Dec/Jan 10 - Singapore Swimming Club

Dec/Jan 10 - Singapore Swimming Club

December 2009 / January 2010

14 OKTOBERFEST Wasn’t just Beer -

that was



Staff Annual D&D –

Colours of Asia

1 President’s Message


3 General Manager’s Message


4 Members’ Notice Board


6 EOGM - Green Light for Club Development



8 Christmas Traditions from Around the World


11 Four new staff in Club Management Team


12 A3 Seniors Club takes off!


13 DIWALI KI RAAT - A Dazzling Night!


14 OKTOBERFEST - Wasn’t just Beer that

was overflowing!


15 Raising the Lantern


16 The allure of Malacca

Kota Tinggi Trip

Members’ Jam Nite


17 SSC – SIA Bilateral Games - It’s a draw!


18 The Annual Singles vs Married Soccer Match

SSC Treadmill Race - Applause Again


19 SSC Badminton Open Championship 2009

Ladies’ Doubles back on the cards

SSC Squash Handicap Ladder - Moses Lee

takes title


20 Hole-in-One in SSC 8th Golf Medal Competition

Terence Teo takes 8-Ball title


22 Kristel Oh on a winning streak!

Royvin Ho is Youth “Champion of Champions”


23 4th Singapore Masters Swimming C’ships 2009

An international cast


24 25th Junior Inter-Club Swimming C’ships 2009


25 OIMM “Thank You Breakfast”

Distance Swimming Awards #03

SSC Club Night #05 & #06


26 Staff Annual D&D – Colours of Asia




34 Upcoming Events


40 Calendar of Events / Club Directory


Raising the Lantern


Notice Board

We welcome the following New Ordinary

Members …

Mr & Mrs Ivan Chng Kian Wee

Mr Boon Hock-Chye, Amos Leonard

Mr & Mrs San Tzer Ning, Jeremy

Mr & Mrs Devnani Suresh

Mr & Mrs Tohani Vijay Kumar

Mr & Mrs Chew Yew Kong, Mervyn

Mr & Mrs Ivo Alexis Bencheung Chen Bloodworth

Mr & Mrs Gurdip Singh s/o Boor Singh

Mr & Mrs Yeo Chin Hin, Clifford

Mr & Mrs Chugani Anil Kumar Mohandas

Mr & Mrs Ko Beng Kin

Mr & Mrs Le Master Marcus Andrew

Mr Yip Yan Shen, Jason

Mr & Mrs Mansinghani Kishore Mirchumal

Mr & Mrs Nirmal Singh s/o Gurnam Singh

Mr Ong Kian Chew

Mr & Mrs Chia Lee Hiong, Vincent

Mr & Mrs Neo Tiam Ting

Mr & Mrs Ng Kim Tat

Mr & Mrs Chin Yeow Hon

Mr & Mrs Sandeep Gupta

Mr & Mrs Sunder Ramchandani

Mr & Mrs Rakesh Shankarlal Tulshyan

New Individual Term Members …

Mr & Mrs Craig Anthony Josephs

Mr & Mrs Henry Charles Mytton Mills

Mr & Mrs Vladimir Bondar

Mr & Mrs Alan Simpson

Mr & Mrs Randall Mark Julian

Mr & Mrs Muncherji Percy Pesi

Mr & Mrs Andrew Joseph Flaherty

Mr & Mrs Philip James Wohlsen

Mr & Mrs Mohammad Rafiq Omar Abbasi

Mr & Mrs Song Wen Shyang

Mr & Mrs Hinde Simon Dudley

Mr & Mrs Adrian James Daniels

… and bid Farewell to

Mr & Mrs Chiam Choon Kian, Daniel

Ms Lim Leng Leng Cynthia

Ms Tan Peiying Leanne

Mr Tan Say-Heng

Mr Ibrahim Victor Adam

Ms Mah Kam Siong, Sally

Mr Vikas Pawa

Mr Chen Hwai Cheng Mark

Mr & Mrs Syn Fook Wah, Patrick

Mr & Mrs Wee Tze Tat, Daniel

Mr & Mrs Chen Pao-Sun Paul

Mr & Mrs Woo Lu Hwang

Mr Lim Chin Teck, Barry

Ms Chew Li-Yin, Mavis

Mr & Mrs Tan Bah Bah

Mr Ho Wei Heng, Melvin

Mr Ho Long Heng, Adrian

Mr Ong Seah Chuan

Ms Prema Sunder Daswani

Ms Chow Tai Lan, Tammy

Mr Chiam Seng Swee

Mr & Mrs Tay Yew Jin, Lionel

Ms Chung Thian Ying

Ms Toh Hong Poh, Flora

Mr & Mrs Ho Kiang Ngiap, Robert

Ms Jaiwanti Doulatram Chainani

Ms Huang Huiyu Cheryl

Ms Hong Yam Mui Deborah

Mr & Mrs Goh Cheng Chuan

Mr & Mrs Lee Kam Yoon

Mr & Mrs Teo Khim Chuan

Club Rules & Bye Laws

Club Rules & Bye-Laws are now downloadable from our website:


In the event that a Member is made a bankrupt or enters into a

voluntary arrangement with his creditors under the Bankruptcy

Act, he shall inform the Club within 30 days.

For more information, please call our Membership Team at

6342 3621 (Sumiatun)

Registering your marriage

Members are required to register their spouses with the

Club within six (6) months from the date of marriage and are

entitled to a 50% discount off the prevailing spouse entrance


Backdated subscriptions and surcharge of up to 100 percent

will apply if application is submitted after the six (6) months

grace period.

For more information, please call our Membership Team

at 6342 3624 (Liza)


Christmas Goodies

We have a range of ham, roasts, log-cakes, pies, cookies

and other traditional treats for you. Get your order forms

from Front Lobby or from Le Petit Tresor. Orders will be

taken from 2–20 December. Please hand in your order

Forms at Le Petit Tresor or Fax to 6344 4476. For more

information, call Joyce at 6342-3674.

4 New Management Staff

The Club welcomes four new staff to our Management

team. The Facilities Department has been divided into

two sections under two managers: Michael Long will be

in charge of Maintenance and Plants while Justin Tay will

spearhead Building and Projects. Amy Yuen has joined as

Asst. Manager, Social and Recreation; and Patrick Wong

has come in as Asst, F&B Manager. More details may be

found on P26

Going Green!

We have just created a dedicated “green house” adjacent

to Housekeeping Department to store newspaper, metals,

aluminium cans and other recyclable wastes. These will be

sold off to recycling companies and the proceeds will be

used to fund staff functions. This is our little contribution

towards the greater green cause.

Closure of Men’s Sauna

We will be replacing the men’s sauna equipment to serve

you better. The work will take 8 weeks and is expected to

be completed by 4 January 2010. We regret any inconvenience


Revised Gym Operating Hours

We have made adjustments to the operating

hours in line with the attendance records.

Therfore with effect from 1 December 2009,

the Gym will close at 10pm on Saturdays,

Sundays and Public Holidays. We thank you

for your kind understanding and look forward

to seeing you at the gym.

Revision of Membership Entrance Fee

With effect from 1 February 2010, the Club’s

Membership Entrance Fee would be revised to

$40,000. The transfer fee would remain at 20%

of the official Membership Entrance Fee.

Security Checks

The Club will be conducting verification of Membership

Cards from Friday, 27 November to Saturday, 26


Remember to bring your Membership Card when you

come to the Club during this period.


New Year Dinner

Usher in the Year of

the Tiger with the SSC

Chinese New Year Dinner

on Sat, 20 Feb 2010.

More information coming

your way soon!

New Jackpot Games

Two new games – LION CITY

(Cat Safari) and CIRCUS

(Yokoso Japan) – have arrived

in the Jackpot Room on

3 November. How generous

are they? Come and try

them out.

JACKPOT Monthly Top 10 Payouts!

September 2009 October 2009

Date Amount ($) Machine Name (M#)


06 Sep $3,935 Cheeky Monkey(28)

25 Sep $3,902 Cheeky Monkey(28)

05 Sep $3,902 Cheeky Monkey(28)

15 Sep $3,900 Cheeky Monkey(28)

01 Sep $2,534 Big Ben(23)

23 Sep $2,172 Big Ben(23)

26 Sep $1,950 Cheeky Monkey(28)

17 Sep $1,824 Big Buck(6)

05 Sep $1,760 Torch Of The Gods(21)

07 Sep $1,760 Big Buck(6)

Date Amount ($) Machine Name(M#)


24 Oct $7,900 Cheeky Monkey (28)

12 Oct $3,945 Cheeky Monkey (28)

17 Oct $3,940 Cheeky Monkey (28)

15 Oct $3,932 Cheeky Monkey (28)

03 Oct $3,900 Return Of The Samurai (30)

19 Oct $2,677 Big Ben (23)

22 Oct $2,579 Thunder Heart (9)

24 Oct $2,110 Golden Panda (35)

03 Oct $1,880 Big Ben (18)


EOGM – 15 November 2009

Green Light for $24.4m

Development Masterplan

by Vincent Especkerman

Members who attended the EOGM voted overwhelmingly

to go ahead with the plans for Club Development and Upgrading. That

capped months of discussions and debate to crystallize the aspirations

of members for the Club.

