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Rainbow Light Foundation is a not for profit, consortium of healers, teachers, artists and

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This magazine is a new venture, timed with the launch of the new Rainbow Light Foundation

website. The contributors are Members of this organisation who have written articles relating

to areas of their work and expertise. We have also included an article written by Carol Lamb.

I would like to acknowledge Joseph Burns, who is an Honorary Member of Rainbow Light

Foundation, for his dedication and support over the past twenty-four years. Joseph has a

momentum on prayer on a personal and global level, which is of great assistance to the work of

Rainbow Light Foundation.

I would also like to welcome Nancy Wait as a new Member of Rainbow Light Foundation.

Nancy manages the Rainbow Light Forum from New York and would welcome any comments

and queries regarding radio content.

Sandra Lamb


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Good Vibrations ........................................................................................................................... 5

The Founding and Development of The Academy of Spiritual Sciences .................................... 9

A Trip to the Moon with Granny ............................................................................................... 12

Rainbow Light Connection ........................................................................................................ 14

From Prison to Prism ................................................................................................................. 16

Brooklyn Rainbow ..................................................................................................................... 18

Past Life Positional Memory Re-Surfacing Through Yoga ....................................................... 20

Visiting the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India .................................. 23

Ribbons of Light Global Peace Meditation ................................................................................ 24

ALZHEIMER’S – A Spiritual Perspective of ‘The Long Goodbye’ ......................................... 26

A Helping Hand Series ............................................................................................................... 28

The Personal Life Plan Astrological Significance of the Planetary Cycles ............................... 30

The Karmic Debt Numbers ........................................................................................................ 33

Medical Astrology ...................................................................................................................... 35

Blossoming Health ..................................................................................................................... 37

Cover Illustration by Louise Oliver

There IS Music in the Spacing of the Spheres

Michael Kowalski

Amadeus Project

‘There is geometry in the humming of the strings,

there is music in the spacing of the spheres.’


I’m sure many people reading this article will have heard of

Pythagoras from the theorem which bears his name. Like most

schoolchildren all across the world, it’s likely that you will have

been taught the Pythagoras Theorem in trigonometry lessons and

for many, the mere mention of his name will trigger unhappy

memories of mathematics lessons!

The heading of this article is a famous quotation attributed to Pythagoras and it is considered

by many to be not so much a statement of fact but an expression of his belief in a general

interrelationship between geometry, harmonious music and astronomy. After all, it’s only in

the last few hundred years that we have been able to measure and calculate interplanetary

distances and so it must surely have been impossible for Pythagoras, who lived around 500

years BC, to know anything at all about ‘the spacing of the spheres’, let alone know that this

spacing would have a musical quality.

Today we can check whether the statement is factually correct. We now know the distances

between planets and so we can check out whether there is any truth in the statement ‘…there is

music in the spacing of the spheres’. To do this, we need to have just a little understanding

about the properties of harmonious music and sounds.

Let’s consider for a moment the sound made by blowing across an aperture,

such as an empty bottle, something which I’m sure we have all done at some

time. Whenever we do this with the same bottle, we always get a sound at the

same pitch: the note is never higher or lower than before. This is how sounds

are made when playing Peruvian Panpipes (see picture), which are sets of

wooden tubes bound together to make an instrument. If we blow across the

shortest tube, the sound will be at a specific pitch. As we blow across longer

and longer pipes the notes get lower and lower until we reach a pipe which is

double the length of the first tube when the pitch of the sound made is exactly one octave

lower. (Listen to soundfile ex1.mp3). Double the length again and the sound lowers again by

one octave, and so on. Notes that are octaves apart make a very pure harmony when played

together as a continuous tone and many cultures, including Celtic, Indian, Eastern and native

American, use this tone combination throughout much of their music, as seen for example in

the drones on a Scottish bagpipe, Irish Uilleann pipes, or in the chants of American Indians.

If we examine the distances between the orbits of planets in our solar system, we find the same

correspondence between the orbits and a musical octave. Starting at Mercury, the next planet

is Venus and at twice the distance from Mercury to Venus, we find the orbit of our Earth: one


octave lower. At double this distance, we find the orbit of Mars: another octave lower. Double

it again, we have the asteroid belt (which many believe to be the remains of a destroyed

planet); double it again and we have Jupiter, double it again and we reach Saturn; all these

planets aligned at distances which correspond to the same note played octaves apart. If you

wish to hear what these intervals sound like, listen to the soundfile ex2.mp3 which builds up

the sequence of sounds representing Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter and Saturn.

I find it fascinating to find that not only does this validate the statement ‘…there is music in the

spacing of the spheres’, but that this music corresponds to the tone combinations that underpin

the traditional music of some of our most ancient cultures.

So if the second part of the Pythagoras quotation is true, what about the first part: ‘There is

geometry in the humming of the strings…’?

Lets begin by looking at what actually happens when we pluck a string on a musical instrument

such as a guitar. The string vibrates and the pitch of the sound that we can hear corresponds to

a wavelength which is equal to the distance between the two points where the string is held, i.e.

the bridge of the guitar and the end of the fretboard (see below).



Fundamental vibration of a plucked string

The wave pattern of the string vibration is however more complex than the diagram above

suggests. Plucking the string also causes standing waves to appear on the string which are half

the wavelength, a third of the wavelength, a quarter, a fifth and so on, as represented below.


Half the Fundamental Wavelength (30)

One third the Fundamental Wavelength (20)

These additional waves, known as harmonics, are not so powerful that they alter the pitch of

the note but the way in which these harmonics are combined affects the waveform of the string

and this in turn affects the tone of the sound, which is why a violin sounds different when the

string is played with a bow rather than being plucked, even when the pitch of the note is the


So what’s this got to do with geometry? If we look at the three diagrams above, we can see

that a vibrating string includes a fundamental vibration wavelength corresponding to the length

of the string, as well as additional harmonic vibrations with wavelengths of one half and one

third of the length of the string. If the string was 60 cm long, that means that the first two

harmonic vibrations would correspond to wavelengths of 30 cm and 20 cm.

These ratios of 60:30:20 are the dimensions of possibly the most sacred building ever

constructed: the Temple of Solomon. According to the Book of Kings in the Old Testament of

the Bible, God instructed Solomon to build a temple to precise dimensions:

‘And the house which King Solomon built for the Lord, the length thereof was threescore (60)

cubits, the breadth thereof twenty cubits and the height thereof thirty cubits.’

So Pythagoras was right once again: there is geometry – indeed sacred geometry - in the

humming of the strings. It’s no wonder that Goethe described architecture as ‘Frozen Music’

or to find that harmonic ratios such as these outlined above were deliberately applied to the

designs of the baroque architects responsible for some of the most beautiful buildings ever


What a shame that the standard school curriculum doesn’t include this aspect of Pythagoras’

teaching alongside his trigonometry theorem. Understanding that the square of the hypotenuse

is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides might have its uses but it isn’t going to

affect the way in which children see the world; knowing there is a relationship between


harmonious music, the orbits of planets, sacred geometry and beautiful architecture might just

give them a new perspective on the universe in which we live. Who knows, we might even

find the name Pythagoras being much more fondly remembered!


Good Vibrations

Jennifer Warters

Light Voice

The Key Principles Underpinning the Origins of Sound.

An Introduction to the Rainbow Planetary Tones Manual

Cover by Louise Oliver

Sound is energy in motion …nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.

‘We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that

which is around us, we are the same as everything.’ Gautama Buddha

Exploration into alchemical theory informs us that there is but one cosmic substance and the

only apparent difference between any form of this cosmic substance is its different state of

motion. Alchemists postulated that matter is a consequence of a single pure ripple of vibration

from the original Divine creative source. This wave of frequency reverberates through space

causing everything to vibrate at its own frequency or vibratory rate whether a cell within our

body, a daisy, a tree, a stone or a star. In our advanced technological age, we are able to look

in at the universe and hear the hum of each starry cluster or planetary body. These energy

forms group together because of sympathetic resonance and cause ripples of harmonics across

the cosmos, often referred to as ‘The Music of the Spheres’. This is an ancient philosophical

concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies – the sun, moon, and

planets as a form of music. Pythagoras proposed that they all emit their own unique hum

(orbital resonance) based on their orbital revolution.

Johannes Kepler, an astronomer and mathematician in the sixteenth century, realised that all

states of motion were measurable and that the entire solar system could be viewed as a ‘tuned

quantum structure’ (Martineau 2006). Kepler’s vision was based on evidential facts of

astronomical measurements, which reinforced the ancient view that each planet corresponds to


a different note on a grand musical scale. He demonstrated a correspondence between musical

ratios and planetary velocities. Seven musical notes were assigned to the seven heavenly

bodies or planets and Pythagoras was able to correlate the intervals of the musical scale with

simple numerical ratios.

