Texas CASA FY 2014 Annual Report


Texas CASA’s Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report highlights the achievements made possible through the combined efforts of Texas CASA and the 71 local CASA programs in Texas from September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014.

In this year’s report, we are celebrating 25 years of Texas CASA and proudly featuring testimonials of some key figures who, like you, have been a significant part of our organization’s growth and achievements. Our determination to serve grows with each succeeding year, and it is your support that keeps our organization moving forward on our journey.





When Jack entered care at age 8, he was

appointed a CASA volunteer to represent

his best interests. Jack’s CASA volunteer

advocated for him to be placed in a foster

home in his hometown, and supported him,

as well as his entire family, allowing for

reunification within a year.

the CASA community

When a child enters the child welfare system

because his or her home is no longer safe due

to abuse or neglect, a judge may appoint a

committed volunteer to advocate for the best

interests of the child in court and other settings.

That volunteer is called a Court Appointed

Special Advocate ® , or CASA.

At a local level, the 71 CASA programs in Texas

do the hands-on work of recruiting, training and

supervising volunteers to speak up in court and

represent the best interests of children. As the

statewide organization, Texas CASA provides

financial support and services to help ensure

the state's CASA programs operate effectively

and can seek out the best possible volunteers

who will work tirelessly and diligently to help

children, like Jack, find their forever homes.

table of contents

hearing from our ceo...............................................2

growing our vision....................................................4

25 years of achievement.......................................6

affecting change.......................................................8

advancing forward.................................................10

channeling funds..................................................... 12

powering a movement.......................................... 14

funding the future.................................................. 16

connecting our community................................ 18

sharing our financials........................................... 22

contributing to our cause.................................. 24

CASA programs in Texas.................................... 28

Texas CASA leadership & staff........................ 34

For the past 25 years, the CASA community in

Texas has worked together toward providing

a CASA volunteer for every child in need, and

helping them find safe, permanent and loving

homes as quickly as possible.

hearing from our ceo

Our story started in 1989, when a passionate

CASA volunteer from one of our state’s then

13 local CASA programs had a wonderful vision.

She imagined a statewide hub – an organization

belonging to everyone in Texas working tirelessly

in pursuit of the same mission – where member

programs could get the funding and expert

support they needed to help them achieve their

goals. That individual was Jane Quentan Piper,

and her idea was, and is, Texas CASA.

Vicki Spriggs,


Today, Texas CASA celebrates 25 successful

years shaped by visionaries like Jane as well

as volunteers working on the front line of

children’s advocacy in Texas. These people

make up the CASA network – they’re local

program staff and board members, dedicated

volunteers, government agencies and elected

officials, generous donors and caring community

partners. Most importantly, they’re dreamers and

creative thinkers who have had the knowledge,

compassion and courage to achieve great things.

We have grown exponentially since our humble

beginnings with a staff of two, working from

Jane’s kitchen table, tasked with matching a

$25,000 grant within two weeks or risk losing the

organization’s only funding. Today, we operate

with more than $17.5 million in federal, state and

private funds to support the 71 CASA programs

across Texas and ensure they can effectively

serve the children in their regions.

Texas CASA is thankful for the commitment of

our staff and board of directors that has allowed

us to reach these accomplishments. Everyone

in the CASA network has come

together in unprecedented ways

over the last 25 years, and we are

proud to have been an integral

part in advancing the charge.

Throughout the pages of

this report, you’ll meet some

individuals who have played major

roles in the growth and success of

Texas CASA. These incredible men

and women have offered support

and guidance through some of

the most challenging issues in

our community, but what’s most

remarkable is that each one

of them would acknowledge

that they have received more

gratification and personal growth

from their work with CASA than

they ever could have imagined.

Many things have changed

over the years, but Texas CASA

has remained focused on one

primary mission: to work with

local programs to assure a CASA

volunteer is available for every

child in the child welfare system

in Texas. While we have come a

long way, there are currently still

22,000 children who need a CASA

volunteer to advocate for them.