President Freddie Koh reiterated that the Development Masterplan was

a move to ensure the future well-being of the Club. To stagnate is to

regress since all the other Clubs are moving forward to upgrade their

facilities. We plan to convert some of our unused and underutilized

covered space and add new areas to cater to the growing demands of

the changing membership demographics. Besides providing members

with better Club facilities, the development project would also raise

the value of the Club property and in doing so add value to our Club


Over the coming months, the Club will be spending $18.6m on a slew

of development projects including new spa facilities, an expanded

Jackpot Room, commercial spaces, additional car-park lots and possibly

new F&B outlets. We will also be spending $5.8m to upgrade the

Grand Ballroom and Changing Rooms; and expand the present kitchen.

The Club plans to recoup some of this capital expenditure from the

rental of commercial space, increased revenue from the expanded F&B

outlets, and the higher membership price commanded on the open



The working Committees will now have to temper the Masterplan put

forward by the Development Committee with the ideas thrown up

at the EOGM. They will also have to decide on the pace of work to

take. A more intense pace would ensure earlier completion, but it also

means greater inconvenience to members in the short term.

We will be bringing you the development news and updates via the

usual channels.

Motions Passed

The following Motions were passed at the EOGM :-

Censure for Incurring Unauthorised Expenditure

That this general meeting of the members hereby censures all the

members of the Management Committee 2007/2008, with the exception

of Ms Loreen Teo, for incurring non-budgetary capital expenditure

without obtaining the prior approval of the Club’s members, during

their term of office.

For : 102

Against : 43

Abstained : 6

Motion was carried

Motion of “No Confidence” To Bar Various Persons From Holding

Office For 5 Years

That this general meeting of the members hereby issues all the members

of the Management Committee 2007/2008, with the exception

of Ms Loreen Teo, a motion of No Confidence for the purpose of, and

within the meaning of, Rule 21 (a) (viii) 9 (iv) and Rule 22 (j) 9 (iv) of the

Rules of the Singapore Swimming Club, for incurring non-budgetary

capital expenditure without obtaining the prior approval of the Club’s

members, during their term of office.

For : 87

Against : 51

Abstained : 8

Motion was carried



from Around the World

We’ve all heard about Santa Claus, holly wreaths and tinsel laden

trees. Let’s look at some of the more unusual Christmas customs.

by Vincent Especkerman

We start at BETHLEHEM, the place where

Jesus was born. Every year the place is decorated

with colourful buntings, and visitors will line the

streets and on house tops to watch an elaborate

procession led by Arabian steeds.

Silver Star marks birth spot

The procession will descend deep, winding stairs

leading to a grotto where they will find a 14-point

Silver Star on the floor. There, at the spot where

Jesus was born, they will place an ancient effigy

of the Holy Child.

Many cultures have their own way of re-enacting

the Nativity Scene and their own take on that fat,

jolly man in red who stealthily distributes presents

to kids who have been good.

Kissing under the mistletoe

In FINLAND, home to Santa Claus, fir trees are

felled, tied onto sleds and taken home to be decorated.

Apples and other fruits, candies, paper flags,

cotton and tinsel are used as decorations, and

candles are used for lighting it. It is customary to

visit the famous steam baths, after which everyone

dresses in clean clothes in preparation for the

Christmas dinner.

The children do not hang up stockings, because

Santa Claus comes knocking at their doors (maybe

it’s because he lives close by!) often accompanied

by Christmas elves to distribute the presents.

Another Nordic belief is that kissing under a sprig

of mistletoe you will bring you love and fertility.

Shoes lining the fire-place

In PORTUGAL, parents tell their children to put

their shoes near the fireplace for Pai Natal (Father

Christmas) to place their presents.

Each family will set up a Nativity scene called

Presépio, with Mary, Joseph, the cow and the donkey,

the three wise men and other figures. The figure

of the Christ Child is added to the scene only at

midnight or after the family attends Midnight Mass.

The Christmas Log

The Christmas tree has never

been big in FRANCE, and even

the use of the Yule log has

faded over time. What they

have now, instead, is the Yule

log-shaped cake called the

buche de Nol, which means

“Christmas Log.”

After the Christmas dinner before the family retires

to bed, they leave a fire burning and food and drinks

on the table in case the Virgin Mary calls in. Children

leave their shoes or wooden clogs called sabot in the

hearth for le petit Jesus (baby Jesus) or Pere Noel

(Father Christmas) to fill.

Ham, Roast Turkey and Brandied Christmas


Americans, Australians and

New Zealanders celebrate

Christmas much in line with

the ENGLISH tradition. They

usually have a Christmas

tree in their living rooms

decorated with tinsel balls

and colourful ornaments and

presents at the foot of the tree. Among the traditional

Christmas dishes are ham, roasts and turkey with

chestnut stuffing. The Christmas pudding is a rich

fruit cake with nuts added and brandy poured over

it. In addition to that each country has its own desserts

and alcoholic concoctions. Barbecues are big

in Australia and New Zealand. Some people’s idea

of Christmas is pigging out at the beach, something

pious Christians will frown at!



Burning Arches light the way

In BANGLADESH, the Christian village men would

cut down scores of banana trees and replant them in

pairs along the paths leading to churches and outside

their homes. The huge leaves are bent to form

arches. These are set ablaze as guiding light for the


How the poinsettia earned its

place of honour

The poinsettia is widely accepted

as the Christmas flower.

There is a story of how this

flower came to be given this

honour. Long time ago, a young

boy in MEXICO was walking

to church to pray before the nativity scene and

on the way realized that he had no gift to offer the

Christ child. So he gathered up some plain, green

branches and placed them at the manger. Even as

the other kids were laughing him down, the branches

started to bloom bright red poinsettias right before

their very eyes.

On Christmas day blindfolded children take turns,

using a stick, to try and break a decorated clay piñata

dangling at the end of a rope from a tree branch.

Once broken, the children rush to recover the candy

scattered on the ground.

Christmas on 6 January?

Armenian Christians together with Christians from

the Greek and Russian Orthodox communion who

still use the old Julian calendar, start their Christmas

celebration on 6 January when the rest of the

Christian world is celebrating the Feast of the Three

Wise men which is their twelfth and last day of


Waiting for “Christmas Old Man”

Christian families in CHINA decorate their Trees

of Light with colorful ornaments made from paper

in the shapes of flowers, chains and lanterns. The

children also hang muslin stockings hoping that Dun

Che Lao Ren or “Christmas Old Man” will fill them

with gifts and treats.

Presents of Soaps, Sweets and


In GHANA, children and older

people, representing the angels in

the fields outside Bethlehem, go

from house to house singing carols before going for

church service in their native attire. Later on there is

a feast of rice and yam paste called fufu with stew or

okra soup, porridge and meats.

In LIBERIA on the west coast of Africa, most homes

have an oil palm for a Christmas tree, which is decorated

with bells. On Christmas morning, people are

woken up by carols. Presents such as cotton cloth,

soap, sweets, pencils, and books are exchanged.

Parol to welcome baby Jesus

Closer to home, the people of THE PHILIPPINES

have the unique tradition of making 3-D parols or

star lanterns made from thin strips of bamboo and

covered in thin colored, plastic film to symbolize the

guiding star that the three wise men followed to find

Jesus Christ; it is also the Filipinos’ way of inviting

the spirit of Christ into their home – a mental reverse

of the notion of “no room at the inn”. The star

symbolizes the willingness of each home to “house”

the baby Jesus. Thanksgiving dinner is eaten with

the traditional lechon or roast suckling pig and pansit


Finally in SINGAPORE, the Eurasians borrow their

traditions mostly from their Portuguese ancestors

and British colonialists. After midnight mass, the

families would return home to supper with traditional

dishes such as feng, curry debal, ham, roasts and

sugee cake with almond marzipan and wine. This is

on top of the English inspired ham, roast turkey and

Christmas pudding.


