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Bharti Airtel

Q4FY12 Result update/Estimate change 03 May 2012

Minutes of Usage above estimates

Bharti Airtel’s Q4FY12 results were in line with our estimates on operational

parameters. While revenue was up 1.4% QoQ at Rs187.3bn, EBITDA at

Rs62.2bn was 3.2% above our estimates. Minutes of Usage (MoU) was up 5%

QoQ to 230bn min, above our estimates as the company tweaked tariffs

during Q4. Operating margin was higher at 33.2% due to lower SG&A

expenses. Africa business showed steady improvement with 102bps margin

expansion to 27.8%. While we retain our rating and estimates, we are

adjusting the target price to Rs372 per share factoring in regulatory risks

going forward.

Results in line with expectation operationally: Q4 result came in line with

expectations. Revenue grew by 1.4% to Rs187.3bn driven by growth in MoU.

While the revenue assumption was in line, MoU growth of 5% QoQ was higher

than our estimates. The company witnessed resurgence in minutes on the

back of 1.7% decline in revenue per minutes (RPM). This indicates that Indian

market is price sensitive and has a preference for established players in a

competitive pricing scenario. EBITDA margin expanded 155bp to 33.2%

during Q4 on lower SG&A expenses.

Africa business registers steady improvement in margin: The Africa

business showed steady performance during Q4 with revenue growth of 1.3%

QoQ in dollar terms and 0.6% QoQ in rupee terms. Operating margin

expanded by 102bp to 27.8%. One-off events in Nigeria hampered growth

during Q4. The management indicated that the trend was positive and

expected growth momentum to pick up and revenue market share gain to

accelerate across countries with the launch of 3G and Airtel Money in most


Y/E Mar (Rsmn) Q4FY12 Q4FY11 YoY (%) Q3FY12 QoQ (%) Q4FY12E Var (%)

Net Sales 187,294 162,654 15.1 184,767 1.4 187,457 (0.1)

EBITDA 62,235 54,442 14.3 59,272 5.0 60,312 3.2

EBITDA margin (%) 33.2 33.5 (24) bp 32.1 155 bp 32.2 105 bp

Reported PAT 10,059 14,007 (28.2) 10,112 (0.5) 10,464 (3.9)

Rep PAT margin (%) 5.4 8.6 (324) bp 5.5 (10) bp 8.4 (306) bp

Source: Company, Centrum Research

Con Call highlights: 1) The management indicated a capex of US$3.2bn for

FY13; 2) Enterprise segment – it expects to improve EBITDA margin to 20%+

from 18% levels in FY12; 3) it said flat performance in passive infrastructure

segment was due to write off of STel account and 4) it believed African

countries will see stable tariff scenario in FY13.

Regulatory risk at its peak, maintain Buy: Regulatory uncertainty increased

with recent TRAI recommendation on spectrum pricing which indicates much

higher spectrum payout and risk of spectrum re-farming which would lead to

increase in capex for players to maintain quality. Also, the New Telecom Policy

2012 may see abolition of roaming charges which can hamper profitability.

Given the scenario, we believe that Bharti should be preferred considering its

strong balance sheet and its diversified revenue stream. At the CMP, the stock

trades at 13.8x FY14E EPS, 5.2x EV/EBITDA. We maintain Buy on the stock with

a revised price target of Rs372 (earlier: Rs438), implying 6x FY14E EV/EBITDA.

Our main reason for reduction in price target stems from higher regulatory risk

which translated into the present value of Rs73 per share considering higher

spectrum payouts and related capex and also due to the industry entering

lower growth phase with relatively higher competitive pressure. Risk to our

estimates would be hike in tariff in India resulting in more than expected

increase in RPM.

Key Data

Recco (Prev) Buy (Buy) Bloomberg Code BHARTI IN

Target (Prev) Rs372 (Rs438) Reuters Code Bharti.BO

CMP Rs318* Current Shares O/S (mn) 3,797.6

Upside (%) 17.1% Diluted Shares O/S(mn) 3,797.6

Mkt Cap (Rsbn/USDbn) 1207.4/22.7

Price Performance (%) 52 Wk H / L (Rs) 448/289

1M 6M 1Yr Daily Vol. (3M NSE Avg.) 5,438,200

Bharti Airtel (5.6) (19.2) (15.1) Face Value (Rs) 5

NIFTY (2.9) (1.2) (6.5) USD = Rs53.3

*as on 02 May 2012

Source: Bloomberg, Centrum Research

Analysis of Africa business

(Rs ) Q4FY12 Q4FY11 Q3FY12 YoY (%) QoQ (%)

Subscribers (mn) 53.1 44.2 50.9 20.2 4.3

MoU/Sub (min.) 122 115 125 5.6 (2.1)

RPM (US¢) 5.60 6.19 5.72 (9.6) (2.0)

