April 2013 - Arizona Accordion Club


April 2013 - Arizona Accordion Club

April 2013


Presents the

Musette Gazette


Next Meeting on Monday May 20 th is “Open Play and Jam”

Pre meeting music will be performed by Jay Stevens and his one

man band. ( the Roland ) In addition to the music,

Jay will explain his new setup which allows him to accompany

himself with commercially purchased and custom CDs.

The meeting was originally scheduled to be teacher/student

performers. We were pleased to have those young artists play at the

AAC concert last month.

Please contact Phil Fox (480-427-2394) for performance opportunities for swing era pre-meeting or meeting schedules

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The Arizona Accordion Club

MENU for May 19th, 2013 Chicken Enchilada Casserole with Black Beans, Tortilla Chips and freshly made Pico de Gallo.

APRIL 15th Meeting - “Ladies Night” featuring Ginny Mac and Ladies of the Arizona Accordion Club

Pre-meeting music was performed by Lee Lockhart. That was a solid hour of really enjoyable music

- what a great job, Lee. What a neat selection of songs! Thank you.

Now time for the ladies - first up was Rosemary Smith to play “Ainʼt She Sweet,” “Sioux City

Sue” and ended with the “Crown King Polka.” Thanks,

Rosemary - we're glad you come all the way from Sun

City to play for us.

Our next lady was Diane Marden, she was accompanied

by her teacher, Pete Donatella. They played

“Let's Dance the Polka” - Diane, for being the first

time you played in public, you did great, even

though a fly kept flying around your face while you

were playing! Hey, nobody said playing the accordion

was easy!

Susan Kidd was up next to play “Midnight in

Paris,” then a pretty waltz she asked folks to dance

to. Very good, Susan.

Jan and Bruce Mundy played next - Jan on accordion and singing vocals, and Bruce on electric

bass. They began with “Put On a Happy Face,” then “Dream” with Jan singing the vocals,

then a medley of French music, beginning with ”Under Paris Skies,” “By the River

Seine” and ending with “Charade.” Jan finished up alone with “Ole Guappa” - very nice,

you guys.

Now for the stars of the evening - Ginny

Mac and her brother, Glenn, with both of

them doing vocals. I'll try to list a many

songs as I can. They began with “Come On,

Honey,” “Misery,” then one of their signature

songs that I don't know, then a couple

songs written by Ginny, “Whiskey For a

Broken Heart,” followed by “The Waltz of

the Illusions.” Glenn sang “Silver Wings”

beautifully, then they both played and sang

“Sentimental Journey,” then an old Nova

Scotia tune, then ”Silver Daggers,” then

another original by Ginny called “Just

Once In a While.” They did an old Patsy

Cline song “She's Got You,” then “Folsom

Prison Blues,” and yet another original by

Ginny .”“They Don't Call Me Darling Wow!

What a performance! Come back again soon,

you two.

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Table of Contents

Ladies Night


President Phil’s Message Page 3

Our Meeting ! Pages 2 , 4

Accordion Instructors, Page 5

Come Hear Us Play Page 7

Classifieds Page 6

Advertisements Page 5,7

Meeting location Map

Back Cover

Membership Form

Back Cover

Meeting Place

President’s Message

Last month we had the pleasure of performing and listening to the annual

AAC Concert. Jack Dermody, our Music Director worked with the ensemble

members rehearsing for more than 50 hours over 3 months. The AAC

Junior Ensemble performed their set beautifully.

There is a future for the accordion. The solos and duets were excellent.

Gabe Hall –Rodrigues and his Dixie Devils really rocked the

show. We’ll see them again later this year at the club. Wow what a successful

effort. Thanks Jack. We had fun. DVDs will be produced and available

for purchase soon.

St. Stephen’s Hall

8141 North 16th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85020

(602) 997-4563

Third Monday of the Month

Meeting Begins at 6:30 PM

Meeting Ends at 9:00


President Phillip Fox

(480) 427 2394

Vice President Jerry Szymanski

( 480) 488-0949

Secretary Leigh Dechaine

(623) 582 3746

Treasurer Pete Donatella

(623) 877-1846

The concert was a financial success, but could have been a lot more successful

with someone getting us publicity to have others attend as well. We had

well over 100 in attendance, in a theater that holds 300. Please, someone

volunteer to help the club get noticed outside our circle of members.

