Brewhouse - LIWF 2015


The recent rise of craft beer’s popularity has been remarkable in the UK, with many retailers and restaurateurs reporting double digit growth from the category. Brewhouse presents a selection of the UK’s finest craft brewers in a dedicated area, with accompanying speakers, debate and presentations in our beer theatre ‘The Hopsack’.


Welcome to Brewhouse at the London Wine Fair

It’s an exciting time to be a beer buyer

Whether you see it as evolution or revolution the world of beer has changed

dramatically during the last decade. Where once the choice was simply lager or ale,

today there are thousands of breweries making dozens of styles and hundreds of

different beers.

Leading the charge are legions of hoppy US-style IPAs, but their popularity is no

reason to neglect other more sessionable styles, or boozy, high ABV delights and

everything else in between. Variety is the key to making the most of beer and essential

to taking advantage of the interest in beer and food matching.

Thanks to the information age of internet, blogs, social media and smartphones -

drinkers are now instantly able to research and review beers and places to drink. They

expect increased choice and high standards. Get it wrong and you’ll miss out not

just on making a profit but also the good PR beer know-how brings. Get it right and

you’ll be on track to benefit from a boom in sales of craft beer which market analysts

predict will continue to grow. Brewhouse at the London Wine Fair brings together a

diverse mix of breweries and distributors presenting some of the best beers currently


Foreword by:

Beer Sommelier Sophie Atherton


London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Key Beer Styles

Pale ales - including IPAs:

Originally British, brewed with hard water and well-hopped to provide a peppery bitterness, Pales and IPAs were essentially re-invented by

American craft brewers. US-style pales burst with tropical fruit flavours and zesty bitterness, while the best British-style examples retain the

peppery character of the originals with earthy or marmaladey hops also an authentic British flavour

Golden or Blonde beers:

In the UK these moderately hopped brews have almost replaced bitter as the most common style of ale. Popular with ale and lager fans

alike their drinkability makes them a useful addition to any beer menu

Bitter or Amber beer:

Once the King of the Bar, bitter is much harder to find these days. The best examples have an obvious peppery, lip-smacking hop finish or a

dark, dried fruit hop tang. Amber beers - popular in the US craft beer scene - are similar


Hops traditionally take a back seat and light malts drive the cerealy flavour of lager which is still the most popular style of beer. Newer

styles and brands bring an increased range of flavours to the category and to the best beer menus

Stout and Porter:

Once one and the same, stouts are characteristically darker featuring roasted barley, more hops and dark chocolate flavours. Porters are

lighter in colour and body, may exhibit milk chocolate flavours and are generally malt driven

One to watch:

British sours. UK brewers are increasingly experimenting with sour beers created by wild yeast or special brewing techniques but offering

incredible and delicious flavours ideal for food matching

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting



Basic Beer Evaluation Procedure

Beer tasting is much like wine tasting - smell, look and taste. Use these checklists to guide what you are looking for


Hoppy: Earthy, peppery, spicy, floral, leafy, citrus fruit, tropical fruits, berries, piney/resiny etc

Malty: Cereals, biscuits, caramel, bread, fruitcake, coffee, chocolate etc

Yeasty: Bready, bananas, cloves, specific yeast (eg saison), boozy, estery etc


Clarity: Clear, hazy, cloudy, murky, floating particles, faulty? (If not clear establish if acceptable for beer style; if beer is unfined; or

acceptable chill haze clearing as the beer warms)

Head retention: Tight/dense, foamy, loose, small, dispersing, non-existent. (If non-existent establish if style appropriate, beer fault or

serving fault)


General attributes: Clean, crisp, bitter, zesty, sweet, tart/sour (desirable in particular styles), phenolic

Carbonation: Flat, low, natural (eg, cask and some bottle conditioned beers), well carbonated (zingy, effervescent etc), over-carbonated/


Hop character: Earthy, peppery, spicy, floral, leafy, citrus fruit, tropical fruits, berries, piney/resiny etc

Malt character: Cereals, biscuits, caramel, honey, brown sugars, bread, fruitcake, coffee, chocolate etc

Yeast character: (if obvious): Bready, bananas, cloves, specific yeast (eg saison), boozy, estery etc

Body: Very thin to very viscous – type of malt used, level of alcohol can all be factors

Finish/aftertaste: Dry, juicy, hoppy etc. Lingering flavours - pleasant or unpleasant

Some Common off Flavours/Aromas

Sulphur/struck matches/rotten eggs: Clean sulphur aroma is characteristic of some styles such as pale ales, otherwise may indicate

yeast infection

Butterscotch/popcorn: Diacetyl - occasionally desirable in cask ales but at high levels can indicate beer spoiled by bacteria or other


Sweetcorn/cooked veg: DMS/dimethyl sulphide - acceptable at low levels but at higher levels may indicate contamination.

