Kiwanis Club of Fort Walton Beach - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

Kiwanis Club of Fort Walton Beach - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Larry Ashley in a Recent Presentation to FWB Kiwanis Club

(Bulletin is below)

Kiwanis Club of Fort Walton Beach

September 6, 2011

KIWANIS is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to

changing the world One Child and One Community at a time.


Objects of Kiwanis ‐ Number 6: To cooperate in creating and

maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism, which make possible the

increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and goodwill.


Program for Today ‐ Maestro Jeffrey Rink –

Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra (NFSO)

conductor and music director.


Human and Spiritual Values: Ken Winzeler

Health and Concerns: Our thoughts and prayers go in support of our fellow members and

their families who are working through medical or other issues.

Birthdays: ‐ Birthdays which occur between 6 and 12 September: - John McGee - 6

September, and – Pam Woodall - 7 September.

Help Needed: Your help is needed to fill the role of Kiwanis Advisor to the Edwins

Elementary School K‐Kids program. This is a K‐Kids program started just last year. Please

don’t let this effort fail now. See Betty Eustis or Charlie Heifner to know more.

New Kiwanis Service Project: Jim Heavener is the Chairman a service project which

would include visitation and fellowship with elderly men and women who, in effect, may

have been abandoned by their family, or have no family support in the area. Those who

would like to serve on this committee please contact Jim (226‐6318).

Inputs to the Bulletin: Do you have a message or announce you would like to see

published in the Bulletin? Send it to me NLT the close of business on Friday and I will

publish it in the Bulletin. (Editor)

Bulletin Assistant Editor: Needed: An Assistant Editor for the Bulletin. Please see

Charlie Heifner for information about this opportunity. (Editor)

Menu for September 6: ‐ Home Style Meatloaf and Fried Chicken.

Last Week’s Program: ‐ Sheriff Larry Ashley – Okaloosa County.

Sheriff Ashley’s presentation helped us focus on the question, “What is government’s

responsibility?” Public Safety, obviously, must rank at the top of local government’s core

responsibility. We were urged to be advocates for Public Safety, call our elected officials

and insist they place proper priority on budget allocation in support of Public Safety,

particularly during these hard economic times. Our sincere thank you to Sheriff Ashley for

a very informative and enlightening presentation.


‐ Do you have questions about Kiwanis? Contact any officer or Board Member. We will

answer your question or find the answer to your question.

Kiwanis Club of Fort Walton Beach


President ‐ Charles T. Heifner ‐ 862‐1592 or

Pres. Elect. ‐ Marvin McKinley ‐ 651‐3492 or

Vice Pres. ‐ Thomas R. Peacock ‐ 226‐7479 or tpcock2@ao;.com

Secretary ‐ Betty Eustis ‐ 939‐9536 or

Treasurer ‐ Stephen Reeder ‐ 424‐6454 or

Past Pres. ‐ Richard Hickenbotham – 226‐8467 or

Members of the Board of Directors:

Janet Fugate – 585‐0610 or

Lee Jackson ‐ 651‐4502 or

Edwin Lippincott ‐ 651‐8998 or

Roger Riggenbach ‐ 651‐0236 or

Melody Sommer ‐ 729‐2818 or

Linnette Wagers ‐ 897‐9848 or


Frank Wood ‐

862‐0373 or

Committee Chairs:

Service Leadership Programs (SLP):

‐ Key Club – Choctaw HS ‐ Diane Keller

‐ Key Club ‐ FWB HS ‐ Evan Taylor, Charlie Heifner

‐ Builders Club ‐ Bruner MS ‐ Linnette Wagers

‐ K‐Kids ‐ Mary Ester Elem. ‐ Betty Eustis

‐ K‐Kids ‐ Edwins Elem. ‐ Janet Baggett

‐ Young Children: Priority One: ‐ Cindy Corsentino

‐ Youth Services ‐ Matt Byrd

‐ Aktion ‐ Pam Woodall

‐ Boy Scout Hut ‐ Jeri Kennedy

‐ Gulf Coast Youth ‐ Matt Byrd, Bill Byerley, Paul Singleton

‐ Membership ‐ ‐ Lee Jackson

‐ Programs ‐ ‐ Jerry Melvin

‐ Fund Raising ‐ ‐ Ed Lippincott

‐ Human and Spiritual Values ‐ Ken Winzeler

‐ Finance ‐ ‐ Steve Reeder

‐ Historian ‐ ‐ Jim Leonard & Paul Singleton

‐ Inter‐Club ‐ ‐ Lee Jackson

‐ Publicity ‐ ‐ Tom Peacock

‐ Web Master ‐ ‐ Janet Fugate

‐ Facebook ‐ ‐ Janet Fugate

‐ The Blast ‐ ‐ Arnold Haynes

‐ New Member Orientation ‐ ‐ Paul Singleton, Jim Leonard, Dick


‐ Community Service ‐ ‐ Frank Wood

‐ ELIMINATE (MNT) ‐ ‐ Charlie Heifner

‐ Scholarship ‐ ‐ Charlie Heifner

‐ Bulletin ‐ ‐ Charlie Heifner (Editor)

Our Website ‐

Florida District Website ‐

Kiwanis International

Website for Potential Members

Kiwanis International

Website for Active Members


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