Enjoy the Arizona summer, stay cool and keep on squeezing’

Board Of Directors

Jerry Szymanski ( 480) 488-0949

Paul Betken (480) 755-3539

Chuck Voinovich (480) 451-4416

Dionne Hauke (602) 266 9622

Ted Lee (623) 444-5106

Jay Stevens (602 339 7874

Jack Dermody (602) 237 5627

Music Director

Elmer Faser Scholarship Chairman

Bulletin Staff

Dionne Hauke Editor

Raye Donatella Seasoned Pro Reporter

Frank Schweller Distribution

Zophie Rossner Still Photos

Jerry Szymanski Still Photos

Sal Genco Video Camera


Honorary Members

Pete Donatella * Ted Lee * Dr. John Van Such * John Cesinger *Joe Kino *Al Monti * Helen

Criscio * Flaco Jimenez * Tony Lovello * Frank Marocco * Anthony Galla-Rini * Myron

Floren * Art Van Damme * Dick Contino *Art Metzler * Lenny Simmons * Frank Yankovic

Starting in January 2013 the Musette Gazette News letter will be on line and emailed . If you need to receive

Printed copies, you MUST requested in print, on your renewal form that you want your copies to be mailed to

you. Cost of printing and postage is getting higher and most folks have email and /or internet access. Using

this technology is much more cost effective , in color, environmentally friendly and faster to get the club’s

news to you.

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The Arizona Accordion Club

Joan Monti on accordion and Carl Nyberg on guitar played

“Mala Femina,” “Oh, Marie,” and finished up with “I Don't Know

Why.” We always enjoy you two.

The evening closed with Irene

Sobelinski playing a rousing

version of “Clarinet Polka,”

then “Somewhere My Love,”

then a tune I haven't heard before,

followed by “Oh, How We

Danced,” “Tico Tico,” “Beer

Barrel Polka,” and ending with

“Blue Spanish Eyes.” Thank

you, Irene.

That was a perfect Ladies' Night - we

need to do that again soon!

Now for a quick “as my Dad always

said” - “I've reached the age where I

have heart trouble and dropsy - I drop

on my butt and don't have the heart to

get up!” See you May 20th

The Arizona Accordion Club Page 5

Lessons and Repairs

Piano Accordion Instructors:

Pete Donatella 623 877-1846

Dr. Van Orden 623 480 334 1049 and

Chromatic B System accordion

Jack Dermody 602 237 5627

Joanne Drum 480 994-4698

Tony Putrino 480 483-3943

Lessons also available via Skype.

More info available online @ www.tonyputrino.com

Bonnie Bingener 602-279-0378 and Piano

Joan Monti 602-923-3856

Button Accordion Instructor

Tony Longoria ( Él habla español ) 602 488 4254

Acordeon Also Bajo Sexto y Bajo Quinto y Bass Guitar.

313 N.E. 45th St. Seattle, WA 98105


Visit Our Web Site www.petosa.com

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”

Accordion Repairs

Estimates always free

Ziggie’s Music

602 266 9622

3309 North 3rd Street Phoenix,

AZ 85012-2301

Monday-Saturday 10-6



Face Book https://www.facebook.com/pages/ARIZONAACCORDION-CLUB

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Musical Items For Sale:

The Arizona Accordion Club

Custom Built Imperial Chicago Accordion

2/4 reeds; 8 switches - R.H.; 4 switches - L.

H. This accordion is like new! Price reduced

to $300.00. Tony 480 483 3943


Soprani 12/6, 120 bass Black, Make Offer

Merano 120 bass, white 4/1 $200

Pollina 120 bass ,Black 4/1 $250

Iorio Cadido 140, Antique 120 bass $150

Wurlitzer 48 bass reeds need work

Hohner 2 row reeds need work

Hundreds of pieces of Music from 1905 to

1955 And More Fran Judd, 928-634-7963

Hohner Ventura IV Musette (LMMM)

41/120 4/5 13/7 23 lbs. wet-tuned, looks

new, $2200.