The Management Committee

and Club Management

wish Members a



and a

Happy New Year 2010!


Four New Faces in

Club Management Team

by Vincent Especkerman

The Club welcomes Michael Long,

Justin Tay, Amy Yuen and Patrick

Wong to its management team.


Manager, Maintenance & Plants

Michael has background in facilities management, and

prior to joining the Club was in charge of customer

service with a property developer. He is married with

three children aged eighteen, sixteen and twelve.

During his spare time he watches soccer and listens to

music, mostly Chritian and songs from the eighties. He

also feeds his mind and spirit with a regular supply of

Christian and personal development books.


Manager, Building & Projects

Justin is married with two children and counts swimming,

golfing and reading among his pastimes. He take

in some sightseeing whenever his schedule permits.

He is in charge of A&A projects, an area which covers

Club development and upgrading works. Justin believes

in being pro-active, and that the way to go with

Club maintenance is to work at the levels of preventive,

predictive and normal maintenance.


Asst. Manager, Social & Recreation

Reading, travelling, music, singing (she is a regular in

the SSO concert chorus) attending concerts, looking

at cloud formations (she’s able to see things!), Amy’s

interests runs the gamut. And she vows one day to finish

her cross-stitch masterpiece she started eons ago.

Amy heads the Social & Recreation Team and hopes to

inject the same verve and variety she’s accustomed to

into the Club’s social activities mix.

Justin Tay, Patrick Wong, Michael

Long and Amy Yuen


Asst. F&B Manager

A true-blue F&B man, Patrick started out on his career

as Cabin Crew with Singapore Airlines, went on to

be F&B Manager of Swiss Club, F&B Manager of The

Pines and F&B Manager of Hotel Parkroyal, Kitchener

Road. And he is still very much a “grounded” person

who gives the same personal attention to the people

he leads and serves. Patrick is marrried with a 13-year

old son and and counts music and playing the guitar

among his pastime.


Official Launch of A 3 Club – 19 September

Seniors Club takes off!

by Alicer Lim

The tinkling of ukuleles signalled the start to a lively programme to

mark the launch of A 3 Club, our very own adventure club for Seniors and

their families. We were privileged to have Guest-of-Honour Mr Gerard Ee

and Club President Mr Freddie Koh down at the event to unveil the A 3

Club Logo.

In his address Mr Ee, the Chairman of Council for Third Age said,

“Growing old is a reality we cannot escape. But what we CAN do is to

embrace an active lifestyle so that we can continue to enjoy quality of life

as we age.”

Later, Club Member Mr Daniel Koh, shared his travel adventures and his

own experience on active aging.

The 100-odd members and guests who turned up were treated to sports and

line-dance demonstrations. Later, they all adjourned to high-tea with a fine

spread of healthy finger food.

“Merry C hristmas” in other words …

AFRIKAANS Geseënde Kersfees ARGENTINE Feliz Navidad BAHASA MALAYSIA Selamat Hari Natal BOHEMIAN

Vesele Vanoce BOSNIAN (Bosanski) Cestit Bozic i Sretna Nova godina BRAZILIAN Feliz Natal BULGARIAN

Tchestita Koleda; Tchestito Rojdestvo Hristovo CATALAN Bon Nadal i un Bon Any Nou! CHILE Feliz Navidad

CHINESE (Mandarin) Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan COLUMBIA Feliz Navidad CORSIAN Pace e salute

DANISH Glædelig Jul DUTCH Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! or Zalig Kerstfeast ESKIMO (inupik)

Jutdlime pivdluarit ukiortame pivdluaritlo! ESPERANTO Gajan Kristnaskon FARSI Cristmas-e-shoma mobarak

bashad FINNISH Hyvaa joulua FRENCH Joyeux Noel GALICIAN Bo Nada GREEK Kala Christouyenna! HAITI (Creole)

Jwaye Nowel HUNGARIAN Kellemes Karacsonyi unnepeket ICELANDIC Gledileg Jol JAPANESE Shinnen omedeto.

Kurisumasu Omedeto JIBERISH Mithag Crithagsigathmithags KOREAN Sung Tan Chuk Ha LATIN Natale hilare

et Annum Faustum! LATVIAN Prieci’gus Ziemsve’tkus un Laimi’gu Jauno Gadu! LAUSITZIAN Wjesole hody a

strowe nowe leto LOW SAXON Heughliche Winachten un ‘n moi Nijaar LUXEMBOURGISH Schèine Chreschtdaag

an e gudde Rutsch MACEDONIAN Sreken Bozhik MAORI Meri Kirihimete NORWEGIAN God Jul, or Gledelig Jul

OCCITAN Pulit nadal e bona annado PERU Feliz Navidad ROMANCHE (sursilvan dialect) Legreivlas fiastas da

Nadal e bien niev onn! RUMANIAN Sarbatori vesele or Craciun fericit RUSSIAN Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom

Rozhdestva is Novim Godom SERBIAN Hristos se rodi. SPANISH Feliz Navidad SWEDISH God Jul and (Och)

Ett Gott Nytt År TAGALOG Maligayamg Pasko. THAI Souksan wan Christmas TURKISH Noeliniz Ve Yeni

Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun UKRAINIAN Srozhdestvom Kristovym or Z Rizdvom Hrystovym VIETNAMESE

Chuc Mung Giang Sinh WELSH Nadolig Llawen YORUBA E ku odun, e ku iye’dun!


Diwali Ki Raat 2009 - 15 October

A Dazzling Night

by Hazel Faye Jingco

The lighted lamps lining the

spiral staircase at the front lobby

set the mood for Diwali Ki Raat, the

Club’s celebration of the Festival of

Lights. This year we were privileged

to have Mr Inderjit Singh and

his wife as our Guests of Honour for

the night.

In his speech, Club President

Freddie Koh remarked that this

year, the celebration of Diwali has

taken on added significance in

the light of the turbulence – both

natural and man-made – happening

in countries around us in recent


“Diwali symbolizes the happiness

that we endear and the little joys

that we keep overlooking. Let us

dispel the darkness of ignorance

and destruction with the light of

truth, honesty and compassion,”

said Mr Koh. “I wish you all a

Happy and Meaningful Diwali,” he


Muse, a group of five lovely ladies

with little diya lamps in their

hands kicked off the evening’s

programme with the stunning Diya

Dance. This was followed by a lively

performance by Pinky and Khirti

and the Thundering 13 from the

International Dance Academy who

danced to the tunes of Mar Jaawan

and Hadippa.

The other highlights included KP’s

comedy skit, the Norris Bollywood

Show and a Michael Jackson impersonation

act that came complete

with smoke machines.

The game show “Kaun Banega

Crorepati,” or “Who Wants To Be

A Millionaire” had the room cheering

for Ms. Pashmini Lalwani, the

big winner of the night who walked

away with the cash prize of $1,000.

Then as the clock struck midnight,

loud cheers rang through the

Ballroom and confetti rained down

on the floor as the dancing started.


Oktoberfest - 24 October

Wasn’t just Beer that was


by Josh Fikhrie

With Heidi serving beer in

her blue dress and blond plaits,

and German folk music playing

in the background, it had to be


After a year’s hiatus, Oktoberfest

was back at the Club with a vengeance

and everyone welcomed

this German invasion. Plates

of German sausages and pork

knuckles were passed round and

beer flowed freely.

The Swiss Alpine Lions pumped

up the atmosphere with their lively

German folk music. And greetings

of *Guten Abend and *Danke

could be heard all around.

“Six men and a woman” is hardly

the headline you’d expect for a

beer drinking competition. But

there Miss Lim Ngee Tze was, in

line with six burly men. Although

she didn’t win (that honour went

to Joff) she did cause a stir and

was applauded for her spunk.

were up at the starting blocks

and it was petite Tan Siew Ling,

the only local female contestant,

who downed her five 10-inch

sausages in the shortest time.

Shouts of Majulah Singapura!

were heard from the crowd.

But it was the Lucky Draw that

kept the crowd waiting patiently

for almost five hours. All eyes

were on the top two prizes – an

air ticket to Bangkok, and a

3D/2N stay in Hong Kong. As

it turned out, young Julian won

the second prize of an air ticket

to Bangkok – and it was Mark

Tomsic who walked to the stage

smiling gleefully with Hong Kong

harbour reflecting in his eyes.

It was energy sapping, but I’d

do it all over again – anytime!

*Sehen sie das nachste jahr!

*Guten Abend – Good Evening

*Danke – Thank you.

*Sehen sie das nachste jahr! –

See you next year!

But woman power did prevail in

the sausage eating competition.