We will continue looking

toward the future, offering

policy leadership, collaborating

with stakeholders and working

to expand and strengthen local

programs until we achieve

this goal.

Thank you for playing a vital role

in our story and for your continued

support as we commit to an even

more successful future.



growing our vision

Texas CASA remains the statewide hub of the CASA community.

Together, in Fiscal Year 2014*, we made great headway toward

realizing our vision of having a CASA volunteer for every child who

needs one.


CASA volunteers










in DFPS legal custody

* September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014

applauding CASA


Jane Quentan Piper,

Texas CASA Founding CEO

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since

Texas CASA was started, and over 30 since I first

served as a CASA volunteer in Dallas. My hope

with Texas CASA was to create an organization

that would bring local programs together, assist

with program expansion and increase statewide

awareness of the CASA movement. Never in my

wildest dreams could I have imagined that we

would grow so much – and in so many ways!

In 1989, the CASA network in Texas looked

very different than it does today. With only

13 programs, there were no agreedupon

standards or guidelines for

operation and expansion. Most judges

had never even heard of CASA, nor

had the legislature or the corporate

sector. Today, the CASA network is 71

programs strong and has garnered

bipartisan support at the Capitol and

longstanding relationships with the

judiciary as well as other stakeholders

in the child welfare community.

Some might think Texas CASA’s vision

to provide a CASA volunteer for every

child who needs one is impossible.

But I believe that, if we all work

together, the CASA network possesses

the passion and drive necessary to one

day make our vision a reality.

I may have retired from Texas CASA,

but I am extremely proud to say that

the same passion and drive I had

on day one still exists today. I will

continue to support Texas CASA as

they work tirelessly and innovatively

to provide programs with the resources

and support they need to ensure the

highest quality advocacy possible for

children in care.


of achievement

As a state membership organization, Texas CASA works to connect

each part of the CASA community and empower programs to provide a

CASA volunteer for every child in need. We are dedicated to expanding,

supporting and strengthening the local CASA programs by providing

resources and funding, encouraging innovative ideas, monitoring

quality of operations, creating materials for volunteer recruitment

and advocating in the legislature to advance improvements in the

child welfare system.


The network served 1,121 more

children, a 4.7% increase

from FY 2013 to FY 2014

Local programs assigned

455 more volunteers than

last year, a 6% increase

Local programs served nearly

670 more cases than last year



affecting change

Expanded Legislative Advocacy Teams (LATs)

from 12 to 18

Worked to implement House Bill 915,

a watershed in mental health care for foster

children, which gave significant oversight

to the use of psychotropic medications for

children who are in state care

• With funding from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health,

we coordinated and facilitated the Texas CASA Mental Health Task

Force – a group of child welfare experts, stakeholders, advocates and

former foster youth. The task force identified significant challenges

regarding mental health for children in the child welfare system and

developed actionable recommendations for change. Based on those

recommendations, we will collaborate with other child advocacy groups

to work on legislation that will give youth in care a stronger voice.

• We actively participated in the Texas Sunset Commission’s review

process of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS)

and empowered local programs to do the same.

• We testified before multiple legislative committees for interim

hearings on policy issues relevant to the child welfare system.

applauding CASA


Greg Abbott,

Texas Governor

A key focus of mine as Texas’ Attorney General

was protecting and fighting for Texas children

who were facing difficult and often heartbreaking


As my office worked to advocate on behalf of

these most vulnerable Texans, I came to realize

that we needed a strong partner in our effort to

help abused and neglected children overcome the

challenges they are facing. Whether it was a young

child who needed a mentor, or a child who needed

a caring guide through what can often be complex

legal proceedings, CASA was the partner we were

looking for and continues to be an invaluable

resource and partner for children

in need.

As Attorney General, my office

partnered with Texas CASA

repeatedly to raise awareness

about child abuse prevention, and

it was my great honor to have Texas

CASA recognize my commitment

to protecting Texas children with its

Lone Star Champions for Kids Award

in 2007. Through grant funding and

project collaboration, together, we

have been able to help ensure that all

Texas children have a chance to learn,

thrive and succeed.