Galanti Super Dominator (LMMH)

41/120 4/5 11/5 22 lbs., for parts or not

working (two sticky treble keys,

otherwise very good condition), single tone

chamber, $1200. 480 830 8766 Glenn

Wanted: a Petosa. A S-2000 Model P-800

with 4/4 sets of reeds or a model AM1100

and S-2000 MIDI. Norbert Ludewig. 908-

889-8476, 973-792-4661. 2 Ridge Way,

Fanwood, NJ 07023

120 bass Excelsior A.C. Great Musset

$1850 OBO Bob Dura 602-841-0487

Excelsior 19 1/4" keyboard, 120 bass 10/6

switches, slide mute, tone chamber, deluxe

straps, heavy duty case, 27 lbs. $1700.

Harry 602-568-3931

Victoria Super 1960's black, white pearl

keys. 18 3/4" keyboard, 21 lbs. 5 oz.

41/120. 7/3 switches. 3 reed LMH dry

tuned. Straps and case. $450 OBO Jean T.

570 972-6434

Pastore Italian ladies accordion. 8/2 switches.

Perfect, $300. Felice at 602-279-0638

Proteus/1 XR Module, model 9011, $75.

Carl Nyberg 480-982-1479

Petosa Accordion/Organ Series II Chamber

3/4 handmade reeds. Black antico engraving,

complete with tone generator, has MIDI

capability. $1500. J. Drum 480-994-4698

Zupan 4 Row CGFBb V.G. condition,

case $1000. 520-903-6378 Tuscon, AZ

Excelsior New York Model 5 accordion.

V.G. condition $350. 480-895-8161

George Olierer 4 Row Button Accordion

Keyed German / Czech G C F Bb with

Midi and amp $3200 Mint

Melodjia 3 Row Button Accordion Slovenian

Tuned C F Bb $1800 Mint

Kay Mandolin $125 EX Shape

John 602 539 3475

Italian Stradavox child's 42 key with bass

switch for more keys. Red, excellent condition.

. $450. 602 943 3289.

Pro Barb Lane is retired and selling her

midi Karpek Polka Queen Accordion.


Excelsior MIDI with Xetron X4 module.

480-661-7750. edwardoperez@cox.net

"Like new" Black Castiglione 19" key /

120 bass accordion, 9 treble / 3 bass

switches $2500 or OBO. 480-629-8648

Jean Moore in Gilbert, AZ

Wanted Chromatic C system accordion.

17 lbs max. Steve 651-702-0791 msweninger@comcast.net

Cordovox, recently tuned.

GC 2 row accordion $250. Ed M.


Guerrini Polka Box - Rhinestones -

$2100Korg rotating sound machine -

$250Crate Amp - 15" speaker -

$300Selmer Model 80 Tenor Sax - $2900

Noblette Clarinet - $350Mics, Stands,

Fronts, etc. Ellie Aldrin - 602-996-8197

Woman's size, Forinte--beautiful quality

and sound. Double-chamber.


Accordions, key and button for sale. Too

many to list, Gabacho Bob 623-780-3622

110 Platinum Pops Book with words. $15

Charles Magnante's Accordion Method

Book 1 $8.00

" The Golden Age Of The Accordion"

Great book of the history of the accordion

with many of the greatest artists and bios

and pictures. Autographs of all 3 authors.

Ron Flynn, Edwin Davidson, Eddie


Excellent condition. $30.00, OBO

73 Super Blockbusters for music of the

70's with words. $15.00

NEW Gospel accordion music book with

a cd of background music.20 songs.


Foldup padded stool with extra cushion.

$10.00. Joan 602-923-3856.

Foot pedal for Solton midi module or

keyboard. Has a start, stop, fill in 1, 2, 3.

Paid $100.00. Asking $50.00. 602-923-


#1. Lo Ducca, Black, Gold trim, 120

bass, Full Size, 9/4 Switches. Hard Case

and New Straps. Excellent Condition$1500.


