Rainbow Matters 2009 - Rainbow Hospice


Rainbow Matters 2009 - Rainbow Hospice



Rainbow Matters


• Patient and Family


Helping people to quickly identify

and receive what they need

• Bereavement Support

Providing support to grieving

individuals, families and


• Palliative Care


A team approach to easing

symptoms of serious illness

Rainbow LIFE Institute

for Learning

The source for leading innovation

in end-of-life education

Proud to be sponsored by

Advocate Health Care and

Resurrection Health Care


Board of Directors

Ronald E. Struxness - Chairperson

Group Vice President and Executive Vice President

Resurrection Health Care

John Kolb - Vice Chairperson

Retired, Hewitt Associates

James H. Kelley - Treasurer

CFO, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Michael E. Kerns - Secretary

Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Advocate Health Care

Patricia A. Ahern - President

President & Chief Executive Officer

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care


David D. DiLoreto, M.D.

Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

Resurrection Health Care

George Gatto


Gatto Industrial Platers, Inc.

Graham A. Hills

G. L. Hills Funeral Home

John R. Walton

Group Executive Vice President / CEO

Resurrection Health Care / Resurrection Senior Services

Rev. Kathie Bender Schwich, AAS BA MDiv

Vice President, Mission and Spiritual Care

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital and

Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital

Marvin Feig


Good Earth Lighting, Inc.

Ronald Masters, M.D.

North Suburban Orthopedic Associates

Greetings and Welcome to

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care

We come across so many people in our line of

work. We meet doctors and caregivers and

every day we see and feel the emotions that

flow across the faces of our patients, their

families and loved ones.

If you were to ask me what a hospice patient

looks like, there is no one right answer.

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care patients

come from all walks of life and have

different needs and desires about how they

want to make the most of the time they

have left.

I can tell you that Rainbow Hospice patients are experiencing strong

support through the many talents and resources of their team of

experts in end-of-life care. A Rainbow Hospice patient is a person who

is feeling confident and composed about every day of the days

remaining. And that a Rainbow Hospice patient is one whose family is

witnessing the embrace of a community treasure.

In the United States, dying is so often treated as a medical event

rather than a life event. Yet, if one chooses to live life, the

opportunities quickly reveal themselves in comfort, care, dignity

and healing.

It is my firm belief that every person we care for has something to

teach us about death and dying. They can coach us about how to

capably complete a life. During this tender time, our job is to give them

the resources to be comfortable and comforted so each of them can

have the best end-of-life experience possible.

Thank you always,

Profiles 4

Our Work 8

Our Mission

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care enables people to live with

dignity and hope while coping with loss and the end of life.

Our Vision

To enhance the community’s ability to navigate end-of-life

experiences through growth, innovation, and diversification..

Our Values


To continually challenge ourselves to do better

Honor and Respect

To honor the dignity and worth of each individual and to respect

the breadth of cultures, values and traditions


To be present for others without judgment,

offering hope, comfort and support


To work together as we actualize our mission

and to be ethical in all we do

Eductation 9

Bereavement 10

Technology 11

Legacy 12

Benefit 12

Events 13

Donors 14

Donor Programs 17

Financial Data 18


At 98, saying you’ve been a Cubs fan your whole

life is quite a statement. When a Rainbow

Hospice and Palliative Care intern found out that

Gertrude Modjeske was interested in seeing a

Cubs game, she started a whole chain of events

that culminated with an outing to Wrigley Field.

Right: Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care

patient, Gertrude Modjeske with her grandson

Keith, her daughter Dee, and her great-grandson

Connor, in the Cubs Dugout at Wrigley Field.


Being a hospice patient means you don’t have to stop

dancing. Patients and families at Rainbow Hospice and

Palliative Care have access to integrative support including

music therapy, massage therapy, pet therapy.

Volunteer visits, music, massage and art therapy, life story

recordings and other special programs offer our

patients and families a wide range of activities that

promote healing even when a cure is no longer


Right: With music and a little assistance from her

son and massage therapist, Helen Kitick closes her

eyes and rattles her tambourine to recall her days

as a Hungarian dancer.


