Race Information - ITU World Triathlon Kitzbuehel


Race Information - ITU World Triathlon Kitzbuehel

Dextro Energy Triathlon

ITU World Championship Kitzbühel 2011

Race Information


19th June 2011


Dextro Energy TriathlonITU World Championship Kitzbühel

Welcome to the Dextro Energy Triathlon Kitzbühel 2011!

Dear Paratriathletes!

The ‘Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series is also taking place in Kitzbühel in 2011.

The legendary city of sport will be joining forces with big cities and Olympic venues such as Sydney,

Yokohama, Madrid, Hamburg, London, and Peking for the third time.

Kitzbühel will be hosting a top class summer triathlon event for the third time. The Dextro Energy Triathlon

will attract professional and amateur athletes from all over the world. Scenic landscapes, wellfacilitated

venue and warm and attentive hotel service offer both competitors and spectators alike a

unique atmosphere.

For the third time marked Kitzbühel as a host city in the World Championship Series. Millions of TV

viewers across the world watched live as the exciting competition took place in this legendary city of

sport. Since 2010 will be characterised by an even more attractive route. The cycle course will be even

more challenging and will pass through the picturesque centre of Kitzbühel.

The inclusion of the Paratriathlon races included in the new World Championship Series has proven to

be a big success. 2009 and 2010 many Paratriathletes participated in the Dextro Energy Triathlon Kitzbühel

and were enthusiastic about the organization.

As characterised by Kitzbühel’s unique landscapes there will be some attractive uphill tracks and special

challenges along the tracks.

We are especially looking forward to a lot of participants for the para athletic discipline!

Heribert Bachmann, Chairman Triathlon Association Kitzbühel


Organisation: Triathlon Association Kitzbühel, A-6370 Kitzbühel, Webergasse 9

Contact, Paratriathlon:

Alfred Lipp, ITU paratriathlon committee,

c/o Deutsche Triathlon Union, Otto-Fleck-Schneise 12, 60528 Frank


Athletes Management: Hotline: 0049 18057717-40

(14 Cent per minute via the Deutsche Telekom Network)

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us at: htpp://kitzbuehel.triathlon.org.

Queries on the Paratriathlon - please send direct to the DTU representative, Mr. Alfred Lipp, at:


Dextro Energy TriathlonITU World Championship Kitzbühel

Dates, Distances and Entry Fee

Sprint Distance:

750 m swim, 19 km bike, 5 km run

Date: Sunday, 19. June 2011


Age groups 1995 and older

Max number

of participants: approx. 500

Entry Fee: 01.02.2011 – 31.03.2011, 23:59 pm - 50,00 euros

01.04.2011 – 31.05.2011, 23:59 pm - 70,00 euros

(Day) licence:

If you don’t hold an annual triathlon licence, you will have to purchase

a day licence which amounts to 6,00 euros, according to the rules

and regulations of the Austrian Triathlon Federation (ÖTRV).

Admission criteria

• Admitted are any classifiable handicapped athletes, provided there are no medical objections.

• The required final time is: 2 hours.

• As regards equipment the ÖTRV sports regulations and the ITU Competition Rules shall be


• Valid national licence from ITU Member associations and classification according to the ITU rules;

international classifiers will be present at the event area on Friday afternoon.

• Also observe the “10 commandments" witch can be found in the internet under:


ITU Paratriathlon Categories

ITU Paratriathlon Categories according to Section P of ITU Competition Rules

The ITU categories for “Athletes with a Disability” are described in the current version of the ITU Competition

Rules. There are no age group divisions for “Athletes with a Disability”. The current six categories

are the following:

• TRI1 – Handcycle:

Paraplegic, Tetraplegic (above TH1), Polio, Double Leg Amputee. Must use hand cycle on bike

course and racing wheel chair on run.

