International Program Viewbook and Forms 2013-2014 - Santa Fe ...

International Program Viewbook and Forms 2013-2014 - Santa Fe ...

Santa Fe Catholic

High School

International Program


Preparing Students for College and the World

Lakeland, Florida

Letter from the Principal of

Santa Fe Catholic High School

Dear Friends,

You are on the verge of making a very significant decision for your child. You are considering an

international education. The greatest goal you can have for your son or daughter is that they are

successful in life. Every student is different. It is very important that you find the best fit for your

child so that he/she can be successful in school and in life.

As you consider the many options, please give consideration to the following issues:

Will your child succeed more readily in a large school or a smaller one?

Are you looking for a dorm living situation or a home-stay program?

How much individualized attention do you want for your child?

Mr. Matt Franzino, Principal

Do you want opportunities for your child to participate in athletics, drama and school


Santa Fe Catholic is a very good school, known for its academic excellence. It is a small school

with a very selective and limited international program. We believe that welcoming international

students to our school is mutually beneficial to both the international student and the local school

community. We ask that the students who attend our school be active members of the school

community and the families in which they find a home.

If you are looking for a small school where your son or daughter will be given a great deal of

individual attention, then perhaps Santa Fe Catholic will be a good choice for you. You will learn

more about us in the following pages.

We encourage you in your search for the best school for your child. Please check our website and

feel free to email if you have any additional questions.

Most sincerely,

Matt Franzino


Built on a

Solid Foundation

Terri Goleno, CPA, Class of 1976

Santa Fe Catholic High School was founded

in 1962. Since that time it has been known in

the local community as a school of excellence.

Graduates of Santa Fe have become

successful in their chosen professions and are

leaders in their communities.

In 1972 Santa Fe Catholic became the first

school to be nationally accredited by the

Southern Association of Colleges and

Schools. This accreditation is a statement of

excellence. It certifies that Santa Fe meets

the most rigorous standards in education.

Santa Fe has maintained its accreditation by

the Southern Association of Colleges and

Schools every year from 1972 to the present.

Santa Fe Catholic boasts a faculty that excels

academically. 68% of the faculty members

have degrees beyond the bachelors degrees.

Most faculty have extensive experience in

other school systems and have chosen the

small-school Christian environment provided

at Santa Fe as an ideal and effective teaching

environment. The 25 members of our faculty

have a combined total of over 350 years of

educational experience. Teachers and

administrators regularly attend AP

workshops, subject area forums and

curriculum conferences to stay on the cutting

edge of educational pedagogy.

School Statistics











SAT (last 5 year averages)

State of Florida National Santa Fe










Average ACT Results

State of Florida National Santa Fe

When iPods are passé and today’s technology has gone the way of the dinosaurs, the most

important thing you can give your children is an excellent education steeped in the

Catholic values you treasure.

70% of Santa Fe eligible students receive Bright Futures scholarships and the most recent

graduating class of 61 members received in excess of $2.3 million in college scholarships.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic is that 100% of our students graduate having

received the solid values base that will make them good people and responsible citizens of

our country and our world. Our students become the leaders of the communities in which

they live.



Florida State Alumni

A variety of Advanced Placement

and honors courses are offered to

students at Santa Fe Catholic. The

Advanced Placement program

includes courses in Biology,

English Language, English

Literature, Calculus, American

History, Government, Micro

Economics, Studio Art and World

History. 77% of SFC students

taking Advanced Placement exams

received a passing score, as

compared to the county average of

13% and the national average of


Class of 2012 College Acceptances

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Pennsylvania State University

American University of Paris

Purdue University

Auburn University

Rollins College

Binghamton University

Saint Leo University

Brandeis University

Saint Mary’s College

Bridgewater College

Shaw University

Campbell University

Stetson University

Carlow University

University of Southern Mississippi

Catholic University of America University of Manchester

Clemson University

University of Tampa

College of Charleston

Troy University

College of Idaho

Tulane University

Duquesne University

University of Alabama

Flagler College

University of Central Florida

Florida Atlantic University

University of Colorado

Florida Gulf Coast University

University of Delaware

Florida International University University of Denver

Florida Southern College

University of Florida

Florida State University

University of Miami

Furman University

University of North Florida

Georgia Southern University

University of South Florida

Georgia Institute of Technology University of Washington

Holy Cross College

University of Wisconsin

Louisiana State University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Loyola University

USF Polytechnic

Michigan State University

Valencia College

Mississippi State University

Wake Forest University

New York University

Washington & Jefferson College

Waycross College



The Home-Stay Program is designed to be of

mutual benefit to the international student as

well as the American family. Students are

placed in a home and are treated as a member of

the family. Celebrations, holidays, chores, joys

and difficulties are shared in the family. It is our

hope through this program that the student will

get an insight into the American family and that

the American family will have a better

understanding of the student’s culture. Every

effort is made to match students and families

who will be compatible with one another.