Four big guys and two ladies


Children’s Day Bash & Lantern Festival - 3 October

Raising the Lantern

by Hazel Faye Jingco

Cheers rang from Fort

Room as 66 children and their

parents came to participate in the

Club’s Children’s Day Bash.

There were enough activities to

channel the children’s creative energies.

The activities included air

brush tattoo, sand art and balloon


There were two main highlights

in the afternoon’s programme;

the first was the Interactive Story

Telling which took the kids on a

trip to fantasy land. Two kids got

to play the role of Cinderella and

Prince Charming, complete with

costumes and props!

The second was the “Imagine

Magic Show” by Mr. Bottle. As the

kids were looking at Mr. Bottle’s

drawing board, they couldn’t

believe their eyes as they saw the

drawings come to life right before

their very eyes!

This event was used as the platform

to officially launch the Kidz

Club. Kidz Club members were

called onstage for a photo taking

session and to receive their goodie


Then as the sun dipped on the

horizon, everyone gathered at

the open terrace for the Lantern

Festival where they showed off

their skills at mooncake eating and

pomelo peeling. Many of the kids

took the opportunity to have their

pictures taken with Chang-Er, the

Moon Fairy.

Later, Rita Chua and Chen Lin

entertained guests with some famous

Chinese songs as Chang-Er

led the lantern parade around the

swimming pool.


That Malacca trip – 24 October

The allure of Malacca

by Alicer Lim

We can’t get enough of Malacca it seems! We organised

a trip there not long ago. Even so, there was no

shortage of takers for the last one we did on 24 Oct.

Again we set off early to get the most out of the daylight

hours. The first thing on the agenda was breakfast at the

famous Ah Koon fish ball noodle stall situated close to

the North-South Highway.

In Malacca, we took in the Poh San Teng Temple, the

Stadhuys, St Paul’s Hill and Fort A’Famosa and Jonker

Street. This is a trip to Malacca – how could we not!

But it was smells and sounds off the rickety, sun-baked

streets that make Malacca alluring to us sleek urbanites.

It was only when we sat down to dinner at Yong Peng

that we realized how tired we were! After a hearty

Chinese Dinner we headed back to the Club.

The Kota Tinggi Trip – 14 November

Watching fireflies light up the night!

by Alicer Lim

The four-in-one getaway trip to Kota Tinggi was

oversubscribed that we had to hire a second bus to accommodate

the 70 members and guests who signed up.

Our first stop was the chocolate gallery where members

and guests got the chance to savor the different types of

chocolates and buy them. After that we headed for the

ostrich farm where we were given some interesting information

about ostriches and the children got the chance

to feed them.

Lunch was served at a local restaurant and the group

later departed for the fruit farm at Kota Tinggi. It was

raining heavily but the rain did not dampen the mood of

the participants. For that they were treated to cups of

fresh fruit juices and fruit platters.

After dinner, participants boarded the boat to watch the

fireflies hovering over the mangrove swamps along the

Johor River.


21st SSC-SIA Bi-Lateral Games 2009

It’s a DRAW!

by Christine Koh

The competition started on 29 Oct

with Golf teeing off at Sembawang Country

Club. SSC were outclassed with 51 golfers.

With the total stableford points of the

top 14 golfers, SSC scored a total of 499

points to SIA’s 410.

Badminton, Bowling, Snooker and Pool,

Soccer, Squash, Table Tennis and Tennis

were played on Sunday, 1 November at

the SIA Group Sports Club and SAFRA

Tampines Bowl. The competition was keen.

In the Soccer match for instance, the score

was tied at full time. Finally, SSC took the

game 4–2 on penalty kicks – a remarkable

feat since our last win was in 1999.

game ssc sia




GOLF 499 410

SOCCER 5 Penalty4 5 Penalty 2




The other two teams which brought glory

to SSC were Tennis and Badminton. Our

Tennis Team finished with score of 6 to 3

and Badminton 11 to 7.

Mr Matthew Matthew, Chairman of Board

of Games of SIA Group Sports Club and

SSC Sports Chairman, Mr William Kwok

were on hand to present the trophies to the

winning teams.


Group picture of the married and singles teams

The Annual Singles vs Married Soccer Match

Strategy versus Raw Energy

by Arun

This annual grudge match was played on 3 Oct, this

time just a hop away at Dunman High School Soccer pitch.

As usual we have the elegant strategy of the Married pitted

against the raw energy of the Singles.

The Singles steamrolled past the married right from the word

go, and by the end of the first half had garnered three goals

to nothing. The strategy of the Married kicked in only in the

second half and they managed to pull back three goals, but

the Singles responded with equal and opposite force, putting

in three more. The final score was 6-3 in favour of the Singles.

With the grudge all spent on the field, everyone got together

for dinner at the Sports Complex. Soccer Convenor Peter

Wong gave medals to all players and handed the Challenge

Trophy to Singles Captain Aman Bajaj.

Champions - Team Singles

SSC Treadmill Race

Applause Again for Maheswari

by Arun

This Treadmill Race gave our Gym users the opportunity

to compete in a race at their own pace. There were three

categories – “A” for 40km & above, “B” for 80km & above and

“C” for 120km & above. Towards the end most of the participants

managed to reach B or A categories. But nothing could

stop the overall 2008 defending Champion Maheswari. She

maintained a wide lead throughout the competition to clinch

the 2009 Champions title again. Low Kian Joo came in second

position while Indru Lachmandas was third.

The dinner cum prize presentation was held on Saturday,

31 Oct with the Gym Ad-hoc Committee members giving

away the prizes to the winners.

Champion - Maheswari

2nd Runner up

Indru Lachmandas


SSC Badminton Open Championship 2009 - 18 Aug to 3 Sep

Ladies’ Doubles

back on the cards

by Arun

This year’s championship attracted 58 participants. The

highlight must be the return of the Ladies Doubles after a few

years’ hiatus; the Finals saw Natalie Sim / Lee Shu Ying clinch

the Ladies’ Doubles title after defeating the favorites Monica Yeo

/ Wendy Lee. The Men’s Doubles Finals, favorites Lim Boon Leng

/ Lim Yew Hong were shockingly defeated 2-0 by Eugene Ang /

Raymond See.

In the Men’s Veterans 40 years Finals Doubles Victor Sim /

Manish Seth cruised to claim the Champions title after defeating

Lim Yew Hong / Harpal Singh in the Finals. In the Men’s 55 years

& above category, Patrick Chong / Puran Advani clinched the

title after dismissing Lim Poh Seng / Tan Kong Hock 2-0 in the


The Mixed Doubles Finals was a family affair as Lee Ah Ngo

partnering his daughter Jamie Lee were up against Victor Sim

partnering his wife Natalie Sim. The match went into a deciding

rubber set which Victor Sim/ Natalie Sim won to claim the Finals

at 2-1.

Sports Chairman Mr William Kwok gave away the prizes partially

sponsored by VGO Corporation Limited.



Victor Sim / Natalie Sim

1st Runner-Up Lee Ah Ngo / Jamie Lee

2nd Runner-Up Eugene Ang / Susan Khoo

3rd Runner-Up Lim Yew Hong / Rupinder Kaur

Men’s OPEN DOUBles


Eugene Ang / Raymond See

1st Runner-Up Lim Boon Leng / Lim Yew Hong

2nd Runner-Up Marcus Chow / Jimmy Tan

3rd Runner-Up Yeo Ah Seng / Lee Ah Ngo



Lee Shu Ying / Natalie Sim

1st Runner-Up Monica Yeo / Wendy Lee

2nd Runner-Up Rupinder Kaur / Seema Waheed

3rd Runner-Up Sheryl Lim / Yvone Tham



Victor Sim / Manish Sheth

1st Runner-Up Lim Yew Hong / Harpal Singh

2nd Runner-Up Jimmy Tan / Anand Adipudi

3rd Runner-Up Simon Ong / Om Prakash



Patrick Chong / Puran Advani

1st Runner-Up Lim Poh Seng / Tan Kong Hock

2nd Runner-Up George Pereire / Andrew Cheng

3rd Runner-Up Gan Kok Khoon / Tan Wee Tin

Men’s Open Doubles:

Eugene Ang (L) &

Raymond See (R)

Veteran Men’s 50yrs & Above

Doubles: Patrick Chong (L) &

Puran Advani (R)

Veteran Men’s 40yrs &

Above Doubles: Victor Sim

(L) & Manish Sheth (R)

Mixed Doubles: Victor Sim

(L) & Natalie Sim (R)

SSC Squash Handicap Ladder Competition - 3rd Quarter

Moses Lee clinches the

last Championship

by Daniel Ng

The final Championship for 2009 saw Moses Lee

emerging Champion after three months of competition. At

the prize presentation ceremony on 3 October, the players

were treated to a nice dinner.

highest points


1st Runner-Up

2nd Runner-Up

3rd Runner-Up

4th Runner-Up

Most Games




Moses Lee

Deepak Mahtani

Yee Chen Fah

James Ang

John Chang

Jeremy Ching

Cyril Teo

Albert Chua


SSC 8th Golf Medal Competition - 23 Sep

Raymond Tan hits a Hole-in-One

by Christine Koh

46 golfers teed off for the event under clear skies

at Warren Golf & Country Club. It started off as another

competition until the eleventh hole when Mr Raymond

Tan broke through to score a hole-in-one – his very first.

