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May-June 2009 - Women's Press

May-June 2009 - Women's Press

6 ThankYou Women’s

6 ThankYou Women’s Press | May & June 2009 | Women’s Press and Cal Poly Women’s Programs & Services want to say Thank you to the generous sponsors who made LUNAFEST possible We had the most successful event so far! The Conscious Colors Energy Center, sharing the colors of higher consciousness: color, sound, aromatherapy and chakra yoga. Energy balancing classes & courses with internationally-recognized instructor & healer Constance Hart. (805) 305-0046 Bates Care Management is a leading provider of professional geriatric care management services. With the rapidly growing population of elders in the San Luis Obispo County area, we strive to enable elders to remain in their homes for as long as is safely possible, and to give assurance to adult children that their elder is being given the best possible quality of life. Bates Care Management is at the forefront of providing innovative services to elders, including elder fraud prevention, daily money management, and cost-effective services planning. Please call us to see how we can help with your particular needs. (805) 771-9124 Central Coast Lymphedema Central Coast Lymphedema Therapy has specialized in treating Lymphedema and chronic swelling since 2001. Lymphedema is a chronic disorder that results from the accumulation of protein-rich fluid in body tissues when lymphatic fluid is unable to circulate properly. This is caused by injury, scarring, infection, or cancer treatment with lymph node removal and/or radiation. CCLT’s therapists are licensed and nationally certified in the treatment of Lymphedema. (805) 782-9300 Walk in – Float out. This vision, founded a decade ago by Kathleen and Rudy Stowell, gave birth to a nurturing, revitalizing spa. Attention to detail and a knowledgeable, professional, friendly staff set Healing Touch apart. This inviting spa offers a complete range of high quality products and services to address every skincare need— Dermalogica® skincare treatments and products; Glominerals makeup; a host of massage therapies; as well as professional indoor tanning. And with spring in the air and wedding preparations underway, Healing Touch offers exceptional bridal packages. Cultivate glowing skin before your special day under the expert care of our skin therapist and makeup artist. (805) 931-0512 We are an interfaith community dedicated to celebrating diversity and honoring the spirit that connects all things. We respect the truth in the world’s religions and the path of each individual. The Circle affirms that the Spirit of Love is the Source of life, and that we are meant to cocreate as loving participants in the world in which we live. Our teachings demonstrate the way for individuals to heal and awaken through the power of prayer, meditation, and self-less service. We subscribe to the ancient wisdom of the world’s sages in ways that supports contemporary living. (805) 541-1963 RETurn to JOY! Are you ready to return to joy? Our timesaving “mind-body intervention” technique includes scientifically-proven Rapid Eye Technology that heals old or deep-seated issues at a “core” level – so you don’t have to retell or “relive” the experience or event. 90% of our clients get immediate results. MaryAine Cherry is a Master Rapid Eye Technician-Trainer and Massage Therapist , specializing in relief from chronic pain and owner of RETurn to JOY! (805) 773-4475 Radiology Associates is where compassion meets technology. For fifty years, Radiology Associates has been the premier provider of radiological services in San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas. We were the first practice to provide round-the-clock imaging services delivered by all Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained Radiologists. Our goal is to provide superior patient care using the latest advances in medical imaging technology, in a