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Punjab National Bank

Q4FY12 Result Update/ Estimate Change 10 May 2012

NIMs, asset quality disappoint

PNB reported weak core earnings performance in Q4FY12 with material

contraction in NIM and sharp deterioration in asset quality matrices. Slippages

were high at +4% and restructured loans inched up to 8.5% of loans – which

collectively kept the provisioning cost high at ~1%. While the troubled SEB

and aviation exposures have been restructured, we still see asset quality

concerns persisting due to challenging macro. Our revised assumptions imply

weaker return ratios that lead us to lower our price target to Rs900. We

maintain Buy on attractive valuations.

Asset quality matrices deteriorate: Asset quality matrices for PNB

deteriorated during the quarter with 1) higher delinquency rate of +4% on

annualised basis 2) 13% QoQ increase in restructured assets (to 8.5% of

advances) led by SEBs. While a large part of the SEB and aviation exposures

have been restructured, asset quality pains may remain in quarters to come.

Given the large outstanding restructured book and exposure to agri and SME,

we have factored in stiff credit cost assumptions at 1.3% for FY13 vs 1% for


Weak core performance: Despite the beat at the bottomline, the core

performance of the bank during Q4FY12 was weak with a material 40 bps QoQ

contraction in NIM. The NIM contraction can be traced to 1) reversal of interest

income related to NPA and 2) lower investment yields. The bottomline beat is

the result of higher treasury gains, MTM write back and lower tax rate.

Y/E March (Rsmn) Q4FY12 Q4FY11 % YoY % QoQ Q4FY12E Var %

Net Interest Income 33,100 30,290 9.3 (6.4) 36,042 (8.2

Non-Interest Income 12,760 11,454 11.4 33.7 10,100 26.3

Net Total Income 45,859 41,744 9.9 2.1 46,142 (0.6

Operating Expenses 16,498 16,668 (1.0) (9.1) 18,350 (10.1

Pre-Provisioning Profit 29,362 25,075 17.1 9.7 27,792 5.6

Provisions 10,273 7,279 41.1 8.6 8,430 21.9

Profit Before Tax 19,089 17,796 7.3 10.3 19,362 (1.4

Tax 4,848 5,787 (16.2) (16.5) 6,583 (26.4

Profit After Tax 14,241 12,009 18.6 23.8 12,779 11.4

Source: Company, Centrum Research

Loan growth healthy: Loan portfolio expanded 21% YoY with clear preference

towards agriculture (29.5% YoY) and retail (23.6% YoY) segments. From an

industry perspective, incremental disbursement remained skewed towards the

infra sector as past sanctions come up for disbursals. Meanwhile, on the

deposit front, CASA share was maintained at 35.3% as reliance on bulk deposits

was reduced. While an above industry credit growth is encouraging, it is a risky

strategy to aggressively build up the loan book in adverse economic scenario

and hence we remain cautious on asset quality.

Non-interest income surprises positively: Non-interest income surprised

positively during the quarter led by sequential spike in treasury gains and

recoveries. The core fee income growth lagged behind advance growth

though it was decent at 15% YoY. The TPD revenue stream is likely to gain

more traction as PNB has begun selling insurance products of Metlife Insurance

(PNB now holds 30% in the company).

Maintain Buy on valuations: PNB continues to report a weakening asset

quality matrix with pressures likely to continue for a few more quarters led by

incremental restructuring and high slippage rate. However, our stiff

assumptions (credit cost and slippage rate) and lowered valuation multiple (1x

FY14E) amply factors in asset quality challenges and resulting pressure on

return ratios in our view. Current valuation seems reasonable at 0.9x FY14E

PABV. Maintain Buy with a revised price target of Rs900.