Green apples: Acetaldehyde - faulty fermentation or infection

Papery/cardboard: Oxidation - mild

Leather, tobacco: Oxidation - prolonged

Sweaty/body odour: Lightstruck - hop compounds exposed to light; common with clear glass bottles.

Acetic/vinegary: Desirable in some styles - esp sour beers - otherwise indicates severe oxidation


London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting

Stand: F201, F202

Bear Brewery Co. Ltd.

London, United Kingdom

Contact: Nimmitha Desilva

P: (0)7415577165 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Bear Brewery is a UK based company specialising in the production and distribution of premium craft lager beer. We are the first

brewery to introduce low sugar beer into the UK market. Our beers are made in the Czech and Slovak republics using a 142 years

old Central European recipe.


1. Low Sugar Blonde, Lager, 4%

Our low sugar beer has only 0.30gr of sugar per 100ml, that is about 10 times less sugar than the average beer, which usually

contains about 5gr of sugar per 100ml. Less carbohydrates means 500ml only has 175 calories. This beer has a light fruity aroma,

matching its soft royal yellow coloring. The distinctive flavor of our hops adds to the slightly bitter taste.

2. Sunset Boulevard , Lager, 5.2%

As close to a cocktail as any beer could be. With the warmth and color of the sunset, while walking down the boulevard. Ours is a

sweet aromatic beer. Definitely for a great night out in town.

3. Dark Prince, Lager, 5.2%

Our dark beer is unlike any you have tried before, with a smooth taste that says one more please. A rich coffee colour and roasted

barley flavour, without being too overpowering.

4. London Knight, Lager, 6.5%

This excellent beer has greater alcohol content and unique body. With malt and hops hints, it has a pleasant crispness and

bitterness with a bright golden color and rich foam. Ideal for drinking on memorable occasions.

5. Wheat Beer, Lager, 5%

Our wheat beer is the classical style beer you want on a hot summers day. Best served chilled, its citrus aroma perfectly matches its

crisp taste. A refreshing drink after any sport

6. Honey Brew, Lager, 3%

Our latest creation by our fantastic Brewmaster - come and try it!

7. Czech Harvest, Pilsner, 4%

Another of our new beeers - our hoppiest one - come and taste it!

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Brasserie Meteor

6 rue du Général LEBOCQ, Hochfelden 67270, France

Contact: Frédérique Billard

P: 3 88 02 22 33 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Brewery Meteor is France’s largest independant and family owned brewery since 1640. It has maintained its ideals for beer by

creating a variety of recipes and being highly demanding in its selection of quality raw ingredients.


1. CLASSIC 27, Pilsner, 5%, 33 cl and draft

Classic 27 is the original French Pilsner. Brewed in Alsace (north eastern France) since 1927. The finest Alsatian and Czech hops

are used to craft this well balanced, crisp and floral beer.

2. WENDELINUS , Abbey beer, 6,8%, 33 cl and draft

Behind its amber hues and creamy foam is hidden an abbey beer with a fragrance that ripens in the mouth with every sip. Strong,

with a pleasant touch of bitterness, this is a beer to be savoured for its persistent mellowness, and its caramelized-fruity flavours.

3. WENDELINUS TENEBRIS, Dark beer, 6%, 33 cl and draft

A dark brown beer showing a great variety of complex aromas. Enticing toffee and roasted coffee notes on the nose give way to a

creamy and a surprisingly well balanced easily drinking beer. On the palate, it shows hints of chocolate and black coffee.

4. METEOR BLONDE, Lager, 4,6%, 33 cl and draft

Discover a rich foam, golden colour and lightly hopped Blond Beer, versatile to be savoured as an aperitif or enjoyed as a session

beer. Delicate on the palate with a fresh, clean and crisp taste to finish.

7 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F203, F204

Stand: F205

Freedom Brewery

Freedom Brewery, Bagots Park, Abbots Bromley, WS15 3ER, United Kingdom

Contact: Paul Mason

P: 01283 840721 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Freedom are the original pioneers of hand crafted lager in the U.K. Brewed with Burton well water, our lagers are vegan,

unpasteurised and have no CO2 added. We have an Organic lager on draft on our stand at the show.


