Unit 2 PPT.pdf


Unit 2 PPT.pdf

+ Unit Conversion Example

n You are a medical doctor. You have a patient that has an

underactive thyroid gland, which means she is feeling

fatigued and is at risk for serious medical problems in the

future, such as heart disease, if it isn’t managed.

n To treat underactive thyroid, you give synthetic thyroid

hormone. The optimal dosage is 1.7 μg/kg. However, the

pills only come in mg, and you only know the weight of your

patient in lbs.

n Keep in mind that if you underdose her, she will continue to have

symptoms and possible die of a heart condition later in life.

n If you overdose her, she will have insomnia and heart palpitations.

n It is important that you can do unit conversion so that you can

properly treat your patient.

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