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the<br />

<strong>of</strong> the

UNIVERSITY <strong>of</strong> IDAHO<br />


Ecll•or • JULIE STRICKLING<br />


Associ••• Ecll•ors · KARL uRBAN

LEDG<br />

"Acquire knowledge. It enableth its<br />

possessor to distinguish right from wrong;<br />

it is our friend on the desert, our ~ociety<br />

in solitude, our companion when friendless;<br />

it guideth us to happiness; it sustainth<br />

us in misery; it is an ornament<br />

among friends, and an armor against<br />

enemies."<br />


Page<br />

Academics... 21<br />

Classes... 55<br />

Activities ••• 1 1 1<br />

Organizations ••• 1 9 1<br />

Athletics ••• 245<br />

Residences ••• 301

The <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>,<br />

the background<br />

against which we acquire<br />


Greeting old friends, making<br />

new friends, discussing classes<br />

and campus activities-part<br />

<strong>of</strong> the knowledge gained in<br />

the informal atmosphere at<br />

our <strong>University</strong>.

Educational Experiences: The soleil!n<br />

lowering <strong>of</strong> the flag and the memorial ser·<br />

vice in November when President Ken·<br />

nedy was killed; gleaning facts from a<br />

textbook or writing a paper during a<br />

quiet evening in the library; your favorite<br />

instructor holding class amid the beauti·<br />

fn l surroundings in the Arboretum on a<br />

sunny spring afternoon.

A class in volleyball, intense<br />

concentration on an intramural<br />

baseball game, the excitement as<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> scores in varsity basketball,<br />

even the lazy enjoyment <strong>of</strong><br />

a game <strong>of</strong> pool are experiences<br />

which help each <strong>Idaho</strong> student<br />

develop a well-rounded personality.

· ~<br />

I ,<br />


~~ur. Important adviser hel ! s · ~ou make th<br />

c asses are b CCJSJOn o( e<br />

You I finally est ~r ~ou to take what<br />

confusion <strong>of</strong> ~a . e It through .. th ..<br />

actual . egtstration e<br />

<strong>of</strong> .k... The<br />

useful t~cquJsti.tion<br />

fession co~C:: .m your fu~~;ledge<br />

m a classt1 pro·<br />

lion. oom situa·

National politics on a small scale were in the<br />

spotlight for the Mock Political Convention.<br />

Student politicians were serious, feelings were<br />

high, and tempers sometimes Oared, but<br />

candidates for National <strong>of</strong>fices were finally<br />


. .<br />

... . . .<br />

The Universit<br />

<strong>of</strong> service to t~ <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>'s 75th<br />

commemo e State <strong>of</strong> I year<br />

vocation rated in 1964 _daho was<br />

Iamond-<br />

. and<br />

h<br />

a b<br />

anquet<br />

with<br />

f a. con-<br />

cake resp l~ped ice form~au~unng a<br />

da<br />

Ita <strong>of</strong> the fi on and<br />

stration Buildi~~ Admini-

Activities, activities, activitieseverythin~<br />

from fireworks to Christmas<br />

caroling to a friendly dunking<br />

in Paradise Creek.<br />

-~-....... --....<br />

........... ~<br />

' .

Our beautiful new Student Union. Building<br />

was finally completed this year. Telegrams<br />

<strong>of</strong> congratulations came from all over the<br />

world at the dedication <strong>of</strong> the SUB, which is<br />

in use by <strong>Idaho</strong> students and visitors at least<br />

17 hours a day.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s famed Vandaleers entertained at the<br />

dedication banquet for the SUB.

I<br />

.... - ........... 9 .. - ..... ., __ ":""'<br />

The newest addition to ~e Id~ho<br />

campus is the Physical Sciences<br />

building. Its modern l~boratory<br />

facilities fo; teachJ~g<br />

and research •. includ~g a~d~~<br />

servatory, Will ena e . b<br />

raduates to keep pac~ With t e<br />

aemands <strong>of</strong> the SCientifiC world.



Administration<br />

Student Affairs<br />

Honoraries<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Letters and Science<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Agriculture<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Engineering<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Mines<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Forestry<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Education<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Business<br />

Graduate School<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Law<br />

Adult Education

Governor<br />

Robert E. Smylie<br />

Governor Smylie, governor <strong>of</strong> the<br />

state <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> for the past ten years.<br />

is a frequent and welcome visitor to<br />

our campus. Certainly, his interest<br />

in higher education is appreciated<br />

and needed by the students <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>University</strong>. The dedication <strong>of</strong> state<br />

leaders such as Governor Smylie in<br />

form ulating policies and making decisions<br />

is a definite tribute to democrauc<br />

government.<br />

Go,crnor Smylie was on the Uni,ersity campus to participate<br />

in the 75th Anniversary Celebration ceremonies.<br />


President<br />

D. R. Theophilus<br />

Surely there is no other university<br />

presidem more interested in the<br />

welfare <strong>of</strong> students than our own<br />

president, D. R. Theophilus. In<br />

the last ten years the door to the<br />

president's <strong>of</strong>fices has always been<br />

open to any student wishing to<br />

speak with him. President Theophilus<br />

is most understanding and<br />

helpful and has been a forceful instrument<br />

in aiding the growth o[<br />

the <strong>University</strong>.<br />

Dr. ·1 heophilus was among<br />

the speakers at the dcdica·<br />

tion <strong>of</strong> the new Wallace Res·<br />

iclence Center in October<br />

1963.<br />


The 13oard <strong>of</strong> RegenLs: Curtis Eaton, Twin Falls; Delmer Engelking, tate Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Public Instruction,<br />

Boise; E1ra Hawkes, Pocatello; Elvon Hampton, Genesee; and John Peacock, Kellogg.<br />

Board<br />

<strong>of</strong><br />

Regents<br />

Coordinating and directing the activities<br />

<strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong>, the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Regents is the governing body for the<br />

<strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>. It obtains its<br />

authority directly from the Con titution<br />

<strong>of</strong> the State <strong>of</strong> Jdaho and is responsible<br />

to the people <strong>of</strong> the State.<br />

All policies and <strong>of</strong>ficial acts <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong><br />

must be established or approved<br />

by the Board.<br />

28<br />


President<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> Regents


Director <strong>of</strong><br />

Family Housing<br />

.J. M. FLEMING, M.D.<br />

<strong>University</strong> Physician<br />


<strong>University</strong> Engineer<br />


Director <strong>of</strong> lnfom1ation Director <strong>of</strong> Dormitories Manager <strong>of</strong> Book Store<br />

and<br />

Editor <strong>of</strong> Publications<br />

Administration<br />

A well developed and organized administration is continually at work for<br />

the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>. The many tasks managed by this busy group <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong>ficials include the administration <strong>of</strong> <strong>University</strong> publications and news,<br />

dormitories, student health services, registration, finances, as well as supervising<br />

our library and taking care <strong>of</strong> student records and student expenses<br />

to the university.<br />

Vice Presidents<br />

Two vice-presidents were delegated to<br />

help alleviate some <strong>of</strong> the burden from the<br />

<strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> the President. Mr. Steffans, who is<br />

vice-president in charge <strong>of</strong> academic affairs,<br />

was especially busy in April, when the <strong>University</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> was investigated for accreditation.<br />

Mr. Steffans was in charge <strong>of</strong><br />

this evaluation, which is conducted by<br />

delegates from the Northwest Association <strong>of</strong><br />

Secondary and Higher Schools every ten<br />

years. We can be very proud, too, <strong>of</strong> our<br />

vice-president <strong>of</strong> financial affairs, Mr. Kenneth<br />

A. Dick, who has served during the<br />

past school year as the president <strong>of</strong> the Nalional<br />

Associa~ion <strong>of</strong> College and <strong>University</strong><br />

Business fficers.<br />


Vice-P1·esident<br />

Academic Affairs<br />

K£NN rrn~ A. DrcK<br />

Vice-Pt·esident<br />

Financial Affairs<br />


Student Affairs<br />

The people who coordinate and guide student affairs are <strong>of</strong><br />

vital importance at the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>, where they also act<br />

as a link between the students and the administration. 'With<br />

patience and understanding, they are capable and willing to help<br />

students with vocational and personal problems.<br />

CHARLES 0. o~cto R<br />

Dean <strong>of</strong> tudent~<br />

.\I ARJORIE .\!. :\UI \<br />

Dean <strong>of</strong> \\'omen<br />

(,l y P. \ \"tCKS<br />

hsociatc Dean o£ tudents<br />

C.u \ Rt rs H . Bo:-.o<br />

Chief Counsellor<br />

Oc;m Decker greets a student at the reception<br />

held for se:~iors and their parents before grad·<br />

uation.<br />

Mrs. ~eely attends many teas. receptions. and<br />

dedications during each school ~car.<br />


Honoraries<br />

Now 0 11e: Jon A. W ellner, Jcl[ Auderson, Earl Benson, Rube G. Junes, Keith Ries, Dennis Jones, Rodney L. Watson, Max<br />

D. Walker, D. A. Gu s taf~on , Adviser. R ow T wo: Richard Hall, President; Thomas Bates, Johu Lind. Richanl Pape, David<br />

Brydl , Jlun Anderson, Mike Wicks, J ohn Cooksey, Cecil S. Johnson.<br />


Phi Eta Sigma is active in promoting scholarship on the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> campus. Members<br />

o£ this national men's honorary serve as tutors in freshman courses, hold intellectual discussions with<br />

members <strong>of</strong> the faculty, and <strong>of</strong>ten go in teams to discuss scholarship with the different living groups.<br />

A 3.5 grade average during the freshman year is req uired for membership.<br />

R ow 011 e: Lou Benoit, Mary Bjustrom, Patty Schell, Melanie Fruechtenicht, Sharon Swenson, Donna Gibson, Karen Kidwell.<br />

How T wo: Judy llenscoter, Susan Myers, C11r01e Crowe, Suzanne Henson, llclly Nea le, .Jana Smith. Marilyn Ra111cy, Sandra<br />

Powell, Evelyn McGown, Kathy Hicks, Carolyn Ravenscr<strong>of</strong>t, J>au·icia Pratt.<br />


Alpha Lambda Delta is a national women's scholastic honorary, for which a 3.5 grade average i ~ required<br />

during the freshman year. Annually a tea is held in the fall in honor <strong>of</strong> those women who have ea rned a<br />

3.0 grade average and above at mid-term. On l\ro thers Day \\'eekend each year a joint initiation banquet<br />

is held with Phi Eta Sigma.<br />


College <strong>of</strong> Letters and Science<br />

Organized at the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> in 190 I , the College o[<br />

Letters and cience is dedicated to both a liberal education and<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional training in a selected field. The college is divided<br />

into nine major fields: An & Architecture, Biological Science,<br />

Communications, Humanities, Home Economics, Mathematics,<br />

Music, Physical Science, and Social Science. Each <strong>of</strong> these departments<br />

provides the student with a fine education and make<br />

an effective contribution toward the advancement <strong>of</strong> integrity,<br />

character, and personal development.<br />

Dean<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Letters and Science<br />

Phi Beta Kappa<br />

Phi Beta Kappa's purpose is to promote and recognize high scholarship<br />

in the College <strong>of</strong> Letters and Science. To be eligible for membership<br />

a student must maintain the highest scholastic standards throughout<br />

his college career. Alumni <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> working on some academic<br />

endeavor and making outstanding achievement may be chosen [or<br />

membership.<br />

Row One: Nadine Naslund Friis,<br />

Linda Talboll Steigers, Sherry<br />

McGuire, Julie Strickling, Kip<br />

Peterson, JOd) Wiegand, Julie<br />

Severn, J ackie J ohnson, Alyce<br />

J oyce T a)IOr, Sandra Smith<br />

Templeton, Joann Rae She£·<br />

field, ;\larjon e L. R aw. R ow<br />

T wo: Nancy Rice, Joan Rum·<br />

peiLes, Donna Leaverton, Dar·<br />

lene McDonald, Donna Lee Bell,<br />

Mary Lynne E\ans, \Vilma An·<br />

derson, Mrs. l\lalcolm Renfrew,<br />

iV[r. Malcolm Renfrew. Row<br />

Three: Williard G. Caudell,<br />

Mark Hodgson, Michael Fuller.<br />

Fred Oyer, Norman Ray Kelly.<br />

David Sail, Don Copple, Dennis<br />

Hynes, Wallace Kent Swan.<br />


College <strong>of</strong> Letters and Science<br />


Alpha Epsilon Rho, national radio-TV<br />

honorary, was installed a year ago on the<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> ca mpus. T he purpose <strong>of</strong> this new honorary<br />

is to serve as a means <strong>of</strong> extending recogni<br />

tion to ou tstanding students in this field.<br />

Row One: Warren Board, Todd Shelton, Roger Snodgrass,<br />

Leslie Timmons, Nickie McDonnell, Gerald<br />

Peterson, Grayson Gibbs, Richard Schumacker. Row<br />

Row : Mr. Pete Haggart, Adviser; Ben Goddard, De­<br />

Ray Basseu, Buzz McCabe, Paul Schneider, J ay Gaski<br />

ll, R ich Wilhite, Alvin Burgemeister. Not pictured:<br />

Bob J orgenson, Karl Sorman, LeRoy Kellogg.<br />


The purpose <strong>of</strong> Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is<br />

to further the cause <strong>of</strong> good music on the<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> campus. Male students who actively<br />

participate in one <strong>of</strong> the major musical organizations<br />

on campus and have a 2.5 GPA may<br />

join. Each year the chapter sponsors an American<br />

Music Concert. T he members usher for<br />

music recitals and concerts. There is also an<br />

annual tea for music students, faculty, and<br />

other persons interested in musica l activities.<br />

At Piano: T ra,•ers Huff. Row One: \.Vinston Cook,<br />

Ervin H irning, Jim McConnell, Lawrence Stamper,<br />

Woody Bausch, T ravis McDonough , J eff Grimm,<br />

Presiden t; J im Johnson, Bill Burke, Wayne McProud,<br />

Roger Fordyce. Row Two: J ohn Lind, Harry Betts,<br />

Dave Wells, Dale Bening, Phil C<strong>of</strong>fman, Adviser.<br />


Theta Sigma Phi, women's journalism honorary,<br />

promotes writing as a career among<br />

women students and women <strong>of</strong> the community.<br />

Junior women majoring in journalism<br />

with a 3.00 accumulative in journalism subjects<br />

and a 2.5 accumulative in other classes<br />

are eligible. Membership is also avail able to<br />

women who have done excep tional work in<br />

campus journalism activities and who possess<br />

high scholarship.<br />

Row One: Walter Stewar t, Adviser; Ki p Peterson,<br />

President; Rose Weber, Adviser; Helen Cross, Adviser.<br />

Row Two: Karen Stroschein, J oyce Arthur, J ane<br />

Watts, J anice Craig, Dianne Stone.<br />


College <strong>of</strong><br />

Letters and<br />

Science<br />


Delta Sigma Rho recognizes outstanding<br />

students in debate. A pre-requisite for membership<br />

is that the student must have competed<br />

in at least six debates. <strong>Idaho</strong>'s fine debate<br />

record is but one indication <strong>of</strong> the hard<br />

·work put forth by th is honorary and its adviser,<br />

Dr. 'Whitehead.<br />

Row One: William Martin, Linda Bithell. Nancy<br />

Grubb, Coleen Ward, A. E. Whitehead, Adviser. Row<br />

Two: Bob McFarland, Jack Patrick. Steve Meyer, T om<br />

Lynch, Jim Herndon, T roy Smith.<br />


Sigma Alpha Iota is a pr<strong>of</strong>essional fraternity<br />

for women in the field <strong>of</strong> music. The requirements<br />

for membership are an over-all<br />

grade point average <strong>of</strong> 2.8 with no grades below<br />

3.0 in music courses. Members <strong>of</strong> Sigma<br />

Alpha Iota usher at musical functions on<br />

campus. They also act as hostesses for community<br />

concert performances and musicals .<br />

.Row One: Katie J ergensen, Betty Webster, Kathy<br />

Johnson, Janet Hall, 'ancy Ruth Peterson, Kay Hostetler.<br />

Gerry Cosby, Diana Gray. Row T wo: Melda<br />

Williams, Lynn Patton. Ruth Ann Knapp, Bertella<br />

Hanson, Angela Sherbenou. Rosanne Becker, J oyce<br />

Baily, Sherry Diethelm, Norma Hagerman . .Row Th,.ee:<br />

Pat Cannon, Karen Oleson, Paula Gusseck, Lynda<br />

Knox, Gay Silha, Linda Nelson, Janet Walker, Vir·<br />

ginia Reynolds, J udy Sinclair. Not pictured: Marjorie<br />

Dragoo, Mary VeNard, J oe R ember, Ann Albee.<br />


Phi Upsilon Omicron is an honorary and<br />

service group for home economics majors. T o<br />

be eligible for membership, a student must be<br />

a sophomore and have a 2.8 accumulative.<br />

Row One: Dr. Gladys Bellinger, Merrily-dawn Fruechtenicht,<br />

Pat Swan, Linda Olson, Judy Kienlcn, J ackie<br />

Kimberling, Emily Bamesberger, Laura Peterson, Mrs.<br />

Lewis. Row Two: Na ncy Tucker, Mrs. Kessel, Kay Lou<br />

Brown , Pat Pratt, Alice Reed, Carolyn Stephens, Cheryl<br />

Becker, Sharon Swenson, Linda Mattis, Marian Joh n­<br />

son, Kathy Hicks, Margie Irwin. Row Three: Vera<br />

Collins, Arlene Ultican, J oanne Bishop, Karen Birkin,<br />

Sherry i\•Ieyer, Judy Capellen, Elizabeth Doss, Janet<br />

Sprenger, Virginia Nelson.<br />


College <strong>of</strong><br />

Letters and<br />

Science<br />


Sigma Delta Chi is a national journalism<br />

fraternity for outstanding swdents active in<br />

journalism on tho Jdaho campus. The organi~.:ation<br />

provides opportunity for association<br />

with pr<strong>of</strong>essional JliCn in the fields <strong>of</strong> journalism,<br />

radio, and television.<br />

!/<br />

v<br />

Row Oue: J erry llrown. Fred Freeman, Mark Brown.<br />

Row Two: Jim Manning, Bob I lo£mann, Rick Wilhite .<br />

• Vot pictured: Den Cross, llcad or the Department <strong>of</strong><br />

journali~m.<br />


Pi Gamma ~lu is an honorary for social<br />

science majors. Members are juniors and seniors<br />

who have at least 20 credits in the social<br />

ciences and a 3.0 grade average.<br />

Row One: Nancy C1ubb, 1 anc) Rice, Jackie Johnson,<br />

Linda Elliot, uc Rasmuson. Row Two: E. Malcolm<br />

Hause. Kenny £. Da\ is, Robert E. Hosack, Harry C.<br />

Ham1sworth.<br />

The College <strong>of</strong> Leners and cience reaches<br />

every <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> swdent at some<br />

point in his career and particularly in the<br />

English area. Pictured here, a graduate student<br />

as~istant imu· uct~ his freshman compo­<br />

~ition class.<br />


College <strong>of</strong> Letters and Science<br />

/.eft: Dr. D . .\ . Gustarson Associate Pr<strong>of</strong>es·<br />

sor or Chcmistr). moves into his new <strong>of</strong>fice in<br />

the new Ph)Sical ciencc Building. Below at<br />

left: Graduate swdents in mathematics are<br />

ah,• a)~ at hand in the math lab to assist undergraduates<br />

who are enrolled in elcmentaq·<br />

courses which arc taught via television.<br />

Robert Lapen, a graduate student<br />

in zoology, prepares a mammal pelt<br />

ror a skin study during a Biology 64<br />

laboratory.<br />

L)nn Robson helps some children<br />

model clay in Child Development<br />

Lab, a course <strong>of</strong>fered by the Home<br />

Economics Department.<br />


College <strong>of</strong><br />

Letters and<br />

Science<br />

Rosanna Chambers, a senior mathematics<br />

major from Pocatello, surveys<br />

the globe in search <strong>of</strong> her<br />

academic destination for the fall <strong>of</strong><br />

1964. Miss Chambers, who was tapped<br />

for Phi Beta Kappa in her junior<br />

year at the <strong>University</strong>, received<br />

a Fu I bright grant for studies at the<br />

<strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Muenster in Bad<br />

Godesberg, Germany, and will further<br />

her education at that European<br />

university next fall.<br />

Dr. William B. Hunter, Jr., Head <strong>of</strong><br />

the Department <strong>of</strong> Humanities and<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> English, and senior<br />

English major Carol McCrea discuss<br />

the works <strong>of</strong> a contemporary<br />

author. Since Dr. Hunter came to<br />

the <strong>University</strong> in 1959 the Department<br />

<strong>of</strong> Humanities has been constantly<br />

improving and expanding.<br />

Dr- E. Malcolm Hause. Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong><br />

History and Political Adm inistrati?<br />

n, instructS social science students<br />

in History 135, Economic History <strong>of</strong><br />

E\1rope. This course is but one <strong>of</strong><br />

many which embrace other cultures,<br />

dJai with world-wide relations, and<br />

p omote the "liberal" education <strong>of</strong><br />

Letters and Science students.<br />


College <strong>of</strong><br />

Agriculture<br />

I n 1901 the College <strong>of</strong> Agriculture <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> was<br />

created. Since that time, the College has progressed with the State, providing<br />

expanded services. At the p resent time the College maintains<br />

990 acres <strong>of</strong> land in the Moscow area and 1,700 acres at experiment tations<br />

throughout <strong>Idaho</strong>. Nearly three hundred students are enrolled in<br />

the College <strong>of</strong> Agriculture in such major programs as agricultural chemistry,<br />

agricultural economics, agricultural education, agricultural engineering.<br />

agronomy, animal husbandry, bacteriology, dairy science, entomology,<br />

horticulture. plant pathology, and poultry husbandry.<br />

\<br />

J \~IES E. KR \l'S<br />

Dn111<br />

College or \gliculture<br />

Row One: Clir Eldred, Lee Edgerton, l) enni~ Conley, Dale Kalbfleisch, Stephan ,\llred,<br />

Don Kress. Dr. Guy Anderson, ,\ ch iser. Row Two: Jim Olson, 'Vayne Ills, James Reimann,<br />

Jim Archibald, J ohn \Valradt, .\like Heath, Ron Tribble, Dave Lolu . .'ll ilo<br />

Salmeier. Jerry l loward.<br />

DON \. ~1.\R$11.\LI.<br />

;lssociflle Dean<br />


College <strong>of</strong><br />

Agriculture<br />


Members <strong>of</strong> the Aggie Honor Roll<br />

repre~ent the "scholastic cream <strong>of</strong> the<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Agriculture's crop.'' The e<br />

swdents are required to maintain a<br />

3.5 grade a\'erage.<br />

Row 011e: .Jerry Howard. Joy Esser, Cordon<br />

Cooper, .Jeff Anderson, joe Anderson, Jim<br />

Archihalcl. James Reimann, Dale Kalhfleisch.<br />

Don Kre:>S. 1orman Young. Row Two: Dennis<br />

Conley. Jim Olson, Leon llansen. Dave<br />

Lohr, Wayne Il ls. Russell Knopp. Stephen<br />

Allred, Anhur Grabski.<br />

Processing is an important phase <strong>of</strong><br />

agricultural training. Gene Gibson,<br />

Ed Schoenler. Bob Loucks, Tom<br />

Feek, Chad Cihson. Wayne Dennis,<br />

john Sharp, Dave Royer, and Bert<br />

Jlracken arc shown here in the<br />

t\feats LaboratOry as they learn the<br />

proper way 10 "break down'' lamb<br />

quarters.<br />

Women enroll in agriculture<br />

courses, too. Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Woodbury<br />

lends a helping hand to a sLUdcnt<br />

during Home Flower Crowing LaboratOry.<br />


College <strong>of</strong> Engineering<br />

The College <strong>of</strong> Engineering, recognized as one <strong>of</strong> the finest engineering<br />

schools in lhe Uniled States, began in 1901 when it was organized<br />

a the chool <strong>of</strong> Applied Sciences. I n just six short years it<br />

had advanced so greatly that it was re-organized as the College <strong>of</strong> Engineering<br />

with four departments- Civil Engineering, M ining Engineering<br />

and Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical<br />

Engineering. A year later, Chemical Engineering and Agricultural<br />

Engineering had been added to its curriculum.<br />

i\LL£1 S. j i\NSSEN<br />

Dean<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Engineering<br />

IG MA TAU<br />

igma Tau is an honorary established to<br />

give recognition to the outstanding men in<br />

the field <strong>of</strong> engineering. The group strives to<br />

attain practicability, sociability, and scholastic<br />

ability. In order to be eligible, a student<br />

must be <strong>of</strong> junior standing with a 3.0 grade<br />

point or better. fembers are selected by the<br />

group and membership is for life.<br />

Row One: Gene Kawakawi. Cordon J udd, Pat Wicks,<br />

.John Read, treasurer; Bob Smith, vice president; J oe<br />

Murphy, president; Alvin Mong, recording secretary;<br />

Lynn Allison lkauie. facu lty adviser; J eff Watts. Norman<br />

Young, Bob Van noy. R ow T wo: l\ruce Smith.<br />

Michael Olson, D:ll'rel Craig, .John Arrington, J ohn<br />

Schaufelbcrgcr, James Peterson , Herbert Aumann, J im<br />

Macki, Lynn Manus, Bob J orgenson, Sam Taylor. Row<br />

Three: J ohn Sackett, Don Scully, Raymond Craig, L.<br />

Carvel Whiting, Doug Yearsley, Robert J. Parkinson,<br />

C. Stephen Allred , J ohn Fisher, Lance W. Whitehead,<br />

i\fike eeser, Wiley F. Beaux, Darian Ingram.<br />

Clif Eldred and Bob lla)nes proudly display an electronicali)·Controlled<br />

"color sorter," first-place project<br />

at the Engineers Ball.<br />


College<br />

<strong>of</strong><br />

Engineering<br />

A girl, in this case Deana Williams,<br />

is a rare and refreshing sight in en ·<br />

gineering class! Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Byers<br />

looks over a student's work in En·<br />

gineering Graphics.<br />

The effects <strong>of</strong> 'ibrations :1re studied by engineering student<br />

John Sackett. Don Dana. and Lance Whitehead, here working<br />

with a mechanical vibrating table.<br />

Da'e Hamen. Bill Cockrell. and<br />

Mike Bauman work with a rotaq<br />

filler in a filtration cc:1uipment de·<br />

sign class.<br />

Tom Wilson is making a table saw, a requirement for Machine<br />

Tools Lab.<br />


College <strong>of</strong> Mines<br />

Established in 1917, the College <strong>of</strong> Mines has <strong>of</strong>fered curricula<br />

leading to Bachelor <strong>of</strong> Science in Mining Engineering, Metallurgical<br />

Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geology, and Geography<br />

degrees. Located near one <strong>of</strong> the chief mining regions <strong>of</strong><br />

the world, the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> <strong>of</strong>fers valuable opportunities<br />

for studying the natural geological structures situated in this area.<br />

The Mines ummer Camp <strong>of</strong>fers additional opportunities to study<br />

deposits <strong>of</strong> ore materials, fossiliferous rocks, and igneous rocks.<br />

ROLL . \ ~ D R. R EID<br />

Actiug D l'nll<br />

College or \fines<br />

.\lodern instruments or the mining in ­<br />

dustry. as well as a pictorial depiction<br />

<strong>of</strong> older mining techniques. are displa)ed<br />

in this showcase in the modern<br />

College <strong>of</strong> .\fines huilding .<br />

. \n example or nature"s<br />

artistq, this geologic ··mosaic'"<br />

is actuall) a key to<br />

earth structure and com -<br />

position.<br />


College<br />

<strong>of</strong><br />

M ines<br />

James ~ f at l.i. an outsl

College <strong>of</strong> Forestry<br />

Nationally top-rated, the College <strong>of</strong> Forestry is a<br />

nation-wide auraction, drawing students from every<br />

state and many foreign countries. The students<br />

participate in a program which deals with fish, forests,<br />

range, wildlife, plants, game birds and wood<br />

utilization. By means <strong>of</strong> land gifts which include<br />

a tree nursery, and a large arboretum, the experimental<br />

forest program has developed into one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

largest in the country. These experimental forests<br />

provide countless opportunities for the forestry student<br />

to gain practical knowledge in his field. A fouryear<br />

program is <strong>of</strong>fered to the student in Forest Management,<br />

\1\Tildlife Management, Range Management,<br />

Fishery Management, and ·wood Utilization<br />

T echnology.<br />

ERNEST W. WOHL£'1 Z<br />

Dr an<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Forestry<br />

R ow 011r: Ed Hansen, Darrel Mathews. Darwin Harms, Jim Rosenthal, Wayne Burkhardt, Jim<br />

Crooks, Elmer Canfield, Larq Taylor, Dick Powers, J ohn Onniston, teve McCool, Larry Drew.<br />

Row Two: Jess Daniels. Ralph Colberg, Dave Cox, Lonnie Williams, Robert Giles, j on Bergquist,<br />

Ernest Wohletz. Lee harp, Howard Loewenstein, J ames Gosz, E. W. T isdale, Paul<br />

Gravelle, 111. Deters. Bill Foster, Frank Pitkin, Ray Frost, R. H. Seale, Vern Schulze, Mike<br />

Czerwinski, Don Alexander, Allen Thompson, Jerry Davis, Greg Munther, Gene Christenson,<br />

Gene Jensen.<br />


The purpose <strong>of</strong> Xi Sigma Pi is to promote the interest <strong>of</strong> the pr<strong>of</strong>essional aspects<br />

<strong>of</strong> forestry to students. ~ feetings arc composed <strong>of</strong> pr<strong>of</strong>essional speakers who give<br />

insight into the variou fields <strong>of</strong> forestry. The upper 25 percent <strong>of</strong> the juniors<br />

and seniors in rorestry are eligible for membership .<br />

.Jon Bergquist and Richard Olson receive<br />

Crown·Zellcrbach awards from Dean<br />

Wohletz. .Each year two <strong>of</strong> these scholar·<br />

ships are gi,en to juniors and/ or seniors<br />

in the College <strong>of</strong> Forestry.

The identification, classification, distribution, and as·<br />

sociations <strong>of</strong> important tree species <strong>of</strong> the United States<br />

arc the subject mauer <strong>of</strong> Dendrology. Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Frederic<br />

Johnson is shown here instructing a group <strong>of</strong> forest<br />

managers.<br />

Kuo-tsing l lsieh, a graduate sLUdent in forest<br />

genetics, is examining cones for 'irilit).<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Forestry<br />

Mike Shields, Jim Fuller, and Dave Va il take measure·<br />

ments <strong>of</strong> an embryonic (awn with a caliper during a<br />

labora10ry in Wildlife Managemem Technique.<br />

A group <strong>of</strong> wildlife managers rests for a few minutes durin~ a field<br />

trip to the Fish Creek Elk Exdosure in the Clearwater ational<br />


College <strong>of</strong> Education<br />

Established at the Univer ity <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> in 1920 to meet the<br />

growing demand Cor teachers in <strong>Idaho</strong>, the College or Education<br />

<strong>of</strong>fers a program which leads tO a teacher's certificate and<br />

qualifies graduates to teach in <strong>Idaho</strong> and other states. The College<br />

<strong>of</strong>fers programs in Education, Psychology, Business Education,<br />

Music Education, Inrlustrial Art Education, and Physical<br />

Education.<br />

Detm<br />

Col lege <strong>of</strong> Education<br />


Phi Epsilon Kappa is the only<br />

national pr<strong>of</strong>essional fraternity for<br />

male student ~ and teachers <strong>of</strong><br />

Health, Physical Education, and<br />

R ecreation. lt brings to its members<br />

an appreci~ttion <strong>of</strong> their duties<br />

toward life, toward their pr<strong>of</strong>ession,<br />

and toward their fellow memben..<br />

The e tablishment <strong>of</strong> the<br />

ldaho chapter has added Immeasurably<br />

to the status <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Physica l Education program.<br />

Um•• One: Caq Smith. Gene Bates, Larry<br />

Deric. Bill Closson, Jim Keaton, ~fikc<br />

I Iouck, Ralph H a~sman . Row Two: II ugh<br />

Fulton. Fred Crowell. J\'elson Lcdas. :\1. E.<br />

Ross, .Jim i\fcEiroy. Karl von Tagcn. Bill<br />

i\lattis. Forest \V. l logahoam. Don Schu ­<br />

macher. Row Thrfe: Mel Cook. Loren<br />

Solum, .\lien Phillips. Tom Bloxom. Ray<br />

Vickerman, Leon Green. Gaq (,agnon,<br />

T erq J ensen.<br />

Don llurncue, president <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Industrial Arts Student Association,<br />

presents a plaque 10 Dr.<br />

8iggam in recognition or his<br />

fine sen icc and ad' iscrship to<br />

the club during the annual Industrial<br />

Arts Banquet.<br />


College <strong>of</strong><br />

Education<br />

Each !!radt~

College <strong>of</strong><br />

Business<br />

Providing pr<strong>of</strong>essional trammg for young men and women who plan to<br />

make business their career is the purpose <strong>of</strong> the College <strong>of</strong> Business. Perhaps<br />

nothing speaks better for the College <strong>of</strong> Business than the success <strong>of</strong> its graduates<br />

and the continuing demand for them. One graduate is the head <strong>of</strong> one<br />

<strong>of</strong> the nation' large t chains <strong>of</strong> super-markets. High positions are held in<br />

major insurance companies, banks, and countless other business enterprises<br />

by other graduates <strong>of</strong> the College. The College has one <strong>of</strong> the nation's most<br />

outstanding records in successfully preparing students for examinations leading<br />

to Certified Public Accountant certificates. Both slability and status have<br />

been developed in Lhe faculty. The majority <strong>of</strong> the faculty <strong>of</strong> the College <strong>of</strong><br />

Business possess either doctorate degrees or CPA certificates.<br />

Dean<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Business<br />

Row One: Harold asaki, Larry Howes,<br />

Benny Blick, Bill Martin, James Phillips,<br />

Dennis trub. R ow Two: Jim Ingcbrit·<br />

sen, George Murray, Allen Miller, Larry<br />

llaskins, Fred Bergemann, Jerry Timm,<br />

Richard Stanton, Bob Howard.<br />


Alpha Kappa Psi, the national<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional fraternity for businessmen,<br />

was only recently reactivated<br />

on the <strong>Idaho</strong> campus but it has immediately<br />

developed into one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

most active pr<strong>of</strong>essional fraternities<br />

on campus. A 2.2 grade average is<br />

requirea <strong>of</strong> anyone in the College<br />

<strong>of</strong> Business or any economics rna jor<br />

in order to be eligible for Alpha<br />

Kappa Psi. The purpose <strong>of</strong> this<br />

fraternity is to <strong>of</strong>fer leadership experience<br />

in business dealings by<br />

giving the student the opportunity<br />

to help the <strong>University</strong> Administration.<br />

The state-wide services <strong>of</strong> the College <strong>of</strong> Business arc illustrated in this picture <strong>of</strong> a symposium<br />

held at a Liquid Fertilizer Dealers' Conference. Leading the discussion o£ price discrimination<br />

under the Robinson-Patman Act is Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Clifford Dobler.<br />


College<br />

<strong>of</strong><br />

Business<br />

Associate Pr<strong>of</strong>essor R. A. Postweiler conducts an informal economics<br />

class. From Left to Right: David Lewis, Dob Davis, Elias Sarno, Mr.<br />

Postweiler, Jim Dounds, J ohn Ostbo, and Ed Weingarten .<br />

Robert W. Clark observes a student's work<br />

in Principles <strong>of</strong> Accounting Lab, a beginning<br />

course in accounting.<br />

Penny Thornock gains typing skill and<br />

learns efficient <strong>of</strong>fice practices in i\liss Anderson's<br />

Office Procedures class.<br />

Richard McQueen, Dob Rice, :\like<br />

Lau(, Bill \\'an1er, and Ron pencer<br />

h;l\ e 1 he ch;~n ce to debate practical<br />

problems <strong>of</strong> business in William E.<br />

B ed~worth's Business 170 class.<br />


L. C. CADY<br />

Dean<br />

Graduate School<br />

Dick Logan, a graduate student with a<br />

teaching assistantship in Fisheries Management.<br />

and Dennis \Vilson, a senior<br />

in Fisheries Management, test various<br />

toxins in experimental \ah.<br />

Graduate School<br />

Organized in 1925, the Graduate School <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> now meets<br />

the needs <strong>of</strong> many college graduates who desire additional training in their respective<br />

fields. The first Master's degree was awarded in 1897 and since then the<br />

Graduate School has been providing the opportunity for advanced students to<br />

develop within themselves the ability to make creative advancement. The<br />

School <strong>of</strong>fers extensive specialization in more than fifty departments.<br />

Donald J. Yandell and Dr. Barbara<br />

Landau, Assistant Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> Zoology.<br />

inspect an oscilloscope which is used<br />

by graduate students and ad,anccd<br />

undergraduates in ph)siology courses.<br />

Yandell completed the requirements for<br />

his second Bachelor·s degree this spring<br />

and will enter Graduate School next fall.<br />


Graduate<br />

School<br />

Part or Miss Carolyn Clore's duties as<br />

a graduate student with a teaching assistantship<br />

in English include teaching<br />

two ~ections <strong>of</strong> freshman composition.<br />

~ris~ Clore. a nati,·e or nuhl. <strong>Idaho</strong>,<br />

recehed her B ..\. from the lTni"ersity<br />

in 1963.<br />

Howard Borer, graduate student in mathematics,<br />

instructs a section o( Math 50,<br />

Calculus and Analytic Geometry I , in<br />

addition to his graduate course>.<br />

Gilbert Gross, an M.S. candidate in Chemical<br />

l~ ngineering hom Akron, Ohio, is<br />

shown working on his research project<br />

which will pro' ide him with the material<br />

he needs for his the is.<br />


College <strong>of</strong> Law<br />

The only law school in the State <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>, The <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> College <strong>of</strong><br />

Law affords a thorough and scientific legal education for students who are fitted<br />

by intellectual maturity and previous academic training to pursue the pr<strong>of</strong>essional<br />

study <strong>of</strong> law. Pro<strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong> the success <strong>of</strong> the College is fou nd by merely<br />

checking on the outstanding accomplishments <strong>of</strong> its graduates. A member <strong>of</strong><br />

the highest accred iting agency in the U nited States for law schools, The Associari_on_<br />

<strong>of</strong> American La\\· Schools, it is also approved by the American Bar Assoctatton.<br />

1'1-!ILLlP E. PETERSO;.;<br />

De au<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Law<br />

Law chool Faculty and the enior<br />

Class: Row One: Mrs. Fol1,<br />

librarian; :\frs. Chadsey, George<br />

Bell, Hebert Berman, Phillip<br />

Peterson, Dean; T. R. Walenta,<br />

' 'V. J. Brockelbank, Edward<br />

timson. Row Two: ' Vayne Kid·<br />

well. Dan Sla' in. Larry Hansen.<br />

Ron R ainey, Merlyn Clark, Fred<br />

Lyon. am Eisman, Bob Alexander,<br />

Glen Utzman , J ack Burgeson,<br />

Dale Kis ling. Row Three:<br />

Dick Minas, Dulf McKee, Uob<br />

Calley. Joe Davis, Bob Brown,<br />

Cary Randall, J ohn .\itkin, John<br />

Rosholt, Allen Willis.<br />

0<br />

Freshman law students are hard<br />

at work in the Law <strong>Library</strong>.<br />


College <strong>of</strong><br />

Law<br />

A scene in Moot Court in the Case<br />

<strong>of</strong> Harmon vs. Henri's: Glen Utzman,<br />

' .Yitness; Dean Peterson.<br />

Judge; Bob Galley, Clerk; Joe Davis<br />

and Dan Slavin, Defense Counsel;<br />

John Rosholt and Bob Alexander,<br />

Counsel for Plaintiff.<br />

Junior Class: Row One: ~\fax Smolinski, Ron Rock, J ohn Cushman,<br />

Tom Moss, Dave Frazier, Bill Boyd, Jim Lyons. Row T wo:<br />

john Fi tzgerald, Sterling Williver, Graham Cross, J. Longeteig.<br />

Bob Burks, Fred Gentry, Ellison Mathews. Row T h1·ee: ~like<br />

Felton, Bob Studdcrt, Jim Scanlan, J ay Hansen, Roger Wright,<br />

J3ill Collins, Dennis Sallaz.<br />

The cover <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Idaho</strong> Law Review, p ublished<br />

each year by the students <strong>of</strong> the College <strong>of</strong> Law.<br />

Freshman Class: Row One: Lamar Franson, Denny Abrams, Ski p<br />

French, Ken Clark, J erry Hull, Dick Reed, Steve Batt, Ralph<br />

Smock, Wes Raber, Bill Tway, Frank Ferrante, Jack Gjording.<br />

Row Two: Harold Felsted, Bob Tunnicliff, Charles Davis, J on<br />

Warren, AI Smith, Bill Longeteig, Ed Mayer, John Church, Bart<br />

Harwood, Ed Exum, Ralph Nelson, Ole Godefroy. Row Th ree:<br />

Max Eiden, Bill H art, Richard Russell, Jim Sloan, William Carlson,<br />

J ohn Simko, Jim Herndon, Jon Lang, Tom Lynch. Row<br />

Fou1·: Tim Daley, Bill Witt, Ron Post, Craig Meadows, Bill Mc­<br />

Donald, J amie Morfitt, George Johnson, Dennis McLaughlin,<br />

Severt Swensen, Fred Decker, Gale Merrick.