It is important to remember that when coming to

another culture, expectations will be different

from those at home. International students are

encouraged to bring an open mind and an open

heart. American families who are accepted as

host families will also be expected to be

welcoming and encouraging to their new

international son or daughter.

International Student

Admission Procedures

Step 1:

Complete I20 Application

Complete School Application

Submit 2 Letters of Recommendation

Submit School Transcripts

After review of records you will receive notification of pre-acceptance.

Step 2:

Submit Copies of Student Passport

Submit Parent ID

Submit Tuition Agreement

Submit Medical Liability Release

Submit Custody Agreement (must be notarized)

Submit $5,000 Registration Deposit

After receipt of all items a final letter of acceptance will be issued and the I20 sent by

express mail.

Step 3 After Visa is granted:

Bring original of Custody agreement with you to


Bring health forms and immunization records

Make plane reservations

Let us know as soon as you have an arrival date

Wire final payment for tuition to the school account

We will send you host family information and arrange to have you met at the airport.

Santa Fe Catholic High School

Lakeland, FL

International Students

Annual Breakdown of Expenses


Tuition and Fees: $42,000


Academic tuition

Academic fees

Administrative fees

Comprehensive student health insurance

Sport and athletic program fees

Lunch program

All school field trip and event fees (not including optional holiday travel)

Host home fee

Uniform purchase

(Includes: 3 school shirts, 2 shorts, 1 long pants, 1 dress uniform, 1 outerwear)

Book rental (failure to return the books in good condition will require an additional fee)

Recommended Personal Spending Money: $150.00 per month.

Payment Expectations:

$5,000 with application

Remainder payable on or before July 15, 2013

Refund Policy*:

$4,500 of the application fee will be refunded if the student does not receive a Visa.

The application fee will NOT be refunded if the student changes his/her mind and decides not to


There will be no refund of any portion of the tuition if the student leaves the school during the

school year or if the student is dismissed from the school for inappropriate behavior, breaking

school rules or refusing to do the required academic work necessary for success.

All students who attend Santa Fe Catholic High School MUST bring a laptop or tablet

computer. They may bring the laptop/computer of their choice. PCs are preferred.

* A more detailed refund policy can be found on page 17 of this book.

Santa Fe Catholic High School, Inc.

Medical Care and Liability Release

In case of illness, accident or injury, we grant permission to examine and treat our child, whose signature appears below, at an

appropriate medical facility and to make referrals to outside physicians and facilities as indicated. We grant permission to

release information regarding our child’s health to the assigned host parent or the President of Santa Fe Catholic High School,

Inc. We also grant permission for our child to receive any and all immunization(s) required for participation in an academic

program. We understand that we must pay for any necessary immunizations.

While under the sponsorship of Santa Fe Catholic High School, Inc. Host Home program, the student may not participate in

skydiving, hand gliding, glider riding, parachute jumping, para-sailing, jet skiing, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, bungee

jumping or any other high risk activity as determined by Santa Fe Catholic High School, Inc.

In anticipation of my son/daughter’s acceptance to participate in the International Studies program sponsored by Santa Fe

Catholic High School, Inc. we the undersigned parents/guardians hereby release Santa Fe Catholic, its Administrators, Board

of Directors, the Diocese of Orlando, Agents, Host Families and Academic Institutions from any and all current and future

claims, charges, costs, and/or causes of action for loss of property, personal injury, illness, accident or death sustained by my

child during the time he/she is in the program whether covered by current insurance or not. I further agree to indemnify and

hold harmless all of the above named from any and all liabilities, including liabilities to third parties, which may arise from

my child’s participation in the program, including all activities specified herein, in the student handbook and elsewhere.

We, the undersigned, acknowledge that it is our responsibility to provide adequate health insurance that can be accessed and is

valid while in the United States and that we are financially responsible for any medical services that are not covered by the

health insurance we provide for our child.

