Florida's Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network

Florida's Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network

Florida's Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network


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Florida’s s Progress Monitoring and

Reporting Network

Dr. Joseph K. Torgesen

FSU and Florida Center for Reading Research

DIBELS Users Conference, March, 2004

What is the Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Network (PMRN)

1. Statewide, web-based system for reporting

progress monitoring and outcome assessments for

grades K-3

2. A secure, password protected system with multiple

levels of access: classroom, school, district, region,


3. Students are tracked by student ID number, so it

follows children longitudinally and when they

change schools

Some important capabilities of the PMRN

1. Automatically prepares class rosters for data entry

based on data uploaded from district data base

2. Provides several different kinds of static and

progress reports for teachers

3. Allows parent reports to be automatically printed in

both English and Spanish

4. Allows Principals to have access to data on all

students and classrooms in their school

5. Provides data disaggregated by student

demographics at the school, district, region, and

state levels

Some important capabilities of the PMRN


6. Allows teacher’s s and principals to compare the

progress of their students against similar students

in other schools

7. Selects students for reliability assessments, and

calculates and reports reliability of assessment

8. Allows reading reading coaches to make bi-weekly

reports and provides summary reports of their


9. Provides formatted reports of all data in the system

for local use at the school and district level

Resources required for development and


1. Developed in cooperation with local software

developer – costs to date, approximately $600,000

2. Took one year to design, program, test, and


3. Hardware: Sun System servers: Oracle Data base

4. Staff: Director of Technical Projects, Assistant, 4

help desk employees


Students sorted alphabetically by name

Students sorted by raw score at last




School Status





overview for

principal of

all classes

90% rule – reports not available until 90% of data is in

That’s s all for now…

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