Adult Education<br />

Created in 1959, the Division <strong>of</strong> Adult<br />

Education and Summer School supervises<br />

summer school, extension courses, and correspondence<br />

courses. It provides <strong>University</strong><br />

educational opportunity to more than<br />

four thousand students throughout the<br />

State. The Division <strong>of</strong>fers exten ion classes<br />

in over 35 <strong>Idaho</strong> communities, operates<br />

resident-credit centers in Boi e and Moun-<br />

tain Home (Air Force Base), and <strong>of</strong>fers approximately<br />

180 correspondence courses<br />

in 38 areas, conferences, and workshops for<br />

business and pr<strong>of</strong>essional groups. The oncampus<br />

services <strong>of</strong> the Divi ion include an<br />

extensive summer school program and the<br />

Placement Service, an invaluable aid to the<br />

seniors seeking employment following<br />

their graduation from the <strong>University</strong>.<br />

RAY~fOND K. KOOI<br />

Director<br />

Adult Education and Summer School<br />

One o( the many \OIIuahle courses <strong>of</strong>fered by<br />

the Di"ision is this course in methods <strong>of</strong><br />

teaching the blind to read.<br />

Placement Director id Miller talks with Dollie Carson about opporwnities<br />

for graduating seniors. Below: The <strong>University</strong>'s services have<br />

reached a stale-wide magnitude through the Division <strong>of</strong> Adult Education.<br />

hown here is an extension course in Calculus.<br />




Top Seniors<br />

Senior Class<br />

Graduate Students<br />

Junior Class<br />

Sophomore Class

Classes<br />

The culmination or all the years <strong>of</strong> acquiring knowledge at the <strong>University</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> comes on commencement day.<br />

I lolly Week and the I lolly Dance sponsored by the<br />

sophomore class help create the Christmas spirit in<br />

December.<br />

Every class has a dance. Above: The juniors and seniors<br />

go all out Cor a formal dance with a big-name band for<br />

the Junior- enior Prom. Below: Freshman King and<br />

Queen arc crowned at the dance at the end <strong>of</strong> " Frosh<br />

' Veek."<br />


Top Seniors<br />

Graduating from the <strong>University</strong> in onl y seven semesters,<br />

this coed {rom Twin Falls attained the distinc- ·<br />

tion <strong>of</strong> being the ftrst woman ever to earn a perfect<br />

4.00 grade-point average. A botany major, Jan became<br />

a member <strong>of</strong> every honorary she was eligible for<br />

during her college ca reer. She became a member <strong>of</strong><br />

Alpha Lambda Delta during her freshman year, was<br />

selected to Spurs as a sophomore, was a junior member<br />

<strong>of</strong> Phi Beta Kappa, and was a member <strong>of</strong> ~fortar<br />

Board as a senior. She is an associate member <strong>of</strong><br />

Sigma Xi, the national scientific h onorary, and a<br />

member <strong>of</strong> Phi Sigma, the biological sciences honorary.<br />

Jan also held various <strong>of</strong>fices in her sorority, Kappa<br />

Kappa Gamma, and served as seo·etary-treasurer <strong>of</strong><br />

Panhellenic during her junior year. Jan began work<br />

on a p lant research project in 1964, which she plans<br />

to complete while working for her M.S. next year.<br />


Bound for a career as a lawyer, 1\ferlyn was indispensible<br />

to the <strong>University</strong> in his being the first chairman<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Judicia l Council formed by the <strong>University</strong><br />

in 1963. 1\Ierlyn d irected the other members <strong>of</strong> Judicial<br />

Council in developing the procedures, policie!>,<br />

and regulations that will be followed by the Council<br />

in the coming years. Presently a senior in the College<br />

<strong>of</strong> Law, Merlyn has been a member <strong>of</strong> Bench and Bar<br />

and on the staff <strong>of</strong> the "Law R eview." As an undergraduate,<br />

Merlyn was an Intercollegiate Knight, and as<br />

a senior, he was selected to Silver Lance. Merlyn has<br />

also been an active member <strong>of</strong> his frarernity, Delta<br />

Sigma Phi.<br />


A prime example <strong>of</strong> the successful combination <strong>of</strong><br />

sch olarshi p, leadership, and service, this vivacious<br />

elementary education major was also a campus<br />

beauty queen. Nancy became a member <strong>of</strong> Alpha<br />

Lambda Delta scholarship honorary and was chosen<br />

"Sweetheart <strong>of</strong> Sigma Chi" when she was a freshman.<br />

As a sophomore, Nancy was president <strong>of</strong> Spurs, a<br />

Navy Color Girl Finalist, and selected to AFROTC<br />

Angel Flight. She next served as junior adviser for<br />

Spurs and was a Homecoming Queen Finalist. Nancy<br />

worked hard for her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and<br />

was rewarded by being elected president. She was<br />

also a member <strong>of</strong> Mortar Board and <strong>of</strong> Phi Kappa<br />

Phi, the all-college scholarship honorary.<br />



Top Seniors<br />

This electrical engineering major from Salmon,<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>, did an outstanding job as A.S.U.I. Vice-President<br />

and chairman <strong>of</strong> Activities Council. Respected,<br />

well-liked, and always ready to help, Carvel gained<br />

experience for the vice-presidential position by serving<br />

on the Executive Board during his junior year. His<br />

other college activities included Intercollegiate<br />

Knights, Lambda Delta Sigma president, and the<br />

American Institute <strong>of</strong> Electrical Engineers. For his<br />

service to the <strong>University</strong>, he was awarded membership<br />

in Blue Key and Silver Lance, and for his scholarship,<br />

he was awarded membership in Sigma Tau engineering<br />

honorary.<br />


The contributions that Julie has made to our <strong>University</strong><br />

can be shown in part by the Gem <strong>of</strong> the Mountains.<br />

She has served on the Gem staff throughout her<br />

college career and this year has been Co-Editor. In<br />

addition to the Gem, Julie has contributed her time<br />

to seeing many projects carried through to completion<br />

while working 111 Spurs, Mortar Board, Wesley Foundation,<br />

and various campus committees. From Wendell,<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>, she has served her living group, Delta<br />

Delta Delta, in many capacities. While being active<br />

on campus, this coed who is majoring in English, has<br />

also been a leader in scholarship as a member <strong>of</strong> Phi<br />

Beta Kappa.<br />


Coming to the <strong>University</strong> from Seattle, Washington,<br />

Dinnen served as vice president <strong>of</strong> the \1\Testern Regional<br />

Interfraternity Council in 1963-64. Dinnen<br />

served the <strong>University</strong> in many capacities through IFC,<br />

as a member <strong>of</strong> the Athletic Board <strong>of</strong> Control, as an<br />

Intercollegiate Knight, as a member <strong>of</strong> Blue Key, and<br />

as a member <strong>of</strong> various <strong>University</strong> committees. Musically<br />

talented, this economics major was a winner in<br />

the Blue Key Talent Show as a freshman, and he<br />

directed his own musical group as a senior. Dinnen<br />

was active in United Party, and served his living group,<br />

Phi Delta T heta, in many capacities.<br />



Top Seniors<br />

Phil, a native <strong>of</strong> Caldwell, <strong>Idaho</strong>, ha~ been a hardworking<br />

panicipam in the <strong>University</strong>'s activities. H e<br />

has been active in campus poli tical circl es as well as<br />

the Young Republican Club. H e has been dedicated<br />

to the numerous responsibilities he has assumed­<br />

President or his fraternity, Sigma lu; Public Relations<br />

Director for the ASU I, member <strong>of</strong> the Athletic<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> Control, member <strong>of</strong> Interfraternity Council,<br />

and campaign manager for United Party his sophomore<br />

year. While ASUI Public Relations Director,<br />

Phil brought forth several new ideas that have now<br />

become traditional because <strong>of</strong> their excellence. Among<br />

these are the ASUI-sponsored luncheons for high<br />

school swdent body presidents at the Boise football<br />

game, the Chamber <strong>of</strong> Commerce-Executive Board<br />

banquet, and the awarding <strong>of</strong> service citations to Moscow<br />

people for their contributions to th e <strong>University</strong>.<br />


i\Iary L ynne's four years at ldaho have been a<br />

whirlwind <strong>of</strong> taking pan in activities, having lots <strong>of</strong><br />

fun, and maintaining top grades as an English major<br />

along the way! T o name just a few <strong>of</strong> her activities as<br />

an underclassman, M. L. was an Alpha Lambda Delta,<br />

Chairman <strong>of</strong> the ew Swdents' Days Dance, Vice<br />

President <strong>of</strong> her pledge class in Alpha Phi sorority,<br />

Secretary <strong>of</strong> Spurs, Chairman <strong>of</strong> Blood Drive Publicity<br />

Committee, and a member <strong>of</strong> Vandalettes and Ski<br />

Club. After serving as Junior Class Secretary and<br />

ecretary <strong>of</strong> United Party, i\Iary Lynne tested her<br />

election-winning ability to the fullest when she ran for<br />

and won a position on the A U I Executive Board in<br />

the spring <strong>of</strong> 1963. She was soon to become Chainnan<br />

o( the Educational Improvement Committee and a<br />

member <strong>of</strong> i\Iortar Board as well. Proving that one<br />

vivacious person can do all this and still be a top student,<br />

Mary L ynne was tapped for Phi Beta Kappa<br />

and Phi Kappa Phi during her senior year. An out<strong>of</strong>-stater<br />

who chose the U <strong>of</strong> J, Mary L ynne hails from<br />

Baker, Oregon.<br />

Countless hours o( work and activity arc tied up in<br />

the words " Intercollegiate Knights" for Gene H arder.<br />

Named a page in lK's in the spring <strong>of</strong> his freshman<br />

year, Gene worked his way up to being Duke <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>University</strong>'s chapter during hts junior year, and then<br />

to being Royal King (National President) <strong>of</strong> the organization<br />

as a senior. <strong>Idaho</strong> is proud to claim this<br />

fine example <strong>of</strong> the service and leadership to which Intercollegiate<br />

Knights are dedicated, for Gene has<br />

traveled thousands <strong>of</strong> miles to fulfill the obligations<br />

<strong>of</strong> his <strong>of</strong>fice. On our own campu , Gene has participated<br />

in the activities <strong>of</strong> his fraternity, Delta T au<br />

Delta, and has been a member <strong>of</strong> Young Republicans<br />

and Blue Key. He served as Vice President <strong>of</strong> his<br />

Junior Class and was active in the reorganization <strong>of</strong><br />

Alpha Kappa Psi. Graduating with a major in accounting,<br />

.Eugene came to the <strong>University</strong> from his<br />

hometown, J erome, <strong>Idaho</strong>.<br />


Top Seniors<br />


An excellent example <strong>of</strong> how to get a lot <strong>of</strong> things<br />

done, "Ginger'' has maintained a balance between<br />

academics and extra-curricular activities. She has<br />

served her sororit)', Kappa Kappa Gamma, as Pledge<br />

Class ecretary, Chapter Public Relations Chairman,<br />

House Manager, and President. At the same time, she<br />

worked her way up through the ranks <strong>of</strong> the Gem<br />

staff to become Co-Editor, having first served as Residence<br />

Editor and Associate Editor. Virginia reorganized<br />

and was journalism editor <strong>of</strong> the 1963 A \VS handbook.<br />

She was an active member <strong>of</strong> Communications<br />

Board and Mortar Board. After graduating in seven<br />

semesters, this slender math major from Eagle, <strong>Idaho</strong>,<br />

accepted a teaching assistamship from the U <strong>of</strong> I Department<br />

<strong>of</strong> Mathematics for spring semester <strong>of</strong> 1963-<br />

64. She will continue her graduate work in math<br />

at Michigan State <strong>University</strong> next fall.<br />

Big Jim is bound for the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Washington<br />

Medical School in the fall <strong>of</strong> 1964. His academic<br />

Top<br />

Seniors<br />



Penny is a Moscow girl who has distinguished herself<br />

at the <strong>University</strong> by doing everything she attempts<br />

remarkably well. Many <strong>of</strong> her activities have<br />

centered around good scholarship, not only for herself,<br />

but for everyone around her. She was scholarship<br />

chairman <strong>of</strong> her pledge class at Pi Beta Phi, and she<br />

later spent a year as scholarship chairman <strong>of</strong> Panhellenic.<br />

Penny also served her sorority as Rush Chairman<br />

and President. She was elected President <strong>of</strong> Alpha<br />

Lambda Delta to serve during her sophomore year,<br />

and she then became junior adviser to the group at the<br />

end <strong>of</strong> her term <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>fice. As a senior, she was a member<br />

<strong>of</strong> Mortar Board and Phi Kappa Phi.<br />

Bill has found time aside from his business and law<br />

studies to participate in a list <strong>of</strong> activities that would<br />

be several pages long! He was elected Court J ester <strong>of</strong><br />

IK's, was a delegate to the Blue Key national convention,<br />

and was tapped for Silver Lance. He has held <strong>of</strong>fices<br />

in his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, and he belongs<br />

to Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Alpha Delta, and Bench and<br />

Bar. He brought the first civil suit before the Student<br />

.Judicial Council and was a finalist in the College <strong>of</strong><br />

Law's Moot Court Competition. From Craigmont,<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>, Bill was the budget man for the ASUI Executive<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> 1963-64. He wi ll return to the <strong>University</strong><br />

next fall to continue his law studies.<br />

A history major with a real eye for politics is Bob<br />

McFarland. H e has been active in class and living<br />

group activities throughout college. H e was a member<br />

<strong>of</strong> Pershing Rifles and Army ROTC Drill Team and<br />

Color Guard. During the 1963-64 school yea r, Bob<br />

really hit his stride in his political interests. He became<br />

Fi rst Vice President <strong>of</strong> the Young Democrats <strong>of</strong><br />

the State <strong>of</strong> Jdaho and was named a delegate to the<br />

national convention. H e was also President <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Center for Education in Politics and the Chairman<br />

in charge <strong>of</strong> the Mock Political Convention held<br />

on campus in i\rarch.<br />

\ Vorking on the A rgonatt t a ncl keeping track <strong>of</strong> the<br />

political si tuation accounted for a great deal <strong>of</strong> Karen's<br />

time at the <strong>University</strong>. A journalism major from Marsing,<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>, Karen ca n discuss knowledgeably a vast<br />

variety <strong>of</strong> subjects. She was an active participant in<br />

I ntercollegiate Debate and was tapped for Delta igma<br />

Rho, debate honorary. As a junior, Karen was News<br />

Editor and Social Editor <strong>of</strong> the Argonaut, Secretary <strong>of</strong><br />

Theta Sigma Phi, and President <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Idaho</strong> Center<br />

for Education in Politics. She also found time to represent<br />

her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, at national convention.<br />

She became "Jason " <strong>of</strong> the Argonaut in the<br />

fall <strong>of</strong> 1963.

Top<br />

Seniors<br />

Clif, a Sigma Chi from Fruitland, <strong>Idaho</strong>, has truly<br />

dedicated himself lO the service <strong>of</strong> his fellow swdems.<br />

l ie has been a member <strong>of</strong> IK's, Blue Key, and Si lver<br />

Lance. He served on the ASUl Executive Board and<br />

was a candidate for ASUI President his senior year.<br />

lie has also been active in Model United I ations,<br />

Young Republican ·, and Young Americans for Freedom.<br />

' Vh ile acting as Chair·man <strong>of</strong> the Educational<br />

lmpro"ement Committee, Clif originated the weekly<br />

swdent television program, "Probe," and acted as<br />

moderator for the series. Clif, who was "Aggie <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Year" in 1963, has been a member <strong>of</strong> Alpha Zeta and<br />

President <strong>of</strong> Agricultural Council.<br />

This witt) senior from Ontario, Oregon, will be<br />

fondly remembered by every senior woman who u ~es<br />

her senior key privileges, for, as President <strong>of</strong> A WS,<br />

Linda was instrumental in bringing about this and<br />

several other significant changes in the Associated<br />

'"Tomen Students' regulations. Although centered<br />

around A ' VS for the past two years, Linda's activities<br />

covered a wide range <strong>of</strong> intere)ts. She participated in<br />

Intercollegiate Debate for two years, was Treasurer <strong>of</strong><br />

Spurs and took an active part in Hays Hall activ iti e~<br />

for the three years she lived there. As a senior, she became<br />

a student assistant at Pine Hall and a member<br />

<strong>of</strong> Mortar Hoard.<br />



Journalism and top grades have been the by-words<br />

lor " Kip," an energetic blonde from J\1 iddleton, <strong>Idaho</strong>.<br />

She worked as a reporter, news editor, social editor,<br />

and associate editor <strong>of</strong> the A1·gonaul, and thus she had<br />

well earned the title <strong>of</strong> "Jason" which was hers during<br />

~cco nd semester <strong>of</strong> her senior yet~r. She helped bring<br />

into being and served as technica l editor <strong>of</strong> the " J"<br />

literary magazine. Tapped for Theta Sigma Phi, journalism<br />

honorary, Kip served one year as Treasurer<br />

and one as President <strong>of</strong> the organitation. Maintaining<br />

her high G. P. A. in spite <strong>of</strong> long hours spent at the<br />

Argonaut <strong>of</strong>fice, Kip was named a senior Phi Beta<br />

Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi.<br />

Bob, who ca ll ~ T win Falls hi) home, has indeed contributed<br />

gencrou:.ly <strong>of</strong> his time and abilities to the<br />

<strong>University</strong>. He has devoted a lot <strong>of</strong> his energy to his<br />

fraternity, Delta Chi, serving as a delegate to conventions<br />

and H ouse Manager-Tretlsurer. I n addition, as<br />

a senior he assumed the responsibilities <strong>of</strong> being a parttime<br />

field secretary for Delta Chi at the national level.<br />

H e has been a member <strong>of</strong> several honoraries-Phi Eta<br />

Sigma, Intercollegiate Knight , Alpha Kappa Psi, and<br />

Blue Key. Bob has worked diligently on Activities<br />

Council and the Student U nion Program Council,<br />

and he has served as First Vice President <strong>of</strong> the Association<br />

<strong>of</strong> Coll ege Unions Region II.

'<br />

Senior Officers<br />

Derald Hurlbert, President; Joan Anderson, ecretary;<br />

Sharon Cygli, Treasurer; J:.y ~ey, Vice President.<br />


Social Science<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


EnglWt.<br />

Plummer, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Wood Tcclmolog11<br />

Coeur d'Alene. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Art<br />

Sacramento. Calif.<br />


Electrical Engineering<br />

Brooklyn, New York<br />


General Business<br />

Ooise. ldnho<br />

0. J. ANDERSON<br />

Elutrical Engineering<br />

Rathdrum. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Chemi8t1"!1<br />

Twin Falls. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

J. A. ANDERSON<br />

M aua(}Cment in<br />

A gric11lture<br />

Nampa, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


~ment4T11 Ed1tcation<br />

Twin Fall$, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


English<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

S. C. ANDERSON<br />

Acco .. nting<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


English<br />

Rupert. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

J. S. ARCH IBALD<br />

A grio,.ltural<br />

Education<br />

Troy, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


ElcmcnlorJI Edwcatin<br />

Clark&ton, Wash.<br />


AL AltNZEN<br />

Economic•<br />

Cottonwood, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



Seniors<br />


Elentcntary Education<br />

Troy, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Zoology<br />

San llfntco. California<br />


Busine1s and<br />

Applied SricnceB<br />

Oconomowoc. \Visconain<br />


Foreign Trtuh<br />

Lwiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


H i8toru<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Frut Ma>tagemrnt<br />

Long Beach. Calif.<br />


El~mt>ttaT!I Educatim•<br />

Filer, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elcmcntoru Education.<br />

Great Falls, Montana<br />

~:D WIN R. BROWN<br />

Animal Science<br />

Kimberly, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Architecture<br />

Boise, Ida ho<br />


Hotnc Ecotaontics<br />

St. Marics, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Bac.11ine.as<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

JEANI E llRYER<br />

English<br />

l.loise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

C. REX BUCK<br />

Elu. Engi>teering<br />

Sandpoint, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Science<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Ch.emi8try<br />

Richland. Washington<br />

C. A. BURGESON<br />

Law<br />

ScattJe, W ash.<br />

J. W . BURKHARDT<br />

Range Management<br />

We iser, ldnho<br />


Art<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Pre-Med.<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Poych.oloou<br />

Spokane, Washington<br />

R. L. CAMERON<br />

Forc8ITI/ Management<br />

Hayden Lake. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


BusinCHH ~:du cation<br />

Lcwi~to n, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Marketing<br />

Calguy, Alberta, Can.<br />


Mu•ic<br />

Salmon. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Timber Manage~nt<br />

PoUatch, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Home Economica<br />

Potlatch, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

BOB CAilLSON<br />

Forcig" T rade<br />

Twin Fnlls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Science<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Forclt Bu.a1'-ness<br />

Management<br />

Sl)okanc, Wash.<br />


Seniors<br />


Ph!IBical Education<br />

Placerville. Calif.<br />


Interior Architectwr~<br />

and Design<br />

Fruitland, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil Engi>~eering<br />

Twin Falls. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Home Economics<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


P811cholog11<br />

Sandy, Oregon<br />


Mathematics<br />

Pocatello, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

V. CHESTJ;R<br />

l/o1ne b'c01JQ1nicN­<br />

English<br />

Pocatello, ldnho<br />


Porcst Mtr.na{Jcntcnt<br />

Wenatchee, Wash.<br />

L. CHINN. JR.<br />

Architecture<br />

13oise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Education<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil E1tgineering<br />

Calgary, Alberta. Canadn<br />


Ph11sical Educa tio>~<br />

Ogden, Utah<br />


General BusinesB<br />

Longview. Washing~n<br />


Eco,nomica<br />

Seattll'. Washington<br />


H i8to'1!<br />

Marsing, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mechanical E~tginecrinfl<br />

Grand View. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


fl o>ne Economics<br />

Post Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Ps11cholo(JY<br />

Libby. Montana<br />

R. CONNIB&Alt<br />

M ech. Rli(Jinecrintl<br />

Turner Valley,<br />

Albertn, Canada<br />


Agricultural f:t:OliOlniciJ<br />

Emmett, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Anim.al llusbwndry<br />

Caldwell, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mat.~e-matica<br />

Eagl!', <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Electrical Rngine~ring<br />

Mullan, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Ge-neral Busbtes~t<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

JACK COVEll<br />

Foreat ManaQtme11t<br />

Glidden, Wisconsin<br />


Social Sciences<br />

and English<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Physical Education<br />

Bliss. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

CYNTHIA 0. COX<br />

Elementary E'd!ttation<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


A CCOU11 ting<br />

Boi'Se, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Fore8t !tfanag cme~1t<br />

Yucaipa. California<br />



BIUitl«B<br />

Chelan, Washington<br />


Architecture<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


A rchitcctur~<br />

Spenard, Alaska<br />

W. DENNING<br />

Electrical Engineering<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


General BN&in~u<br />

Moscow. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

B. W. DENNIS<br />

Electrical J;nginrrring<br />

Deary. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Drama-tic•<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elcmcnta'1/ EdNCo.tion<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Engliah<br />

Meridian, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Foreat Mo.no.g~n t<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agrit't.tltwre<br />

American Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mathematics<br />

BoiRe, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mathematics<br />

Sierra Vista. Arizona<br />

J. EMERY<br />

Zoolog11<br />

Greeley, Colorado<br />


Elrmcnto.'1/ EdNcation<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


t:>tglislt<br />

Wendell, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Auounting<br />

Wilder. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Engli•h<br />

Payette, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Fin.a:nce<br />

Calgary, Alberta, Canada<br />


Electrical Engin~cring<br />

Hagerman, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Geological Engine~ing<br />

Emmett. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agriculture Economics<br />

Burley, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Wildlife Mo.no.gcmcnt<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

.TORN FINK<br />

Po11chologJI<br />

Ephrata, Washington<br />


Fina11cc<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falll!. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Engliah.<br />

Baker, Oregon<br />


Engluh<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


F:lutrical Engineering<br />

Los AngciCl!, Calif.<br />


Chemical Engineering<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Pol•tical Science<br />

Moscow. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



Elementa111 Education<br />

Potlatch, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


~1u.sic Education<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Foods and N1ttrit:ion<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

W. L. FOSTER<br />

Range Manage•nent<br />

T•·oy, Kansas<br />


Home Economws<br />

Mountain Home, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Art<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

R. J. FLETCHER<br />

A ccountitlU<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mechanical<br />

Engineering<br />

Calgary, Alberta.<br />

Canada<br />


Fi,na.nce<br />

Eagle, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

ANN L. FRAHM<br />

Physical Education<br />

Twin Falls. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

C. D. C. FORDYCE<br />

Dra:ma<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Ele·mentary l!:ducation<br />

Twin Falls. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Business<br />

Oslo, Norway<br />


General B1tsiness<br />

Page, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

DON D. GIBBS. JR.<br />

Agronomy<br />

Kimberly. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Range Mano.gentent<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

S. F. GAGE<br />

M o.thematics<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Psychology<br />

Seattle. Washington<br />


Architecture<br />

Fairfield, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Physical Education<br />

Port Angeles, Wash.<br />


Mecho.nical Engineering<br />

Naini Tal. U. P., India<br />


Office Administration<br />

Emmett, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elem. Education<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elementary Education<br />

Mountain Home. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


French<br />

Rupert, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Chemical E .ngineering Acco-.. nting<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong> Bliss, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Biological Sciences Bu

Seniors<br />


Business<br />

Council, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

CARY CREli:N<br />

Mathcn•ati~•<br />

Mosco"', <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


CiviL Engineering<br />

McCammon. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Pre-Med<br />

L aGrange. Illinois<br />


Civil EnrJinecri11(J<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agriculture<br />

Jerome, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


English<br />

Lewiston. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

TERRY GUSTAV(,;[,<br />

Pre-Denistry. Y.oolorm<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


PhyBical Education<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falls. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mechanical Enui• rrring<br />

Bonners Ferry. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


M ining Enuinecrin{J<br />

McDermitt. Ncvadll<br />

C. HAJOST<br />

$parlish, Ettglioh<br />

Detroit. Michi~ran<br />


Engliah<br />

Coeur d'Alene. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Bttoine88 Ed~cation<br />

Coeur d'Alene. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elententaru F:ducatio-n<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Wood Utilization<br />

Milton-Freewat.cr, Oregon<br />


AcCOiltttitlfl<br />

Jerome. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Buoincso Educ

Seniors<br />


Electrical Enr1i1teering<br />

Mackay, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Chemical Engineering<br />

Weiser, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Botanu<br />

Wilder, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

M. HOFFMAN<br />

Electrical EnrJinee>'ing<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Commercial Art<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Hom.e Econom.ics<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agricultural<br />

Econon•ics<br />

Paul. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


A ?'dkitecture<br />

Paul, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

NANCY E. H . HOOD<br />

Drama<br />

Mosco,y, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elem.entary Education<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Physical Education<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Forestry Management<br />

Millersburg, Ohio<br />


Chemical Engineering<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

R. B. HORTON, JR.<br />

MechM•ical<br />

Ji:n{Ji·neering<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Accou.nti·ng<br />

Ashton. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

S. A. HUGHES. JR.<br />

Biological Science<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

D. C. HUMPHREY<br />

Histor11<br />

Polson, Montana<br />


Civil Engineering<br />

Aberdeen, S. D.<br />


Mech. Engineering<br />

Scotia. New York<br />


Gennan<br />

Genesee, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Pina.,.rce<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elemcnta:t;J Education<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agricultural Econom.ics<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

T. A. JACHETTA<br />

Political Science<br />

Priest River. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


History<br />

l'lint, Michigan<br />


A CCOtLnting<br />

Twin Fall~. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

D. V. JAMISON<br />

Marketing<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Genera-l Business<br />

Oslo, Norway<br />

J . E . JEFFERS<br />

Architecture<br />

Clark Fork. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


ODi.ce Adntinistration<br />

Coeur d'Alene. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



Marketing<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Education<br />

Twin Falls. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mechanical Engi>tecring<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


BuairteeJJ<br />

Dietrich, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


ChemistTJI<br />

Wallace. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Sociologll<br />

Pocatello. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

REV A K. JONES<br />

English-Spani•h<br />

Burke. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Sociolo(!y<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Bu.• inc••<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Animal Science<br />

Rockland. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Electrical Engineering<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


ElCJ·nett taT'1! Education<br />

Sandpoint, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


French<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Finance<br />

Moecow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Architecture<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


ElemcntaTJI Education<br />

Caldwell, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Auriculture Econ.<br />

Filer, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Jo:ducation<br />

W ulluce, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Education<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Speech<br />

Kuna, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Jlome Economics<br />

Crnnge"ille, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mrchanicol<br />

Engineering<br />

Calcutta, India<br />


Gcogra]lhl/<br />

Kellogg, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil Engineering<br />

New Cumberland,<br />

Pennsylvania<br />


/lome Economics<br />

Gooding. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


A>timol JlusbandTJI<br />

Gifford, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


l're-Med<br />

Shoshone, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Business<br />

Spokane, Washington<br />


Physical Education<br />

Or<strong>of</strong>ino. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


lion c Economic• Education<br />

~'iler, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



Mcchnical Engineering<br />

Kamiah. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

DAVID l\1. LEWIS<br />

f"inancc<br />

CO<br />


Scicnrr<br />

COl<br />

Twin Falla, ldnho<br />


Elementary Jo:ducation<br />

Spokane, Wllllh.<br />


Seniors<br />


Psychology<br />

Star, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil Engirtcering<br />

Fayetteville. N. Y.<br />


fAte<br />

Seattle, Wa•hinsrton<br />

T. McDONOUGH. JR.<br />

ftftf.sic b'du('ation<br />

Seattle, Wash.<br />


Elementar11 r:clt.ration<br />

Wallace. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Art<br />

Honolulu. Hawaii<br />


Home Econo1nica<br />

Edtt('Oti011<br />

Greeley, Kansas<br />


!t1eckanical Enuinrcrino<br />

Hi1·ie, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Busine88<br />

Cahcary. Alberta,<br />

Canada<br />


F'i1tance<br />

Saratoga. California<br />


ff ome Economi~•<br />

Bonners Ferry. ldnh ~<br />


MetaUurQical<br />

E·ngineering<br />

Mullan, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Education<br />

M011cow. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


AccountintJ<br />

Coeur d'Aknc. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


F'i8h(..7ies M a1t'tflf1nent<br />

Spring Valley, California<br />


E>1glish<br />

Butte, Montana<br />


Elemcntarv Education<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Fnllo, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Electrical 1-:nyinerrinu<br />

Rigby. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elcmcntar-v E


Art<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Electrical Engineering<br />

Kennewick, Wash.<br />


Geology<br />

Bensenville, Illinois<br />


Radio-TV<br />

Lewrston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Sociology<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Marketing<br />

Nampa. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Electrical Enoineeri?&g<br />

Rupert, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Social Sciences<br />

Coulee Dam, Wash.<br />


Law<br />

Wilder, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

F. J. MURPHY, JR.<br />

Electrical Engineering<br />

Ferndale, Washington<br />


Art<br />

Lewiston. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Marketing<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Social Science, Psychology<br />

Lewiston. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Marketing<br />

Gooding, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Physics<br />

J e•·ome, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Political Scie11ce<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Ph11Sics<br />

Kendrick. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Comntercial Art<br />

Moscow. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Sociology<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Physical Education<br />

Emmett. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Soc·ial Science<br />

Sandpoint, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agricult-ure Education<br />

Genesee, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

V. G. W. NORTON<br />

Elementary Educatio>t<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Business<br />

White Sulfur Spring~;,<br />

Montana<br />


Forest Management<br />

Salmon, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


English<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Entontology<br />

Buhl, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mathe·matics<br />

Troy, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Forest Managentent<br />

Long Beach, Calif.<br />


Physical Education<br />

Potlatch, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />




HnFo-reot.-y Science<br />

Mathnunentary Education<br />

S. PARCHER<br />

Elem>~tary Eclttcatio"<br />

M. PARISH<br />

English<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong> Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong> Bovill. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

lluhl, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



M echa1r.ical Engineering Architecture<br />

Weiser, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Burley, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Music<br />

Biological Science<br />

Spokane, Washington Juliaetta, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

78<br />


Fisheries Managenr.ent<br />

Bismarck, North Dakota<br />


M11thematics<br />

Educ11tion<br />

Wallace, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Economics<br />

Monrovia, California<br />


Forestry<br />

Mackay, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Dietetics & Institution<br />

Adm,inistration<br />

Albion, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Finance<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Forest A1anaoem.ent<br />

Spokane, Washington<br />


Pre-Med<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

R. PLASTINO, JR.<br />

Civil. Enginee,..ing<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Cltemiclll E·nuinering<br />

Pocatello, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

N. J. PETERSON<br />

Ele>nentary Education<br />

Spokane, Wash.<br />


Civil EnuineYing<br />

Salmon, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elementary Education<br />

MOl!cow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mechllnical<br />

Engineering<br />

Coeur d'Alen e, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

RON POST<br />

Law<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Journalism<br />

Caldwell, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Socilll Science<br />

Bremerton, Wash.<br />


Animal Science<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong>


Art<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


French<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



Bu.ainc••<br />

Forestry<br />

Uois~. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

San Diego, California<br />


Chemi8try<br />

Pores try<br />

Tuttle. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

LeROY RADlE<br />




EurOJ)ean H iotOriJ<br />

Portland, Oregon<br />


Econom.ic11<br />

Cascade. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Accoutttinu<br />

Abrd~n. South Dakota<br />


BWI.ogical Science<br />

Napoleon. Ohio<br />


AnimaL Huobandru<br />

Blackfoot, Idnho<br />


AccOU1'lting<br />

Rathdrum, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil E1'1t/i?tcering<br />

Emmett. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


ElectricaL F:ngin~~rino<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Pre-Med<br />

Wendell. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Afuttic<br />

Moscow. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Afcch.antcal J-:tl(Jinccrin{J<br />

:Moscow, ldnho<br />

W. SCHW ABEL<br />

Ranoe Ma,.•ancmcnt<br />

Belmont. Calirornin<br />


SociaL Seience Bducotion<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Architecture<br />

Mountain Home, Ida.<br />


ElementAry t:d,.ration<br />

Cottonwood, ldnho<br />


Freflch<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


llfouic<br />

American Falls, Ida.<br />


Electrical EngineerftliJ<br />

Arco, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


M edicaL 1'~rhtiOLOfJY<br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Architecture<br />

Kellogg. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


IndWltriat A rto<br />

Post Falls, lduho<br />

GAY R. SlLHA<br />

Muoio<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Finance<br />

Deer Park. Wash.<br />


Electrical .f:floinecring<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Falla, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


S ocial Science<br />

Gooding. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Cit>it Ettgincering<br />

JJoise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elec. Engineering<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Fn1ls. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil En(Ji?tccrillfl<br />

Colfax, Washinll'ton<br />


ZoolO(Jl/<br />

Meridian, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Electrical EngineeritOg<br />

Mountain Hom, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



Art<br />

Spokane, Wa&hington<br />


Architecture<br />

J cromc, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Busi-ness Education<br />

Caldwell, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil f:nginocring<br />

Harrison, Jdnho<br />


Electrical E>~oincering<br />

Palo Alto, California<br />


Mechanical Rnuinccrinq<br />

Northampton, Ma .....<br />


ElcmcnlaT'II f;d~tcation<br />

Kamiah, ldnho<br />


Phvsicat fo:d~tcation<br />

Boise. ldnho<br />


b'lemen tnru b"du.cation<br />

Spoknnt•, Wnsh.<br />


Honw Economirs<br />

Moscow, ldnho<br />


Chemi•tT'II<br />

Dearborn, Michigan<br />

B. SPRING~'ORD<br />

Mechanical<br />

Engineering<br />

Covina, California<br />


Accounting<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Faii M, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Music 1-:ducation<br />

Nys•n. Oregon<br />


Chemical Etl ginccring<br />

Rathdrum. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Geographlf<br />

Rupert, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Architecture<br />

Lewiston. ldnho<br />

R. A. STEWART, JR.<br />

Geogra1Jh11<br />

Seattle, Washington<br />

D. D. STOLP<br />

Chetrdrttl J.~'nui-nccriug<br />

Naples, ldaho<br />

IDA M. H . ST!lA W<br />

ElemeJJiary Edu~ation<br />

Mountain Hom


Ph'Jisics<br />

Chicago, Illinois<br />

C. L. THORNOCK<br />

/lome Economic•<br />

Emmett. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Electrical Engineer-itlO<br />

BoisNT TAYLOR<br />

English<br />

Wood 1'rchnology-<br />

Boise. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Cloenoi3try<br />

El Paso, Texas<br />


Acco•(ntino<br />

II ome Economic•<br />

McCall, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Coeur d'Alene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Elnnentary f~·ducation Ph711ical Education<br />

Bonneo'S F


Agricultural Chen1istrv<br />

Culdwcll. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

R. B. WELLING'l'ON<br />

lJistorv-Political<br />

Sciet~.ee<br />

West Covina, Calif.<br />


8Lcctri€al ET~ginu:ri>lll<br />

Salmon. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


FO'Test Jl.fanagemntt<br />

Troy, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Civil Engineering<br />

J cromc, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agriculture<br />

Twin Falls, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Forc3t Mana11ement<br />

Payette, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

H. C. WILKINS<br />

History<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Mechanical En11inecrin11 Mathematic•<br />

Caldwell, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Agriculture Jo~"du.cation<br />

JAN W ENDJ,E<br />

Electricol 1-lngt'nccrinl)<br />

Oakley, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Sandpoint, lduho<br />


Acc01nttin.a<br />

Lewiston, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

D. G. WILLIAMS<br />

Mathematic3<br />

Weiser, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Political Science<br />

Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


1''1111fltettl E


Civil Engineering<br />

Payette. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Accounting<br />

Lewisville. <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Rlnnentary Eduration<br />

Colfax, Washington<br />




A.P.GUPTA<br />




CllAO-CHl HSU<br />

Graduate Students<br />

Jack Gisler is a pan-time graduate student at the <strong>University</strong>, working toward a Master's degree<br />

in education. His wife Janice, the first woman to graduate from <strong>Idaho</strong> with a straight A average.<br />

has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to do graduate work in botany here.<br />








Graduate Students<br />

86<br />

Spencer wcct Shannon, J r. became Dr. Spencer Sweet Shannon at the Sixty·ninth Commencement Exerci~e~ ol<br />

the lJni,·crsit' or <strong>Idaho</strong> on J une II, 1964. hannon recei\ed his Ph.D in gcolog) and was one <strong>of</strong> eight d()(toral<br />

candidarcs who recci,·cd their degrees at the ceremony.

Junior Officers<br />

Gail Nystrom , Secretary; Jim Fa ut her, President; J im fields, Vice President; and J anet Orr, Treasurer<br />

Marian .\ bbeal<br />

Judy . \lei ape<br />

Paula .\nis<br />

Leonard Abel<br />

Bill Allred<br />

Pat Auslin<br />

\\'alter ,\ dams<br />

llarold Andreason<br />

Gary Ayers<br />

Chet Adkins<br />

Judy Anderson<br />

AI Bailey<br />

Merlin Ahrens<br />

Sally Anderson<br />

j oyce !\ailey<br />

.\ nn Albee<br />

Eel .\ rndt<br />

D o nna Dail y<br />

George Alberts<br />

j oyce .\ rthur<br />

lloh llanashek<br />


Stuart Barclay<br />

Rick Beebe<br />

T om 131ack<br />

Barry Barlow<br />

Roy Bentson<br />

Del Blackburn<br />

Bob Barlow<br />

Cheri Berg<br />

Larr} Blackburn<br />

Ann Barnard<br />

Sandra 1\erger<br />

Benn} Blicl..<br />

Barbara C. Barnhart<br />

Jim Berry<br />

Robert Bohart<br />

Kathy Baxter<br />

Judy Berry<br />

J. Brent Bohlin<br />

Claudine Becke•·<br />

Carol Bicgert<br />

Darrell Bol1<br />

Juniors<br />

8<br />

Dale Bo;\\orth<br />

Douglas C. Campbell<br />

Gene Chri\tenson<br />

Joe Ed Conrad<br />

Ui ll Boyes<br />

Lee Cantrell<br />

Jud} Chrisli,lll;on<br />

~!eh in Cool..<br />

Bonnie Branson<br />

Dennis Carlson<br />

Kjell Christophen.en<br />

Gerq Cosby<br />

Jim Branson<br />

Jane Carlson<br />

Jim Cobble<br />

Jan Co'<br />

Bill 13ritton<br />

Linda Caner<br />

Fa}e Collier<br />

Janice Craig<br />

LeRoy Brown<br />

John Chisholm<br />

Sue Collier<br />

Jim Crane<br />

Larry Burrup<br />

Ed Christensen<br />

Karen Collins<br />

Carolee Crowder

Laura Duffy<br />

Kathy Day<br />

Darlene Doughert)<br />

Bill Egen<br />

Juniors<br />

Tom Eidson<br />

Donna English<br />

Jim Fields<br />

:\lalcohn Freund<br />

Christine Eisele<br />

Sharon English<br />

Pnt J'indley<br />

Ray Frost<br />

Dennis Eklund<br />

Joy Esser<br />

Ri chard Fish<br />

~1. Fruechtenicht<br />

Linda Elliott<br />

Bill Evans<br />

Scott Fitch<br />

Pat Gallagher<br />

Gary Elhworth<br />

Ste,•e Falkner<br />

Anne Fratier<br />

Andy (;anow<br />

Larq Eng<br />

Jim Faucher<br />

Kei th Frederiksen<br />

llauk Gellert<br />

Sandra Jo Engelkiug<br />

Lysbeth Fouts<br />

Fred Freeman<br />

Cary Gibler<br />


Juniors<br />

Chad Gibsou<br />

Gene Gibson<br />

Patrick Gibson<br />

Da'e Gieke'<br />

Jim Gipson<br />

.Ma q ' Glad hart<br />

Keith GlO\Cr<br />

Jim Goadc<br />

13cn Goddard<br />

Bill Graham<br />

Da' id R . Gregon<br />

John Greif<br />

\ rleue Griffith<br />

Larry Grimc­<br />

Ed Griswold<br />

Nanc} Grubb<br />

Geot-ge Hamilton<br />

Belly !Iammond<br />

Karen Hansen<br />

Leon Hansen<br />

Julie H arper<br />

Tom Harri'><br />

Don Hartman<br />


Juniors<br />

i\Ieredith Horning<br />

Kathie Hostetler<br />

Don House<br />

Eric Hove<br />

Don Howard<br />

J crry How a rei<br />

Anita Howland<br />

Gerald Huettig<br />

Uill Huizinga<br />

Tony H umbach<br />

Jim Hunter<br />

Carol Hussa<br />

Saucly Iverson<br />

Bill James<br />

Richard J ennings<br />

Rick J ensen<br />

Kallc J ergensen<br />

Carl J ohannesen<br />

Bonnie Johansen<br />

Carl A. J ohnson<br />

Carl G. J ohnson<br />

Donald Johnson<br />

Kathy J ohnson<br />

Cathy Jones<br />

Karen Jones<br />

Mel J ones<br />

Ronald Jordan<br />

Gordon J udd<br />

Terry Kaercher<br />

Carl Kappen<br />

Russ Kastberg<br />

Nancy Kaufmann<br />

Jim Keeton<br />

Hruce Keithly<br />

Joe Keller<br />

Ward Kell y<br />

Sally Kimhall<br />

Orla Kirking<br />

Dale Klappenbach<br />

Ruth Ann Knapp<br />

J ohn Knudsen<br />

Dave Knutson<br />

Rich Koch<br />

Kathleen Koskella<br />

Dorothy Kottke<br />

Chuck Kozak<br />

Gayle Kraemer<br />

Dennis Kriegel<br />


~!arl. Krie1enbech<br />

Donna Leaverton<br />

Toni Lutske<br />

Dick Kunter<br />

~fary Lou Le' i<br />

Kathy Lyon<br />

Cleo Lamb<br />

Richard E. Lcws<br />

Lynn ~ldlride<br />

CaT) Lambson<br />

LarT) Lievsay<br />

Don ~ tcCanney<br />

Richard Lange<br />

Bob Loughmiller<br />

Marti McCu llen<br />

Dorothy Lawson<br />

Sara Lowell<br />

Tom McFadden<br />

Gene La)CS<br />

Floyd Lukehart<br />

Jan McKevitt<br />

Juniors<br />

92<br />

r crry Malcolm<br />

Don i\fauhews<br />

Clarence .\I iller<br />

Craig MacPhee<br />

L)•nn Manus<br />

Mary ,\nn J\lendiola<br />

Doug J\1 iller<br />

Colleen Mace<br />

Gene .\laraffio<br />

Byron ~leredith<br />

John .\Iiller<br />

John II. l\farkiel<br />

~lary Metcalf<br />

Ste'c Miller<br />

Kathyern .\lachacek<br />

Rose Marie t\larler<br />

David Mellger<br />

Cary Milliken<br />

Guy Maestas<br />

Arlen Marley<br />

Sherry J\leyer<br />

Larq Miner

Denny Mix<br />

Greg ~funther<br />

Stan Ncglay<br />

Eperone ~foananu<br />

Larry Murphy<br />

Connie elson<br />

J ane Modic<br />

J oan Myers<br />

Dennis 'elson<br />

J ack Morris<br />

Ken Myers<br />

Larry Nelson<br />

Richard Morris<br />

June accarato<br />

Linda Nelson<br />

Don ~!Ottinger<br />

Michael cary<br />

Virginia elson<br />

Clint Mowery<br />

Barbara Neifert<br />

Donna 'ewberry<br />

Juniors<br />

AI OlslOn<br />

Doran Parkins<br />

Carl Pence<br />

J erry Peterson<br />

Don Nystrom<br />

J ohn Ostbo<br />

J can Patterson<br />

Jeannie Pfaff<br />

Gail Nystrom<br />

Fred Oyer<br />

Jack l)atrick<br />

Laina Phillips<br />

Lynne l'auon<br />

Roben Pierce<br />

Karen Oleson<br />

J erry Perez<br />

T homas E. Payton<br />

G. A. Pitman, Jr.<br />

Janet Ponsness<br />


Juniors<br />

Ka\e Prior<br />

Rolf Pqdt<br />

Dell Raricl..<br />

Ron Reagan<br />

Ronn Reed<br />

Sue Reese<br />

T erry Reichert<br />

Li Ia Reslerr<br />

Andy Rcsor<br />

Virginia Reynolds<br />

Tom Richards<br />

Ben Riet1e<br />

Bill Ringer<br />

Cheq I Robinson<br />

Joe Robinson<br />

I om Robinson<br />

Ros Rognstad<br />

Jeri Ross<br />

Swan Ross<br />

David Royer<br />

l.arry Ruddell<br />

I erq Ruddell<br />

13onn ie Rude<br />

J oan Rumpelte'<br />

andy Rmledge<br />

Brian Sac!..<br />

John ackett<br />

Heather anders<br />

Lyle Saxton<br />

Greg Schade<br />

Glenn Schiller<br />

Cal")' Schmadeka<br />

J ean ,\nn Schodde<br />

Dale Schraufnagel<br />

\ 'ern chulte<br />

Lee Seitt<br />

Donna e\ ern<br />

Roger .\. Se\erson<br />

Brenda Sharp<br />

Gary Shelgren<br />

Nei l Shoemaker<br />

Bruce imon<br />

Judy Sinclair<br />

~l ar il y n Slansky<br />

Flo Ieeman<br />

Bonnie mith<br />

}' rank Smith<br />

J acqueline Smith<br />


Rita Smith<br />

~lito Solmeier<br />

Dian Sowder<br />

William Smith<br />

Sue Solomon<br />

Linda Stahl<br />

Mcloclie Smyser<br />

Dorothy Solum<br />

M) rna Stanger<br />

Roger Snodgrass<br />

Janice Solum<br />

(,an tapleton<br />

Caryn Snyder<br />

Andy Sorenson<br />

Karen Sterner<br />

Susan Snyder<br />

J oan Sorenson<br />

Dianne Stone<br />

John Soderling<br />

Don Sowar<br />

Robb tradley<br />

Juniors<br />

Larr} Strohmqer<br />

John utton<br />

Elaine Tegan<br />

Gary Tomita<br />

Larr}' trom<br />

Darrel Swanson<br />

Dianne Teple)<br />

Jon Trail<br />

Kathie fangen<br />

James R. Thompson<br />

lloh Trautwein<br />

\\'illiam N. Ulmer<br />

Dennis Tanner<br />

llarold Tish<br />

.\ rlcne Ultican<br />

Oauiel ., omich<br />

Jud) Van Hollebckc<br />


Juniors<br />

D. Van Loben els<br />

Gen' \ 'eltrie<br />

Jerq Veltrie<br />

nob Vent<br />

:\Iuricl \ 'ermaas<br />

Gordon Vining<br />

Karl Von Tagen<br />

Fran!.. Vosika<br />

J eanne Walser<br />

Maq · Walsh<br />

Da' id \\'alters<br />

Barbara \\ 1 are<br />

Ron \\'atson<br />

Judith Weaver<br />

Janet Weber<br />

Penny Weir<br />

Clyde Weller<br />

Jan \\'endler<br />

Larq \\ cstberg<br />

1'\icl.. \\'euer<br />

Francb White<br />

h it the Bird? Is it the<br />

\pe? Or is it the People?<br />


Juniors<br />

Penny White<br />

I. a nee \\'. \\'hi tehead<br />

Mana " .hiting<br />

Pat Wicks<br />

Rick Wilhite<br />

1\ob Wilks<br />

Diane Williams<br />

Rex Williamson<br />

Carol \Vi lis<br />

1 om Wilson<br />

Jim Wininger<br />

Jim Winterstein<br />

T ony Wolff<br />

llarhara Wolfkiel<br />

Ed \\'ood<br />

John Wozniak<br />

Doug Yearsley<br />

Anne Yenni<br />

Catherine Zalomsky<br />

Anton Ziegler<br />

H omccomin~ Queens,<br />

l'om J>om gtrls, and Moscow<br />

Chamber <strong>of</strong> Com ­<br />

merce members lead a<br />

Vandal Rally down main<br />

street.<br />


Sophomore Officers<br />

•<br />

I om Ba tes, President; Barhara Suter, ctrctary; Harold Sasaki, Vice President<br />

Dennis D . .\!bright<br />

Ron .\nde rson<br />

Lo n Atc hley<br />

Sharon Anderson<br />

P hillis i\nstin<br />

Sus;~n .\lmq ubt<br />

Dennis r\rahal..i<br />

Jack A}ers<br />


John Baker Linda Balch Dixie Barnes john B. Barnes joyce Barney Hob Bartlett Charlene Barton<br />

Hob Bassett Carole Bates l om Bates Jean Baty Lori Bean Barbara Beasley Dorene Beck<br />

llelen Beck Cheq I Becker Sherman Bellwood Lou Benoit judy Benscoter 13eu) Benson Keith Ben11en<br />

I om 13errong Karen Birlin Linda Bithell :\far) Bju~trom Dwight Board jud) Bohman John Boisen<br />

.\1 Boling Louise Bollman William Bolton Jan Bonn) Jim Booker Bell) ,\nn Bower Bert B rackeu<br />

llerb Bradley Lee Brannan ~anc} Brigham Barbara Brogan Cathr Brooks Bob Brower Leon Brown<br />

Bob Hruce John Brune Hill Bryant J ack llr)'ant :\larcia Buchanan Maq llullard \\'illiam Bunn<br />

.\. Hurgemeister Jim Burkholder Karie Burks l.arq 1\tuler Ken Bushy Tom Campbell Vicki Camo11i

\\'. L. Carpenter<br />

Robert B. Casey<br />

Mary Cn tes<br />

Ed Ceccolini<br />

Caq Chipman<br />

Doris Chri~ten~en<br />

Cregg Clark<br />

Jean Cline<br />

Bret Closner<br />

Pat Cobb<br />

Jan Cochran<br />

Lee Collett<br />

Phil Conner<br />

Delora Cook<br />

Gail Cornell<br />

Vern Covingwn<br />

Leo Cromwell<br />

Chuck Cr<strong>of</strong>t<br />

Frankie Craig<br />

Penn) Craig<br />

J im Crockett<br />

Suzanne Crow<br />

Carole Crowe<br />

John Crutcher<br />

Don Davis<br />

Pat Dean<br />

Dale DeFrancesco<br />

Cary Oc llaas<br />

Da,id DeKay<br />

Mal] Delger<br />

1\'elrnan Dennis<br />

J ay Denny<br />

Linda Oerr<br />

Cher} I De, I in<br />

:\farit DeVries<br />

T om Dickey<br />

Pat Dierker<br />

Joe Dobson<br />

Barbara Doll<br />

Canna Dopp<br />

'orrie Drayton<br />

Da\"id Driscoll<br />

Dean Duelke<br />

Ron Duell<br />

J im Duffield<br />

Bob Dutton<br />

Kenneth Eads<br />

Lynn Earp<br />

J anet Easle)<br />

Alfred Eiguren<br />

Diane Ekwortzell<br />

Stanley Eller<br />

Jud)' Elliott<br />

Jim English

Charles Engstrom<br />

adie E\'ans<br />

Da,·e Fisher<br />

Claude Freaner<br />

Roy Garten<br />

Mary E. Glodowski<br />

Bill Graham<br />

J ana Hall<br />

Leslie Ensign<br />

Mike E\·erett<br />

J im f isher<br />

!\'orma Fredrich<br />

Gerald Gerlach<br />

Joe G<strong>of</strong>finet<br />

Dianne Green<br />

Keith Hall<br />

Dianne Epling<br />

Maq E. Fairchild<br />

Lew Fisher<br />

M. Fruechtenicht<br />

Merle Gibbens<br />

Duane Goicoechea<br />

Raeleen Greene<br />

Richard Hall<br />

Bob Erickson<br />

Donna Farmer<br />

Tim Flood<br />

Don Fry<br />

Virginia Gibbs<br />

Bob Corman<br />

Wilma Greene<br />

Jeanne llamilton<br />

Duane Erickson<br />

Pam Fawcett<br />

Gail Fluharty<br />

Mike Gagon<br />

Donna Gibson<br />

Bob Conon<br />

JimmieS. Gregory<br />

J ame~ l lanscn<br />

Diane Erstad<br />

J udy Fike<br />

Ron Fors)th<br />

ue Gale<br />

cal Giles<br />

Mourine Goslin<br />

Larry Cri

Sophomores<br />

Leonard Han<br />

l .arry Haskins<br />

Da\'id llawk<br />

Uob Ha1elbaker<br />

J ud} Heidel<br />

h.aren Heiskari<br />

Phil Helsley<br />

K. \\'.Henningsen<br />

'>u1anne Henson<br />

Uonnie Herzinger<br />

\larl.. Hickman<br />

Kathy Hicks<br />

Rick Hicks<br />

Glen Higby<br />

'iwart Hilton<br />

Frank Hinton<br />

J on Hippler<br />

Dawn lloduffer<br />

Larq Hooker<br />

Da' id Hopper<br />

Dan llormacchea<br />

:\like Bouch<br />

Bekki HO\'e<br />

Colin Howell<br />

herr} Howq<br />

Lane Hubbard<br />

Dean Huber<br />

J ud) Hungerford<br />

.Jim Hunt<br />

.Julie H yslop<br />

\largie Jrwin<br />

Carol h ·cs<br />

Rithard Jackson<br />

Dick J ardine<br />

Ni na Jenkins<br />

Belly J ennings<br />

Hill J ensen<br />

Charles J ohnson<br />

Jim J ohnson<br />

Karen J ohnson<br />

Ken J ohnson<br />

~larian Johnson<br />

Pegg) Johnson<br />

Roger L. J ohnson<br />

\\'arrcn Johnson<br />

Irene J ohnston<br />

Robcn J ohnston<br />

\llan Johnstone<br />


Sophomores<br />

Tom Jolwell Carol Jones Coria Jones J.J.Jones Janice Jordan Dennis Joq Julie Joslin<br />

Schuyler J udd \\'a> ne Kalbfleisch Did, Kale reddie Karroll Nancy Kaufman Virgil Kearney Gail Keller<br />

~!arga r et Keller Penn y Keller Richard Kelley Howard Kelly Karen Kidwell Dorcas Kilpatrick Terry Kimball<br />

Da\'id King Kri~ Kirkland Charlene Kirtley Kem Kleinkopf Darold Kludt Dietmar Kluth Grant Knapp<br />

Glenda Knighton Ken Knoblock John Konen Dennis Krasselt Roger Kun1 Allan Kyle andi LaDow<br />

Mike Lamb J eanette Lange Lester Lanphear Phyllis Larsen Pete Lattig J ohn Lawson Susan Lee<br />

Ken Lessey Robert Lewis Chad Link Joan Littleton Dick Livingston David Lohr Judy Love<br />


Sophomores<br />

Jan Lowe<br />

Gar) Lucas<br />

John Lukens<br />

Linda Lund<br />

,\lcxis Lyke<br />

Hill lllcCann<br />

:-;elson :\l cCiain<br />

Cathy McCloud<br />

David McClusky<br />

Allan :\lcOonald<br />

Nickie :\tcnonnell<br />

Jim :\lcEiroy<br />

Chad McGrath<br />

Pcgg} :\lcGill<br />

E\·el)n :\lcGown<br />

Jerry McKee<br />

Shellie McKeen<br />

Pat Mcl\lahon<br />

Linda l\lacGuffie<br />

Mary l\fagce<br />

George l\faness<br />

J udy Manville<br />

Pam :\larcum<br />

Carla Martin<br />

Celesta 1\fanin<br />

Chester Matlock<br />

Larry /llay<br />

Carol l\feek<br />

Dale Meyer<br />

Gordon Michalk<br />

Allan :\filler<br />

Ray Miller<br />

Bob Molyneux<br />

Shirley Moore<br />

Mary L. :\lordhorst<br />

Susan :\Ionensen<br />

Marilyn Muir<br />

Ron Muskopf<br />

:\[arilyn Myers<br />

Belt) Neale<br />

Phyllis Nedrow<br />

Arvilla 1elson<br />

Dale Nelson<br />

J erry Nelson<br />

Jim Nelson<br />

Karl Nelson<br />

Ray 1elson<br />

Da\ e :\'iclsen<br />


Sophomores<br />

An n N i n11110 John Noordam Ani ta Norby .Jim Norell Vicki Nuffer Jim O'Comlot· Mike O'Connor<br />

Gary Oppliger Ri cha rd Owen Gcnc1a Palmer Carol Panko J erilyn Pape ;\larilyn Parker J im l'auerson<br />

O;"e J>a,elec Kendall Pi!) nter :.rarcia Pence 13ob Pene Gary Peters :"\ancy l'fafl Caroline Pittman<br />

R a~ Poe Dennis P<strong>of</strong>fenroth J anet l'ost C:~q Pouer Lorraine Poulsen Sandra Powell Pat P r:~tt<br />

;\laril)n Ramc} Jerry R;mdolph Brool..~ Ranney C. Ra' cnscr<strong>of</strong>t 13arbara Rca) Frank Rcbcrgc•· Lee Rice<br />

J oe Reid Liuda Richards John Ri chardson Uru rc Riddle Crace Ricci.. \ndrca Rinaldi Glen Ri tter<br />


Sophomores<br />

frank Rohcrls<br />

Linda Rogers<br />

llruce Rullman<br />

Bruce Rm,ell<br />

l)a,e R~dalch<br />

David R)dholm<br />

:llo R~ lander<br />

lloh S1. Clair<br />

Donna Sa lnoeier<br />

Carol Samson<br />

Barbara Sanborn<br />

l 'nn ander-.

