Course Outline Template

Course Outline Template

The Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Academic Year 2012 /13

Term 1


Instructor Name : Mr Alan Tea


: Adjunct Faculty of Strategy & Organisation



Office : LKCSB Level 5


This course is designed to enhance your understanding of the concepts of creative thinking and to inspire and

influence you with new ways of looking at problems and resolving them. The content will include both historic

and contemporary examples of innovative companies and highly creative individuals who are leaders in creative

endeavours and enterprises in various fields such as the visual arts, science, architecture, philosophy, IT,

advertising, animation and consumer products.

You will also be given opportunities to discover and express your imagination in various areas of creativity and

engage in meaningful creative activities individually as well as in teams. You will find that working together in

teams with members from different disciplines and with different talents will enhance your individual creativity.


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

• Explain what creativity is and the processes involved in creative endeavours

• Enhance and recognize your own creative potential and selectively apply the creative processes in your

own work

• Explore ideas and solve problems from new perspectives by exercising creativity and imagination

• Evaluate the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in the creative process


Please refer to the Course Catalogue on OASIS for the most updated list of pre-requisites / co-requisites for

this particular course. Do note that if this course has a co-requisite, it means that the course has to be taken

together with another course. Dropping one course during BOSS bidding would result in both courses being

dropped at the same time.


Attendance and Class Participation: 15%

Individual Assignments: 40%

Class Projects: 15%

Final Group Project: 30%

Individual Assignments comprise an online idea journal and individual showcases.

The online idea journal is where you record your creative ideas/outputs as well as your learning and

reflections arising from the course. A couple of your entries shall be positioned as showcases, where you

elaborate on your creative work.

Class Projects are based on assignments given in class and groups are expected to do their presentation during

class time. A total of 3 assignments, each contributing to 5% of the overall score, will be given.

Final Group Project is based on creative responses to a selected process, product, service or significant idea to

be presented by each group during the final session. This should be a 15 min presentation followed by 5mins of


Q & A. A written report on the project is to be handed in on the day of the presentation. Depending on the

class size, each group will have 5 to 7 members.

All assignments are to be handed in on time.

There is no final written examination.

There will be a peer evaluation exercise for the Final Group Project for group members to assess each other’s

contribution to the project. Group members who fare badly in the exercise will be penalized.

Students are responsible for honest completion and representation of their work. There will be zero tolerance

for plagiarism, and penalties may include award of zero marks for the assignment or a fail grade for the class. If

you believe there has been an infraction by someone in the class, please bring it to my attention.


All acts of academic dishonesty (including, but not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, fabrication, facilitation of acts

of academic dishonesty by others, unauthorized possession of exam questions, or tampering with the

academic work of other students) are serious offences.

All work presented in class must be the student’s own work. Any student caught violating this policy may

result in the student receiving zero marks for the component assessment or a fail grade for the course. This

policy applies to all works (whether oral or written) submitted for purposes of assessment.

Where in doubt, students are encouraged to consult the instructors of the course. Details on the SMU Code

of Academic Integrity may be accessed at


A number of teaching strategies will be used to enhance participants’ learning. Mostly, the learning will be

experiential and will be participant-centered to include individual and group activities. There will be

opportunities for the participants to engage in creative activities using different senses and to report on their

own learning. A visit to the Singapore Art Museum will enable the students to learn beyond the classroom and

be exposed to the works of national as well as international artists and prominent contributors to the

community, both past and present. Lastly, the course will also afford participants the opportunity to explore

concepts of creativity as they relate to current trends in consumer technology and the mass media.


Consultations may be done by email or discussion before or after class. If you need to have a longer

discussion, please contact me via email to make an appointment. You may also contact the TA via email for any



Course sessions will be 1.5 hours each over 15 weeks in the semester.


There are no specific texts for this course although some references will be given. Readings will be assigned as

and when necessary during the course.



Week Topic




1 Course Introduction

2 The Creative Individual (Part 1) – Self-Awareness &


3 The Creative Individual (Part 2) – Behaviors & Mindsets

4 Creative Processes & Techniques (Part 1) – SCAMPER

5 Exploring Creativity in Music Class Project

6 Creative Processes & Techniques (Part 2) – Blending &


7 Exploring Creativity in the Visual Arts

8 Term Break

9 Exploring Creativity in Business Class Project

10 Exploring Creativity in Society Class Project

11 Finding Your Voice

12 Final Group Project Presentation (I) Submission of Online

Idea Journal &


13 Final Group Project Presentation (II)

14 Review Week Submission of Final

Group Project Report

15 Examination Week


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