registration form - Singapore Swimming Club

registration form - Singapore Swimming Club



The National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA) is a

test which simulates a scenario of a sinking ship loaded

with passengers and goods. The objective is to

educate and train participants to possess the

knowledge and competence to overcome adversities

in a genuine situation.

Singapore Swimming Club is appointed as a NASSA

Testing Centre by Singapore Sports Council.

Each of the element tests participant’s ability to

overcome specific obstacles as follows:

Test Element

No Description Purpose

1 Straddle / Tuck /

Compact jump

into water

2 Speed

swimming within

stipulated timing

Build confidence and skills for

entering unknown waters from


Ability to speed swim away

from ship before it sinks

completely, creating a

whirlpool pulling down

everything within 100m radius

3 Drown proofing Develop skills to sustain for long

periods of time with minimum


4 Tread water

with one arm

behind / waving

5 Undress and

make float with

attire; swim with

float; deflate

and inflate float


6 Surface dives

and submerged


7 Distance

swimming using

different strokes

8 Climb out from

deep end of

pool with no aid

Reference from Singapore Sports Council NASSA

Ability to survive with one

injured limb / signal for help

Build confidence and specific

skills to sustain for long periods

of time with the only available

resource (the passenger’s


Ability to dive, swim beneath

obstacles floating on water

Build stamina for long distance

swimming using different

strokes to avoid exhausting a

specific set of muscles

Ability to climb onto rescue

boat after swim

Participant may take Bronze, Silver or Gold award. The

pre-requisite are as follows:

Bronze Award – Participant must be able to

swim minimum of 400m breaststroke

Silver Award - Participant must have attained the

Bronze Award

Gold Award – Participant must have attained the

Silver Award

The attire required is:

Bronze Award – Long-sleeve shirt or pajamas

Silver Award – T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt or pajamas

Gold Award – T-shirt, long sleeve pajamas

Each successful participant will receive a collar pin,

woven badge and a certificate from Singapore

Sports Council approximately one month after the



For members of Singapore Swimming Club only.


5 days


9 to 12 December 2008, 10.00 am to 11.00 am

Test Date is on 14 December 2008, 10.00 am to 11.00

am. Participants are to report at 9.30 am for briefing.

There shall be no make-up lesson if a participant

misses it.


For Course and Test:

Bronze Award $48.00 per participant

Silver Award $49.00 per participant

Gold Award $50.00 per participant

For Test only:

Bronze Award $8.00 per participant

Silver Award $9.00 per participant

Gold Award $10.00 per participant

To be debited from member’s account. Fees are

non-refundable upon commencement of course

and are subjected to GST.


Singapore Swimming Club pool


Please complete the Registration Form overleaf and

submit it to the main lobby reception counter or fax

by 2 nd December 2008.

Registration based on first-come-first basis, subject to

availability of vacancy.

Participants will be informed on confirmation of their

participation by email or telephone.

Participants taking Silver or Gold awards are to

submit a photocopy of the previous award attained.


For more information, please contact Simon or Snow

at Tel: 6342 3727 / 652 , Fax: 6440 6647 or Email: /

Please keep this information sheet for your own


Updated as at 12 November 2008



I wish to enroll my self / child for NASSA to be held from 9 to 12 December 2008 and the test on 14

December 2008. Please debit my account accordingly. The closing date is 2 nd December 2008.

Name of Applicant: ______________________________________

Membership No. ____________________

Date of Birth: _________________________________ (dd/mm/yy) Age: _________ Gender: ______

Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________


Postal Code: ________________________

Contacts: __________________ (Mobile) ____________________ (Office) __________________ (Home)

Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________



Course and Test: Bronze Award Silver Award Gold Award

$48.00 $49.00 $50.00

Test Only: Bronze Award Silver Award Gold Award

$8.00 $9.00 $10.00


* Parent’s consent is required for applicant below 21 years of age at the time of registration for NASSA.

I, ______________________________________________________________, Membership No. ____________________

the undersigned, shall not hold the Club or its Organizing Committee responsible or liable for any injuries,

accidents, mishaps, loss or damages that may incur in connection with participation of the course or test.

My self / child also agree to comply with the course regulations and instructions.

____________________________________________ ___________________

Applicant’s / Parent’s Signature Date For official use

Received on: ___________________

Confirmation on: ________________

Updated as at 12 November 2008

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