Feb/Mar 10 - Singapore Swimming Club


Feb/Mar 10 - Singapore Swimming Club


President’s Message

GM’s Message

Notice Board

Straits Settlement Games extended by 3 years

Jazreel Tan is SSC Sports Woman of the Year 2009

In Conversation - The way it used to be

The Fifteen Days of Lunar New Year

New Members Intro Nite

Averil Chan wins Club Karaoke Contest

Christmas Light-Up – sparing a thought for others

Christmas Eve @ D’Tanjong

Turning on the Christmassy mood – with flowers.

SensASIAN New Year’s Eve Ball

Year-End School Holiday Programme

SSC-WOS Inter-Club Badminton League 2009/2010

SSC-WOS 7th Badminton Invitational Age Group C’ship 2010

SSC 10th Golf Medal Competition 2009

SSC Golf Section Medal & Party 2009

SSC Annual Squash Age Group Championship

SSC 33rd Bowling - Handicap Masters Finals

Table Tennis Friendlies against Zheng Hua CC and SAGE

Kick & Swim Meet #04

Full passes in NSSA Test

Club Night #07

SSC 40th Novices Meet 2009

KIDZ Section

Little Scientist Workshop – The Wonders of Science

Sushi - better than playing with Plastercine!

Employees of the Month of November & December 09

CNY Goodies Order Form

F & B - February and March

Upcoming Events - Social

Upcoming Events - Sports

Upcoming Events - Swimming

Calendar of Events for February & March

Club Directory

Notice Board

We welcome the following

New Ordinary Members

Mr & Mrs Nirav Niranjan Doshi

Mr & Mrs Soh Thiam Hoe

Mr & Mrs Sim Cheng Ker

Mr & Mrs Tong How Heng

Mr & Mrs Goh Soo Jin

Mr & Mrs Teo Kok Leong

Mr & Mrs Jimmy Tang Thien Siew

Mr & Mrs Harjinder Singh s/o S Dalip Singh

Mr & Mrs Ambrish Jain

Mr & Mrs Sim Yeow Seng Christopher

Mr & Mrs Lee Sek Leong Christopher

Mr & Mrs Choo Joon Tow David

Mr & Mrs Manpreet Singh Bajaj

Mr & Mrs Lai Jing Wey (Lai Jingwei)

Mr & Mrs Ho Peng Ann

Mr & Mrs Lim Beng Suan

Mr & Mrs Woo Nam Fatt William

Mr & Mrs Kwang Kok Keong Michael

...and New Individual Term Members

Mr & Mrs Roberts Wayne Adam

Mr & Mrs Hardev Singh Harbhajan Singh

Mr & Mrs Turini Marco Enrico

Mr & Mrs Williamson Scott William Edward

… and bid Farewell to

Mr & Mrs Chen Chao Min Arthur

Mr & Mrs Ong Peck Lye

Ms Chew Keng Hua

Ms Leong Ying Hua

Mr & Mrs Kasi Ramalingam

Mr & Mrs Low Yip Hai

Mdm Fong Bac Ching Betty

Mr & Mrs Yim Wing Kuen Jimmy

Miss Yeong Yen-Ping Jasmine

Miss Yeong Yen Feng Charlene

Mr Koh Khang Wee Jerry

Miss Lee Beng Li

Mr & Mrs Chia Soo Chuan James

Mr & Mrs Ko Woon Huat Michael

Mdm Wong Lye Chun Jenny

Mr & Mrs Mohan Tikamdas Mulani

Mr Tseng Leng U Alfred

Mr Loke Win San

Mr & Mrs Choo Lye Heng

Miss Sim Li-Chen Del

Miss Sim Li-Yen Pearl

Miss Ng Sue Mei Jamie

Miss Lum Siew Lay

Drs Yii Hee Seng & Ong Biauw Chi

Club Rules & Bye Laws

The Club Rules & Bye-Laws may now be downloaded

from our website: www.sswimclub.org.sg

Register Your Kids

Please be reminded that under the Club Rules, Ordinary

Members’ children shall be registered with the Club

within 6 months of attaining the age of three. Backdated

subscriptions and surcharge of up to 100 percent will

apply if your children are registered after the 6-month grace

period. All you need to do is to pick up a registration form

from our reception, complete it and submit it together with

a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate for verification.

For more information, please call our Membership

Officer, Ms Nazreen Nisa at 6342 3625.

Signing in Guests

Junior Members who wish to sign in a guest must submit

a Proxy Authorisation Guest Registration form which must

be signed by the Main Member. There will be an option

for permanent or temporary authorization. Members can

obtain the form at our reception counter.

For enquiry on Proxy Authorisation Guest Registration,

please call our Membership Officer Ms Nazreen Nisa at

6342 3625.

Cessation of Membership

Pursuant to the Club Rules, Members are required to inform

the Club of the death of the deceased loved one within six

months from the date of passing.

For more information, please call our Membership Officer,

Ms Sumiatun at 6342 3621


Happy Lunar New Year!

Club Management and staff wish to thank

Members for the generous hongbao. Have

a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year Festive Goodies

The information may be found on P30. The

last day to place your orders is on Monday,

8 February 2010.

Effective Communication


Heads of Department and selected

Admin and Frontline staff attended a

workshop conducted by Dr Marvin

Karlins. The workshop covered the three

C’s of Communication, Cooperation and

Caring. Dr Karlins peppered his talk with

real life examples and anecdotes. And

the mantra for effective communication

is “If you care, you’re there!”

Corporate Rates at Bayview

Bayview International Hotel & Resorts

have extended the corporate rates for

their hotels in Malaysia and Singapore to

our Club Members. For more information,

please contact our Membership

Officer, Ms Kajal at 6342 3712.

Mr Tang Hock Keng

presenting the cheque

to Ms Geraldine Lee

Gifting the Assisi Hospice

A total of $403 was collected through the sale

of Christmas Wishing Cards between 1 – 24

Dec 2009. All proceeds from the sale of the

Christmas Wishing Cards were donated to the

Assisi Hospice. Mr Tang Hock Keng, Chairman

of the Social and Recreation Sub-committee

presented the cheque on behalf of the Club to

Assisi Hospice’s Public Affairs Manager, Ms

Geraldine Lee on 21 January 2010.

Accolades for our Contract Staff!

While inspecting the filtration system on

5 January 2010, Project Manager Justin Tay

slipped and fell, seriously injuring his hand.

Fortunately, Mr Sun Tai Shou heard his cry

for help. He immediately went to the rescue

and, together with Mr Li Chang Zhang, moved

Justin to a safe area and comforted him until

the arrival of the ambulance.

Both Mr Sun and Mr Li were awarded

with a Certificate of Appreciation by Club


Well done, Mr Sun and Mr Li!

(L-R) Snr. Manager Human Capital and Administration,

Mr Christopher Lim; Mr Sun Tai Shou; General Manager,

Mr B.B. Khoo; Mr Li Chang Zhang and Lian Cheng

Cleaning Contractor’s Supervisor, Mr Lee Tian Nam

JACKPOT Monthly Top 10 Payouts!

November 2009 December 2009

Date Amount ($) Machine Name (M#)


30 Oct 7,909.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

18 Nov 3,960.00 Torch Of The Gods (21)

03 Nov 3,900.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

13 Nov 3,900.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

20 Nov 3,900.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

04 Nov 3,256.00 Return Of The Samurai (30)

07 Nov 2,456.00 Queen OF Atlantis (16)

20 Nov 2,030.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

25 Nov 2,015.00 Return Of The Samurai (30)

28 Nov 1,850.00 Water Margin (32)

Date Amount ($) Machine Name(M#)


02 Dec 3,904.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

26 Dec 3,902.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

05 Dec 3,900.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

17 Dec 3,900.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

24 Dec 3,900.00 Cheeky Monkey (28)

14 Dec 2,686.00 Water Margin (32)

05 Dec 1,768.00 Big Buck (6)

18 Dec 1,760.00 Big Buck (6)

27 Dec 1,760.00 Circus (24)

6 Dec 1,696.00 Big Ben (23)






4 & 5 Dec 2009

Games extended by 3 years

Penang Sports Club wins the 9th Games

The Singapore Swimming Club is proud to host the 9th

Straits Settlement Games. The fact that the Games had gone

on uninterrupted for nine years, with each of the participating

clubs taking turns to host, speaks volumes of the popularity and

success of this tripartite association.