compassionate and caring environment. With four convenient locations, Radiology Associates is committed to serving the needs of the Central Coast, and to making patient visits convenient, comfortable, and less time-consuming. Our mission is to provide our patients with the most accurate, timely, safe and caring imaging services, the latest technology, and the highest level of expertise available in the community. (805) 674-4791 SLO Chai has a solid reputation for its outstanding tea products. Our varieties include the Vanilla Spice Latte, 5 flavors of teabags, loose leaf teas, and the one-and-only Chai Cream Ale. Certified Organic and Fair Trade! We pay close attention to the ecological and social impacts of our company, and we commit 1% of profits toward sustainability education. So whether you are heading to work or to play, at home or the café, a cup of SLO Chai can relax, rejuvenate, and detoxify. Please continue to share SLO Chai with family and friends and make it a part of your daily ritual. 877 FAIR TEA (324-7832) Susan Rodriguez has been a local State Farm Insurance Agent for 6 years, in the area 19 years, and in the insurance industry 21 years. Susan’s agency, located in downtown SLO, offers a wide variety of insurance products, mutual funds and banking products. They specialize primarily in auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance. For Susan, the most rewarding part of being a business owner in San Luis Obispo is building relationships with clients and associates throughout the community. Her agency’s mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams. (805) 783-7050 Green Acres Lavender Farm is a family-owned farm with a heritage of delivering quality natural products since 2004. Each day, we welcome folks from around the world to see how we distill fresh lavender oil from our farm, from our plants. We have over 13,000 lavender plants on our farm and over 60,000 lavender plants growing around the State in a cooperative Alliance, where we work together to grow the lavender industry one sustainable step at a time. We are committed to our community and making healthy lavender products. We are the original SLO County Lavender Farm open to the public, and we love sharing our lavender farming passion. (805) 466-0837 Rockview Lending Group is a full-service mortgage company based in Arroyo Grande, servicing the Central Coast and beyond. Leslie Kight is a certified mortgage planning specialist. FHA and VA loans are just a couple of the programs we specialize in. Call for answers to your mortgage questions, even if we did not originate your current mortgage. We are happy to help and look forward to being of service (805) 489-1978 C o n s i g n m e n t shopping is not only hip, but it is also earth friendly. Where else can you have loads of fun shopping for treasures, and also be environmentally friendly? Our mission is to provide quality pre-owned garments and accessories at a third of the retail price, as well as provide a venue to re-coop a few bucks from those extravagant impulse buys at jacked-up prices. Why buy the LAST one on the rack when you can buy the ONLY one on the rack? 489-5266 Karen Hale Karen Hale, D.C. & Hypnotherapist and Wellness Mentor Karen brings to her work 35 years of formal education and experiential learning. Integrating all aspects of one’s life creates a unique richness. Working in harmony with her clients, she helps others discover their own wisdom and walk in life. (805) 801-5439 Core Mediation Services, “The Divorce Specialists” provides an Affordable Alternative to the expensive, time-consuming, and antagonistic divorce process often found with attorneys and the legal system. We provide Trained Professionals who are impartial and experienced to help you reach a mutually agreeable settlement. We offer a Complete Package: we can take you all the way through your divorce, including the preparation of all court papers so you can avoid having to see a judge. (805) 544-6334