Sophomores<br />

Cathy Sload Da\'e Slusarunko Dick Smart Hett y T . Smith Da\'e Smith :\like Smith Stephen Snlith<br />

Tro)' mith Dan Snodgrass l.es Snyder Sandi Snyder I om Soderling Judy Sodorff Sue Solie)<br />

Robert pan bauer Paula pence Richard Spencer ))a, e Sperry \J ar~ Kaye Sprall Lawrence Stamper Robert Stanfield<br />

John .\ . Stark Doug Steel l.odi Stemmler Carol) n Stephens Thomas Stockdale Susan Stockwell Bill Stoneman<br />

Shannon and Cheri perform ror "j aa in the llud.et"<br />


Sophomores<br />

Bill Striegel<br />

Cary Strong<br />

Jane Styner<br />

\\'ayne Sug~<br />

\like ulli'

Sophomores<br />

Jim Traxler<br />

Billie Trostle<br />

Nancy Tubbs<br />

Chuck Turner<br />

Martha T urner<br />

Ron Twilegar<br />

:\(ark Uptmor<br />

:\fary Jane Vanl)er,tcek<br />

Paula Vandem·ood<br />

Richard Van Houten<br />

Sandy Varkcr<br />

Merlin Vilhauer<br />

Lynn Visnes<br />

Don Volk<br />

Pat Vosburg<br />

Wayne Wahineol..ai<br />

Rae Walch<br />

J ohn Wales<br />

Bob Walker<br />

Garry ·walker<br />

Chuck Walton<br />

T om Walton<br />

Suzanne \Vatson<br />

J ane Watts<br />

Lindarae Wam<br />

Shcrm Weidner<br />

Jon Well~<br />

Bill Wendt<br />

Linda vVcrncr<br />

Eine dcutsche Fraulein sencs customccs at the German<br />

'ersion <strong>of</strong> the lllue Bucket Inn<br />

\nothcr scrumptiou~<br />

buffet dinner is supen·ised by<br />

Dean Veurus.<br />


Sophomores<br />

Carol \\'erry i\lelanie WeLLe•· l'al Whalen Henry \\'heeler Dwain While Irene White<br />

Larry Wi lcox Jim William~ Garth Wilso11 Karlecn Wilson Darrel Wi ltrout £lise Windle<br />

Ji m \\'ill J ames f. Wohrer Carl \\'omboh Clarl.. Woods Judy Woodworth j udy Worden<br />

hi rl e~ \\'right J>aul Yamamoto llill Yost \\·arren Yeakel \fary Ann Yoden Stephen Young<br />

Betsy Wickes<br />

Joe Wiseca\"er<br />

Bruce Wright<br />

Karen Zamzow<br />

Dr. J an l3runvand leads "The Forum," a group discus~ion<br />

Burning take.<br />

in The<br />

11 0


____ ACTIVITIES<br />

Fall Activities<br />

Winter Activities<br />

Spring Activities<br />

Queens<br />

Fine Arts

Activities<br />

Panicipation in activities make a well-rounded<br />

person, and knowledge gained through activities<br />

is easy to get at our <strong>University</strong>. ·whether<br />

browsing through the book store, or taking pan<br />

in some <strong>of</strong> the activities the faculty contributes<br />

to, or gi"ing blood during the annual blood<br />

drive, or dancing any way you want to at one<br />

<strong>of</strong> the many dances held on campus each year,<br />

there is always something to be gained.<br />


The friend!) smiles and willing hands <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

read) to help.<br />

With hopefulness and anticipation a new freshman begins her col·<br />

lege career.<br />

Students Arriving<br />

1964- 1965 proved to be another record-break·<br />

ing )Car with respect to enrollment figures. The<br />

figme soared above 5,300 a students Hocked to<br />

the campus in late eptember, cau~i ng living<br />

quattcrs to bulge at the seams. Two hundred<br />

students were temporarily housed in the bomb<br />

shelter <strong>of</strong> the n ew Wallace Residence until their<br />

dorms were completed in mid-November.<br />

Old friendships are renewed and new acquaintances made as<br />

another school year opens.<br />

Spurs at <strong>Idaho</strong> are always ''at )Our ervice"<br />


Rush<br />

The number pledged during women's rush<br />

exceeded that <strong>of</strong> any previous yea r with a LOtal<br />

<strong>of</strong> 225. The week was filled with ftve fun days<br />

<strong>of</strong> tours and panics and culminated in the annual<br />

Squeal Day. The most unusual part <strong>of</strong> the<br />

women's rush was the fact that five sets <strong>of</strong> twins<br />

went through rush and the members had to take<br />

a second look! Men's rush saw the pledging <strong>of</strong><br />

327 men to 16 fraternities during their five-day<br />

period which began the day that the women<br />

pledged.<br />

~l en's rush began with tours <strong>of</strong> the 16 fraternities<br />

John Steinbrink, Lambda Chi president, introduces the<br />

entertainment.<br />

Brand new pledges in the Bucket!<br />

' I ri Delta girls welcome their guests<br />


Conventions<br />

Beca use the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> is a<br />

central poim in the Northwest, it wal> again<br />

this )Ca r the meeting place for many different<br />

conventions. The excellent faci lities<br />

provided by the new Student Union are<br />


Fresh Orientation<br />

Freshmen were introduced to the <strong>University</strong><br />

o( <strong>Idaho</strong> campus during Frosh Orientation<br />

vVeek. Activities began with the annual freshman<br />

convocation and an address lO the Sllldents<br />

by Presiden t T heophilus, continued<br />

with pre-registration, a tea to introduce freshman<br />

women to Mrs. Neely and the leading<br />

women ~tudents at the Uni ver~ity, and several<br />

freshman "mixers." The week was brought to<br />

a con clu~ i on with registration and the beginning<br />

or clas~cs.<br />

from at the 1ea<br />

Linda Kinne) , .\ \\' president, talks<br />

with two freshman women.<br />

Twisting all the wa)' to the floor, two<br />

freshmen li\e it up at 1he Frosh Mixer.<br />


Registration<br />

This year's registration hit an all-time high<br />

with approximately 5,074 swdents registered<br />

first semester. Second semester's enrollmen t<br />

dropped to about 1,764. Both semester's<br />

registration for the yet~ r 1963-64 were held<br />

in the i\femorial G)lllna~ i um.<br />

Studcnls arc anxious 10 complete regislration<br />

"How much did )Oll say?"<br />

"So• ry, that section is full"<br />

Registration cards are fi lled out and then checked<br />

.\ feel ing <strong>of</strong> confusion anompanies sw dents through rcgistralion line<br />


Hootenanny<br />

The Northern Enterprises, Inc., Spokane, presented eight folksinging<br />

groups who alternated with a group <strong>of</strong> square dancers for<br />

this year's Hootennany. The college age performers are all from the<br />

Northwest area, and have been organized for about 6 to 8 months.<br />

The Beat was wild!<br />

This is the crew!<br />

A total <strong>of</strong> 700 students viewed the<br />

performance.<br />

The folk music was great!<br />

The square dancers did some fancy<br />

steppin'!<br />


Parents Day<br />

Parent's Day was highlighted by the pr<strong>of</strong>essor's<br />

seminar on " Federal Aiel to Higher Education,''<br />

guided tours <strong>of</strong> the new SUB, the Vandal's victory,<br />

a Victory Buffet Dinner, the talent show<br />

which was won by the SAE's Deacon Street<br />

Three, the Parent's Day Dance, and Registration<br />

<strong>of</strong> Parents contest won by Delta Delta Delta and<br />

Sigma Alpha Epsilon.<br />

A student helping his parents register<br />

for Parent's Day.<br />

Dean Martin speaks on the panel for<br />

the "Federal Aid to Hi~her Education"<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essor semmar.<br />

A Victory Buffet Dinner was held in honor <strong>of</strong> the<br />

parenLs. Place-the new Blue Buckel.<br />

Friday afternoon was reserved for the<br />

registration and settling <strong>of</strong> parents.<br />


Parents Day<br />

J3oyd A. Martin moderates a pr<strong>of</strong>essors' seminar centering<br />

around "Federal Aid to Higher Education."<br />

Bob Bushnell, SAE, leads a trio in entertainment ror the<br />

Parents' Day Talent Show.<br />

Sigma Chi quartet: Bob Caron, Loren Butler, Dave Pugh,<br />

and Swart Barclay are winners in the talent show.<br />

Claude Myhre and his boys!<br />

The dance in the SlJB ballroom<br />

followed the ta leu t show.<br />


Henry Mancini<br />

Four thousand persons packed Memorial<br />

Gymnasium on Friday evening, October ll, to<br />

hear H enry Mancini and his academy awardwinning<br />

40-piece orchestra play his best-sell ing<br />

selections and medleys <strong>of</strong> tunes by Peter Rose<br />

and Victor Young. The two hour concert<br />

ended in a standing ovation and four encores<br />

for Mancini.<br />

Henry Mancini began the concert with the theme<br />

<strong>of</strong> Holly Golightly's J apanese neighbor in ''Bre

Navy Ball<br />


'\a\ ) Color Girl, 1963<br />

Top-Colot Girl finalists Karen Longeteig, Marcia Cronrath,<br />

Penn y 1 ho1'11ock. Caryn Snyder, and Janet Orr ner­<br />

\'O usly await the announcement <strong>of</strong> the Queen. Below-<br />

Couples danced to dreamy music.<br />

Commander Barton<br />

crowns the new Color<br />

Girl.<br />


Fall Dances<br />

The Sigma us and<br />

their dates dance up a<br />

storm at theit annual<br />

fall dance.<br />

Couples enjoy many<br />

fonnal dances on the<br />

campu~.<br />

126<br />

E'ergreens provide a popular selling for Christmas<br />

formals, as this scene from Phi Delta Theta's ''l nnsbllld.<br />

\Veinachten" shows.<br />

~ Iany fall dances held simullaneousl) make dance<br />

hopping a popular fad.

Fall Dances<br />

\lemories <strong>of</strong> the Alpha l'hi Formal<br />

are man).<br />

<strong>of</strong>t music, the seem <strong>of</strong> pine, and a Christmas<br />

Dance go well together.<br />

Dancing at a Roaring 20\ danlC was great<br />

fun.<br />


Fall Dances<br />

The I KE"s and their dates take<br />

a quick break in an e\ening or<br />

dancing.<br />

\<br />

"1 he Willis Sweet Cabaret proved to he an e,·ening <strong>of</strong><br />

mcrrr·making.<br />

Couples fill the hours <strong>of</strong> the Willis Sweet Cabaret<br />

with gambling.<br />

T he Night People provided music £o•· many <strong>of</strong> the<br />

fa ll dances.<br />



Potlatch<br />

Couples "do the bird'' at a raunchy dance<br />

Two Sigma Nu's and their dates climb aboard for their<br />

" Potlatch Function."<br />

Fall Dances<br />

\n orchid corsage and a dance program bring<br />

back memories <strong>of</strong> a wonderful evening.<br />

The TKE's celebrate their [all dance, "La Danse<br />

d 'Apache."<br />


Homecoming<br />

The 1963 Homecoming weekend<br />

was very exciting. ot only did we<br />

win 64-6 against U. <strong>of</strong> Pacific, but the<br />

weekend was climaxed by the crowning<br />

<strong>of</strong> two queens, Jeri Ros and<br />

Kathy Baxter. T welve thousand<br />

viewed the <strong>Idaho</strong> \'ictory, and during<br />

the game the "I" Club blanket was<br />

presented to the Vandal Booster <strong>of</strong><br />

the Year, George Klein o( Grangeville.<br />

Spirits were high on the U. <strong>of</strong> 1. campus!<br />

Rally before that big football game!<br />

First time for a double title! Bob Bushnell presents<br />

the trophy 10 quecens Kathy Baxter and Jeri Ross,<br />

while finalists Mary Lou Levi, Barbara Clark, and<br />

Linda Ellion look on.<br />

Vandal Victory! ! ! !<br />

J t"s a beautiful day- the stands are<br />

crowded-and <strong>Idaho</strong>·s out for a victory!<br />


Homecoming<br />

Alumni Association President James W. Roper<br />

and his wife were introduced at the l lomecoming<br />

Dance.<br />

Left- The Centennial Swing in progress.<br />

Right-Dinnen Cleary's instrumental<br />

group entertained during intermission.<br />

13 1

iVfartin Denny, at the piano, and his group fi ll the new ball room<br />

with sounds <strong>of</strong> the jungle.<br />

Martin Denny<br />

Martin Denny and his group imported the lush tropical<br />

atmosphere <strong>of</strong> H awaii to <strong>Idaho</strong>'s SU B dedication in late<br />

October. Denny's group, playing exotic music produced with<br />

rare primitive instruments, drew a capacity crowd to the<br />

new ballroom and made the event quite success(ul.<br />

•<br />

J .IR<br />

The Hawaiian girl entertains with a native dance<br />

Master <strong>of</strong> Ceremonies Denny adds a bit <strong>of</strong> spice to his<br />

already lively performance.<br />


The U <strong>of</strong> I campus was bu11ing with activities on the OcLOber 25-28 weekend. A number<br />

<strong>of</strong> luncheons and banquets filled Friday and Saturday. President D. R. Theophilus acted as<br />

Master <strong>of</strong> Ceremonies at the Friday evening dedication banquet, and Ezra Hawkes, presidem<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Regents, gave the dedication address. The Vandaleers completed the<br />

program with their special Cen tennial presentation. \'\lhile the studen ts were busy with<br />

their activities, the visitors auended convention <strong>of</strong> the editors and publishers <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

newspapers, the Annual Aspha lt Institute, an d the Association <strong>of</strong> College Schools o( Architecture.<br />

General themes at lu ncheons centered :~round Socia l and Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Concerns<br />

in the Teaching Program. T he <strong>Idaho</strong>-San J ose game was another highlight as Jda ho<br />

came through with a 28-12 victory aturday afternoon. Featured entertainer at the Saturday<br />

dance was Martin Denny, who presented an evening program <strong>of</strong> music ranging from the<br />

conventional to the exotic. The dedication <strong>of</strong> the SUB brought over 55 letters <strong>of</strong> congratulations<br />

in one day from all fifty tates and from the late President Kennedy.<br />

Sub<br />

Dedication<br />

Dr. and ~Irs. Theophilu at an e'ening banquet Telegrams, telegrams, telegrams' ' !<br />

A lillie Martin Denny jazz<br />

An evening speaker

Military Ball<br />

Mi litary l3all Queen, Lorna Kipling. smiles<br />

happily as she adjusts her newly won crown.<br />

Queen Lorna and her escort Dinnen<br />

Cleary.<br />

The Ballroom was crowded as couples<br />

awaited the crowuing <strong>of</strong> the Military Ball<br />

Queen.<br />

A theme <strong>of</strong> ·· Hearts and Sabers" stands<br />

out in the attractive decorations.<br />


Mock<br />

Political<br />

Convention<br />

Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., United tates Ambassador to South Vietnam,<br />

and Republican i\Iinority Leader Evereu S. Dirksen were the presidential<br />

and vice-presidential choices <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> students at the bi-panisan i\Iock<br />

Political Convention which was held in the Student Union Ballroom on<br />

March 15 and 16. The confab was opened by State Republican Chairman<br />

John McMurray who lauded the two-party system <strong>of</strong> American politics.<br />

Keynote speakers Lloyd ·walker, State Democratic Chairman, and State<br />

Senator Perry Swisher, R-Bannock, focused their addresses on Republican<br />

contender Barry Goldwater. During the conven tion, <strong>Idaho</strong> stutlcnts expressed<br />

their opinions on such important national problems and questions<br />

as civil rights, the medicare program, federal aid to education, and continued<br />

farm price supports.<br />

The comenLion opened with the presentation <strong>of</strong> Lhe<br />

Stars and tripes b) the \rmr Color Guard.<br />

Balloons and confeui were just two <strong>of</strong> the items that<br />

made the comention seem like the real thing.<br />

The ballroom was filled w rapacity as <strong>Idaho</strong> students par·<br />

ticipated in this annual invaluable campus experience in<br />

Amcricau politics.<br />

The delegation from Colorado followed neighbor·<br />

ing ,\rizona's precedent and went Coldwater all the<br />

wa).<br />

In the waning hours <strong>of</strong> the comention tired delegates took<br />

fmal action-but Cold11ater fans refused to let the fire die<br />

under their f;11orite son.

WSU Walk<br />

" 'ith the tempcralUre around 45 degrees and a "slight drizzle" falling, about 125<br />

Vandal fans stancd on the 38th walk to Pullman. vVhcn the \1\lashingLOn State Police<br />

Escort suggested that the walk stop due to poor visibility, the entire group switched to<br />

the railroad tracks for the remainmg few miles. Approximately three hours later, they<br />

arrived at the Compton Union Building on the \VSU Campus, tired and soaked but full<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> spirit.<br />

A reward for tired hikers- cider and donut><br />

The end <strong>of</strong> the line is marked by entering the CUB<br />

- And Moscow is left behind<br />

.\SWSU Vice President Bud Rothgib washes<br />

the tired feel <strong>of</strong> Bill Frates Witherspoon, ASUI<br />

P resident.<br />

Hot chocolate and donuts, an) one?<br />


Campus Chest collected approximately $2,764 from all the week's events, which culminated<br />

in a combined dance and bingo game. Delta Gammas were winners <strong>of</strong> the Can-Can<br />

contest and Jim McElroy, A TO, was crowned Ugly Man. The money collected will be<br />

apportioned by the sophomores, with approval <strong>of</strong> Executive Board, to different charities.<br />

Campus Chest<br />

The Ambassadors played for the annual Campus Chest dance<br />

Houses were sold and bought to the tunc<br />

<strong>of</strong> a real western auctioneer.<br />

Bidding was hectic in the tense atnwspherc<br />

<strong>of</strong> the house auction.<br />

The Della Gammas, wearing colorful costumes<br />

and performing just as if in Paris,<br />

were the winners <strong>of</strong> the Can-Can contest.<br />


SUB<br />

Life<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s spacious and luxurious<br />

Student Union is<br />

the nucleus <strong>of</strong> student activities.<br />

With the new addition<br />

to the building,<br />

which was dedicated this<br />

year, the <strong>University</strong> has become<br />

a center for state-wide<br />

conventions. But to the<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> student, the SUB is<br />

a "home away from home"<br />

- a place to relax, study,<br />

and feel at home.<br />

Parents enjoyed the facilities <strong>of</strong> the SUB this fall during Parent's Day<br />

The SUB is the scene <strong>of</strong> countless<br />

campus and living group<br />

dances during the year. Erected<br />

by the student funds, the students<br />

now benefit from the services<br />

provided by their fine<br />

building.<br />

The Student Union becomes a place for international<br />

cultural exchange each month when the India Student<br />

Association uses its facil ities.<br />

138<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> debaters Steve Meyer and Troy Smith debate the<br />

issue <strong>of</strong> ""Federal Aid to Education" against a Washington<br />

State team. In this case the Student Union was used for<br />

academic purposes.

Smorgasbords are a common occurrence at the Student<br />

Union. Students frequently partake <strong>of</strong> the delicious<br />

foods prepared by the Student Union Food Service.<br />

The Blue Bucket Inn has been a popular attraction<br />

on the Student Union program. Each Sunday<br />

evening special foods are <strong>of</strong>fered to students at reasonable<br />

prices. The usual Sunday evening menu<br />

includes pancakes <strong>of</strong> various kinds. Occasionally<br />

the menu changes and buffets featuring foods <strong>of</strong><br />

various nations are <strong>of</strong>fered. This year a German<br />

buffet and two Chinese buffets highlighted the<br />

Blue Bucket menu. Miss Ann Albee served as student<br />

chairman <strong>of</strong> the Blue Bucket Inn.<br />

SUB Life<br />

Recreation is a key item in student services <strong>of</strong>fered by the<br />

Student Union. Bowling classes <strong>of</strong>fered by the Physical<br />

F;ducation Department use the facilities <strong>of</strong> the SUB.<br />

Keeping pace with the se-.tson, Mrs. Farnsworth, the SUB<br />

decorating committee members and SUB employees dec·<br />

orate the Swdent Union's Christmas tree.<br />

This pretty waitress invites the public to a charming<br />

oriental atmosphere and tempting exotic food during the<br />

Blue Bucket Inn's Chinese buiiet.

Holly<br />

Week<br />

Caroling, a style show, and the<br />

Holly Dance highlighted the 1963<br />

H olly ' 'Veek. The sophomore class<br />

caroling party on Thursday preceded<br />

the announcement <strong>of</strong> the finalists for<br />

H olly Queen. T he grand finale <strong>of</strong> the<br />

week was the dance, with the crowning<br />

<strong>of</strong> Chris Hunt, Forney, during intermission.<br />

Outstanding sophomores<br />

named were Gerald Tell, Shoup, College<br />

<strong>of</strong> Engineering; Bob Bushnell,<br />

SAE, College <strong>of</strong> Letters and Science;<br />

Steve Schmidt, Farm House, College<br />

<strong>of</strong> Agriculture; Fred Brackebusch,<br />

<strong>of</strong>f campus, College <strong>of</strong> Mines; and<br />

Marcia Knutsen, H ouston, College <strong>of</strong><br />

Ed ucation. The Lambda Chis awarded<br />

first-place trophies to the Alpha<br />

Chis and the Theta Chis, winners <strong>of</strong><br />

the door decoration contest for living<br />

groups.<br />

Harold Sasaki, vice-president <strong>of</strong> the sophomore class, places the Holly crown<br />

on Chris H unt, 1963 Holly Queen.<br />

Les Snyder led the ~ inging during the sophomores'<br />

caroling expedition.<br />

Holly 'Veek ended on a dreamy note with the dance on<br />

Saturday night.<br />


The Alpha Chis won the annual Lambda Chi door decoration<br />

contest with their display, a Christmas tree <strong>of</strong> individually<br />

colored circles.<br />

With this stained glass window effect, the Theta Chis<br />

won first place in the men's division.<br />

Queen finalists were (left t0 right) Cathy<br />

McCloud, Julie Joslin, Lorna Kipling, Ann<br />

T hompson, and Chris Hunt.<br />

Holly<br />

Week<br />

fhe new Holly Queen, Chris Hunt, receives a<br />

bouquet <strong>of</strong> roses from Kathy Baxter, 1963 queen.<br />


You gi\e blood- we gi\·e orange juice~<br />

\\'onder what's next?<br />

~wdent aids stood read>· to help<br />

Red Cross :'\ursc~.<br />

Blood Drive<br />

The niversity <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> swdcnts donated<br />

78 1 p int:. <strong>of</strong> blood during the annual<br />

thrcc-da) Blood Drive this spring, exceeding<br />

the goal <strong>of</strong> 750 pints set by the R eel<br />

Cro:.:.. In the Ji,·ing group competition,<br />

Delta Delta Delta sorority and Lambda<br />

Chi Alph.t fraternity received first priLe~ .<br />

EJe,en other fraternities were credited with<br />

mer 100 perccnt <strong>of</strong> their quota. The men's<br />

and women\ group:. with the least participation<br />

were each gi,en a bottle <strong>of</strong> Geritol<br />

a~ an in piration for next year.<br />

There's a registration line<br />

e\ erywhere!<br />


Blue Key Talent Show<br />

t\ variety <strong>of</strong> sixteen acts comprised the program for the Blue Key Talent Show. J\la ~tc r~ <strong>of</strong> Ceremonies, ,lim<br />

Johnston, Farm HoLtSe, and Greg J\lalcom, Phi Delt, provided a line <strong>of</strong> famous jokes and satire o( the "Blue Key<br />

variety." The show was spon~orcd by Blue Key, the upperclassmen's honorary, under the direction <strong>of</strong> Bu;; J\l c­<br />

Cabe, Phi Delt.<br />

Proud and c'dtcd winners earn<br />

homt• the trophic.<br />

I he Brown ;\lountain Four, are<br />

from lefl lO right: Da'c wcctwood,<br />

Jim Olson, Bruce Bradlc) and te\e<br />

l>a\ i~ .<br />

Bob ,\1

Dick Parsons, Willis Sweet, and Zoe Anne Gripton, Pi Phi, smile<br />

as they are crowned Frosh King and Queen.<br />

Frosh Week<br />

Frosh Week was filled with fun and excitement. The<br />

week included the annual legs contest, the tug-<strong>of</strong>-war,<br />

and the Frosh dance. The winners <strong>of</strong> the legs contest,<br />

Camilla Good, Pi Phi, and Ron Porter, Fiji, were selected<br />

before an enthusiastic crowd in the Bucket, where there<br />

was standing room only. Saturday morning found Paraelise<br />

Creek deep and the water cold. The Frosh rallied<br />

over the Sophomores to win the tug-<strong>of</strong>-war contest. The<br />

week came to a close with the crowning <strong>of</strong> the Frosh<br />

Royalty: Dick Parsons, Willis Sweet, and Zoe Anne Grip·<br />

ton, Pi Phi. The entire week was considered a success<br />

by the freshman class.<br />

Ron Porter, Fiji, and Camilla Good,<br />

Pi Phi. pose as winners <strong>of</strong> the legs<br />

contest.<br />

It was a cold, wet day!<br />


Gerald Tell, Shoup Hall, was announced outstanding<br />

freshman in the College <strong>of</strong> Engineering.<br />

Couples attending the semi-formal Engineers' Ball<br />

crossed O\er "The Arches."<br />

Engineers'<br />

Ball<br />

The Moonlighters furni heel music for the 200 couples who attended the Engineers'<br />

Ball. The AgriculLUral Engineering display, a color-sorting device, won<br />

first place in the competition among the departments <strong>of</strong> the College <strong>of</strong> Engineering.<br />

Sigma T au, the Engineering honorar y, named Gerald T ell outstanding<br />

freshman <strong>of</strong> the year.<br />

Foresters'<br />

Ball<br />

Dressed in their woodsmen attire, forestry students and their dates enjoyed the<br />

old-time gambling casino, a s<strong>of</strong>t drink bar, and the forestry display.<br />

"If your check bounces, so will you"<br />

The Paul Bunyan Choir<br />


Co, ernor <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>, Robert E. nl\lic. 'isits with<br />

friends aftet the cr. Lawrence H . Chamberlain 'pol-e at the<br />


Spring [)a nces<br />

The long-anticipated arrival <strong>of</strong> Spring each<br />

~ear bring~ a new ~urge <strong>of</strong> emhusiasm to the<br />

campus in the form <strong>of</strong> spring formals, raunch<br />

dances, and crui es.<br />

Raunch dances are a lot <strong>of</strong> fun- in fan. they can be "Oue<br />

Step II C) on d ...<br />

E'er)One had a "mucho bueno'' time at<br />

Campus Cluh's dance.<br />

' I he mood was set, 1 hen a great time was had<br />

h) all at the Campbell II all Spring Formal.<br />


A large Crescent Moon and a 1ar shine over the Farm<br />

House spring formal.<br />

Everyone was up in the clouds at t he S .. \ .E. formal<br />

pring formal-.\ lpha Gamma Della style.<br />

Kappas and dates stomp :ll the Brown Jr. High School prom<br />

Spring<br />

Dances<br />

Delta Sig Dream Girl,<br />

Cath) McClu re, was<br />

crowned at 1hc Carnation<br />

Ball.<br />


Spring Dances<br />

It was a big night for the Pi Phis and their<br />

dates!<br />

ome "unknown•· couples pose at the Uph

Spring<br />

Dances<br />

Sigma ;\Ius and dates enjoy the<br />

White Rose Formal.<br />

Shangri-La was the theme <strong>of</strong> the D.G.- Gamma<br />

Phi Initiation Dance.<br />

Have you e\'er seen an orchid tree?<br />

Many "Moonlight Gamblers" were seen at the<br />

French House Spring Stomp.<br />


SAE Olympics<br />

This spring H ays H all edged out the Kappas<br />

during the annual Sigma Alpha Epsilon Olympics.<br />

Even ts <strong>of</strong> the Saturday <strong>of</strong> rollicking, humorous<br />

athletic performances included balloon<br />

tossing, the four-legged race, the potato<br />

sack race, the wheelbarrow race, the tug-<strong>of</strong>war,<br />

the ten ni ball push, and the pie-eaLing<br />

contest.<br />

With a big smile, Bonnie J ohnston accepts<br />

trophy for Hays Hall.<br />

Hermes didn't have a chi ng on us-except wings<br />

Pie eating can be a blast- especially around<br />

lunch time!<br />

And then they went this way ... and then that way<br />

... and then this way ... and then that way ... and<br />

finally Hays won.<br />

A chemist as an expert wheelbarrow racer?<br />

15 1

ASU I Elections<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> students participated in the ASU l elections<br />

with moderate enthusiasm this spring but, most important,<br />

a new factor made its appearance and will<br />

be significant in future elections. Immediately following<br />

the announcemen t that United Party had disbanded,<br />

seven independent candidates threw their<br />

h ats into the ring <strong>of</strong> campus politics. Five <strong>of</strong> these<br />

candidates succeeded in their bids for <strong>of</strong>fices while<br />

their powerful opponent, CUP Party, garnered six<br />

positions. Jim J ohnston, running independently, won<br />

the ASU I Presidency by a margin <strong>of</strong> 151 votes. His<br />

vice-presidential running mate, Larry Nyc, was successful<br />

in his bid, winning by 583 votes. Running independently,<br />

Larry Grimes, Bill McCann, and J ohn<br />

Sackett were elected to Executive Board. Campus<br />

Union Party candidates who were succe ful £-Board<br />

candidates included L. S. Oberoi, Gerald Hueuig,<br />

Cathy Lyon, Nancy Grubb, Craig McPhee, and Tom<br />

Bates.<br />

At the smoker in the Bucket. J im J ohnston discussed his<br />

'iews on a particular issue <strong>of</strong> current importance.<br />

Bill Witherspoon, outgoing .\ SlJI President, installed<br />

the newh-elccted £-Hoard mem ber~ at a banquet held<br />

just prior to spring vacation.<br />

George Alberts, £ -Board candidate, clarified<br />

his position with respect to political<br />

issues at the .Election Eve moker.<br />

152<br />

Climaxing the 10 da)S <strong>of</strong> 'igorous campaigning, swdents \Oted<br />

for candidates <strong>of</strong> their choice-and the "die" for next year's<br />

student go,·ernmcm was cast.

ASUI<br />

Elections<br />

Election Board members put in man} houa~ counting hallor- ou<br />

~ l arch 12th.<br />

Write-in candidates were many and gave cause for a few snickers<br />

--<br />

- (<br />

The sorting and counting <strong>of</strong> ballots was supervised by<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Dobler, adviser <strong>of</strong> the Election Board.<br />

The Election £,e Smoker marktl the high point <strong>of</strong> tla:<br />

unusual campaign carried on by only one pan~ and<br />

memories <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> were<br />

portrayed in the decorations.<br />

Les Brown, Jr., was featured vocalist for the dance<br />

Junior-Senior Prom<br />

Les 13rown' "Band <strong>of</strong> Renown" was featured when lhe Junior<br />

and Senior clas es presented "Thanks for the ~Iemories" on February<br />

22. The 16-piece band featured vocalist Les Brown, Jr., and<br />

~ongstre s ' u:.an i\faro. \\'omen were gi\'en a 2:00 a.m. permission<br />

for the annual affair. Rick Fancher and Jim Fields were general<br />

chairmen.<br />

The Ballroom was crowded with<br />

couples.<br />

Rick Fancher, Diane Stone, and Karen<br />

Hansen decorate for the Prom.<br />


.\n y :'\elson models a stylish coLton dress as her choice<br />

for a brid:tl trousseau.<br />

Jody \\'icgand was one <strong>of</strong> the many senior women who<br />

were newly married or engaged to step through the<br />

l'ansy Ring.<br />

lt snowed on the morning <strong>of</strong> the annual Tri Delta Pansy .Breakfast, but the<br />

snow didn't dampen the spirits <strong>of</strong> the many seni01 women who were honored at<br />

the tea. J eri Ross was presented a $200 scholarship from Delta Delta Delta by<br />

Dr. Robert M. Kessel, who spoke on the importance <strong>of</strong> scholarship. Newly married<br />

and engaged senior women stepped through the Pansy Ring, and then<br />

watched a trousseau style show, climaxed by the appearance <strong>of</strong> the wedding party.<br />

Karen Smith Stroschein wore her own wedding dress as the bride, and her attendants<br />

were Marilynn Parish, Lynn Earp, and Dee Coonts. A.S.U.J. president<br />

.J im .J ohnston portrayed the groom, with Bill McCann, Larry Nye, and Gerald<br />

Heuuig as ushers.<br />

Pansy Breakfast<br />

Jeri Ross accepts a 200 awanl f1om Dr.<br />

Kessel.<br />

Tri Deltas conduct their guests around<br />

the breakfast table.<br />

Pansy Bride Karen Smith Stroschein and her<br />

groom for the day, J im Johnston, A.S.U.I. Pres·<br />

ident.<br />


Lindley Hall won the men's division <strong>of</strong> Song Fest. singing<br />

the Y~le Glee Club's rendition <strong>of</strong> "Ghost Ride•~<br />

intheSk)."<br />

For extra entertainment at Song Fest while results were<br />

being compiled, the Spurs sang some <strong>Idaho</strong> Spur Songs.<br />

Mother's Day Weekend<br />

Mother's Day Weekend on the ldaho campus is<br />

always packed with activity. Traditional events include<br />

the Helldivers' show and Song Fest on Frida)<br />

night and on Saturday, the Phi Delt Turtle Derby,<br />

~ lay Fete with its many awards, and the Orchesis and<br />

Pre-Orchesis show. This year Sunday was ver} ~pecial<br />

because the David Memorial Carillon was dedicated.<br />

It was gi\'en LO the nivcr it) by the David famil) in<br />

memory <strong>of</strong> i\Ir. and .\frs. Frank A. David. The amplifiers<br />

are located in the tower o£ the Ad Building and<br />

the keyboard is located in the ~ r usic Building.<br />

John Klein, world famous carillonneur, pl.ned the 45-<br />

minute dedication concert.<br />


Mother's Day Weekend<br />

Julie Severn, President <strong>of</strong> Monar Board, led<br />

the Procession into i\fernorial Gym.<br />

Outgoing . \ \\'S <strong>of</strong>ficers, Karen Fisher and<br />

Linda Kinney.<br />

President Theophilus presented Linda<br />

Kinney with an Outstanding Senior<br />

.-\wanl.<br />

The Gamma Phis and Delta Chis<br />

joined their talents to win the mixeddivisiou<br />

<strong>of</strong> Song Fest by singing .. Pick<br />

a Bale <strong>of</strong> Cotton ."<br />


Twent)·four faculty members were honored by being selected<br />

as outstanding instructors in their fields.<br />

The Da,icls, who g;l\e the carillon 10 the Uni,·crsity<br />

Mother's Day Weekend<br />

The women o( Campbell Hall sing their winning number at<br />

Song J'est. ":'\o Man is an Island.''<br />

Melanie l:rueclnenicht presents the Alpha<br />

Lambda Delta Award for the graduating<br />

woman with the highest grade point to Mrs.<br />

Jan Gisler, who earned a 4.00 average in 7<br />

semesters.<br />

Mortar Hoard selected sixteen new members. including Mrs. D.<br />

R. Theophilus. honorary member.<br />


Turtle Derby<br />

The annual Phi Delt T urtle Derby<br />

opened under beautiful blue skies and the<br />

track was dry! Grendel, Ringo, Irma and<br />

the rest were itchin' to race, but Flamin'<br />

Mamie, <strong>of</strong> the Pi Phi house swept over the<br />

finish line in 1 minute 36 seconds! ~ I ary<br />

Hubbard was mighty proud! ! ! The S400<br />

from betting was donated to the Lewiston<br />

Children's Home.<br />

The rastest turtle on nun pus is Flamin' ~Iamie who<br />

crossed the line in record breaking time.<br />

It's a big day at the races as the Kappas cheer for<br />

Ringo!<br />

i\Jary Huhhard, champion LLII'tle trainer, proud ly<br />

displays the Vhi Dclt trophy.<br />


D,-. Hutchinson visited with the girls <strong>of</strong> Ethel Steel<br />

House about Religion in l.ife.<br />

~Iini s ters<br />

<strong>of</strong> all faiths were present tO aid in carrying<br />

out the Religion in Life Program.<br />

Religion 1n Life<br />

Conference<br />

Speaking on "Gods, God and No God on the Campus,·· the pr<strong>of</strong>essor<br />

<strong>of</strong> religion and philosophy, Dr. John A. Hutchinson discussed ''purposes<br />

and values," the theme <strong>of</strong> the conference. More than three times the<br />

attendance <strong>of</strong> last year was noted at the keynote address for the R eligion<br />

in Life Conference by theRe,·. L. T. H athaway, Chairman <strong>of</strong> the R eligious<br />

Direct.ors Committee.<br />

Campus Gods-athletics, sex, fraternities, Alma i\fater, success, the ".\merican \\'ay"­<br />

do we build our ultimate concerns and values upon these thin gs~ This was one o( the<br />

questions discussed at the Conference.<br />


Miss U <strong>of</strong> I Pageant<br />

.Judith Ann $ LUebbe, Campbell, wa~ crowned<br />

,\ I i:.:. niver ity <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> before an estimated crowd<br />

or 500 people. The annual event was held in the<br />

Student Union Ballroom, under the direction or the<br />

lnLcrcollcgiate Knights. The other finalists were:<br />

Dolora Cook, Pi Phi; J oanne ;\!yen,, Theta; Lori<br />

Bean, I lays; and Kalle J ergensen, Kappa. During<br />

inLcrmission, Carole Farley, Junior l\Iiss <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>,<br />

and Bob Caron, Sigma Chi, entertained .<br />

.\I i,s tuebhe was crowned b} last }Car's<br />

\li" l "ni\ersin <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>, !dora Lee .\loore<br />

• Eldred.<br />

·r he fi\ C l111ali~t~ were cho,en from a fie ld <strong>of</strong><br />

ten semi·finalists.<br />

·1 wenty·one year old Queen Judy is from<br />

Aberdeen, South Dakota, and is an Eng·<br />

lish major.<br />

·r eu linali~r- model bathing ~ uit ~ .<br />


Graduation<br />

A record number <strong>of</strong> graduates-1,077- including<br />

eight doctoral candidates-·were awarded degrees<br />

during the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>'s 69th commencement<br />

exercises June 14, 1964. Commissions, honorary<br />

degrees, certificates <strong>of</strong> merit on retirement, and<br />

other special awards such as 75 "putting husband<br />

through" certificates brought lhe lolai <strong>of</strong> persons<br />

honored to more than 1,200. Robert V. Hansberger,<br />

president <strong>of</strong> Boise Cascade Corp., addressed the<br />

graduates on the topic "Fence \Vorship," warning<br />

people not to become lazy and confine their thinking<br />

wilhin a certain few areas <strong>of</strong> conformity.<br />

Jau Rieman Gisler received the Lindley Award<br />

to the outstanding graduate in the Class <strong>of</strong> 1964.<br />

Senior aw:1rds were made at 1he practice session<br />

the '"'Y before commencement exercises.<br />

50-year graduates, members o( the Class <strong>of</strong> 1914,<br />

were honored at the commencement exercises.<br />

162<br />

The first <strong>of</strong> the procession <strong>of</strong> 1.077 graduates<br />

cuter the Memorial Cymuasium.<br />

Rohen V. Hansberger, president <strong>of</strong> Boise Cascade<br />

Corporation, was the commencement<br />

speaker for 1he <strong>University</strong> o( <strong>Idaho</strong> Class o(<br />


Graduation<br />

Captain D :II C), Dr. l'hcophilus, and Mr.<br />

Hansberger led the long line <strong>of</strong> fa cuhy and<br />

graduates inw the ceremonies.<br />


Pr<strong>of</strong>essors visited various Jiving groups in the fa ll as<br />

part <strong>of</strong> the freshman orientation program.<br />

Ida ho's senior women became acq uaimetl with the<br />

. \merican Association <strong>of</strong> Uni,·ersity \\ 1 om en at the<br />

.\.-\ U W Tea.<br />

Campus Life<br />

Throughout the year many note-worthy events<br />

occur on the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> ldaho campus. Some<br />

<strong>of</strong> these are humorous, some are meditative, some<br />

combine the excitement <strong>of</strong> winning with the<br />

sorrow <strong>of</strong> losing. But each comprises a part o(<br />

the great kaleidoscope <strong>of</strong> events known as campus<br />

life.<br />

The cogs <strong>of</strong> the machi nery <strong>of</strong> student government at<br />


