magnolia Manor implements this

staff development method in all eight

locations on a regular basis.

On the other hand, External training

is normally arranged outside the

company and is mostly organized by

training institutes or professional

organizations. Such is the case

with Nursing Home Administrators

receiving their continuing education

credits from The Georgia Health

Care Association (GHCA) annual

conferences. The Georgia Health Care

Association knows that patient care

and quality of life are directly related

to sufficient staffing levels and a

trained, quality workforce. GHCA has

and will continue to provide members

with the resources they need to become

even more efficient and sustainable.

For members attending the 2011

Annual Summer Convention, national

speakers shared their insights on

leadership, reimbursement and health

care reform and profession-specific

hot topics to ensure long-term care

providers give the best care.

Several of Magnolia Manor’s

Administrative staff serve the GHCA

in capacities that provide the force for

change, and offer information,

education and administrative tools

that enhance quality at every level.

Mark Todd, President and CEO,

recently completed a two-year tenure

as Board Chairman and still serves as

a Director of the Education & Research

Foundation of the Association. The

Association honored Mark Todd for

his collaborative leadership during

a tough economic time for both our

country and our industry. Todd not

only provided significant guidance

for the GHCA, he also brought a

major component to the association

by the addition of the Assisted Living

members. Hill Fort, Senior Vice

President of Operations, is a committee

member of the GHCA Emergency

Preparedness Committee and also

serves on a subcommittee with

Barbara Mitchell, Administrator

of the Magnolia Manor of Marion

County Nursing Home in Buena

Vista, Georgia. Barbara also serves on

the Board as a Board Liaison to the

Georgia Association of Nurses in Long

Term Care. All this service equates to

the best care for our residents.

President Jon Howell says GHCA

“is a member-driven organization

with responsive staff who advocate

for quality care and services for frail,

elderly, and disabled Georgians and

provide essential care to more than

58,000 elder Georgians, in partnership

with over 60,000 caring employees.

GHCA members are there for the

people of Georgia.” Magnolia

Manor’s nursing home leaders

are there for our residents.

Nurse training in Americus

Americus nurses in training using electronic resident files.

Internal training of the nurses

at Magnolia Manor in Americus

have educated them on the new and

improved electronic files for our

residents. These will give the nurses

the knowledge and capability to

better care for our residents by having

detailed information about the care

received and the care needed for every

individual resident at the Nursing

Center in Americus. This new

electronic filing system was made

possible by a generous donation

from a private foundation.

“For every

employee to

perform well,

there is a need for

constant training

and development.”

Servant Leadership Workshops

More internal training has taken

place on all 8 campuses through

Servant Leadership workshops. Daron

Butler, Vice President for Community

Relations, organized these annual

workshops. This year, Kelvin Redd,

Director of the Center for Servant

Leadership at the Pastoral Institute in

Columbus, Georgia led an Effective

Communication Seminar. He taught

Supervisors and Managers techniques

to improve communication and in turn

be able to provide the best care possible

for our residents at Magnolia Manor.

Pictured above, Kelvin Redd

leading his workshop.

Magnolia Manor | www.magnoliamanor.com 23

2001 South Lee St.

Americus GA 31709






MACON 31201

Happy Thanksgiving

from Magnolia Manor

We are so thankful for your

support of Magnolia Manor.

Without our donors,

we could not continue

to provide the BEST

care for our residents.

We are grateful for

your continued support!

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