It is certainly not by chance that members of three Clubs,

situated hundreds of miles apart have been coming together

every year for the past nine years. What is the motivation that

compels them to take this sporting pilgrimage year after year?

Our three Clubs – Malacca Club, Penang Sports Club and

Singapore Swimming Club share a unique history as former

territories of the Straits Settlement and also common family

traditions and culture. That has sustained our commitment and

devotion to these Straits Settlement Games all these years.

Surely this tradition is worth keeping!

As hosts of the anchor leg, we have the task of ensuring each

three-year cycle closes with a bang! With that in mind, all our

guests from Malacca and Penang were invited to a ‘Hawaiian

Welcome Party’ on the first day of the Games held by the

Poolside where SSC put together a Hawaiian Band. We also

had a Hula Dance performance by the Hula-Girls and Hula-

Hunks from the Malacca Club.

Members from all three Clubs have been training hard to win

in the six competitive sports and clinch the Challenge Trophy.

Bowling was played on a friendly basis.


Our Badminton Team has done us proud by using their skills to

beat MC 7.5-1.5 in the first Game in the morning. Later in the

afternoon, despite being tired, they played a hard game against

PSC beating them 5-4 to clinch the Champions title.


Despite months of intensive training in preparation for the

Games, it is no joking matter to play two soccer matches on

the same day. Despite our best efforts we were defeated 3-1

by PSC in the morning. In our second match against MC, with

injured players and fatigue from the morning’s match, our Team

were defeated 5-1.


In our first match against PSC, despite putting up a good fight,

our guests have again proven themselves by winning the match

at 4-2. But we turned on our fighting spirit and managed to beat

MC 4-2 to clinch the silver.


Our players were no match against the visiting teams’ superior

skills. In our challenge against PSC, we lost four matches but

managed to pull back one match. In the other match against

MC, we managed to win two games out of the five played.


Our Squash Team has been training hard and playing regularly

in preparation for this Game, and it showed. They won both

their matches against PSC and MC with a similar scores of 5-2

to clinch the Champions title.


Squash players pose before their match

The hula-gals and hula-hunks from

the Malacca Club

Emcee Bharat Samtani conducting a stage game


In the match against MC, our players showed great showmanship

in winning 4-1 but lost to PSC narrowly 2-3 to clinch the

silver medal.


Bowling, with its non-competitive status in this Game, was

played on a social basis between all three Clubs on day two.

With home ground advantage, we won spectacularly. Everyone

in the Bowling fraternity had a whale of a time, and is looking

forward to having Bowling as an official game in the future.


















In the Team Manager’s Meeting, all three Clubs unanimously

decided to continue holding these Games for the next three

years, with PSC playing host next year.









In the Celebratory Dinner, participants of all three Clubs let

their hair down while celebrating not only the victory by Penang

Sports Club but also the camaraderie among members of the

three Clubs.

Table Tennis








On behalf of the 9th Straits Settlement Games’ Organising

Committee, the management would like to express its heartfelt

appreciation to SSC Management Committee, participants and

supporters from Singapore Swimming Club, Penang Sports

Club and Malacca Club, and the Games Sponsors listed below

for making these Games a resounding success!




Champions: Penang Sports Club

1 st Runner-up: Singapore Swimming Club

2nd Runner-up: Malacca Club










Our Games Sponsors:

Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Kohup Sports Pte Ltd

JK Technology Pte Ltd

Rich Source Marketing Pte Ltd

Kingston Trading

Consumer Marketing

F&N Coca-Cola (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The Lens Men

J’Ashby Marketing Pte Ltd

Jackie’s Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd

Mr Terence Teo

Mr Yap Bau Tan

Mr Andrew Cheng

Mr Michael Kum

Mr Gan Kok Koon

Mr Paul Tan


SSC Sports Awards Night 2009

Jazreel Tan

is SSC Sports Woman of 2009

by Vincent Especkerman

The Club’s Sporting community recently got together

for the Sports Awards Night. Held at the Grand

Ballroom on 21 Nov 2009, the event was held to honour

our Sportsmen and Sportswomen for their achievements

at Club, National and International levels in their

chosen sport during 2008.

The high point of the evening was the crowning of the

SSC Sports Woman of the Year 2009. That singular

honour went to Jazreel Tan for her achievements which

included winning the Singapore National Olympic

Council’s Sports Girl of the Year twice in 2008 and

again in 2009.

Jazreel took the top spot in the 31st Canon Malaysian

International Women’s Open Masters Championship,

and also won a clutchful of medals at the 4th Commonwealth

Tenpin Bowling Championship, including a

Silver in the Woman’s Singles and a Gold in the Mixed

Doubles. She is currently at twelfth spot in the world


The Sportswoman Award comes with a Crystal Trophy,

Certificate and Sports Jacket with SSC Logo, plus $500

in Cash.

The Club also presented Meritorious and Colours Awards.

Meritorious Awards were given to shuttlers Victor Sim Chin

Chuan and Susanto Halim with each receiving a Medal,

Certificate, Sports Jacket with SSC Logo and $200 in Cash.

Taekwondo exponents Jordan Lee Jun Hui, Lim Kun Yi and

Khoe Cai Hao, and swimmers Lim Hui Joy, Malcolm Low

Wei Yang and Phuripong Ngampakdeepanich were awarded

with Club Colours. They each received a Medal, Certificate,

Sports Jacket with SSC Logo and $100 in Cash.

The Club has held Awards Nights in past years although

they were small, more informal affairs. In 2008, there

was a break due to a revision in the selection criteria for

the awards. It has since been approved by the Sports

& Swimming Sub-Committees and endorsed by the

Management Committee.


Meritorius Award winner,

Victor Sim

Meritorius Award winner,

Susanto Halim

Cyrus Yeo wowing the crowd

Guests gather in Pre Function area

A toast to all our Sportsmen and Sportswomen


The way it





used to be

by Vincent Especkerman

Berenice and Barrie

Lancaster were Club members

from 1947 to 1957.

Former star swimmers, they

now reside in Australia -

Berenice in Byron Bay and

Barrie in Perth.

SPLASH: Hello Berenice and Barrie, I hope you liked the

December-January 2010 Issue of Splash we sent you. Your article was

supposed to be in it but we’ve had to carry it over to this issue

BARRIE: What a magnificent magazine! How the membership and facilities have

grown in ‘just’ 50 years!!! It brings back memories from the most influential part of

my life! It’s been such a long time yet it seems like only yesterday! You have so

many events taking place each month; how do you manage? … We actually used

to live opposite the Chinese Swimming Club, at 13 Amber Road, and swam there

quite often. I often wonder how Neo Chwee Kok got on in life. He was slated to

go to the Asian Games, in Manila I think. He was a couple of years older than me

and although not a rival, was the fastest swimmer in Singapore at that time.

BERENICE: Like Barrie, I was amazed at how your “SPLASH” magazine has

evolved – such a variety of activities! In a way it made our years at SSC seem a

little dull, although I for one would not have changed them for the world. We had

so much more appreciation for the little things, and I suppose our expectations

were not so high then....and our lives revolved totally around the club. So thanks

again for that brilliant magazine. I loved the layouts as well. My years of marketing

experience with Club Med Sydney/Australia have left me with a good eye and

appreciation for what is good... and your mag IS good!!

SPLASH: Thank you for your generous compliments! Okay, help us fill in

some of the blanks in our oral history records. But first, run us through

your life since you left Singapore.