..... -~~·-·-<br />

-o-.....- ---<br />

The Theta Sigma Phi Banquet was held in the ~ loscow<br />

l lotcl Dining Room. ~rrs. Dorothy Powers spoke to the<br />

members and initiates on journalism as a pr<strong>of</strong>ession.<br />

Campus Life<br />

Once agaiu this year the A WS sponsored a highly<br />

successful tea, the purpose <strong>of</strong> which was to acquaint<br />

new women students and returning women students.<br />

I he class <strong>of</strong> 1966, the first two-time loser in the<br />

hi'ltOr} <strong>of</strong> the Uni\'ersity, lost the annual Frosh·Soph<br />

rug-<strong>of</strong>-War on Paradise Creel...<br />



Delta Gamma<br />


Alpha Phi

mt·ss <strong>University</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> [idaho<br />


Campbell H all

T !NA GRESKY<br />

Della Gamma<br />

Violet flueen<br />

T ONY A Ici\I UR T REY<br />

Gamma Phi Beta

{J,ault ff{a /1<br />

8now 0a//<br />

f2ueen<br />


Kappa Kappa Gamma<br />

cLambda C3Ju·<br />

e rescent (J, irl<br />

J UDY WEISSEi':FL l I<br />

Pi Beta Phi

military mall flueen<br />


Delta Gamma<br />


Kappa Kappa Gamm:1

C!Jelta 8igma [fJhi<br />

ClJream (J irl<br />


Kappa Alpha Theta<br />

8weetheart <strong>of</strong><br />

8t.gma Chi<br />


Pi Beta Phi

C H RI S I IU T<br />

Forney Hall

DICK P . \RSO~S<br />

\\'illis wect

may f2ueen<br />

L1 ' DA KI li'\EY<br />

Pine H all

GARY DALTO 1<br />

Phi Delta Theta

Yanda leers<br />

The Vandaleers, under the direction <strong>of</strong> Glen R. Locken,<br />

can be l?roud <strong>of</strong> their performances throughout the year. Jr;­<br />

cluded tn their many appearances arc a Christmas Tour <strong>of</strong><br />

the Panhandle, a Spring tour <strong>of</strong> outhern <strong>Idaho</strong>, participation<br />

in "BelshatLar's Fealot," and performance at the 75th Anniversary<br />

Celebration. This select group is also asked to sing<br />

at many <strong>of</strong> the conventions held at the niversity. The final<br />

performance <strong>of</strong> the year is at Commencement and always<br />

end a 'er~· succes~ful }Car.<br />

, inging for com ention luncheons keeps the \'andalccr~<br />

busr throughout the }Car.<br />

VANDALEER PERSO I EL: S<strong>of</strong>)l'ano: Kay Ahlschlagc.;r, Linda Jo Allen, Gerry Cosby, Sandra Engelking, Diana Gray,<br />

Dianne Green, Janet Hall, Carol john on, Lorna Kipling. Kathie l\IcConnell, Jan McKevitt, Karen Nelson, Mary J odeen<br />

Peter on, Cheryl Pratt, Virginia Reynolds, J anet " 'alker. Alto: Carolyn Beasley, andra Brown, Karen Gormsen, usan Irwin,<br />

Kalle Jergensen, Patricia Krous, Karen Longeteig, Donna l\Ieacham, Linda Nel on, Karen Oleson, Nancy Ruth Peter~on,<br />

Eli~:abeth Ann Smith, Cheryl Stoker, Judith tuebbe, Roberta Timm. T enor: David Cada, Robert Caron, Pete Casebolt,<br />

Preston Ell~worth, Leonard Kerbs, '"'ayne Nugent, Doran Parkin , Robert Perkins, Larry Ratts, Glenn Ritter, George<br />

kramstad, Robert S}mms, Tom chorzman. Bass: Hugh Allen, John Baker, Al"in Burgemeister, Winston Cook, Robert<br />

Farnam, .Jame Johnston, :\Iichcl Lee, Jame l\IcConnell, J ohn :\fcDermid, J ohn ~Jundt, Adrian 1'\elson, Gaq Potrat7,<br />

Michael Requist, Robert Tanaka.<br />

I he annual Christmas Candlelight Concert in Memorial G)lll dre\\ a large<br />

crowd from the campm aud the surrounding area.<br />


<strong>University</strong> Sinl{er i an organitation open, without audition, to all \tudents interested<br />

in singing. Their performance th1s year included participation in "Belshazzar's<br />

Feast" first seme te•· and ~ Jay Fete second semester. "Elijah," an oratorio by Felix<br />

Mendelssohn-BalLholdy, was performed in late May. A major choral work such as<br />

this is performed only once in every four years. The accompanists for the year were<br />


<strong>University</strong><br />

Symphony<br />

Orchestra<br />

T o start out a busy year, the Orchestra<br />

performed Vaughn 'Williams' "Serenade to<br />

Music" and participated in "Belshazzar's<br />

Feast." The "Serenade to Music" was also<br />

presented in connection with the Fine Arts<br />

\1\Teek in March. Their Spring Concert was<br />

held in April and featured H aydn's "Clock<br />

Symphony" and "Lieutenant Kije" by<br />

Prok<strong>of</strong>iev. The Annual Concerto Concert<br />

was held in May with five seniors as soloists.<br />

They were Angela Sherbenou, Piano; Patricia<br />

Cannon, Flute; Gay Silha, Violin;<br />

Harry Betts, Trombone; and James Schoepflin,<br />

Piano.<br />

ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL: Violin: Cay Silha, Lynne Pauon, Cilben Piger,<br />

.\nita .\nkcorn, Lois Lyon, Lawrence Cor. Nelda Lien, Jud ith Worden, Robert<br />

Lewis, Richard Bauer. Lee Seitz. Violn: George Skramstad, Carol Wolfe, Carlan<br />

Silha. Larry Ratts. Violoncello: David Whisner, Marjorie Dragoo, l\lanha<br />

Watson. Sue Ellis. Don Harmswonh. Rae Pallon. String Bass: Merial Grimm.<br />

J oe Goss, Myrick Pullen, Verne Windham. Flute: Norma Hagerman, Patricia<br />

Cannon. Oboe: Bertella Hansen, Robert Bares. Clarinet: Woody Bausch.<br />

J ames SchoepAin. Tenor Saxophone: Milly Staples. Bassoon: Judith Brunvand,<br />

J ohn Lind. Trumpet: Jeffrey Grimm, Travis McDonough. F?-ench<br />

Horn: Lawrence Stamper, Travers Huff, Peter Van Horne, Stephan Tennyson.<br />

Trombone: Dan Bachelder, Wayne McJ>roud, Roger Fordyce. Tuba:<br />

Garry \Valker. Percussion: ~li c ha e l Requist, Diana Gray. T)'mpani: Phillip<br />

C<strong>of</strong>fm an.<br />

"Adagio" from Concerto for Cello and<br />

Orchestra by Haydn was performed by<br />

Harry Betts, Trombonist.<br />

Palricia Cannon played the second and<br />

third movements <strong>of</strong> i\lozart's Concerto<br />

No. I in G Major. She also gave a<br />

Senior Recital in late April.<br />


<strong>University</strong><br />

Bands<br />

SY~!PHO:\' IC 13.\!\D I'ERSONN£L: Flute: Norma Hagerman, Patricia Cannon, Angela Sherbenou.<br />

Glenda \\'alraclr. Sharon Sheeley. Jonathan Wells, l\ctty Webster. Oboe: l\cn clla Hansen,<br />

Robert Bares. /~ Flat CIM·inet: J oy Walker. C/m·iuet: James Schoepflin, Woody Bausch, David<br />

\.Veils, Kay llostctlcr, Lonny Gunther, Sandra Evans, Bob ,\ldridge, Barry Bo)•dst un. Karen<br />

Gormsen, Diana .\xtcll, Rosanne BecJ..er. Alto Clariuel: David Rash. /Jass Clarine/: Susan Mortensen.<br />

Bassoon: John Lind. Alto Saxojlhor1e: Milly taplcs. Kalle Jergensen. Tenor .\a~ <strong>of</strong>Jiwne:<br />

!rona Rohi.,on. Baritone Sax<strong>of</strong>Jhone: J oe Kantola. F1ench 11om: Peter Van llorne, \\'illiam<br />

Burke, Re'a Jone'>. \\'inston Cook. Pamela llaugen. Cornet: Jeff Crimm. James llunt, Jo.\nn<br />

Slade, Dennis Lindahl, Tra\'is McDonough, J ohn Lawson . Trumpet: En·in I hrning. Frit7 Spnne.<br />

Tr·ombone: Roger Fordyce, llarr) Bells, Dale Bening, J ames ~!cCon nell , J im Oiet

Musical Recitals<br />

The Recital Hall in the ~ ~ u~ir Building i the ~rene <strong>of</strong><br />

many concert'> throughout the ) car. tudem Recitah are<br />

held once a month on Tuescbys at 3: I 0 p.m. and give<br />

Stl;ldents a chance to perform. The evening concerts include<br />

.Junior and Senior Recitals, Opera ·workshop, Brass<br />

Band ConceitS and " 'oodwind Ensembles. An annual<br />

feature <strong>of</strong> the ~ I usic Department is the Student Composition<br />

\\'ork\hop which is made up <strong>of</strong> compo~ition by<br />

studems in the department.<br />

\ngela Sherbenou, pianist. played a enio• Recital in<br />

car l~ .\ pril. was feature soloist with the \'andaleers on<br />

their tour <strong>of</strong> Southern <strong>Idaho</strong>, and perfouned in the<br />

Concerto Concert with the )lllphon) Orthcstra. he<br />

also pla)ed a recital on the flute.<br />

Ga} ilha, Concertmistress <strong>of</strong> the Orche>tra. pla)Cd a ·cnior<br />

Recital on the \ioli n accompanied b) Judy Sinclair. 'he<br />

was also a soloist with the Orchestra in their Concerto<br />

Concert.<br />

\ Piano Recital and a Clarinet Recital kept J ames<br />

Schoepllin h u ~} thi'> spring. He was a piano soloist in<br />

the Concc•to Concen in late i\la) .<br />

I he t.:ni,ersity Bras' Band is considered unique in that it is the on!, one <strong>of</strong> its kind in the ~orthwest. I his Band plays<br />

mmic which is used b) the Brass Bands that arc common in England. I his )Car two concerts, an asscmbh at \lo.,cow High<br />

chool, and a tour <strong>of</strong> ~orth·Central <strong>Idaho</strong> with the ) mphonic Band were the main appearances <strong>of</strong> this group.

Dr. J. Chalmers Vincent, Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> History at the Universit) <strong>of</strong><br />

Georgia; J>r. :\larian C. McKenna, Assistant Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> History at<br />

Manhattanville College <strong>of</strong> the Sacred Hean in New York; and Dr. C.<br />

0. Johnwn. Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Emeritus from Washington State <strong>University</strong>, all<br />

biographers <strong>of</strong> Senator William E. Borah, were present for the Borah<br />

Foundation Lectures in October.<br />

Borah<br />

Foundation<br />

Lectures<br />

This year the Borah lectures revolved around<br />

the centennial celebration in <strong>Idaho</strong> and were in<br />

honor <strong>of</strong> Senawr 'William E. Borah. Three biographers<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>'s most famous Senator were<br />

on hand in October to discuss " Borah: His Contributions<br />

to Peace." Dr. McKenna spoke on<br />

"Borah: the Man," Dr. Johnson's topic was<br />

"Borah: His Political Impact," and Dr. Vincent's<br />

topic was "Borah: the Diplomat." Senator Frank<br />

Church participated in the Borah lectures in<br />

March when he spoke on the topic "Borah: His<br />

Role in American Foreign Policy." Or. Robert<br />

Hosack headed the Borah Committee for 1963-64.<br />

Senator Frank Church discussed Bo·<br />

rah'~ role in .\merican Foreign Policy.<br />


Public Events<br />

During the academic year distinguished<br />

men and women <strong>of</strong> world acclaim travel to<br />

the <strong>Idaho</strong> campus to participate in the education<br />

process <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong>. The programs<br />

presented by the Public Events Committee,<br />

the Community Concert Association,<br />

and the Borah Foundation, all in conjunction<br />

with the A.S.U.I., not only enhance<br />

the cultural education <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

student, but also educate him in current<br />

affairs.<br />

T. H. White, eccentric British novelist, addressed<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> students on "The Pleasures <strong>of</strong> Learning" on<br />

November I .<br />

As guest speaker <strong>of</strong> the Borah Foundation<br />

and the Public Events Committee, James J.<br />

'Wadsworth, former United Nations Ambassador,<br />

discussed the ''Prospects for Permanent<br />

Peace."<br />

Stopping in Moscow on their way to the World's<br />

Fair, the Bayanihan Dance Group presented an enjoyable<br />

exhibition before <strong>Idaho</strong> students and members<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Moscow Community Concert .\ssociation.<br />

Dramatist Philip Hanson returned to the <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

campus this win ter- this time wi th a humorous presentation<br />

<strong>of</strong> Hucldeberry Finn. Hanson's remarkable<br />

talent drew a capacity crowd to the <strong>University</strong><br />

auditorium.<br />


On April 29 a group <strong>of</strong> Danish gymnasts, who were<br />

touring the United Stales prior to the opening <strong>of</strong> 1he<br />

World's Fair, presented a public events exhibition in<br />

Memorial Gymnasium. The team performed gracefu l<br />

and team-coordinated feats before a large crowd <strong>of</strong><br />

students and townspeople.<br />

Public Events<br />

janos Starker, famed cellist, presented a concert as guest<br />

artist <strong>of</strong> the ASUl and Moscow Community Concert ;\ s-<br />

sociation.<br />

Eddy Gilmore, Pulittcr Prize-winning correspondent <strong>of</strong><br />

the .\ssociated Press appeared on the <strong>University</strong>'s Public<br />

E\cnts platform on Friday, March 6. Gilmore spoke on<br />

"Changing Tides in World ;\ ffair~" before :l large crowd<br />

<strong>of</strong> students and facu lt)' members in Memorial Gymnasitun.<br />

Gilmore stated, "\\'orld \\'ar Ill will ne\'er occur<br />

." and supported his the;is h) expressing his ideas<br />

on current trends in ~ l oscow -\\'a;hington ::tnd Russia­<br />

Red China telations.

A Thurber Carnival<br />

The A.S. .J . and the drama deparunem pre:.emed<br />

"A Thurber Carnival" October 31-1'\o,·ember 2, 1963.<br />

The production was a series <strong>of</strong> sketches written b)<br />

Thurber. ~ li ss J ean Collette was the director.<br />

Grayson (;ihbs. l.orento Nelson, .\l ary Cladharl, and<br />

" 'alter llrcnncn present "The Uuicorn in the Carden."<br />

Joanne .\lye•' poru·a>~ the domineering wife and<br />

\\'allace Le\\ i' the hen· pecked hw.hand in .. The<br />

Scnct l.ifc <strong>of</strong> Walter i\1 ill):·<br />

.. , f

The Court Room scene; "Will Shylock get his pound <strong>of</strong> flesht"<br />

Merchant <strong>of</strong> Venice<br />

"The Merchant <strong>of</strong> Venice," by William Shakespeare,<br />

was given l\Iarch 19, 20, 21, 1964, in conjunction with<br />

the celebration <strong>of</strong> Shakespeare's 400th anniversary.<br />

The play was given during the Fine Art's ' 'Veek held<br />

on campus.<br />

Leonardo, Robert Fisher, and Bassanio. \\'alter Brennen,<br />

question Old Bobbo, Richard Nelson, and his son,<br />

Launcelot, played by Terry Bolstad.<br />

Shylock. Lorenzo , elson, t hreatening Portia,<br />

Linda Steigers. ancl ,\ntonio, Preston Ellsworth,<br />

for his pound <strong>of</strong> flesh.<br />


Niccolo and<br />

Nicollette<br />

The Children's Play was presented December 6-7, 1963, under the direction<br />

<strong>of</strong> Mr. Chave£ and Colleen Fordyce. A mean magician turned the Prince<br />

into a puppet, but after many trials and tribulations the spell was finally<br />

broken.<br />

Nicolleue, Karen temer, and haunts, Tern Bol·<br />

s1acl, f•·cc the puppet ~iccolo. Richard Parker.<br />

The Leprechaun is after the wicked magician, Ri ch·<br />

ard Nelson.<br />

ShanHh tric~ w ~uract auention in order to get<br />

in10 1 he ca\lle h} selling his medicine outside the<br />

gates <strong>of</strong> the castle.<br />

Inside the

Cecily, Mary Glaclhart, is thrilled that Earnest, or<br />

Algernon . .\like Wetherell, wants to marry her.<br />

Everybody will be happy ever after!<br />

The Importance <strong>of</strong><br />

Being Earnest<br />

"The Jmportance <strong>of</strong> Being Earnest" by<br />

Oscar 'W'ilcle was presented by the A.S. U .I.<br />

Drama Department in the arena theatre<br />

April 30-May 6. Directed by Edgar Vanclevort,<br />

the comedy about London society<br />

showed which man was Earnest.<br />

,\lgy tel ls Jack, Walter Brennen, about<br />

Mr. Bunbury, while Lane, John Me·<br />

Mahon, looks on.<br />

Surprise! Everybody finds out who Earnest is.<br />

Left to right- Walter Brennen, Bonnie Branson,<br />

Julie Martineau. Mike Wetherell. Mary Gladhal't,<br />

Joyce Conrad, Don Volk.<br />


Orchesis and Pre-Orchesis<br />

"Out <strong>of</strong> the Subconscious'' was the theme <strong>of</strong> the show presented by Orchesis and Pre-Orchesis,<br />

the modern dance honoraries, on Mother's Day '"'eekend. The groups also presented "Kaleidoscope<br />

o£ Designs, Shapes, and Sounds" for a Christmas program.<br />

Orchesis: Front- Rosalind Ogletree, Carol<br />

l \'es, Cookie Fancher. Back-Jackie Smith,<br />

Mary Bjustrorn. Laurence Byrne.<br />

Pre-Orchesis: Elizabeth Jones, Urania Morris, Beck)' Tridle,<br />

Pat Riddle, Rosalie Maio, J an Krol l. Carol Custer, Jan Kinclsch y,<br />

Margie Brunn, Carol Groves. Sue Garten. /lack-.\ nn McClintick,<br />

Cheq•l BarreLL, Katey Hawks.<br />

" Primitive R hythms" are mimicked by Rosa lind<br />

Ogletree. Laurence Byrne, Chet Adkins. J ack ie<br />

Smith, and Cookie Fancher.<br />

Pat R iddle and Becky TricHe in a Chinese dance.<br />


"I now pronounce you man and wife ... "-a mock<br />

wedding at the .Mother's Day show presented by the<br />

JleiJdi\CrS.<br />

Bridesmaids dive for the bridal bouquet.<br />

Helldivers<br />

The Hellclivers presented a very entertaining show on<br />

Mother's Day ·weekend. They performed three times on<br />

Friday and Saturday evenings to the theme <strong>of</strong> "Splashing<br />

Through the Year." Their many actS included everything<br />

from Fourth <strong>of</strong> July sparklers to Halloween goblins to a<br />

June bridal party. The grand finale depicted by the group<br />

was the end <strong>of</strong> -. college yet~r- traditional commencement<br />

exercises.<br />

The Helldivers enjoy their annual spring<br />

picnic.<br />

swimmers enjoy learning synchro·<br />

n ized pa uerns.<br />


Faculty Achievements<br />

William P. Barnes, pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> mechanical<br />

engineering, has 15 \ears experience<br />

in teaching thermodynamics,<br />

heat transfer, internal combustion engines,<br />

jet propulsion and nuclear en·<br />

gineering. He is a member <strong>of</strong> eight<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional societies and the author <strong>of</strong><br />

12 major publications.<br />

Dr. Laurence W. Cor, associate pr<strong>of</strong>es·<br />

sor <strong>of</strong> languages, was a Fulbright exchange<br />

teacher to France before coming<br />

to the <strong>University</strong>. He i~ president<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Northwest Association <strong>of</strong> the<br />

American Association <strong>of</strong> Teachers <strong>of</strong><br />

French and the author o[ se,•eral pub·<br />

lications.<br />

Twenty-four outstanding faculty members were selected by the Educational<br />

Improvement Committee and honored at May Fete for their contribution to<br />

higher education. election was made on the basis <strong>of</strong> education, experience,<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional membership , publications, and activities <strong>of</strong> benefit to the studem s.<br />

ln addition to the four men pictured here, the following were also recogni1ed<br />

for their noteworthy achie\·ements: ·william:\. Billingsley, music; .Alfred Dunn,<br />

art; Dr. " 'illiam Foil, ag economics; Dr. Leon G. Green, phy ical education;<br />

Dr. ·william B. Hunter, humanities; Dr. Robert Otness, psycho log); Dr. Ed on<br />

Peck, physics; Charles Smiley, mining; Dr. Frederick \Veltzin, education; Dr.<br />

Guy Anderson, bacteriology; Louis Edwards, Jr., chemical engineering; D. \\'.<br />

Fitzsimmons, ag engineering; Dr. Vail Foy, English; Dr. R obert Hurley, English;<br />

Dr. Franci eaman, philosophy; Lee Sharp, forestry; \\'illiam Sloan,<br />

architecture; and \ V. Staley, mining engineering.<br />

Dr. Roben Hosack, pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> political science, has been<br />

with the Uni versity for over twen.ty years .. He has ser~ed<br />

as an adviser for the Model Umted Nauons delegatton,<br />

cosmopolitan Club, and Pi ~am~a Mu. He holds ~t~merous<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional membersh•ps 111 the field <strong>of</strong> pohucal<br />

science.<br />

Dr. Elmer K. Raunio, pr<strong>of</strong>essor and chairman <strong>of</strong> chem·<br />

istry, ha~ taught organic chemistry and biochemistry<br />

at the Unhersity since 1949. He was a National cience<br />

Foundation teaching fellow at Stanford <strong>University</strong> in<br />

1962·63. Fhe <strong>of</strong> his technical publications ha,·e appeared<br />

in journals <strong>of</strong> chemistry.

ASUI<br />

Communications<br />

Service Honoraries<br />

Clubs<br />

Churches<br />


Organizations<br />

Many <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> students<br />

each year take advantage <strong>of</strong> the opportunity<br />

to get acquainted with other students<br />

with similar interests through all<br />

the different types <strong>of</strong> organi.wtions on<br />

the campus.<br />

Abm•e-,\rt students sponsor an auction each<br />

~ear. Below-Girls imere~ted in marching enjoy<br />

the Vandaleue drill team.<br />

T he back toom on the third fioor o£ the SUB<br />

is the scene for Gem staff meetings.<br />

Many organizations sponsor banquets<br />

to end the school year.<br />

Dr. 'I heophilus is a popular<br />

speaker; here he addresses the<br />

old and new members <strong>of</strong> the<br />

A.S.U.I. £xecuti\e Board.<br />



ASUI<br />

William 'Vitherspoon, ASUI President 1963-64 , led the Executive Board and the student governmen t o(<br />

the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> to a full and rewarding yea r. This year was a busy year for Bill. Among the projects<br />

were a compact handbook to replace the six previous ones and the establishment <strong>of</strong> fair booths rep·<br />

reseming the <strong>University</strong> at five state fairs. The <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> celebrated its 75th anniversary, and<br />

this year's ASUI <strong>of</strong>ficer and Executive Board were the 60th in a long line <strong>of</strong> capable student <strong>of</strong>ficers.<br />

A math major, Bill calls Rupert, <strong>Idaho</strong>, his home. His four yea rs at the Umversity <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> have been<br />

fu ll and active. During his freshman year he was chairman <strong>of</strong> the Frosh Dance, an Intercollegiate Knight,<br />

and a member <strong>of</strong> the SUB Dance Committee. His sophomore year was just as active. Bill served as Sopho·<br />

more Class President, Chairman <strong>of</strong> H oll y " 'eek, and was a member <strong>of</strong> Blue Key. The following yea r he<br />

was elected to the Executive Board, and h e was tapped for Silver Lance, th e highest collegia te honorary<br />

for men. H e rounded out his school career as ASUI President. As President, Bill continually promoted the<br />

<strong>University</strong> and strove more to establish for the <strong>University</strong> a place <strong>of</strong> prestige among the people <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>.<br />


Mary<br />

Lynne<br />

Evans<br />

Marlen"<br />

Finru.•y<br />

Rmt• One: ~lar~ LHme E\'ans. Cane! \\'hiting. Bill Frateopcr. Katen Smith<br />

trmthcin. Linda ~ inne}. J im Joh n ~ton. ~lr. Le' l ourncau. 1\ill Longteig. Carl<br />

Johannesen.<br />

Carl<br />

Johannesen<br />

Jim<br />

Johnston<br />

Executive Board<br />

Dave<br />

Lindsay<br />

Bill<br />

Lon~e~teie<br />

Jim<br />

Scheel<br />

C.\R\'EL \\'HITI~C<br />

l'ice·P• esident A~t.:J<br />

:'llr. Le I OUR~E. \ U<br />

/oaculty Adviser<br />

KE:>: \\'E.\ IIIERBIE<br />

~I'Cielm)<br />

Jay<br />

Sherman<br />

Thi:. year's Executive Board marked the 60th anniversary <strong>of</strong> the organi.mtion<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Associated Swdcnts <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>. The<br />

actions <strong>of</strong> theE-Board this year proved that just as in 1903, the students<br />

in 1963 needed student government and used it. It was a year in which<br />

the £ -Board not only carried on the traditional functions but also reached<br />

out into new areas. Among the new programs instituted by this year's<br />

Executive Board were the following: Booths at five different fairs in the<br />

late to further the image <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong>; Creation <strong>of</strong> a student<br />

speaker's bureau to send talented peakers to speak at their home community<br />

about the school; Fonmuion <strong>of</strong> an ASUl Pep Band to provide<br />

informal jazz music at athletic events; Creation o£ a Varsity Rifle Team<br />

to represent the <strong>University</strong>; Completion <strong>of</strong> one compact handbook to<br />

replace six old booklets; and Creation <strong>of</strong> an honorary lifetime ASUI<br />

membership for outstanding alumni. The above programs, in addition<br />

to many minor improvements and the normal activities, made this year's<br />

Board a hardworking and active body. They did a fin e job in serving<br />

their <strong>University</strong>.<br />


C.\LE MIX<br />

\/mleut Cuinn Mmwger<br />

A .. U.I. Activities Director<br />

ASUI Office<br />

Under the able leadership <strong>of</strong> Gale J\lix, Student Union ~ I anager, and his associates the SUB enjoyed<br />

another year <strong>of</strong> success. A few highlights were the openings <strong>of</strong> the remodeled cafeteria and dining rooml.,<br />

the new bookstore, and the game room, opened when the bookstore left its temporary home. Perhaps the<br />

SUB's success can best be exemplified by the telegram display in the main lounge in October on the oc·<br />

casion <strong>of</strong> the opening <strong>of</strong> the new addition. The SUB received congratu lations from the late President J ohn<br />

F. Kennedy and from most <strong>of</strong> the United States.<br />


Barbara Mahaffey and Sandi Laughlin<br />

i\Jary llumphrcp, Cafeteria Manage•·; Dean 1.. Vcttn•s.<br />

Food ·en icc Manager; and Marie Bip pc~. ,\ ssistant<br />

Food Manager.<br />


_..,.._.....,~w_..- .....<br />

Public Relations<br />

The <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> Public Relations, although new, has become an important<br />

area <strong>of</strong> student government. Much <strong>of</strong> the <strong>of</strong>fice's efforts<br />

are aimed toward improving the relationships between the City <strong>of</strong><br />

Moscow and the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> students. l n this sense, the<br />

Public Relations Director works on projects such as expanding the<br />

student-faculty retreat to incorporate the town as well, engaging in<br />

meetings with the Chamber <strong>of</strong> Commerce, and encouraging joint<br />

activities such as the outdoor living show and numerous other projects.<br />

Other projects aimed at improving understanding include the<br />

creation <strong>of</strong> the H onorary Life Membership program in the A.S.U.I.,<br />

coordination <strong>of</strong> traditional Boise game activities, hosting the <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Association <strong>of</strong> Student Councils, securing alumni comments on the<br />

<strong>University</strong> and the value <strong>of</strong> an <strong>Idaho</strong> education, and, finall y, the<br />

addition <strong>of</strong> an associate director.<br />

The Director <strong>of</strong> Public Relations is further responsible for advising<br />

and assisting the Executive Board, the ASUI President and<br />

Vice-President in all matters concerning public relations with the<br />

Legislature, the Regents, the Administration, the State, the alumni,<br />

the community, and the student body.<br />

('<br />

l1<br />


,<br />

Public Relations Directors<br />

DAVE SOPER. Fhst Semester<br />

BOB HOFMANN, Seco11d Semester<br />

n.. net. AIMI PTivilotleo Of<br />

Dist:iD.guiJJbed Honorary Life Member<br />

n....,¥dh~ lnf~ol~~ _ .. _ _<br />

~. bvl wtlid'l hrt. ,.,......... '"""' tradkionot <strong>of</strong> ....., ......._<br />

---~olk:Wio.Md~ ._...,_.._..~ - ...,._,.,.,.-.,............ ...,..,_--<br />

..._<br />

..._<br />

.....,......__<br />

....... _<br />

if~~ ............................................ ...<br />

•••••<br />

...,_..._....<br />

,....._ '-'-••<br />

Certificates <strong>of</strong> life membership in the<br />

ASU L were gil·en to thirteen outstanding<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> graduates.<br />

Assisting the Executi,·e Board is one<br />

<strong>of</strong> the duties <strong>of</strong> the Public Relations<br />

Director.<br />


RLC RE.\'110:-.: ,\R£.\ - Recreation Area has directed<br />

rcc.rcation in the SUB during the year. The committee<br />

di1ects SUB mo,ics. bowling. and acti,·ities in the art\<br />


EDUC.\' J lON.\J. .\;-.;J) CU J. I UR.\L .\RE.\-The Edu·<br />

cational arul Cultural .\rca has helped to broaden the<br />

interests <strong>of</strong> the ,llldenh at the Uni,ersit\ <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>.<br />

rhe conuni tee ha\ handled exhibits and decorations<br />

in the Sl' U a' well a, c<strong>of</strong>fee hours and forums. / .eft to<br />

Right: Did, Jennings, director; usie Beebe. Sally Kimhall.<br />

Jim Ft

Gingc• and Julie look o'er some pages before the~<br />

Printers.<br />

arc sent to Ca,ton<br />

Gem <strong>of</strong> the Mountains<br />

This ye

Co-editor Julie Strickling types one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

many pages to be put in the GEM.<br />

Co-ed itor Virginia Cope checks p ictures and<br />

copy before they arc sen t to the pri111er.<br />

The third floor <strong>of</strong> the SUB was again alive with activtty as the 1964 GEM<br />

was fitted together. There was some organization among all the pictures, negatives,<br />

copy paper, erasers, pencils, typewriters, and people. The capable staff <strong>of</strong><br />

volunteer students, ably led by J ulie and Ginger, kept close tabs on all campus<br />

activities to record in the GEM as memories for all students.<br />

Gem <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Mountains<br />

Assistant editors Anne Yenni and Karl Urban have a never-ending job as they assist the section<br />

editors in meeting their deadlines.<br />


CL\. ES<br />

Pcnm Craig. Editor<br />

Sf'OR-1<br />

Karl L'rban, Editor<br />

Gem <strong>of</strong> the Mountains<br />

.\ C 11\'1 fi ES O RG \:'\IZ.\ T IONS<br />

:\'a11q Sh

R E. lDENCES \ C . \DE~IIC'i<br />

Kill) Collins. Dianne Epling, "r/itnr Sus n Irwin, ~lclani c \\'c llcr . l~ rl i t or; Jim }>111"1011<br />

Gem <strong>of</strong> the Mountains<br />

f'HO I OGR.\PII E R<br />

. \ rde n Li 1e ral<br />

Karl Vrban finds out the " who, what, where, and when "<br />

<strong>of</strong> a pi0111 c for the G E'L<br />


<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Argonaut<br />

Two lactic <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Idaho</strong> press<br />

corps took on the task <strong>of</strong> editing<br />

the A rgonaut this year and proved<br />

that journalism is far from a man·s<br />

field exclusively. Mrs. Karen Smith<br />

Stroschein, who edited the Argonaut<br />

first emester under the name<br />

<strong>of</strong> :\fiss Karen mith, and J\ liss<br />

Karen (Kip) Peterson shared duties<br />

and honors <strong>of</strong> J asons.<br />

The A,·gonaut's technical mode<br />

<strong>of</strong> production changed from letterpress<br />

to ollset printing this year,<br />

which further distinguished the allcampus<br />

newspaper as one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

first college organs to be printed in<br />

uch a manner.<br />

This year's staff was the fir t to<br />

begin and fin ish a year in the new<br />

Argonaut <strong>of</strong>fices in the basement <strong>of</strong><br />

the Student Union Building. taff<br />

members kept busy as in past years<br />

shuffling between the modern SUB<br />

<strong>of</strong>fices and the Moscow Daily ldahonian,<br />

where the paper is printecl.<br />

Campus elections, with dis olution<br />

<strong>of</strong> old parties and realignment<br />

<strong>of</strong> political factions, challenge <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> mandatory Bible reading in<br />

public schools and extension <strong>of</strong> U n­<br />

JVersity Pre ident D. R . Theophilus'<br />

tenure were stories which were<br />

found fir t in the Argonaut.<br />

Fred Freeman a~ news editor gi,•cs reporters their assignmcnh<br />

J o,cc \ rthur sen·cd a~ Social Page<br />

Editor 1st scmc'>tcr.<br />

Jim Faucher and Chuck Walton arc<br />

busy at the ports Desk.<br />

j :me Watts looks o'er a page make-up<br />

at the Jdahonian oUicc.<br />


<strong>Idaho</strong> Argonaut<br />

}OSOil<br />

First emester<br />

jason<br />

Scumd Semester<br />

Assignment~<br />

arc handed out to the reporter~<br />

at the News desk.<br />

Kip. J im, ;md ~ f ark discuss a page la}out<br />

D.\\ E O I'ER. Adt,ertising Mtmage1<br />


KUOI<br />

KL'OI, located on the third floor <strong>of</strong> the Student nion Huilding, is the ~tudent owned and<br />

operated A~ [ radio station. It:. primary purpo~c i~ to gi'e inexperienced studen t'> an opponunity<br />

to become familiar with the man) a~pects o( radio :.tation operation. The field' <strong>of</strong> work in the<br />

:.tation arc announcing, programming, production, and engineering, plus othe1 al>pect:. uch as<br />

!>Ccretarial work and reponing. From KUOI students <strong>of</strong>ten move up Eor advanced work with the<br />

F~ l radio and television :.tation:. o( the R adio-Television Department. KUOI i:. essentially a preliminary<br />

training ground. The :.tation operation is advised by Alpha Epsilon Rho, the radio-TV<br />


chumachcr, Chief .\nnounter: I.e, lie Timmon;.<br />

gram Director; Buzz ~fcCaiJc . Station Manager<br />

KUOI<br />

l\u11 \lcCabeand llu,nu Oktulmus<br />

.JI:\l KEEl\'<br />


Linda Kinney<br />

President<br />

A " 'S, compo ed <strong>of</strong> the president and<br />

representative <strong>of</strong> each women's living<br />

group, acts as the governing body <strong>of</strong> all<br />

registered women at the U <strong>of</strong> I. Through<br />

its many activities the organiLation<br />

strives to CJcate a spirit <strong>of</strong> harmony<br />

among women students. This year A WS<br />

expanded its project, State H ospital<br />

North, by asking both men and women<br />

to contribute clothing for the hospital.<br />

Karen Fisher<br />

Vice-Presitlent<br />

Carol Hussa<br />

Secretmy<br />

AWS<br />

Barbara Ware<br />

Trensttrer<br />

R ow One: Carol llussa, Barbara Wa1 e. Karen Fisher, Linda Kinne). R oll' T 11•o: Jeri Ross. Ka y<br />

Ranta, Barb Clark, Virginia Cope. Terry Reichert. J an Carlson. Kathy na,.tct. Cath)' Lyon,<br />

Merrianue Kieffer, Rosanna Chambers. June ~a ccar:Ho. R ow Three: :\lelanie Frucchtenicht,<br />

Jackie Smith, Paula Spence, Pat 1\lexandcr, Carmond Witteman, Be,erl) \\'allace, Jo Merrill,<br />

Jody Wicgnud, Sharlene Cage. Donna Striegel.<br />


Mortar<br />

Board<br />

~ Iortar Board, a nalional senior<br />

women's honorary, selects its<br />

members on the basis <strong>of</strong> scholarhip,<br />

leadership, and ervice.<br />

Under the able leadership <strong>of</strong><br />

Julie Severn, the organization<br />

ca rried out its many projects,<br />

which include the freshmen women's<br />

study program, selling <strong>of</strong><br />

"I" mums at Homecoming, ~ ponsoring<br />

'arthex Table for outstanding<br />

junior women, and<br />

planning and directing the ~Iay<br />

Fete activities.<br />

Barbara Clark<br />

Linda Kinney<br />

\ngcla herbenou<br />

Virginia Cope<br />

Karen Mile:.<br />

Xona Kay hem<br />

Mary Lyn ne Evans<br />

Karen Petersen<br />

Julie Strickling<br />

J anice Cisler<br />

Sharlene Cage l'ugh<br />

j ody Wiegand<br />

Penny P. J\'crson<br />

Julie ~c,ern<br />

=-:ancy Yount<br />

Silver Lance<br />

High schola Lie achievement and panicipalion<br />

in campu activitie are the reqlllrements for<br />

membership in Silver Lance, the enior men's<br />

honorary. .1\Icmbers, who are tapped al Lhe end<br />

<strong>of</strong> their junior year, sponsor a facu!Ly forum<br />

during Mother's Day Weekend Lo present a<br />

scholasLic side o( cam pus to the Mothers.<br />

:\rerlyn Clark<br />

Jim Scheel<br />

Cliff Eldred<br />

Carvel Whiting<br />

Bill Longteig<br />

1\ill Witherspoon<br />

J im Olson<br />


Spurs<br />

The girb in Spurs are tapped early in the morning on l\Ia) Fete Da). They<br />

are elected as freshmen on the basis <strong>of</strong> cholarship, acti,·ities, and genuine interest<br />

in the <strong>University</strong>. T hey serve :~s sophomores carrying out their "at your service"<br />

motto while ushering at games, p l :~ys, and any other campus activity. Spurs also<br />

have m-.n y varied traditions which they do every year. T hese include helping<br />

freshmen women move in, secret sisters, caroling at Christmas with the IK's, kidnap<br />

brea kfast and banquet, Spur-0-Grams on April Fool's Day, supporting a<br />

Korean Orphan, and sponsoring the Song Fest :Mother's Day ' "'eekend. The<br />

purpose <strong>of</strong> purl> is found in their name: S-sacrifice, P-patrioti m, U-understanding,<br />

R - r e~po n :. ibilit ), S-sen·ice. ,\ lis.' R o~ema q Aten is their adviser.<br />

Row One: Donna Gibson, Mm·y Bjustrom, Martha Turner, Zena GriU1th . Betsy Wicks, Kathy 1-Jicks. Judy Heidel, (;ail Nys1ron1 , J unior Ad·<br />

, iser. Now Two: Marylin Parker. Linda Werner, Editor; Su1annc Henson. Historian; Jan a Smith, Treasurer; Paula Spence, President; Chris<br />

Hunt. Phyllis Nedrow, Secretary: Barbara Suter, Song Leader; Miss Rosemarr ,\ten, ,\dviser; ~ l :1rc i a Studebaker, Junior \dviser. l~uw Three:<br />

Nancy Pfaff, Carolyn Ra, enscr<strong>of</strong>t, Judy Hanson, Betty Hower, I lospitality Committee; Melanic Fruech 1enicht, Pat Alexander. U~ h er Chairman;<br />

Barbara Doll, J ean Ba11, Beny Jennings, Vice-President; .Ba•·hara llardy, Hospitality Commiuee; Carol ampson, Lou Hcnoil . .\larilyn Ramey,<br />

Jean Cline, Janice Roth.<br />

Betty .\un Bower recei"es<br />

the Spur <strong>of</strong> the .\foment<br />

award at the .\fay Fete<br />

from IK President, Da\c<br />

\I {Ciu s k~.<br />

I' \l' L..\ SP£:-iCt::<br />

President<br />


IK's<br />

The Jntcrcollcgiatc Knights, a national sophomore men's honorary, strive to<br />

perform any and all services asked <strong>of</strong> them by the student body. Membership is<br />

based on academic achievement and participation in activities. During the past<br />

year the I K's helped move in fres hman students, sponsored their semi-annual<br />

used-book sales, helped in registration and ushering, participated in the blood<br />

drive, and sponso1ed the M iss Univers ity <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> pageant.<br />

Row One: Harold Sasaki. Ken Busby, Jerry Agenbroad, Ken Paynter, Les Snyder, Richard Hall, Bob D uuon, Bill McCann, Rick Hicks. Jim Wohrer,<br />

Bob \\'alker, Chuck \Val ton, Larry Baxter, R ick T lucek. Row Two: Bob Lewis, John Baker, Dick Slaughter, Jim Fields, Expansion Officer;<br />

Rick l'ancher, Chancellor <strong>of</strong> the Exchequer; Arlen ~Iarlc)', Honorable Duke; Don Mottinger, Worthy Scribe; Bob H<strong>of</strong>mann, Page Trainer; Joe<br />

Robinson. Horrible Executioner; Jack Ayers, Allen Miller, Tom Soderli ng, Vernon Curls. !{ow Three: Don Fry, David McClusky. Larry Stam·<br />

per, Tom Bates, Join Markiel, Paul Taylor, William Carpenter, John Wales, Larry Haskins, i\rick Morfin, Bruce Bulcher, 'Varren Yea kel, Da\·e<br />

Hopper. Ken Ash, Gene Livingston, i\lerle Gibbens, Don Swanstrom. Row Four: Bryon .\nderson, Dave Klinchuch, Bob Bushnell, Dick Owen.<br />

Greg Clark, Leonard Hart, Tom Dickey, Larry Bu tler. Ken Johnson. Jim En

Campus<br />

Union Party<br />

The purpose <strong>of</strong> CUP is to promote<br />

all-campus harmony and an informed<br />

student government; to nominate<br />

and elect candidates for ASUI and<br />

class <strong>of</strong>fices; to investigate and obtain<br />

student opinion <strong>of</strong> issues and influence<br />

student government on these issues<br />

from a liberal point <strong>of</strong> view.<br />

CUP has cross-campus membership.<br />

Row One: Ann R ~ ndall , Dianne Wenin!l"er, Charlotte Todd, Donna Striegel. Margaret Cox, Recording<br />

Secretary; ,\rlen Marley, Prcstdent; Scootch Harper, Corresponding Secretary; Pam<br />

Ponozzo, Betsy Wickes, Diane Williams. Row Two: Dave Grieve, second Vice-President; Wes<br />

Rhoades. Ronald l\fcCanney, John Kurzenhauser. John Sharp, David Bodine, Karl Henningsen,<br />

Doug Finkclnburg, Dick Livingswn, L. Carvel Whiting, Joe G<strong>of</strong>finet, Richard Kunter, Troy J.<br />

Smith. first Vice-President. Row Th ree: Jay Sherman, W. J. "Jim" Johnston, Ed L. Christensen,<br />

Jim Rathjen, Carl J ohannesen, LeRoy Brown, Torl<strong>of</strong> P . Nelson, Paul G. Parker, Steven D. Harrison<br />

. David Westendor f, Bob Stanfield, Lon Atchley, Ken Weatherbie. Missing: Merrily-dawn<br />

Fruechtenich t. Tre;lsu rer.<br />

United Party<br />

United Party, open to all organized groups on campus, has slrived for<br />

better campus politics and organization. ln February the United Party formally<br />

disbanded.<br />

Row One: Lou Benoit, Sharon Herrett, Karen Hanson, Karen Hillman, Kaye Prior, Susan Lee.<br />

Row Two: J oanne Fry, Dec Dee Blumhagcn, Lyn McBride, Mary Walsh, Sara Lowell, J ody<br />

Wiegand. Ron Post, Patrick Muldoon.<br />


Blue Key<br />

Blue Key, a national upperclassmen's<br />

honorary, chooses its members<br />

on the basis <strong>of</strong> outstanding scholarship,<br />

activities, and service tO the <strong>University</strong>.<br />

The Blue Key members work<br />

on and sponsor the Kampus Key, a<br />

directory <strong>of</strong> all <strong>University</strong> o[ <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

students, and the Blue Key Talent<br />

show in the spring.<br />

Row One: Bob Tunnicliff, Robert Carlson, Ray Rocha, Pat Killien, Carvel Whiting, Clif Eldred,<br />

Jim Olson, Bill Longeteig, Jim Herndon, Jay Ney. Row Two: Jim Johnston, Carl Johannesen,<br />

Buzz McCabe, Dinnen Cleary, Bill Coss, Chic Cutler, Fred freeman, Jim Faucher. Derald<br />

Hurlbert. Jamie Morfitt, Joe \\furphy, Don Mottinger.<br />

The Vandalettes, <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Jclaho drill team, march for the student body<br />

at basketball and football games and for various parades and other activities.<br />

The girls are chosen at fall and spring tryouts on the basis <strong>of</strong> skill and appearance.<br />

Vandalettes<br />

Row One: Patsy McCullough, 1ancy Pfaff. J>at Schell. Ann Wagner. Sally Kimball, Carol McCrea, President; Karen Petersen, Joanna Blood,<br />

Zina Griffith, Nancy Shelman, Rose Marler. Row Two: Bekki Ho,·e, .Mary Lee Frye, Diana Scott, Nina Jenkins, Ann Thompson, Lynne McBride,<br />

Sharon Swenson, L}nn Visnes, Pat Cobb, J udi Schedler, Berna Deen Lee, Beuy Benson. Row Tfn·ee: J ean Cline, Carol Sampson, .Elizabeth Jones,<br />

Zoe Anne Cripton, Pam Brandt, Becky Tridle, Kathy Worsley, ~Iargie Brunn, Linda Balch, Lynn Sanderson. J>am Taylor, i\'Jargie Felton, Ann<br />

Moore, Carla Martin. Row Four: Sally Thoele, Ann Edwards. Diana Hawkins, Genie Gillette, Thelma Bell, Rosemary Stark, Susie Filatreau,<br />

Sandy Filatrrau, M:ll'la Parberry, Sue Br:111ds, Gail Leichner, Judy Sodorff, Sandy Berger, Karin Ni,•en.<br />



President<br />

Now One:

L.\RRY NYE<br />

Prt>sidt:ul<br />

Row 011e: Larry L. Hook, lloh Que,nel,<br />

Duane Coicoechea, Publicit) Chairman; lien<br />

Goddard, Vice-President; Larry yc, Ptcsidcnl;<br />

Mick Morfitt, Secretar); Cary L.<br />

i\fahn, Rush Chairman; Paul J . llcnden,<br />

T reasurer; Hal Fobes. Row Two: K. Lynn<br />

M~nu s, \V. Jim Johnston, Jim Wohre•·, Carl<br />

1.. Lcth, 13ruce Butcher, Bob Thies~en , Mike<br />

Cosack. Kent Russell, Harold asaki. Row<br />

Three: David King, Dad d i\fcC iu ~ l. y, Jim<br />

Uurkholder. Robert Watt, Dave r ielsen, Jim<br />

Berry, Warren Johnson, ~I orrie Campbell,<br />

Ste'e 'iundberg, Jeff Tollefson, Gerald Huel·<br />

tig, Larry Cnmes. Harold Andre~son .<br />

Interfraternity Council<br />

Interfraternity Council is the representative group ol fraternity men on campus. It is<br />

composed <strong>of</strong> the president and one representati\'C from each fraternity. T hey :.trivc (or<br />

a better understanding between fraternities and discuss is:.ues LO better improve the<br />

lraternity system.<br />

Junior IFC<br />

.J unior lFC works to promote cooperation among fraternity freshmen. The group JS<br />

composed <strong>of</strong> one freshman representati\'e from each fraternity.<br />