However, our work is not finished –

a single child in distress is one too

many. Texas’ children will always need

a strong advocate by their side, and

Texas will continue to look to CASA to

help lead that effort. Nothing is more

important to our great state than the

future of our children. That is why as

Governor, I will continue to be a strong

and vocal advocate for the vital work

CASA does and do everything possible

to offer my support, assistance and

gratitude on behalf of the State

of Texas.


advancing forward

23 comprehensive quality assurance reviews

to increase overall program effectiveness across

85 counties

Helped launch 71st local program:

CASA of Titus, Camp & Morris Counties

• With funding from the RGK Foundation, we strengthened the quality

assurance monitoring process by providing board training and data

management assistance to local programs.

• Compared to the previous year, local programs scored better

in two key areas that are reviewed during quality assurance visits:

volunteer management and minimum expectations of service to

a case.

• We ensured CASA volunteers and staff have the strongest criminal

background checks available by training and assisting all programs in

implementation of the fingerprint-based background check system.

• We provided 11 local programs with intensive assistance and crisis

management through the Program Improvement Project, funded by

the Meadows Foundation, helping to avert any disruption of services to

children in these programs.

applauding CASA

Commissioner John J. Specia, Jr.,

Texas Department of Family and

Protective Services

CASA and DFPS have a common mission – to

protect the unprotected – and Texas CASA has

been a key partner in that mission for the past

25 years.

Texas is lucky to have this statewide organization

and the 71 local programs providing committed

CASA volunteers, staff and board members to

ensure our children receive the services they need.

Throughout my career, I have

witnessed Texas CASA’s expansion

across the state in order to better

serve our communities. It is the CASA

network’s dedication to providing a

voice to the vulnerable children that

inspires so many, including myself,

to make a difference in the lives of

abused and neglected children.

Texas CASA has accomplished a lot

since its founding, and I look forward

to the next 25 years as we continue to

strengthen our relationship so

that we can work together in guiding

these children to safe, permanent

homes where they have the

opportunity to succeed.

It is a privilege to work alongside

Texas CASA and every CASA volunteer

as we mold a brighter future for Texas.



channeling funds

Administered $14 million in state and federal

grant funds to local CASA programs

Funds passed through Texas CASA covered

approximately 50% of the local CASA programs’

annual expenses

• We provided oversight for the awarding and reporting of the

Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Growth Fund contracts.

• We secured Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding to reimburse

programs for the new fingerprint-based background checks.

• Because we closely monitored funding, only 1% of VOCA (federal)

and CVC (state) funds awarded went unexpended in 2014.

applauding CASA


Michael Piraino,

National CASA CEO

Texas CASA has grown exponentially since its

founding. Four words, to me, account for the

organization’s success: professionalism, collaboration,

focus and vision. But the greatest of these is vision.

Texas CASA’s vision, a CASA volunteer for every child,

is at the heart of every conversation and behind

every activity.

The record of Texas CASA’s 25 years of achievement,

however, adds up to so much more than the

number of children served. Texas CASA is creating

communities that truly care for and protect the most

vulnerable children with the highest quality advocacy

possible. A robust range of training

and quality assurance resources,

effective legislative practices, highly

visible public policy advocacy and a

knowledgeable and responsive staff

are the kinds of well-designed

practices that have helped CASA

programs in the state and in the nation

move toward powerful advocacy for all

the kids in the child welfare system.