• TRI2 – Severe leg impairment including above knee amputee:

Athlete with leg amputation on one side above the knee. Cycles and runs with prosthesis or


• TRI3 – Les Autre:

All disabilities which are not described by TRI1 till TRI5 and that restrict movement by at least 15%,

e.g. Cerebral-Paresis, Muscular Dystrophies and disabilities that objectively result in explicit

restrictions and can be related to a BTA profile; Double Arm Amputee; athletes with double leg

amputation running with prosthesis, crutches or other walking-aids (walker); Limitations such as

Dextro Energy TriathlonITU World Championship Kitzbühel

asthma or neurodermatitis or hearing impairment are by means of the ITU Competition Rules no

classifiable disabilities.

• TRI4 – Arm impairment

Single Arm Amputee (above or below elbow), Upper Extremity Paralysis resulting in significant

restriction of arm movement. May use prosthesis, brace or sling on the bike and/or run.

• TRI5 - Moderate leg impairment

Leg Amputee one-sided below the knee. Rides bicycle and runs with prosthesis or crutches.

• TRI6 – Athletes with Visual impairment (Visual Impairment, legally blind (20/200 with best

corrective vision)

Visual impairment with visual acuity of maximum 2/60 and/or with restriction of the field of sight of

minimum 5 – 20 degrees (all classifications result from the better eye and from best corrective

vision). A handler of the same sex is mandatory throughout the race. Athlete is tethered during the

swim, uses a tandem bicycle and may be tethered during the run.


All athletes must be classified into one of the six ITU paratriathlon categories. The ITU categories will

be assigned according the ITU Competition Rules. The race officials may disallow participation from

unclassifiable athletes, or allow participation with certain conditions.

Accreditation is not possible without a valid classification!

General Information


• Aids like fins, gloves, socks, paddles and snorkels are prohibited.

• The body's start number which is allocated by the organizer is not allowed to be worn during


• It is generally recommended to wear a neoprene suit due to health reasons (protection against

cold). If it is mandatory to wear such a suit due to the water temperature, the participant has

provided for such equipment.

• Participant in the Paratriathlon may wear a neoprene suit, irrespective of the water temperature!


• Admitted will be all bicycles meeting the ÖTRV regulations.

• Front and rear wheel brakes have to function properly.

• The race number must be worn on the back. (TRI1 also allowed on the back)

• Slipstreaming shall be prohibited.

Triathlon handle bars are allowed.

• All participants must wear a homologated helmet.


• It is strictly compulsory to do the run circuit completely clothed.

• The race number must be worn during running.

• Athletes in wheelchairs are also forbidden to slipstream on the running selection and must wear a


• Apart from the TRI5 athletes, it is not allowed to be accompanied or helped on the running route.

Dextro Energy TriathlonITU World Championship Kitzbühel

Competition rules

The ÖTRV rulebook and ITU competition rules adapted as necessary.

Use of entry fee

• Finisher shirt

• Cordoning of race course

• Timing with Timing chip system

• Swim cap, race number, race number belt

• Kitbag

• Pasta party including drink

• Showers and change facilities

• Catering prior to, during and after the race

• Medical care in emergencies, massages


Registration procedure:

There are two possible ways to register.

You may either register ONLINE by visiting the website at http://kitzbuehel.triathlon.org or you complete

the register form (pdf download file) and return it by mail to the registration address.

Registration by fax, email or as a copy will not accepted.

With your registration, you also confirm that you have read and accepted the General terms and Conditions.

The entry fee will be collected from your account by way of direct debiting. You will be charged with

46,00 euros if the timing chip gets lost or is not returned. The use of your own timing chip is prohibited

due to organisation l reasons.

If the Timing chip is damaged or gets lost you will have to pay a charge of over EUR 46.00. The use of

your own Timing chip is prohibited for organisational reasons.

Closing date or late registration:

Registration will be closed as soon as 500, but not later than 31.05.2011. If the maximum number of

participants has not been reached up to that date, it will be possible to register at the accreditation office

from Thursday, 16 th June, Friday, 17 th June 2011 and Saturday, 18. June 2011 with a late registration

fee of 10,00 euros. For more details, please visit our homepage.