2 17

Residence Hall<br />

Council<br />


ICEP<br />

The <strong>Idaho</strong> Center for Education and Politics<br />

is a non-partisan political organization<br />

which is partially sponsored by funds from<br />

the Ford Foundation. ICEP was formerly<br />

the Citizenship Clearing House.<br />

Cathy Jones, Bob McFarland, President;<br />

John Rowe. R ow Two: Frank<br />

Peck, Byron Meredith, Karen Su·oschein,<br />

Jay Gaskill, Luther Malone, Sue<br />

Solomon, Tad Engman.<br />

Election Board<br />

The Election Board members are chosen<br />

from those who successfully pass a test covering<br />

the ASUI Constitution and election procedures.<br />

The Election Board supervises the<br />

mechanical operation <strong>of</strong> all ASUI and class<br />

elections.<br />

l k Dobler, Adviser; Janet Cox, Car·<br />

monel \Vitteman, Cathy Johnson. Gary<br />

Green, Chairman; Karen Hillman,<br />

Sharon Howry. Row Two: Jim Fau­<br />

(her, Leroy Vierck, Dave Grieve, Jerry<br />

Tierney, Dale DeFrancisco, AI Olston,<br />

Dick Slaughter. Bill Balian tyne, Joe<br />

G<strong>of</strong>finet. Carvel Whiting, Ray Fortin.<br />

Alpha Phi<br />

Omega<br />

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service<br />

fraternity, composed <strong>of</strong> college and university<br />

men who are or have been previously<br />

affiliated with the Boy Scouts.<br />

Row One: Robert Sparks, Major Charles<br />

Howe, .\dviser; Commander Barton,<br />

Adviser; Dewev Newman, Adviser;<br />

Gary Strong, Pt:esident; Bruce Riddle,<br />

i\lick Taggart, Bob McFarland. Row<br />

Two: J ohn McMahon, Mike Dewey,<br />

Pete Van Horne, Jerry Evans, Dan<br />

Martin, Roger Severson, Denny Dob·<br />

bin, Mike Broadhead, Dave McClusky.<br />

Row Th1·ee: Roger Lackey, William<br />

Gribble, Dennis Strub, Gerald Loader,<br />

J im Johnston, Vernon Goldsmith, ~lark<br />

DeVries, " "arren Yeakel, Jim Freeman.<br />


Young Republicans<br />

The Young Republicans take an active<br />

interest in their political party and work<br />

throughout the )'Car with the Latah County<br />

Republican . This group gains a working<br />

knowledge <strong>of</strong> national politics tluough participation<br />

in ~everal <strong>of</strong> their activities.<br />

l)icl.. De\tle1 , Bobbi Calfne1, Luther<br />

~falone, Ra1 Rocha, Pre idem; ~fike<br />

~Jc:\lurra{. :-:ancy Rice. Judy Rice.<br />

Phi Beta Lambda<br />

Phi Beta Lnmbda, a club for bmincss education<br />

majors, i., designed to acquaint members<br />

and interested persons with the bu ine ~<br />

field. T hi organitation d istributes pamphlet'><br />

to <strong>Idaho</strong> high ~choob and entering fre h­<br />

men.<br />

R. :.1. "-c,scl, \d1 iser; \lourine Goslin,<br />

\'icc-l're-.ident; J eanne \\'alser. Presidenr:<br />

Sandy Iverson, ecretary; and<br />

Hal'lntra Su ter, Treasurer.<br />

Automotive<br />

Engineers<br />

The Automoti\'C Engineer are acti,·e in<br />

meeting with pr<strong>of</strong>e~sional members <strong>of</strong> the<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>e sion and learning <strong>of</strong> the recent development<br />

in this field.<br />

Row One: :.rei Mohr, Brent Springford.<br />

Ronald ,\rmacost, Rollie Annacost,<br />

Jim Barnhart, Neal Hicks, Ad­<br />

' iser; Kenneth R. Collett, Darwin Ellis,<br />

Brad Pauley. Row Two: Wiley<br />

Beaux, Max Onwa, Rudy Viher, Dave<br />

VO)'SC), James Camhi c. 'Walter Sommer<br />

. .John ..\ shburn, Dean Haagenson.<br />

Robert Wheeler. Missi11g: Stc1 e<br />

Laekc).<br />


Mechanical Engineers<br />

Mechanical Engineers is a student branch<br />

<strong>of</strong> the American Society <strong>of</strong> Mechanical Engineers.<br />

This organization is established to<br />

beuer acquaint its members wi th the practice<br />

and theory <strong>of</strong> mechanical engin eering.<br />

Row One: 13. pringford, ]. Barnhart,<br />

R. Vi her, \\'. Beaux, .\1. Olawa, J.<br />

:\orgord. Rou• T wo: . Lackey, B.<br />

" 'arren, 13. Peterson, .\f. Yuki, B.<br />

Conibear, C. llallada}. R . Kapur, H .<br />

.\!alone, K. Colleu, R. Wheeler, D.<br />

H aagenson, C:. Laursen, R. Am1acost.<br />

Row Tl11 ee: D . .\!. Doane, .\f. .\lohr, D.<br />

Hurlburt, D. Voysey, J. Gamble, \\'.<br />

Sommer, J. Ashburn, D. Ellis, B.<br />

Pauley, ~1. llauck, R. Armacost.<br />

Associate Engineers<br />

Council<br />

The Associated Engineers Council coordinates<br />

the five technical engineering societies<br />

and publishes the "<strong>Idaho</strong> Engineer." Each<br />

society has two representatives on the council<br />

which meets once a month. The council<br />

spon or~ the Engineer's Ball each )Car.<br />

Row One: Bob Haynes, Bob J orgenson,<br />

.Joe llayncs, Merle Gibbens, Floyd<br />

Lukccart, Prcsidclll; Thomas I. \Vii­<br />

Jiams. Missing: Sam Taylor, Cary Van<br />

Stoue, Richard Sanders, John Ashburn,<br />

Secrctary-'J rca~u rcr; John Vance.<br />

Student Affiliate<br />

<strong>of</strong> ACS<br />

The purpose <strong>of</strong> the Student Affiliate o(<br />

the American Chemical Society is to acquaint<br />

undergraduates enrolled in work<br />

leading to a degree in chemistry or chemical<br />

engineering with the pr<strong>of</strong>essional society representing<br />

the field <strong>of</strong> chemistr). ;\!embers<br />

are g-iven training in the organitation <strong>of</strong><br />

meeungs, reports, and the communication<br />

<strong>of</strong> information.<br />

Row 011e: D. Williams. M. Ravens·<br />

cr<strong>of</strong>t, C. Watts, M. Renfrew, Adviser;<br />

J. Sutton, President; J. Buckner, Sccretat<br />

y-Tt ca~ u rcr; F. Hohorst, Program<br />

Chairman; D. i\lcshri. Row Two: A.<br />

Nyman, J. Day, R. Beaumont, R. Hanson,<br />

L. llcaslcy, J. Walradt, L. Taylor,<br />

B. Ballantyne, C. Well, D. Ogle.<br />

Missiug: E. \nderson, Vice President.<br />


Civil Engineers<br />

.,<br />

This group promote ci,•il engineering as<br />

a pr<strong>of</strong>essional career. Civil Engineers is affiliated<br />

with the American Society o£ Civil<br />

Engineers.<br />

Row One: II. L\(lston, D. ::\fc.\ lister,<br />

C. Edwards. r. t'. Williams, J. \\'aus,<br />

President: D. Larsen. Treasurer; B.<br />

Smith, \ 'ice-Ptcsident; J. Kohn. D.<br />

Donaldson. 1.. chadt. R. H . Tuu,·.<br />

Ad,·iser. Rotl' T wo: L. ;\lanus. D. ;\fecham,<br />

T. chafer, ;\I. Brinkley. J . . \.<br />

Buffa, J. impson, D. Riedesel. P. Pankey,<br />

D. Hurlbert, L. Cro,·e. Roll'<br />

Three: . Rustay, C. Smith, J. C.<br />

Schwarzh<strong>of</strong>f, C. Porter, ;\f. 1\eeser, J.<br />

Haynes, W. H. Walters, J. i\1. Telford,<br />

R. P. Nielsen, D. D. Skeate, J. McConnell,<br />

J. R. H3uuum, L. \V. Collett, B.<br />

W. Erickson.<br />

Electrical Engineers<br />

This group is associated with the American<br />

Association o£ Electrical Engineers. The<br />

club meets together to exchange various ideas<br />

and to practice the skills <strong>of</strong> communication,<br />

cooperation, and organization in the electrical<br />

engineering pr<strong>of</strong>ession.<br />

Far Left, Row One: J. Kirshner, .J.<br />

'hearer, J. impson, C. Hebpeh. ,\ d­<br />

' iser; F. Lukccan. Row Two: S. Baldwin,<br />

C. Waterhouse, D. Widdifteld, .\.<br />

:\long, ;\[. H<strong>of</strong>fman. D. Anderson. Row<br />

Thru: R. Yount, J. ;\furphy, H. Aumann,<br />

B. Be' in, J. Schaufelberger, J.<br />

Hollingswonb. Row Four: \\' J ohn­<br />

~on, . I rwin, B. Parkinson, II. Waldron,<br />

B. Jorgenson. Right Picture,<br />

/~ow One: L. Cross. J. Holman. E.<br />

Bailey, .\ d"iser; M. Olson. Row Two:<br />

C. Parker. L. Livingstone, D. Dobin,<br />

D. Millard, K. Myers. Row Tlo·ee: J.<br />

Peterson, B. Anderson, M. Freund, ].<br />

Logan, R. Lackey. Row Four: B.<br />

Bohlin. C. Pauerson.<br />


Chemical Engineers<br />

American JnsLiLutc <strong>of</strong> Chemica l Engineers<br />

is an organintion co promote a pr<strong>of</strong>essional<br />

attitude among its members. This organization<br />

is open to all tuden ts majoring in chemical<br />

engineering.<br />

Row One: Nelson C. Hiner, President;<br />

Gary R . Van Stone, Dunvard D. Stolp,<br />

Terry K. .Evans, Sharkey Harrison,<br />

Mike Baumann. George Hoashi. Row<br />

Two: Rich Roehl, Bill Cockrell. Glade<br />

Weight. John Campbell, Rick Fogerson,<br />

Da'e Haman, fed P. Stoltcnbc•g.<br />

am G. r aylor.<br />

Agricultural Engineers<br />

The Americ tn Society <strong>of</strong> Agricultural Engineers<br />

stres e~ .tgricuiLUral engineering as a<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional can·er. Ag. Science Da) is partic­<br />

Ipated in by Lim group and a scholarship is<br />

given each year.<br />

Jociatcd Miners is an org:mi1ation<br />

for all swden ts enrolled in the School ot<br />

Mines, including geography, geology, mining,<br />

and mcwllurgical engineering. Pr<strong>of</strong>essional<br />

speakers are <strong>of</strong>ten asked to address<br />

the group.<br />

David Haw!.., Don llaas, Fred O;go

AlA<br />

The American Institute <strong>of</strong> Architects enables<br />

student architects to learn more about<br />

their pr<strong>of</strong>ession. se,·eral pr<strong>of</strong>es ional architects<br />

have 'isited the group the past year.<br />

/lott' 011e: B. Bowler. \\'. Shank. L.<br />

Chinn. M. Robertson, President; L.<br />

;\Jc,scngcr,<br />

J . .Jeffers, J. Chisholm.<br />

/low Two: R. Whe;uon, L. Kopf, J.<br />

Fro..,tenson. C. Han~cn . R. Crooks, L.<br />

Knowles, J. Conrad. flow Three: E.<br />

Chu, C. Dotts, Adviser; R . Fenrich, B.<br />

T. Matsumoto, B. . Thomas, D. Slusarenko,<br />

M. Blacl..well, J . Dewey, B.<br />

Schaefer, S. Wickman, D. Dick.<br />

SIEA<br />

The Studen t <strong>Idaho</strong> Education A sociation<br />

is a pre-pr<strong>of</strong>e sional group for training prospective<br />

teachers. I ts furpose is to orient students<br />

in problems o teaching and what to<br />

expect in the teaching pr<strong>of</strong>ession. It also<br />

sends a delegate to the <strong>Idaho</strong> Education Association<br />

Conference.<br />

Rotc One: Bonnie Rude. ue Solomon.<br />

President. Row Two: J anice Craig,<br />

Don Perkins. Dr. J ohn Green is ad-<br />

' iser.<br />

FFA<br />

The Future Farmers <strong>of</strong> America is organized<br />

to acquaint students who did not have<br />

high school membership with the Future<br />

Farmers program. The membership <strong>of</strong> the<br />

club is mainfy composed <strong>of</strong> agricultural education<br />

majors, but any interested student is<br />

imited to join.<br />

Row One: R . Poe, J. \\'ells. R . ;\foore,<br />

0. Bolz, R. Van Houten, J. Esser. Row<br />

Two: R . Callison, T. Hamilton, W .<br />

llls, L. Kucera, R. Knopp, W. Ziegler,<br />

D. Kindschy, Adviser. Row Tl11·ee: H .<br />

Winnet·, Adviser; G. Faletti, D. Walton,<br />

C. 'ebelsieck, R. Long, J. Reimann.<br />

\\'. ,\dams, D. " 'oO

Aldrich<br />

Entomology Club<br />

The Entomology Club's activities include<br />

guest speakers, an annual picnic, and a newslelter.<br />

This organization su·ives to bring Lhe<br />

department closer together.<br />

Row One: George B. Hewitt; Ollie 0 .<br />

Fil lmore, President; Ayo P. Gupta.<br />

Row Two: Stamford D. Smith; James<br />

K. Olson; William F. Barr, Club Adviser;<br />

Richard A. Coyer, Secretary­<br />

Treasurer. Row Three: George Patrick<br />

Markin, Vice-President. Row<br />

Four: Norman E. Rces, Richard E.<br />

Logan, Richard L. Westcott, Donald<br />

S. llorning.<br />

Dairy Club<br />

T he Dairy Club provides social and educational<br />

activities for dairy science majors.<br />

The group has many projecls throughoul Lhe<br />

year.<br />

Row One: John Callen, John Barnhart,<br />

Karl Nelson, Lee Edgerton, .Jim<br />

Johnston, R ay Miller, Carl E. Lantz.<br />

Row Two: J on Huber, K. R . J ohnson,<br />

John L. M11ler, Floyd Gephart, J ohn<br />

E. Montoure, R. H. Ross, George Os·<br />

borne.<br />

Ag Economics Club<br />

The Ag Econ Club enables students to<br />

understand fully Lheir field through speakers<br />

and activities. This club ha~ been \'Cry<br />

beneficial to an) one intere~ted in the ag1 i­<br />

cultural economics field.<br />

Ror.• One: L. U. ummers, Adviser;<br />

Catl L. Leth, L••rry Edgar, Vice-President;<br />

Dennis Conley, President; Cregg<br />

llollinger, ecrecaq; ~lilo ahneier.<br />

Representati\e; Leland Robison, Treasurer:<br />

Guy l\laestas, Gerald Hucttig.<br />

Row Two: Stewart Sprenger, i\fikc<br />

ConiC)'• Edward Williams, Roger Hull,<br />

\\'a)ne Meyer. Karl iller, Dale Kalhfleisc:h,<br />

Leland Heinrich, Ron Ccgna1.<br />

Brad King.<br />


Young Democrats<br />

Young Democrats, organized to give D

Home Ec Club<br />

The Home Ec Club sets up activities for<br />

home economic students throughout the<br />

academic year, such as a Home Ec Day and a<br />

tea for the faculty.<br />

Row One: C. Becker, L. Crandall, K.<br />

J ohnson, J. Blood, G. Nystrom, G.<br />

J ones. J. Styner, L . Olson. Row Two :<br />

E. J ackie, Adviser; J. Bishop, D.<br />

Dougheny, J. Kimber ling, President;<br />

K. Lambeth, J. Henning, J. Derr, V.<br />

Nuller. Row Tln·ee: S. Snyder, H .<br />

Black, S. Swenson, J. T homas, L. Fi tz·<br />

simmons, G. Chester, C. Eisele, L.<br />

Stemmler, G. Knighton, B. Richard.<br />

H.ow Four: E. Cloughton, i\1. Torkelson,<br />

L. Petersen, K. Koskella, V. Collins.<br />

C. Witteman, E. Davis, B. Wallace,<br />

;\f. Brown, C. Custer, S. Ytrceide.<br />

Row Fiue: K. Hicks. L. Phillips, C. Eakin,<br />

H . Myers. J . Cochrell,<br />

1 . Tucker,<br />

S. isaacson. ;\f. Hubbard, C. Hussa, S.<br />

Grice.<br />

Home Ec Seniors<br />

The Home Ec seniors held a breakfast and<br />

a hat style show in the spring.<br />

Row One: J ackie Kim berling. Judy<br />

Kicnlan. Carole Morgan, Julia Hogg.<br />

Pat Swan. Ginger Chester, J oanne Bis·<br />

hop. Row Two: Vera Collins, Judy<br />

McKendrick. Bette Baylon, Sue Wiley,<br />

Connie i\1ci3ride. Linda Mattis, Karyl<br />

Lambeth, Pauy Kellogg. Row Tln·ee:<br />

j oy Jt·ying, Linda Olson, Emily Bamesberger,<br />

Karen Whiteley, Carmond Witteman,<br />

Beverly \Vallace, Laura Petersen,<br />

Marjorie Torkelson, RexAnn Lancaster.<br />

i\I a ry Case)', Kay Powell. Judy<br />

Capcllen, Billie J ean Maas, Carol Fowler,<br />

Darlene Johnson.<br />

Agronomy Club<br />

The Agronomy Club is composed <strong>of</strong> students<br />

interested in the field <strong>of</strong> agronomy.<br />

Meetings are held once a month with noted<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional men g iving lectures.<br />

Row One: Caroline Bodine, Dr. L. C.<br />

Erickson, Joe Braun, Dr. A. E. Slinkard.<br />

Torn Bartlett, Caroline Turinsky, Ed<br />

Simmons, Jerry Howard, Dr. M. Fosberg.<br />

Row Two: Henry Me eel,<br />

Duane Swinney, Bert Henriksen. Pr<strong>of</strong>.<br />

G. 0. Baker, Clen Atchley, Darrel<br />

Clapp, Larry Pennington, Wayne<br />

Thiessen, Curt Sutton, Mike Lindstrom,<br />

Karl Siller, Dr. H. Hermanson,<br />

Dave McClellan, Ben Mansomi.<br />


Vandal Flying Cl ub<br />

Vandal Flying Club membershif is open<br />

to any <strong>University</strong> student intereste( in learning<br />

to fly. The Club owns its own plane<br />

which is kept at the Moscow-Pul lman airport.<br />

Row One, Left to Right: \\'es Haker.<br />

\ 'ance Penton, Pat \fuldoon. Dick Da),<br />

Bob Ferguson. Row T wo: Ed Whitehead,<br />

John \larlowe, Don Duncan,<br />

Kent llultner, Don \ lexander. George<br />

Halle), Don Lyon. Larn .\lc.\fenimen.<br />

Associated Foresters<br />

The Associated Foresters encourages a pr<strong>of</strong>essional<br />

attitude among students in the<br />

College <strong>of</strong> Forestry. This year the group<br />

ponsored the Foresters Hall.<br />

r he opening aclinues <strong>of</strong> the hsod­<br />

:tted Foresters include an annual steaJ..<br />

fn. Pall <strong>of</strong> this steak fry is the log<br />

~awing cont~l.<br />

Bench and Bar<br />

Row One: J. llu rgeson, .\1. molins~i .<br />

S. \\'illi,er-. R. Rock. J. Longeteig, T .<br />

.\loss, J. Lyons, G. Cross, J. Cushman,<br />

L. Hansen, F. Gentry, B. Boyd, W. Kidwell.<br />

Row Two: D. Frazier, L. Fransen,<br />

D. Abrams, S. French. K. C lark. J.<br />

Hull, D. Reed, . Batt, vV. Raber, R .<br />

Smock, B. Tway. F. Ferrante, J. Gjorling,<br />

R . Rainey, 0 . Kisling, G. Randall,<br />

F. Lyon, Jl. Collins, . Eisman. Rou•<br />

Thru: II. Felsted, B. Tunnicliff, C.<br />

Da,is. J. Warren,,\ , mith, B. Longeteig,<br />

£ . .\la)er, J. Church. J. Herndon,<br />

E. Exum, R. :'\elson, 0. Godefroy, D .<br />

.\fcKee, D. SalhtJ . .\1. Clark. J. AiCkin.<br />

Row Fow: n ..\ lexander, M. Eiden, B.<br />

Han, R. R us~ell, J. Sloan, W. Carlson,<br />

J. Siml-o, B. Harwood, J. Lang, T.<br />

Lynch, D. Sl;l\in, E. lllauhews, G. Utl·<br />

man. Row Five: J . Rosholt, :\. Willis,<br />

B. Galley, T. Daley, B. Witt, R. Post, C.<br />

Meadows, B. i\'lcOonald, S. Johnson, D.<br />

)lfcLaughlin, G. Men-ick, R . Wright, J.<br />

H;ltl~en, J. canlan, D. Minas, B. Burks.<br />

Row !>ix: B. 'wddcrt, J. Fiugerald, M.<br />

Felton. J. l)a, is, J. Morfitt, S. Swenson,<br />

F. Decker.<br />


WRA<br />

The '"'omen's Recreation Association is<br />

controlled by the W.R.A. <strong>of</strong>ficers, who compose<br />

the ''V.R.A. Board. Each women's living<br />

group has one representative on the<br />

'"' .R.A. Intramural Board. This organization<br />

provides relaxation, fun, and physical<br />

recreation for all <strong>University</strong> women who<br />

want to participate.<br />

Georgia Cutler, Recording Secretary;<br />

Donna Striegel, Vice-President; Anita<br />

Cox, President; Jeri Ross, Secretary·<br />

Treasurer; and Sharon Gygli, Public<br />

Relations.<br />

Women's " I" Club<br />

' 'Vomen's "I" Club, an organization to<br />

further the program <strong>of</strong> '"'omen's Recreation<br />

Association through participation, is an honorary<br />

which renders ushering services to the<br />

<strong>University</strong>. There are twenty active members<br />

a year. To be eligible a girl must have<br />

a 2.5 accumulative, 40 participation points<br />

in '1\TRA, and show outstanding leadership<br />

qualities.<br />

Row One: Dottie Lawson, Georgia Cutler,<br />

Donna Striegel, Marlene Could.<br />

Row Two: ona Kay Shem, Anita Cox,<br />

Sharon Cygli, Barb Clark.<br />

PEM Club<br />

PEM Club is for physical education majors<br />

and minors. lt furthers interest in physical<br />

education as a pr<strong>of</strong>ession through many<br />

sports activities and functions in the department.<br />

R.ow One: Shellie McKeen, Dottie<br />

Lawson, Colleen Mace, Cathy Youmans.<br />

Row Two: Susie Jones, Nelma Dennis,<br />

Dr. C<strong>of</strong>fey, Flo Sleeman.<br />


Ski Club<br />

Ski Club is formulated for the purpose <strong>of</strong><br />

encouraging and organizing skiing among<br />

sluclents <strong>of</strong> the <strong>University</strong>. Meetings are<br />

held every other week with entertainment<br />

in the form <strong>of</strong> speakers, films, and discussions.<br />

John Bjorn Ostbo, Rolf Prydz,<br />

J cbscn, <strong>of</strong>ficers.<br />

liJs<br />

Indian Students Club<br />

The purpose <strong>of</strong> the Indian Students Club<br />

is to promote cultural and educational integration<br />

among Indian studen ts, to enrich<br />

cultural life on campus, and to promote international<br />

understanding and goodwill between<br />

India and the U.S.A.<br />

Row One: Lajpal S. Oberoi, Kantilal<br />

B. Desai, Sharan L. Singh, Ayodhya P.<br />

Gupta, President; V. . M. Rao. Row<br />

Two: Vinod K. Govila, Virendra K.<br />

Bhalla, Dayaldas T. Meshri, Bhupen ­<br />

dra N. Misra, V. I . P. Rao, Ram<br />

Krishnan, Girjesh S. Tiwari, Arvind R.<br />

Saklikar, Pradip V. Patel, Chandrakant<br />

R. Bhatia, Rajinder D. Kapur.<br />

Debaters<br />

The Debaters traveled throughout the<br />

Jorthwest participating in debates this year.<br />

:i\Iembers <strong>of</strong> the debate class and any other<br />

students interested in forensics may join.<br />

Row One: Coleen Ward, Linda Bithell,<br />

Hazel Perks, Sheryl Berrett, Dr. Whitehead,<br />

Adviser. Row Two: Fred Mc­<br />

Cabe, R ich Fancher, .Jack Patrick, Jerry<br />

Decker, J oe Dewey. Larry Grimes, J a~<br />

Childs, Bill Lamb.<br />


Campus Church<br />

Centers<br />

Canterbury House is affiliated with the Episcopal Church<br />

and hosts many youth activities on campus.<br />

Newman Center is sponsored by the Cath·<br />

olic Church and <strong>of</strong>fers activities for its<br />

young people in Sunday evening get to·<br />

get hers.<br />

------c<br />

~<br />

The L. D. S. House is affiliated with the Church<br />

<strong>of</strong> Latter Day Saints and <strong>of</strong>fers resideuce for<br />

approximately 30 men.<br />

The Campus Christian Cemer is sponsored by<br />

the Presbyterian, Methodist, and Lutheran<br />

Churches and has a ~ood atmosphere for study<br />

or quaet thought.<br />


Church<br />


Row One: Ha1el Perl..s, Cathy Nelson, Kristen chooler, Co­<br />

President; Trud} Clapp, J oan CrandalL Row Two: Larq<br />

Kimble, Co-Pre~iclelll; Carl Van Slyke, usie Adams ..\d-<br />

'iser; Larq Tillman, Lester Lanphear, Treasurer.<br />


Row One: Mona Luther, Carol J. llouger. Row<br />

Two: ~lilo almeier, Edgar immons, Kenneth<br />

~l yers.<br />


Row 011e: Jo.\nn Owen, ecrctaq; J oy Esser, President; Pmricia Rowe, Facuhy Adviser; Rev .<br />

•\ndrew chumacher, Chaplain; Gar) On, Vice President; Mark Uptmor, Treasurer. Row Two:<br />

.-\rea Chairmen: J oe :'\orrish, Lo' ina Fortier. Shirley Kay Seubert, Diane eubert, Claudine<br />

Becker, ~ l aq K;I}C pr;Ht. Gwen Hyke, J ohn Norrish.<br />


Officers<br />

1\RESEE FEI.I.O\\'SHIP<br />

R.ow One: i\hin R. \llcr and Florcntc .\ller. \ d\i,cr'; Jo' C. Roushe~. E1chu .\lcGowu. Carol<br />

J. H ouge•. / euobia llolhnan, harou Lanca;ter. l'att Xewb). Um•• Tn•o: Paul J ohnson. llarold<br />

Tbh, \\";nne Kalhflei,

Religious<br />

Directors<br />

Association<br />

Row One: Alvin R. ,\Iter, Rev. i\!ax<br />

Oliphant, ~frs. Bauer, Father Lee Davis,<br />

Dr. Stan Thomas. Re''· L. T. Hathaway.<br />

Row Two: Rev. Chad Bolick.<br />

Pastor Don Lee, Rev. \\'alter Lanman.<br />

Rev. Don Gurney, Father Schumacher.<br />

RILC<br />

The Religion in Life Conference is held<br />

annually. During the week various speakers<br />

talk with the living groups on campus. A<br />

major speech for all campus is also held.<br />

The purpose <strong>of</strong> the RlLC Committee is to<br />

plan and execute a conference dealing with<br />

an issue or issues relating to religion.<br />

The Burning Stake is the newly-formed c<strong>of</strong>fee<br />

house' located in the C.C.C .. Anyone on campus<br />

can attend their informal discussions and<br />

entertainment on Friday and Sawrday nights.<br />

Row 011e: Lynn Holmes, Carmond Wiueman,<br />

Sandra McKean, Marilyn Ravenscr<strong>of</strong>t, Glenda<br />

Knighton. Row Two: Lee Edgerton, L. T. Hathaway,<br />


ROTC<br />

ROTC units <strong>of</strong> all three military services-Army, 1avy, and Air<br />

Force are represented on the <strong>Idaho</strong> campus. The purpose <strong>of</strong> the<br />

ROTC program is to conduct basic and advanced pre-commission<br />

military training and to stimulate interest in the military as a career.<br />

The ROTC program plays a vital role in maintaining our free society.<br />

The cadet, the product <strong>of</strong> the program, is dedicated to the preservation<br />

<strong>of</strong> peace and the insuring <strong>of</strong> freedom.<br />

One <strong>of</strong> the many activities <strong>of</strong> the ROTC units on the Jdaho campus for the<br />

1963·64 academic year "as participation in the Anned Forces Day Parade.<br />


ROTC<br />

Fun, FanC), and Formalit) ... all pan o[ the<br />

ROTC program here at Jdaho. Cadeu, enjO)<br />

many acti\'itics avail a ble to them solely through<br />

ROT C. The p i cture~ on this page illm trate the<br />

thco1) that hard work and con,truClive "play··<br />

make the Ida ho cadet a well-rounded man.<br />

FOR\1 \LlT\'-. IX'I H U .. \R:\fY GENERALS INSPEC I HO~OR Gl l \RD<br />

Left to right: :\lajor General J ohn E. rheimer, Deputy Commanding General.<br />

Cadet l.t. Col. .John E. chaufelberger·, Lieutenant General Fredric J. Urown,<br />

Commanding Gencrnl, Sixth U.S. Arm).<br />

F . \ ~CY-T \I'I'I~G CER£\IO"Y FOR \R:\1\' ROTC<br />

PON OR CORP!><br />

/,efl lo •igltl: J ohn Frostenson. Kathy Gicsa, Bonnie Smith,<br />

Tern \\'inter.<br />


l.efl to •ig,ltt: Lt. Col. Gregg D. Brcitcgan and Col. George \V. J ames. Pilot in<br />

flight is Keith £. Kilimann.<br />


ROTC<br />

The Re erve Officers' Training Corps pro·<br />

\'ides systematic military instruction with a<br />

two-fold purpose-primarily to qualify studem<br />

for positions <strong>of</strong> leadership in time <strong>of</strong><br />

national emergency and to pro\'ide the nation<br />

with an electorate informed <strong>of</strong> the purposes<br />

and policy <strong>of</strong> defense. The Department<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Army is represented on the <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

campus in the Department <strong>of</strong> i\lilitary Science,<br />

the Depanment <strong>of</strong> the Air Force in<br />

the Department <strong>of</strong> Air Science, and the r avy<br />

in the Department <strong>of</strong> 1 ava l Science.<br />

AR;\IY FACULTY: Row One: Major John<br />

C. Couris, Lieutena nt Colonel Gregg D.<br />

Breitegan, Color1el

Army<br />

The year 1963-1964 was one <strong>of</strong> transition<br />

for the Army ROTC program on the Univerity<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> campus. The year began with<br />

a non-compulsory cour e, proceeded with<br />

normal activities despite the smaller enrollment,<br />

and climaxed with the announcement<br />

<strong>of</strong> the retirement <strong>of</strong> P~IS Colonel<br />

George " ·· James.<br />

CHRI M . \ ~ RAIDER -Row One: B. cott, J . ~f c ·<br />

Mahon , F. elle, W . J ensen, D. Welch. R . Twilegar.<br />

A. Winkle, E. Hirning, R . Lethrud, R. Vogt. Row<br />

T wo: Capt. Ruth, M. Eng, T. Walls, G. Maness.<br />

R. Owen, J . Barlow, R. Holt, B. Stickney,]. Mooney.<br />

W. i\litchell, J . Flerchinger. Row T ln·ee: S. Hil ton.<br />

L. Chinn, J. Lassey, F. Leninger, W. H utchison, D .<br />

Royer, D. Krie!?el, B. Blick, R. Pope, D. Hormaechea,<br />

J. AnchustegUl, M.Sgt. Carpenter. Row Four: J.<br />

Schau(elherget·, K. Schuster, G. Reid, G. Ames, J.<br />


Navy<br />

The <strong>Idaho</strong> Naval Reserve Officer Training<br />

Corps, one <strong>of</strong> 52 such Navy unit~ in major<br />

universities throughout the United States, is<br />

enjoying its 18th year on the Vandal ca mpus.<br />

The purpose <strong>of</strong> the Naval R OTC is to supplement<br />

the Naval <strong>of</strong>ficer output <strong>of</strong> the U.<br />

S. raval Academy at Annapolis. Providing<br />

a four year course in naval subjects, the<br />

NROTC produces Xavy and ~ r arine <strong>of</strong>ficers,<br />

qualified lor duty in the field upon graduation<br />

from <strong>Idaho</strong>.<br />

~f idshipman Baualion Commanders for the Fall<br />

and Spring emesters meet at change <strong>of</strong> tommand<br />

ceremonies in January. Leading the 155·man Navy<br />

unit during the first semester was Derald llurlhert,<br />

left, showr1 passing the NROTC colors to his successor,<br />

Gunter Amtmann.<br />

Explaining the fundamentals <strong>of</strong> navigation is Chief<br />

Quartermaster John Asphohn, second from the right.<br />

;\1idshipman Brian Sack, left, and ESEP student Hospitalman<br />

Bill Caudell, right, pick up information on the<br />

sextant as Na\'igation Officer LT (jg) Ernest LeDuc<br />

looks on.<br />

A 15-man Naval ROTC Rine Team was sparked this<br />

year by standout shooters Dick Tracy, left, and Jack<br />

Hutteball, center. Team coach, Marine Gunnery ergeant<br />

Billy Chapman kibitzes on the right.<br />

The finished product. <strong>Idaho</strong> a"{ skipper, Captain H.<br />

E. Davey, J r., left, notes choice o first duty stations <strong>of</strong><br />

new <strong>of</strong>ficers commissioned in February. Around the globe<br />

are Marine 2nd Lt. Gary Cunningham, and Navy Ensigns<br />

Bill Joa and Don Miller.<br />

The straight dope on the Marines' Basic Officer School<br />

comes from 196!1 <strong>Idaho</strong> graduate, 2nd Lt. Bob H ughes,<br />

right, as he stopped in ;\loscow en route to Okinawa.<br />

Getting the good word are , ESEP student gt. Don<br />

Huskey and Midshipmen J on Bergquist and Bill Egen.

1<br />

T<br />

ANGEL FLIGHT-Paula Spence, Susan Gregg, Carol<br />

Wills, Nancy Yount, Mary Ann Yoden, Barbara Hardy,<br />

Ann Wagner. Row T wo: J udy Ostler, Carol yn Larsen,<br />

Cathy McCloud, Carol Hervey, Mike H udelson, Barbara<br />

Reay, and Holly House.<br />


Frank William Hinton, Jr., Tommy Lynn Crossen, Robert<br />

Clency St. Clair, Lonnie Steve Atchley, JetTy Lee elson,<br />

Tnnnan Arnold Kohtz, 'Vayne "Vahineokai. Row Two:<br />

;\lichael Charles Kostka, Gale Patrick Fisher, Joseph Alvin<br />

Vernon.<br />

Air Force<br />

Air Force ROTC cadeLS hold their<br />

heads high with a pride that comes from<br />

as ociation with the <strong>of</strong>ficers and airmen<br />

o( the air age. During their first two<br />

year in the ir Science Program, students<br />

recei'e a broad look at the world<br />

through the e)e oE an airman. The last<br />

two years are devoted to a study <strong>of</strong> air<br />

power, the globe, management and leadership.<br />

The entire program is geared to<br />

produce <strong>of</strong>ficers- pilots, navigators and<br />

scientists for the United States Air Force.<br />

Swdent soon learn the classroom instruction<br />

which makes up onl y a small<br />

part o( the whole program. Cadets are<br />

urged to seek positions <strong>of</strong> leadership in<br />

a Yariety <strong>of</strong> extra-curricular activitiessports,<br />

committees, and <strong>of</strong>fices.<br />


Jim Bounds, Jim Barnhart, J ames Depree, Oldrich Cejka, Pat Muldoon,<br />

;\lark Hodgson, Richard Williams, Ron Iverson, Lee Galbraith, and<br />

ProCessor <strong>of</strong> Air cience, Colonel Ogletree. :-lot shown is Bruce Vickerman.<br />

Colonel Ogletree presents pilot "wings" to Cadet Ron<br />

herson on successful completion <strong>of</strong> the cadet flying<br />

program.<br />

CADET STAFF-Row One: Ross Simmons, Ron Iverson,<br />

Pat Muldoon, Mark Hodgson, John Kohn, and Richard<br />

Williams. R ow Two: Jim Bounds and Rich Maki. Not<br />

shown are Bruce Vickerman and Terry Bolstad.

ROTC Activities<br />

Son•c <strong>of</strong> the mo~t important a~pcet~ <strong>of</strong> the ROTC<br />

program~ are the activities in which they panicipatc.<br />

These military activities arc qu ite succcsslul in pro·<br />

ducing well-rounded miliwry scho lars.<br />

I he .\ rlll)' J..now~ that a successful )Cat· requires recruiting<br />

I lonorat} Cadtt Colonel Bonnie Smith. Delta<br />

Gamma. wich last )Car's Honoraq Cadec Colonel<br />

J'acsy ~ l tC ull ough, Gamma l'hi Heta. demonstrate<br />

that wot 11cn tan panicipate in the .\t·my ROTC<br />

program ou the <strong>Idaho</strong> talllpus.<br />

kip Stahley, Directot· o[ Athletics, is made<br />

llonoraq Captain or the Varsity Rifle Team<br />

In ream Captain Jad. lluueball at the ~R \<br />

lncercollegi:ne ectional.<br />

Goloncl George W. James pins<br />

insignia <strong>of</strong> rank on Cadec<br />

Colonel William R. Bcaslc)'·<br />


ROTC Parades<br />

At various times during the school year the<br />

ROTC units fro m the U niversity participate in<br />

street parades. This year the ROTC participated<br />

in the UniversiL) ·s Homecoming Parade and in the<br />

citywide Armed Forces Day P arade.<br />

The :---a,) Color Guard displays<br />

··Old Cion" during the .\ rmed<br />

Forces Da) Parade.<br />

The Air Force unit sets a li,ely<br />

pace clown Moscow·s :\fain<br />

trcet.<br />

Representing Post ~umber 2903<br />

<strong>of</strong> the \merican Legion, this<br />

group nuu·ches proudly down<br />

Sou th Main during 1he Armed<br />

Forces Dav Parade which wa~<br />

held on ~f ay 16. 1964.<br />

7<br />

AFRO fC .\ngel Flight leaders<br />

Mike Hudelson . Carol Herve).<br />

Judy Ostler. and Mary Ann Yo·<br />

den ride in s1 yle during I he<br />

Homecoming Parade.<br />


ROTC<br />

opposite: :\fiss Joann Sanborn. wmpeting independently<br />

in the :'\ational Rifle \ ~~ociat i o n 's lntercollegi;ltc<br />

cctional. took top hono•' in the ~mallbore<br />

di1 ision.<br />

Below Left: Colonel James was feted as guest <strong>of</strong><br />

honor at a farewell banquet which was held following<br />

the announcement <strong>of</strong> hi, retirement from<br />

the l ' nited Stall's \1m~ .<br />

Below Right: T he <strong>Idaho</strong> Varsity Rifle Team atccpts<br />

trophic, and medab at the 'ational Rifle \ s-c>·<br />

ciation's Intercollegiate Sectional. From left to right<br />

are gt. Chapman, Jim Clark, Dr. Steffem. J acl-<br />

1 lutteball, J oe Gillespie, and Dick Traq.<br />

L uu·er r.efl: .-\ familiar sight on the <strong>Idaho</strong> campus,<br />

the ' a'~ presents

Arnold Air<br />

Society<br />

The purpose <strong>of</strong> this organintion i ~ lO<br />

further the mission <strong>of</strong> the U.S. Air Force<br />

at the ni,·ersity <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> b) encouraging<br />

greater team work, technical knowledge,<br />

and cooperation among !>lltdents<br />

enrolled in Air ROTC Progrant!>.<br />

\R'\OLD .\IR SOCIETY OFFICERS- Dale Benning.<br />

Ri{hard Williams, Mark Hodgwn . .\lben Raile), and<br />

CJrlan Silha.<br />

ARNOLD ,\lR SOCIETY- /low 011e:<br />

Richard J\laki Bruce Vickcrmau,<br />

Ri chard Williams, )fark llodgson,<br />

Winston pringrord, Carlan Silha,<br />

Gerry Veltrie. Row Tt••o: tephen<br />

Miller, Carl J ohnson, Carl J ohan·<br />

nesen. Franl-. \ 'osika, Donald Dana,<br />

Donald Simnuson. Albert Bailey. Gary<br />

Clouse.<br />

AUSA<br />

The purpo~ e o( thi ~ organi­<br />

J.ation is to promote participation<br />

in ,\ rmv activities and to<br />

coordinate , ·ariou .\ rm) programs.<br />

Wales. El\ccuti\ e Officer ; Lt. Col.<br />

Bt·eitegan , Pr es~ey . Colonel J ames,<br />

Hurtt, Secretary; Major Cashman.<br />

R Oll' T u•o: Coole H iming, Johnson,<br />

Sulli, an. \udu--,on. Ol ~o n . \\'endle,<br />

Shank. S:t-.,ct. Cordo\a, Pari,,. Higgins.<br />

Row Three: .\rnt. llo\\'ard, Yec,<br />

Gonon. J ouC\. Haumganncr. Lange,<br />

Clark. Otto. S1 haufelberger. lkasley,<br />

Gibbons, Bourassa.<br />



_______________ AT H LET I C S<br />

Football<br />

Basketball<br />

Baseball<br />

Track<br />

Skiing<br />

Swimming<br />

Golf<br />

Tennis<br />

lntramurals<br />


Athletics<br />

Knowledge <strong>of</strong> athletics is easy to obtain at the<br />

<strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> ldaho, both as a participant and as<br />

a spectator. Football, basketball, and baseball<br />

teams to be proud <strong>of</strong> highlighted the year. A<br />

strong men's Intramural Program again provided<br />

ample opportunity for amateur athletes to<br />

exhibit their prowess in football, tennis, ping<br />

pong, wrestling, basketball, and about any other<br />

sport you can think <strong>of</strong>. The ' 'Vomen's Recreation<br />

Association continued its program o£ organizing<br />

sports (or women.<br />

l'opular Coach Dec ,\ndros sends a player into a<br />

ballgamc after last minute instructions.<br />

Dec Andros hugs Hap Moody after the <strong>Idaho</strong>-Fresno State<br />

game with a Vandal victory. Moody is known about campus<br />

for wearing a red carnation and never missing an <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

game in nearly 40 yea rs.<br />

Ba ~ ketball was again a favorite sport <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> fans.<br />


Athletic Director<br />

J. rei! "Skip'' Stahley came to the Uni,·ersity <strong>of</strong> ldaho ten<br />

) car ago a~ head football coach. After serYing in thi po~i tion<br />

lor eight )ear , he became the Director <strong>of</strong> Athletics for the ni­<br />

Y Cr~ it y in 1963. This spring Skip submitted his resignation and<br />

announced his plans tor assuming similar duties at Portland<br />

tate College next fall.<br />

DE l~ G. \ NDROS<br />

Hearl Foo//)(11/ Coach<br />

Jil-l GOOD.\RO<br />

H ead Bnshetba/1 Coach<br />

\\'.\ \'~E \:-o:DER 0 l<br />

Ilead Baseball Coach<br />

DOl'C \lacF \RL.\NE<br />

T•ach and Cross<br />

Cmmll) Conch<br />

C L.\RKE ~ II rCII ELL<br />


F. J. ··P.\ CKEY'' BOYLE<br />

TH1i11e1<br />

Packcy Boyle came w the <strong>University</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> nine )Cars ago from Union Pa·<br />

cific's famous rcson, Sun Valley. His<br />

services have been indispensable lO the<br />

<strong>University</strong>'s Athletic Department. Boyle<br />

sened as trainer <strong>of</strong> the United States'<br />

1960 Winter Ol)mpics Team.<br />

BE:-\ KE.\1\'E<br />

£quipme11t Ma11ager<br />

Ben Keane, equipment manager for the<br />

Vandals in the m ajor spons, is a fa·<br />

milia•· sight in the e(1uipmcnt room in<br />

Memorial Gymnasium. Ben, a former<br />

Va nda l eager, serves as combination manager,<br />

laundry operator, shoemaker,<br />

painte•·. and seamstress for 1 he Vandals.<br />

" I" Club<br />

Athletes who earn letters in varsity sports a t the <strong>University</strong> arc eligible (or membership<br />

in the " I" Cl ub. The group promotes sportsmanship within the athleti t pro~ram and provides<br />

specia I services at various athletic events.<br />

Row One: J erry Howard, Karl Von Tagen, Nils J ebsen. LeRoy Benson, R os Rognstad, Rick J ensen. Row<br />

Ttl'fl: Mil..c Baumann. Rick Fancher, Max Lcel!ow. Joe Dobson, Bob Bassell, Bob Trent.<br />

25 1

Porn Pon Girls<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s famed pom pon girls addt'