BERENICE: After I left Singapore I lived in England and Bahrain until I

returned to Singapore in 1965 with my ex-husband and 2 beautiful children,

Rex and Cindy. From there, we moved to Perth, Australia and after

the children had grown up, I joined Club Med, where I worked for 22

years around the world. I now live in Byron Bay, the most easterly

part of Australia and am fortunate enough to swim every morning

across the stunning bay here with a group called the Stingrays.

We swim between 1.6km and 2.4km, depending on the route

we take. Last Tuesday was a treat – a large shark, possibly

a bronze whaler or a white pointer (which has been hanging

around in the bay for a few days) swam right under

me!!! I think that day, I beat my 50 meter record making it

back to the shore!

SPLASH: When was the period you and your family

were members of Singapore Swimming Club?

BERENICE: I had my sixth birthday on the ship going

over to Singapore in 1947 and we left when my father’s

contract with Malayan Airways (as it was known

then) came to an end on 14 September 1957.


BARRIE: I stayed three months longer as I had to sit

the finals of the Overseas School Certificate at Raffles

Institution where I had been a pupil for some years. It

appeared that after Merdeka I might not be able to stay

in Singapore, so I went to the UK to look for a career.

After a year or two I emigrated to Australia and have

lived in Perth ever since. Unfortunately I have

been back to Singapore only once, in 1987. It had

changed so much even then!

SPLASH: And how did your family come to be based in


BARRIE: Our father, George who had been working for

BOAC as a ground engineer in Africa, had been in a serious

accident in which he was hit by an aircraft propeller. After

spending a year in hospital, he was given the chance to go

to Singapore and join the establishing Malayan Airways, the

forerunner of Singapore Airlines. At nine years old I used to

say, jokingly, that ‘in Singapore everyone sings because they

are poor!’

SPLASH: How different was the Club then, compared to

now as far as you can tell?

BARRIE: The major difference was, of course, that SSC was

right on the sea. There was a stone and cement jetty running

into the sea and it was so slippery!

BERENICE: Oh, its just grown so much and it is so much

more modern and sophisticated now. It was wonderful seeing

all the changes when I visited the club in October 2009 but

I confess I was sad to see that the beautiful diving structure

with 5-, 3- and 1-meter boards, had been taken down and

wasn’t replaced by another one. I have very fond memories

of the diving competitions and exhibitions, and I remember

especially one of the SSC’s coaches, Johnny Johnson, who

invented numerouse crazy dives....the main attraction being

his famous “change my mind dive” where, off the 5-meter

board, he made an enourmous splash with his very large

tummy! Is that how you got the name of your magazine?

BARRIE: We used to climb over the fence onto the narrow

strip of Beach where we used to catch mud-skippers and

squirt sea urchins into one another’s face!

Barry (far left), and Berenice (second from

right) with their parents

BERENICE: We just loved the exciting water-polo matches

down the deep end every Sunday morning and we always

had exuberant audiences for that. I’m sure you still have

these today. Barrie was both a swimmer and a water-polo

player for the Club and held many records for many years.

BARRIE: On the beach beside the Club was the concrete

gun emplacement which famously had its gun facing out

to sea instead of inland from where the Japanese invaders

came. We used to climb over the Club’s fence to that gun

emplacement. I still have a sore spot on my foot where a

piece of the reinforcing metal went in. I don’t think I told my

mother at that time! I didn’t tell her either when I fell in the

paddling pool and injured my head. But she found out when

I needed stitches!

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3D Cameron



3D HongKong F&E 508



4D HongKong/Disney 728



3D Bali F&E




3D Bangkok F&E




4D Siem Reap




3D Ho Chi Minh



GSA for Royal Caribbean, Cooperate booking

Price quoted based on twin-sharing, excludes airport taxes & fuel surcharges.

Price subjected to change without prior notice. Other terms & conditions apply.


19 Tanglin Road, #03-38, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909


roaring success

in the New Year of

the Tiger!


The SSC Management Committee

and Club Management


2 Dec 2009

New Members Intro Nite

by Vincent Especkerman

The evening started with the customary welcoming

address by GM B.B. Khoo, who later introduced the

Management Committee members and HODs to all

present. President Freddie Koh then addressed the new

members and briefed them on the future developments of

the Club.

The new corporate video was shown to the members before

they were treated to a lavish buffet prepared by our

top chefs.

Amy Yuen, Asst Manager of Social Dept and Director

of Swimming Barry Prime gave presentations of their

Department’s activities. New members were also entertained

by Belinda Wong and her dancers to the beat

of “Sunshine Waltz” and “Nobody but You”.

Ms Elizabeth Ang rocked the floor with her keyboard

soloist performance, as MC members and key personnel

mingled with the new members.


The SSC Karaoke Competition - 26 Dec 2009

Averil Chan holds her

notes to take the top prize

by Vincent Especkerman

Winner Averil Chan

First Runner-Up Richard Ng

The Club had its Karaoke Competition Finals one day before the

Singa-pore Idol Finals. There were obvious similarities between the two

competitions. Both required singers to perform before an audience and

a panel of judges. But at our Club competition we had no frowns, talk

downs and barbed remarks from our likeable panel of judges comprising

Elizabeth and members of our in-house band, Music & Me.

Nine singers competed in the Competition – two ladies and seven gentlemen.

Four songs were sung in English, four in Mandarin and one in

Hokkien. The emcee was none other than Patrick Wong, our Asst. F&B


The main hall at D’Galaxy was full, with some people having to stand

throughout the competition. Present among the crowd were F&B

Chairman and the 3D Committee members.

In the end, it was Averil Chan who most impressed the judges with her

rendition of “To Love You More” by Celine Dion. She walked away with

the Star Trophy, a Cert and $200 in Cash.

Second Prize winner Richard Ng had $120 in Cash and a Cert, while

third placed Lui Yi Zhuang took home $80 Cash and a Cert. The rest of

the competitors had a bottle of wine each.


Such a thrill to be in the arms of Santa!

Christmas Light-Up – 3 Dec 2009

Having fun while sparing

a thought for others

by Hazel Faye Jingco

In true Club tradition, Members and their families cosied up around the giant

Christmas Tree at the Front Lobby to celebrate Christmas. Many brought their

friends along.

The evening started with games where the kids were made to sing carols over

the air and pin a beard on a cardboard Santa. We had also put together a

choir comprising staff from various departments to sing carols on the winding


Pandemonium broke out when Santa appeared on the scene with his bag of

goodies. Everyone wanted to have a piece of Santa!

The SSC staff choir

This year we trained our efforts towards raising funds for the Assisi Hospice.

Several initiatives were taken. Wishing cards on which members could write

their wishes and hang on the Christmas Tree were sold at five dollars apiece.

And for every check generated at the Cabana during dinner time that evening,

the Club donated $1 to the hospice.

In his speech, Club President Freddie Koh urged Members to support the

Assisi Hospice in their own way and wished members a Merry Christmas and

a bright year ahead. He was later joined on stage by MC Members Tang Hock

Keng, David Lim, and Soh Kee Hock. Together, they lit up the Christmas Tree.


Members and guests enjoying

the merry-making

There’s how you do it

Christmas Floral Arrangement Workshop – 11 Dec 2009

Turning on the

Christmassy mood

by Alicer Lim

With reds and greens dominating and carols playing in

the background, there was no mistaking the purpose for

the circus. Back by popular demand, instructor Catherine

Ng was showing an enthusiastic group of ladies how to

put together a Christmas centrepiece using flowers and

ornaments that are associated with Christmas season.

Christmas Eve @ D’Tanjong – 24 Dec 2009

Rockin’ aroun’ the

Christmas Tree …

by Josh Fikhrie

Let’s do the countdown!

Christmas Eve at D’Tanjong

took a distinct Rock N’ Roll tone this

year; which is not surprising with

Vernon Cornelius and Pennylane

there to entertain.

Vernon Cornelius and PennyLane entertaining

Earlier, a major makeover was done

to give the lounge a dining setting.

After dinner, there was no stopping

the crowd as they packed the dance

floor and boogied till the midnight

hour to welcome in Christmas.

Making a wish...