The Earth and the human body are both comprised of interconnecting channels, which carry

the energy to its parts. In the physical body these channels are called meridians, which carry

the flow of energy from the chakras (energy centres) to the vital organs. This energy is the life

force, also known as chi or prana. It is the activating force and if it is absent, death occurs.

Within the Earth’s structure these interconnecting energy channels are known as ley lines.

Sacred sites were strategically placed at the central hubs of this planetary grid system to

maximise power effectively and that is why the great pyramid is placed at the central point of

the Earth’s land mass.

Ancient Man realised that he was surrounded by invisible forces and used symbolism to

express his relationship with these forces. These invisible forces were seen as a source of

energy and power. The ancients believed that life prospered and was sustained by contact with

them. Man was pictorially represented in a framework of realms with the heavenly forces

above and the earthly forces below. To be in harmony with theses forces, one had to make a

conscious effort to connect with them, to absorb their power and to put this power into action

in daily life. In this way, man was able to transform himself into a sensitive instrument,

reawakening his intuitive knowledge to solve problems through a connection with the

Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother. Traces of this teaching have been found in almost

every country and religion.

These early peoples saw energy as a source of knowledge and harmony continually flowing to

them from Father Spirit in the heavens and Mother Earth below who nourished and sustained

earthly life.

The Sacred Use of Sound

Ethnic groups used sound to connect to Mother Earth and to evoke reverence and oneness with

nature. Ancient cultures in both the northern and southern hemispheres understood the law of

vibration and the effect of sound upon their body, their community and their environment

particularly when focused effectively and this is the principle behind toning, which provides a

means of creative expression, releasing tension and anxiety through simple vocal techniques to

create specific sounds.


Exploration of the environment is encouraged within Aboriginal

family groups and all generations learn together, sharing

knowledge, socialising and expressing their daily life creatively

through song and dance. The Aborigines used song, chant and

ancient ritual musical instruments as a means of communicating

over long distances and they sing as they walk the Song Lines of

the Earth’s meridians.


Maori chanting, brought to New Zealand by the original East Polynesian inhabitants of the

country, had a deep cultural significance and was a vital part of ceremonial life and tribal


The Amazonian Shamans and initiates used hallucinogenic substances and song to

communicate with spirits, whereas tribal members communicated their position to each other

in the rain forest through vibration by hitting the trunks of trees with their machetes.

Indigenous peoples worked with vibration, acknowledging it as a creative force with which to

transform their lives. They had a vast knowledge of crops soil and climatic conditions and

understood the law of cycles and practised a communal way of life, sharing equally in

everything. Through cooperation and communal living, they generated a positive force field of

energy and understood the basic tenet that like attracts like and each is held together within a

common frequency of vibration. We are only too aware that a wave of dissonance in a group

can destroy harmony.

The ethnic peoples who have maintained their connection to the Earth

through thousands of years incorporated sound into their sacred rites and

have retained the understanding that sound arises as a consequence of the

movement of the ether. Sound is a key element of their rituals, which

conserve and maintain planetary energy through the subtle energy system of

the Earth itself.

Maori dance

The Native American Indians, whose community was held together harmoniously by the

creative force of a common positive goal, lived in mountains, deserts and on the shores of lakes

and rivers. They soon realised to their cost that the early European settlers, who were

accustomed to owning land and claiming it, perceived nature as an obstacle or a commodity

and had a materialistic view of land, animals and plants, viewing indigenous people as an

obstacle or a resource.


The Hopi Indians believe that they have been

entrusted with holding the balance of the planetary

hub at the centre of the North American continent and

use sacred chants and dance to maintain its energetic

integrity. By transforming themselves into more

sensitive instruments they were able to receive and

utilise these forces of energy from nature and the

cosmos. Their life focus was to harmonise this


Hopi Indian


Proven research reveals that the Earth renews its strata in a cycle of

seven ages and the human body renews its cellular structure once

every seven years. Each mirrors the other. The lower organs of

the digestive tracts and the organs of reproduction correspond to

the earth’s inner core and layer of magma and the respiratory

organs (the lungs) the throat and the brain correspond to the higher

energy of the Earth’s atmosphere. The heart holds the balance

between the two. The human circulatory system corresponds to

the network of oceans and rivers within the Earth.

Light energy is individually expressed as sound through speech. Words were once appreciated

as precious jewels of spoken thought clothed in a matrix of vibration. All sound carries a

momentum of power with a positive or negative charge and we are therefore each accountable

for the right use of that energy, creating balance and harmony or imbalance and discord.

If practised regularly, the sequence of seven Rainbow Planetary Tones will begin to open and

clear the channels linking your physical body to the flow of energy from the corresponding

forces above and below and from the corresponding forces flowing to you from the natural

environment and the cosmos.


The Founding and Development of

The Academy of Spiritual Sciences

Jennifer Warters

Principal Tutor, Quantum Light Programme

In 1993, Carol Lamb established her first small centre in

Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, England with a colleague

and was practising past life therapy and teaching holistic

health care courses for further education. It was here, during a

therapy session with a client, that she was contacted by a

higher stream of consciousness in the form of direct

communication from a guide. Once Carol had proved to

herself that the guide was of the highest order by asking

questions that only she, herself could have answered, Carol

was told that the guide had passed through the veils to speak

with her with the sole purpose of connecting individuals to

their higher selves so that a Divine Blue print founded on spiritual law and spiritual principles,

could manifest in the physical world.

As the guidance unfolded, Carol was informed that if instructions were followed and spiritual

principles adhered to she would be instrumental in establishing International healing and

teaching centres. These Centres would incorporate meditation groups, healing clinics,

community outreach programmes, College courses and spiritual teaching. Over time, these

events occurred but only because of Carol’s determination to commit to the guidance, whatever

the cost to herself.

In the days that followed, people were magnetised to the positive energy spiral that had been

created by this paranormal interaction. It was an exciting time for everyone involved and

significant people who were to play an important part in the future unfolding of the plan came

for therapy or enrolled in classes that Carol continued to run as before.

Gradually, as foretold, a spiritual community of like-minded people emerged. Their key

message of hope for humanity was the journey of the soul through allegiance to the Divine

source. Students were informed of humanity’s spiritual lineage and many received healing

from Carol to raise awareness of resistance patterns and to release imprints of memories from

past incarnations, which were hampering their path and inhibiting their ability to forge

harmonious relationships with each other and within the community.


Many were eager to know how to sustain a connection to the positive source of this energy and

they joined classes to study alignment and the anatomical structure of the auric field, which

envelopes the physical body in a subtle energy system that links to increasingly higher

frequencies of vibration beyond the brain.

This understanding had an enormous impact on a lot of people because of the consequence of

realising that there was a preconceived plan and purpose for their life on earth and the dawning

sense of personal responsibility with the need to make more positive choices.

Before any student was allowed to teach, strict guidelines were imposed with the requirement

for each to address their own negative memory imprints from previous key incarnations to

assist progress. Before teaching others to swim, one must be able to swim oneself. As Keats

wisely said, ‘Nothing ever becomes real until it’s experienced’.

Through this transformative, alchemical process many acknowledged that their intuition had

been crushed by a lack of self-belief, by other’s opinions and by fears of financial hardship,

which may have led to jobs and careers totally unsuited to their personality and aspirations.

Within five years of Carol receiving ongoing direct guidance, a core student group had

completed holistic therapy training through the newly formed College of Holistic Sciences.

Those that were strongly committed to addressing their own healing, trained as therapists and

teachers and by invitation from the guide were given management duties. The initial route for

many was through healing via the therapy clinic because as documented in Carol’s

autobiography Born Remembering, the memory of the life plan we choose prior to birth carries

an inner longing and we are constantly searching for answers and yearning for truth.

Flexible, accessible learning was offered with alternative opportunities to encourage

individuality and creativity, incorporating music, working with children, art, dance and poetry

because creativity is the key to intuitive connection.

In 2002 Carol founded Rainbow Light Foundation, which is an International

‘not for profit’, healing and teaching Trust to continue her work. Her dearest

wish was that members of the organisation would, through spiritual

allegiance, discover their own unique gifts and develop their own projects to

demonstrate the principles of the teaching they had received.

The College of Holistic Sciences became The Academy of

Holistic Sciences to carry the essence of the teaching forward

into the twenty first century and in 2003/04 a teaching base was

established at St William’s College, in the City of York. The

years 2005-2008 heralded an International Teaching Programme

with a teaching base in West Cork in the Republic of Ireland and

Introductory workshops in Australia. From 2010, Carol Lamb

presented the Advanced Teaching Programme in the prestigious

King’s Manor, the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University

of York.