Head Coach<br />

Coach Dee Andros, in his second year at <strong>Idaho</strong>, fielded a<br />

team that was quite different from the squads Vandal fans<br />

had become accustomed to watching. First <strong>of</strong> all, the defense<br />

gave the opposition no quarter, and many enemy receivers<br />

would let passes slip harmlessly through their fingers<br />

when they "heard the footsteps. " Secondly, the Vandals<br />

scored. In only one game, Missouri, did <strong>Idaho</strong> get shut out,<br />

and their 64-6 romp over <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Pacific was the third<br />

highest score ever recorded by an <strong>Idaho</strong> eleven. Third, and<br />

best <strong>of</strong> all, the Vandals posted a winning season. Their<br />

final record was 5-4, with the tenth game on the schedule<br />

cancelled due to President Kennedy's untimely death. The<br />

1963 version <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Idaho</strong> football team also showed a, great<br />

deal <strong>of</strong> depth, allowing them to put up as fine a battle in<br />

the seconcf half as past elevens had in the first hal£. Coach<br />

Andros, famous for leading his team across the field before<br />

each half, deserves a large portion <strong>of</strong> the credit for <strong>Idaho</strong>'s<br />

showing on the gridiron. The spirit and desire he instilled<br />

in his men were noticeable and a prime factor in the winning<br />

season.<br />

Footba ll Summary<br />

COACHIXG STAFF-Dick Monroe, Line<br />

Coach; John Easterbrook, Back Coach; Dee<br />

Andros. Head Coach; Steve Musseau, Defen·<br />

si"e Coach; and Edward Riley, Frosh Coach.<br />


Cary Mires and Galen Rogers team up to wallop Fresno<br />

State. Here, Rogers streal.s downfield after receiving an<br />

ll-} ard pass from Mires. Result, a 32-8 victory for the<br />

Vandals.<br />

Fresno State<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

8<br />

32<br />

The 1963 Vandal footballers gaye their fuwre<br />

opponents an early indication <strong>of</strong> what to expect<br />

as they opened the season with a fine 32-8 victory<br />

over a highly-rated Fresno State squad led by<br />

Beau Carter, considered one <strong>of</strong> the finest quarterbacks<br />

in the V\Test. <strong>Idaho</strong> coupled a strong<br />

<strong>of</strong>fense, led backs Galen Rogers, Gary Mires, and<br />

Mike Jordan with a hard-hitting defense that<br />

rendered Carter powerless to make the task look<br />

almost easy. The win was the Vandals' first in<br />

season openers <strong>of</strong> the past thirteen years and was<br />

a pleasant treat for the students who had arrived<br />

early in i\loscow for the opening <strong>of</strong> the fall e­<br />

mester.<br />


Senior Guard<br />

Mullan, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

~liKE MAYNE<br />

junior End<br />

Oakland, California<br />


Utah<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

9<br />

10<br />

With the memory <strong>of</strong> the 1962 25-21 loss to the U tah Reclskins, with a<br />

m inute-and-a-half remaining, <strong>Idaho</strong> stopped the Utags' attempt at a twopoint<br />

conversion with just thirty-six seconds to play and escaped with a 10-9<br />

victory. The big play in the <strong>Idaho</strong> squad's second straight victory was Don<br />

Matthews' brilliant 41-yard return <strong>of</strong> an intercepted pass early in the third<br />

period that set up the lone Vandal touchdown. This play was typical <strong>of</strong> the<br />

overall emphasis on defense that dominated the game and kept the 10,000<br />

Boise fans on the edges <strong>of</strong> their seats.<br />


enior Tackle<br />

Boise <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Senior Guard<br />

Amesbury, Massachusetts<br />


enior Fullback<br />

pok:me, \\ ashington<br />

Galen Rogers outO,lllks an unidentified Fres·<br />

no Stater to brighten Vandal hopes for a<br />

successful homecom ing.<br />


Sophomore lineman Joe Doh·<br />

son blocks an <strong>of</strong>fensh e at·<br />

tempt by Fresno tate.<br />

Missouri<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

24<br />

0<br />

The Missouri Tigers, on the verge <strong>of</strong> national ranking all year, proved to<br />

be too much for the spirited Vandals to handle and <strong>Idaho</strong> suffered its first<br />

loss <strong>of</strong> the young season 24-0 in Columbia, Missouri. The Tigers scored<br />

early in the game but were unable to complete another drive until late in<br />

the first half when they scored again. Although they countered ten more<br />

point in the second half, their strong defense was insurance enough. The<br />

mighty l\Ii ouri line held the fine Vandal running game to a urprisingly<br />

low total <strong>of</strong> thirty-three yards.<br />


]w1ior Center<br />

Spokane, Washington<br />

CARY S:.\IITH<br />

Senior Halfback<br />

alem, Xew JerSC)<br />

BOB RUBY<br />

junior End<br />

Turner, Oregon<br />


junior Safety<br />

Downey, California<br />


A fast and explosive <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Oregon eleven evened th e Vandal seasonal<br />

record at 2·2 by taking a 41·21 victory in Eugene. The Ducks scored first after<br />

an <strong>Idaho</strong> fumble gave them the ball deep in Vandal territory, but the fighting<br />

Vandals threw a care into the Oregon squad when they marched 71 yard a fter<br />

the ensuing kickoll to tie the score. The Ducks, howeYer, led b y quarterback<br />

Bob Berry and All· \merican halfback Mel R enfro, proved too fast and polished<br />

for the Vandal team to cope with. The <strong>Idaho</strong> defense proYed more than adequate<br />

against the Oregon ground game, but the long pa)s was the Vandals' wea kness<br />

as the Ducks scored man y time~ on third and long-yardage situations.<br />

Oregon<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

41<br />

21<br />

Jdaho"s Klid1cjs romps thama~h a l 1 ni<br />

\ Crsitv <strong>of</strong> Pacific dcfcn~i' c formation<br />

· for another <strong>Idaho</strong> '

VERi': LEYDE<br />

junior End<br />

Spokane, Washington<br />

Pacific<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

6<br />

64<br />

Anxious to get back on the victory trail, the<br />

Vandals opened up the <strong>of</strong>fense against the <strong>University</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> Paci fic to make the 1963 H omecoming a truly<br />

enjoyable day. After taking a 36-0 lead by halftime,<br />

the <strong>Idaho</strong> squad wrote the passing attack out <strong>of</strong> its<br />

plans and rolled up the remainder <strong>of</strong> the third highest<br />

Vandal score (64-6) in history solely by running<br />

the ball. It was almost impossible to pick an outstanding<br />

<strong>of</strong>fensive player for the Vandals as everyone<br />

got into the act and four different quarterbacks<br />

engineered scoring drives. The big win gave <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

a 3-2 record at the season's halfway mark.<br />

258<br />


Senior Fullback<br />

Clarkston, Washington

San Jose<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

12<br />

28<br />

~accarato surges O\'er the 50 as his<br />

Vandal teammates clear the field <strong>of</strong><br />

Fresno Staters.<br />

After defeating the \VSU Cougars two weeks previou ly, the San Jose State Spartans returned to the Palouse<br />

only to be rudely greeted by a 28-12 Vandal thrashing. Although quarterback Gary Mires was injured<br />

early in the game after setting up the first Vandal score, the Vandal <strong>of</strong>fensive machine with Mike Monahan<br />

taking over could not be stopped. The <strong>Idaho</strong> defense that amazed fans all year with its bone-crushing<br />

tackles was once again at a peak and only a freak play gave the Spartans one <strong>of</strong> their two tallies.<br />

Mi1 es encounters and outmaneuvers a Pacific Tiger as the Vandals go ou to chalk up a record-breaking 64-6 victory<br />


Washington State<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

14<br />

10<br />

JOE DOB 0 T<br />

Sophomore Tackle<br />

Horseshoe Bend, ldaho<br />

Gary :\[ires carries the pigskin<br />

through the Pacific line<br />

for another <strong>Idaho</strong> score.<br />


Senior End<br />

t. Paul, Minnesota<br />

It was a cold, bleak da} in \ 'andah·ille when<br />

the " 'SU Cougars crushed <strong>Idaho</strong>'s hopes in waning<br />

minutes <strong>of</strong> the game. <strong>Idaho</strong> gained the lead<br />

on a 21-yard field goal by l\I ike i\Iayne following<br />

a spectacular recovery and touchdown by Vandal<br />

veteran Gary Mires. H owever, <strong>Idaho</strong>'s lead was<br />

short-lived and '"'SU went on to win the annual<br />

.Battle <strong>of</strong> the Palouse 14-10.<br />


Senior Quarterback<br />

1\akcr. Oregon<br />


Arizona<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

34<br />

7<br />

The <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Ari7ona \\'ildcats<br />

showed their heels to the Vandal squad,<br />

much to the delight <strong>of</strong> 17,000 pectators in<br />

Tuc on, ritona. The 34-7 defeat evened<br />

the Vandal seasonal record at 4-4. After a<br />

slow start the \Vildcats found the only weakness<br />

that hurt the Vandals all season- pass<br />

defense. Then there was no stopping the<br />

speedy \1\Tildcat team as they rolled up a<br />

27-0 halftime lead. After intermission the<br />

Vandals seemed to have solved the defensive<br />

problem, but it was too late. The second<br />

half resulted in a 7-7 tie with the Vandal<br />

score coming in the final quarter, from<br />

the superb running ability <strong>of</strong> quarterback<br />

Gary i\Iires.<br />

A powerhouse in action, Rich<br />

Nacc:trato sprin1s past an<br />

unidentified Fresno Stater<br />

Cor another touchdown- and<br />

another victory.<br />

Football<br />

Award<br />

Robert Cornell, ~ational President <strong>of</strong><br />

the Kappa igma Fraternity, presents the<br />

Clarence S. "Hec·· Edmundson Award to<br />

Vandal end Rich Naccarato. Naccarato, a<br />

junior from Spokane, \1\Tashington, was<br />

chosen as the most inspirational football<br />

player at the close <strong>of</strong> one <strong>of</strong> the most succe<br />

sful seasons <strong>Idaho</strong> has seen in years.<br />



Sophomore Guard<br />

Spokane, Washington<br />


Senior Center<br />

Cleveland, Ohio<br />


Senior Taclcle<br />

Moscow, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> State<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

0<br />

14<br />

The Vandals closed the season with a perfect record<br />

on <strong>Idaho</strong> soil and a 5-4 winning season by soundly<br />

defeating a spirited <strong>Idaho</strong> State Bengal squad 1

Row One: Nick Mignone, Rod Bohman, Butch Slaughter, Van Hegbloom, am Johnson, Bill Ve:-1ard, Bill Bufton. Row T wo: Vic<br />

:\I ann, Pat Unden•·ood, Dave Closson, Ray McDonald, J ohn Daniel, Don Strate, Jim La,en~. Row Three: Jern .\hlin, Andy<br />

Christ<strong>of</strong>f, Gary Fitzpatrick, teve Rice, J ohn Roberts, Joe McCollum, John \\'eber. Row Four: .Bob Skusc, .\1 Busb)', j ohn Foruria,<br />

Larry 1\fonahan, Bob 1\IcCray, Ron Porter, J ohn hclt, Dennis Dwyer, George Benctntos.<br />

Fresh Football<br />

The freshman football team compiled a fine 2-l record<br />

this year wh ich was highlighted with the 36-0 drubbing <strong>of</strong><br />

the \VashingLOn State frosh. The Vandal Babes withstood<br />

the <strong>of</strong>fensi"e siege <strong>of</strong> the U <strong>of</strong>\\' Huskies in their first game<br />

and coasted to a 32-18 victory. The Columbia Basin Junior<br />

College crew handed the frosh their only defeat, but follow·<br />

ing this the 11quad retaliated by walloping the"' U Cougars<br />

36-0.<br />

Washington<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

18<br />

32<br />

Columbia Basin . 26<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> 0<br />

W ashington State . 0<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> 36<br />


Basketball<br />

The predictions <strong>of</strong> basketball experts that<br />

1963-64 would be a year <strong>of</strong> rebuilding for the inexperienced<br />

Vandal team became realitie this<br />

)Car, but Coach Goddard's cagemen compiled a<br />

respectable record despite their disadvamage .<br />

Late in the season the Vandals edged their way<br />

up the Big Sky ladder after soundly dcCeating<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> State and MSU.<br />

Although the season was not one to be boasted<br />

<strong>of</strong>, nine school records were either tied or broken<br />

during the course <strong>of</strong> the 7-1 9 season.<br />

A team record was broken in the rebound department<br />

as the Vandal cagemen recovered 1,378<br />

to top the previous mark <strong>of</strong> 1,328 which was set<br />

last year by Gus Johnson and his Vandal teammates.<br />

Coeur d'Alene's Tom 1\[orelancl, a junior center<br />

on the Vandal squad, tied Gus John~on\<br />

game rebound record when he made 31 rebound-,<br />

during the \\'hitworth game. H e also bettered<br />

Rich Porter's one-season scoring field goal marl<br />

with a 46.8 percent to Poner·s 46.6 Ia t season.<br />

Other records included 77 rebound again t<br />

Xe\'ada (old record was 69 a~ain t Oregon in<br />

1963); fouls, 28 against Washington tate (tied<br />

mark et against Bradley in 1960) : free throw<br />

attempts against WSU, 43 (old mark, 37, again'>t<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> State in 1962); and free throw made<br />

against Oregon State (tied mark set again t<br />

idaho State in J 962) .<br />

Veteran Tom Whitfield posted his name in<br />

the record book three times this season. \\'ith<br />

602 poims, he became the tenth highest scorer in<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> history. His 498 rebounds placed him<br />

fifth among the all-time <strong>Idaho</strong> rebounders, and<br />

his 6.4 rebounds per game gave him fourth-place,<br />

record-wise, in that particular department.<br />

The last record was set by rookie Ed H askins,<br />

sophomore guard from St. Maries who topped<br />

Cary Simmons' one-game free throw shooting<br />

record with 16 <strong>of</strong> 19 conversions.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s Ed Haskins stands read) for action in the<br />

foreground as his teammate, Larry Rasmussen<br />

jumps high above the heads <strong>of</strong> members <strong>of</strong> the<br />

opposing Oregon squad.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s Vandal cagemen achieved much this year despite scorebook indicators. The Vandals maintained<br />

a commendable attitude <strong>of</strong> sportsmanship througf1out the season and in the process they made a<br />

respectable showing, particularly among the other schools <strong>of</strong> the Big Sky Conference.<br />

The efforts <strong>of</strong> the team and <strong>of</strong> Coach Goddard were rewarded when the Vandals kept 'King Spud'<br />

in the showcase in Memorial Gym after they upset intrastate rivals, <strong>Idaho</strong> State <strong>University</strong>. Next year,<br />

when the roars <strong>of</strong> crowds again fill Memorial Gymnasium, the real success <strong>of</strong> the 1963-64 Vandal team<br />

will be elucidated.<br />


Basketball<br />


Jim Goddard came to the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

during a year <strong>of</strong> rebuilding in the field <strong>of</strong> his talents<br />

-basketball. H e guided his Vandal cagemen to a<br />

respectable seasonal record and in the process "built"<br />

a team that will go far in the 1964-65 season.<br />

Few potatoes are grown in North <strong>Idaho</strong> but 'King Spud'<br />

seems to be a permanent resident <strong>of</strong> the Moscow area.<br />

Each year the team which wins the <strong>Idaho</strong>-<strong>Idaho</strong> State<br />

basketball series receives 'King Spud' in recognition <strong>of</strong><br />

this achievement. Once again this year the high-striding<br />

Vandals nipped the Bengal attack successfully and swept<br />

the series with a perfect 2·0.<br />

Above: Chuck Kozak outjumps an ISU Bengal to net another two points<br />

for the <strong>University</strong>. Below: Tom Whitfield makes ball-stealing look easy<br />

as he leaves his Bengal opponent holding thin air.<br />


Basketball Awards<br />

Following the <strong>Idaho</strong>-<strong>Idaho</strong> State <strong>University</strong> game, the annual<br />

Vandal Basketball Awards Ceremony was held in Memorial Gymnasium.<br />

Tom ' 'Vhitfielcl, a two-year letterman for the Vandals, received<br />

the " King Spud" trophy on behalf <strong>of</strong> his teammates after the<br />

Va ndals walked <strong>of</strong>f the maple court with a 70-66 victory over their<br />

southern neighbors, the ISU Bengals.<br />

The Jan Gano Award for the most inspirational player "·as<br />

presented to guard Jay Anderson for his sportsmanlike conduct<br />

throughout the season.<br />

Tom Moreland received the Ronald ·white Award for the most<br />

outstanding player for his outstanding performances during the<br />

season.<br />

The J. 0. " Oz" Thompson Award was presented to Chuck<br />

Kozak during the ceremony. This award <strong>of</strong> $100 is given to a<br />

deserving team member on the basis <strong>of</strong> need, usefulness to the<br />

squad, and scholarship.<br />

Academic Vice President H. Walter Steffens holds the Jay Gano Award for Jay<br />

Anderson who was injured during the game. Beside Vice President Steffens is<br />

Tom Moreland, who holds the Ronald White Award for the most outstanding<br />

player. Chuck Kozak beams after being presented with the $100 "Oz" Thompson<br />

Award.<br />

Tom Whitfield receives the " King Spud"<br />

Trophy on behalf <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Idaho</strong> basketball<br />

team and a handshake from Elmer K.<br />

="elson, President <strong>of</strong> the Moscow Chamber<br />

<strong>of</strong> Commerce.<br />


Row One: Don Sowar, Bob Emchiser, Bill Mattis, Jay Anderson, Ed H askins. Row Two: Dave<br />

Eldridge, Tom Whitfield, Chuck Kozak, Nelson Lcvias, Ed Tollefson. Row Three: T om Moreland,<br />

Larry R asmussen, Jim McElroy.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> Varsity Basketball Squad<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

86 Nevada ................................ 73<br />

68 Whitworth .......................... 86<br />

68 Washington State .............. 85<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 62 Santa Barbara .................... 71<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 66 " 'estern ·washington ........ 71<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 66 Oklahoma City U .............. !().!<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 77 Santa Barbara .................... 73<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 61 U <strong>of</strong> H ouston .................... 76<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 69 U <strong>of</strong> Washington .............. 80<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 61 Gonzaga .............................. 69<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 83 Weber .................................. 103<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> -···············-········· 69 <strong>Idaho</strong> State .......................... 62<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 65 Montana State .................... 71<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 65 Gonzaga .............................. 75<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 69 Seattle .................................. 75<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 57 Seattle .................................. 63<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 77 "Veber -····-·········-·················· 86<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 58 Oregon ................................ 61<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 71 "Whitworth .......................... 57<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 54 Oregon ................................ 58<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 70 <strong>Idaho</strong> State .......................... 66<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 64 Montana ............................ 62<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 46 Oregon State ...................... 72<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 62 Oregon State ......................112<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 63 Montana State .................... 86<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> .......................... 64 Montana ............................ 51<br />


1964 Basketball Statistics<br />


T om i\ roreland --------········---------------------··· 26 H0-299 46.8 92-122 76.0 321<br />

Ed H a k.ins ............................................... 26 116-287 41.0 77-95 82.0 73<br />

T om \ Vhitfi e1d ........................................ 26 99-281 34.9 63-1 07 59.0 217<br />

Chuck Kozak ............................................ 26 92-242 37.8 64-116 55.0 245<br />

Bill Mattis ................................................ 25 45-130 34.5 39-49 79.5 32<br />

J ay A nderson ........................................... 26 25-82 31.0 29-53 54.2 85<br />

Larry R asmus en . ···········-------- -----------· .. 18 28-71 39.2 18-36 50.0 9-1<br />

T erry H enson .......................................... 14 28-102 27.1 9-26 34.6 29<br />

Ed Tollefson ............................................ 20 21-67 31.0 8-12 66.7 23<br />

Bob Emehiser .......................................... 10 14-39 35.9 10-15 66.7 II<br />

Don Sowar ................................................ 12 16-34 47.1 -:l-1 0 40.0 10<br />

Jim i\tlcElroy ............................................ 13 ll-28 39.0 11-16 69.0 27<br />

Nelson L evias .......................................... 18 12-38 31.8 6-13 46.0 21<br />

l\ l ike Lamb ........... ------ ---·-··············· 0-0 00.0 1-2 50.0 0<br />

Team R ebounds ............................. 174<br />

Total ............. .. ---- ----·--··············<br />

Opponents Total .............................<br />

PF T P AVC<br />

64 372 I 1.3<br />

51 309 11.8<br />

61 261 10.0<br />

73 2-!8 9.5<br />

36 129 5. 1<br />

48 79 3.0<br />

39 7-:l J.l<br />

19 65 1.6<br />

28 50 2.5<br />

10 38 3.8<br />

12 36 3.0<br />

ll 33 2.5<br />

25 30 1.5<br />

1.5<br />

1723 61i.2<br />

1950 75.0<br />

j U:\trBALL, IDA HO-IDA HO rATE . .-\gain this )ear the King Spud trophy was returned to<br />

the showcase in lllemorial Cpn as the Vandals chalked up 69-62 and 70-66 wi ns over their in trastate<br />

rivals.<br />


All -College Tournament<br />

This year during the Christmas holidays the Vandals<br />

traveled to Oklahoma City to participate in the<br />

All-College TournamenL In previous years the Vandals<br />

had participated in the Far-West Classic which<br />

was held in Portland, Oregon. This year, however,<br />

the Vandals traveled to an area relatively new to<br />

them.<br />

The first night <strong>of</strong> the tournament the Vandals met<br />

the h ighly-rated Oklahoma City <strong>University</strong> squad<br />

and were defeated 104-66. The Vandals fared some-<br />

\\'hat better in the second game, dropping a hardfought,<br />

61-76 battle to the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Houston.<br />

The third night <strong>of</strong> the tournament th e Huskies <strong>of</strong><br />

the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Washington defeated the Vandal<br />

five 80-69. Despite indications <strong>of</strong> scores, the Vandals<br />

carried the <strong>Idaho</strong> spirit to an area which is relatively<br />

unfamiliar with the tate <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> and its fine <strong>University</strong>.<br />

This was the true value <strong>of</strong> the Vandal journey<br />

to the southcenLral United States.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s Haskins exhibitS point-making form as the<br />

Vandals push ahead <strong>of</strong> the Oregon five.<br />

Big Tom Moreland garners another two points for<br />

the Vandals during the Tdaho·i\·fontana State game<br />

in Moscow.<br />

Ed Tollefson "dunks" another two points for the<br />

Vandals as his team defeats anta Barbara 77-73.<br />

Chuck Ko1ak outjumps a :\fontana Criuly<br />

during the first minutes <strong>of</strong> the Montana·<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> game.<br />


Gonzaga<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Gonzaga<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

69<br />

61<br />

75<br />

65<br />

Tom Whitfield goes up for a poi nter while<br />

Gonzaga players watch helplessly.<br />

The Gonzaga Bulldogs proved tOO much for the Vandals<br />

as they swept the two-game series by scores <strong>of</strong> 69-61 and 75-<br />

65. Both games saw the Vandals lacking a big man in the<br />

scoring department, while Gonzaga got a 26-point perform-<br />

ance from Billy Suter in the first game on the <strong>Idaho</strong> court,<br />

and Bill Wilson picked up 28 points in the Spokane victory.<br />

Tom Whitfield was the biggest threat <strong>of</strong> either game as he<br />

garnered 17 points in the first game.<br />

Larry Rasmussen, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

center, tips one in during<br />

the <strong>Idaho</strong>-Santa Barbara<br />

tilt. <strong>Idaho</strong> split the twogame<br />

series with the 'isitors-losing<br />

the first game<br />

62-71. but coming back in<br />

the second to defeat the<br />

Californians 77-73.<br />


Weber<br />

f .. "'<br />

.:.,1 9<br />

/~<br />

103<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> 83<br />

!!?<br />

•<br />

Weber 86<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> 77<br />

Led by Jim Lyon, high ffying Weber tate<br />

was little slowed by the Vandal squad. Weber<br />

took the Utah opener easily by a 103·83 score<br />

and overcame <strong>Idaho</strong>'s home-ffoor advamage<br />

with an 86-77 win in the second game. Jim<br />

Lyon netted 30 points in the opener and nearly<br />

matched it with a 29-point performance in<br />

Memorial Gym. T om Moreland was the leading<br />

Vandal scorer <strong>of</strong> the series as he picked<br />

up 19 points in each game, while guard Ed<br />

Haskins hit for totals <strong>of</strong> 17 and 19.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s Haskins co ~n es to Tollefson's<br />

assistance during the<br />

\ Veber contest on the home<br />

maplcconrt.<br />

27 1

<strong>Idaho</strong> State<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> State .<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

62<br />

69<br />

66<br />

70<br />

H there was any year that <strong>Idaho</strong> State was expected to show dominance<br />

over the Vandal fi\'C on the maplecouns, this was it . .. but<br />

it wasn't. The Vandal squad turned the tables on the Bengals, "·ho<br />

were led by All-American candidate, Art Crump, and took 69-62<br />

and 70-66 victories. Tom :'\101-eland led the <strong>Idaho</strong> team with 20-<br />

and 26-point totab, and Ed Haskin scored 17 and 18 points in the<br />

two-game set. Art Crump was held to a ~cam four points on his<br />

home court, but bounced bark to score a creditable 21 in the<br />

Vandal home game.<br />


junior Cum·d<br />

Coeur d',\ lene, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Whitfield hands <strong>of</strong>f to H askins 3'> the Vandals crack<br />

through the tight Bengal dcrcnse.<br />


junior Center<br />

cattle, Washington<br />


J<br />

l·inesse belongs 10 Larry Rasmussen as he goes<br />

;~hove his MSC opponenrs 10 "'dunk" 2 poi n t~.<br />

J Dl ~lcELR OY<br />

\ophomore Guard<br />


Montana<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Montana<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

64<br />

66<br />

51<br />

64<br />

SoJ>homore Ct'nler<br />

Cannon Beach. Oregon<br />

l daho p icked up a pair <strong>of</strong> Big Sky vic­<br />

LOries by sweeping a pair o( we ll-played<br />

games against the Montana Grizzlies by<br />

scores <strong>of</strong> 66-64 and 64-51. Moreland led<br />

the attack in the first game with a 24-<br />

poin t night, including 12-15 from the<br />

charity line, while Ed Haskins accoun ted<br />

for ano ther 16. T he second game was<br />

marked by a more balanced scoring attack<br />

as H askins hit for 19, Kozak, 17,<br />

and Moreland, 15.<br />

Guard J ay .\nderson mancu\'CfS through Griuly<br />

ddcnse while KoLa!.. and ~ l cElroy screen his action.<br />


Washington State<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Nevada<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong><br />

85<br />

68<br />

73<br />

86<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> met their arch-rivals, the vVSU Cougars, only once in<br />

the 1963-64 season and the result was a disappointing 85-68<br />

defeat. The Cougars, led by the sharp outside shooting <strong>of</strong><br />

Byron Vadset, moved into a 46-39 halftime lead and cominued<br />

to pull ahead in the second half. T om Moreland led the Vandal<br />

coring attack with 14 points followed by Bill Mattis with<br />

13, but Vadset alone cancelled these with a fin e 27-poim eflort.<br />

With the big men, Tom Moreland and Tom ·whitfield, leading<br />

the way, <strong>Idaho</strong>'s basketball Vandals opened the season<br />

with an 86-73 romp over the visiting <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> N evada<br />

'"'olfpack. The game was somewhat sloppily played with a<br />

total <strong>of</strong> 47 fouls whistled in the contest, but the Vandal scoring<br />

showed some promise as Moreland accounted for 26 and Whitfield<br />

for 18 <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Idaho</strong> counters.<br />


junior Fonvard<br />

eaulc, \Vashington<br />

Big Nelson Levias goes up for a<br />

counter in stair-step fashion as<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> defeats Nevada's Wolfpack<br />

86-73.<br />

A'E UIO:\' LEVIAS<br />

junior Fonvard<br />

eaulc, Washington<br />


Row Oue: ll)ron Strickland, Rod Uohman. J erry Ahlin, J ohn Foruria. Vic Zgortelski, Mike \Vicks.<br />

Row Two: John James. Carry J ones, \\'in " 'est, Dan llashcn. Forrest llogahoam. Row Three:<br />

Chuck White, Coath; Da'e chlotth:suer, Jim ~lanin. te'e \locn.<br />

Frosh Basketball<br />

Five former <strong>Idaho</strong>-prep basketball pla yer:. took the top five places in scoring<br />

for the <strong>Idaho</strong> Frosh this season n~ the Vandals posted a 7-7 record.<br />

Dave Schlouhauer from Post Falls scored 249 point for a 17.7 average<br />

to lead the squad. John Foruria from Emmett \\·a:. ~econ d with 190 points<br />

and a 13.5 average. Third place went to Coeur d'Alene' Mike '\Vicks who<br />

had 160 point~ and an l l .~ mark.<br />

Former Borah eager and quarterback J erry Ahlin was fourth with an 8.·1<br />

average and a total <strong>of</strong> 118 points. Rod n ohman <strong>of</strong> T roy was fifth with 82<br />

points and a 5.8 average. John James <strong>of</strong> orth Bend, Oregon, placed sixth<br />

with 77 points and a 5.9 average for ! 3 games. J ames also captured both<br />

the field goal and free throw percentage titles. H e hit 58 percent from the<br />

field and 82.3 percem fro m the line.<br />

c FC PCT IT<br />

D:n e chlotthauer .. 14 91-23-l 41.0 61-89<br />

John Foruria ........ . 1 ~ 86-167 52.1 18-27<br />

~!il..e Wicks ..............14 69-132 52.6 22-36<br />

J erry .\hlin .............. 14 12-130 32.0 3-1-li<br />

Rod Bohman ........ 14 36-92 39.1 10-17<br />

J ohn J ames .............. 13 29-50 58.0 19-23<br />

Byron trickland .... 13 26·92 28.2 3-9<br />

Ra\ McDonald ........ 4 17-51 33.3 16-22<br />

\'ic Lgorzelski .......... 11 11-22 50.0 3·3<br />


PCT PF TP ,\ \'. c FC PCT FT PCT PF TP AV.<br />

68.2 J-<br />

'9 249 17.7 Jim :-\aslund . 10 9-30 30.0 7-10 70.0 14 25 2 ..)<br />

f>6.0 33 190 13.5 Jim ~lanin .. 10 7-18 38.8 9- 14 64.0 2 23 2.3<br />

6 ..) .>o 160 11.-l 'ite\e ~loen . 7 10-15 66.7 0-1 00.0 10 10 2.8<br />

-C).<br />

, ___ , 30 118 8.-l Don Hanson ..... .. 9 4- 16 25.0 4-5 80.0 2 12 1.3<br />

58.5 19 82 5.8 Forrest Hogabo~m .. 4 4-5 80.0 1-2 50.0 2 9 2.2<br />

82.3 17 ii 5.9 Carry J ones ............ 5 0·3 00.0 3-7<br />

1 12.5 1 3 .6<br />

33.3 25 55 4.2 Dave Green ............ 7 1-2 50.0 0-0 00.0 3 2 .2<br />

72.7 13 50 12 ..) TOT.\L llOO 78.5<br />

60.0 16<br />

9-<br />

- J 2.2 OPPO:-\E:\T 1079 77.0<br />


The \'andal ba~eball<br />

team. under the supen i­<br />

sion <strong>of</strong> Coach \\'a,ne \nderson.<br />

experieticed a<br />

highly suctessful sea~on<br />

despite a ;,low stan . .\1-<br />

though the Vandals began<br />

the season with a second<br />

place in Ba nana Bell<br />

competition, they im ­<br />

proved during the season<br />

to come back to a 10-0 record<br />

in Big Sky play and<br />

won the Big Sky crown<br />

by stopping ~cco nd - placc<br />

Weber College in the conference<br />

plawfh.<br />

Outstanding performances<br />

were turned in hy<br />

Jeff )lcQueen). Tom<br />

Hoagland. ;md Gary Peters.<br />

i\lcQueeny, a catcher<br />

from Texas City, Texas,<br />

finished the season in first<br />

place in the battiug department<br />

with a .372 average.<br />

Hoagland followed<br />

closely with a .3 10 and<br />

Peters finished the season<br />

at the .2i6 mark.<br />

VA:'IID.-\L l'rl C II ERS<br />

R ow One: Gaq Peters,<br />

Frank Reberger. Ron<br />

" 'atson, Bill Stoneman.<br />

Row Two: )like l.amh,<br />

Ron Bogue, .\lil.e G lenn.<br />


Name G IP H R ER.\ so Bl3 w L :'\a me<br />

Gary Peters .............. 14 77 6() 35 2.70 66 28 7 3 Frank Reberger ......<br />

~ l ike Glenn .............. 15 79 70 31 2.43 85 27 7 4 Gary Luce .............<br />

Bill StOneman ........ 14 49 '12 21 2.52 57 18 5 ·1 John Bardelli ..........<br />

i\like Lamb ...... .......11 32 29 14 2.16 8 5 3 0 T erry Van Slate ......<br />

Ron Bogue ............. 6 25 23 13 2.88 15 14<br />

G<br />

IP<br />

8 13<br />

2 6<br />

2 4<br />

2<br />

Baseball<br />

H R ER A so nn \\' L<br />

II 8 4.59 16 9 0 I<br />

8 6 3.96 7 0 0 0<br />

l 0 .00 3 l 0 0<br />

3 4 2 2 0 0<br />

BIG KY CONFERENCE CH AMPIONS: Row One: Bill Stoneman, Chuck J ohnson, Fred Thomas, Bob Connan, Terry Van Slate, j ohn llardelli.<br />

Row T wo: Bob Blessinger, John Blessinger, Mike Everett, J eff :\lcQuecn), ' I om Hoagland, J im Cannichael, Dick Knapp, Ron Watson, Coach<br />

Wayne Anderson. Row Three: Carr Luce, Bob Erickson, :\like Lamb, Ron Bogue, Frank Rcberger. Bill H ui~inga , Mike Glenn, Carr Peters,<br />

Cary Kaat1.

Vandal Hitters<br />

~a me .\B R H<br />

Jeff i\fcQueen) .. .128 30 48<br />

Tom Hoagland ...... 123 19 38<br />

Gary Peter ············ 29 3 8<br />

B. Blessinger ·········· 28 2 7<br />

Fred Thomas .......... 118 11 29<br />

M ike Lamb ············ 9 I 2<br />

J . Blessinger ............ 105 18 21<br />

Jim Carmichael ...... 127 22 26<br />

Bill H u izinga .......... 61 3 13<br />

Gary Kaatz .............. 120 13 23<br />

Mike Everett .......... 70 5 12<br />

Gary Luce .............. 65 10 II<br />

John Bardelli .......... 44 4 6<br />

PO<br />

264<br />

279<br />

8<br />

7<br />

51<br />

4<br />

48<br />

68<br />

56<br />

30<br />

20<br />

29<br />

12<br />

RBI<br />

28<br />

17<br />

4<br />

3<br />

7<br />

2<br />

6<br />

4<br />

5<br />

21<br />

5<br />

7<br />

.\\'C .<br />

.372<br />

.310<br />

.276<br />

.250<br />

.248<br />

.222<br />

.200<br />

.208<br />

.2 13<br />

.190<br />

. 17 1<br />

. 169<br />

.136<br />

278<br />

TO:\l HOAGLAND<br />

First Base<br />

;\UKE GLENN<br />


Big Sky Conference<br />

Record 10-0<br />

Northern Division<br />

Record 5- 11<br />

Non- Conference<br />

Record 8-2<br />

JDI C.\R)IJ(.H \EL<br />

Outf•eld<br />

JEFF ) lcQUEE~Y<br />

Catcher<br />


econd Base<br />



Pitcher<br />

l\UKE LAMB<br />

Pitcher<br />

Baseball<br />

Competing in two conferences this year<br />

the <strong>Idaho</strong> Vandals compiled a 23-13 record<br />

for the 1964 season. Aher a slow start with<br />

a second place in Banana Belt play the Vandal<br />

stickmen gained momentum, chalked<br />

up a 10-0 record in Big Sky Conference<br />

competition, and took lhe Big Sky crown<br />

from second place ·w eber College <strong>of</strong> Ogden,<br />

Utah.<br />

The Vandal batLing auack was led by<br />

catcher J eff l\IcQuceny who lammed six<br />

homeruns over the centerfield wall during<br />

the eason to top the Vandal batters· aYerages<br />

with a .372 average.<br />

Big Gary Peters and hb Leammate Mike<br />

Glenn led the Vandal attack from the<br />

pilcher's mound-PeLCrs won 7 and lost 3<br />

and Glenn won 7 and lost 4.<br />

The 1964 baseball season was highly successful<br />

for the Vandal luggers, the champions<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Big Sky Conference.<br />

Baseball fans saw plemy <strong>of</strong> action<br />

thi~ season on ;\£cLean Field<br />

in spite <strong>of</strong> the colder-than-usual<br />

p.-ing weather.<br />


<strong>Idaho</strong>'s Paul H enden exhibits cham pionship crosscountry<br />

form as he streaks into the finish gate after<br />

clocking an ama1ing 20:33.9 and placing second in<br />

the Big Sky Conference meet.<br />

Cross-Country<br />

Coach Doug MacFarlane's Jdaho Harriers<br />

took top honors in the Big Sky Conference<br />

Cross Coun U'} Championship held on the<br />

U <strong>of</strong> I golf cour e this year. Fi nal ~La ndings<br />

were:<br />

1. IDAHO .................................................. 49<br />

2. IDAH O TATE .................................. 53<br />

3. MO 1 TANA STATE .......................... 69<br />

4. :MONT A 1 A ......................................... 85<br />

5. 'VEBER ............................................... 86<br />

6. GO~ZA CA ......................................... 113<br />

Outstanding performers pat ticipating in<br />

the champ ionship meet were Paul H enden,<br />

Dick Douglas, and Nick W etter.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> H arriers begin the grueling two-and-threequarters<br />

miles course during the halftime <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Homecoming game. Leading the pack in the tri·<br />

angular meet with Washjngton State and Gonzaga<br />

are Paul llcnden, Nick Wetter, and Rolf Prydz.<br />


.Marl.. Robertson, 440 and 880; Bob Johnson, sprints; Joe Chapman, sprims and broad jump; Bill Bryson, sprints<br />

Track<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong>'s thinclads made a respectable showing this<br />

year despite the cold, moist weather <strong>of</strong> a later-thanusual<br />

Palouse country spring. Not only were they<br />

hampered by poor weather, but illness and injury also<br />

handicapped the Vandal cindermen.<br />

The Vandals made a fine sho"·ing in the Big Sky<br />

conference meet, which was held in l\Iissoula, Montana.<br />

Quarter-miler rick Carnefix romped through<br />

his particular event in a blistering 48.7 for first place.<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> garnered two first places in field events when<br />

big l\Iax Leetzow hurled the discus 166 feet I01 r 2<br />

inche to claim the top spot in his specialty, and again<br />

when Jim J ackson, Vandal pole-Yaulter. soared 13 feet<br />

2 inche to win that event. Since the conference meet<br />

was the first since the Big Sky Conference was formed,<br />

a II marks became records.<br />


I. <strong>Idaho</strong> tate ni,·erity ........................................ 164 V2<br />

2. <strong>Idaho</strong> ...................................................................... 91<br />

3. ~Iontana State College ........................................ 77<br />

4. Montana State Univer ity .................................. 73V2<br />

5. \Veber .................................................................... 36<br />


In his first year at <strong>Idaho</strong>, Coach MacFarlane guided<br />

the Vandal cindermen through a successful season.<br />

2 2

Joe McCollum, sprints; and Louis Olaso, distances<br />

\'.\ ND.\L SPRINTERS: Virgil Kearney, Jim Fuller, Tim La,ens, Bill<br />

Reeder.<br />

Track Meets<br />



<strong>Idaho</strong> .................................................. 104 i\Contana State ............................... 74<br />

Whitworth ..... . . .................... 57 <strong>Idaho</strong> .................................................. 66<br />

Eastern "\\'ashingLOn ........................ 32 <strong>Idaho</strong> .................................................. 80<br />

<strong>Idaho</strong> ............................................... 23 i\fonLana ........................................ . 65<br />

UCLA ............................................. 71 <strong>Idaho</strong> . ........................................ 35<br />

"\Vashington ...................................... 86 " 'a hington Late ............................ 110<br />

.r• ......:... ' .,.T ~ ~ o. '<br />

J erry Tud.er, intermediate hurdles; Zura Goodpaster, high hurdles, high<br />

jump, triple jump, ja' elin, pole \'ault; Dick Borneman, intermediate<br />

hurdles, 440-yard dash, mile rela}; Jerrr Howard, high hurdles, intermediate<br />

hurdles, 4-10-)ard relay.<br />


Track<br />


Field<br />

Borneman, Broad Jump ...... 22' 11"<br />

Goodpaster, High Jump ... ..6' 2"<br />

trickland, High Jump .... 6' 2"<br />

Leetzow, Discu .... .. 169' 9"•<br />

J ackson, Pole Vault ......... 13' 6"<br />

Ruby, Triple J ump . ... .45' 6W'<br />

Track<br />

Carnefix, 220 .............................. 21.7<br />

Carnefix, 440 ............................. .48.7<br />

Jebsen, 880 ............................. .! :53.6<br />

H enden, l\file ......................... .4:23.7<br />

H enden, 2 Mile .................... 9: 15.8<br />

H enden, 3 Mile .................... 15:08.7<br />

Goodpaster, High Hurdles ...... 16.0<br />

Borneman, Intermediate<br />

H urdles ............. ... .... . . ...... 55.2<br />

440-Relay .................................... 42.4<br />

Mile Relay .............................. 3:20.0<br />

•New Vandal Record<br />


Discus ........ J49' 6"<br />


Pole Vauft. ....... l3' 6"<br />



Discus ........ l69' 9'• :'.file Run ........4:23.7<br />



Coach<br />

Rid. Jensen, Torn amp·<br />

son, Terry Gustave!, Bill<br />

Goss.<br />

Golf<br />

Coach Snyder's Vandal golfers compiled an enviable 12-2 record<br />

this season despite the blustery sprmg weather <strong>of</strong> the Palouse<br />

country. The Vandal squad started the season by winning the<br />

Clarkston Collegiate Invitational and ended the season in the<br />

runner-up spot in the Big Sky Conference.<br />

Tom Sampson, Terry Gustave!, and Bill Goss, all seniors and<br />

three-year lettermen, played their last season under Vandal colors.<br />

Coss was chosen captain <strong>of</strong> the team and Sampson received the<br />

"Doc" Barton Mo)t Valuable Player Award. Two-year lettermen<br />

included Chick Cutler, Ros Rognstad, and Rick Jensen-all<br />

juniors. The remaining members <strong>of</strong> the squad, one-year lettermen,<br />

were Larry Kirkland, Bill Carter, and Dick T rail. Fi,•e <strong>of</strong><br />

the team member) qualified for the NCAA Tournament which<br />

was held in Colorado prings, Colorado, in mid-June.<br />

Lan\ Kirkland, Bill Carter, and Dick Trail<br />

Chick Cutler and Ros Rognstad<br />


COACH J. )f.\R H \LL R£Y::-:OLDS<br />

DICK J£N:'I:INGS COTf R T .\Y<br />

This year Coath Re) nold~ saw hi; inexperienced \'an·<br />

dal team compile a rcspcnable record and go far on<br />

the road that wi ll mean success next sca~on.<br />

Tennis<br />

I n his first year at ldaho, Coach l\Iarsh Rc)­<br />

nolds guided the Vandal netmen through a cason<br />

marked by inexperience. Team member<br />

were Scott Rusta), Lee Takehashi, Dick J ennings,<br />

Keith Ries, Terry Winter, Bill Van Orman,<br />

and LeRoy Ben on.<br />

T he team made a re~pectable howing, pani< u­<br />

larly at the Big 'k) Conference match in ~ I issoula.<br />

During thi match the Vandals po ed a<br />

threat when the) almo~t up et top- eecled <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

tate <strong>University</strong>. Jn northwest competition, the<br />

Vandals were the only team to hand the Huskies<br />

from the Uni\'er~ity or \Vashington any set lo~~c.<br />

~ .<br />

BILL \'\X OR)l.-\::-.;<br />

\'eteran \'andal netman from Jerome, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />



Rotv One: Bill Van Orman, T erry Winter, Keith Ries. Row Two: Coach Marsh Reynolds, Terry Scott. Dick Jennings, Lee T akahashi, Scou Rustay<br />

Tennis<br />

idaho's inexperienced tennis team ran into some really<br />

tough competition this season but nevertheless they made<br />

a respectable showing for the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>. Although<br />

Coach Reynolds' "green" team was unsuccessful<br />

in its bid to upset top-seeded <strong>Idaho</strong> State at the Big Sky<br />

fin ale in Missoula, the Vandal netmen were successful in<br />

handing the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> Washington its only set loss<br />

during the season in northwest competition.<br />


Swimming<br />

The <strong>Idaho</strong> Vandals brought home the<br />

Big Sky Conference swimming championship<br />

this year following the championship<br />

meet which was held in Ogden,<br />

Utah. Eleven Vandal finmen claimed<br />

nine first place spots to win the meet<br />

with 142 points. Jdaho finmen who participated<br />

in the championship meet were<br />

Byron Anderson, Gary Baker, Dan Cole,<br />

Dave Grieve, L arry Harris, Kris Kirkland,<br />

T om Kirkland, Andy Sorenson,<br />

Bill Stillmaker, Karl Von Tagen, and<br />

Bob Winn.<br />

Gary Baker won three event and qualified<br />

for the NCAA Championships in<br />

the 200-yard butterfly and in the 200-<br />

yard individual medley. His times in<br />

these events were 2:05.1 and 2:07.0 respectively.<br />

Karl Von Tagen clocked 22.4 in the<br />

50-yard freestyle and this performance<br />

gave him a ticket to the NCAA finals.<br />

Varsity records were set by Stillmaker<br />

in the 200-yard breaststroke with a time<br />

<strong>of</strong> 2:21.1; by Von Tagen in the 200-yard<br />

freestyle with 1 :05.0; by tillmaker in<br />

the 100-yard breaststroke, 1 :07.8; and by<br />

Von Tagen in th e I 00-yard freestyle, 50<br />

seconds flat.<br />

BIG KY C H.-\;\1 PIO:-.=. - Uow Oue: Karl \'on I agen. Bob \\'inn. Larq Harris, Kris Kiri.­<br />

Jand, Tom Kirkland. tC\e Calhoun. Row Two: Gaf)' Baker, Ted L'ons. Dan Cole (Captain).<br />

Da'e Crie,e, B}ron Anderson, .\nd} Sorcuson, Bill Stillmal.er. Rou• Three: Lowell<br />

Yama~hita, Clarke i\litchcll (Co:tch) , Steve Mcrlan.<br />

Big Sky Standings<br />

1. <strong>Idaho</strong> ................................................. .142<br />

2. <strong>Idaho</strong> State <strong>University</strong> ................... .1 19<br />

3. Weber tate College ........................ 63<br />

4. ~ f ontana State Uni"ersity .......... 51<br />


Coach ~\lit chcll guided the Vaudal finmcn through a<br />

'"satisfacton·· season and watched elc\ en <strong>Idaho</strong> men<br />

hring the Big k) crown to the l ' nhersity.<br />



Pr<strong>of</strong>essor J. F. Weltzin presents the 1962 All-American<br />

Award to Gary Baker for his outstanding performance<br />

in the 200-yard butterfly at the 1962 NCAA championships<br />

at Raleigh, North Carolina.<br />

FOUR FAST Fl MEN-Shown here are fo ur <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>'s<br />

speediest swimmers. From left to 1·ight arc Gary Baker,<br />

Kris Kirkland, Ted Lyons, and Karl von Tagen.<br />

Swimming<br />

Again this year the Vandal finmen received national recognition<br />

when two members <strong>of</strong> the team gualifiecl for competition<br />

in the "CAA Championships which were held at<br />

Yale <strong>University</strong> in New H aven, Connecticut.<br />


100-yard Butterfly, 200-yard Butterfly<br />

200-yard individual Medley<br />


50-yard Sprint, 100-yard Sprint<br />


Skiing<br />

With its many hills the <strong>Idaho</strong> campus pro,·ides an ex·<br />

cellent area £or ski team practices.<br />


NCAA FINA LJSTS- J ohn Ostbo, Rol£ Pqdt, and Nils J ebsen<br />

This year the Vandal ski team brought home the<br />

Big Sky trophy after winning the conference championship<br />

meet wh ich was hosted by Montana State<br />

College in Bozeman, Mon tana. The Vandals, paced<br />

by N ils J ebsen's first place in the cross-country, edged<br />

MSC by a score <strong>of</strong> 380.9 to 379.62.<br />

During the Big Sky fin als, J ebsen, R olf Pryd7, and<br />

.J ohn Ostbo qualified for the NCAA finals which were<br />

held in H anover, New Hampshire :H Dartmouth College.<br />

Members <strong>of</strong> the Big Sky championship team were<br />

Arnstein Friiling, Barry Barlow, Barry Boydston, Carl<br />

Dietrickson, H oward Gerrish, N ils J ebsen, .J ohn Ostbo,<br />

Rolf Pryd7, J on Seetin, and Bob Trent.<br />


CAMPUS CHAMPIO::-.IS- SICMA ALPH,\ EPSILO . Row Oue: Ron Noble, Dave Stuart, Stan A)ers, Bill Graham, Carl Leth, Pat Daily, James<br />