Altogether now... Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven

The Face Changing Act

Go go go!

18 18

Sending our wishes up to the sky

SensASIAN – New Year’s Eve Ball – 31 Dec 2009

Last fond look at the Old Dame

before the Grand Ballroom undergoes re-development, starting in May 2010

by Amy Yuen

The Club welcomed 2010 with Club President Freddie Koh popping a

champagne bottle on stage, flanked by MC Members William Kwok, Soh

Kee Hock, Ng Kok Seong and Tang Hock Keng. Mr Koh observed that the

New Year’s Eve Ball was the last one to be held in the Ballroom as it looks

right now since the Ballroom is due for re-development from May 2010.

Earlier, members and guests were treated to a 4-course fusion set dinner

specially created for the night. With names like SensAsian, Seven Seas

and Little Nyonya, the food received good reviews all round.

During dinner Jaryll Chan, better known as the Michael Buble of Singapore,

serenaded all present with well-loved tunes like Can’t Help Falling in Love,

It’s Not For Me To Say, As Time Goes By and The Last Waltz. Then we had

a fascinating Face Changing act which was well received. Face Changing

is an ancient Chinese art form that is being revived today.

And while guests were dancing to the music performed by Music & Me,

Social Sub-committee Chairman, Tang Hock Keng released the balloons

tagged with the charity wishing cards, sending Members’ wishes up to the

sky. These wishing cards were sold to Members between

1 – 24 Dec as part of the Club’s Christmas charity effort to raise funds for

Assisi Hospice. The proceeds amounting to $403 were donated to the

Assisi Hospice.


2009 Year-End School Holiday Programme - 23 - 26 Nov

Mad about Tennis

by Tabby Sim

For some reason, the last year-end School Holiday

Programme held from 23 to 26 Nov saw our juniors flocking to

tennis. 21 of them signed up to learn the game from Jimbo

Tennis Management.

In addition, eight junior members aged between three and

seven signed up for the Fun Gymnastics Funstart which

involved a lot of floor work. This workshop was conducted by

our regular Fun Gym Instructress, Karen Yip.

Some were tennis newbies, others had dabbled with the game

but didn’t get too far. And a few were already enrolled in our

weekly Tennis Junior Development Programme – but they must

have figured that a double dose of tennis wouldn’t hurt, since it

was the school holidays and they had some time to spare.

SSC-WOS Inter-Club Masters Badminton League 2009/2010

So close yet so far

by Arun

The event was held from September 2009 right up to

January 2010. In his opening speech,Organizing Committee

Chairman Victor Sim welcomed the Premier Badminton

Party into the fold. Sports Chairman William Kwok praised the

participating Clubs (Changi Beach Club, Evergreen Sports &

Recreation Club, Mayflower Badminton Party, National University

of Singapore Society, Warren Golf & Country Club and

Premier Badminton Party) for their continued support of the

series which is into its fifth year.

SSC President Freddie Koh and SSC Sports Chairman William

Kwok together with the participating Club officials, players and

supporters attended the dinner held on Saturday, 9 January

2010 at the SSC Grand Ballroom. Organizing Chairman and

SSC Badminton Convenor Victor Sim presented mementos to

the Sponsors and participating Clubs. Mr Kwok gave away the

prizes to the winning team. The dinner ended with a Karaoke

contest, stage games and lucky draws.

The event progressed with matches played on a home and

away basis over a four-month period. Mayflower Badminton

Party and SSC eventually ended up on top of the heap. NUSS

secured third placing.

In the final match on Tuesday, 8 December 2009, SSC played

Mayflower Badminton Party at St. Margaret Secondary School

which is the home ground of Mayflower BP. As the match

progressed MFBP were two points up but SSC managed to

level it 2-2, after eight matches played both teams were locked

at 4-4 with the last match to decide who would be the champions.

SSC players Daniel See and Alok won the first set but lost

the second. In the rubber set MFBP won with home ground


Group photograph of the 3 winning clubs

All Masters winners Group Shot

SSC-WOS 7th Masters Invitational Age Group

Doubles Badminton Championship 2010

SSC makes clean sweep

by Arun

The Championship held on 21 & 22 Nov 09 comprised four Age Groups

categories, the Men’s Doubles Combined Age 90 years, Ladies Doubles 90 years,

Men’s Doubles 100 years and Men’s Doubles 120 years.

The event was organized over a single weekend to allow players to build their other

holiday programmes around it. There were no big surprises; most of the seeded

players strolled through the preliminary and semis to reach the finals.

In the Men’s Doubles 90 Years finals, Effendi Widjaja & Chong Soon Oon (SSC)

outclassed their opponents Joe Woon & Welly Tija (Forward Badminton) 2-0 (21-9,


The Men’s Doubles 100 Years finals between Victor Sim & Lee Ah Ngo (SSC) and

Noe Eng Kiat & Foo Kon Fai (Forward Badminton) was a keener affair. After both

pair took a game each, it was Victor Sim & Lee Ah Ngo who took the rubber set, with

the overall score of 21-12,16-21,21-10.

Defending champions David Chua & Lawrence Wee (SSC) were knocked out by

Yeo Ah Seng & Susanto Halim (SSC) in the semis which went into rubber set. The

finals pitted Yeo Ah Seng & Susanto Halim (SSC) against Kamarudin (Mayflower) &

Gary Oon (SSC) and again the experienced Yeo & Susanto won in straight sets with

a score of 21-14, 21-19.

The one real surprise was provided by Natalie Sim & Lee Hua Hoon (SSC) in the

Ladies Doubles which was played in a League format. Sim & Lee managed to top

the league table. with the other taken by Cairne Koh & Ang Lay Ean. In the Finals,

Sim & Lee managed to win in straight sets at 21-17, 21-11 against Koh and Ang.

Sports Chairman William Kwok gave away the prizes at the dinner cum prize presentation

ceremony at the Sports Centre Gallery.


Men’s Doubles – 90 years


Effendi Widjaja & Chong Soon Onn (SSC)


Joe Woon & Welly Tija

(Forward Badminton)

Men’s Doubles – 100 years


Victor Sim & Lee Ah Ngo (SSC)

Runner up

Noe Eng Kiat & Foo Kon Fai

(Forward Badminton)

Men’s Doubles – 120 years


Yeo Ah Seng & Susanto Halim (SSC)


Kamarudin Lee (MF) & Gary Oon (SSC)

Ladies’ Doubles – 90 years


Natalie Sim & Lee Hua Hoon (SSC)


Cairne Koh & Ang Lay Ean

Ladies Doubles (Age 90yrs)

Champion - Lee Hua Hoon (L)

Natalie Sim (R)

Men’s Doubles (Age 90yrs)

Champion – Chong Soon Onn (L)

Effendy Widjaj (R)

Men’s Doubles (Age 100yrs)

Champion – Lee Ah Ngo (L)

Victor Sim (R)

Men’s Doubles (Age 90yrs)

Champion – Susanto Halim (L)

Yeo Ah Seng (R)

SSC 10th Golf Medal Competition 2009

A fair day on the greens

by Christine Koh

44 golfers teed off in the competition held at the Ponderosa Golf & Country

Club on Friday, 20 Nov 2009. It was a great day for golf, if a little hot. But the

heat was made easier to bear by the convivial company and the picturesque


Although everyone was having a swinging good time, lunch was a welcome call.

Everyone sat down to a nice Chinese lunch where Golf Convenor Sam Bhojraj

gave away the prizes to the winners.


Champion Ivan Yeo (16) 44 points

Second Mohamed Zahri Rahamat (14) 42 points

Third Sanjay Danani (23) 40 points

Fourth Abdul Aziz (17) 38 points (OCB)

Fifth Kee Kim Bong (19) 38 points (OCB)

Sixth Sandy Lek (24) 38 points

Seventh Tan Teng Chew (17) 37 points (OCB)

Eighth Simon Kee (23) 37 points

Ivan Yeoh (left) - 10th Golf Medal Competition


SSC Golf Section Medal & Party 2009

Golf’s crowning event for 2009

by Christine Koh

Shocked! That was how Raymond Tan reacted when he learned that he

was the Champion of this last event of the year with his score of 38 and course

handicap of 15.