He is also the Club’s first hole-in-one achiever during the


Although he did not win the $3,000 prize for a hole-inone

at Hole No. 14, he still treated every golfer with a

free flow of drinks during the Prize Presentation Dinner.

Golf Convenor Sam Bhojraj presented the prizes.

Men’s Division

Nett score

Champion Sandy Lek (24/24) 67

2nd Place Andy Tang (20.9/24) 69

3rd Place Lum Chong Chuen (21/24) 69

Ladies’ Division

nett score

Champion Iris Lim (27.5/33) 74

2nd Place Jenny Chong (17.5/21) 76

Raymond Tan Sandy Lek Iris Lim

The prize winners

SSC 9-Ball Pool Handicap Competition 2009 - 23-30 Sep

Terence Teo takes the title

by Arun

This Handicap system was proposed by the Billiards Ad-Hoc

Committee to allow the less skilled players a better chance to be

placed among the top four positions and at the same time give the

skilled players a competitive edge to reach the finals. The event

was also split into two categories, the Main event and the Plate


In the main event only the defending Champion Terence Teo managed

to keep the ball rolling up to finals, the rest of the seeded

players moved to the plate event. In the Main Finals Prashant


Terence who made steady progress and won the finals 9-7. Jasper

Koh managed to edge out Dhanesh Chainani 7-4 in the Plate Finals.

Sports Chairman William Kwok presented the prizes to the winners.

The $1200 Cash prize was kindly sponsored by Mr Teo Tong Lim.


9-Ball pool main event


Terence Teo

1st Runner-Up Prashant Chainani

2nd Runner-Up Roland Wong

3rd Runner-Up Kunal Shaney

9-Ball pool plate event


Jasper Koh

1st Runner-Up Prashant Chainani

2nd Runner-Up Chan Kok Chye

3rd Runner-Up Jimmy Tan

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SSC Medal Championship – Scratch Tournament


on a winning streak!

by Daniel Ng

Kristel Oh continued her winning

ways and was crowned Champion in the last Medal

Championship of 2009. Despite her age, she managed

to stave off the challenge from seasoned

bowlers in the 10-game series played at the Bowling

Centre on 25 October.

Kristel Oh receives her trophy

from Bowling Convenor

George Yeo









Kristel Oh

Marc De Vries

Wee Hock Chuan

Tan Yan Ling

Lim Guan Sock

Bryan Lee

Sonny Lim

SSC Youth Medal - 8 November 2009

Royvin Ho is Youth

“Champion of Champions”

by Daniel Ng

Participants of the Youth Medal -

Champion of Champions

Rpyvin Ho receives from

Bowling Convenor George Yeo

Royvin Ho clinched the 1st SSC Youth Medal – Champion of

Champions title after an exhausting 10-game series at the Bowling Centre.

Royvin put up a strong & consistent performance to stave off the challenge from

the rest of the participants.









Royvin Ho

Basil Ng

Vishal Bhojwani

Nikhil Gangaram

Kristel Oh

Wong Zi Kai

Ryan Kim

4th Singapore Masters Swimming Championships 2009

An international cast at the Masters’ Meet

by Snow Quek

Fourteen of our Masters swimmers

led by Director of Swimming, Barry Prime,

took up the challenge to compete at the annual

Singapore Masters Swimming Championships

hosted by Aquatic Performance Swim Club. The

event was held at Changi Beach Club over the

29–30 August weekend.

The poolside atmosphere was electrifying. We

had swimmers from all around the world competing

at the Meet. Friendliness and a sense of

camaraderie was palpable all over the place.

For some of our swimmers the “bite” of competition

they felt was a bit of a déjà vu. For most,

however, it was their first exposure to competition.

But what was more important was that

the team spirit was high and everyone enjoyed


Our Masters Swimming Team

• Elley, Malcolm • Kerslake, Timothy

• Lee Piri Jinsi • Liew, Lionel

• Lim Jia Jie

• Ng Chee Soon

• Okano Koju • Prime, Barry

• So, Million

• Spencer, Charles

• Tan Boon Yeow • Tian Tian (Coach)

• Toh-Spencer, Cheryl • Yip Yan Shen Jason

• Yun, Derek Edward

The Satay and Laksa party provided a nice ending

to the event. We hope more members will

join the Club’s Masters Swimming Programme

to boost our chances at the next Meet.


25th Junior Inter-Club Swimming Championships - 8 November 2009

Harvest Of Personal Best Times!

by Snow Quek


After going through

rounds of selection, training

and trials, the 55 chosen ones

set out to represent the Club at

the JIC. 10 Clubs competed in

the meet organized this year by

Orchid Country Club and Aquatic

Masters Swim Team.

It was heartwarming to see our

swimmers competing neck to

neck with the other competitors.

As usual, there were hits

and misses. We had a few

disqualifications and some of

our swimmers were feeling under

the weather and were not able to

give of their best.

But overall, they did their best

and the results showed. Out

of the 95 swims they took part

in, 71.57% were personal best


Looking forward, we would like

to congratulate all the swimmers

for the good work that they have

done this year, but we must set

our sights on improving our performance

in the years to come.


Low, Wei Yang Malcolm (11) Elite Boys 200m IM

50m Back

50m Fly

Daryanani, Poshaan Gulab (7) Intermediate 50m Back

50m Fly






Ngampadeepanich, Phuripong (10) Elite 50m Breast Silver

Yeo, Shen Chung Isaac (11) Elite 50m Breast Bronze

Liew, Li-Shan Chantal (10) Elite Girls 50m Back Bronze

Chan, Pei Tung Melissa (9) Intermediate 50m Breast Bronze

Tang, Alexis S. (7) Intermediate 4 x 50m

Sim, Li-Ann Alicia (7)


Free Relay

Chan. Esther (6) Elementary 2

Lim, Seok Koon Stacey (7)


Khoe, Cai Cheng (9) Advanced Boys 4 x 50m

Ong, Wei Zhen Ethan (9)


Free Relay

Okano, Kodai (9)

Gan, Han Lin Gordon (9)



Cher, Bertrand (6) Elementary 2 Boys 4 x 50m

Song, Jye Le Carl (7) Elementary 2

Medley Relay

Daryanani, Poshaan Gulab (7)

Yoong, Jia Wei Jarod (7)



Lim, Seok Koon Stacey (7) Intermediate Girls 4 x 50m

Tang, Alexis S. (7)


Medley Relay

Sim, Li-Ann Alicia (7)


Chan. Esther (6) Elementary 2

Club Ranking

Place Team Points

1 Chinese Swimming Club S’pore 899.50

2 Swimfast Aquatic Club 859

3 Ace Swim Club 531

4 Orchid Country Club 453.50

5 Elite Swim Club 409.50

6 Singapore Swimming Club 404.50

7 Singapore Island Country Club 335

8 The Grassroots’ Aquatic Club 317

9 AquaticMasters Swim Club 310

10 Speediswim Aquatic Sports Club 159

11 Warren Gold & Country Club 10

TOTAL 4688.00





OIMM “Thank You


by Snow Quek

Distance Swimming

Awards #03

by Snow Quek

This round held on 27 September saw three

siblings swimming the 800m events. Bravo!

Charlyn Song

Charmaine Song

Carl Song

- 16min 16.29sec

- 16min 43.41sec

- 19min 45.40sec

The breakfast gathering held on Sunday, 27 Sep, was

to give recognition to Team SSC who put up a great

showing at the Open Invitation Midget Meet 2009, and

to thank all the parents, swimmers volunteers and officials

for their unstinting support.

The Swimming Sub-Committee gave a slide presentation

showing some of the highlights of the two-day

event. Our swimmers had a great time competing and

making friends.

Goodie bags were handed out to all the Midget Team

Swimmers along with their certificates. Four Lucky

Draw prizes, kindly sponsored by ARENA, were given

out that day.