A. Emerson, Bob Wise, J ack Bryant. Row Two: AI Phillips, Larry Eddingfield, Bill Egen, T erry Wood head, Brent Miller, Larry Strohmeyer,<br />

Don Loughmiller, Tom Libby. R ow T hree: Dick H enry, Rich Wellington, Dennis J ory, Steve Marshall, Mike Tunison, Denny Willmore, Cliff<br />

Smith, Joe Hurst, Bill Stout. Row Four: J ohn Wicklund, Derald llurlbert, Dean Duelke, Eel Griswold, Dave Slusarenko, Cary yberg, Joe Me·<br />

Collom. Jim Patterson, Tom Sampson . Row Five: T erry Marshall, Don Mouinger, Dick Rawlings, AI J::iguren, John Foruria, J erry Waide, Cary<br />

Rel>er, Dennis J ones, Rick Carr. R ow Six: Rich Hall, Mike Rand les, Clyde elson, Vern France, Terry Scolield, Mark Pomerankey, Randy<br />

Simpson . Bob Thiessen . Steve Buroker, Rob Pierce. Row Seven: Bill Schmidt, Bill Fuller, Phil Armstrong, Larry Rasmussen, Bill McCann, Roy<br />

Bentson. Dan McFar land. Row Eight: Dick Arndt, Cary Albin, i\fick Morfitt, Dennis Knapp, Charlie Thornbrugh. T erry Hensen, Mr. l'arberry,<br />

Tony Wolff, Chuck White, ~f . E. Ross.<br />

Intramural Championship<br />

Late in the season the SAE's defeated Gault H all for the s<strong>of</strong>tball crown and cinched the camp us championship wi th<br />

2,028 poin ts. 'Willis Sweet Ha ll followed the champs closely with 2,013\12 points and Alpha T au Omega took the third<br />

spot with I ,950\12 points.<br />


J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ....... 2028<br />

2. W illis Sweet H all ........... 201 3\12<br />

3 . • \lpha Tau Omega ......... 1950 \12<br />

4. Beta Theta Pi .......... .... 1872<br />

5. Delta T au Delta ........... .. 1801<br />

6. Phi Delta T heta ................. 1785 \12<br />

7. Gault H all ........................ 1707\12<br />

8. Lindley Hall ..................... ..1 653 Y2<br />

9. Phi Gamma Delta ............ 1637\12<br />

All-Campus<br />

10. Kappa Sigma .................... 1617<br />

11. Tau Kappa Epsilon .......... 1577\12<br />

12. Clu isman Hall ................ 1543\12<br />

13. Sigma Chi .......................... 1517 \12<br />

14. Upham H all ...................... 1401 \12<br />

15. Sigma Nu .......................... 1328 \12<br />

16. Delta Sigma Phi ................ 1140<br />

17. Phi Kappa T au ................ ll08<br />

18. Lambda Chi Alpha .......... 1078<br />

19. Borah Hall ...................... 1019<br />

20. Delta Chi ............................ 1017<br />

21. Theta Chi .......................... 993 Y2<br />

22. Campus Club .................. 939<br />

23. T own i\lens Association .. 9 L3 Y2<br />

24. McConnell Hall ............... 822 \12<br />

25. Shoup H all ........................ 671 Y2<br />

26. LDS ................................... 522\12<br />

27. Farmhouse ........................ 265<br />

The value o( the intramural program at<br />

the <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> is not to be overlooked.<br />

This year, under the leadership<br />

<strong>of</strong> IM President Chuck Walton and fac·<br />

ulty adviser Clem Parberry, the program<br />

broadened and participation increased to<br />

an unprecedented number. In all sixteen<br />

sports 1,848 different students participated,<br />

which is an indicator <strong>of</strong> the effecti\'eness<br />

<strong>of</strong> the p rogram.<br />


\<br />

Touch Football<br />

Cross<br />

I :..r<br />

Uou• One: Ken Koch , . te\ e Lincoln, Jim Palmer, Bob Ulower, John \\'ales.<br />

Uow T wo: Don Schumal.cr. J oe Holst . Bill Hui1inga, Urad Rice, Chuck<br />

\\'alton, Ken Johnson.<br />

The Phi Delts won the Football crown this year by defeating the<br />

I ndep endent L eague champs from Chrisman Hall. A total <strong>of</strong> 80J<br />

!>tudcnts participated in this first intramural sport <strong>of</strong> the year.<br />

Standing): 1. Phi Della Theta<br />

2. Chrisman Hall<br />

\\'illil> Sweet\ Sam T a}lor flashed aerO!> the finish line 6 minute, 33<br />

and one-ten th seconds af£er the sound <strong>of</strong> the gun in the annual Turkey<br />

Trot, but his hall's depth failed to carry through as the high-striding<br />

ATO's took the cross-country e"ent for the championship. Sra ndings:<br />

I . Alpha T au Omega ................ 100<br />

2. Willis Sweet H all ................. 97<br />

3. Delta Tau Delta ...................... 94<br />

l'at \\'itks. J erq ~! cKee, ~l e i J onc~ . and Tom Richards<br />


James Duffield , Cary ,\mos, Wayne Me)Cr,<br />

Richards, Jim wank.<br />

A powerful and ski llful squ

Volleyball<br />

Row One: Men Vilhauer, Bob Quesnell, Frank Odom.<br />

R ow Two: J im Wohrer. John Fiuk, Gene Smith.<br />

The Kappa Sig's edged the Independent League champ from Upham H all<br />

to take the volleyball title this )Car. This winter sport drew participation from<br />

all <strong>of</strong> the living groups and 5 11 men.<br />

Swimming<br />

Row One: Dennis J ones, Denny Wilmore, Bill<br />

Graham, Denny Knapp. Row Two: Cary Albin,<br />

Larq· Eddingfield, Rick llicl.s, J oe Hurst.<br />

The finmen from the SA E House fini shed in first during the 1M meet thi~<br />

)Car. Competition was stiff, but the campus champs managed to eke out a<br />

win o,·er the finmcn from Beta Theta Pi. tandings:<br />

1. igma Alpha Epsilon ................ 200<br />

2. Beta Theta Pi ..............................193<br />

3. Phi Gamma Delta ...................... 186<br />


Track<br />

Row One: Gary Albin, Carl Leth, Rich Hall, J erry<br />

'Vaide, Derald Hurlbert, l\fike Tunison. Row Two:<br />

Steve Marshall, Rick Carr, John Foruria, T ony<br />

Wolff, Terry H ensen, Sum Ayers, Ron Moblc, Ray<br />

Bemson.<br />

Row One: Deitmar Kluth, Jim Swank, Tony McGuffie.<br />

Bob Emheiser, Pat Wicks, Mike Wicks. Row Two: J erry<br />

Blackbird, John J ames, . Jim McElroy, Chuck Kozak. J el<br />

J ones, Tom Richards, J erry McKee.<br />

The IM track trophy was once again returned to the ATO trophy case this<br />

spring as the powerful cinder- and field-men from the ATO house piled up 200<br />

points for the campus championship.<br />

S<strong>of</strong>tball<br />

A combination <strong>of</strong> hard-hitters and top hurlers brought<br />

the SAE's the campus s<strong>of</strong>tball championship late this spring<br />

and with this victory the campus IM championship was<br />

cinched. The SAE's defeated top Independent League contender,<br />

Gault H all, for the title.<br />


Weightlifting<br />

W illis Sweet H all's husky weightlifting<br />

team took top honors in their<br />

specialty in campus competition this<br />

year. ~ I u clemen [rom the AE hou e<br />

and :McConnell H all also turned in<br />

respectable howings this year. tandings:<br />

1. W illis Sweet H all ........................ 100<br />

2. SAE ...... .................................... 97<br />

3. ~1cConnell .................................... 9-.1<br />

Musclemen l Cpre,eming weet in competi·<br />

tion were: Rml' One: Roger ampo;on, Gar~<br />

J ewett. Ste' e Piscitello. Row Two: Doug<br />

Anderson, llrucc Brotnov, Dick Parsons.<br />

Tennis<br />

Ro lf Prydz (left) and L atTy Wilcox<br />

(right) teamed up to win the campu:.<br />

ten nis crown b) defeating Upham<br />

H all'~ peedy squad. More than 60<br />

men participated in the tennis playoiis.<br />

Final Standings:<br />

1. Kappa Sigma ..... . ................ .100<br />

2. Upham H all ......... .. ............... 97<br />

3. Alpha T au Omega . . ................ 94<br />

Bowling<br />

Gault H all's keglers earned a welldeserved<br />

first p lace in the IM bowling<br />

tourney this season . Members <strong>of</strong> the<br />

team, from left to ,·ight, were: R ow<br />

One: J im Hunt, Floyd 'Wheeler, W illy<br />

Gray. R ow Two: R uss Parker, Bob<br />

Jones, and Jerry Clubb.<br />

Final Standings<br />

1. G ault H all ................................. 200<br />

2. Sigma Chi .................................... 193<br />

3. Upham Hall ................................ 186<br />


Handball<br />

The Kappa Sig handball team succeeded<br />

in finishing the season in the<br />

top spot and took home the IM trophy<br />

after defeating Willis Sweet in the<br />

play<strong>of</strong>f. Members <strong>of</strong> the championship<br />

team were, from left to Tight .·<br />

1\lfaurice Randrup, Gene Smith, Bill<br />

Robinson, and Frank Oclom.<br />

Final Standings<br />

l. Kappa Sigma --------·---·--··-·-··-··-·----.100<br />

2. Willis Sweet Hall -·-·----·-·--····-······ 97<br />

3. LDS ······----····--·······-···-·--·-··-·----···-· 94<br />

\<br />

Other Sports<br />

Table T ennis<br />

l. Gault Hall -·-····----------·-·--·······-·-·--.100<br />

2. Alpha Tau Omega ----·-·---·-·-········ 98<br />

3. Shoup Hall --------------·-··········-······· 96<br />

Horseshoes<br />

I. Phi Gamma D elta ------------··········100<br />

2. Upham Hall -····-------------------·-···-·- 97<br />

3. Willis Sweet Hall ···-------------------92V2<br />

Golf<br />

I. Delta T au Delta ·-·-··-··-···------------.100<br />

2. Beta Theta Pi -----·---··-·-·-····--·------- 97<br />

3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon --····--·-·------- 94<br />

I<br />

Skiing<br />

(,<br />

Shoup Hall's snow harriers won the<br />

ll'vf trophy in the championships held<br />

in the North-South Bowl. Members<br />

<strong>of</strong> the team were Paul Hurley, Bill<br />

Symms, and Ned Tower.<br />

Final Standings<br />

1. Shoup Hall ______ ___________________________ _) 00<br />

2. Beta Theta Pi -·-···-·-------··---·--·-···-· 97<br />

3. Gault H all -·-···-···-··-·-·---···-···--·-----· 94<br />


WRA<br />

Dr. Gordon, guest speaker [rom WSU<br />

The ·women's Recreational Association, under<br />

the direction <strong>of</strong> :\Iiss Betts, pro,·idc a varied<br />

program <strong>of</strong> individual and team ports for all interested<br />

u niversity women. An added attraction<br />

is the co-recreational activities wh ich have<br />

aroused much en thusiasm in the last few years.<br />

T he program <strong>of</strong>fers competition between living<br />

Ann Frahm is being tapped [or 1 Club during the Recognition Hour<br />

:'\ew and old \\'R.\ <strong>of</strong>ficers. :Kew <strong>of</strong>ficers are President, Georgia Cutler;<br />

\ ' i

:\laril}n Ramey p~nicipates in the<br />

new gymnasucs program.<br />

WRA<br />

Gymnastics was the new acunty added to<br />

WRA this year. The girls in the Ph) ical<br />

Education department encourage the participation<br />

<strong>of</strong> any student who is interested in the<br />

trampoline, the bars, tumbling or vaulting.<br />

It's good exercise! An old favorite is volley·<br />

ball. This year the girls living groups and the<br />

co·rccreational groups came out in full force.<br />

It's a fast game!<br />

Georgia Cutler on the bars!<br />

Yea Team!<br />

Up and o'er.<br />


A scramble for the ball!<br />

Karen Collins, Tri Delt, hopes for a strike<br />

WRA<br />

Intramural basketball was quite competitive<br />

on campus. The living groups played<br />

each Thursday and Friday nights in an<br />

elimination program. A team <strong>of</strong> eight<br />

players traveled to Cheney to compete in<br />

the J nland Empire Basketball Sports Day,<br />

winning two games and losing one. Campbell<br />

Hall claimed the bowling championship<br />

at the end <strong>of</strong> an interest-packed season.<br />

A tense moment!<br />

Time for a break!<br />


I<br />




Sororities<br />

Women's Halls<br />

Fraternities<br />

Men's Halls

Residences<br />

There are 43 living group on the ni­<br />

''er iL) <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> campus. The knowledge<br />

gained b)' each individual through the li\'·<br />

ing group activities which seem to bring<br />

students all over campus closer and Lhrough<br />

Lhe life-long friendships made in the home -<br />

awav-from-home makes the residence life<br />

an iiwaluable part <strong>of</strong> each tudent's college<br />

experiences.<br />

r hc .\ssociatcd Women Students sponsored<br />

a picn ic in the fall to help acquaint the women<br />

students with one another.<br />

queal Day! A \Cry happy time for the <strong>University</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> sororities.<br />

Lambda Chi's gather outside their house on<br />

a pleasant fall evening.<br />


Alpha<br />

Chi<br />

Omega<br />

Alpha Chis relax and enjoy a li1 1lc inro11nnl<br />

dancing.<br />

Alpha Chi Omega had another exciting year beginning with the pledging <strong>of</strong><br />

twenty-six new girls ... H omecoming float built with Upham Hall won first<br />

place ... received first place in Lambda Chi Door Decoration Contest .. . finallsts<br />

were L ynn Beenders, A T O Esquire Girl; Cathy McCloud, Ho lly Queen;<br />

Cheryl Rou ey, AE Violet Queen; Anne Edwards, Sweethean <strong>of</strong> igma Chi;<br />

i\Iary Hodge, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl; Karen Lee, Miss . <strong>of</strong> J.; Cathy ~Ic­<br />

Cioud, i\Iilitary Ball Queen; Penny T hornock, l'\avy Ball Queen ; ... Cathy Mc­<br />

Cloud tapped for Angel Flight ... new Spurs are Ann Baker and L) nda T chikov<br />

.. . Alpha Lambda Delta, L ynda T schikov ... dances <strong>of</strong> the year, " :\l ist Placed"<br />

and "Louie Luau" ... the year was filled with many fireside • pinnings, engage·<br />

ments, and serenades .. . Karen :\Iiles will be a field secretary for Alpha Chi.<br />

L\':\'0.\ KNOX<br />

Pt·esident<br />

.\lpha Chi Omega, :'\ez<br />

Perce Dri'e<br />


Alpha Chi Omega<br />

Kay Ahlschlager Sally Anderson Ann Baker Charlene Barton<br />

Lynn Beenders Tania Bowman Mary Bullard Pat Christenson Carolee Crowder Carole Custer Ann Edwards Pat S. Fletcher<br />

Marilyn Flynn Sue Garten Virginia Gibbs Judy Greenlund Paula Gusseck Sylvia Herlin Kathy H icks Karen Hillman<br />

Mary Hodge Sue Hoolahan Sherry Howery Karon Kelly Karen Kidwell Jeanette Lange Karen Lee Susan Lee<br />

Joan Littleton Cathy McCloud Colleen Mace Rose Marie Marler Shirley Martinson Mary Metcalf Karen Miles June Naccarato<br />

Jeannie Pfaff Laina Phillips Cay Powell Kaye Prior Kathy Robertson Cheryl Robinson Lynn Robson Cheryl Rousey<br />

Carol Samson Sharon Sawyer Janet Scudder Kathy Sempek Brenda Sharp Susan Siron Carolyn Stafford Jeanne Tanner<br />

Patti Thompson Penny Thornock Annette Thornton Lynda Tschik<strong>of</strong> Sandy Varker Dianne Weninger Elise Windle Karen Zamzow<br />


Alpha Gamma Delta<br />

1038 Blake<br />

Alpha Gamma Delta<br />

"Always Greater Doings"-AGD's motto for the year ... the arrival <strong>of</strong> 22 new pledges began a<br />

bang-up year <strong>of</strong> activities and honors ... "Turnabout Day," "Klondike Daze," "Old Lamplighter,"<br />

"Smashed H asher Awards" ... first place H omecoming Skit ... first place bowling<br />

team ... H elen B., runner-up for Miss Legs ... 1deal Pledge, Helen B., and Merilyn F., Ideal<br />

Member ... Karen S., lead role in "Niccolo and Nicolette" ... three<br />

treasurers were Mary "\1\T., United Party; Merrily F., CUP; and Mary B.,<br />

Alpha Lambda Delta ... Darlene H., Kappa Phi President ... Mary B.,<br />

Orchesis Veep and President ... Carole I., Orchesis Secretary ... three<br />

veeps were Liz J., Pre-Orchesis; Mourine G., Phi Beta Lambda; and<br />

Merrily F., Phi Upsilon Omicron ... Dianne S., Literary "1" technical<br />

editor ... Merrily F., Phi Upsilon Omicron Editor ... Norma F., Young<br />

Republicans Secretary ... Liz]., Orchesis ... new Spurs, H elen B., Kitty<br />

C., and Darlene H .... Merrily F. tapped for Phi Kappa Phi and Mortar<br />

Board.<br />

Candles always cause great excitement<br />

at AGD.<br />


Alpha Gamma Delta<br />

Cindy Abbott<br />

Bette Baylou<br />

Marr Bjus1 rom<br />

Helen BlacJ..<br />

Vicki Camoni<br />

Kath) Ca~'el<br />

Ki tt)' Collins<br />

Jane Cunningham<br />

Y\'onne Ebel<br />

Kathy Field<br />

Anne Fr:uier<br />

1onna Fredrick<br />

:Merrily-dawn l~ ru echtenicht<br />

:\fourine Caslin<br />

Darlene Haagenson<br />

Karen Hansen<br />

Peggy Harrison<br />

Ann H ernandez<br />

Sharon 1-lcrrctt<br />

Bonnie Ilerzinger<br />

Gwen IIykc<br />

Carol Ivcs<br />

Elizabe1h j one><br />

Coria j ones<br />

Karen Kesler<br />

Connie Largent<br />

Mary Leaton<br />

J oa n Lewis<br />

Coyeen McKenzie<br />

Chris1~ \[agnuson<br />

haron Martinelli<br />

Carol Meek<br />

Shelley Parcher<br />

andra Powell<br />

Susan uyder<br />

Dorothy oluru<br />

Eldene Steele<br />

Karen Sterner<br />

Diane Stone<br />

Vicki Taylor<br />

'anC) Tubb~<br />

Linda Uglem<br />

Mary VeNard<br />

Mary Walsh<br />

Linda Werner<br />

Ruth Williams<br />


Alpha Phi<br />

Bigger year than ever! ... Jeri Ross, H omecoming Queen and <strong>Idaho</strong> National College<br />

Queen ... Becky Tridle, Porn Pon Girl ... finalists were Carol \\'ill ~. ~filitar)<br />

Ball Queen; Becky Tridle, Fro~h Queen; Pat Bair, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl; .\nne<br />

Thompson, Holl) Queen; Car)n nyder, N'a,·y Color Girl ... Judy Love, Pan Hell<br />

Rush Chairman ... Gail Leichner, ecretary <strong>of</strong> Jr. Pan Hell ... Ro emary tark,<br />

pur Treasurer ... Carol " 'ills, Pre idem <strong>of</strong> Little Sisters <strong>of</strong> i\Iinen-a and .\ngel<br />

Flight ... Jeri R o ~ • .\ .W.. Vice President . . . haron Gygli Senior Clas Trea~urer<br />

... new Spurs, Sman Brand~ and Ro emary Stark ... Margaret Heglar and Judy .\bernathy<br />

tapped for Alpha Lambda Delta ... Jeri Ross, new ~ Iortar Board ... .\nita<br />

Cox, outstanding " '.R.A. cnior ... Pat ;\Jatheney, Outstanding Senior in Business<br />

Ed ... Mary Lynne Evan , Top enior, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, A.A.ll.\tV.<br />

Outstanding Senior ·woman ... winners <strong>of</strong> the all house division <strong>of</strong> the Blue Key<br />

T alent Show, \ V.R.A. wim ~Ieet, and \V.R.. A. T ournament Trophy.<br />


604 Elm<br />

A-Phi and Fiji floaL welcomed alums to the campus<br />

aL Homecoming.<br />


Karen Johnson<br />

Jane ~fillcnsifcr<br />

Diana Scott<br />

Dianne Teply<br />

Pat Dierker<br />

Diana Gray<br />

Darlene Johnston<br />

Linda Mitchell<br />

1ancy Shern<br />

Ann Thompson<br />

Mary Lynne E\aDS<br />

Wilma Greene<br />

Pat Jordan<br />

Connie :-Ietson<br />

Melodic myser<br />

Becky Tridle<br />

andra Berger Susan Brands<br />

Colleen Fordyce Carole Fowler<br />

Susan Grice haron G)gli<br />

Gail Leichner J udy Love<br />

JoAnn Owen Marilyn Ramey<br />

Caryn Snyder Judy Sodorff<br />

Martha Turner Mary L. Unzicker<br />

Judy Abernathy<br />

Janet Buckley<br />

Sue Ga le<br />

Margaret Heglar<br />

Karen Lundblad<br />

Pat Riddle<br />

Mary Kaye Sprall<br />

Kathy Wark<br />

J udy Aldape<br />

Sue Collier<br />

Donna Gibson<br />

Julie Hogg<br />

Carol McCrea<br />

jeri Ross<br />

Rosemary Stark<br />

R,lrbara Weeks<br />

Betty Anderson<br />

Anita Marie Cox<br />

Genic Gillette<br />

ancy Hood<br />

Pat Matheney<br />

Lynn Sanderson<br />

Pam Taylor<br />

Carol Wills<br />

Alpha Phi<br />


Delta<br />

Delta<br />

Delta<br />


President<br />

Another great year for the 56 girls<br />

in the big brick house at the end <strong>of</strong><br />

Elm treet ... Mrs. Zweck back with<br />

her u nny mile and charming manner<br />

... 25 enthusiastic pledges ... Mary<br />

Lou, Homecoming Queen finalist and<br />

I K Duchess finalist ... Ann i\I. and<br />

Rosalie, Pre·Orchesis ... Sadie, Orchesis<br />

... Linda 1 ., R oberta, Cheryl<br />

P., Vandaleers ... Peggy, Porn Pon<br />

Girl . .. Roberta and Kay Ho., new<br />

SAl . . . adie, Gault H all Snowball<br />

Queen finalist, Lambda Chi Crescent<br />

Girl finalist ... Val, Blue Key T alent<br />

how ... Joyce, new H omecoming<br />

weekend chairman, Theta Sigma Phi<br />

Pre idcnt ... Jody, Borah Foundation<br />

Committee, ecretary <strong>of</strong> United Party,<br />

Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, l\lortar<br />

Board ... Julie S., Gem Editor,<br />

Iortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, T op<br />

enior ... Karen troschein, Argonaut<br />

Editor, Top enior, Outstanding Tri­<br />

Delta member ... Phyllis, new A " 'S<br />

treasurer, ecretary <strong>of</strong> Spurs ... Betty<br />

Ann, pur <strong>of</strong> the i\Ioment ... Kay H o.<br />

and Roberta, new Spurs ... Cathy,<br />

Alpha Phi Omega award ... Tri- Deltas<br />

won Blood Drive trophy for the<br />

fifth year ... Theta Chi Good Jeighbor<br />

Award ... and we missed Nicky<br />

when she went home to Norway.<br />

\JR~. K \I HJ.U: :'>: /.WECK<br />

H o /llt'IIIOIIIer<br />

Della Della Delta<br />

609 Elm<br />


~rarian .\bbeal<br />

Priscilla • \nderson<br />

Joyce .\r1hur<br />

Betty Benson<br />

Diane Boone<br />

Betty Bower<br />

Karen Collins<br />

L~nn Earp<br />

J u lie Elliott<br />

Sadie Evans<br />

R aeleen Greene<br />

Donna Kay Hamlet<br />

Kay H ansen<br />

Rae Hansen<br />

Cheryl Holmgren<br />

Kay Hostetler<br />

uzanne Huish<br />

Julie Hyslop<br />

andy Iverson<br />

J anice J acJ,son<br />

.\lary Jo J ames<br />

Janike Jargel<br />

Kathy Jones<br />

Betty Kytonen<br />

~ l ary Lou Levi<br />

Carolyn L<strong>of</strong>thus<br />

ana Lowell<br />

;\lartha i\k Call<br />

Ann .\lcCiin tick<br />

Marti i\fcCnllen<br />

Peggy i\fcGill<br />

Karen Mayer<br />

Susan ;\lortenscn<br />

Ph~llis ~edrow<br />

Linda Nelson<br />

;\laril) n Parish<br />

Lorraine Poulson<br />

Cheryl Pratt<br />

Linda Renz<br />

Linda Richards<br />

Jean .\ nn chodde<br />

andi Snyder<br />

\ 'alerie South<br />

Karen Stillman<br />

Julie Strickling<br />

Karen Stroschein<br />

Roberta Tim<br />

Carol \Verry<br />

Sandy Ytrecide<br />

Delta Delta Delta<br />


Delta Gamma<br />

i28 Elm<br />

Delta Gamma<br />

Once again the women <strong>of</strong> Delta Gamma can look back on a successful year<br />

... Lorna Kipling, new ROTC Colonel ... participating in Helldivers were<br />

Dee Dee Blumhagen, Jan Cochran, Nancy Pfaff, and Sharon Swenson ... Julie<br />

Severn and Jackie Johnson were tapped for Phi Beta Kappa ... new Alpha<br />

Lambda Deltas are Kathy vVarsley, J ean Monroe, and Dee Dee Blumhagen .<br />

new Spurs are Peggy Reed and Dee Dee Blumhagen ... J ackie Johnson, member<br />

<strong>of</strong> Phi Gamma Mu ... tapped for Phi Kappa Phi were Julie Severn and Jackie<br />

Johnson ... the year was filled with exchanges, firesides, dances, pinnings, engagement~,<br />

and campus activities, all to be recalled as fond memories.<br />


President<br />

1!u .tlrmortam<br />


Died Aprill2, 1964, in a car-train collision in Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Jtanne .\rthur Kathy Baxter Carol Biegert Karen Birkin D. D. Blumchagen<br />

Diana Bums J an Cochran Carole Crowe usie na, is haron English usie Filatreau ~like Gagon<br />

Margaret Gamble ~ ena Cresky Barbara H anson Holly House tephanie Hull Carol johnson Jackie Johnson Karen Jones<br />

Kaney Kaufmann Mcrrianne Kieffer andi LaDow Diana Llewell)n Lynn ~lcBride Linda S. ~Iauis .\nn ~fetcalf ~lary MC)er<br />

Sherry ~reyer Jean ~lonroc Jill :\looney Paula Olsen Jnd} Ostler :-.lane} Pfaff Peggy Reed Pauy Schafe•·<br />

Susan chrocder Diane euben haron euben Donna Severn Julie e\em Nancy helm an Bonnie Smith Linda tahl<br />

Sharon wenson J:.laine Tegan Linda T eter L)nll Visncs Kath) \\'orsle)<br />

Delta Gamma<br />


Gamma Phi Beta<br />

709 Elm<br />

Gamma<br />

Phi<br />

Beta<br />

The Gamma Phi House hasn't been the same since the "Embalmers' Ball"<br />

in the fall ... Tonya, SAE Violet Queen ... Barbara R. and Paula, Angel Flight<br />

with Paula chosen outstanding Angel Flight Girl ... T onya, ROTC Sponsor ...<br />

Claudia studying at the U.N. first semester ... Sue Nelson studying in Paris,<br />

tapped for Mortar Board ... Marlene on Executive Board ... Karen, Vice Presdent<br />

<strong>of</strong> A \VS ... Paula, new A WS Secretary ... Mary Ellen F., Pan Hell<br />

Scholarship Chairman ... Liz, <strong>University</strong> Twirler ... Nancy Ruth, Vandaleers<br />

... Margi, Phi Upsilon Omicron ... Mary G., Curtain Club ... ASUI Service<br />

Awards were presented to 1ancy, Karen, Sally, Paula, Mary ... Porn Pon Girls,<br />

l\Iary Ellen F. leader, Barbara H. and J eanie alternate ... Spurs, Julie P., Brooke,<br />

Jan C .... first place in Song Fest with Delta Chis ... Alpha Lambda Delta, J an<br />

C., Judy R., T\ancy Ruth, Brooke, treasurer ... Julie P., Phi T au Sweetheart .. .<br />

annual Spring Arbor Day ... Nancy Y., Outstanding Senior.<br />


President<br />

The Mad H atter's Tea Party<br />


Gamma Phi Beta<br />

Julie Austin<br />

Barbara Barn hart<br />

Pam Brandt<br />

Brooke Clifford<br />

Jean Cline<br />

Joyce Conrad<br />

Janet Cox<br />

Mary Ellen Fairchild<br />

Jean Farley<br />

Pam Fawcett<br />

Sandi Filatreau<br />

l\farlene Finney<br />

Karen Fisher<br />

Mary Lee l'rye<br />

Sandy Funk<br />

i\fary Glad hart<br />

i\fary Ellen Glodowski<br />

Liz Greaves<br />

Phyllis Harris<br />

Diana Hawkins<br />

Barbara Hayden<br />

Rmh Ann Howard<br />

Judy Hungerford<br />

Bonnie Hutchinson<br />

Margie Irwin<br />

Carol James<br />

Gai l Ke ller<br />

Sally Kimball<br />

Jan Lowe<br />

,\nne Lund<br />

Janet McBratney<br />

Pat McCullough<br />

Tonya McMurtrey<br />

Pam Marcum<br />

Joan Mecham<br />

Mary Ann Mendiola<br />

Debi Miller<br />

Jane Modic<br />

Julie Pence<br />

Marcia Pence<br />

Nancy Ruth Peterson<br />

Barbara Reay<br />

Judy Rose<br />

Cannina Rossi<br />

Maralee Rowland<br />

Heather Sanders<br />

Cathy Sload<br />

Paula Spence<br />

Pam Taylor<br />

Sally Thode<br />

Gwen Tolmie<br />

Penny Weir<br />

Pat Wellington<br />

Jan Wendler<br />

Pat ·whalen<br />

Nancy Wohletz<br />

Mary Anne Wren<br />


The Thetas' winning cheering section at the<br />

Phi Delt T urtle Derb}.<br />

Kappa<br />

Alpha<br />

Theta<br />

Theta~ welcomed 20 new pledges lO the Castle on the Corner at the beginning<br />

<strong>of</strong> a fabulous year ... Cathy ~IcCiure, Delta Sig Dream Girl ... Gary Dalton new<br />

Castle ca~ano\'a ... finalists were Ginny Radke, Sweetheart <strong>of</strong> ' igma Chi; Judi<br />

Schedler, AE Violet Queen; Patti Folz, Mi s U. <strong>of</strong> I. and .J oni Myers, runner-up<br />

... J anice Craig new Pan H ell P resident and Arg ·ews Editor ... Sue olomon,<br />

State and Local lEA President ... Donna Lea\'erton, l\fonar Board cholarship<br />

Plaque ... new purs are .Julie H olme, Judi Schedler, Sand) Brown ... tapped<br />

for l\Ionar Board, Donna Lea\'erton, J anice Craig, Joni i\Iyer ... Alpha Lambda<br />

Delta, Cath) ~ l cClur e, Julie H olmes, Sandy Brown ... Phi Beta Kappa, NanC)<br />

Rice, Sherr)' ~ l cGuire, Donna Lea\'erton, Darlene ~ I cDo na ld ... Nancy Rice,<br />

Phi Gamma l\fu ... Phi Kappa Phi, J anice Craig, Sherry McGuire, Darlene<br />

~I cD onal d, N:mcy Rice, Donna Lea,·enon ... Sandy Brown, Vandaleers and<br />

Kappa Phi ... Jud i chedler, Pom Pon Girl and Vandalette ... Cookie<br />

Fancher, winner in Blue Key Talent Show ... winners <strong>of</strong> Phi Delt Cheering<br />

Trophy.<br />


President<br />

Kappa .\lpha Theta<br />

503 <strong>University</strong><br />


Kappa Alpha Theta<br />

Pat Alexander<br />

Mary J ean Bailey<br />

J ean 13aty<br />

Sandy 1\rown<br />

Karie Burks<br />

\l arjor~ Campbell<br />

Cher~ I Clampitt<br />

Janice Craig<br />

;\ lary Delger<br />

Chcl")l De\lin<br />

]annie Diehl<br />

Diane Dixon<br />

Carola Doyle<br />

~orrie D rayton<br />

uzie Drowns<br />

Fran Emery<br />

Diane Epl ing<br />

Gretchen £,·ans<br />

Cookie Fancher<br />

Julie Holme'<br />

Lynn H olme~<br />

Kathq n Landon<br />

Donna Lea' crton<br />

Cath) :\!cCiure<br />

Darlene i\!cDonald<br />

Sherry McGuire<br />

:\lichele i\lorgan<br />

Joan i\lyc•s<br />

Janet l'ost<br />

Virginia Radke<br />

Mary Dell R;u id.<br />

J udy R ice<br />

Judi Schedler<br />

ue Solomon<br />

Diane Sowder<br />

.\ nne piker<br />

usan Stockwell<br />

J'aui Taylor<br />

:\Iary K. Thomp~on<br />

Rita Thorne<br />

Judith Weaver<br />

Dyl.ic Wilson<br />

~ad inc Wright<br />


Kappa Kappa Gamma<br />

805 Elm<br />

Kappa Kappa Gamma<br />

Kappas, with an enthusiasm that lasted all year, pledged twenty-nine top girls in September<br />

... fall pledge dance and "Brown Jr. High School Prom" in the spring were lots <strong>of</strong> fun ... fi naled<br />

in ong Fest with Farm House ... individual honors were innumerable ... Rosanna, winner <strong>of</strong><br />

a Fulbright to Germany for 1964-65 ... Willy, Phi Beta Kappa ... Willy and Pat C., Phi Kappa<br />

Phi ... Joan A., Senior Clas ecretary ... J an Gisler, first woman to<br />

graduate from <strong>Idaho</strong> with a 4.0 average ... Barb Clark, Activities Council<br />

Publicity Director, Panhellenic President, Outstanding Greek Woman<br />

... house prexy Ginger, Gem Editor and finalist in Fulbright competition<br />

... Kappas claim three-Barb C., Ginger, and J an Gisler-<strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong>'s<br />

Twenty Top Seniors ... Sue R ., new Mortar Board treasurer ... new<br />

Spurs are J an B., President; Margie, J oAnn, Susan I. ... Jan B. also<br />

President <strong>of</strong> Jr. Panhell ... Alpha Lambda Deltas are Karen P., Karen<br />

L., Margie, and JoAnn ... Anne Yenni, Associate Editor <strong>of</strong> Gem ...<br />

Jana, Public Relations Chairman <strong>of</strong> Panhell ... Carol Groves, Gault<br />

Snowball Queen ... Karen Longeteig, Navy Color Girl ... and these<br />

were just the highest <strong>of</strong> the highlights <strong>of</strong> a truly great year for the wearers<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Key.<br />


President<br />

The Kappas maintain that ·'junior<br />

pledges .. can add a lot to a sorority.<br />


Kappa Kappa Gamma<br />

Danelle Allen<br />

Cheryl Becker<br />

Jean Dropping<br />

Carol Groves<br />

Mike Hudelson<br />

~ickie McDonnell<br />

Carol Rigsby<br />

:Marge Stunz<br />

Joan Anderson<br />

.l . .Bcrgem ann<br />

Leslie Ensign<br />

Karen Hall<br />

Susan Irwin<br />

Barbara :\fason<br />

Linda Rogers<br />

Pat Swan<br />

Pam \nderson<br />

J anet Berry<br />

Margie Felton<br />

Sharon Hall<br />

Nina J enkins<br />

Barbara :\laxey<br />

Sally R utledge<br />

Barbara Ware<br />

Wilma .\ndcrson E . .Bamcsberger<br />

Pat Cannon Mary Casey R. Chambers Barbara Clark Thine Cochrane Barbara Doll<br />

Judy Frazier l\fargcnc Cabica Marilynn Gabica Barbara Gibson Dianne Green Zena Griffith<br />

Liz Hansen Julie llarper Kathy H arrison Sunanne llenson Kathie llostctler Bekki llove<br />

Kalle Jergensen Bonnie Johansen Susie Jones Julie J oslin Karen Longctcig Ann :\fcCiure<br />

J eanne Maxcy Anne Miller Shirle) Moore Arvilla Nelson Karin Niven Karen Pyrah<br />

Sandy Rutledge Patty Schell JoAnn Slade Flo Sleeman J oan Sorenson Carol) n Stephens<br />

Anne Yenni J udy Young :\Iary Ann Yoden<br />


Pi Beta Phi<br />


p,·esident<br />

The Pi Phi's again enjoyed a most successful year ... J anice, Sweetheart <strong>of</strong><br />

Sigma Chi . .. Zoe Anne, Frosh Queen ... Camilla, Miss Legs .. . J udy W.,<br />

Lambda Chi Crescen t Gi rl ... Delora, ivliss Wool ... Miss U. <strong>of</strong> I. finalist Margi<br />

and Delora runner-up ... new Spurs Vicky, Mary H., J udy M .... Alpha Lambda<br />

Delta, Melanie (President), Judy M., Kathy H ., Marla, l\Jike ... Executive Board,<br />

Nancy ... J oanie R., Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa ... Vandalettes, Margie,<br />

Zoe Anne, Thelma, Marla ... Judy i\I. is 1K Duchess and winner <strong>of</strong> Pan H ell<br />

Scholarship . .. PomPon Girls, l\Ielanie and Judy M .... J anice, R OTC Sponsor<br />

... Penny, Distinguished Senior . . . Freshman Class Secretary, J udy Mustard . ..<br />

Phi Beta Lambda, Linda S ... . Delta Sigma Rho and Tau Kappa Alpha, Linda<br />

B., Nancy ... new Mortar Boards are J oanie R., Marcia, Arlene ... Ph i Upsilon<br />

Omicron, Arlene ... T heta Sigma Phi, Linda B .... J an 0., Junior Class T reasurer<br />

.. . J ackie, W RA Veep and IA WS National R epresentative ... tied for fi rst place<br />

in Folk Dancing Con test.<br />

Pi Beta Phi<br />

507 <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

T he Pi Phi Wassail Hour, a Chr istmas tea for<br />

facull.y.<br />


Pi Beta Phi<br />

Cary ,\mbrose ,\nn Bacheller Susee Beebe Thelma Bell Linda Bithell l\!argie Brunn Judy Christianson<br />

Dolora Cook Gail Cornell Susan Cross Janice Cruzen Linda Elliott Pat Find ley Lysbeth Fouts<br />

M. Fruecluenicht Ca mi lla Good Nancy Grubb Jan Headrick Ka rcn llolfbu h r l\lary Hubbard Kathy Humbach<br />

Jan Kindschy Alexis Lyke Judy Manville Carla Martin Vicki ~ I art in judy Mustard Nadine Naslund<br />

Janet Orr F.llen Ostheller Jerilyn Pape Marla Parberry Karen Petersen Joan Rumpeltes Michael Skok<br />

Rita IIlith Judy Sperry Linda Springer Marcia Swdebakcr Linda Taque Judy Tank Anne Smith<br />

Jacqueline Smith Nancy Tefft Arlene Ultican Paula Vanderwood Judy WeissenOuh<br />


Cheery smiles indicate that Sigma Chi Derby<br />

Day was a successful day for Campbell.<br />

Campbell Hall<br />

The first year for Campbell H all proved to be most successful ... Judy Stuebe,<br />

Miss <strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Idaho</strong> and Miss <strong>Idaho</strong> ... Spurs, Anne Rush and Christine<br />

DeThomas ... Vandaleers, Judy ·worden and Jan McKevitt ... Pam Pauley,<br />

Pre-Orchesis and finalist for Miss Legs ... Phi Beta Kappa, Alyce J. T aylor .. .<br />

Orchesis, Dixie Barnes ... Cathy Lyon, Executive Board, ASUI Disciplinary<br />

Committee, A \tVS Reference Board ... Jane '"'atts, Social Editor <strong>of</strong> A1·gonaut<br />

... Penny Craig, Committee Chairman for Holly Week, Publicity Chairman for<br />

Campus Chest, Chairman <strong>of</strong> Foreign Students for ew Student Days ... Barbara<br />

Suter tapped for Mortar Board and Chairman <strong>of</strong> Song Fest ... the women <strong>of</strong><br />

Campbell won third place in the WRA Swim Meet, Basketball T ournament,<br />

and Dance Festival ... placed second in orthwest Inter-Collegiate Bowling<br />

meet . .. winners <strong>of</strong> women's division in Song Fest.<br />


President<br />

Campbell Hall lounge in<br />

Wallace Residence Center<br />

West Sixth Street-<br />


Judy Anderson<br />

Sandra Anderson<br />

Sharon Anderson<br />

Campbell<br />

Hall<br />

Mary Ann Arbuckle<br />

Diane Armitage<br />

Dixie Barnes<br />

Cecelia Ber tie<br />

Rosemary Brick<br />

Nancy Brigham<br />

Lee Byrne<br />

Jane Carlson<br />

Doris Christensen<br />

JoAnn Clever<br />

Marilyn Clopton<br />

Mary Beth Cox<br />

Penny Craig<br />

Jane Derr<br />

Christine DeT homas<br />

Marit DeVries<br />

Ellen Driscoll<br />

Sandra J o Enkelking<br />

Ann Frost<br />

Connie Gough<br />

Barbara Grillith<br />

J ill Hamilton<br />

Karen Hamilton<br />

Sheila Hart<br />

J ean Henning<br />

Judy Herron<br />

Karen Heywood<br />

Loretta Homsey<br />

Kay J ohnson<br />

Peggy Johnson<br />

JoAnn Kasper<br />

Nancy Kaufman<br />

Margaret Keller<br />

Dorcas Kilpatrick<br />

Orla Kirking<br />

Dorothy Lawson<br />

June Lay<br />

Cathy Lyon<br />

J an McKevitt<br />

Kathyern Machacek<br />

Mary Magee<br />

Carlene Myers<br />

Judy Nanninga<br />

Gail Naylor<br />

Karen Nelson<br />

Eileen Newman<br />

Jean Patterson<br />

Pam Pauley<br />

J anet Ponsness<br />

Judie Rathjen<br />

Charlene Read<br />

Lila Resleff<br />

Anne Rush<br />

Nola Sizemore<br />

Betty T. Smith<br />

Judy Smith<br />

Judy Space<br />

Judy Stuebbe<br />

Barbara Suter<br />

Donna Sutton<br />

Alyce J oyce Taylor<br />

Lynda Teicher<br />

Lavona Utz<br />

Cheryl Vanderpool<br />

Gail Voltmer<br />

Jane Watts<br />

Melanie Wetter<br />

Carol White<br />

Karleen Wilson<br />

Frances Witte<br />

Judy Worden<br />

Andrea Wylie<br />


Ethel Steel Honse<br />

Blake Avenue<br />

Ethel<br />

Steel<br />

House<br />

Another great fun-filled year ... two dances, "Granny's Pad" and<br />

"Cotton Ball," plus many exchanges ... Steel won another first in<br />

the Folk Dance Festival and again brought home the WRA participation<br />

trophy ... Joanne, Phi Beta Kappa ... Marya, Phi Kappa Phi<br />

... tapped for Spurs were Glenda and Shirley H . ... \1\landa and<br />

Nancy, Alpha Lambda Delta ... Leslie, Alpha Epsilon Rho Secretary<br />

... Sigma Alpha Iotas, Angela, Marge, orma, and Ruth Ann, Treasurer<br />

... Mu Epsilon Delta, Joanne and Muriel ... Linda 0., Marian,<br />

and Pat P., Phi Upsilon Omicron ... Joanna, ROTC sponsor, Vandalette<br />

Secretary, A WS Page, and Little Sister <strong>of</strong> Minerva ... H elldivers,<br />

Shellie ... Pre-Orchesis, 1ova ]. .. . Katie, Orchesis and "I"<br />

Club Secretary ... Margaret, Secretary, and Charlotte, Corresponding<br />

Secretary <strong>of</strong> CUP ... Linda 0., recipient <strong>of</strong> Ethel Steel Scholarship<br />

... many pinnings and engagements brought the year to a close.<br />


President<br />

~n ~rtnnriattt<br />


Died June 18, 1963, in an automobile accident near<br />

Horseshoe Bend, <strong>Idaho</strong>.<br />

Jackie Aldrich<br />


Pat Austin<br />

Cathy Brooks<br />

Janet Cochrell<br />

Margaret Cox<br />

Nelma Dennis<br />

~ ! arya Dobler<br />

Carma Dopp<br />

Carole Eakin<br />

Lovina Fortier<br />

Marlene Could<br />

Lillian Johnson<br />

l\!arian Johnson<br />

Nova Jo Judy<br />

Ruth Ann Knapp<br />

Shellie McKeen<br />

Jane Miesbach<br />

Ann Olson<br />

Linda Olson<br />

Ceneta Palmer<br />

Carol Panko<br />

Pat Pratt<br />

Carole Priest<br />

Carolyn Ravenscro[t<br />

Marilyn Ravenscr<strong>of</strong>t<br />

Angela Sherbeneau<br />

Marilyn Slansky<br />

~Wanda Sorenson<br />

Millie Staples<br />

Donna Striegel<br />

Jean Thomas<br />

Carol Thomock<br />

Leslie Timmons<br />

Charlotte Todd<br />

Carolyn Turinsky<br />

Muriel Vermaas<br />

Glenda Walradt<br />

Patty Wheeler<br />

Shirley Woodard<br />

Ethel Steel<br />

House<br />


Forney<br />

Hall<br />


Presitle11t<br />

Forne} Hall<br />

Blake .\\em•e<br />

The end <strong>of</strong> ano ther great year at Forney Hall ... Barb<br />

Yoshila, AT O E~quire Girl ... Chris Hunt, Holly Queen<br />

and Sophomore Cla ~s Secretary ... ~Iortar Board, Judy<br />

Sinclair . . . ~ f u Epsilon Delta, Linda Haag, Sandra ~I c­<br />

Kean, Kris chooler ... Phi Kappa Phi, Judy Sinclair and<br />

Laura Pe l e i~o n ... Georgia Cutler, \VRA Presiden t ...<br />

Carol Hervey, weethean <strong>of</strong> Sigma Chi finalist, Angel<br />

Flight ... Alpha Lambda Delta, Betty Lynch and Eugenic<br />

Fuller ... Karen Oleson, Freshman Class Secretary ...<br />

Va ndaleers, Eliza beth Smith, Gerry Cosby, Karen Ole on,<br />

~ l a ry J o Peterson, Joyce Elliot ... Cathy N elson, SIEA<br />

Secretary .. . Chris Bideganeta, Co-chairman for New Sw -<br />

dent Da)S .. . H ome Economics Club, Darlene Dougherty,<br />

Prel.ident; Glenda Knigluer, ecretary; Kathy Johnson,<br />

Treasurer ... Brenda Brent, RHC Secretary ... J eanne<br />

1<br />

" alser, President <strong>of</strong> Business Honorary ... winners <strong>of</strong><br />