That was on Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009, as 44 of our golfers hit the course at

National Service Resort & Country Club (Airforce / Navy course), playing on the

System 36 Stableford format.

The Golf Section Party was held later in the evening at SSC. 100 golfers, their

spouses and guests attended. Members who came were given an exclusive

SSC Golf Section Cap.

Raymond Tan (left) - Golf Section Medal


39 golfers went home with Lucky Draw prizes, with Lee Chin Fatt taking the 42”

Panasonic Plasma TV, the top prize sponsored by Golf Ad-Hoc Committee member

Haresh Assudani.


Champion Raymond Tan [15] 38 Stableford points

Second Rajesh Sheth [12] 37 Stableford points

Third Khua Hock Su [17] 36 Stableford points [OCB]

Fourth David Lim [17] 36 Stableford points [OCB]

Fifth Sivagnanam Rajendram [21] 36 Stableford points [OCB]

Sixth Tan Poh Heng [19] 36 Stableford points [OCB]

Seventh Chong Soon Yew [17] 36 Stableford points [OCB]

Eighth Balwant Singh [20] 36 Stableford points [OCB]


Finally, a convenient way

to secure Better Value

TEE TIMES online!


world’s first online open tee time bidding

Bid or Buy Tee Times Win Prizes playing GreedyBet Happenings

Play at great courses in

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more...




SSC Members’ Privilege

Get 150 points Head Start for GreedyBet!

Enter this Bonus Code at Registration: SSCgolf

*Login & register by 31 January 2010


SSC Annual Squash Age Group Championship – 28 Nov 2009

Smashing competition!

by Daniel Ng

11 players smashed their way in this competition played in two categories

– Above 50 and Under 50. At the end of the day, it was Kee Kirk Chuen who

took the Under 50 title and Lim Khoon Huat the Above 50. A buffet dinner

and the Prize Presentation ceremony followed.


Under 50





Above 50





: Kee Kirk Chuen

: Ong Eu-Gene

: James Ang

: Dominic Ong

: Lim Khoon Huat

: Albert Chua

: Jeremy Ching

: Moses Lee

SSC 33rd Mixed Foursome League Handicap Masters Final

Kristel Oh on the roll

by Daniel Ng

Since winning the Singapore Open Youth Championship, Kristel Oh has

been on a roll. But still she was pushed all the way in this 10-game series

event held at the Bowling Centre on 15 November 2009. In the end she











: Kristel Oh

: Wee Hock Chuan

: Bryan Lee

: Marc De Vries

: Sonny Lim

: Terence Tan

: Mohd Kamarudin

: Othman Majid

Table Tennis

In a friendly game played on 24 Oct 2009, Zheng Hua Community Club trounced SSC. SSC 2 – ZHCC 11

In a friendly game played on 28 Nov 2009, Singapore Action for the Elders narrowly beat SSC. SSC 5 – SAGE 7


Kick & Swim Meet #04

First show them the fun

This series of meets give our beginner swimmers the initial push into

competition. This last one was held on 21 Nov. The atmosphere was great with the

parents and friends cheering them on from the sidelines! The swimmers had

great fun with the swims too, especially in the Fun Relay at the end of the

meet where swimmers from different levels were put together in a team!

At the end of the meet, some swimmers were surprised that

they won medals! Hopefully that will ignite the

competitive spirit in them to prepare them for

the more serious competitions in the


National Survival Swimming Award

Full passes!

All our swimmers who took the second round of the

NASSA test held from 7 to 13 Dec made it through.

Congratulations to all 19 of them! We would like to

encourage more swimmers to come forward to

take this test in the future!

40th Novices Meet 2009

Serious competition, with

fun thrown in!

The last in-house meet for the year was held on 19 Dec

2009! 50 meters events of all 4 strokes were swum.

Competition was strong, especially among the younger

swimmers as they tried to better their previous

timings. Competition notwithstanding, they didn’t

forget to have their fun. The event ran

smoothly and everyone had a good time

at the meet.

Club Night #07

The Club Nite held on 18 Dec was the last one for 2009.

Each swimmer had his or her own reason for signing up.

Some wanted to get their first taster of competition; others

wanted to obtain timings for their upgrading; yet others

wanted to beat their personal best timings. We hope

they managed to get what they had set out to get.

We would like to thank all our parent volunteers

who have been so supportive throughout



Sushi Making Workshop

Better than playing

with Plastercine!

by Hazel Faye Jingco

Making sushi is not as easy as you think. The rice is sticky and it

takes some skill and patience to make rice beds that won’t crumble

when you pick them up with your chopsticks. Making sushi is a bit

like playing with plastercine, only a lot more fun since you get to eat

the end product! So there they were the kids, twenty of them, wrapping,

rolling and squeezing away at their work-stations!

They made Egg Mayo Roll, California Maki, Garden Roll and Crab

Stick Roll, and once they became more confident, tried to create

their own combination of sushi toppings. The kids and their families

all got to eat sushi for lunch – yum!

Little Scientist Workshop

Exploring the wonders

of Science

by Hazel Faye Jingco

On 21 November, 38 budding scientists joined Professor

Messy in exploring the wonders of Science. The

Professor started the session with a series of optical illusions

which were simply magical! He then showed off

his latest invention – the “Bananatronic” – which could

make a rubber ball jump to the height of a tall tree!

The kids also played with Professor Messy’s “magic

solution” which created bubbles that bounced on their

hands. And finally they pieced together their very own

boomerangs which they brought home after the workshop.


I am sure most of you have access to the Internet

either at home or at school. Like any other tool,

you have to know its workings before you can get

the most out of it.

The Internet is a wonderful source of information

and entertainment! There are lots of stuff you can

do on the Internet. You can do research for your

school projects, communicate with your friends and

play interactive games.

However, you should be aware of the dangers that

lurk in the dark corners of the Internet. Here are

some things for you to note.

The chat-room is a place where you get to meet

many interesting people. The problem is that most

people do not use their real names on the Internet.

They use pseudonyms. So you cannot be certain if

the person you are chatting with is a boy or a girl –

or if that person is really twelve years old as he or

she claims!

Be careful what you post on the Internet. People

may use information like telephone numbers, addresses

and your movements and the movements of

your family members to plot against you.

If you are not sure if you should divulge certain

information over the Internet, it is best to err on the

side of caution. Make it a point to share any unusual

online incidents you encounter, with your parents.

Another thing to be aware of is the time you spend

on the computer. Many kids forget themselves once

they get on the Internet. There are other things you

can do besides surfing the Internet, so limit yourself.

Even if you have completed all your chores, don’t

spend all your free time on the Internet. To develop

yourself into a balanced person, you need to spend

some of your time on sports and physical activities to

build up your body, and also some time with family

and friends to develop your social skills.

We have a number of activities going on at the

Club during this period, including a Scrapbooking

Workshop, a Robotics Workshop and a Night Safari


See you at the Club!

Your friend,

Winkie, the Lion


There’s danger lurking

on the Internet

For more information, call Hazel at 6342 3670

or email HazelF@sswimclub.org.sg


Music Programme

Commencement Pending

This ongoing programme gives you and your baby the

opportunity to bond through music and movement.

Idah (Hooray! Kids) has a diploma in Early Childhood and has

experience in educating young children.

Time : 10am – 11am, Every Thursday

Age Group : 18 months to 2 yrs old

Venue : Children’s Playroom

Fees for : $299.60 (Members)

10 Sessions : $353.10 (Guests)

• Minimum 5 toddler-parent pairs to commence,

maximum 10 toddler-parent pairs

Manga Drawing for Kids

Commencement Pending

Come and have fun drawing Manga characters! These classes

will give you deeper insights into Manga drawing and will cover

the basics as well.

Ciel Liu has over 9 years of experience in Manga Drawing and

2 years of experience in Manga Education.