May & June 2009 | | Women’s Press Voices 7 VoiceS AROUND THE TABLE “In these stressed times, what do women of the world need now?” By We need to quiet that voice that echoes throughout every day. The one that tends to get louder as the day comes to a close. It’s the one that constantly reminds us that we didn’t finish the laundry or pay the water bill or answer our best friend’s email. So what? we need to say. How about teaching our inner voice to say Ta Dah instead of To Do? Will the water really get turned off? And our best friend is probably just as busy and will survive...and the laundry? Well, that’s just nonsense. -Deborah Reyes-Gardner The reassurance that the stock market will recover so we can live comfortably through our retirement years and also comfort in knowing that social security will be around for us, our children, and grandchildren so we don’t have to work until we are eighty. It would also be wonderful if there were peace and harmony in all corners of the world and food for everyone. -Sue Kaplan More wine and sleep. Women of developed nations need a wife. Ok, seriously. Social acceptance of and support for a woman who works full time and has a family to care for. I think there is an increase in the anxiety in women because she is expected to do it all - well. Universal government assistance for childcare if she is employed. -Laurel White We need to step back and put into perspective the most important things: freedom to express our truest selves, love, and health. -Lisa Jouet Wine. Hah. No really, women need perspective. Every “time” is stressed if you allow it to be. Take time to live in the moment and appreciate what you have. Change is inevitable, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. -Kristin Tara McNamera Perspective. Keeping things in perspective is key, especially when one seems to be in a baren, dark, lonely, or foggy season of life. Seasons always end; keeping a proper perspective helps us see further ahead and not get bogged down by troubles. It keeps us moving forward. I also think having a right perspective of our personal roles, responsibilities, and priorities is important (wife, mother, friend, sister, citizen of our city, state, country, and the world). Remembering that the world doesn’t revolve around me, but that I have the opportunity to be a blessing to someone is important. -Liza Hughes Each other. -Amy Hewes We need respect and no more patronizing. -Mary Kay Harrington To relax and renew. To remember to breathe and try to stay focused. Be present...I’d maybe throw good sex in there too. -Sara Kaplan Support from other women. -Terry Brogno Dogs. -Sadie Johann Support. Women need to stop judging and tearing one another down and instead need to support and build one another up. We cannot accomplish our goals and make ourselves better unless we help those around us and receive help in exchange. We cannot succeed in our roles as daughters, mothers, grandmothers, employees, wives, partners or friends if we do not have the care and support of other women. -Jennifer Mowad Each day we are given a choice on how to live. Do we want to view the current state as “stressed times” or a time for creativity and flexibility? Given that your spending capacities are currently constrained, how can you stretch that dollar? What free activities are available in your community? How can you reconnect with friends and family the old fashioned way (board games anyone?) Though the market may have fluctuated and deflated, it does not mean our spirits need to. Stress in contagious, but so is joy. -Tricia Wolanin Education. -Michelle Creedon Relaxation tools; private downtime; meditation; playtime; joy in simple things. -Oak Haven meditation group *** For the July/August issue: How can women promote their equality without being seen as radical? Express your voice at: womenspress.slo@gmail The Answer is Isabella Tricia Wolanin Isabella turned 30 on January 11. Friends she has collected throughout the years surrounded her Valley Village apartment. They spanned the country and time: Long Beach grade school to Syracuse graduate school. Her two bedroom shared apartment resembled a cheesy high school dance. Black and gold balloons flooded the ceiling next to cinema themed decorations. A make shift photo booth stood in the corner, with whimsical drapery surrounding the black and gold motif. Her brother acted as the paparazzi as guests posed in their 80’s themed attire. Guests filled their stomachs with potluck food and were entertained by a borrowed Wii Rock Band. Then the countdown began, as it had two weeks before for New Years. People surrounded Isabella. They waited to hug and scream as the seconds neared midnight. Another moment in time had been marked. By Hilda Heifetz It must be my body and soul that are offended by the relentless attacks on my wellbeing by the mind-troubling health ads and warnings. The so-called “medical industries” and the media seem to be conspiring to create an unrelieved state of un-ease (dis-ease) in our human lives. The onslaught alone, with its resulting anxiety, can do us in! We are aware that what we I look back at that night with inspiration, in hopes that my birthday will hold as much excitement. Isabella did not have a lavish apartment, high paying job, or a significant other. She had joy, which consciously lingered for the following thirty days. She appropriately created a blog “30 days of 30.” This blog followed her quest to daily acknowledge herself for having lived on this earth for three decades. Some excerpts were filled with alcohol debauchery and cake, while others were simply quiet moments filled with peace. I thought of Isabella, when posed with the question “In these stressed times, what do women of the world need now?” Isabella was laid off twice the previous year and had a gut wrenching break up with her first love. She could have chosen to wallow in her miseries, complain about the poor job and stock market, or seclude herself from others. Yet Isabella chose to celebrate life. And it was contagious to those around her. My Built-in Life Support believe will shape our reality, and m a r k e t manipulators know that, perhaps even better than we do. On the positive side, drug companies and our doctors recognize the placebo effect. Testing a new drug takes into account that when a patient believes he is taking the drug (though actually given a sugar pill), his condition improves! On the negative side, we are being made to believe that we see Life support page8

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