When we collaborate effectively,

we bring the full knowledge of our

collective voices to bear on behalf

of the children. Whether in the halls

of the U.S. Congress or the Texas

legislature, whether in front of judges

or in front of funders—our collective

voice is powerful. In the next 25

years, I see our organizations working

closely so that the nation understands

that CASA is the biggest and best

volunteer advocacy movement for

abused and neglected children. I look

into the future and imagine a growth

curve that rises to meet the full need

and then declines because, due to

our joint advocacy, fewer and fewer

children need to be removed from their

homes due to maltreatment.


powering a movement

Screened recruitment Public Service

Announcements (PSAs) a total of 727,400

times in 160 movie theaters across Texas

More than 3,200 members of the CASA

network attended 24 trainings and 16 webinars

• With funding from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, we

launched a new Texas CASA website with an updated look and

improved functionality, and developed websites for 14 local

programs based on our new design.

• We provided essential crisis communications support to programs

facing potential challenges.

• We began work on the first installment of the Fierce Advocacy

Series, the Educational Advocacy Toolkit, which aims to help CASA

volunteers ensure that all CASA children receive an education that

meets their individual needs.

• We partnered with the Texas Children’s Commission, DFPS,

Texas Appleseed and Casey Family Services to offer four one-day

Permanency Values Trainings that explored how partners in the

child welfare system can work with children and youth in care to

build life-long, supportive relationships.

applauding CASA


J. Parker McCollough,

Vice President, Government Affairs,

Gulf Coast Region, NRG Energy

I was a state representative and a member of

the Appropriations Committee when I was first

approached by Jane Quentan Piper in 1991. We

were under a very difficult budget crunch that

year, and had to say no to a lot of people. Jane,

however, would not take no for an answer. I quickly

became familiar with Texas CASA, and because of

Jane, its mission became my own.

Jane started urging not just me, but my entire

office – she was persistent and aggressive in

keeping CASA on the front burner as we were

writing the budget. She did a great job

of explaining how CASA involvement

benefits children, the community

and society as a whole, leading us to

appropriate $250,000 from the state’s

Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund for

the first two years. Today, it has grown

to approximately $10.5 million and is

the biggest source of funding

in supporting the 71 local CASA

programs across Texas.

I am grateful that I was able to be a

part of the start of such a wonderful

organization and have truly valued

my relationship with Texas CASA over

the years. I will do whatever I can

to help continue the growth of the

organization throughout the state.

My hope for the next 25 years of

Texas CASA would be to have a

CASA program in every county and

every community across the state,

ensuring that every child who needs

one will have a CASA volunteer.

The day may come when CASA is no

longer needed because every child has

a safe and loving home, but until then,

I am thrilled to continue to support

Texas CASA in both a personal and

corporate role.


funding the future

Secured more than $1.7 million in private

funding in FY 2014

More than 400 program staff and board

members attended 11 webinars to support their

fundraising efforts

• We cultivated a generous grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of

Texas and its Healthy Kids, Healthy Families initiative that will help

fund a pilot program focused on creating an effective and scalable

model to serve every child designated under Permanent Managing

Conservatorship (PMC) across the state – children placed in the

permanent custody of DFPS.

• The Meadows Foundation continued their support for a second

year, allowing us to deliver hands-on assistance to another 10 local

programs in addition to the 11 programs currently served through their

grant, and to expand the network’s ability for legislative advocacy.

• We also successfully extended support from RGK Foundation for

another year, which increased both the number of onsite board

trainings and data management assistance provided by the quality

assurance team.

applauding CASA

Beverly Levy,

Former Dallas CASA Executive Director

When I became the executive director of Dallas CASA

in 1993, I recognized how much I needed the insight

and advice of those who worked in the field. Through

its invaluable network, Texas CASA connected me

with the truly remarkable CASA executive and

program directors across the state. Throughout my

21-year career with Dallas CASA, the broader Texas

CASA community was always there for me and the

organization, offering encouragement and support.

Texas CASA helps local programs across the state

provide the best possible environment through their

advocates by offering all of us a forum through

which we can learn from one another

and by encouraging collaboration,

particularly with DFPS, the judiciary

and other professionals in the foster

care system. That collaboration is key

to identifying opportunities that benefit

the children we serve and negotiating

ways of making change possible. As our

advocate in the Texas Legislature, Texas

CASA then helps to ensure that those

improvements are legal and funded.