We, the undersigned, grant Santa Fe Catholic permission to use photographs and any other materials in which the participant

appears for promotion or publicity of future programs.

We understand that our child must bring a copy of their medical history or injections and inoculations with them when they

arrive for the program. We certify that the medical information we provided on the host family application is complete to the

best of our knowledge and that Santa Fe Catholic High School, Inc. is not responsible if new or recurring conditions develop

while participating in the program. In the event that the school determines a health issue, accident or injury or a behavior to

be serious, termination of the program can occur and the student be returned home. In the event that the situation resulted

from incomplete or incorrect information or a student’s unwillingness to follow the guidelines of the program, no refund of

fees will occur.

This agreement covers the period from the time our child boards transportation to Santa Fe Catholic High School, Inc. until

the student departs the host family and boards transportation.

_________________________________ ____________________________ ________________

Signature of Father/Legal Guardian Print Father’s Name Date

_________________________________ ____________________________ ________________

Signature of Mother/Legal Guardian Print Mother’s Name Date

________________________________ ____________________________ _________________

Signature of Student Print Student’s Name Date

Santa Fe Catholic High School

Refund Policy


The deposit ($5,000) is non-refundable.

If the student is unsuccessful in obtaining a Visa $4,500 of the deposit will be refunded less wiring fees.

However this is the only condition under which any of the deposit will be refunded.


Tuition and Fees for the 2013-2014 school year is $42,000.

Final payments should be wired to the school no later than July 15, 2013.

If a student is in serious violation of the school disciplinary code as found in the student handbook and it is

determined by the administration that the student should be dismissed for inappropriate behavior Tuition and Fees

are non-refundable.

We understand that there will be a time of transition and a period of time when the students work may not be up

to standard due to the learning in another language and the extra demands that requires. However, if a student

refuses to try to accomplish the work and assignments, is excessively absent, or does not make an effort to study

and improve his/her academic standing dismissal may occur at the semester break (January 1, 2014). If a student

is dismissed for failure to do the academic work required Tuition and Fees are non-refundable.

If a student changes his/her mind about studying in the United States or transfers to another school during the

course of the year the tuition and fees are non-refundable.


Parent’s Signature



The undersigned (parent or guardian name)



, parent/guardian of (student

, hereby grants the following authority and powers to Santa Fe Catholic

High School (SFCHS) relative to the student during the entire tenure of student's enrollment as a member of Santa Fe Catholic

High School. The term begins with the student's acceptance and continues until the time of his graduation or removal from


1. Medical Treatment. Santa Fe Catholic High School may seek medical treatment for students and approve such treatment

for any and all medical, surgical, optical, dental, and mental health condition or injuries. Routine care not reasonably anticipated

to have significant effect on the student or entail significant risk of present of future injury may be approved without prior authorization

by the undersigned. Emergency treatment for conditions or injuries may be approved by SFCHS without prior authorization

where time does not permit such prior authorization by the undersigned. If treatment decisions carry significant risks for the student,

in the judgment of SFCHS, and time permits contact with the undersigned before treatment is undertaken, SFCHS will make

reasonable efforts to contact the undersigned for approval. In the event that the undersigned cannot be reached with a reasonable

time and SFCHS determines that the treatment decision should be made without further delay, it may approve such treatment.

2. Registration Forms and Other School Documents. SFCHS may execute on behalf of the undersigned the standard

forms required of students as part of the registration, enrollment and class-assignment process. These forms include, but are not

limited to, the Student Registration Form, the Consent to Treatment Form, the Parent Permission for Participation in Off-Campus

Events Form, the Honor Code acknowledgement form and the Athletic Emergency Information Form. In addition SFCHS may

execute on behalf of the undersigned all forms necessary to select and approve the elective classes in the curriculum for the student.

3. Athletics, Activities and Field Trips. Many athletic pursuits, activities and field trips sponsored by SFCHS and/or its personnel

typically require the approval of a parent or guardian and may also involve the payment of fees on the student's behalf

above and beyond tuition, board, books and supplies. The undersigned authorizes SFCHS to approve such athletic and nonathletic

activities and trips without prior authorization of the undersigned. This authorization includes permission to transport the

student to locations in and out of the state of Florida. Any other travel out of the country, including to the student's home country,

require the prior approval of the undersigned.