In 2013, The Academy, newly named The Academy of

Spiritual Sciences, was appointed the designated teaching

body for Carol Lamb’s International ‘Quantum Light’

accredited Practitioner and Therapist training programme,

integrating energy alignment, healing, the soul sciences and

quantum physics. In 2014 an Academy teaching base was

launched in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England to

restore the teaching to one of the earlier healing Centres that

had been established under guidance in the year 2000.

In August 2013, The Academy launched its own radio programme under the banner of

Paranormal Matters to take the principles of alignment and the healing application of these

principles to a global audience.

We are now at the close of 2014 and the advances in the science of quantum physics and

epigenetics herald the growing numbers involved in consciousness raising. The Academy of

Spiritual Sciences has a new vision for the future which has grown out of the acceptance that in

this virtual world of advanced technology, a building to train students is no longer required.

The Quantum Light Programme is the vehicle that takes the teaching forward through online

training and download packages of cutting edge information. Only by expanding the study of

the mind can we achieve exceptional mental health and balance, to bring optimum physical and

psychological benefits.

There will continue to be a key focus on broadcasting to satisfy the growing numbers of eager

listeners. For, to quote Martin Luther King Junior ‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question

is: What are you doing for others?’


A Trip to the Moon with Granny

Jennifer Warters

Light Voice

I remember a rainy Saturday afternoon several years ago. Finlay and I had spent the morning

exploring the towpath on the Polwarth canal bank in Edinburgh. My son Toby and his wife

were away overnight for a much needed break and I had left my car at home, having travelled

up on the train from Yorkshire to spend the weekend and to look after my four year old

Grandson for twenty four hours.

Damp but undeterred by the weather, Finlay and I shared an easy lunch of salad and the

remains of yesterday’s lasagne and then went into the living room to play. On my arrival the

previous day, Finlay had asked if we could make a rocket to go to the moon and having

discussed what was needed, we went in search of something to provide the basic framework of

the craft. We eventually found two wicker basket chairs in the spare bedroom, which we

thought would do and with difficulty carried them down the stairs to the living room. We then

tipped them towards each other on the floor leaving a seating space in the middle for the self

selected pilot astronaut. Would there be room for me I wondered? ….In our search for

something to give form to the basic rocket shape, Finlay had found an empty giant packet of

soap powder which he thought would cut up to make fins and a control panel. However when

he tipped it upside down he powdered the carpet with the remains of its contents… ‘Moon

dust,’ I declared and relieved at my response, he happily went in search of scissors. I followed

his instructions and cellotaped flat pieces of card to cover the gaping holes in the side of the

craft. A long piece of cardboard was folded to provide a control panel on which he drew three

circles to represent the dials before we cellotaped it in place.

I pointed out the absence of engines to fire and suggested that we find a

large container that we could fill with something to represent heat and

flames. Finlay said that his dressing up bin would be good, I agreed and

he unceremoniously tipped the contents onto the carpet and turning the

aluminium bin on its side, rolled it towards me and together we put it in

place at the back of our rocket. We then looked for things that would

represent heat and flames and Finlay found a shocking pink feather duster

next to the ironing board which he said was ‘Daddy’s and special’ (I made

no comment…) also a red anorak and an orange scarf hanging on a peg in

the hall. Now for the nose cone. We needed more cardboard and also required silver paper to


cover, protect and insulate it for the hot and hazardous return journey. The laundry room

proved a valuable resource and we found and raided a bag of used wrapping paper, which

provided the silver paper we needed.

Finlay’s attention to detail came to the fore as he carefully cut out eight cardboard fins which,

with help, he cellotaped in pairs to the outer body of the craft. I asked him what these were for

and he said they would make the rocket go faster. I couldn’t argue with that!

It was nearly time for lift off and Finlay spent several frustrating minutes

looking for his other pirate wellington boot with the skull and cross bones

pattern to wear on his feet for the moon landing. There was limited space

in the narrow seating area of the craft and as Finlay had tactfully told me

that morning that I was his widest Granny, (thin and wiry is not my body

type!) I obviously wasn’t accompanying him on this trip! …The lost

wellington was found at last and relieved and booted our brave astronaut

carefully climbed into his fragile craft adjusting the cushion at his back for

comfort. We made appropriate rocket take off noises and after lift off, the journey into outer

space miraculously lasted only a few seconds. On landing on the moon’s surface, Finlay

confidently climbed out of the craft and convincingly with slow and heavy foot fall proceeded

to gather moon samples of white dust (soap powder) and tiny scraps of torn paper which he

had prepared earlier and had been scattered by his faithful assistant!

When enough samples had been gathered, Finlay climbed back into the craft for the return

journey, which again took only a few seconds. However to our horror after an examination of

the rocket back on earth, Finlay declared that aliens had got into the engine on the moon while

he was away gathering samples and had travelled with him on the return journey. I asked what

we should do and without hesitation, the intrepid pilot said that they had to be ‘sploded out’.

When I enquired how we should do this, Finlay disappeared into his bedroom and returned

with a miniature rugby ball which he said was a bomb and without any warning at all he hurled

it into the engine tube as we dived for cover behind an arm chair.

We held our breath for a moment and then Finlay courageously offered to crawl inside the

engine to see if the alien invaders had gone. However after another examination he declared

that the aliens had turned into ‘green gloop’, which he said we had to get rid of. Mortified at

this horrendous transformation I again asked him how we should do this. After a thoughtful

pause he said that the engine would need blowing out and went in search of some piping. He

returned a minute or so later with a stick which he said was a pipe and again disappeared into

the engine cavity, I heard blowing sounds from deep within and then he emerged red faced but

triumphant and announced that the gloop had gone! ‘Hooray, Hooray, Hooray’ I shouted. I

congratulated him on a successful mission and we enjoyed a celebratory tea break and biscuits

before dismantling the rocket and clearing away.

If the aliens ever do invade, I know who I want in my corner!!


Rainbow Light Connection

Nancy Wait

Manages Rainbow Light Forum, New York

A woman followed her husband who followed the light from the north to the west, and then a

little to the south to the Americas, where the light seemed brighter and more expansive. But

her daughter’s daughter looked back to the east, a little to the north, where the light had

originated from, and saw how it still burned. She acquired some wood from that place that had

been made into a table and some chairs a long time ago. Wood from the trees in Yorkshire that

carried the vibration of the land. She sat her children at this table, and on special occasions

when she served food that had the name ‘Yorkshire’ in it – while they were sitting on these

chairs - their bones felt the vibration of the wood. At bedtime, she fed two of her daughters a

story about Yorkshire, planting seeds, nourishing minds as well as bodies with a book that had

the word ‘Heights’ in the title, suggesting a high up place. Then she turned out the light and

said goodnight, leaving them to dream.

Only one of the daughters absorbed this particular information and had the relevant dream.

When she was old enough, as soon as she could, this daughter of the grand-daughter of the

émigré travelled to the east and up north a little. But it wasn’t until she could bring her mother

that she went further north, where the wood had come from the trees with roots in the land.

They did not look for their own roots, their kin, but they ate the food and they spent the night,

though only the daughter, the great-grand-daughter, felt a kinship with the light that still

burned. The next day she found a moody painting in a shop on the High Street, which picked

up the memory of light. She also bought a cloth doll and thought to give it to her daughter,

should she ever have one, so that the story and the dream and the light might continue. Then

she returned to the Americas and began painting her own light. The vibrantly coloured light of

her own continent. It set up a clamour in her soul. But the little bird she painted numerous

times never opened its beak. Suddenly, she wanted to hear the sounds, so she took up the

guitar and sang.

Many years passed before she found The Rainbow Connection in a Judy Collins songbook:

Someday we’ll find it

That Rainbow Connection

The lovers the dreamers and me

Have you been half asleep

And have you heard voices

I've heard them calling my name

Are these the sweet sounds that called

The young sailors

I think they’re one and the same

I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it

There’s something that I'm supposed to be

Someday we’ll find it

The Rainbow Connection

The lovers, the dreamers and me


Yes, I’ve heard voices. Yes, I’ve heard my name being called when I was half-asleep – too

many times to ignore it. But my playing was sporadic. The rainbow connection remained a


I followed the path back to Yorkshire in the Seventies. In the Eighties I started to sing. In the

Nineties I had a son, not a daughter, so I gave the doll away to a friend’s little girl who was ill.