I don’t think there’s any higher

calling than to be a part of CASA. It’s

quite simply the perfect nonprofit

organization. Whether as a volunteer,

staff or board member, everyone who

works with CASA serves children who

desperately need our help – who are

also caught in a system that needs

our help.

Some people look back on their lives

and say, “Why didn’t I do more to help?”

I was truly blessed by my years at

Dallas CASA, going to work every single

day, loving my job and the people with

whom I worked because I knew that

we were doing extraordinary things for

our state’s most vulnerable children.

What could be better than that?



connecting our community

2013 Texas CASA Conference:

Fierce Advocacy – The CASA Way

October 24 – 26, 2013

595 CASA volunteers, staff and board members attended the 2013 Texas

CASA Conference to network, learn best practices and leverage the work

we all do to help Texas children. The event was especially focused on

celebrating the CASA volunteers in attendance – those who truly make

our organization a success. The annual conference is our opportunity

to bring together passionate, like-minded people and to celebrate the

successes of the broader CASA community.

Child Welfare Primer

November 19, 2013

CASA volunteers and staff from around the state attended the third

annual Texas CASA Child Welfare Primer. The primer consisted of indepth

presentations on:

• The state budget and how it affects the children we serve

• The Sunset process and how to best advocate for improvements to the

child welfare system

• Policy changes that help promote bonds between children and their

family and friends

• Trauma-informed care



connecting our community

2014 Texas Children

Texas Champions Luncheon

February 11, 2014

Texas CASA and Child Advocates

San Antonio co-hosted the 2014 Texas

Children Texas Champions Luncheon

and award ceremony at the Pearl Stable

in San Antonio. Three San Antonio-area

legislators and a corporate sponsor were

recognized as champions for children in

the child welfare system.

The Legislative Champions awards were

presented to Speaker of the Texas House

of Representatives Joe Straus, Senator

Carlos Uresti and Representative Ruth

Jones McClendon. All three legislators have

shown exceptional leadership in helping to

strengthen CASA programs across Texas

and improve outcomes for children in the

Texas child welfare system. Union Pacific

Railroad was honored as a Corporate

Champion for its leadership and support of

CASA in San Antonio, as well as programs

across Texas.

Advanced Executive

Director and Program

Director Development


March 6 – 7, 2014

Texas CASA hosted a two-day

retreat for local program executive

directors (EDs) and program

directors (PDs). The first day focused

on strategies to build resiliency in

themselves and their organizations

by maintaining a healthy perspective

and avoiding secondary traumatic

stress and burnout. The second

day consisted of separate tracks,

with topics geared toward program

administration and governance for

EDs and advocacy and volunteer

support for PDs.


Advocacy Team


August 23, 2014

Texas CASA led a Legislative

Advocacy Team (LAT) Retreat

attended by 39 LAT chairs and

staff from 16 CASA programs.

The retreat's purpose was

to educate and inspire LATs

for the 84th Legislative

Session. Retreat activities

included a "how-to" exercise

on testifying before the

legislature, a discussion of

Texas CASA's draft legislative

priorities and an overview of

the recommendations of the

Texas CASA Mental Health

Task Force. In addition, State

Representative Larry Gonzales

provided excellent insight into

the legislative process as well

as the Sunset process.



sharing our financials


State Funding $10,846,660

Federal Funding $5,103,168

Private Funding $1,760,180

TOTAL REVENUE $17,710,008

Pass through amount



Local Program Support

Services and Training

Volunteer Recruitment

and Awareness

Grants Management

and Development




Administration $579,566

Public Policy Advocacy $217,964

TOTAL EXPENSES $16,852,615

87% of government funding Texas CASA

receives is awarded to local programs for

recruitment, training and support of volunteers

Fiscal Year 2014 began September 1, 2013

and concluded August 31, 2014

applauding CASA


The Honorable Eva Guzman,

Justice, Supreme Court of Texas;

Chair, Permanent Judicial Commission

for Children, Youth and Families

I think that anyone who comes into contact with

Texas CASA is inevitably changed and shaped by

that experience, and I am no exception.