Time : 3pm – 5pm, Every Saturday

Venue : Bowling Alley Conference Room

Age Group : 5 to 12 yrs old

Fees for : $139.10 (Members)

4 lessons $171.20 (Guests)

• Minimum 5 participants to commence

Scrapbooking Workshop

Saturday, 27 February

We’ll show you how you can put your photos and bits of

memorabilia together to create your own Scrapbook. That way

you can share your treasured memories with family and friends!

Just bring along three of your favourite photos (4R size). You

will be given a 12”x12” cardstock scrapbook page along with

ribbons, buttons, coloured pens, lettering stickers and patterned

papers to embellish the pages.

Individual adult participants are also welcome.




Closing Date

: 9.30am – 12nn

: Level 2, Meeting Room

: $30 (Kidz Club Member)

$35 (Child/Adult Member)

$40 (Child/Adult Guest)

: Friday, 12 February





• Minimum 5 participants to commence


* All prices include GST


For more information, please call Hazel at 63423 670 or email hazelf@sswimclub.org.sg

School Holiday Programmes

Sign-up for a MARCH HOLIDAY PACKAGE and enjoy discounts on the combined fees!

Any 4–Activity Package - $16 OFF • Any 3-Activity Package - $12 OFF • Any 2-Activity Package - $8 OFF

MegaZip Adventure

Wednesday, 17 March, for kids aged 8 yrs old and

above, and adults.

Get your thrills at Sentosa’s newest attraction.

• ClimbMax: Climb your way through bridges,

nets, and beams running through 15-metre

high Eucalyptus trees in the jungle hilltops.

• MegaZip: ‘Fly-fox’ 450 metres across Siloso

Beach from a height of 75 metres!

• Parajump: This equipment allows you to

experience a freefall jump – without the plane ride!


: 1pm – Assemble at the Front Lobby.

5pm - Time bus returns to the Club

Venue : Sentosa


: $65 (Kidz Club Members), $75 (Child/Adult

Members), $85 (Child/Adult Guests)

Closing Date: Wednesday, 17 February

• Child rate applicable only to kids below 12 yrs

• Minimum 20 participants to commence. Transport to

and from Sentosa will be provided.

• For more information, please call Josh at 6342 3650

or email JoshF@sswimclub.org.sg

Night Safari Tour

Friday, 19 March, for kids aged 8 yrs old and above,

and adults.

As dusk falls, 1,000 nocturnal animals will be stirring

to life at the Night Safari. Observe them as they frolic,

graze or hunt through the night! The Singapore Night

Safari is the world’s first wildlife night park. This is an

adventure you will not forget!


: 6pm – 10pm (participants to assemble

at the Front Lobby by 6pm)

Venue : Night Safari


: $20 (Kidz Club Member), $25 (Child

Member), $30 (Child Guest), $35 (Adult

Member), $40 (Adult Guest)

Closing Date : Friday, 5 March

• Child rate applicable only to kids below 12 yrs

• Minimum 20 participants to commence

• Transportation will be provided

• For more information, please call Josh at 6342 3650

or email joshf@sswimclub.org.sg

Adventures in Clay Animals

Thursday, 18 March, for kids aged 5 – 12 yrs old

Have fun shaping a lump of clay into the form of animals–

then turning it into a paperweight and a pencil holder.

This “paper clay” which we will be using is a mixture of

clay and paper pulp which makes the material easier to

mould than normal clay. We will then use acrylic paint to

colour your work of art. All materials will be provided.

Hong Tian Li conducts visual creative art programmes

and is the founder of LPN Art School.

Time : 3pm – 5pm

Venue : Level 2, Meeting Room

Fees : $20 (Kidz Club Member), $25 (Child Member)

$30 (Child Guest)

Closing Date: Thursday, 4 March

• Minimum 10 kids to commence

• For more information, call Hazel at 6342 3670 or email


* Robotics Workshop

Saturday, 20 March, for kids aged 6 – 12 yrs old

In this workshop, you will learn how to design, build and

programme your very own Robo Tranzformer using Lego

Mindstorms. In the process, you will be introduced

to the logic, design and control of your robot through

mechanical components and sensors.

Imagination Kids Pte Ltd is Singapore’s licensee of Top

Secret Science and Math Corporation in the USA.

Time : 9am – 12nn

Venue : Level 2, Meeting Room

Fees : $33 (Kidz Club Member), $38 (Child Member)

$43 (Child Guest)

Closing Date: Friday, 5 March

• Minimum 10 participants to commence, maximum 16


• For more information, call Hazel at 6342 3670 or email


* All prices include GST

Terms & Conditions

• The discount applies only if all the activities you select meet the minimum number of participants. (For example if you sign up for a

4-Activity Package and only three of the Activities meet the minimum numbers, you will be given the discount for a 3-Activity Package)

• If you sign up for a 2-Activity Package and one Activity is cancelled for any reason, you will be given the chance to select another

available Activity. Or you will be charged at normal rate for one Activity.


LUNAR NEW YEAR Festive Goodies



Eggless Sugie Cookies 10.00

Cornflake Cookies 12.00

Eggless Peanut Butter Cookies 10.00

Cashew Nut Cookies 15.00


Butter Cake/kg 12.00

Sugie Cake/kg 12.00

Walnut Cake/kg 15.00


Pineapple Tarts/tub 30.00


Vegetarian Yu Sheng (S) 18.00

Vegetarian Yu Sheng (B) 28.00

Salmon Yu Sheng (S) 20.80

Salmon Yu Sheng (B) 32.80

Abalone Yu Sheng (S) 28.80

Abalone Yu Sheng (B) 38.80

Collection of order starts from 18 January 2010.

Closing date of all order on 8 February 2010

Pick up point at the Le Petit Tresor from

Monday – Sunday 12pm to 9.45pm

Final Collection of items:

13 February before 2pm

Kindly allow three (3) working days to process your order.

For enquiries, kindly contact:

• Joyce at 63423674 (weekdays),

• Jojo at 63423685 (weekends) or email


* All prices include GST

Club Events


Ushering in the

Year of the Tiger

Saturday, 20 February

Together, let’s usher in the

Year of the Tiger right here at

the Club. Going with tradition,

we will have the Twin Lions

performing at our main entrance

and at various corners

of the Club to spread the luck.

And you wouldn’t want to miss

the chance to meet the God of

Fortune. Bring your family and

friends along – and we’ll see

you there!



: 5pm – 6pm

: Main Lobby

Bobbi Brown Beauty


Friday, 5 March

The consultants from this

world renowned cosmetics

brand will be down at the Club

to share their knowledge of

make-up and application

techniques – in time for you to

hit the Clubs over the





Closing Date

: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

: Level 2, Meeting Room

: $75 (Members)

$85 (Guests)

: Friday, 26 Feb


1. Receive a $60 Gift Voucher for the redemption of Bobbi

Brown Skincare and Make-up products.

2. Get your Bobbi Brown memento upon the successful

completion of the workshop.

• Minimum 20 participants to commence

• For more information, please call Josh at 6342 3650 or

email JoshF@sswimclub.org.sg

Line Dance Tea Party


Saturday, 13 March

Yee-Haw!!! The line dance

party is back! So put on your

dancing shoes and get down

on the floor! For fuel, we

have a delicious spread of

local food.




Closing Date

: 1pm – 5pm

: Mountbatten Room

: $11 (Members)

$16 (Guests)

: Monday, 1 March

• For more information, please call Josh at 6342 3650 or

email JoshF@sswimclub.org.sg

SSC – Red Cross

Blood Donation Drive

Saturday, 20 March

Take this opportunity to

contribute to society. Your

blood donation will help

maintain the stocks at a

healthy level. It takes less

than an hour of your time.

So come – and bring your

friends along.

Non-members welcome!



: 12pm – 6pm

: Fort / Mountbatten Room

• For more information, call Hazel at 6342 3670 or

email HazelF@sswimclub.org.sg


* All prices include GST

Club Events



Saturday & Sunday

6 & 7 February / 13 & 14 March

Bingo Nite

Every Second & Fourth Monday of the Month

Come and rummage through

the stalls for little treasures

including fashion wear, household

products, artifacts and

gift items.