Key Data

Reco (Prev) Buy (Buy) Bloomberg Code PNB IN

Target (Prev) Rs900 (Rs1,050) Reuters Code PNBK.BO

CMP Rs768* Current Shares O/S (mn) 316.8

Upside (%) 19% Diluted Shares O/S(mn) 316.8

Mkt Cap (Rsbn/USDbn) 243.1/4.6

Price Performance (%)* 52 Wk H / L (Rs) 1202/747

1M 6M 1Yr Daily Vol. (3M NSE Avg.) 442,428

PNB (15.4) (20.5) (29.4) Face Value (Rs) 10

NIFTY (5.0) (4.6) (10.1) 1 USD = Rs53.4

Source: Bloomberg, Centrum Research

*as on 9th May 2012

Sharp rise in slippages














Quarterly slippages

Source: Company, Centrum Research



Material contraction in NIM sequentially




















Slppage rate (Annualzed) (RHS)

Net Interest Margin-C Yield on funds Cost of funds





















Source: Company, Centrum Research

Earning Revision



Particulars Current Earlier Chg (%) Current Earlier Chg (%)

NII 162,434 157,894 2.9 190,122 186,477 2.0

PPOP 126,379 121,984 3.6 148,417 146,454 1.3

PAT 55,905 56,711 (1.4) 66,627 69,664 (4.4)

Source: Company, Centrum Research

Bhavesh Kanani

+91 22 4215 9636







Y/E Mar (Rsmn) NII NonInt. Inc. Adj PAT YoY % EPS (Rs) P/E (x) Adj BV (Rs) P/Adj BV (x) ROE (%) ROA (%)

FY11 118,073 36,126 44,335 13.5 139.9 5.5 530.1 1.4 22.6 1.3

FY12 134,143 42,026 48,841 10.2 144.0 5.3 609.9 1.3 19.8 1.2

FY13E 162,434 46,555 55,905 14.5 164.8 4.7 731.8 1.0 18.6 1.1

FY14E 195,189 54,377 70,024 25.3 206.5 3.7 896.5 0.9 19.8 1.1

FY15E 233,811 57,894 86,656 23.8 255.5 3.0 1126.2 0.7 20.8 1.2

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates

Please refer to important disclosures/disclaimers inside

Centrum Equity Research is available on Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and FactSet