Our Work

The core of Rainbow Hospice and Palliative

Care is written in our name with the

compassionate, caring services provided for

hospice and palliative care patients and their


Care is never limited to medicine. Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care

has connected with patient’s to fulfill wishes and dreams including

everything from Cubs tickets to partnering with One Brick, a local

volunteer service organization, to paint a patient’s home (above).

Last year we made 1,800 music, massage

and pet therapy visits. More than 20,000

hours of volunteer service were provided

by our volunteers. And there were 1,961

hours of nursing and social work

visits to help people with serious illness

understand their options and make their own

choices. These make up only a small portion

of the mission Rainbow Hospice brings far

beyond our core services.

In the last year, Rainbow Hospice provided...

• 1,961 hours of nursing/social

work visits were made to

patients and families discerning

hospice and end-of-life options.

• More than 20,000 hours of

volunteer services for patient

care worth nearly $420,000.

• 80,810 paid employee visits to

patients and families served by

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative



Creating the next generation of caregivers is

critical to providing the continued ability of our

hospice and our community to support the lives of

people with terminal illness. The Rainbow Hospice

and Palliative Care LIFE Institute is a forerunner for

educating professionals and community members

about hospice and end-of-life care issues.

Our Leading Innovators For end-of-life Education

reached more than 10,000 people through

educational programs last year and saw a 225%

increase in student and resident education.

Our Education

The LIFE Institute for Learning

In the past year, the LIFE Institute has also


• 165 students from seven

schools of nursing

• 67 medical residents from ten

doctoral education programs

• Interns in Social Work,

Therapy, Chaplaincy and

Other Education Programs


Our Losses, Our Healing

Loss is an ever-present part of what we do. It affects

people of all ages and in many different ways. Every

individual has unique needs and deals with grief in their own

way. Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care provides support

for people of all ages facing the loss of a loved one.

This year alone, Rainbow Hospice and Palliative

Care touched more than 6,100 lives through our

bereavement services not only for friends and

family members of our patients but for members of

our community as well.

This year, we experienced a notable increase in the

demand for children’s bereavement services from

our Good Mourning Program. Good Mourning saw a

56% increase in children served.

Today, the largest growing segment of kids in Good

Mourning are the 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds.




In end-of-life care, technology helps to foster healing even when a

cure is no longer possible. With some patients, there is little time

to get so much right, and for all patients, making sure everything is

right is so important.

This year, Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care implemented a new

electronic medical records system. This system gives Rainbow

Hospice the ability to update patient status much more rapidly and

to track patient data and trends.

With these tools, we now have the opportunity to improve care and

management by creating customized plans, anticipating issues and

simplifying processes.

With our new electronic medical records system,

RoadNotes, Rainbow Hospice has:

• 65 laptops with on-the-go updates and full

system synchronization

100% of full time field staff trained and

equipped to use our EMR system

• Complete patient histories, medications and

illness progression information at the bedside

• Regular synchronization of field and local

computers so the nurse at 3am knows what

happened at 3pm


Few people touch an organization so deeply as Dr. Harold Shafter did with

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care. In his medical career and from his position

as a revered cardiologist at one of our partner hospitals, Lutheran General, Dr.

Shafter guided many in the medical field including some at Rainbow Hospice. He

was a teacher and a mentor, and when the opportunity arose for him to become a

board member of our organization, he renewed his call to leadership by providing

a steady hand and a strong mind to guide the organization forward.

His loss will be felt deeply and his impact will continue to reverberate

throughout the future of Rainbow Hospice.


Dr. Harold Shafter

Community Benefit

A Legacy

If a person is unable to pay for care, they

will not be turned away from Rainbow

Hospice. Last year, we cared for 19

individuals who applied for financial

assistance due to inadequate or

non-existent coverage – an increase of

26% from the previous year.

The cost of this care was $188,543.


Our Celebrations

Fiscal Year 2009 was an amazing

year for events at Rainbow

Hospice and Palliative Care.