I never went back to Yorkshire, though I felt it to be my spiritual home. Then in 2011 I

connected with Louise and Rebecca on Twitter through a mutual Twitter connection who also

happened to reside in Yorkshire. I did not, however, connect the little bird of Twitter with my

own little painted bird. I was no longer painting or singing, but I was making another sort of

outcry as a host on Blog Talk Radio. Rebecca came on the show and strummed the harp and

Louise told a story. Then Jennifer toned and Michael played and Carol spoke, and I learned

about their Rainbow Light Foundation. The fact they were located in Yorkshire, mostly now

in Halifax no less, the place of my maternal ancestry, was of more interest than anything to do

with rainbows. Even when I could see the arc of the rainbow, and Carol began calling me

‘Brooklyn Rainbow’, I didn’t connect the arc of light to the words or the music of The

Rainbow Connection. I had forgotten all about the song. Until last week, when after a long

period of silence I began singing The Rainbow Connection again. Because the little boy in my

care with cerebral palsy loved it when I sang My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean, and Somewhere

Over the Rainbow:

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly

Birds fly over the rainbow

Why then, oh why can’t I?

For this little boy who had sounds but no speech, I started to sing again. I thought of more

rainbow songs, which were all songs about longing, as he seemed to enjoy these the most. And

with the singing, and being aware of the longing of a child who could not walk or talk, I

became the bird with wings of song. And that was when I remembered The Rainbow

Connection, and heard the words as if for the first time. Because now they had a foundation.

How the arc of Rainbow Light reaches us, whether through eyes pinned to the sky, or an inner

vision of light and colour, or through the sound of the colours, or the tones of vibrating chakras

doesn’t matter as long as we keep our senses open. The sense, for instance, that led me to a

group of healers and teachers, souls committed to their work and to bringing through their

message. That’s where I come in, as global outreach and the Rainbow Light Forum gets under

way. Though our particular rainbow connection no doubt reaches farther back in time and

space, where … the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true. Especially when you

ground the light in a solid Foundation.


From Prison to Prism

Nancy Wait

Manages Rainbow Light Forum, New York

How similar in sound – prison and prism – yet they couldn’t

be more different. The one restraining and confining (the

light), the other dispersing and reflecting (the light). Prison

and prism. For me these two images represent transformation

of a dark passage into a lighted one, and summarise the path

I’ve been on. It feels right to share this at the beginning of a

new year when a whole new phase is opening up for us. One

that will bring more openness and light into the world.

The dark memory of being imprisoned began with a recurring

nightmare when I was eight years old and dreamed I was

trapped in a small steel box with water pouring in from a hole

in the corner. It was completely dark in the box. There was

no way out. I knew I was going to die. And then I woke up,

always in a cold sweat, and always relieved and surprised to

find myself still alive. I called it the ‘no-exit dream,’ I think because of Sartre’s No Exit on the

coffee table in our living room.

In later years I learned about the life of the soul, and how the soul might flit in and out of the

body when we’re small children. But by the age of eight the door closes and we’re in there for

the duration. I thought the dream might have stemmed from that, from the feeling I was – or

rather my soul was – imprisoned in my body. It had not been a good feeling. It had been a

scary one. Calling for an acceptance of death whenI was still a child, alone in the dark.

Still later, my thoughts about the dream and the box of death

and the water changed again. This was because I had turned to

writing memoir. And after five years of sifting through the

memories, making connections, seeing experiences and

dreams from the long ago past as part of a continuum of an

awakening consciousness, I was able to make new

connections. Come up with something that completely startled

me and yet made total sense. Namely a child who had been in

a plane that was shot down over the Bay of Biscay during

World War II. So many details of her story rang a bell that I

knew this plane was the steel box that had haunted my dreams

in childhood.

Yet, as much as I believed it, I was hesitant about introducing the idea of reincarnation into the

memoir. Years went by while I dithered. Then finally, when it came to seem a matter of

believing in myself no matter what others might think, I put it in. The act of including it was

as if I’d unlocked a door. For right away, as soon as I decided to go with the story of

reincarnation, I had a new vision. Not a dream but a vision.

In this vision the steel box, the cage of death that had been the bane of part of my childhood,

was transformed into a cube of light! A lighted cube floating in space, open in front and back.


Not only was it no longer a dark prison – it was colored with all the colors of the rainbow –

and filled with white light! A coloured cube of light, inside and out.

This fifty-year saga culminated shortly before the book was published, when I met Rainbow

Light Foundation online. It was the Law of Correspondence at play, which I saw as the

readiness to come forward with my truth (and the light of my truth). It was like arriving at the

end of one rainbow, only to find another. For now I was aligned with rainbow light.

Light is a frequency, colors are frequencies, and the new vision, an image

representing my openness, now permeated my consciousness and drew

me towards those with a similar vibration. The Rainbow Cube was a sign

that the past had been healed. I was no longer hampered by fear. The

willingness to bring my story to light brought me in touch with others

reflecting the light.

When mind and spirit are in sync, it all falls into place I think.


Brooklyn Rainbow

Nancy Wait

Manages Rainbow Light Forum, New York

A poet friend once called me an ‘Over-the-Rainbow-Survivor.’

Now, while it was true I had the ring to prove it, I didn’t understand the full

meaning of that phrase until later.

Not until today, actually, when I looked again at the pastel painting I did over

the weekend of a rainbow intersecting the Brooklyn Bridge, its light shimmering on the water.

The key here is water.

When I think of a rainbow I think of the sky. The song we all know so well speaks of

somewhere over the rainbow, a place for birds to fly to, not us. For us it is only a dream, a


Unless you become a deep-sea diver, and follow the (heavenly) (reflected) light into the

(earthly) waters of dream and imagination… bringing those depths of feeling up to the surface,

perhaps in a painting, perhaps in a story… But somehow giving it expression. Making it real.

An ‘Over-the-Rainbow-Survivor’ is an idealist who survived. A dreamer who never lapsed.

Never became cynical. A person who could grow up to see her illusions crushed, stampeded

into the ground and trod on, yet still found joy in a rainbow.

An ‘Over-the-Rainbow-Survivor’ is really someone who went under the surface, who followed

the light reflected in the water… in order to one day rise to that level of light, (the inner light).

Following it all the way, until it surfaced again, refreshed and cleansed, after she had come full



Originally, I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn in 1982 when my marriage ended and I was

resolved to paint my inner life. After four years I returned to Manhattan to complete the series

of paintings I called ‘Journey to the Deep.’ Then two years later, in 1988, I met my second

husband, and we moved back to Brooklyn where I have remained ever since.

The second marriage didn’t last either, but my union with Brooklyn did. And eventually, my

union with the rainbow.

It was this light which led me to join Rainbow Light Foundation. Located in the north of

England, it is a ‘not for profit’, non-denominational organisation founded by Carol Lamb and

dedicated to promoting greater understanding of the soul sciences; the links between body,

mind and consciousness.

I now administer the Rainbow Light Forum, and am currently enrolled in the Quantum Light

Programme of the Academy of Spiritual Sciences.

You can find me on Face Book here: https://www.facebook.com/RainbowBrooklyn

And on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/LightInBrooklyn

You are invited to share comments on the Rainbow Light Forum.


Past Life Positional Memory Re-Surfacing Through Yoga

Rebecca Penkett

Harp Connections

‘But what of the memory of the body? Does that also, like its

conscious counterpart in mind have the capacity to enslave us or

set us free? It does, and here again the awakening of intelligence

is critical.’ B.K.S. Iyengar

I have learnt a great deal about the body through practicing

Iyengar Yoga since 2000. I first became interested in past life

memory when I connected with Rainbow Light Foundation, a ‘not

for profit’ healing and teaching organisation in the North of

England. This led me to train in Soul Recall Therapy (the

therapeutic release of memory imprints) with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences. Although I

was aware that yoga and soul recall bring integration, balance and harmony to the human

energy field (known in yoga as the five kosas or subtle sheaths of the being) I had not realised

any further links until my own therapy sessions began to reveal a pattern in 2012. During my

yoga classes, in some positions, I experienced unexplained physical discomfort or mental and

emotional anxiety but had not known why. Carol Lamb, Founder of the Rainbow Light

Network and my therapist and tutor, explained to me that specific body positions can ignite

body memory at the cellular level.

B.K.S. Iyengar follows the teachings of Patañjali, the 2 nd Century BC

Indian Sage who wrote the Yoga Sutras. Patañjali stated that the soul

becomes burdened with an accumulation of impressions as part of the

karma from previous lives. Yoga Sutra 3.18 states: ‘Through direct

perception of subliminal impressions [samskaras], the yogi gains

knowledge of previous lives.’

In ‘Light on Life’ B.K.S. Iyengar explains, ‘There is another subtle way in which memory

influences our lives without our realising it. The imprints of memory at an unconscious level

act as a filter to perception. Intelligence strives to see things as they are but mind and memory

tend to interpret these in relation to the past. The effect of this is imperceptibly to construct

sandbanks of prejudice. We are all aware of how prejudice acts retrospectively; you see

something and place a distorted value judgment on it. But prejudice also projects itself into

the future, by which I mean that it influences us to see and therefore to experience only those

things that will confirm what we already think.’