Join us for some serious fun as the numbers roll!

Time : 10am – 10pm

Venue : The Atrium

VENDORS, Stall Bookings for the March Bazaar close

on 22 March. For more information, please call Josh at

6342 3650 or email JoshF@sswimclub.org.sg




Entry Fees

: 8 & 22 Feb, 8 & 22 Mar

: 8pm – 10pm

: Fort Room

: Free (Members)

$3.21 (Guests)

Chinese Brush Painting

Every Wednesday

What better way to learn the

skills of Chinese Brush Painting

than from renowned artist

Tan Khim Ser himself? Tan

is the President and founder

member of the Singapore Life

Art Society. Be mesmerized

as he takes you through this

ancient Chinese art.


: 10.30am – 12.00pm

Venue : Pre-Function Area, Level 2


: $149.80/month (Members)

$171.20/month (Guests)

To register, please call Josh at 6342 3650

or email JoshF@sswimclub.org.sg

Children’s Art Class

(For children aged 5 – 12 years)

Every Saturday

Unleash your child’s creativity

by enrolling him in our art class.

Our lively teacher, Mr Lee Peng

Khoon, will take your child

through the world of imagination

and get him to express

himself using crayons and

water colours!


: 3pm – 4.30pm

Venue : Children’s Playroom @ Level 2

(subject to change)


: $42.80/month (Members)

$48.15/month (Guests)

To register, please call Hazel at 6342 3670

or email HazelF@sswimclub.org.sg

* All prices include GST


Upcoming Events

Entry Forms are available at the Lobby Reception & Sports Counter


SSC Annual Senior Novices Badminton Championship

9 – 23 March


SSC 8-Ball Pool Under-18 Championship

22 – 26 March



Entry Fees

Closing Date

: 6pm onwards on weekdays

: Badminton Hall

: $12.84 / Participant

: 1 March



Entry Fees

Closing Date

: 7pm onwards on weekdays

: Billiards Room

: $12.84 / Participant

: 8 March

• For more information, please call Arun at 6342-3615 or

email arunr@sswimclub.org.sg

• For more information, please call Arun at 6342-3615 or

email arunr@sswimclub.org.sg


SSC Medal Championship – Scratch Tournament

4 January – 26 March

28 March (Finals)



Fees Involved

: 1.30pm check-in, 2pm roll-off

: Bowling Centre

: $39.59 / Bowler

SSC Novelty Event – Ang Pow Special

28 February




: 12.30pm check-in, 1pm roll-off

: Bowling Centre

: $40.66 / Bowler

For more information, please call Catherine Goh or Daniel Ng

at 6342-3602 / 3617 or email danieln@sswimclub.org.sg


Annual Bilateral Golf Challenge with Chinese Swimming

Club (SSC Host) cum SSC 2nd Golf Medal Competition

23 February


Closing Date

: Marina Bay Golf Club

: 10 February

SSC 3rd Golf Medal Competition

25 March


Closing Date

: Raffles Country Club (Palm Course)

: 18 March

For more information, please call Christine at 6342-3614 or

email christinek@sswimclub.org.sg


Annual Chinese New Year Soccer Cup

SSC vs Scott United

27 February




: Dunman High School Soccer Field

: 5pm to 7pm

: Club Soccer Squad


SSC Squash Graded Championship 2010

6 – 13 March




: 3pm (Saturday)

7pm (Tuesday & Thursday)

: Squash Court

: $16.05 / Participant

• For more information, please call Arun at 6342-3615 or

email arunr@sswimclub.org.sg

• For more information, please call Daniel Ng at 6342-3617

or email danieln@sswimclub.org.sg


* All prices include GST


by Sherwin Sng

Every Saturday, 1.30pm - 2.30pm

$149.80 per 10 x Saturday


by Amir

Every Tuesday, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Every Saturday, 5.30pm – 6.30pm

$32.10 per month

Ongoing Activities

Enrolment Forms are available at the Lobby Reception, Sports Counter & Fitness Studio

For more information, please call Tabby at 6342-3616 or email tabbys@sswimclub.org.sg


by Amir

Every Thursday, 7pm - 8pm

Every Saturday, 1.30pm – 2.30pm

$32.10 per month


Min. of 5 students to commence

Min. of 5 students to commence

Min. of 5 students to commence


Kids Fun Gym by Karen Yip

Every Saturday, 9am - 10am

$42.80 per month

Age 5-10 years

Keep Fit by Karen Yip

Every Tuesday, 10am - 11am

Every Thursday, 10am - 11am

Every Thursday, 6.30pm - 7.30pm

$32.10 per month (once per week)

Total Body Conditioning by Christine Tan

Every Friday, 10am - 11am

Every Monday, 9.30am - 10.30am

$32.10 per month

Pilates Matwork by Serena Tan

1st Four Mondays of the month, 8.15pm - 9.15pm

$64.20 per month

Pilates Matwork with PROPS by Ann Ho

1st Four Wednesdays of the month, 9.30am –


1st Four Mondays of the month, 11am to 12nn

1st Four Wednesday of the month, 7pm – 8pm

1st Four Friday of the month, 7pm – 8pm

$64.20 per month

(min. of 5 students to commence)

Yoga by Sakina Yusof

Every Monday, 10am - 11.30am

Every Monday, 6.30pm - 8pm

$58.85 per month (once per week)

Yoga by Fehmida Husain

Every Wednesday, 10.30am - 12nn

$53.50 per month

(min. of 5 students to commence)

Yoga Dance by Sherwin Sng

1st Four Wednesday of the month, 7pm - 8pm

$64.20 per month

Qigong by Ngiam Tong Kheng

Every Wednesday, 8.45am – 10.15am

$64.20 per month

* Every Saturday, 9.30am – 10.30am

$42.80 per month

(min. of 5 students to commence)

Taiji Quan by Tay Choong Chua

Every Sunday, 9am - 10am (Beginners)

Every Sunday, 10am - 11.30am (Non-Beginners)

Every Monday, 7pm - 8pm (Beginners)

Every Monday, 8pm - 9.30pm (Non-Beginners)

$32.10 per month

(min of 5 students to commence)


Taekwondo by Sam Tan

Every Saturday, 3pm - 5pm

$48.15 per month

Age 6-16 years

* New Beginners class to commence in Jan/

Apr/Jul/Oct subject to min. of 3 students

Akido by Koh Nai Sing

Every Sunday, 12nn - 1.30pm

* Every Friday, 6.15pm - 7.45pm

(* to commence with min. of 2 students)

$32.10 per month (once per week)

$64.20 per month (twice per week)

Age 13 and above



Badminton Junior Group Coaching

- by Yeo Ah Seng

Age 6-16 years

Every Sunday, 2pm - 4pm

Every Friday, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

- by Lim Boon Leng

Every Saturday, 1pm - 3pm

Every Saturday, 3pm - 5pm

$51.90 per month (once per week)

Table Tennis Junior Group Coaching by

Li Guo Bin

Age 6-16 years

12x Friday, 8pm - 10pm

12x Saturday, 2.30pm - 4.30pm

$123.05 per 12 sessions

(check with Sports Staff on next class commencement)

Table Tennis Adult Group Coaching by

Li Guo Bin

12x Monday, 8pm - 10pm

12x Wednesday, 8pm - 10pm

$176.55 per 12 sessions

(check with Sports Staff on next class commencement)

Tennis Junior Development Program by

Jimbo Tennis Management

Age 6-17 years

Every Sunday, 5pm - 7pm (Beginners)

Every Sunday, 3pm - 5pm (Intermediate &


$85.60 per month (Beginners)

$96.30 per month (Intermediate)

$107.00 per month (Advanced)

Introduction to Squash (age 6 – 12)


: 2 Days

Total Hours

: 4 Hours

(2 hours per session)


: $85.60 / Student

Nos. of Students : Min. 3 / Max. 4


: Mark Liew

Squash for Beginners


: 6 Weeks

Total Hours

: 6 Hours

(1 hour per session)


: $128.40 / Student

Nos. of Students : Min. 3 / Max. 4


: Mark Liew

Squash for Beginners

(E, F or Non Graders)


: 10 Sessions

Total Hours

: 15 Hours (1.5 hours

per session)


: $353.10 / Student

(2 – 4 students)

$235.40 / Students

(5 – 6 students)


: Luc Tai / Ernest Tan

For more information, please call Daniel

at 6342 3602 / 3617 or

email danieln@sswimclub.org.sg



Badminton Private Coaching

Coach Lim Boon Leng @ $37.45 per hour

Table Tennis Private Coaching

Coach Li Guo Bin @ $44.94 per hour

Tennis Private Coaching

External Coaches:

James Bagawan, Alex Chew & Edmond Chee

@ $58.85 per hour

SSC Residential Coach:

Lee Theng Hee & Lim Hoa Cheng

@ $49.22 per hour

Notes on Private Coaching

1. All students must be members of Singapore

Swimming Club.