We hope to perform even better at next year’s 16th

SSC Open Invitational Midget Meet 2010”!!!

Club Night

#05 & #06

Friday, 25 September & 6 November

by Snow Quek

These two Club Nights are designed

to prepare our swimmers for

the upcoming 25th Junior Inter-Club

Swimming Championships. #05 was

used as the second selection meet

to form a JIC Team while #06 was

a preparation meet for the selected

swimmers. For other swimmers, there

are also other events in long and short

course for them to participate in.

Staff Annual D&D - 5 October

Colors of Asia

By Angela Lim

It was one night when the staff could

get away from the madding crowd and

hang lose. With riotous games, bawdy

singing, even a case of “open seduction”,

the annual staff party held at Park

Royal certainly lived up to its “colourful”


Club President Mr Feddie Koh, together

with Mr Tan Wee Tin, Mr William Kwok,

Mr David Lim, Mr Tang Hock Keng and

Mr Soh Kee Hock had joined us for a

spectacular night with awards-giving,

games, beers, food and entertainment.

One of the highlights of the evening

was the award of the Best Employees

of the Year 2009. From the Front of

the House, the unflappable Maryann

Palunday was the winner. This petite

and cheerful Membership Relations

Officer routinely receives commendations

from members.

Ms Doris Gan was the choice from the

Heart of the House. That’s the pleasant

and unassuming lady from the pastry

department. “Can decline the award or

not? Give to someone more deserving,

lah,” she had said.

Long-service awards were given to

Mdm Yeo Tin Mui of Housekeeping

for 40 years of service, Mr Anwari Bin

Annor for 30 years and Mdm Azizah Bte

Abdullah for 20 years. 24 other staff

members received long-service awards.

JoJo Shao (F&B/Palms Dept) and Insath

Ali (IT Dept) were crowned Best Dressed

Lady and Gentleman respectively. In

the Karaoke Finals, Mr Tang Chong Tak

walked away with the top prize of $200

(most of that went into treating his colleagues

with packets of hokkien mee

the next day)

And among the stage games played

was the Best Seducer Contest, where

Swim Director Barry Prime was blindfolded

and a bevy of SSC sirens took

turns to train their womanly wiles on

him. And like a sommelier, Barry to

had to pick out the lass with the best


Employees of the month

Every staff member came away with a lucky

draw prize. For that we have to thank all

our sponsors especially Lunar 7th Month

Committee (Members of SSC) and Ms Fion

Phua from Tee-up Marketing. We also wish to

express our appreciation to our Management

and all members for allowing the Club to close

for our annual Staff D&D.

Colours of Asia! was brought to you by the Staff

Recreation Committee (SRC) comprising Angela

Lim (Human Capital), Liza Vimala (Membership

Services), Mohamed Nazri (Jackpot), Josh

Fikhrie (Events Management), Snow Quek

(Swim), Insath Ali (IT), Ivy Quah (Finance), Foo

Yik Sung (F&B/Palms), Rahmat Bin Sukiman

(Sports), Bakri Bin Jamari (Facilities), Fatimah

Bte Sukor (Housekeeping), and Norliah Bte

Hamzah (Security).


Front of the House

Ooi Kim Chin, F&B, Deli

Mdm Doi is a model staff for others to emulate.

She has been with the Club for six years now

and her enthusiasm has never waned. She

is always there with her caring touch, and she

looks out especially for the elderly members

and goes out of her way to assist them. Mdm

Doi is not only hardworking and courteous,

but honest as well. On several occasions, she

returned wallet/handbags with the money and

valuables intact.

Heart of the House

Jason Lee, Purchasing

Jason first joined the Club in July 2008 as service

crew at the Deli and was recently promoted

to Receiving & Stores Assistant. For the past

two months, Jason has proved himself worthy

of the position. He has developed good rapport

with colleagues as well as external parties like

vendors and suppliers. With Jason around, we

can rest assured of a smoother receiving process

and that everything is going to be in order.


Front of the House

Louis Leong, F&B / SOM

Louis, known affectionately as “Ah Whai”, is one

who does his work quietly and efficiently. He

knows all the regular drinkers at SOM and their

brew, and willingly hops over to the other F&B

outlets to purchase food items for them. His

helpfulness and easy going nature endears him

to patrons at SOM. Louis recently completed

his Diploma Course in Hospitality Management

and has set his sights on a full degree. He has

recently been promoted to Senior Bartender.

Heart of the House

Low Kok Soon, F&B / Local


Kok Soon has a pleasant personality and is well

regarded by his colleagues. Most Members

have not seen him, but many would have tasted

his cooking, because Kok Soon is stationed

at the wok. Kok Soon is not one to stand

idle. Everytime he has a free moment he looks

around to see if any of his colleagues could use

a helping hand. Even during his break, he’s

there helping at other work stations and learning

other areas of cooking.

Food & Beverage

December Promotions





Christmas Semi-Lunch (1 – 31 Dec)

$28.90 (Adult)

Salad Buffet

S$ 22.90



Tenderloin/ Ribeye: $45.00

Sirloin: $38.00

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner (24 Dec 09)

$55 (Adult) $28 (Child)

Christmas Day Buffet Lunch (25 Dec 09)

$50 (Adult) 28 (Child)

Christmas Day Set Dinner (25 Dec 09)

$55 (Adult)

New Year’ Eve Set Dinner (31 Dec 09)

$55 (Adult)

Pre-Festive International Buffet (5 – 27 Dec)

Saturdays (Dinner) & Sundays (Lunch & Dinner)

$24.40 (Adult) $15.90 (Child)

Pre-Festive Semi-Buffet Lunch (14 Dec – 24 Dec)


Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner (24 Dec)

6.00pm – 9.45pm

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Christmas Day Buffet (25 Dec)

Lunch & Dinner

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New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner (31 Dec)

6.00pm – 9.45pm

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Curry Chicken Noodle w/Crayfish

Mondays to Fridays (Dinner Only)

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Saturday High Tea

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Vegetarian Buffet

Every Third Friday of the Month (18 Dec 09)

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White Coral

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Whipping Cream


December’s Wine List

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Food & Beverage

january Promotions


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Japanese International Buffet

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Taiwan Porridge (ala Carte)

Mondays to Fridays (Dinner Only)

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Minced Pork w/Salted Fish and Fried Promfret

w/ Black Bean Sauce.

Semi Buffet Lunch

Mondays to Fridays

Choice of Main Course.


Saturday High Tea

Appom, Kueh Pitih, Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken

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$18.00 (Adult) $11.60 (Child)

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Every Third Friday of the Month

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Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays,

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Teppanyaki Set / Beef Noodle /

Yong Tao Fu


New Year Day Buffet Lunch – 1 Jan

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Mediterranean Cuisine



Tuesdays to Sundays

• Weekday Express Luncheon (Semi Buffet) – $24 .90

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JM’s Coffee Flambé

• Roast Prime Rib (Fridays & Saturdays – Dinner Only)


Cocktail of the Month for JANUARY

Green Goddess

Midori, Glenmorangie Whisky, Dry Vermouth, Lemon

Lime Soda


* All Prices quoted are Nett Prices and include GST



Berries Symphony Seduction

$35.30 / kg



starts now.


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Dr Darren Chua

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Dr Darren Chua is a young and

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It’s beginning

to look a lot

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Christmas is just around the corner! You can

see it all around you – the Christmas trees,

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Christmas commemorates the birth of

Jesus, and is one of the most important

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Christmas carols. And which kid has not

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We have our very own Christmas Light-Up

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I am also looking forward to seeing

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Have a Happy Holiday!

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Decorate your own

Christmas Cake

Workshop for kids aged 5-12 yrs old

Wednesday, 23 December

Ever wondered how bakers turn a simple cake

into edible art? This workshop will show you

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Overview of Programme :

• Sing along time

• Action time – grooving and dancing

• Let’s GO time – activities focused on theme

and music concepts

• Let’s play – playing with percussion instruments

• Craft time – Hands-on activities

Time : 10am – 11am

Frequency : Every Thursday

Venue : Children’s Playroom

Age Group : 18 months to 2 yrs old

Fees for : $299.60 (Member)

10 Sessions $353.10 (Guest)

* Minimum 5 toddler-parent pairs to commence, limited to 10


Manga Drawing

Classes for Kids

Come and have some fun drawing Manga

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ongoing classes will give you deeper insights into

Manga drawing and will cover the basics as well.