Mr Iyengar also says that, ‘consciousness is potentially in every cell of the body but most of us

are comatose.’ He explains that the nervous system reaches every part of the body and that

where nerves are, mind is and where mind is, memory is. Repetitive actions depend on this

cellular memory and Mr Iyengar used the positive example of cellular memory being in the

potter’s hands. He also highlighted that cellular memory can bring about negative behaviour

and that yoga practice ‘brings the light of intelligence to our cells and roots out negativity.’

For my part, I have experienced the benefits of integrating yoga and soul recall therapy to

release negative cellular imprints. I have realised a direct link to the Iyengar teaching through

the Academy’s soul recall training programme. Although I was aware that this therapy had


een practiced by ancient cultures, Patañjali’s work provided me with an ancient connection

specifically to two interests in my life – yoga and holistic therapy.

Case Study

In a yoga class in September 2012, my teacher, Debbie Bartholomew, prepared us to do

Simhasana 2 (Lion Pose 2). The preparation poses included Downward Facing Auspicious

Pose (Adho Mukha Swastikasana) followed by Padmasana (Lotus Pose) or Ardha Padmasana

(Half Lotus Pose) for those who cannot do the full pose of Padmasana (Lotus).

Adho Mukha


(Downward Facing

Auspicious Pose)

Ardha Padmasana

(Half Lotus Pose)


(Lotus Pose)

Photographs: Witold Fitz-Simon

Simhasana 2

(Lion Pose 2)

I had always found these postures uncomfortable in my hip joints, which would feel as if bone

was rubbing against bone. I would also feel a painful, tightening/burning sensation on the skin

on the tops of my feet. I had assumed that everyone had this skin sensitivity in their feet but

after discussing with friends, I realised this was not the case. I would often feel anxious at the

thought of doing the Padmasana (Lotus Pose) and would do the Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus

Pose) instead. I was unaware that I had allowed my mind to take over and irrationally

convince me that I could not do the full pose of Lotus. This anxiety would make me tense up,

restricting the movement in my hips, creating more of the tightening/burning sensation on the

tops of my feet.

When we came to do the Simhasana 2 (Lion Pose 2), we tied a strap in a figure of 8 around our

legs, to support them in the position. I was fine with my right foot underneath but really

struggled when my left foot was underneath. On one occasion I became anxious, accentuated

by having the strap tied around my legs and I quickly released myself but managed to make a

friction burn on the top of my left foot. This was the first time I’d actually received a friction

burn mark on my skin in yoga.

I mentioned this experience at my therapy session with Carol later

in the week and she suggested memory work might be helpful.

During the recall, I accessed a life as a young Chinese girl, taken

from her family to become a concubine in the Chinese emperor’s

harem. Here her feet were bound in the traditional manner creating

excruciating pain. This life had left negative memory imprints –

the samskaras often referred to as ‘wounds of the soul’. The story


of painfully bound feet linked to the pain of loss and separation from family by being bound to

a harem. As the memory surfaced my feet ached, particularly the left one and I felt again the

burning sensation on the top of my left foot.

I noticed the discomfort on the tops of my feet had reduced in subsequent yoga classes and I

was more easily able to do Padmasana (Lotus Pose). As part of the follow-up healing, I

focussed on releasing residual memory while practicing The Emerald Alignment, a specific

exercise to balance, align and harmonise the subtle energies of the five kosas. I particularly

noticed the relief when we repeated the same sequence of postures at a yoga class in March

2013. As I tied the strap around my legs, I wondered if I would become anxious but when I

didn’t, I realised that the memory of being in this position had released. I was more relaxed in

the pose, which enabled me to stay longer than I had prior to the therapy session.

This experience has taught me the power of yoga in identifying soul memories, which hold us

back in life by making us act from the limiting perspective of negative memory imprints – a

‘subtle way in which memory influences our lives without our realising it’ as Mr Iyengar

describes. I now understand why I sometimes feel physically, mentally and emotionally

uncomfortable when I’m in certain postures and pause to consider whether positional

memories are surfacing for release.

I have now qualified in Post Graduate studies within this specialist area and

combine my deeper understanding of positional memory and its release through

Soul Recall Therapy with my specialism in Music Therapy. I am a Harpist and

incorporate harp music into the recall process to gently and safely aid release of

memory imprints.

I’m excited by this new understanding and would be interested to hear from anyone who has

had similar experiences: rebecca.penkett@harpconnections.net

(Published in the Manchester and District Institute of Iyengar Yoga Newsletter, July 2014.)

Listen to Paranormal Matters Radio show: Soul Journey – The Message in the Cells.

Read Carol Lamb’s blog: B.K.S. Iyengar – A Light now shining in a brighter Firmament.

BKS Iyengar in Lotus Position (Padmasana)


Visiting the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India

Rebecca Penkett

Harp Connections

I enjoyed continuing my research and practical application of past life memories re-surfacing

through yoga on my first visit to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in

Pune, India in November 2014. My understanding of yoga has deepened and my harp playing

has improved as a result of postures that focused on releasing cellular memory to open the

upper arms and chest.

During the visit, Korinna Pilafidis Williams, Editor of Dipika, the magazine for the Iyengar

Yoga Institute, London (Maida Vale), interviewed Prashant Iyengar, son of B.K.S. Iyengar and

director of the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. Nicola Wright and I were

photographer and scribe respectively and I asked to play the lyre to him, to which he agreed.

Raya Umadatta, one of the Institute’s teachers, asked for a recording of harp music for some

film footage of B.K.S. Iyengar to be played at Yoganusasanam in December 2014, a 10-day

intensive taught by Geeta Iyengar, daughter of B.K.S. Iyengar. The film was played on

Geeta’s 70th birthday.

I also visited the temple carvings at Ellora and Ajanta:


Ribbons of Light

Global Peace Meditation

Louise Oliver

Rainbow Light Foundation Meditation

‘We can unite in one mind, as citizens of planet earth.’ Dr Masuru Emoto

Rainbow Light Foundation would like to express thanks to

everyone who is connecting to Ribbons of Light on the website and

helping to spread the word worldwide. Ribbons of Light is a global

outreach project, providing a way for people around the world to

build a collective momentum of peace through meditation. When

we join together with positive focus and intention, we have a

remarkable capacity to bring about real change. Technology can

be used to create positive networks and we are able to connect

easily through the Internet and to play our part in healing the

planet. By linking to the weekly focus, we can contribute to a positive flow of energy,

assisting those in need worldwide.

Participants are asked to attune to the current focus and meditate for up to 15 minutes, at any

one of the hours of 3, 6, 9 or 12 o’clock, in their own local time. In this way, we create a wave

of positive energy through different time zones, focused to a particular place or people in need

of help. It is simply a matter of linking in, closing our eyes and joining with others in sending

positive thoughts of peace. Connecting in this way helps us to overcome feelings of

helplessness in the face of all the discord and instability in the world. We can become part of

a growing community around the globe, which is contributing to making constructive change.

Wherever we each may be, we are able to spend a few minutes to support healing for the

environment and the life forms of our shared planet.

The Earth is a living organism, a sentient being with an energy

field, which mirrors our own. It is emitting electromagnetic

energy and transmitting it everywhere, through an interconnecting

subtle energy system. Our collective consciousness is linked

through this grid and we are connected through our own energy

systems to each other, to nature and to the Earth. All of our

thoughts, feelings and intentions affect each other and the

environment. We can begin to see the significance of being in


harmony rather than in conflict and to appreciate our own personal responsibility for restoring

the balance.

On a personal level, it is well documented that meditation is

beneficial to health and that regular practice is a good way of

reducing stress. It is not just a matter of people feeling better

because they have spent more time in relaxation. In the field of

neuroscience, research has shown that meditation brings about

measurable changes in brain structures, even after only a few weeks.

Transforming our own personal energy is key and we can also join

with others to meditate with powerful effect.

Research has also shown that meditation has an energetic impact

on the wider environment. It has been revealed to have a

measurable effect in various contexts, such as reducing crime rates

or pollution. There is a growing understanding of the

transformative potential of meditation and the way it affects the

environment. The effect is magnified when it is done with a

collective focus and repeated. By meditating together, especially

at the hours of 3,6,9 and 12, we can help to strengthen co-operation

and to build greater stability in the world.

Thank you to everyone who has joined with Ribbons of Light at any

time and for the valuable help given in spreading the word through

social media to friends worldwide.