(Upper Right) A unique and

incredibly successful partnership

with Amphora Home Store led to

a grand opening benefit in support

of Rainbow Hospice in May 2009.

(Center Right) The first ever

Rainbow Hospice public art

project, Promise of Park Ridge,

was a huge success with hundreds

of sponsors, artists, businesses

and friends creating 57 rainbow

statues displayed throughout the

community. (Left) Angels Ball

2008 attendees fill the room for an

amazing celebration honoring the

Patrick J. Shannon Family.


Our Support

Thank you to the following community groups, foundations

and corporations for their programmatic support.

Music Therapy

The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation

City of Park Ridge

Elk Grove Township

Carpenter Foundation

Niles Township Government

The Milne Family Foundation


Good Mourning Program for Children,

Teens and their Families

Park Ridge Indian Scouts Foundation

For All The Children

Bank of America Foundation


Park Ridge Community Fund

Kiwanis Club of Skokie Valley

Park Ridge Kiwanis Noon Club

General Operating

Park Ridge Juniors Foundation

City of Des Plaines


Health Care Service Corporation

Mt. Prospect Lions Club


Life Institute for Learning

Francis Beidler Foundation

Westlake Health Foundation

Masonic Family Foundation

Bereavement Services

Butler Family Foundation

Rainbow Hospice Online

Thank you to our many friends and fans on

Join the Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care online

community at www.Facebook.com/HospiceFan

Rainbow Hospice can also be found on

with our videos from Good Mourning Camp, Promise of Park

Ridge. You can also watch our educational videos and learn

more about Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care. Visit us at


Individual donor names and memorial gifts can be found on

our website at www.RainbowHospice.org/Support

Promise of Park Ridge public art project boasted 57 beautifully decorated rainbow sculptures that were on display

throughout the community. THANK YOU to the following individuals, families, businesses, churches, schools and social

service organizations for supporting this initiative. Proceeds from the Promise of Park Ridge went to support the

Good Mourning Program for Children, Teens and Families.

Promise of Park Ridge Chairpersons

Howard & Nancy Frimark and John & Barbara Heinz

Leadership Level Sponsors

Advocate Health Care

All on the Road Catering & Bakery

The Walter Fleischmann Family

Park Ridge Community Church Chancel Choir

Resurrection Health Care

John & Leigh Sasser

John & Jean Simms

Partnership Level Rainbows


Association Management Center

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bredemann

Carpenter Elementary School

Christie’s Carousel of Learning

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage of Park Ridge

Davis Doheny Family

DiFranco Family

Emerson Middle School

Field Elementary School

Don & Diane Finney

Franklin Elementary School

Fred & Nancy Gillick

Heinz Group

Matthew & Linda Heitz

G.L. Hills Funeral Home

J&D Designs

Jefferson Elementary School

Liberty Bank for Savings

Lincoln Middle School

Lions Club of Park Ridge

Maine South High School

Dr. Dino Mantis, Mantis Dentistry

Mary, Seat of Wisdom Catholic Church

Neri Associates, Inc.

New Prospects

No “E” Disigns

Owens, Owens & Rinn Ltd.

Park Ridge Community Fund

Park Ridge Fine Arts Society Board of Directors

Park Ridge Taxi & Livery LTD.

Raysa & Zimmermann, LLC Attorneys at Law

The Alice Reeder Riddle Family

Resurrection Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Roosevelt Elementary School

Ryan Parke Funeral Home

St. Andrew Life Center / Resurrection Health Care

St. Andrew Lutheran Church

St. Matthew Center for Health

St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church / Guardian Angel Guild

St. Paul of the Cross Catholic School

Swanson Family

Kerry Shannon & Steve Byrne (gifted to the Good Mourning


Kerry Shannon & Steve Byrne (gifted to Rainbow Hospice


The Summit of Uptown

Twentieth Century Club of Park Ridge

Washington Elementary School

The Youth Campus



Friends of Angels Ball 2008

We are grateful to the following individuals and corporations for their underwriting

sponsorship of Angels Ball 2008.