The undersigned acknowledges that all activities involve some risk of injury, whether from the activity itself or the transportation

to and from the location of the activity. The undersigned authorizes SFCHS to exercise its good faith judgment in permitting

participation in activities, even where there is a minor risk of injury to the student. Apart from school in sponsored activities,

students may request permission to go off campus with other students and their families for events and activities that are not

sponsored by SFCHS. The undersigned agrees that SFCHS may, in its discretion, grant or withhold permission for a student to be

off campus for such purposes.

4. Authorization to Incur Expense. The undersigned is aware that the exercise of the powers and authority granted herein

may involve expenses to the student and/or his parent or guardian. The undersigned approves the reasonable expenses associated

with the activity, provided that those expenses do not exceed the amounts being charged to other students for the same activity or

event. Any activity or event for which the charge would exceed $200.00 will not be approved by SFCHS for the student without

advance consent from the undersigned. SFCHS shall not be responsible for damages or losses incurred by the student or the student's

parent or guardian caused by failure of the undersigned to respond within a reasonable time to a request for approval of

participation in activities or trips.

5. Release of Liability. The undersigned understands that SFCHS is not required to assume the responsibilities associated

with this AUTHORIZATION AND LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY, and may instead require the undersigned to make every decision

and execute every form and document associated with attendance at SFCHS as a precondition to the student’s enrollment and participation

in the activities and events that occur on and off SFCHS campus. The undersigned understands that the willingness to exercise

the authority granted herein is an accommodation to the student and the undersigned for which SFCHS receives no additional consideration.

In exchange for the willingness of SFCHS to exercise the authority and powers granted herein the undersigned release(s)

SFCHS and its current and former related and/or affiliated entities, officers, trustees, agents, employees and assigns from any and all

liability arising from the exercise of the powers granted herein, even if later events prove the decisions made by SFCHS to have been

unwise when made.

6. Agreement to Reimburse Expenses and Charges. The undersigned agrees to pay for medical insurance on the student and to

furnish SFCHS with information required to purchase medical insurance. The undersigned further agrees to reimburse to SFCHS any

and all charges approved by SFCHS for any treatment not covered by medical insurance, as well as for the cost of any activity or trip in

which the student participates or fails to participate at a time when the cost cannot reasonably be avoided. The charges incurred for such

treatment or activities/trips shall be treated as tuition and board for all purposes. The student will not receive transcripts or graduate

from SFCHS while any balance remains outstanding on such charges.

7. Appointment of Santa Fe Catholic High School as Attorney in Fact. The undersigned appoints SFCHS attorney-infact

for the undersigned for the sole purpose of carrying out the authority granted by the undersigned to SFCHS in this

agreement. This power may be exercised by the Chief School Administrator, the School Nurse, the School Principal, and any

Administrators. The Chief School Administrator may, in his discretion, delegate his power granted herein to any other agent

or employee of SFCHS who, in the opinion of the Chief School Administrator, is an appropriate representative of SFCHS to

exercise the authority granted herein for the benefit of the student.

8. Form of Written Approval. When written approval of the undersigned is required under this document or for any

other purpose, SFCHS may accept as evidence of written approval and/or permission communications sent by conventional

mail or by email or fax from the following addresses/phone numbers:



The undersigned understands and agrees that permission forms or documents sent from these addresses/fax numbers will be

conclusively presumed to have been sent by the undersigned and to be valid documents with or without the use of secure

electronic signatures.

9. Copies of Forms and Documents Executed Pursuant to this Authorization. When documents are executed by

SFCHS pursuant to this document, SFCHS will endeavor to promptly send copies to the undersigned. Unless otherwise specifically

instructed, SFCHS will send copies by email at the address provided by the undersigned in paragraph 8, above.


Parent’s Signature



Parent’s Signature




COUNTRY OF ____________________________________________________

STATE OF _______________________________________________________ )

COUNTY/CITY OF _________________________________________________ )

This document was acknowledged and executed before me, an authorized officer, legal authority, or Notary

Public, on ____________________________________________(date) by [print names of all parties executing this

agreement] _____________________________________, who acknowledged and confirmed that s/he understands

the English language and the contents, terms, and conditions of this Custody Agreement




(Signature of Notary or Other Authorized Public Officer)

Notary Public/Authorized Officer for the State/City/County of ___________________________

My Commission expires: _______________________________

Custody Agreement

Date: __________________________

Student’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

I, _____________________________________________________________________ give and assign custody for my child

(Print Parent Name)

________________________________________________, to _________________________________________________,

(Print Child’s Name)

(Host Family)

___________________________________________________, Florida, for providing a residence and transportation and for

(Host Family City)

all matters that might require a parent’s approval. This custody agreement is in effect for the duration of the time my child is

a student at ______________________________________________________________________________.