I have had the opportunity to observe the work

of Texas CASA from all three levels of the state

judiciary, and I know firsthand that it fills a crucial

void in our legal system. All judges have cases

that they never forget, and for me, that case came

well before my appointment to the Texas Supreme

Court. It involved a brave 13-year-old girl who had

been terribly abused by her mother. The father

had stood idly by, allowing the abuse

to continue, but the child’s CASA

volunteer was the one grounding

presence in her life and provided

invaluable assistance at a time of

critical need. As a judge, I will be

forever grateful for CASA’s work in that

case, and the countless others where it

performs a similar function.

Having served on the Texas CASA

board of directors, I have had the honor

of transitioning from an appreciative

observer of the organization’s

endeavors to an enthusiastic

participant. My work with Texas CASA

has been some of the most meaningful

in my career, and I look forward to

expanding my involvement as the

organization continues its outstanding

efforts on behalf of children in the

child welfare system.

I passionately believe that abused and

neglected children should have the

support and assistance they need, and

I am pleased to be part of a group that

has such a positive impact on children

going through difficult circumstances.

Texas CASA has made tremendous

strides over the years and has done

heroic work for some of the most

vulnerable Texans.


contributing to our cause


$100,000 – $249,999

An investment made in Texas CASA is an investment made

in the future of Texas’ children. Our supporters help create

a future where children and families flourish. Their generous

contributions allow us to support the 71 local programs,

which in turn provide volunteers to serve the children in their

local communities. We applaud our donors for allowing us to

strengthen our leadership this year, and every year.

The Meadows


Major Grants for Texas CASA Projects

Capacity Building for Local CASA Programs &

Public Policy Support

The Meadows Foundation

Enhanced Mental Health Advocacy Project

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health


$25,000 – $99,999

Online Core Advocacy Skills Training &

Quality Assurance Review Program

RGK Foundation

Healthy Kids Healthy Tomorrows:

CASA PMC Pilot Project

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Healthy Kids, Healthy Families



contributing to our cause

Our donors' contributions make a difference in the lives of the

children in our community. We are grateful for their dedication and for

working with us to improve the lives of children in need.


$10,000 – $24,999


$1,000 – $4,999


Renee Day

Dechert LLP

Devereaux Texas

Jay Ellwanger

Veronica Forsyth

Tracey & Ben Franks

Frost Bank San Antonio

Haynes and Boone

Amy & Greg Herzog

Ivan Jaime

Melissa & Mark Jones

Thomas Jones

Dr. Yvonne Katz

John Larkin


$1,000 – $4,999

Bill Paxton

Nelda Peterson & Patrick Howard


John Sampson

Paige & Michael Sconzo

Silver Eagle Distributors

Dr. James Speights

Vicki Spriggs

Jana Teis

Holly & Michael Turner


Billy C. Ward

Greg Wilhelm

Fred Williams

Zachry Construction

Suzanne & Don Maloney

Marathon Oil


$500 – $999

Colleen Barrett


$5,000 – $9,999


$1,000 – $4,999

Alpha Capital Management

McCraw Oil/Kwik Chek

Jim McReynolds

Merck Partnership for Giving

Susan & Glenn Brooks

Jenny Haynes

Ryan Parrish

Altria Client Services Inc.

The Dorset Foundation/

Jane Quentan Piper



Julie Bowling

Brattain Family Charitable Trust

Mary & Lynn Moak

Holly Munin

Susie Moseley

Stefanie Scott

Michael Wright

Tassie & Dick Holt

Marina & Patrick Breeland

Becky & Gene Needham


Brandy & Christopher Buck

Trisha & Chaz Neely

Wells Fargo Capital Finance

Onshore Resources



CASA programs in Texas

*100% @ 70%

Program served

100% of the

children in its area

with at least

70% volunteers

*100% @ 100%

Program served

100% of the children

in its area with

100% volunteers


Big Country CASA

(325) 677-7895




Frontier CASA

(432) 837-7448



Amarillo Area CASA, Inc.