The weekly focus is posted at:


Here you may listen to the Peace Tones to accompany your



ALZHEIMER’S – A Spiritual Perspective of ‘The Long Goodbye’

Carol Lamb

Rainbow Light

The day I went to visit my mother and found her sprinkling sugar on a plate of mashed

potatoes as she told me she had made me my favourite custard tart for tea, was a turning point.

I was forced to accept that the mild confusion and increasing memory loss of recent years had

become something else. We had reached a point of no return. An independent woman who

had shown great resilience throughout her life was now dependent upon us, her family and

sadly it was no longer possible to ensure her safety in her own home.

In the months which followed I sought help from every available

source, becoming increasingly aware that our remaining time together

to share any meaningful conversation was slipping away. I resolved to

use it well. Doris had overcome major challenges throughout her life,

writing a fascinating autobiography to record her wartime memories

and nursing experiences. We talked for hours as she repeated the wellworn

stories of her teenage years, the ‘big band’ sounds of Glenn

Miller and the weekly dances, the sound of sirens and the hurried rush

through the streets to air raid shelters. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she recalled the friends

in khaki who never returned when the war ended; on one occasion she looked around the room

and said; ‘It’s nice to see them again.’ When I asked who she was referring to she gave the

names of three soldiers, friends who had been lost. I remembered she had told me their story

many years ago. ‘They come now and again’ she said ‘usually round Poppy Day’. I had no

doubt that she could see her old friends and thank fully did not feel the need to contradict her

in an attempt to stop the ‘hallucination’.

Similarly, she frequently refers to visits from deceased parents, ‘my

mother seems to come for no real reason, just to see me, but my dad

comes when I’m feeling down, to cheer me up, I always feel better

when he’s been.’ It would be easy to dismiss such stories as

reminiscence, a way of reassuring oneself. However, I well

remember experiences when I was nursing. Those who were about

to pass from the world would frequently describe visits from

deceased family members or old friends, because of my own

paranormal experiences I always gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Once on night duty a somewhat assertive senior nurse instructed me to ask the visitors in a side

ward to leave saying, ‘How on Earth did they get in at this time, it’s ten past ten?’ I went to

the room and found only the patient who informed me that her aunt and her grandmother had

just been to see her and would be coming again at the same time next day. Since the patient

was herself elderly I knew her grandmother could not have visited her, I checked the entry door

to the ward, it was secured as always on nights. I realised the nocturnal visitors seen by the

staff nurse were the patients deceased family members; on reflection I decided not to risk a

sceptical retort and said nothing. I was off duty next day, on my return I found that my patient

had passed at ten past ten the following night, no doubt accompanied by those who loved her.


Alzheimer’s has been referred to as ‘the long goodbye’ because it is a decline of faculties and

perception often occurring over many years. Hallucination, defined as ‘seeing what is not

there’ can be a significant, recognised symptom assisting an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, yet how

are we to know for certain whether the person is hallucinating or ‘seeing’ on another level.

Those of us who have had the good fortune to experience ‘altered states of consciousness’ or

psychic events may also consider other realities.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of care for those diagnosed with such mental

health problems is the uncertainty. The challenge is not to become complacent

and above all to keep a sense of humour. My moments of utter despair have

been mixed with moments of laughter, even hilarity, when far from being

delusional, my mother proved to be extraordinarily perceptive. During the

time she was living with me, I had requested a home visit from the doctor,

concerned that she was deteriorating, due to increasing signs of confusion. I

was told a nurse would call within 48 hours. I slipped next door to make some arrangements

with a neighbour and returned to be told ‘the nurse has been, and done my blood tests’. I knew

this was not possible, I had been gone only minutes and mother was in an upstairs room. The

local nurses had never previously visited so would surely not have entered the house and

spoken to her in my absence. I assured her that the nurse would be coming next day. She was

adamant her blood had been taken. I looked around. There was no card or notification and I

again tried to reassure her. Exasperated she stuck out her arm and said ‘I’m not ******

crackers, I’ve had the blood test!’ There in the vein was a needle, left in situ by mistake…

Had it not been for the needle, I would have been convinced that she was confused or


Confabulation is a real feature of Alzheimer’s, a term used to describe

seemingly real experiences of an imaginative world. It is an attempt

by the person to make sense of their environment in a meaningful way.

I will always be grateful to the psychiatrist who visited my mother to

assess her mental state and, despite her seeming lucidity on that

occasion, made a definitive diagnosis. He told me a story of one of his

patients, an elderly bedridden lady who described being entertained by

the pink mice who ran backwards and forwards and danced on the bed

rail. He said, ‘I don’t try to persuade her that they are not there, why

should I, if they keep her entertained.’ Some years later as I listen to

my mother ‘confabulating’, describing how she took the bus into town yesterday to the market.

Listing the things she had bought, I am grateful for his wise words. Immobile, she has not left

her home alone in over six years, why would I take from her the memory of what she once


Doris has proved to be a great teacher, drawing around her a group of caring holistic therapist

who feel privileged for the opportunity to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease from her than

they ever could from a manual. When I was struggling with the decision to place my mother in

residential care, she turned to look at me with a steady gaze and said quietly, ‘Carol, it’s just

part of the journey.’ At the age of 91 she tells us that she has decided to stay for a while longer

to help us. We remain grateful and endeavour to pass on the reminder that consciousness

remains intact at a higher level as the journey continues.

Listen in to: Dementia and Alzheimer’s – The Soul Journey on Paranormal Matters.


A Helping Hand Series

Louise Oliver

Sapphire Light

‘A Helping Hand’ is a series of three booklets, illustrating a selection of guided writing from

Carol Lamb. All of the poems are from an archive of intuitively received writing held by Carol

and transmitted to assist those suffering grief and loss. The words are intended to bring

comfort and understanding in the journey of transition.

Carol’s inspirational verse in the first booklet, ‘The Sunflower Book’ is illustrated with

watercolour paintings by Betty Warters, who first took up painting in her eighties. Betty is the

mother of Jennifer Warters, a member of Rainbow Light Foundation and Betty discovered that

her love of painting flowers helped her in overcoming her own pain and loss. She spent many

hours happily painting at her table with a vase of flowers in front of her and was delighted to

find that her pictures cheered and revived others. It is interesting that Betty first began by

painting a picture of bluebell woods and always loved to paint bluebells. She was later told

that the delicate bluebell flowers bring healing for grief, growing where the land has been

imprinted with pain and sorrow. Betty made reproductions of her paintings into greetings

cards and also into framed pictures for friends, family and fundraising events. Her sensitive

flower paintings make an ideal accompaniment to the gentle words of the poems of Carol

Lamb, offering strength and hope to those experiencing bereavement. The loss of loved ones

is soothed as the words walk us gently through stages; from an acknowledgement of

friendships we must leave behind, to hope and trust in the light to come and a remembrance of

shared times, as we reconnect once more through love. ‘The Sunflower Book’ is dedicated to

Susan Anne Etherington, who played a significant role alongside Carol in the development of

her work and who was herself described as a sunflower, standing tall and shining bright!

Louise Oliver, a member of Rainbow Light Foundation, worked on the design of ‘The

Sunflower Book’ and went on to collaborate with Carol Lamb to illustrate the inspirational

verse in ‘Together Always’ and ‘Talking With Angels’. In ‘Together Always’, Carol selected

from the many poems she had received in guidance and, continuing with images of flowers,

Louise produced illustrations drawn from her own photographs of flowers combined with

butterflies. The illustrations are printed as both opaque and translucent images, which mirror

the lines of the poem: ‘Some walk in the Garden of Life, others in the Garden of Light.’ The

verses and pictures together are offered to lift the spirit in times of loss and to bring comfort

and remembrance. In the words of the final poem: ‘There is no power on Earth can come

between two hearts of love.’

In ‘Talking With Angels’, Carol described and drew rough sketches of the images, which were

intuitively revealed to her in connection to each of the poems. Louise then represented them in

soft-coloured pictures, full of falling white feathers. This final booklet of the series is

dedicated to our angelic helpers, who come in many guises and it is a reminder to us that we

are never alone. The poem ‘Give It To The Angel’ begins with the verse:


It ends with the lines:

‘An angel stands beside you,

Helps you walk the long and dusty road,

There to listen and to guide you

And help you bear the load.’

‘For angels know the secret

Of dispersing earthly care,

Give it to the angel to carry for a while

Your worry can be melted by his celestial smile.’

I once showed ‘Talking With Angels’ to an elderly lady, who had been upset when I arrived to

visit. She calmed down as we looked through the booklet and upon reading this poem she

sighed and visibly relaxed. Her whole mood changed and we both laughed and wondered why

we don’t ‘give it to the angels’ much more often!

Carol Lamb has a large collection of inspirational verse and this selection has been made

available to offer a helping hand in times of need. Please enjoy and pass on to those you know,

who may be restored by the uplifting words.