2. All private coaching must be conducted by

the above coaches at Singapore Swimming


3. No cash transactions are allowed

4. All billings must be settled through the Club’s

billing system at the 2nd level, Sports Centre

before commencement of coaching


Coach Zainal Abideen

Coach Luc Tai

Coach Ernest Tan

Coach Mark Liew

(2-3 students @ $74.90 per hour)

@ $80.25 per hour

@ $69.55 per hour

@ $69.55 per hour

@ $64.20 per hour



Individual Package

• 05 Sessions @ $50 per session - $267.50

10 Sessions @ $45 per session - $481.50

• 20 Sessions @ $42.50 per session - $909.50

Twin Package

• 05 Sessions @ $80 per session - $428.00

10 Sessions @ $72 per session - $770.40

• 20 Sessions @ $68 per session - $1,455.20

Triple Package

• 05 Sessions @ $96 per session - $513.60

10 Sessions @ $86 per session - $924.48

• 20 Sessions @ $81 per session - $1746.24


Notes on Personal Training

1. For best results, a 5-session package should

be completed within 6 weeks, 10 sessions

package within 3 months & 20 sessions within


2. Fixing/Cancelling of appointments should

made giving at least 24 hours’ notice.

3. Physical Fitness Assessment will be

conducted prior to commencement of the

programme and every 3 months thereafter, to

monitor progress.

• For more information, please call Fitness Trainers,

Derek or Raj at 6342-3610 or email arunr@


* All prices include prevailing GST.


Upcoming Events


44 th Double Age Group Championship

4 – 6 February

This swimming meet will be used for selection

of swimmers to represent the Club for the 8th

ASEAN Cup Swimming Championship 2010 to

be held in April.



: 4 & 5 Feb - 6pm

6 Feb - 9am

: Competition Pool

Club Night #2

26 February

This is a small scale internal swimming meet to

give our swimmers the chance to race with their

team mates and discover their potentials.



: 6.00pm

: Competition Pool

61 st Midget Meet Selection

27 March

Selection #1 for swimmers to represent the Club

at the 16th SSC Open Invitational Midget Meet to

be held in September.




: Competition Pool

Distance Swimming Awards #1

28 March

Would you like to put your endurance limit to the

test? Then sign up to find out how fast and how

far you can go.



: 10am

: Competition Pool

Continued from Page 11

BERENICE: I noticed during my recent visit that the original

bar and five manual ‘one armed bandits’ or slot machines had

gone. As a child, I’d love to peek around the entrance of the

room waiting for the jackpot to fall noisily all over the tiled floor!

Now you have a huge sophisticated bar with an uncountable

amount of very quiet electronic machines! What a difference.

SPLASH: What activities do you remember that were “big”

in those days?

BERENICE: Oh, we had such wonderful activities....but

mainly we looked forward to the Championship Galas. The

medal ceremonies were held on the porch of the main building

between the two majestic outside staircases. There were competitions

against other Clubs such as the Chinese Swimming

Club. I also remember when a team of Indonesians came

over to swim against us. Barrie and I were in the trials for the

Asian and Olympic Games. But the event that stands out in

my memory was in 1956 when SSC played host to visiting

athletes and swimmers on the way to the Olympic Games in

Melbourne. Visitors included the famous athlete Jesse Owens

and many swimming teams from all over the world.....my heros

during those years.

BARRIE: Every member was given a 13cm x 11cm Entertainment

Diary to carry in their wallets. Every Wednesday there

was a film projected across the shallow end of the pool (in

those days we had one 50 meter pool and the kids pool with a

walk way between the two). Unknown to the adults, for some

time at least, we kids used to climb onto the roof by the corner

of the main building that now faces your competition pool, and

watch the films from up there! Naughty but nice!

SPLASH: Climbing seems to be the thing you do! What

other activities did you both personally take part in?

BERENICE: Talking of climbing, on Sunday mornings, the

swimmers used to love building pyramids in the shallow end

of the pool ....five kids high.... with the strongest guys at the

bottom. The smallest, being Janice Huntchinson and myself,

were up on the top. Risky and great fun!! Also on Sundays, our

parents treated us with either cheese on toast or a basket of

the famous SSC chips with tomato sauce. Never have these

two treats tested better anywhere else since!!! But apart from

this and our daily training, there were other regular events

such as the Wednesday night movies, wonderful dance nights,

Housey Housey Nights or what you now call Bingo Nights, our

special individual birthday parties, fancy dress nights and the

very dressed-up New Year’s Eve Grand Ball...As kids, to be

allowed to go to these events was a real treat.

BARRIE: One memory that stands out for me is the crash of

a Constellation whose wheels hit the sea wall during one of

the swimming galas. My father rushed to the nearby airport

and entered the burning plane. He dragged out at least one

person, an air hostess, but I believe everyone died in the end.

He had nightmares for months after that.

BERENICE: One event apart, from swimming that stands

out to me as a child, was the rescue effort by the Club during

the riots in1952. There were riots in Katong and other parts of

Singapore and we were stuck at the Club since we could not

travel by road. So the Club hired a sampan to take us and

other members safely to Collier Quay where we were eventually

joined by our father .

BARRIE: I had an interesting experience during the Emergency

while I was in my teens! It was unsafe to deliver the

salaries of rubber planters into Malaya by road. Besides, each

village was surrounded by barbed wire. And I was given a ‘lift’

in a Cessna which was loaded with sacks of money, which I

dropped to the people below.

SPLASH: Money dropping from the sky!

BARRIE: Yes, and another happy memory was of crossing

MacRitchie Reservoir with two friends (one of them, George

Gauron, still lives in Singapore). It was an orienteering trip

and we slept overnight beside the Reservoir. We heard lots of

scary noises during the night. I think it was the monkeys.

I spent so much time walking in MacRitchie that it often feels

like the centre of the universe to me. I wonder how much it

has changed in an island that is constantly changing. I hope

you like the pictures Berenice and I sent.

SPLASH: They certainly give us some interesting

insight into our colourful past. Thank you for sharing

your memories with us!

SPLASH: We still have the New Year’s Eve Ball ...

BERENICE: Everyone looked forward to these events and

they were very well attended.

SPLASH: Share with us some fond memories.

BERENICE: The friendships and camaraderie were very

strong, since it wasn’t long after the war that we were there.

So finding like-minded friends through sport made for a great


The montage shows the Club’s monthly Entertainment

Diary given out to members together

with newspaper clippings with Berenice’s name

spelt wrongly.


2 Feb

4-6 Feb 6 Feb 6-7 Feb

8 Feb

20 Feb

22 Feb

23 Feb

26 Feb

27 Feb

28 Feb

5 Mar

6-7 Mar

6-13 Mr

8 Mar

9-23 Mar

13-14 Mar 13 Mar

17 Mar

18 Mar

19 Mar

20 Mar

22 Mar

22-26 Mar

25 Mar 27 Mar

28 Mar


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