Overview of Class:

• Manga drawing tools

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• Facial features

• Body structure

Time : 3pm – 5pm

Frequency : Every Saturday

Venue : Bowling Alley Conference


Age Group : 5 to 12 yrs old

Fees for : $139.10 (Member)

4 lessons $171.20 (Guest)

* Minimum 5 participants to commence

Chinese New Year

Lantern Making

For kids aged 5-12 yrs old

Saturday, 23 January

There’s nothing like red to brighten the house for Chinese

New Year. We’ll supply the ang pow packets let’s

construct some interesting Chinese lanterns. It’s easy

and its fun! And best of all, you get to bring your lucky

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Sign-up as an adult-child pair and enjoy a special rate.

Individual adult members are also welcome to participate.

Time : 10am – 12nn

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$30.00 (Child/Adult Guest)

$30.00 (Kidz Club Member + Parent/Guardian)

$35.00 (Child Member + Parent/Guardian)

$40.00 (Child Guest + Parent Guardian)

Closing Date : Saturday, 9 January

* All prices include GST

* Minimum 10 kids to commence


Upcoming Events


For more information, please call Alicer /Josh / Hazel at 63423 672/650/670

or email or or

Christmas Floral


Friday, 11 December

Turn on the Christmas mood

in your home. Just by adding

festive elements like candles,

tinsel balls and holly sprigs you

can turn your floral creation

into a Christmas centre piece.

Catherine Ng will show you how

to work magic into the flowers and leaves. All participants

will get to bring home their own DIY floral art


Ms Catherine Ng has more than 7 years of floral

design experience and is the first local graduate

with WFC certification.




Closing Date

: 2pm – 4pm

: Sports Conference Room

: $10 (Member)*

$15 (Guest)*

: 5 December

* Minimum of 15 participants to commence

** Fee does not include workshop materials. Participants can purchase

workshop materials on event day

Christmas Light-Up

Thursday, 3 December

Catch the snow at the Club and

immerse yourself in the beautiful

voices of the SSC Staff

Choir as they sing a selection of

popular Christmas carols. Then,

at the appointed time, we’ll all

hold our breaths and watch the

Christmas tree spring to life!

And for just Five Dollars, you can write your wish on a

WISHING CARD, which will be hung up on the Wishing




: 6.30pm – 8pm

: Main Lobby

Free admission

WISHING CARDS @ $5 will be on sale at Front Lobby

Reception from 1 December to 24 December

All proceeds will go to charity. Payment will be debited

to your membership account.

For one night only, Barbeque Dinner available at

Cabana at $18.80. For each order, $1 will be donated

to charity.

For more information, please call Hazel at 6342 3670 or


The Christmas Bazaar

Saturday & Sunday, 12 & 13 December

Christmas Eve @ D’Tanjong

Thursday, 24 December

Join us for a night of unbridled feasting and

merry making in anticipation of the dawning

of Christmas. And enjoy our menu of traditional

Christmas delights.

PLUS, each platter entitles you to a soft drink

AND a Beer! But places are limited…so book

your spot now!

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas presents, you’ll

find some interesting finds right here at the bazaar.

And as you’re drawing up your gift list, don’t

forget to add the name of someone very special –

yourself! If you’re down on Saturday, you’ll want

to stay on for the Christmas Tree Light-up!



: 10am – 10pm

: The Atrium




Closing Date

: 6:30pm – 1.00am

: D’Tanjong

: $40 (Member)*

$55 (Guest)*

: Thursday, 17 December

For more information, please call Josh at 6342 3650 or


For more information, please call Josh at

6342 3650 or email


* All prices include GST

Upcoming Events


For more information, please call Alicer /Josh / Hazel at 63423 672/650/670

or email or or

Marina Barrage Tour

Saturday, 9 January

Join us on this tour and see

what Marina Barrage has to

offer us. Visit the Sustainable

Singapore Gallery and find out

how Singapore first reservoir

in the city prevents flooding

in the low lying areas or just

stand atop the green roof and

take in the city skyline.


: 1.45pm – 5.15pm

Meeting Point : SSC Main Lobby @ 1.45pm


: $5 (Child Member 3 - 12 years)

$10 (Child Guest 3 - 12 years)

$15 (Adult Member),

$20 (Adult Guest)

Closing Date : Saturday, 26 December

Hello 2010 Bazaar!

Saturday & Sunday, 16 & 17 January 2010

Made a lofty New Year resolution

you’re intent on keeping?

We’ll help you stay true to

your promise. At the bazaar

you’ll find all sorts of products

to make you fitter, faster,

stronger, smarter and more




: 10am – 10pm

: The Atrium

VENDORS, book your favourite stalls NOW!

Closing Date for stall booking is 11 January. For

more information, please call Josh at 6342 3650 or


** Minimum 15 participants to commence

** Fees include transportation

Feng Shui for 2010

Sunday, 17 January

Come learn how to apply

Classical Feng Shui to

help you achieve peace and

harmony in the domestic


Learn how to determine the

inauspicious sectors in your

property (home or office)

and “cure” the problem! And help bring about

academic excellence for the children, wealth and

good luck for the breadwinner and good health

for everyone you hold dear!

The speaker, Ms Esther Teh, has written for

various magazines like EzyHealth, Expat Living,

Millionaire Asia Club, Singapore Swimming Club

and many others. She has also been interviewed

by TODAY, Shin Minh News and Spanish newspapers.

Time : 9am – 12pm

Venue : New Meeting Room, Level 2

(behind Jackpot)

Fees : $65 (Member)

$85 (Guest)

Closing Date : Friday, 8 January

CNY Floral Arrangement


Thursday, 21 January

By transforming bau cai

(Chinese cabbage) into an

art piece, you attract good

luck and prosperity to yourself

in the Year of the Tiger.

What more when we add

flowers and leaves to make

some interesting floral arrangement

for Chinese New

Year. Participants will get to bring home their

own floral art piece.

Ms Catherine Ng has more than 7 years of floral

design experience with an endorsement certification

from World Flower Council (WFC). She is the

first local graduate with WFC certification.




Closing Date

: 2pm – 4pm

: Sports Conference Room

: $10 (Member)

$15 (Guest)

: Thursday, 7 January

• Fees do not include workshop materials. Participants may

purchase workshop materials on event day itself

• Minimum 15 participants to commence

• Minimum 10 participants to commence

• For more information, please call Josh at 6342 3650 or email


* All prices include GST



Kids New Beginners Intake #6 National Survival Swimming Award #2

Tuesday, 1 December

Want your children to learn to interact with other

children and have fun in the water? Then get

them to join our Beginners programme. They will

also learn about water safety and proper swimming

techniques in a fun and exciting group class


Venue : SSC Recreational Pool

Fees : Starting from $58.85 / Month

Monday to Wednesday, Friday & Sunday, 7 to 9, 11 & 13 Dec

This award is accredited to Singapore Sports Council.

Participants will have to go through a series of test criteria;

upon meeting the criteria, they will be award with a Bronze,

Silver or Gold Award.

Venue : SSC Competition Pool



: 10am to 11am

: Bronze $51.36 (Course & Test) / $8.56 (Test Only)

Silver $52.43 (Course & Test) / $9.63 (Test Only)

Gold $53.50 (Course & Test) / $10.70 (Test Only)

For more information, please call Snow @ 63423 652 or email to

40th Novices Meet 2009 Club Night #01

Saturday, 19 Dec

This meet is organized for swimmers who have yet

to win any medals in the 50m or above events at

any SSC or SSA sanctioned swim meets in the year


Venue : SSC Competition Pool

Time : 9.30am

Fees : $10.70 per Participant

Upcoming Events

Friday, 15 January

These are regular, small scale, internal swim meets to give our

swimmers the chance to race with their team mates. Here

swimmers get the chance to try out the various strokes and

distances to discover their potentials.