Before the race

Accreditation and starting papers

You will be informed about the opening hours for accreditation from Thursday, June 16 th , Friday, 17th

June 2011 and Saturday, 18. June 2011 together with your registration confirmation. Upon presenting

the registration confirmation and your identity card/passport, you will receive:

Race number

• Swimming cap with race number

• Frame number (for bike) , helmet number

• Booklet with all important race information

• 1 kitbag

• Timing chip

If you are unable to pick up your starting papers personally, another person presenting a written and

Dextro Energy TriathlonITU World Championship Kitzbühel

signed authorisation from you and a copy of your ID card may pick the papers on your behalf. For the

exact procedure, please refer to your entry confirmation.

Race briefing

The race briefings will take place on Friday, 17 th June during the pasta party. The exact place and time

will be published on our website in time. This briefing is very important for all competitors, as all the

latest information and changes will be announced there

Time keeping

Time keeping will be carried out in real time through a Timing chip that is attached to the participant’s

ankle. Your time will be taken at the start and finish lines, as well as at the check points at the end of

the distances and at the entrance and exit of the transition area. Your times will be available on the


Bike check in and transition area

The exact check-in time will depend on your starting time and will be published on the internet. Please

also observe the information on our homepage.

• The kitbag containing your personal items can be deposited at a central collection point

immediately before the race starts.

• A box next to your bike in the transition zone will be provided for race clothes. These clothes

must be deposited there when the bike is checked in.

Shower and changing facilities

You will find shower and changing facilities at the athletes’ village, as well as massage service at the

central area in Schwarzsee before and after the competition.

The competition

Starting times:

Sunday, 19th June 2011, 07.30 a.m.

The exact starting times will be announced upon accreditation and also on the internet at our homepage

before the event-

The start, transition area and finish area are all directly situated around the “Schwarzsee” lake.

Course notes:

• The swim starts with all competitors and the attendants for the blind competitors in the water.

• The exit of the swimming area is a ramp.

The bike route has divers climbs. There is a climb and a dangerous descent between bike km 10 -


• Wheelchair competitors on the run:

• The running course is between 1,5 and 3 metres wide. Wheelchairs will not always be able to


• There is a climb at kilometer 2.

• There is a dangerous descent at kilometer 4.

• There are dangerously narrow point‘s by the turning points.

• 5% of the run is not tarmac-ed.


There will be several catering stations along the race course and at the finish. You can find detailed

information in the competition information.

Time Limit

• Swim/Bike: 1 hour

• Swim/Bike/Run: 2 hour

Dextro Energy TriathlonITU World Championship Kitzbühel

After the Race

Finish area

After you have reached the finish area, you have to leave the race course immediately in the direction

of the catering stations, so as not to impede the oncoming participants.

Timing chip return

The timing chip has to be returned to the check-out point as you leave the transition area to check out

your bike. Please keep the receipt issued there until the end of the year for verification purposes.

If a participant fails to return the timing chip during the bike check-out, a penalty fee of 46 euros will be

charged by the organiser. This will be collected by direct debiting, or credit card (VISA or Mastercard). If

for some Important reason the timing chip cannot be returned immediately after race, it must be sent

back by mail to the organiser`s address by 1th July 2011.

Check-out times

Very Important: To prevent the disturbance of the ongoing competition, the collection of bikes and

clothes from the transition zone is not possible. Please plan your departure times and arrangements to

correspond with the allotted time for you to collect your bike, which is estimated at about 01:00 pm until

about 03:00 pm.

Online Service: Results, photos of participants, certificates

• The results will be published on the homepage soon after the race.

• You can order your personal photos at www.marathon-photos.com.

• Detailed information can be obtained from the website and upon accreditation.


• Attention: The participation in such an event is generally not included within your existing insurance


The Kitzbühel Triathlon Association as well as all organisation members wish you a

safe arrival, a pleasant stay and a successful competition in the most legendary city of

sports in the Alps.

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