#2. Correlli in Red , 120 bass slightly

smaller, 7/4 Switches, Hard Case, good

Straps, very Good Condition. $295. Both

can be seen near Paradise Mall. 602-992-


Petosa AM1100,S-2000 Midi System ,gig

bag Amazing $5995.00 James P. O’Brian

520 818 1225 Tucson AZ



Clearwater, FL Accordeon@aol.com

727 443 4113. Cell 727 417 6099


Free Shipping on these accordions

Excelsior Symphony Made In New York.

MIDI is installed. 4/6 sets of handmade

reeds. Sano Amplification. Excellent Condition.


Iorio "K" Series Reedless ( 15 lbs. )

accordion with Music Tech Midi

Controller plus built-in sounds.

Like New Condition. $2650.00

Ad Policy For Display ads, Arizona Accordion club members pay the lower price per issue:

Business card Size $5.00 or $8.00 Quarter page $10.00 or $16.00 Half page $20.00 or $32.00 Full page 40.00 or $64.00

The Arizona Accordion Club Page 7

Come Hear Us Play

"Wanted- light-weight piano accordion19 1/4” keyboard, 41 treble

keys and 120 bass, 2 or 3 treble reeds and one base reed.

No electronics, and 16-17 lbs. max. Bob 520-568-0047

Ciao Reed less by Sem 120 bass 41 key accordion with midi.

400 great preset sounds for treble, bass, and chords.

Has many sounds for accordion, piano, brass, orchestral,

vibes, mandolins, guitar, big band, strings, organ, vibes,

du voice, armonica, upright and electric bass sounds,

bagpipes, and more. Made in Italy. Bellow expression.

Excellent condition. Includes case, backpad. $2700.00.

Joan 602-923-3856. jazzyjoan1@gmail.com

Bill Regina

Music for all occasions

For rates and open dates

call 602-938-3679

Augie Figurelli


Bob Doszak

Music for all occasions. Single, Duo, Trio.

Bookings, Info: 480-982-0252.


Elmer Faser and Duane Tendick:

Haus Murphy's

5739 West Glendale Avenue

Glendale, Arizona 85301

Every Friday and Saturday 6:00 to 8:00

Paul Kay

The Lynks Café every Saturday 4:00 to 8:00 .

Call for days and times.

Paul can be reached at 602-549-0497

Tony Putrino

May 11 Tempe Marketplace Accordion Concert Series

- 7-9 PM

May 12 La Fontanella. On Accordion - 4:30-8:30 PM

May 17 - Kokopelli Winery & Bistro - On Accordion w/

Paul Anderson - 7-10 PM

June 1 - San Tan Village - On Accordion - 6-9 PM

Every Monday Phoenician Resort - On Piano w/ Chris

Putrino - 5-9 PM

Details Available @ tonyputrino.com

Josip Baginac

Every Saturday

Bavarian Point Restaurant from 5-8 pm.

4815 E. Main Street Suite #2 (between Greenfield Rd)

Mesa, Arizona. (480.830.0999) bavarianpoint.net

4416 North 102nd Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85037



Include this this form with $25.00 for for one-year membership

fee fee payable to: to: Arizona Accordion Club.

Send to to Arizona Accordion club, c/o c/o Pete Donatella,

4416 N. N. 102nd Dr., Dr., Phoenix, AZ AZ 85037.

Arizona Accordion Club Membership Form

Please Print or Type All Information

Full Full Name


Mailing Address Starting January 2013 News letter will be on line and emailed .



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City______________ State ________ Zip ____________

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

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Home: _______________ Work ___________________

Cell: ______________ __ Fax: ____________________

Cell: ______________ __ Fax: ____________________

E-mail: ___________________________

E-mail: ___________________________

Website: __________________________

Website: __________________________

Updates of Accordion Events e-mailed to you? Yes No

Updates of Accordion Events e-mailed to you? Yes No

Starting January 2013 News letter will be on line and

Starting emailed January . Printed 2013 copies News MUST letter Be will requested be on line and print on

emailed your renewal . Printed form copies . MUST Be requested in print on

your New renewal Member form Gift . Membership Renewal Address Change

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