ARPU (US$) 6.83 7.16 7.12 (4.6) (4.1)

Minutes of Usage (mn min.) 19,131 14,915 18,496 28.3 3.4

Revenue (Rsmn) 53,874 41,815 53,577 28.8 0.6

EBITDA (Rsmn) 14,983 10,157 14,351 47.5 4.4

OPM (%) 27.8 24.3 26.8 352 bp 103 bp

Source: Company, Centrum Research

Minutes of usage bounced back in Q4









12.8 10.2




173 190 191 199 212 222 217 219 230





Minutes (bn)

Source: Company, Centrum Research








QoQ growth(%)

Bharti’s financials summary (Ex-Africa business)








(Rs mn) Q4FY12 Q4FY11 Q3FY12 YoY (%) QoQ (%)

Revenue 133,420 120,839 131,190 10.4 1.7

EBITDA 47,252 44,285 44,921 6.7 5.2

Margin (%) 35.4 36.6 34.2 (123) bp 117 bp

ARPU (Rs) 189 194 187 (2.4) 1.0

MOU/Sub (in min.) 431 449 419 (3.9) 2.8

RPM (Rs) 0.44 0.43 0.45 1.5 (1.7)

Source: Centrum Research

Abhishek Anand

+91 22 4215 9853

Y/E Mar (Rsbn) Rev YoY (%) EBITDA EBITDA (%) Adj PAT YoY (%) Fully DEPS RoE (%) RoCE (%) P/E (x) EV/EBITDA (x)

FY11 594,672 42.1 199,664 33.6 62,987 (29.7) 16.6 14.0 10.2 19.2 9.0

FY12 714,508 20.2 236,574 33.1 43,394 (31.1) 11.4 8.7 6.0 27.8 7.8

FY13E 803,650 12.5 277,004 34.5 66,452 53.1 17.4 12.3 7.7 18.2 6.4

FY14E 852,045 6.0 313,970 36.8 87,527 31.7 23.0 14.3 9.4 13.8 5.2

FY15E 896,481 5.2 336,035 37.5 102,616 17.2 26.9 14.6 10.8 11.8 4.5

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates

Please refer to important disclosures/disclaimers inside

Centrum Equity Research is available on Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and FactSet

Financials (Consolidated)

Exhibit 1: Income Statement

Y/E March (Rsmn) FY11 FY12 FY13E FY14E FY15E

Revenue 594,672 714,508 803,650 852,045 896,481

YoY growth (%) 42.1 20.2 12.5 6.0 5.2

Access charges 74,718 97,848 107,214 107,854 111,465

% of Sales 12.6 13.7 13.3 12.7 12.4

License and spectrum charges 52,600 60,612 65,099 68,638 71,390

% of Sales 8.8 8.5 8.1 8.1 8.0

Network operations cost 127,163 157,596 176,986 181,750 193,557

% of Sales 21.4 22.1 22.0 21.3 21.6

Personnel expenses 32,784 36,122 38,886 39,731 40,884

% of Sales 5.5 5.1 4.8 4.7 4.6

Mktg, Distn, Admin & other exp. 107,743 125,756 138,461 140,101 143,149

% of Sales 18.1 17.6 17.2 16.4 16.0

EBITDA 199,664 236,574 277,004 313,970 336,035

EBITDA Margin 33.6 33.1 34.5 36.8 37.5

Depreciation 102,066 133,681 142,617 153,214 161,496

PBIT 97,598 102,893 134,387 160,756 174,540

Interest expenses 25,349 38,185 36,581 31,075 23,100

Share of profits / (losses) in JVs

and associates (57) (74) - - 1,608

PBT from operations 72,192 64,634 97,805 129,681 153,048

Other non operating income 4,590 550 800 800 800

PBT before extra-ordinary items 76,782 65,184 98,605 130,481 153,848

Extra-ordinary income/ (exps.) 12,681 2,390 - - -

PBT 89,463 67,574 98,605 130,481 153,848

Provision for tax 17,790 22,602 31,554 41,754 49,231

Effective tax rate 19.9 33.4 32.0 32.0 32.0

Minority Interest (1,475) (13) 600 1,200 2,000

PAT (adjusted) 62,987 43,394 66,452 87,527 102,616

YoY growth (%) (29.7) (31.1) 53.1 31.7 17.2

PAT margin 10.6 6.1 8.3 10.3 11.4

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates

Exhibit 2: Balance Sheet

Y/E March (Rsmn) FY11 FY12 FY13E FY14E FY15E

Share Capital 18,988 18,988 19,047 19,055 19,055

Reserves 468,680 487,125 551,438 636,238 735,650

Net worth 487,668 506,113 570,486 655,293 754,704

Debt 616,708 690,232 640,000 490,000 350,000

Minority Interest 28,563 27,695 28,295 29,495 31,495

Deferred Tax Liability (32,574) (39,656) (39,656) (39,656) (39,656)