The Personal Life Plan

Astrological Significance of the Planetary Cycles

Sandra Lamb


Each individual enters the world with their own unique map to guide them through their life’s

journey – their birth chart, which will unfold specifically in relation to their personal

coordinates. In addition to our own individual cycles, we share a collective journey through

the planetary cycles, which bring opportunities and challenges to expand and deepen conscious

awareness, and hopefully to develop compassion for all life. Everyone has their own life story.

This article attempts to give a brief outline and overview of the collective life experience

within which we all play our part in the unfoldment of the story of humanity, starting with the

cycles of Saturn, the planet of karma.

There are three broad ages humanity:

Personality development – up to the age of 28 (around the first Saturn Return)

Social development – from 29 to 56 years (around the second Saturn Return)

Spiritual development – from 57 to 84 years (around the third Saturn Return)

The story of life through the planetary cycles:

Moon – emotional life

Jupiter – growth and understanding

Saturn – status and responsibility

Uranus – change and awakening

Neptune – delusion and enlightenment

Pluto – endings and beginnings

The major angles in any cycle are:

The Waxing Square – the first right angle (90º) to the starting point, ie the first quarter (9 - 6


The Opposition – directly opposite the starting point (180º), ie the second quarter (6 - 3



The Waning Square – the second right angle approaching the starting point, ie the third

quarter (3 - 12 o’clock).

The Conjunction or Return - 360º point the fourth quarter (12 - 9 o’clock), back to the

starting point and completion of the cycle.

The Trine

Trine aspects (120º angles) often clarify problems associated with the planets in question,

whereas the square aspects (90º angles) bringing to attention any resistance patterns. (Waves

pass by each other harmoniously at angles of 120º whereas waves butt against each other at 90º


Moon, Jupiter and Saturn

The Moon Phase, Jupiter and Saturn in the astrological chart are indicators of a current

situation, Jupiter representing growth and expansion, with Saturn representing status and a

stabilising force, and the Moon indicating the emotional response to current experience.

Jupiter reveals the meaning and experience of the journey, that we need a philosophy and

belief, a law to guide us and to live by.

The Moon represents the traveller (the soul) who is making the journey Home. It represents

the feelings and memories of the journey and the longing to continue to the destination. The

journey is either outward from Home or returning to Home, with the memories of the soul

drawing back to its source. The Moon governs memory and mirrors. The emotional

experience eventually connects to the realisation that every experience and everyone met in life

is a reflection (mirroring) of our situation in life. The Moon cycle reflects to us where we

stand emotionally in our journey.

Two of the planets never complete a whole cycle within a human lifetime as they take 165

years (Neptune) and 248 years (Pluto).

Changes of attitude and behaviour can occur at other times within the life, but if not entered

into willingly the cycles tend to bring about situations and experiences that will force our hand.


Saturn’s cycle is one of the most important, taking approximately 29 years for one completion.

The first completion of a cycle is known at the Saturn Return.


Saturn Waxing Square occurs at the age of approximately 7. A degree of independence of

spirit emerges at this age as the developing will. What occurs at the age of 6 can have a

defining impact on our sense of self-worth and our sense of importance in the lives of those

around us. Creative play is of great importance to the developing conscious awareness of the

child at this age. The sense of fairness and balance is being developed. (‘Give me a child to

the age of 7 and I will give you the man.’ Jesuit motto)

Saturn Opposition occurs at approximately 14 to 15 years (onset of adolescence). It is a point

at which we become consciously aware of the kind of experiences the rest of the life will

involve, of the difficulties and challenges we will be required to deal with as a developing

individual. It is also a time when the mission in life can be glimpsed, although the experience

to deal with it has yet to be gained. It is a year concerning exploration of the environment and


Saturn Waning Square at approximately 21 to 22 years (the traditional ‘Coming of Age’).

This is a time of having to face up to the world in some way through a change in

circumstances, some kind of significant event. It is a year dealing with status and profession,

being accountable.

First Saturn Return, occurring at approximately 29 to 30 years of age. This is a challenging

step towards physical independence as the next cycle deals with the emotional level. This is a

year which brings forward experiences relating to work, health and emotional issues; the

practicalities of daily living will need to be addressed as some kind of crisis is likely to occur.

Second Saturn Return Saturn then begins its second cycle which will complete at

approximately 58 years of age, a time of life review and assessment of what has been achieved

and what can still be achieved), with the third and final Saturn Return occurring at around 87

years of age.

What happens around the ages of 29 to 30 and 58 to 59 will prove to be significant points

denoting critical times of change. These marker points can be seen as times when the life is

being brought into alignment with the life plan. Any sense of struggle is an indication of

resistance of the outer personality to align with the inner soul urge to complete its life purpose.

The changes brought to attention at these times can be seen as course corrections on a flight

path to a destination.

The extent to which the first Saturn Return is experienced as a difficult time depends on how

much attention and effort has been expended on achieving specific goals, and how much the

true inner nature has been developed or suppressed. This cycle is based mainly on the personal

reactions to past conditioning, the influence of the parents and social pressures. It is a time

when the life choices come into clearer focus, with life’s seemingly wide spectrum of

possibilities narrowing into a more realistic awareness of the responsibilities that need to be

faced and accepted.

At the same time there can be a sense of inner freedom as old obligations and restrictions can

be released, with the true creative potentials coming into sharper focus. This process can take

up to 2½ years around the age of 29. The more we are able to engage positively with the

effects of the first Saturn Return and come into alignment with the life purpose, the more easily

will we be able to pass through the transition of the second Saturn Return and shed fears,

inhibitions, anxieties and self-doubt, and to accept responsibility, accountability and authority

for our own actions and experiences in life.


The Karmic Debt Numbers

Sandra Lamb


Numerology is based on the ancient idea that each of us

is a spiritual being, or a soul, who incarnates on the

Earth many times in order to further evolve toward

higher states of awareness.

During our long evolutionary path of many

incarnations, we will have accumulated a wealth of

wisdom and have made many good choices that benefit

us in future lifetimes. However, we will also have also

made mistakes and sometimes abused the gifts we have

been given. To rectify such errors, we may take on an

additional burden in order to learn a particular lesson

that we failed to learn in previous lifetimes. In

numerology this burden is called a Karmic Debt.

The numbers that indicate a Karmic Debt are 13, 14, 16 and 19. These double-digit numbers

take on great significance when they are found in the core numbers of the numerology profile.

The core numbers are considered to be the most important numbers and include the Life Path,

Expression, Heart’s Desire (or Soul Urge), Personality and Birth Day. Each has its own unique

characteristics and its own particular difficulties.

When calculating your chart, especially the core numbers and the various cycles, you may

encounter the numbers 1, 4, 5 or 7. These single-digit numbers can be arrived at by adding a

variety of two-digit numbers. The number 1 can be arrived at, for example, by combining the

double-digit numbers of 10 (1 + 0 = 1), 19, 28, 37 and 46, all of which total 10 and then reduce

to 1. However, only 19 indicates a Karmic Debt. Karmic Debts are also associated with the

numbers 4, 5 and 7. These numbers can also be preceded by an array of two-digit numbers,

but when 13 precedes 4, 14 precedes 5, or when 16 precedes 7, then a Karmic Debt is also

considered to be a part of the single-digit interpretation.

A Karmic Debt can be found in different areas of the chart as a result, for instance, of the totals

based on your date of birth, or calculations based on the letters of your name. This means that

two people with a 13 Karmic Debt that is located in different areas of the chart will express it

very differently.

Karmic Debt 13

Those with the 13 Karmic Debt will tend to work very hard to accomplish any task. Obstacles

will tend to stand in their way and must be overcome again and again. This can result in

feeling burdened and frustrated by the seeming futility of any effort. Sometimes there may be

a wish to surrender as things seem too difficult to achieve. However, this can lead to laziness

and negativity. It should be remembered that any effort is not futile and that success can be

achieved. It is just that hard work and perseverance is necessary in overcoming any obstacles.

Many highly successful people in all walks of life, including athletes, artists as well as those in

business environments have a 13 Karmic Debt.


The key to succeeding with the 13 vibration is focus and steady and consistent effort

(underlying 4 vibration). Very often, people with the 13 Karmic Debt do not concentrate or

direct their energies in one specific direction, or on a single task, but tend to scatter their

energies over many projects and jobs, none of which amount to very much. Any temptation to

take shortcuts should be avoided, appointments should be kept, the surroundings and

environment should be kept neat and tidy and any tendency to procrastinate should be shunned.