(School Name)

In the event that a change in the Host Family is necessary, as determined by the Host Family or the School’s Principal, I

authorize the school Principal, __

Matt Franzino________________________, to make

(Print School Principal’s Name)

the necessary decisions with respect to placing my child with another Host Family and this custody agreement and authority

will transfer to the new Host Family with full force and effect.

I understand that I will be informed of any changes in the Host Family PRIOR to the change being made and my approval will be

sought. By signing this agreement and approving any assignment to another Host Family, I hereby waive any claim against the

Principal or the School for making a Host Family available for my child. This custody agreement will travel with my child to any

subsequent Host Family to which my child is assigned by the Principal of the School.

I understand that this form needs to be notarized or legally verified according to local law, and brought to the United States with

the original signatures when my child arrives in the United States.


Parent’s Signature



Parent’s Signature




COUNTRY OF ____________________________________________________

STATE OF _______________________________________________________ )

COUNTY/CITY OF _________________________________________________ )

This document was acknowledged and executed before me, an authorized officer, legal authority, or Notary Public, on

____________________________________________(date) by [print names of all parties executing this agreement]

_____________________________________, who acknowledged and confirmed that s/he understands the English language

and the contents, terms, and conditions of this Custody Agreement




(Signature of Notary or Other Authorized Public Officer)

Notary Public/Authorized Officer for the State/City/County of ___________________________

My Commission expires: _______________________________

What you need when

you come to school:

The Power of Attorney and Custody Documents. This document must be signed by your parents

and notarized by a government official. You MUST bring the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT with the

ORIGINAL SIGNATURES with you when you come to school. This will enable your host family

in the United States to adequately take of your needs while you are here. This form must be

completed every year you are at Santa Fe Catholic High School.

Your medical records and records of immunization. These are required to begin school in the

United States. In addition you will be required to have a medical physical exam by a Florida

doctor. The State of Florida requires a physical for every student who attends school in the state.

You will receive a medical insurance card when you arrive at school. That card is very important

and should be kept in a safe and secure location. It will be necessary if you become ill and need to

see a doctor.

When you arrive a school official or your host family will help you to establish an e-bank account

at a United States bank. Your parents will be able to wire money to that account for your use and

you will be issued a debit card to use at stores or an ATM. You may also set up an international

account before you come to the United States if you prefer. Please immediately let your host parent

know if you are bringing a large amount of American money. We will want to keep it in a safe

place until it can be put in the bank. There is never a need to have more than $200 in cash at any

time. It is easy to get money from the bank when you need it.

Students coming to Santa Fe Catholic for the first time should bring an official copy of school records

that is up to date and include the most recent classes taken.

An open mind, a receptive heart and a willingness to embrace a new adventure


Athletic Teams Offered






Cross Country












Santa Fe Catholic High School provides athletic

programs that are comprehensive and varied,

offering athletic opportunities to all of our

students. Our athletic programs instill values of

leadership, commitment, maturity, sportsmanship,

and self-discipline. Learning how to deal with

success and how to overcome adversity are

lessons that will last a lifetime.

Our athletic program fields varsity and junior

varsity teams in various sports played throughout

the school year. SFC is dedicated to giving all

student-athletes the opportunity to participate in

our well-equipped, well-staffed athletic program.

While our academics are top-notch, so are our

athletic teams, which have received both local and

statewide coverage for excellence. Our teams

have attained success at all levels, yet have never

lost sight of the values of sportsmanship and fair

play. Our athletic teams reflect the pride,

discipline and passion for excellence that are at

the heart of Santa Fe Catholic High School.


Drama and

The Arts

Santa Fe provides a variety of leadership

and extracurricular opportunities. Over

90% of our students are involved in one

or more extracurricular activities. Their

activities may include all major sports,

debate team, student government, choir/

band, drama, library, literary, world

language and chess clubs. Students who

participate in these clubs are given the

opportunity to organize fundraisers and

events, challenge themselves at

competitions, and demonstrate their gifts

and talents through music and drama.

Santa Fe Catholic

High School

3110 Highway 92 E

Lakeland, Florida 33801

863·665·4188 (phone) - 863·665·4151 (fax)

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