Total Capital Employed 1,100,365 1,184,384 1,199,125 1,135,132 1,096,543

Fixed Assets 1,288,743 1,335,820 1,350,494 1,277,526 1,186,213

Investments 6,224 18,958 14,631 16,631 93,462

Inventories 2,139 1,308 4,950 4,944 4,991

Debtors 54,929 63,735 64,448 68,156 68,309

Cash and cash equivalent 9,575 20,300 35,678 37,522 23,096

Loans and Advances & others 39,210 43,807 59,539 63,185 66,852

Total current assets 105,853 129,150 164,616 173,808 163,248

Current liabilities and provisions 285,475 295,795 326,678 328,698 342,039

Net current assets (179,622) (166,645) (162,063) (154,890) (178,791)

Other non-current assets 19,183 35,410 37,181 39,040 40,992

Other non-current liabilities 34,163 39,160 41,118 43,174 45,333

Total Assets 1,100,365 1,184,384 1,199,125 1,135,132 1,096,543

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates

Exhibit 3: Cash flow

Y/E March (Rsmn) FY11 FY12 FY13E FY14E FY15E

Cash flow from operating

Profit before tax 94,572 58,332 98,005 129,281 151,848

Depreciation 102,066 133,681 142,617 153,214 161,496

Other 2,971 74 (200) 400 (408)

Interest expenses 25,349 38,185 36,581 31,075 23,100

Cash before WC change 224,958 230,272 277,004 313,970 336,035

Working capital adjustment 8,203 15,263 (40,712) 535 13,431

Cash flow from operations 233,161 245,535 236,292 314,505 349,466

Direct taxes paid 17,790 22,602 31,554 41,754 49,231

Cash from operations 215,371 222,933 204,738 272,751 300,235

Cash flow from investing

Capex (649,541) (172,786) (93,239) (85,912) (146,764)

Invest & income for invest 46,590 (10,823) 5,127 (1,200) (1,592)

Cash flow from investing (602,951) (183,609) (88,112) (87,112) (148,356)

Cash flow from financing

Proceeds from sh cap & premium (306) (357) 59 7 -

Borrowings/ (Repayments) 423,312 (2,830) (50,232) (150,000) (140,000)

Interest paid (25,349) (38,185) (36,581) (31,075) (23,100)

Dividend paid (4,428) (4,568) (2,138) (2,727) (3,205)

Cash flow from financing 393,229 (45,940) (88,892) (183,794) (166,305)

Net cash increase/ (decrease) 5,649 (6,616) 27,734 1,844 (14,426)

Free cash flow to firm (FCFF) (447,288) 46,557 100,593 177,695 148,409

FCFF per share (117.8) 12.3 26.4 46.6 38.9

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates

Exhibit 4: Key Ratios

Y/E March FY11 FY12 FY13E FY14E FY15E

Margin Ratios (%)

EBITDA Margin 33.6 33.1 34.5 36.8 37.5

PBIT Margin 16.4 14.4 16.7 18.9 19.5

PBT Margin 12.9 9.1 12.3 15.3 17.2

PAT Margin 10.6 6.1 8.3 10.3 11.4

Return Ratios (%)

ROCE 10.2 6.0 7.7 9.4 10.8

ROIC 10.4 6.1 7.9 9.8 11.2

ROE 14.0 8.7 12.3 14.3 14.6

Turnover Ratios

Assets Turover Ratio (x) 0.75 0.63 0.68 0.73 0.81

Average collection period (days) 72.5 75.7 78.6 78.2 76.0

Average payment period (days) 287.7 243.3 224.0 224.9 227.7

Inventory holding (days) 1.3 0.7 2.2 2.1 2.0

Per share (Rs)

Basic EPS 19.3 11.9 17.5 23.1 27.0

Fully diluted EPS 16.6 11.4 17.4 23.0 26.9

CEPS 43.5 46.6 54.9 63.2 69.3

Book Value 128.4 133.3 149.8 172.0 198.0

Solvency ratios

Debt/ Equity 1.2 1.3 1.1 0.7 0.4

Interest Coverage 3.9 2.7 3.7 5.2 7.6

Valuation parameters (x)

P/E 19.2 27.8 18.2 13.8 11.8

P/BV 2.5 2.4 2.1 1.8 1.6

EV/ EBITDA 9.0 7.8 6.4 5.2 4.5

EV/ Sales 3.0 2.6 2.2 1.9 1.7

M-Cap/ Sales 2.0 1.7 1.5 1.4 1.4

Source: Company, Centrum Research Estimates


Bharti Airtel

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Bharti Airtel

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Bharti Airtel

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