WRA Volleyball T ournament ... third place in SAE<br />

Olympics.<br />

The women <strong>of</strong> Forney put a lot <strong>of</strong> effort into the SAE Olympics<br />

Bonnie J3ralhO n Donna Chitwood haron R. Clo,·er faye Collier<br />

Joanne ,\ bbo tt<br />

j oyce Bailey<br />

Dian:l Com crsc<br />

Judith .\itken<br />

Judy Benscoter<br />

Corbridge<br />

:\'an c~<br />

i\farjorie A mas<br />

Judy Berry<br />

Gerry Cosby<br />

Elaine Anderson<br />

Becky llr;lndan<br />

Georgia Cutler<br />


Forney Hall<br />

Carolyn Casebolt<br />

Pat Dean<br />

Judy Den-<br />

Darlene Dougherty<br />

Laura Duff\'<br />

Sue Durh a1~1<br />

Joyce Elliott<br />

~Iarilyn Esser<br />

.\nn L. Frahm<br />

Ga,· Franklin<br />

.Jufiene Fische1·<br />

Eugenic Fuller<br />

Ueuy Gabica<br />

Pat Gate<br />

Christine Hajost<br />

Betty Hammond<br />

\·etma Heller<br />

Carol Hervey<br />

Roberta Higgins<br />

Dawn Hodulfer<br />

Zenobia H<strong>of</strong>fman<br />

Sharon Hopper<br />

Betty Jennings<br />

Kathy Johnson<br />

lrene Johnston<br />

Carol J ones<br />

Reva Jones<br />

Glenda Knighton<br />

Patsy Knudtson<br />

Kathleen Koskella<br />

Cleo Lamb<br />

Phyllis Larsen<br />

Susan Lee<br />

Toni Lutzke<br />

Linda MacDonald<br />

Linda MacGuffie<br />

Lynn McGillis<br />

Mary Mason<br />

Bill.ie J ean Mass<br />

Carol Miller<br />

Betty Neate<br />

Cathy Nelson<br />

Donna 1\'ewberry<br />

Pat Newby<br />

Judy Olsen<br />

Karen Otteson<br />

Laura Petersen<br />

Mary Jo Peterson<br />

Bonnie .\nn Reimann<br />

Bonnie Richards<br />

Andrea Rinaldi<br />

Bonnie Rude<br />

Donna Sat meier<br />

Barbara Sanborn<br />

Kris Schooler<br />

Donna Sinclair<br />

Judy Sinclair<br />

Liz Smith<br />

Lori Snedden<br />

Audrey Spence<br />

Roan Spence<br />

Lodi Stemmler<br />

Pat Vosburg<br />

Jeanne 'Valser<br />

Lindarae Watts<br />

Karen Whiteley<br />

Patsy Wolf<br />

Judy Woodworth<br />

Barbara Yoshida<br />

Catherine Zatomsky

French House<br />

The women <strong>of</strong> French House again enjoyed a most successful year under the<br />

able leadership <strong>of</strong> Carmond " 'itteman ... Homecoming float built with '\'illis<br />

Sweet won second place ... new Vandaleers, Carol .Johnson and Janet '""alker<br />

... Vicki Green tapped for Spurs ... Carolyn Larson, Angel Flight and Pre­<br />

Orchesis ... Ann Barnard, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Chairman <strong>of</strong> New<br />

" 'omen's T ea, Organizations Editor <strong>of</strong> Gem ... Claudine Becker, Blue Bucket<br />

Co-chairman ... Bernitat Lein won fourth place in the rifle match ... dances<br />

<strong>of</strong> the year, "Good Ship Lollipop" and "Moonlight Gambler," were most successful<br />

... participation reached a peak with 161 % in the annual Blood Drive,<br />

100% in ASU I General Election, and placing third in 'VRA participation points<br />

... Mrs. Torsen held momhly birthday fires ides for the girls . .. pinnings, engagements,<br />

exchanges, and firesides all played a part in another memorable year.<br />


President<br />

Installation <strong>of</strong> 1964-65 <strong>of</strong>ficers for<br />

French House was an informal candlelight<br />

ceremony.<br />

French House<br />

Blake Avenue<br />


French House<br />

Cheryl Adams<br />

Susan ,\ lmquist<br />

Ann Barnard<br />

Claudine Beck~r<br />

Judy Bohman<br />

Karen Bohman<br />

Louise Bollman<br />

Nancy Brown<br />

Marcia Buchanan<br />

Linda Butler<br />

Mary Cates<br />

Vera Collins<br />

Dijon Davidson<br />

Ruth Dennis<br />

Kurma Dur[ee<br />

Diane Ekworttell<br />

Freda Evans<br />

Teri Fabrizio<br />

Judy Fil..e<br />

Lois Fitzsimmons<br />

Diana Frith<br />

birlev Coates<br />

Carol Could<br />

\'icky Green<br />

Jeanne Hamilton<br />

Donna Hannan<br />

Judy Heidel<br />

Karen Heiskari<br />

:\feredith Horning<br />

Betty Johnson<br />

Schuyler Judd<br />

Penny Keller<br />

Charlene Kirtley<br />

RexAnn Lancaster<br />

Carolyn Larson<br />

Peggy Leaton<br />

Carol Leinum<br />

Bernita Lien<br />

J udy Mc~evin<br />

Celesta Martin<br />

andra Martimon<br />

;\lary Lee Mordhorst<br />

Kathy Mullen<br />

;\(arilyn Parl-er<br />

Frances Pritzl<br />

Marti Proctor<br />

Kay Ranta<br />

Virginia Rep1olds<br />

Karen Robert'<br />

Janice olum<br />

Sue Sweetwood<br />

Marjorie Torl..elson<br />


The women <strong>of</strong> Bays and their dates enjoyed an<br />

evening in Satan's Ccllcr.<br />

Hays Hall<br />

The women <strong>of</strong> Hays Hall started the year <strong>of</strong>f with a bang when they held their<br />

grungy dance, "Anything Goes" ... winner <strong>of</strong> SAE Olympics ... Gail, Junior Class<br />

Secretary, Spur Junior Advisor, President <strong>of</strong> l\Iortar Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron <strong>of</strong>ficer<br />

... Ann R., Freshman Class Treasurer, Military Ball Queen finalist, ROTC<br />

sponsor ... Pre-Orchesis, Urania, Scheryl, Jan K., President ... Helldivers, Pam and<br />

Mickey ... Vandaleers, Karen 0., Carolyn B., Cheryl S., Linda A . ... Pat C., Vandalette<br />

leader ... Jan, Secretary <strong>of</strong> Orchesis ... Bette Joe, SAE Violet Queen finalist,<br />

Gault Snowball Queen finalist, ROTC sponsor ... Carol H., new A " 'S President, Phi<br />

Upsilon Omicron <strong>of</strong>ficer, Mosaic, l\Iortar Board ... Phi Gamma l\1u, Connie, Edie,<br />

Sharon S .... Alpha Lambda Delta, R uth Ann ... Sigma Alpha Iota, Karen 0. and<br />

Lynn P .... new Spur, Peggy ... :Marilyn, alternate Pom Pon Girl ... drama members,<br />

Jimmie Sue, Marilyn, Betsy ... 1\Iortar Board Scholarship Recognition to Connie<br />

and Judy B .... Betsy, Social Coordination Council Treasurer.<br />

BEVERLY W .-\LL·\CE<br />

Preside11t<br />

Hays Hall<br />

J3Jake .-\\ CIHIC<br />


Hays Hall<br />

April Anderson<br />

~ i ck i Anderson<br />

Gayle Austin<br />

Phyllis 1\ ustin<br />

Sandra Banks<br />

Lori Bean<br />

Barbara Beasley<br />

Carol)n Beasley<br />

Cheq I Berrett<br />

Barbara 13rogan<br />

~ t argaret Brown<br />

~ l argie llrown<br />

J eannie 1\ryer<br />

Linda 1\urkhartsmeier<br />

Belle Jo Caldwell<br />

Virginia Chester<br />

l'at Cobb<br />

Christy Crod.eu<br />

Bonnie Cruickshank<br />

Peggy Cuddih)<br />

Kath) Da)<br />

bel)ll Davis<br />

Linda Derr<br />

J Ud) ElliOll<br />

Chdstina Eisele<br />

Donna English<br />

Diana J~ rstad<br />

Gail J'luharty<br />

Mary Foster<br />

Jimmie Sue Gregory<br />

Lafawn Hamm<br />

Joan Henning<br />

Jana Hill<br />

llclen llogg<br />

Carol H u;s:1<br />

I eddie Karroll<br />

Kaf)l Lambeth<br />

Berna Deen Lee<br />

Barbara Libby<br />

Cheryl Linn<br />

Barbara l\1 cDonald<br />

J udy Martin<br />

Bonney Meredith<br />

Urania Morris<br />

~larilyn Muir<br />

\larilp1 :\!yers<br />

llarhara :-\ei£en<br />

\nita :-\orb'<br />

(,ail :-\Hli'Olll<br />

Karen Oleson<br />

L) une Pallon<br />

llatel Perks<br />

Linda Perry<br />

Yvonue Piper<br />

Caroline Piuman<br />

Pat Reynolds<br />

trona Robison<br />

i\f o R) lander<br />

Lihb) umner<br />

Karen Sundred<br />

Jane St)ner<br />

Brenda Tiws<br />

Billie I rostle<br />

D. \an Lobcn Sets<br />

Sha1on Virgil<br />

Barbara \\'agner<br />

Marti Watson<br />

Janet Weber<br />

Penny \\'hite<br />

Betsy Wickes<br />

Sandra Wilkinson<br />

:\lelda .\ nn Williams<br />

'>hirlC) \\'right<br />

Call) Youmans<br />


Houston Hall lounge in<br />

\Vallace Residence Center<br />

West Sixth Street<br />

Houston Hall<br />

Houston's first year on campus pro\·ed to be most memorable ... fa ll raunch dance, "Th e H ungry<br />

I" ... spring formal, "Spring Cruise'' ... Campus Chest function with Kappa Sigs, " Houston<br />

Halter Swing" ... two teas-H omecoming and i'vlother's Day . . . caroling at Christmas . . .<br />

Campus Chest Can Can ... H elldivers, Bev Edwards, Juliene Fischer ... play productions,<br />

Julie Martineau, Karen Beck, Marva W hiting ... new Spur, Val Kramer<br />

.. . Shannon Eid, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl finalist ... Diane 'Williams,<br />

RHC Secretary, Mosaic, Public Relations Secretary for ASUI ... Ann<br />

Albee, Service Chairman for ASUI, Blue Bucket Chairman ... J ean<br />

Palmer, Co-Chairman <strong>of</strong> Decorations Committee for Frosh Dance ...<br />

Jazz in the Bucket, Shannon and Cheri ... Phi Beta Kappa, Alyce Joyce<br />

T aylor ... Alpha Lambda Delta, Karen and Karla Kinclsvater, Nancy<br />

Eaken, Jean Palmer, Julie Martineau, Liz Schimmel ... Mu Epsilon<br />

Delta, Juliene Fischer.<br />


President, First Semester<br />

Houston girls take a study break to<br />

enjoy an evening fireside<br />


Ann Albee<br />

Cheri Berg<br />

Xancy Dalke<br />

M. H ermann<br />

Gayle Kraemer<br />

.-\nn Nimmo<br />

Grace Rieck<br />

:\far~ Thompwn<br />

Irene White<br />

G \ndcrson<br />

usan Blackal ler<br />

haron Kay Drew<br />

Anita Howland<br />

Diane Langford<br />

\'icki Nuffer<br />

Janice chadt<br />

Bell) I riplcn<br />

Pat;~ \\ hite<br />

Carole BatN Dorene Beck<br />

Jan Bollll) J. Bruntcll<br />

Xanq Eakin Janet .E:t~lcy<br />

Lynn llrcha Eileen Johnson<br />

Bonnie Likkcl Anne J.uft<br />

Jean Palmer \'icki Palmer<br />

E. chimmcl Sue Solie}<br />

J. \'an Hollabckc Rae \\'alch<br />

:\lana \\'hiting Barbara \\'olfJ..iel<br />

Helen Beck<br />

Linda C:mer<br />

Donna Varmer<br />

Janice Jordan<br />

C. :\IcCu llough<br />

Kip Peterson<br />

:\f) rna tangcr<br />

Barbara \\'ard<br />

::'\anc' \\ oods<br />

Karen Lee Beck<br />

UE REE E<br />

Sulannc Crow Presidt>nt, Second Semester<br />

Caroline Hall C. Harri

Pine Hall<br />


President<br />

Pine Hall<br />

Ash Street<br />

Pine·s cherub leader experiences a moment <strong>of</strong><br />

anguish!<br />


Pine Hall<br />

Brenda Bed.lc1<br />

\ 'alerie Berriochoa<br />

. ue Carnefi'<br />

Frankie Craig<br />

Barbar.t De1 lin<br />

Diane Eustace<br />

Scootch Harpe•<br />

El'elinda llintle<br />

Renee Kunz<br />

Nancy Landreth<br />

Linda Lund<br />

£1elyn .\fcGown<br />

Janis .\fell<br />

Cq,tclle Mitchell<br />

Nancy Nelson<br />

Lynn Northey<br />

Donna Olson<br />

Rae Belle Patton<br />

Kathleen Peterson<br />

Elaine Peut7<br />

Limla Spencer<br />

Hetty Swigart<br />

.\fary Temple<br />

Jlld) Towne<br />

.\tar) Jane \ 'an De• creek<br />

Barbara \\' iiC)<br />


Alpha Tau Omega<br />

It was another big year for the men<br />

<strong>of</strong> Delta Tau Chapter ... Kozak was<br />

re-elected to the Worthy Master's position<br />

... the T in Canner, the Esquire<br />

Dance, and the Spring Cruise were<br />

rna jor social functions . . . playing<br />

varsity footba ll were Dobson, Sappington,<br />

McGuffie, Elder, and Seelig<br />

... 1\fattis, 1\fcEiroy, Tollefson, Emehiser,<br />

and Kotak were out~tanding on<br />

the varsity basketball squad ... Kozak<br />

won the Ol Thompson Award ...<br />

Luce p layed varsity baseball . . .<br />

James, Wicks, Zgorzelski, and Nashmd<br />

played frosh basketball ... Eimers<br />

pitched for the fro h baseball<br />

team ... 1\fann, frosh football ...<br />

ATO took the Intramural Turkey<br />

Trot, A .Basketball, and Track trophies<br />

... .J urvelin won the Thomas<br />

Arkle Clark Award ... McElroy,<br />

Campus Ugly l\ fan ... Pat Wick~<br />

tapped for Sigma Tau . . . Wicks,<br />

Kline, Scarborough are new IK's ...<br />

J\£ike Wicks tapped for Phi Eta Sigma<br />

... Delta Tau again won the Province<br />

XI I I Scholarship Trophy and the<br />

I lelp Week Trophy.<br />

\TO's decorate for the annual Tin Can<br />

Dance.<br />

CllUCK KOZ.\K<br />

Preside11t<br />

Alpha Tau Omega<br />

777 Deakin<br />


Alpha Tau Omega<br />

Jack Ayers Jim C hester J oe Dobson<br />

Jim Duffield Erik Friis Rob Halladay James Hansen Phi I II clslcy Ron llexum<br />

Jon Hippler T.arry I looker Robert Horton John W. Johnson ~l c l Jones Keit h Kilimmm<br />

Ed Kline Die11nar Kluth Larry Knapp Dave Knu tson Jim ~f eEl roy J cn·}' ~fcKcc<br />

George ~l aness \\'illiam \lauis \\'ayne ~~ e~er Tom Richards Tom Robinson Vince Rossi<br />

KCLIIlil carbo rough Kent 'cclig Da,·e perry Jim Swank !>~dne) \\'alker Pat \\'i(kS<br />


Beta Theta Pi<br />

72i Elm<br />

Beta Theta Pi<br />

The Betas can once again look back on a year marked by many achievements ... Gamma<br />

Gamma Chapter won the Beta Theta Pi Activities Trophy for Districts 23 and 24 for the fifth<br />

straight year ... Larry Grimes, Executive Board, Silver Lance, Blue Key ... :\lark Brown, new<br />

Argonaut Editor, Blue Key ... Outstanding cnior, Bill Longeteig ... Ray Rocha, Young R e-<br />

publican~ President, Blue Key ... tapped for IK' were l\lark mith,<br />

Garry Moore, :\like i\IcMurray, Tom Kirkland ... Sigma Tau, .John<br />

Fisher ... Phi Beta Kappa, Mark Hodgson ... Group Commanders for<br />

AFROTC were Ron Iverson, Fall Term; Mark Hodgson, Winter Term;<br />

Jim Bounds, Spring Term ... Vandal baseballers, Jeff l\IcQueeny and<br />

Bill Stoneman ... Gar) Myers, J ohn Boisen, l\Iick Rice, Paul Lawerence,<br />

Bob Banlcu on football squad ... Vandal Babe, Jerry Ahlin, Butch<br />

Slaughter, Bob Skuse ... Kris Kirkland, member <strong>of</strong> wimming team.<br />

Jl~f BOUNDS<br />

Presideut<br />

This is real brotherhood!<br />


Beta Theta Pi<br />

Pat .\ cuff ~like Adams Jerry Ahlin John .\nderson Bob Bartlett Larry Blackburn John Boisen ;\lichael Brown<br />

Bruce Campbell Ron Cater Phil Conner Den nis Cromwell Butch Croy Steve Deal Jerry Decker David Driscoll<br />

Philip J. Egelh<strong>of</strong>er Tom Eidson Gary Ellsworth Jeff Emery Larry Grimes Dick Harris Larry Hawes Sw art Hilton<br />

Don House Eric Hove Ron I verson Ted Jewell B. \files J ohnson Gary Jones Dick Kale Howard Kelly<br />

James Kelly l'atrick Killien David King 1\.ris Kirkland Tom Kirkland Da,•id Landon Bi II Longeteig John Lukeus<br />

Allan McDonald :Bill McDonald ~like Mci\Iurray John \filler Gary Moore Larry Moore Jim Nelson Robert Ostrander<br />

Owen1'ipal Dick Rice Franklin Rockwell Ross Simmons Bob Skuse Butch Slaughter Dick Smart Mark Sm ith<br />

Brent Springford Hill Stoneman Larry Strom ;\!elvin Switzer, Jr. Kent Taylor Tony Teske Rodney Uglem Frank Vos ika<br />


Delta Chi<br />

Highlight~ <strong>of</strong> a bu~> }Car at Delta Chi ... Homecoming Aoat with the Kappa<br />

... annual pledge dance ... Campus Chest exchanges with the Thetas and the<br />

Tri Delts ... traditional "Pirate~ Dance" ... initiation dance, "Rabbit Fun" ...<br />

fantastic pring Formal ... fir~t in ong Fest with the Gamma Phis ... 100~<br />

participation in Blood Dri\'e ... clo ed sea on with Sister-Daughter- weetheart<br />

Banquet ... On campm: B. Chipman, l\'eils, Norsen, T. Schornnan tapped for<br />

IK's ... Cridle) tapped for ~rED ... Folwell, Bennett, \\'etherell, and Ho ac<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficer· in YR '~ and YD\ ... C. Chipman new member <strong>of</strong> Alpha Zeta ... Riddle,<br />

Vice President <strong>of</strong> Alpha Phi Omega ... Carlson tapped for Blue Key, named<br />

Outstanding Senior, Delta Chi l\'ational Field Secretary ... T. Schorzman, Vanclaleer<br />

accompanist, lie I I diver~ ... Hart, treasurer <strong>of</strong> IK's and named Knight <strong>of</strong><br />

Knights ... many panicipa ted in UB Committees and other campus activitie .<br />

Jl·. RRY ~ I ERRTTT<br />

Preside11t, First Semester<br />

Delta Chi<br />

90S Blake<br />

Delta Chis built a seaworthy H omecoming float<br />

with the Kappas.<br />


Delta Chi<br />

HAROLD<br />


Second<br />

Semeslt'r<br />

Preside11t<br />

Ron Anderson<br />

Dick Bennett<br />

Mike Bonnell<br />

:\like Broadhead<br />

Alan Busby<br />

Ken Busby<br />

Lee Cantrell<br />

Bob Carlson<br />

Bill Chipman<br />

Gary Chipman<br />

Gregg Clark<br />

Larry Craig<br />

Bob Crosno<br />

Jim Davis<br />

Bill Denning<br />

Eric Eberhard<br />

Rick Evans<br />

Tom l'olwell<br />

Mike Foster<br />

Steve Gibson<br />

.John Glasby<br />

Bob Greenfield<br />

Larry Gridley<br />

Don Harris<br />

Leonard Hart<br />

Glen Higby<br />

Steve Hosac<br />

Bill Kerns<br />

Verle Luthy<br />

Dan Martin<br />

Dave Mulalley<br />

Rick Nelson<br />

Roy Nelson<br />

Dave Nielsen<br />

Craig Torsen<br />

Gregg Otto<br />

John Parker<br />

Bruce Riddle<br />

Glen Schonrmltl<br />

Bill Shisler<br />

Dick Shisler<br />

Dick Simonton<br />

V. Sp<strong>of</strong>ford<br />

John A. Stark<br />

Wayne Sugg<br />

Frank Valentine<br />

Gordon Vin ing<br />

Bob Walker<br />

Gil Walker<br />

:\like Wetherell<br />

Bill Yost<br />


Delta<br />

Sigma<br />

Phi<br />

Delta Sig pledges serenade the members with<br />

" I \Vanna Hold Your I land."<br />

The Lwemr-third year for Gamma Iota Chapter was the best ever ... J erald<br />

Hueuig, ExecutiYe Board, Blue Key <strong>of</strong>ficer ... Ted Burke, New tudent Day<br />

Chairman, S B Board ... ~ferlin Clark, member <strong>of</strong> Sih·er Lance and Judicial<br />

Council, named an Outstanding enior ... Dick Jennings, Activities Board, ACU,<br />

Blue Key ... Public Relations Director, Bob H<strong>of</strong>fman ... Frank Peck, Junior­<br />

Senior Prom Chairman, <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> ICEP ... Blue Key <strong>of</strong>ficer, Tom Lynch ... J.<br />

Longeteig elected presidem <strong>of</strong> Bar and Bench ... J erry Timm, <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> Alpha<br />

Kappa P ~ i ... Dick laughter. "·esler Foundation P re idem, up-coming :\ew<br />

Studen t Days Chairman ... \\'ally Swan, Phi Kappa Phi <strong>of</strong>ficer ... Chairman<br />

<strong>of</strong> ~ [od e! United ::\lations, Don Fry ... Jerry .\ genbroad wa~ Court Jester <strong>of</strong> IK·s<br />

... l\lyron Huettig, Carl Cundelfinger, Dennis DeFranci~co, J erry Tierney are<br />

new 1K's.<br />

T£\ 'E .-\.R~ l<br />

Preside11t<br />

Delta Sigma Phi<br />

42~ College<br />


Delta Sigma Phi<br />

Car) ,\ genbroad<br />

J erry .\genhroad<br />

Cary . \~e rs<br />

J ames 8

Delta Tau Delta<br />

Dele functions were big again this year with the Pledge D(tnce, the Christmas<br />

Fireside, the Odd Ball Dance, the Russian Ball, and many spring exchanges ...<br />

Delts in honoraries were: ~Iu Epsilon Delta, Schade and Reagan, <strong>of</strong>ficer ... IK's,<br />

J\IcHargue, Christiansen, Brookman, and <strong>of</strong>ficers Dutton and Paynter ... Blue<br />

Key, Fancher, Presidem; Nelson, Harder, .J udd, and Ben-y, <strong>of</strong>ficer ... Scabbard<br />

and Bl(tde, l lillier, Riley, \\'inter, Harper, VanOrman, Frostcnson ... Alpha<br />

Kapp(t P ~i. 1 larder, Berry, VanOrman, Bergemann, Harper ... Judd and Paynter<br />

in Phi Eta igma (Inc! Phi Kappa Phi ....\lpha Phi Omega, Dicke) and Dobbin,<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficer ... Dutton, S1EA ... Attic, Lafon, President; and Frostemon ... Fancher,<br />

nrsity football ... Van Orman and Winter, Yarsity tennis ... fro h football,<br />

Closon, Underwood, Shelt ... Hill, :'\ational cience Foundation Re~earch Grant<br />

... Harder, Outstanding Senior ... the latest honor <strong>of</strong> the Delts is it new addition<br />

to the shelter.<br />

President<br />

Delta T au Delta<br />

720 <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

Delts hold a rodeo in their Jiving room!<br />


Delta Tau Delta<br />

Fred Bergemann<br />

Jim Berry<br />

Warren Bodih<br />

Tern· Bohanek<br />

Bob Bruce<br />

Morris Campbell<br />

Jim Cannichael<br />

David Christiansen<br />

Da'e Closson<br />

Rick Dean<br />

Tom Dickey<br />

Bob Duuon<br />

Larry Eng<br />

~Ian·in Eng<br />

J ohn Frostenson<br />

Ste'e Given-,<br />

Duane Coicoechea<br />

J ohn Haight<br />

Gene Harder<br />

T om Harris<br />

Brian H ill<br />

Donald R. Hillier<br />

Caq Hone,church<br />

Colin H owell<br />

Cordon Judd<br />

Jim Keeton<br />

John Konen<br />

\Varren LaFon<br />

Tom Linle<br />

Robert A. McHargue<br />

Larry Miner<br />

Richard Olson<br />

Jack Patrick<br />

Kendall Pa\nter<br />

6uch Peterson<br />

Dennis P<strong>of</strong>fenroth<br />

Ron Reagan<br />

J ohn Rowe<br />

Dick Rush<br />

Barney aneholtz<br />

Greg chade<br />

John Shelt<br />

Willard Swenson<br />

Paul Taylor<br />

Pat Unden>

Farmhouse<br />

" 'ill these "Four Freshmen" ever graduate><br />

1963-1964·, a year packed with fun and achievements by the hard-working<br />

members <strong>of</strong> Farmhouse Fraternity ... social functions included the annual<br />

Hayride, Founders' Day Banquet, "Twilight Zone" pledge dance, "'Woodland<br />

Stereo Capers" Campus Chest function with Gamma Phis, Christmas Fireside<br />

with Tri Deltas, Song Fest with Kappas, and a number <strong>of</strong> spring functions as<br />

guests <strong>of</strong> our advisers . .. retired lFC Scholarship Trophy . . . ten men in Alpha<br />

Zeta with Howard as new Censor . . . Kress, Block and Bridle, Outstanding Senior<br />

... Ney, Senior Class Veep ... Fields, Junior Class Veep ... Johnston, ASUI<br />

President . .. members <strong>of</strong> Blue Key: Olson, Ney, Johnston, Fields . . . Phi Kappa<br />

Phis, Kress and Olson ... Burgemeister, Alpha Epsilon R ho ... "Walters, Alpha<br />

Kappa Psi ... Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: McProud, McConnell, Wells . .. H oward,<br />

Phi Sigma ... J ohnston tapped for Silver Lance ... new IK's: :1\IcProud, Lohr,<br />

Sprenger.<br />


Presideut<br />

Farm House<br />

730 Deakin<br />


Farmhouse<br />

Barry Bradley Alvin Burgemeister Ed Christensen Bill Courell Steve Davis Lloyd Eakin<br />

Larry Edgar Jim Fields Jim Griffith George Hamilton Marshall Hopkins Jerry Howard<br />

James Johnston Don Kress David Lohr Torman Lohr Wayne ~\IcProud Dale clson<br />

Jim Olson Gary Ott Richard Owen Jim Sasser Stephen Schmidt Edgar Simmons<br />

Stewart Sprenger Laurent Taylor David Wa lters Dave Wells Jon Wells Douglass G. Will iams<br />


Kappa Sigma<br />

918 Blake<br />

~<br />

..-·6~<br />

Kappa Sigma<br />

One <strong>of</strong> Kappa Sigma's greatest years ... Prydz in track and third in NCAA ski jump ...<br />

football, Knuz and Christ<strong>of</strong>f ... Hollinger, rifle team ... first place winners in intramural<br />

handball, tennis, volleyball, and League Champs in football ... Bates, Sophomore Class President,<br />

Executive Board ... Stamper, Hirning, Koch in Phi Mu Alpha ... Phi Eta Sigma, Bates<br />

and Stamper ... i\!Iu Epsilon Delta, Miller and Bates ... Miller tapped<br />

for Phi Sigma ... Hollinger, Alpha Zeta ... Hubbard in Alpha Kappa<br />

Psi ... Hirning, Alpha Epsilon Rho ... Prydz tapped for Sigma Tau ...<br />

Koch and Baker, Vandaleers ... Goldsmith and Severson in Alpha Phi<br />

Omega ... Nelson had leading role in Children's Theatre ... tapped<br />

for IK's were Chrysler, Goldsmith, Christ<strong>of</strong>f, H erbert ... stompin' pledge<br />

dance, "Cave Man Crunch" ... twelve hours <strong>of</strong> fun at 53rd. annual<br />

House Party ... spring formal and cruise once again successful.<br />


Prnidenl<br />

Kappa Sigs welcome dads to Lhe <strong>Idaho</strong><br />

campus.<br />


Uill Anderson Ste\e Backlund J ohn Baker Tom Bates S. Bellwood Robert Bohart Bob Brower LeRoy Brown Dennis Carlson<br />

Andy Christ<strong>of</strong>f Paul Chrysler Bret Closner John Fink Scott Fitch Duane Fridley Hank Gellert Gerald Gerlach J ohn Greif<br />

Bob Hazelbaker K. Henningsen J ack Herbert ~[ark Hickman Ervin Ilirning C. N. Hollinger Don Horning Lane Hubbard Tony Humbach<br />

]. ]. J ones Rich Koch Roger Kunl Ken Lesscy Chad Link J ohn Magaw T im Manser Doug Miller Clint Mowery<br />

Frank L. Odom Rolf Prydz M. Randrup Terry Rcsleff R. A. Severson Gene Smith Jim Spinelle L. tamper T. Stockdale<br />

Sherm " 'eidner L:nry Wilcox Dean Windham J ohn Witalis j ames F. Wohrer J. Woodworth Bruce V. 1 right Merlin Vilhauer<br />

Kappa Sigma<br />


Lambda Chi Alpha<br />

JO I! ~ STH~ IIRI :-.1 K<br />

Preside11t<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha<br />

720 Deakin<br />

Carla ~ r artin, Crescent Girl, is honored b) a<br />

Lambda Chi serenade.<br />


Lambda Chi Alpha<br />

Roben Amonson Rick Baer George Branson Larry Butler Jim Dahl<br />

Ten; Dahmen Duane Dana Jim English Paul Frendenthal Doug HaU Marshall Hauck Larry Heninger Dick J ardine<br />

Ronald J ordan Richard Kelle) Charles Kocthke Dennis Krasselt Jon Lind Garwin Lorain Chad McGrath Did. \£ace<br />

Don \filler C. Rae :'\ebclsied, Pat Xceser Cary Oppliger Lee Ortiz C. A. Pitman, Jr. Cary Potter Cary Ro\·eno<br />

Brian 'ad. Robert lel!e Dick tan ton J. R . Thompson Dick Tracy Rick Wilhite J ohn Wood Warren Yeakel<br />


Phi Delta Theta<br />

Highlights <strong>of</strong> a great year at the Phi Delt<br />

House . . . scholarship award (or Best<br />

Pledge Grades, runner-up award for Best<br />

House Grades ... Larry Nye, Interfraternity<br />

Council president, 1964-65 A UI Veep, tapped<br />

for Silver Lance and Blue Key ... new<br />

JK's, Adrian Nelson, Ray Fortin, Leo Jeffres,<br />

John St. Clair ... Dinnen Cleary,<br />

named Outstanding enior and Greek <strong>of</strong><br />

the Year, '"'estern Regional l FC Veep, Outstanding<br />

Marine ... Intramural Football<br />

Champions ... Bill Huizinga, varsity baseball<br />

... Chuck vValton, president <strong>of</strong> Intram<br />

ural Managers, Outstanding Air Force<br />

Cadet ... Ski Club, Mel Cook, president;<br />

Scott Bistline, veep; Greg McGregor, treasurer<br />

... Buzz McCabe, KUOI station manager<br />

... Gary Green, A U 1 Election Board<br />

Chairman . . . Chuck ' Valton, Phi Eta<br />

Sigma historian, Gem Sports staff ... Pat<br />

Muldoon, Chicago Tribune Award for Air<br />

Force ... J oe Holst, American Legion<br />

Award ... Bob Blower, Naval Institute<br />

Proceedings Award . . . 400 from Turtle<br />

Derby given to the Lewiston Orphanage.<br />

Phis fixed the boat dock as one <strong>of</strong> many<br />

tasks in cleaning up Bo~ cout Camp<br />

Grizzly on Community ervice Day.<br />

TE\'E ~fERRILL<br />

President<br />

Phi Delta Thew<br />

804 Elm<br />


Bill Ballantyne 0 .1\'e Bell ~£. Blacl..well Bob Blower Lee Brannon George Buxton Nick Can1cfix W. Carpenter<br />

Brian Casey Di men Cleary ~[elvin Cool.. George Corrigan Ra) Crowder J im Dinsmore Ray Fortin Cary Green<br />

Jerry He\·ern Bi I Hui1inga Dibb J ami~on Leo J eiTrcs Forde Johnson Ken J ohnson Roger Cilgore R. Kloppenburg<br />

Stephen Lincoln Rob! rt Lindstrom Larry i\lcllride ,\llan ~rcCabe Pat Mc~fahon 13ruce ~racKinnon Terry i\lalcolm Philip Marshall<br />

Denny Mix J im Mix Pat Muldoon .\drian Nelson Larry ' ye F. II. Oktulmus Jim Palmer Doran Parkins<br />

i\lax Peterson Bob Rarick Bob St. Clair John St. Clair Don Schumacher Ron Staker Ray tudel>aker Steve Sundberg<br />

Jim Tegan Bill fhurston LeRoy Vicrd. John Wales Kris Wales J ohn Wall Chuck Walton Win West<br />

Phi Delta Theta<br />


Phi Gamma Della<br />

600 <strong>University</strong> i\\enue<br />

Phi Gamma Delta<br />

It's no secret-we had an active, event filled year ... IK's, Chuck Birchmier. Bob Erickson, Tim Flood,<br />

.Jon Anderson, Rod Bohman, Rom Kendrick, Bob 1\IcCray ... members <strong>of</strong> Blue Key, Bill C os~. Steve Edwards,<br />

J ohn Sackett, Chick Cutler ... varsity football players, Gary Gagnon, Dave Triplett, Bob Basset,<br />

i\fike Whiles ... frosh football, R od Bohman, John Daniels, Bob l\IcCray, Ron Porter ... v::t rsity golf, Chick<br />

Cutler, Bill Goss, Terry Gustave!, Rick J ensen, Bill Carter, Dick Trail ... varsity ski team, Bob Trent, John<br />

Ostbo, Steve Kimball ... Fro h ba ketball, Rod Bohman, Steve i\Iocn ... Sigma T au, John ackett, Doug<br />

Yearsley ... members <strong>of</strong> i\Iu Epsilon Delta, Bill Goss, Chick Cutler ... Alpha Kappa P ~ i . Bob Erickson,<br />

Bob Pene ... J ohn Sackett elected to A UI Executive Board . . . Le,·e Edwards, IFC secretar> ... came in<br />

third in H omecoming float competition ... had two dances and lots <strong>of</strong> fun_<br />

~tt<br />

:!l~mnriam<br />


Died April 12, 196.J, in a car-train collision in Boise, <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Rick Allen Jon Anderson ;\feh·in Baptie Barry Barlow Boh Basseu Rod Bohman Herb Bradle)<br />

Bill Bryson .John Carson Jeny Clary C. J. Crocker John l)aniel Rich Edwards Ste,·e Edwards<br />

Bob .Erickson Jim l' isher Tim Flood Gary Gagnon Terry Gu~ta \ el Dan Honnaechea Jim Hunter·<br />

Rick J ensen R uss Kastberg Tom Kendrick Richard Lange Carroll Liviugston Boh .\lcCall Bob l\IcCray<br />

Port ~lcKinster Gary Milliken Steve Moen Larry ?\fonahan Jerry ~l yklebust John Olson J ohn Ostbo<br />

Bob l'ene Ron Porter Charles Pouer Brooks Ranney J ohn Sackett Doug Sharp Robb Stradley<br />

Geue Swbbs Ed T hunen Ron Twileg;rr Dennis Walker Gary Wa lker· Ron Watson Doug Yearsley<br />

Phi Gamma Delta<br />


Phi<br />

Kappa<br />

Tau<br />

Phi Tau's E"ctulhe Board led the house during<br />

a fun and pr<strong>of</strong>itable year.<br />

The Phi T aus kicked <strong>of</strong>f the year by building the H omecoming Queen's float<br />

with the Tri Delts ... Julie Pence crowned Pledge Class Sweetheart at pring<br />

Formal ... J oe Robinson, IK <strong>of</strong>ficer ... Alpha Kappa Psi, Richard Jackson and<br />

H arold Sasaki ... Domain Achievement Award ... Buflon on Vandal gridiron<br />

... Hendon, member <strong>of</strong> track team ... Phi Eta Sigma, 'a aki and Brydl ...<br />

placed second in the annual Blood Dri,·e ... tOok fourth place in Intramural<br />

Track meet ... newl) tapped IK's, Kent Ru ell, te'e Tollefson, Larry Lockner<br />

nyder and J ohnson member <strong>of</strong> band and orche tra ... Harold asaki<br />

elected ophomore Class Vice P resident ... advanced ROTC, Knudsen, Collins,<br />

Nel on, Duell, .J ackson ... pledged T ahir aid Aboud Lrom Zatllibar ... danc e~<br />

<strong>of</strong> the year included a -19'er Fling, the Pledge Dance, and a ' pring Formal.<br />

P.\UL HENDOX<br />

P1·esident<br />

Phi Kappa Tau<br />

620 <strong>Idaho</strong><br />


Phi Kappa Tau<br />

:\lerlin .\hrens<br />

\rmour .\nderson<br />

John . \ndersou<br />

Bill Bry:mt<br />

Da\id Bqdl<br />

Bill Rufton<br />

l'at ll) rncs<br />

\\'a It Collins<br />

Ron Duell<br />

Don Fluhart)<br />

Ted I·luhart)<br />

Claude Freaner<br />

\nd) Ganow<br />

Kei th Glover<br />

Frank !linton<br />

Jim Ingehrihcn<br />

Richard Jacl,son<br />

Jim Johnson<br />

George Kellogg<br />

John Knudsen<br />

Doug Kraemer<br />

John K111tenhauser<br />

Larq Lod,ner<br />

Ed \lcl\ride<br />

Tt'tr)' Martin<br />

Alan Morbeck<br />

Larl") :-..'ebon<br />

Joe Robinson<br />

Kent Russell<br />

Lr le Sail<br />

Harold Sasaki<br />

Dale Scott<br />

Tim hca<br />

J oe impson<br />

Robert Smith<br />

Lcs Snyder<br />

J clr Tolle £son<br />

teve T olle£ on<br />

Bob \\'ilks<br />

J ohn Womiak<br />

Dick Zabel<br />


Sigma .\ lpha Epsilon<br />

Deakin and Sweet<br />

Sigma Alpha Epsilon<br />

What a year! ... McCann, Executive Board ... Scheel named Outstanding Senior ... Hurlbert,<br />

Senior Class President, tapped for Silver Lance, NROTC Battalion Commander ... Hall,<br />

Phi Eta Sigma President ... Wolff, Mu Epsilon Delta President ... McCollum, Junior IFC President<br />

... M. Morfitt, Secretary <strong>of</strong> IFC, Dad's Day Chairman ... Mottinger, IK Veep ... Hicks,<br />

Outstanding NROTC Sophomore ... Jory, Publicity Chairman for Dad's Day ... Bushnell,<br />

Homecoming Chairman, Outstanding Sophomore inLandS ... Blue Key, Hurlbert, J. Morfitt,<br />

Scheel, Morringer . .. new I K's are McCollum, D. Jones, vVelmore, Carr ... D. Jones, Phi Eta<br />

Sigma ... Mu Epsilon Delta, Scheel, Wolff, M. Morfitt .. . Strohmeyer, Vandal football captain<br />

... Frosh basketball coaches, 'White and Crowell . . . Deacon Street Three won first place in<br />

Homecoming Sing Contest ... first place in Homecoming Skit Contest ... members <strong>of</strong> football<br />

squad were Strohmeyer, vVhitney, Bryant, Foruria, McCollum, D. Arnt, Dailey ... basketball,<br />

Rasmussen and H enson.<br />

Mike Randles awards the SAE Olympics trophy to Bonnie<br />

Johnstone <strong>of</strong> Hays Hall.<br />


President, Fi1·st Semester<br />



P1·esident, Second Semester<br />

Cary Albin<br />

Phil Armstrong<br />

Dick Amdt<br />

Ro)' Bentson<br />

J ack Bryant<br />

Rick Carr<br />

Dean Duelke<br />

Bill Egen<br />

Alfred Eiguren<br />

Sandy Emerson<br />

John Foruria<br />

Bill Graham<br />

Ed Griswold<br />

Richard Hall<br />

Richard Henry<br />

Terr)' Henson<br />

Rick Hicks<br />

Dennis J ones<br />

Dennis }or)'<br />

Dennis Knapp<br />

Bob Loughmiller<br />

Don Loughmiller<br />

Bill McCann<br />

Joe McCollum<br />

Arthur McConnell<br />

Ste,·e ;\1 arsha II<br />

J ames Morli tt<br />

Don ~l'lo uinge r<br />

Ron Noble<br />

Cary Nyberg<br />

Jim Pauerson<br />

J ohn Penny<br />

Robert Pierce<br />

Mark l'omerinke<br />

Ron Raffensperger<br />

Cary Reher<br />

i\f. E. Ross<br />

T om Sampson<br />

J ames Scheel<br />

Terry Sc<strong>of</strong>i eld<br />

Dave Slusarenko<br />

Cliff Smith<br />

Larry Strohmeyer<br />

Rob T hiessen<br />

Richard Wellington<br />

Chuck White<br />

J ohn Wicklund<br />

Denny Wilmore<br />

Bob Wise<br />

T ony WolfE<br />

Sigma Alpha<br />

Epsilon<br />


Sigma Chi<br />

The <strong>Idaho</strong> Sigs can look back on the 1963-1964 school year with much pride<br />

... always stressing scholarship first, the Sigs were in most <strong>of</strong> the campus scholastic<br />

honoraries ... campus actiYities and sports played a large part in the year ...<br />

tapped for Blue Key, F. Freeman, Faucher, and MacPhee ... Faucher, Junior<br />

Class President, new member <strong>of</strong> Sil \'er Lance ... McClusky, Duke <strong>of</strong> IK's ...<br />

H askins, IK's H orrible Executioner ... Morrow, Frosh King finalist ... Eldred<br />

named Outstanding Senior ... Freeman and Faucher, top Arg men for the<br />

coming year ... MacPhee, elected to Executive Board ... In sports, J ebsen went<br />

to national ski meet and Von T agen to national swim meet ... Rogers, cocaptain<br />

<strong>of</strong> Vandal football team ... Lavens, h·osh football standout ... and<br />

putting a crowning touch to a year's end, the announcing <strong>of</strong> a new Sweetheart,<br />

lovely ·Miss Janice Cruzen, Pi Beta Phi.<br />


President<br />

Sigma Chi<br />

Nez Perce Drive<br />

Neighborly spaghetti feeds can be such fun!<br />


David Allred Stuart Barclay Bob Barlow David S. Barrett .Benny Blick Dwight Board Warren Board<br />

Da,·e C;lda Joe Ed Conrad Dick DeAtley Jay Denny James DePree Tom Eubanks Pete Fallini Jim Faucher<br />

R. Jay Fletcher Fred Freeman Jim Freeman Grant Gibbons Michael R. Glenn H. W. Gerrish, Jr. LeRoy Gornick Larry Haskins<br />

Kent Haynes Jim Headley Lewis R. Higgins Jim Hoduffer Bill J ensen Kent Kleinkopf Tom Lavens Craig MacPhee<br />

David McClusky Tim Madden Carl Maestas Guy Maestes Glenn Martz ~fike Mercer Ray Miller Bill Morrow<br />

Jack Morris David Pugh Jerry Randolph Bill Ringer Leland U. Robison Ros Rognstad David Royer Bruce Rullman<br />

Fred Sel le Roger Snodgrass Ken Stearns Karl Von Tagen Tom Walton Jan Wendlc Larry Westberg Garth Wilson<br />

Sigma Chi<br />


Sigma Nu<br />

The men <strong>of</strong> Sigma Nu enjoyed another<br />

outstanding term . . . Phil Reberger,<br />

former ASUI Public Relations<br />

Director named Outstanding Senior ...<br />

Ronn Reed, ASUI Judicial Council<br />

member ... Welch, Giles, Shoemaker,<br />

Kinsfather wear the IK sh ield and helmet<br />

.. . Gary Maim served as IFC Rush<br />

Chairman ... Jim Barlow, chosen veep<br />

<strong>of</strong> Junior IFC ... Bob Anderson succeeded<br />

Ron Post as Chairman <strong>of</strong> SUB<br />

Film Committee ... R eberger, one <strong>of</strong><br />

three students on Athletic Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Control ... Ron Post, veep <strong>of</strong> United<br />

Party ... in athletics, Rich laccarato,<br />

leading ground gainer and Vern Leyde,<br />

leading pass receiver for Vandal football<br />

team the past two years ... Naccarato<br />

received most inspirational player award<br />

. . . other varsity football players, Ellery<br />

Brown, Gary Peters, Jerry Campbell ...<br />

varsity baseball, Gary Peters, Mike Everett,<br />

Frank Reberger . . . varsity golf,<br />

Glen J ohannson ... many exchanges<br />

with the ' 'Vhite Rose Initiation Dance<br />

to climax the year.<br />

Newly elected Sigrna ' u <strong>of</strong>ficers are, left<br />

to 1·ight: Gary Peters, Pledge Marshal;<br />

John Dahl, Treasurer; Mike Gallagher,<br />

Vice President; Gary Mal111, President;<br />

Bill Britton, House Manager; Ronn Reed,<br />

Scholarship Chairman .<br />


Preside11t<br />

Sigma Nu<br />

718 Elm<br />


Bob Anderson<br />

J ames :\nderson<br />

Ed Arndt<br />

Joe Bales<br />

J im Barlow<br />

Frank Barnes<br />

AI Boling<br />

Bill Brillon<br />