Mrs. Brian O. Shannon

Kerry Shannon & Steve Byrne

Mr. & Mrs. George Gatto

Barbara & Marvin Feig

The Sasser Family

Lynne Butler Adams

printing • creativity • results


President’s Council

Membership on the President’s Council is open to individuals or

corporations who make an annual contribution to Rainbow

Hospice and Palliative Care of $2,500 or greater through

personal philanthropy or through a combination of personal

philanthropy and by inviting others to invest in the mission of

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care

The meaning behind the President’s Council is rooted in

stewardship. It is a personal planned investment of time,

talent and treasure that requires a sense of responsibility and

an understanding that nothing will happen unless we make it


President’s Council Members


Advocate Health Care

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ahern



Ms. Marge Botchie

Butler Family Foundation

Ms. Kerry Shannon and

Mr. Steve Byrne

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Christensen

City of Des Plaines

City of Park Ridge

Ms. Marjorie Coller

Mr. & Mrs. Peter E.


Mr. & Mrs. James DeMore

Mrs. Jackie Devitt

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DuBoux

Mr. Dennis J. Dziedzic

Mrs. Patricia Finnegan

Mr. & Mrs. Don Finney

Mrs. Barbara M. Flauter

For All The Children

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Friedrich

Mr. & Mrs. George Gatto

Good Earth Lighting, Inc.

Mr. Thomas M. Green

Ms. Victoria Haig

Health Care Service


Ms. Sasha L. Gerritson &

Mr. Eugene Jarvis

Rev. & Mrs. Leroy Joesten

Antoinette Kotecki

Ms. Carolyn K. Lestina

Ms. Emma Lovett

Midwest Warehouse &

Distribution System, Inc

Ms. Joan M. Olsen

Ms. Gail Pacetti

Park Ridge Community Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Pracko

Mr. Gerald H. Rasmussen

Resurrection Health Care


Ms. Sandra J. Rowe

Mr. David J. Samson

Mrs. Doris H. Sasser Estate

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sasser

Mr. Roger E. Schleichert

Mr. & Mrs. Herb Schmeisser

Ms. Kathleen Scott

Mrs. Brian Shannon

Mr. Patrick J. Shannon Sr.

The Blowitz-Ridgeway


Ms. Ethel P. Wiseman

Pat and Dennis DuBoux

have made Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care a part of their lives

- and their future plans. Pat began volunteering at Rainbow Hospice in

1991 while working in human resources for a large advertising firm. She

was looking to align herself with a local organization that had a positive

impact on the community. She found Rainbow Hospice.

After volunteering for seven years, Pat made a career change, joining the

Rainbow Hospice staff as a social worker in 1998. In 2002 she moved

into development as the Public and Community Relations Coordinator.

“Having worked with patients and their families made it easy for me to

speak to community groups on behalf of patient care and bereavement

support,” she says.

Another career change led Pat to join a national outplacement company

in 2005. But she did not leave Rainbow Hospice behind. She and her husband, Dennis, have made

Rainbow Hospice a part of their estate plan by designating the organization as a beneficiary in their


“We trust the leadership at Rainbow Hospice to do the right thing,” says Pat. “We know the funds

are used wisely and have a true impact on patients and families.”

Thank you

Legacy Circle

The Rainbow Hospice Legacy Circle is open to those who have named Rainbow Hospice and Palliative

Care in their estate plans. The Rainbow Legacy Circle now has 36 members.

Members of the Rainbow Hospice Legacy Circle

Mr. Roger E. Schleichert, Mr. Dennis J. Dziedzic, Ms. Marjorie Coller, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DuBoux,

Mr. David J. Samson, Ms. Kathleen Scott, Ms. Emma Lovett, Kathleen & Pete Cullen-Conway,

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ahern, Mrs. Barbara M. Flauter, Ms. Marge Botchie, Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Christensen,

Mr. Gerald H. Rasmussen, Mrs. Jackie Devitt, Anonymous, Mr. Thomas M. Green, Mr. & Mrs. Scott

Pracko, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Friedrich, Ms. Sandra J. Rowe, Mr. & Mrs. Don Finney, Ms. Victoria Haig,