(806) 373-2272



CASA of Brazoria County

(979) 849-7751



CASA of Trinity Valley

(903) 675-7070



CASA of Travis County

(512) 459-2272



CASA of Bastrop County

(512) 303-2272


Bay City

CASA of Matagorda &

Wharton Counties

(979) 245-4958



CASA of Southeast Texas

(409) 832-2272



Fannin County

Children's Center

(903) 583-4339



CASA for Kids

of South Central Texas

(979) 277-0088



CASA of Cameron &

Willacy Counties

(956) 546-6545



CASA in the Heart of Texas

(325) 643-2557



Voices for Children, Inc.-

CASA of Brazos Valley

(979) 822-9700



CASA of the Rolling Plains

(940) 937-3180



CASA of Johnson County

(817) 558-6995



CASA Child Advocates

of Montgomery County

(936) 441-5437


Corpus Christi

CASA of the Coastal Bend

(361) 884-2272




CASA of Navarro County

(903) 872-3772



CASA 69, Inc.

(806) 244-2684



Dallas CASA

(214) 827-8961




CASA programs in Texas


CASA of Wise & Jack Counties

(940) 627-7535



CASA of Denton County, Inc.

(940) 243-2272



CASA of Hidalgo County

(956) 381-0346


El Paso

CASA of El Paso

(915) 546-8146


Fort Worth

CASA of Tarrant County

(817) 877-5891



CASA of North Texas

(940) 665-2244



CASA of Galveston County

(409) 572-2552



CASA of Williamson County

(512) 868-2822



North Star CASA

(940) 549-9829



CASA of Hood &

Somervell Counties

(817) 579-6866



CASA for Hunt County

(903) 450-4410



Great Plains CASA for Kids

(806) 363-1211



Child Advocates, Inc.

(713) 529-1396



CASA of Walker,

San Jacinto & Trinity Counties

(936) 291-6363



Hill Country CASA

(830) 896-2272



CASA for the

Highland Lakes Area

(325) 388-3440



Brush Country CASA

(361) 595-7233



Voz de Niños

(956) 727-8691



CASA of Liberty/

Chambers Counties

(936) 334-9000



East Texas CASA

(903) 753-8093



CASA of the South Plains

(806) 763-2272



CASA of the Pines

(936) 634-6725



CASA of Harrison County

(903) 923-9224



Bluebonnet CASA

(325) 347-6474



CASA of Collin County

(972) 529-2272



CASA of West Texas

(432) 683-1114


*100% @ 70%

Program served

100% of the

children in its area

with at least

70% volunteers

Mount Pleasant

CASA of Titus,

Camp & Morris Counties

(903) 717-8940



CASA of Deep East Texas

(936) 560-4711


New Braunfels

CASA of Central Texas, Inc.

(830) 626-2272



CASA of the

Permian Basin Area, Inc.

(432) 498-4174


*100% @ 100%

Program served

100% of the children

in its area with

100% volunteers


Advocates for Children, Inc.

(409) 886-2272



CASA of the High Plains

(806) 669-7638




(903) 737-4346



CASA of South Texas

(830) 569-4696




CASA programs in Texas

*100% @ 70%

Program served

100% of the

children in its area

with at least

70% volunteers

*100% @ 100%

Program served

100% of the children

in its area with

100% volunteers


Lone Star CASA

(972) 772-5858



Child Advocates of Fort Bend

(281) 341-9955


San Angelo

Children's Advocacy Center

of Tom Green County

(325) 653-4673


San Antonio

Child Advocates San Antonio


(210) 225-7070



CASA of Grayson County, Inc.

(903) 813-5400



CASA for the

Cross Timbers Area

(254) 965-6610


Sulphur Springs

Lake Country CASA

(903) 885-1173



CASA of Bell &

Coryell Counties

(254) 774-1881


CASA of Northeast Texas

(870) 775-1252



CASA for Kids of East Texas

(903) 597-7725



Tri-County CASA

(830) 278-7733


Golden Crescent CASA, Inc.