Venue : SSC Competition Pool

Time : 6pm onwards

Fees : $10.70 per Participant

For TITLE: more information, DBS Treasure please - Swimming call Simon Club @

For more information, YMC259263 please Epson call the 175# Swimming (CG) DVD Office : W09-10 @ 63423 652 /

6342 3727 or email to 713 / 727 or email to



BOWLING/SQUASH: Daniel / Catherine 63423 617 / 602

GOLF/TENNIS: Christine 63423 614



Entry Forms are available at Front Lobby & Sports Counter


SSC Medal Championship

Champion Of Champions

Sunday, 27 December (Finals)





: 1.30pm check-in, 2.00pm roll-off

: SSC Bowling Centre

: $53.50 per Bowler

: Top 20 Qualifier of Medal C’ship


SSC 33rd Mixed Foursome League

Open Masters Finals

Sunday, 20 December (Final)





: 1.30pm check-in, 2.00pm roll-off

: SSC Bowling Centre

: $39.59 per bowler

: League Bowlers Only

SSC 33rd Mixed Foursome League Novelty &

Prize Presentation

Sunday, 3 January, 2010




: 1.30pm check-in, 2.00pm roll-off

: SSC Bowling Centre

: League Bowlers Only


Chinese New Year Soccer Cup 2010

27 February





: SSC vs Scotts United Footbal Club

: 5.00pm – 7.00pm

: Dunman High School (Opposite SSC)

: SSC Soccer Squad only

For more information, please call Arun at

6342-3615 or email


3 Days 2 Nights Malacca Golf Trip

15 – 17 January

For more information, please call Christine at 6342 3614

7th Golf Section Challenge cum

1st Golf Medal Competition 2010

27 January

Venue : National Service Resort & Country Club

(Kranji Course)


SSC Squash Handicap Ladder

Competition 2010 – 1st Quarter

1 January – 31 March, 2010




: 3.00pm (Saturday)

7.00pm (Tuesday & Thursday)

: SSC Squash Court

: $16.05 per participant


* All prices include GST


by Sherwin Sng

Every Saturday, 1.30pm – 2.30pm

$149.80 per 10 lessons

*Min of 5 students to commence

Ongoing Activities

For more information, please call Tabby at 6342 3616 or email

Enrolment Forms are available at Front Lobby, Sports Counter & Fitness Studio


by Amir

Every Tuesday, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Every Saturday, 5.30pm – 6.30pm

$32.10 per Month


ABT (Abs-Butts-Tighs)*

by Jansen Lim

Every Thursday, 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Every Saturday, 1.30pm – 2.30pm

$32.10 per Month

Fitness Classes

Kids Fun Gym by Karen Yip

Age 5-10 years

Every Saturday, 9am - 10am


Keep Fit by Karen Yip

Every Tuesday, 10am - 11am

Every Thursday,

10am - 11am | 6.30pm - 7.30pm

$32.10/mth (once per week)

Total Body Conditioning

by Christine Tan

Every Friday, 10am - 11am

Every Monday, 9.30am - 10.30am


Pilates Matwork by Serena Tan

First 4 Mondays of the month,

8.15pm - 9.15pm


Pilates Matwork with PROPS

by Ann Ho

1st Four Mondays of the month,

11am to 12nn

1st Four Wednesdays of the month,

9.30am – 10.30am

* 1st Four Wednesday of the month,

7pm – 8pm


Yoga by Sakina Yusof

Every Monday,

10am - 11.30am | 6.30pm - 8pm

$58.85/mth (once per Week)

by Fehmida Husain

Every Wednesday, 10.30am – 12pm


Yoga Dance by Sherwin Sng

Wednesday, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

(7 Oct – 9 Dec)

$149.80 per 10 Lessons (Pro-rated for

those who join in late)

Qigong by Ngiam Tong Kheng

Every Wednesday, 8.45am – 10.15am


*Every Saturday, 9.30am – 10.30am


*Min 5 students to commence

Taiji Quan by Tay Choong Chua

Every Sunday, 9am - 10am (Beginners)

10am - 11.30am (Non-Beginners)


Martial Arts Class

Taekwondo by Sam Tan

Age 6-16 years

Every Saturday, 3pm - 5pm


* New Beginners to commence in Jan/

Apr/Jul/Oct, subject to min. of 3 students


by Koh Nai Sing

Age 13 and above

Every Sunday, 12pm - 1.30pm

by Frankie Leong

* Every Friday, 6.15pm - 7.45pm

$32.10/mth (once per week)

$64.20/mth (twice per week)

* to commence with min. of 2 students

Group Coaching


Badminton Junior Group Coaching

Age 6-16 years

by Yeo Ah Seng

Every Friday, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Every Sunday, 2pm - 4pm

by Lim Boon Leng

Every Saturday,

1pm - 3pm, 3pm - 5pm

$51.90/mth (once per week)

Table Tennis Junior Group

Coaching by Li Guo Bin

Age 6-16 years

Every Friday, 8pm - 10pm

Every Saturday, 2.30pm - 4.30pm

$123.05/12 sessions

(check with Sports Staff on next commencement)

Table Tennis Adult Group Coaching

by Li Guo Bin

Every Monday, 8pm - 10pm

Every Wednesday, 8pm - 10pm

$176.55/12 sessions

Tennis Junior Development

Programme by Jimbo Tennis


Age 6-17 years

Every Sunday, 5pm - 7pm (Beginners)

3pm - 5pm (Intermediate & Advance)

$85.60/mth (Beginners)

$96.30/mth (Intermediate)

$107/mth (Advance)

Private Coaching

Badminton Private Coaching

Coach: Lim Boon Leng @ $35/hr

Table Tennis Private Coaching

Coach : Li Guo Bin @ $44.94/hr

Tennis Private Coaching

External Coaches @ $58.85 per hour-

James Bagawan / Alex Chew / Edmond


SSC Residential Coach @ $49.22/hr :

Lee Theng Hee & Lim Hoa Cheng

Notes on Private Coaching

1. All students must be members of

Singapore Swimming Club.

2. All private coaching must be conducted

by the above coaches at Singapore

Swimming Club.

3. No cash transaction is allowed. All billing

must be settled through club’s billing

system at the 2nd level of Sports Centre

before commencement of coaching.

Personal Training


Individual Package

• 5 Sessions @ $50/session - $267.50

10 Sessions @ $45/session - $481.50

• 20 Sessions @ $42.50/session - $909.50

Twin Packages

• 5 Sessions @ $80/session - $428

10 Sessions @ $72/session - $770.40

• 20 Sessions @ $68/session - $1455.20

Triple Packages

• 5 Sessions @ $96/session - $513.60

10 Sessions @ $86/session - $924.48

• 20 Sessions @ $81/session - $1746.24

Notes on Private Coaching

1. For best results, the 5-sessions package should

be completed within 6 weeks, 10-sessions

package within 3 months & 20-sessions within

6 mths months.

2. Fixing/Cancelling of appointments should made

giving at least 24 hours’ notice.

3. Physical Fitness Assessment will be conducted

prior to commencement of the programme and

every 3 months thereafter, to monitor progres

4. For more information, please call Fitness

Trainers, Derek or Raj at 6342-3610 or email

* All prices include GST


Calendar of Events

1 Dec

3 Dec 4 & 5 Dec 7 - 13 Dec

9 Dec



Kids New Beginners

Intake #6

@ SSC Recreational


Christmas Light-Up

6.30pm – 8.00pm @

Main Lobby - Free


9th Straits


Games 2009

SSC vs PSC vs

MC hosted by


National Survival

Swimming Award


10am to 11am @

SSC Competition


11th Golf Medal



Annual Golf

Section Party

11 Dec

12 & 13 Dec

12 – 19 Dec

19 Dec

20 Dec

23 Dec

Christmas Floral



2pm – 4pm @

Sports Conference


The Christmas


10am – 10pm @

The Atrium

SSC Squash

handicap Ladder

– Champions of


Sat - 3pm,

Tues/Thurs - 7pm

40th Novices Meet


9.30am @ SSC

Competition Pool

SSC 33rd Mixed

Foursome League

Open Masters


1.30pm @ SSC

Bowling Centre

Decorate your own

Christmas Cake


10.30am – 12.30pm

@ Level 2 Meeting


24 Dec

27 Dec

31 Dec

Christmas Eve @


6:30pm – 1.00am @


SSC Medal Championship

Champion Of


1.30pm @ SSC

Bowling Centre


New Year’s Eve


6.30pm – 2am @

The Grand Ballroom

Happy New Year


1 Jan – 31 Mar

3 Jan

9 Jan

15 – 17 Jan

15 Jan

SSC Squash

handicap Ladder –

1st Quarter

@ SSC Squash


SSC 33rd Mixed

Foursome League

Novelty & Prize


1.30pm @ SSC

Bowling Centre

Marina Barrage


1.45pm – 5.15pm

3 Days 2 Nights

Malacca Golf Trip

Club Night #01

6pm @ SSC Competition


16 & 17 Jan

17 Jan

21 Jan

23 Jan

27 Jan

Hello 2010 Bazaar!

10am – 10pm @

The Atrium

Feng Shui 2010

9am – 12pm @

New Meeting Room,

Level 2

CNY Floral



2pm – 4pm @

Sports Conference


CNY Lantern Making


10am – 12nn @

Sports Conference


7th Golf Section

Challenge cum

1st Golf Medal

Competition 2010


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