Ms. Sasha L. Gerritson & Mr. Eugene Jarvis, Mr. Patrick J. Shannon Sr., Rev. & Mrs. Leroy Joesten,

Ms. Joan M. Olsen, Antoinette Kotecki


Balance Sheet


Current Assets

Cash and Equivalents $2,593,641

Accounts Receivable 3,324,243

Less Allowances for Doubtful Accounts

Prepaid Expenses 71,477

Total Current Assets $5,712,361

Property and Equipment

Furniture and Equipment $891,526

Leasehold Improvements 494,066

Less Accumulated Depreciation

Total Property and Equipment 843,435

Other Assets

Security Deposit $10,165

Total Assets $6,565,961


Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable $1,110,997

Due to Nursing Homes 489,569

Accrued Expenses

Compensation and Payroll Taxes $874,427

Retirement Plan Contribution 62,500


Deferred Rent 56,426

Total Current Liabilities $2,584,092

Net Assets $3,981,869

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $6,565,961


Statement of Activity


Service Revenue

Hospice $16,420,691

Inpatient Unit 3,118,535

Bereavement 36,048

Palliative Care 75,495

LIFE Institute 27,713

Billing Allowance

Total Service Revenue $16,061,266

Development Revenue

Memorials and Donations $290,465

Bequests 24,661

Fundraising 499,520

Grants 107,343

Total Development Revenue $921,989

Interest and Other Income

Total Revenue $16,979,867


Payroll $9,353,330

Payroll Taxes 642,488

Employee Benefits 1,414,484

Arts and Crafts Materials 1,627

Bad Debt 308,295

Bank Charges & Late Fees 2,742

Charitable Care Expense 665

Computer Expense 83,498

Consulting & Audit Fees 78,671

Contract Services 12,317

Depreciation 124,463

Dues and Memberships 44,179

Durable Medical Equipment 884,491

Education 13,368

Equipment $33,428

Fundraising 210,618

Good Mourning Camp 11,403

Inpatient Contract Care 1,073,399

Legal Fees 1,687

Liability Insurance 138,310

Medical Consulting 2,425

Medical Supplies 235,185

Medications 463,373

Office Expense 78,126

Outpatient Care 10,473

Outside Services 25,122

Paramedics 194,574

Patient Ambulance 114,911

Patient Care Travel 263,520

Patient Meals, Laundry, Housekeeping 49,170

Postage 42,736

Printing 98,200

Public Relations 244,800

Recruiting 47,860

Rent 879,460

Repairs and Maintenance 21,056

Room and Board 10,848

Special Events 7,221

Telephone 180,999

Travel 40,419

Utilities 22,584

Volunteer Expense 6,399

Miscellaneous 33,905

Total Expense $17,506,829

Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets

Our Needs

Our Commitment

2009 Community Benefit Distribution

Last year, Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care committed

to more than $1,876,500 in services not covered by

Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.

Volunteer Services

and Education


Bereavement Services


Financial Assistance





Knowledge and education are some of

the most important resources Rainbow

Hospice and Palliative Care gives back

to the community. Under the direction

of Dr. Michael Preodor, the Dean of

the LIFE Institute for Learning, medical

residents are given the opportunity to

gain experience and to learn the nuances

of treating and comforting those who are

seriously ill or dying.

LIFE Institute

for Learning


Family Information

& Education


Special Service




Rainbow Hospice Ark offers short-term care to patients who are experiencing pain or other

symptoms associated with their terminal illness. Visit www.RainbowHospice.org/Ark to explore

the friendly confines of Rainbow Hospice Ark and see our state-of-the-art, 15-bed inpatient unit.

Non Profit



Permit no. 36

Park Ridge, IL


Park Ridge Office

444 North Northwest Highway, Suite 145

Park Ridge, IL 60068-3275

(847) 685-9900

Chicago Office

St. Joseph Hospital

2900 North Lake Shore Drive, Manor Building

Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 237-5950

Inpatient Unit, Rainbow Hospice Ark

St. Matthew Center for Health

1601 Western Avenue

Park Ridge, IL 60068

(847) 692-8899

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