(361) 573-3734



CASA of McLennan &

Hill Counties

(254) 304-7982



CASA of Ellis County

(972) 937-1455



CASA - Hope for Children

(817) 599-6224


Wichita Falls

Child Advocates

CASA of Red River

(940) 766-0552




Texas CASA leadership & staff



Susie Moseley

Former Local CASA

Executive Director


Honorable Greg Wilhelm, J.D.

Attorney at Law, Law Office

of Gregory E. Wilhelm, P.C.,

Former Judge

Past President

Billy Ward

Former President,

Swalm Foundation,

Community Volunteer

First Vice President

Greg Herzog

Capelo Law Firm, CASA Volunteer


Renee Day

Healthcare Administration

Professional, Baylor

Healthcare System


Frederick (Fred) Williams

Retired, Marketing Director,

Aspen Technologies

Christopher Buck, J.D.

Attorney, Buck Law Firm P.L.L.C.

Kevin Corbett

Partner, Ernst & Young

Vivian J. Dorsett, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor & Private

Practitioner, Prairie View

A&M University

E. Ben Franks, J.D.

Cattle Rancher, Riata Cattle

Jenny Haynes

Communications Professional,

CASA Volunteer

Hedy Helsell

Retired, Former Executive Director,

Center for Nonprofit Management

Ivan Jaime

Director of Public Affairs,

Union Pacific Railroad

Dan McCoy, M.D.

Vice President & Chief Medical

Officer, Blue Cross and

Blue Shield of Texas

Jim McReynolds

Former State Representative,

Owner, Chapparel Energy, Inc.

Holly Munin

CEO, Superior HealthPlan

Gene Needham

Retired, CASA Volunteer

Steve Ortega, J.D.

Attorney, Law Office of

Steve Ortega

Jana Teis

Banker, Wells Fargo

Regional Representatives

Alisa De Luna

Executive Director,

CASA of Williamson County

Joni Garcia

Executive Director,

CASA of South Texas

Jennie Hill

Executive Director,

CASA of the South Plains

Ann McAlpin

Executive Director,

CASA Child Advocates

of Montgomery County

Celeste Prather

Executive Director,

CASA for Hunt County

Vicki Robertson

Executive Director,

CASA of North Texas


Vicki Spriggs


Veronica Forsyth

Deputy CEO


Cathy Cockerham

Liaison for Program Development

Nancy Rodriguez

Business Operations Manager

Karen Dvorak

Data Manager

Maribel Bowles

Events & Meetings Manager

Esteban Desantiago

Executive Assistant

Training & Communications

Leslie Palmer

Training & Communications


Dennise Jackson

Training & Outreach Manager

Debbie Berins

Communications & PR Specialist

Caitlyn Perdue

Marketing Technologist

Sean White

Training Technologist

Emma Ledford

Training & Communications


Program Services

Teri Dahl

Program Services Director

Deedra Baker

Quality Assurance Manager

Diana Fonseca

Quality Assurance Specialist

Dorothy Garretson

Quality Assurance Assistant

Grants Management

Glenn Brooks

Grants Management Director

Tom Jones

Senior Grants

Management Specialist

Mary Hightower

Grants Management Specialist


Shari Hanrahan

Development Director

Alicia Jones

Development Associate

Public Affairs

Andrew Homer

Public Affairs Director

Cristina Masters

Legislative Advocacy Coordinator

Sarah Crockett

Public Policy Coordinator



Thank you for your continued

support in making a difference in

Texas. With your help, we will have

a CASA volunteer for every Texas

child in need.

At Texas CASA, we have an

uncompromising belief in


• We can achieve what others

think impossible, and

• Each of us is an essential

part of the solution.

1501 West Anderson Lane • Suite B-2

Austin, Texas 78757

(512) 473-2627



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