Sep. 5 - Aug Sept Newsletter - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

Sep. 5 - Aug Sept Newsletter - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office



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One of my top priorities as

Sheriff is to optimize opportunities

to share information with our

residents and visitors, and to be

able to do that very quickly when it

involves important public safety


We’ve made our web site at more user

friendly and more interactive.

We’ve capitalized on social

media like Facebook to interact

with you and share information.

And now we’ve added the NIXLE

service to our communication tools.

If you’ve already signed up,

you’ve been alerted to traffic

crashes that cause road closures,

and tornado warnings. If not,

now’s the time!

“Stay out of area”- “Mid-bay Bridge closed”

- “Child missing in Holt”

In a critical situation, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

can now send out free, secure text or email emergency alerts or

advisories instantly to citizens’ cell phones.

Nixle is an on-line service that allows the Sheriff’s Office to

communicate directly with citizens in situations involving significant

public safety incidents.

“It provides multiple benefits to our residents or visitors at no

cost,” said Sheriff Larry Ashley. “Alerts are typically directly from our

communications officers. It is fast and secure and there’s no spam or


Nixle does not track users and no information is sold to third


Signing up is simple:

To register – go to

Click “Sign Up Now”

Pick a User Name and Password

Enter an email address or cell phone number

Enter an address or nearby intersection

Click “Sign Me Up Now”.

The Nixle logo with automatic link to the OCSO Nixle page is

also available on the OCSO website at




The rape and murder of a Niceville woman 37 years ago has been solved through the work of

Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office Investigator Travis Robinson and the Florida Department of Law

Enforcement Crime Lab.

37-year old Catherine Ainsworth had been sexually assaulted and strangled on August 30 th , 1975 in

her Hopper Street apartment.

In 2010, Robinson submitted several items of evidence from the cold case to the FDLE Crime Lab,

including an orange rug the victim’s body was found on. In April 2011, testing turned up DNA

evidence from sperm found on the rug. The DNA profile was entered into a national law enforcement

data base, but never received a hit.

Investigator Robinson focused on the old files and found the name of someone who seemed to be of

special interest to Okaloosa investigators back in 1975, 27-year old Staff Sgt. William P. Rouse. Rouse

had been assigned to Eglin Air Force Base. Rouse and was a neighbor of Ainsworth. He had given

conflicting stories to investigators who questioned him after the murder.

Robinson tracked Rouse to a location in Sloatsburg New York, north of New York City. He was

able to contact some family members and learned that Rouse had died in 2006.

Family members however sent Robinson two of William Rouse’s hats they’d kept after his death.

Robinson submitted the hats to the FDLE Crime Lab for DNA analysis. A DNA profile, developed

through this testing, revealed a match with the DNA found on the rug underneath the victim’s body

back in 1975. Comparison of these profiles determined that the possibility of anyone other than

William Rouse being the contributor of the sperm at the crime scene were over two-quadrillion to one.

On July 27, 2012, Robinson was able to provide long awaited closure to the Ainsworth family.

“It’s a good feeling to be able to close a 37-year old local murder,” said Robinson, “not just for

the investigator, but for the remaining family members of the victim.”




OCSO Corporal Gary Venuti has been

named the top School Resource Officer in

the State by the Florida Association of

School Resource Officers. Corporal Venuti

has been a deputy with the Okaloosa

County Sheriff’ Office approximately

twenty years and a supervisor with the

Youth Services Division for more than

fifteen. He’s currently assigned to Ruckel

Middle School where he also coaches the

girls’ softball team. In addition, he has

been a member of the OCSO Honor

Guard for fourteen years and is Team


“You couldn’t find a more deserving

officer,” said Sheriff Larry Ashley. “Anyone

who knows Corporal Venuti and has seen

him in action knows that he is as dedicated

and compassionate an SRO as you can


To see a profile story on Corporal

Venuti that was shown at the FASRO

conference click here:





The Okaloosa County

Multi Agency Drug Task

Force arrested the

following subjects as a

result of the investigation

into the “shake and

bake” meth lab

explosion August 3 rd at

a condominium on

Okaloosa Island:

32-year old Candace Lynn Beck and 39-year old Ray Charles Callin

were found at 423 NW Hollywood Blvd. in Fort Walton Beach Friday

night and subsequently arrested for Trafficking in Methamphetamine

over 200 grams in violation of F.S.S. 893.135.

Both individuals were present at Unit 508 of Princess Island

Condominiums on Okaloosa Island when the meth lab explosion


The subjects were

arrested after tips

lead investigators

to their location

on Hollywood















Dear Men and Women of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office:

When facing tough decisions, employ dogged and determined prayer and

continue to think grounded in the Word.

Do what is right, whatever it is, whatever comes down your path, whatever

problems and dilemmas you face- just do what’s right. Maybe no one else

is doing right, but you do what’s right. You be honest. You take a stand.

You be true. After all, regardless of what you do, God does what is right as

he saves you with his grace.

Never let your decisions be made on the basis of the blowing of the

winds of opinion and popularity.

The majority is not always right. If the majority had ruled, the children of

Israel never would have left Egypt. They would have voted to stay in

bondage. If the majority had ruled, David would have never fought

Goliath. His brothers would have voted for him to stay with the sheep.

What’s the point? You must listen to your own heart.

Do you ever wonder if everything will turn out right as long as you do

everything right? Do you ever try to do something right and yet nothing

seems to turn out like you planned? Take heart-when people do what is

right, God remembers!

Father, we invite you to be our guide through life. Lord, we don’t ask that

you take from us the worries of life but that you surface the worries of this

life so that we can share them with you and turn them over to you.

Rev. Cecil B. Williams, Chaplain

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department

Pastor, Gregg Chapel A.M.E. Church

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