Exhibit 1: Income Statement

Y/E March (Rsmn) FY11 FY12E FY13E FY14E FY15E

Interest Income 269,865 364,280 421,606 501,130 607,445

Interest Expense 151,791 230,137 259,173 305,941 373,634

Net Interest Income 118,073 134,143 162,434 195,189 233,811

YoY Growth (%) 39.3 13.6 21.1 20.2 19.8

Non Interest Income 36,126 42,026 46,555 54,377 57,894

YoY Growth (%) 4.5 16.3 10.8 16.8 6.5

Fee & Other Income 33,134 38,556 43,555 51,377 54,894

Treasury gain 2,992 3,470 3,000 3,000 3,000

Total Net Income 154,199 176,169 208,989 249,566 291,705

Total Operating Expenses 63,642 70,028 82,609 96,079 111,209

YoY Growth (%) 33.6 10.0 18.0 16.3 15.7

Employee Expenses 44,611 47,235 55,593 64,057 73,371

Other Operating Expenses 19,031 22,793 27,017 32,021 37,838

PPP (Pre-excep) 90,557 106,142 126,379 153,487 180,496

Pre-provision Profit 90,557 106,142 126,379 153,487 180,496

Provisions & Contingencies 24,920 35,773 44,166 48,974 51,159

NPAProvisions 20,037 24,030 39,082 43,683 47,103

Other Provisisons 4,882 11,743 5,083 5,291 4,056

Profit Before Tax 65637 70369 82,214 104,513 129,337

Taxes 21,302 21,528 26,308 34,489 42,681

Net Profit 44,335 48,841 55,905 70,024 86,656

Adj Net Profit 44,335 48,841 55,905 70,024 86,656

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates

Exhibit 2: Balance Sheet

Y/E March (Rsmn) FY11 FY12E FY13E FY14E FY15E

Cash & balance with RBI 237,769 184,929 362,633 296,365 482,472

Inter-bank borrowings 59,143 103,351 94,388 143,594 137,665

Loans & Advances 2,421,067 2,937,748 3,495,920 4,125,185 4,826,466

Investments 951,624 1,226,295 1,424,010 1,765,668 2,004,051

Total Int Earning Assets 3,669,602 4,452,323 5,376,951 6,330,812 7,450,654

Fixed Assets 31,056 31,689 55,597 69,515 81,758

Other Assets 82,883 97,929 102,518 115,425 127,947

Total Assets 3,783,541 4,581,940 5,574,956 6,637,800 7,806,872

Deposits 3,128,987 3,795,885 4,630,979 5,510,866 6,475,267

Other Int Bearing Laib 315,897 372,643 399,397 537,999 580,958

Interest Bearing Liab 3,444,884 4,168,528 5,030,377 6,048,864 7,056,225

Other non int Liab 123,572 135,242 220,250 207,197 298,367

Total Liabilities 3,568,456 4,303,769 5,250,626 6,256,061 7,354,592

Equity 215,086 278,171 324,330 381,739 452,281

Total Liabilities 3,783,541 4,581,940 5,574,956 6,637,800 7,806,872

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates

Exhibit 3: Key Ratios

Y/E March (Rsmn) FY11 FY12E FY13E FY14E FY15E

BS Structure Ratios (%)

Loans/Deposits 77.4 77.4 75.5 74.9 74.5

Investments / Deposits 30.4 32.3 30.7 32.0 30.9

CASA Ratio 38.5 37.0 37.5 37.5 37.5

Loan Growth 29.7 21.3 19.0 18.0 17.0

Deposit Growth 25.5 21.3 22.0 19.0 17.5

Operating Ratios (%)

NIM 3.9 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.6

Non-int income/Net income 23.4 23.9 22.3 21.8 19.8

Emp Costs (% of Opex) 70.1 67.5 67.3 66.7 66.0

Cost/Income 41.3 39.8 39.5 38.5 38.1

Operating cost growth 33.6 10.0 18.0 16.3 15.7

Total prov as % of avg. loans 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.3 1.1

Tax Rate (%) 32.5 30.6 32.0 33.0 33.0

Credit Quality Ratios (%)

Gross NPA 1.79 2.88 3.39 3.43 3.16

Net NPA 0.85 1.52 1.41 1.23 0.90

Slippage 2.3 2.8 2.5 2.0 1.5

NPA coverage ratio 60.3 52.4 62.0 67.1 72.4

Profitability Ratios (%)

RoAE 22.6 19.8 18.6 19.8 20.8

RoAA 1.3 1.2 1.1 1.1 1.2

Valuations Ratios (x)

BVPS (Rs) 678.9 820.1 956.2 1,125.5 1,333.5

Price/BV 1.1 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6

Adjusted BVPS (Rs) 530.1 609.9 731.8 896.5 1,126.2

Price/Adj. BV 1.4 1.3 1.0 0.9 0.7

EPS (Rs) 139.9 144.0 164.8 206.5 255.5

P/E 5.5 5.3 4.7 3.7 3.0

Dividend Yield 2.9 3.2 3.2 4.2 5.3

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates


Punjab National Bank

Appendix A


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holding company, Centrum Capital Ltd, is an investment banker and an underwriter of securities. As a group Centrum has Investment Banking, Advisory and other business relationships

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Key to Centrum Investment Rankings

Buy: Expected outperform Nifty by>15%, Accumulate: Expected to outperform Nifty by +5 to 15%, Hold: Expected to outperform Nifty by -5% to +5%, Reduce: Expected to underperform

Nifty by 5 to 15%, Sell: Expected to underperform Nifty by>15%


Punjab National Bank

Centrum Broking Private Limited

Member (NSE, BSE, MCX-SX), Depository Participant (CDSL) and SEBI registered Portfolio


Regn Nos





MCX – SX (Currency Derivative segment) REGN. NO.: INE261454236


Investor Grievance Email ID:

Compliance Officer Details :

Mr. Praveen Malik; Tel: (022) 42159703; Email ID:


Bombay Mutual Bldg.,2 nd Floor, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort,

Mumbai - 400 001

Correspondence Address

Centrum House, 6 th Floor, CST Road, Near Vidya Nagari Marg,

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Punjab National Bank

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