Karmic Debt 14

The 14 Karmic Debt indicates previous lifetimes during which human freedom has been

abused. Those with a 14 Karmic Debt tend to experience constantly changing circumstances

and unexpected occurrences to which they must learn to adapt. There is an acute danger of

falling victim to abuse of drugs, alcohol and overindulgence in sensuality. It is essential with

this vibration to rein in any of these tendencies. Modesty will play a vital role in overcoming

this Karmic Debt vibration. Order and emotional stability are required, and also to keep goals

and dreams in focus while undergoing theses tests, which will require the development of

flexibility and adaptability (the underlying 5 vibration). Order will help in maintaining clarity

and focus, and mental and emotional stability will help in dealing with the unexpected changes

in the external environment. Without commitment this vibration will feel like a roller coaster.

The direction can be kept on course, however, as long as the Heart’s Desire is kept in focus and

faith is maintained. Spiritual development can be achieved with this vibration if the focus is

not swayed by indulgence and sensuality.

Karmic Debt 16

Wherever the 16 vibration appears in the chart, destruction of the old and birth of the new is

indicated. The 16 vibration indicates the fall of the ego and all that it has built for itself.

Whatever is causing separation from the higher self needs to be overcome to allow spiritual

reunion. It is likely that in the past a high level of intuition and a refined intellect has been

misused in a sense of superiority over others, resulting in alienation from others and loneliness.

However, this process is likely to be a painful experience as the ego may have become quite

inflated. The result is a struggle between the ego and the higher will. Humility is the key to

overcoming these struggles as the higher will impresses its limitations on the ego’s desires.

This is a vibration of spiritual rebirth and a higher level of spiritual awareness (underlying 7

vibration). In this case, the fall of the ego is replaced by a much better life experience and a

higher level of consciousness. The keys to this vibration are faith, gratitude and peace.

Karmic Debt 19

This Karmic Debt requires the learning of independence and the proper use of power.

Circumstances will force the need to take a stand and sometimes to stand alone. Difficulties

will be faced and overcome through personal struggle. There is a tendency for people with this

Karmic Debt to resist help as they try to achieve a sense of independence (underlying 1

vibration), in the process refusing to listen to the advice of others. However, this stubbornness

can result in the creation of a self-imposed prison. The lesson is to learn the necessity and

value of interdependence and mutual respect and love.


Medical Astrology

Sandra Lamb


Medical astrology (traditionally known as iatromathematics) is an ancient medical system that

associates various parts of the body, diseases and drugs as being under the influence of the

Sun, the Moon and the planets, together with the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. In medical astrology

the astrological Signs relate to anatomy and the planets relate to physiology. Regarding

anatomy, Aries rules the head through to Pisces ruling the feet.

The birth chart can indicate strengths and vulnerabities associated with the physical body.

Tendency to disease can be elicited from the birth chart with regard to severity and duration,

indicating periods when we can be prone to periods of stress and lowered levels of vitality.

However, the birth chart should not be used to try to diagnose illness as this is the province of

medical doctors. Once a medical doctor has diagnosed a particular illness, medical astrology

may be helpful in ascertaining the severity or duration of the illness. It is helpful to know the

exact onset of an illness or when it was diagnosed, as then medical astrology can ascertain the

planetary influences a person was under at that particular time.

The Humours and the Elements in the Body

The four elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth play

a major part in classical medical astrology. As these

elements are the building blocks of the Cosmos, our

bodies are composed of them, as are all parts of life.

The astrological elements are the basic building

blocks of our physical and psychological functioning.

They are found in natural substances which comprise

food, herbs, plants and precious stones. Everything

is therefore interconnected through the elements.

Medicine has its origins in an understanding of the four humours (relating to body fluids and

their functions in the physical body), which correspond to the four elements and which are still

used today in naturopathy and homeopathy. There is also a fifth element of ether, the finer

substance in which the four coarser elements have their origin. It is this finer substance that

connects the lower, physical world with the higher, non-physical world.

Medical astrology looks beyond the symptoms of physical and psychological illness. It

considers that disease is a disturbance of the balance between the four humours or elements,


with one of the four humours being present in excess and needing to be corrected. The

astrological chart indicates the relationship and distribution of the elements of Fire, Air, Water

and Earth in the energy field, indicating where imbalances may be occurring physically,

emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually that can then manifest as physical symptoms and


The astrological Signs and planets, the four humours and the four elements, plus ether, form

the basis of medical astrology, acknowledging that there is more to health and disease than just

material factors.


Blossoming Health

Yvonne Lawson

Trees of Goodness


‘Keep from harm, decay or loss, especially for future use’.

‘As I watch the drops of rain

weave their weary paths and die,

I know that I am like the rain,

there but for the grace of you go I.’

Paul Simon.

Looking out at the rain leaden window, the words of

Paul Simon’s song come to mind. The rain is bringing

a brief respite from winter’s cold temperatures, snow

and ice but the windowsill looks cold and bare – like a

white slab of frozen snow.

The more familiar words ‘There but for the Grace of

God go I’ bring a sense of gratitude which wells up

from inside and spills over bringing ‘raindrops’ to my

eyes which roll down and away, mirroring the journey

taking place on the window opposite.


Why not turn that cold bare windowsill into a spring garden? A living, breathing, little bit of

springtime indoors, full of growth, colours and fragrances to enhance health and wellbeing.

‘If the eyes are the window to the Soul then the tears are the Rainbow.’ (Unknown).

It wasn’t inspiration that had brought tears of gratitude but the memory of the healing which

has enabled my ability to smell and intuit fragrances for health.

In January 2000, I underwent mouth surgery to have a metal plate inserted into the jawbone

underneath the top lip and to the right side of my nose up to nostril height. Naturally, nerves

were severed during the procedure but afterwards the right side of my nose never functioned

normally again. The area remained numb and was constantly cold with the right nostril being

unable to close or move; almost all sense of smell was lost too. In winter, the metal plate and

top lip would ache and seem to ‘freeze’ and moving my mouth to speak was extremely hard

and only returned to ‘normal’ again once indoors.

In 2006, as part of clinical case study work with The Living Memory Trust, I participated in

specific energy field healing involving Bach Flower Remedies, music, fragrances and the

regular practice of:


The Emerald Alignment – a safe and effective method of releasing anxiety and aligning the

subtle energy of the body through the emerald ray.

Toning – a powerful and ancient form of healing with voice. For details of both please go to:


With support and encouragement, I was empowered to intuit fragrances, music and Remedies

for my own wellbeing and health and to integrate this into daily life thus forming my own selfhealing

programme. In a relatively short time, I began to experience unexpected benefits;

feeling began to return to my top lip, initially in the form of tingling and then warmth returned.

My nostril too began to ‘thaw out’, full movement returned and, miraculously, so did my sense

of smell. Today I'm proud to say: ‘I have a normal nose!’

The legacy from this is I now know we are all

capable of intuiting the fragrances we need for our

own wellbeing and, if we’re willing to trust our

intuition, can finely tune this ability. The sense of

smell is the oldest sense known to man and the one

most largely lost to us today. By contrast for

animals, life or death often depends on their sense

of smell, which remains keenly developed.

There comes a point in winter for lots of us where we begin to wish that spring was here.

There are few spring fragrances more delicate than the perfume of the primrose and we don’t

have to wait until spring to appreciate it, or fly to warmer climates in search of it. The spring

garden featured in this blog cost £5 for the plants. An old cat basket was used to hold them,

but virtually any container would do. The basket was lined with a clean plastic bag and

newspaper was placed on top of this to absorb any spillages when watering the plants. The

little pots of plants were then put in the basket.

I chose polyanthus, a cultivated cousin of the primrose, for their bright colours, delicate

perfume and being outdoor plants they can (like all the plants and bulbs featured here) be

replanted outside in tubs or in the garden and conserved for future use.

Hyacinth for its strong fragrance and properties associated with loss.

Snowdrops for hope.

Herbs for therapeutic properties and because I love cooking!


Mint to aid digestion. Chew a leaf or make mint tea. It also helps clear ‘fuzzy headiness’.

Crush a leaf or two and inhale the smell.

Parsley helps keeps breath fresh and is packed with vitamin C.

The spring garden is portable and can be carried from room to room – wake up to spring

flowers in winter! Flowers naturally wake up with morning dew so copy nature by spraying

your garden with a fine mist of water in the mornings and notice that the atmosphere becomes

more uplifting.

Animals miss nature over the winter months too so why not make a spring garden for them as

well? Catmint for cats could be used as well as fresh grass to chew on (pots of grass seed are

available from pet stores).

Intuiting fragrances for our health helps connect

us to the Higher Self and our intuition (innertuition).

Connecting to nature helps us connect to

our true Spiritual Nature.

Or as L. Wolfe Gilbert said, ‘Those who find beauty

in all of nature will find themselves at one with the

secrets of life itself.’


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