1. Freedom Organic, Lager, 4.8%, Packaged and draft

Vegan, Organic lager

2. Freedom 4, Lager, 4%, Packaged and draft

Vegan, Golden lager

3. Freedom pils, Pilsner lager, 5%, Packaged and draft

Vegan,pilsner lager

4. Freedom Organic dark, Dark lager, 4.8%, Packaged and draft

Vegan, organic dark lager

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Heathwick American Craft Beers - Fordham, Dominion, Saugatuck, Tailgate c/o Heathwick Ltd (importer)

Heathwick Ltd, London W8 4NA, United Kingdom

Contact: Julie Finnie-Hogg

P: 07931 347750 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Heathwick, brand builder and distributor of unique beverages, offers a range of American Craft Beers from Fordham, Dominion,

Saugatuck and Tailgate breweries. Believing a truly good beverage should make you stop and pay attention, their beers provide

complexity and depth, lending themselves to food matching, cooking recipes and creating cocktails.


1. Fordham Copperhead Ale, Amber Ale, 5%,

Famous for its signature balanced flavour and impeccable smoothness, this Amber ale blends caramelized malted barley with

pronounced hop character to create a delicate copper hue.

2. Fordham Gypsy Lager, Helles Lager, 5%,

Clean and refreshing, this is a Bavarian style Helles lager which uses four different grains & three hop varieties to create an intricate

flavour profile and a beautiful deep golden colour.

3. Fordham Route 1 IPA, IPA, 4.5%,

Brewed specifically for those looking for a classic American IPA without the high alcohol content, this beer is amber in colour

possessing a subtle malt presence and grapefruit and pine aromas.

4. Dominion Hop Mountain, American Pale Ale, 6%,

A veteran Grand Champion at the US Beer Tasting Championships, Hop Mountain is noted for its distinctive Nelson-Sauvin

hop which gives this rich, red APA a strong hop character, complemented by a medium body, dry finish and floral hop aroma.

5. Dominion Cherry Blossom, Cherry Lager, 5%, /

Conditioned on 300 pounds of Michigan cherries for 48 hours, it is a delightfully effervescent, blushing and tart lager which

resembles a cherry champagne.

6. Saugatuck Neapolitan Stout, Milk Stout, 6%

All the flavours of Neapolitan Ice cream, this sensual milk stout will blow your mind.

7. Saugatuck Beach Blonde Ale, Blonde Ale, 5%

An easy drinking light ale with subtle malt flavours and aroma and a well-balanced body.

8. Saugatuck ESB Amber, ESB/Amber Ale, 5.5%

An ESB with an even balance of nine different malts giving a slightly nutty flavor with a hint of liquorice and toffee.

9 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F206

Stand: F207

Harviestoun Brewery

Harviestoun Brewery Ltd, Alva, FK12 5DQ United Kingdom

Contact: Shaun Voss

P: 7919091767 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

For 30 years we’ve been experimenting, mixing, juxtaposing, playing with world famous whisky casks, chasing after aftertastes; and

exploring the many possibilities of our craft. We are now considered one of the top premium craft breweries in the UK, with a

range of multi award winning beers...


1. Schiehallion, Craft Lager, 4.8%, 330ml bottle, 50l keg

Crisp, Refreshing, Intrepid

2. Bitter and Twisted, Golden ale, 4.2%, 330ml Bottle, 50l Keg

Zesty, Aromatic, citrus

3. Broken Dial, Amber Ale, 4.5%, 330ml Bottle

Fruity, Malty, Timeless

4. The Ridge, Pale Ale, 5%, 330ml Bottle

Hoppy, Refined, Balanced

5. Old Engine Oil, Black ale, 6%, 330ml Bottle, 30l PET

Rich, Bittersweet, Viscous

6. Ola Dubh, Barrel Aged Porter, 8%, 330ml Bottle

Smokey, Chocolatey, Bittersweet

7. Old Engine Oil Engineers Reserve , Blackest Ale, 9%, 330ml Bottle

Intense, Malt Chocolate, Viscous

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


The Wild Beer Co

Lower Westcombe Farm, Evercreech, BA4 6ER United Kingdom

Contact: Andrew Cooper

P: 01749 838742 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

One of the most unique breweries in the UK, specialising in brewing with wild yeasts, barrel-ageing and trampling over the frontiers

of flavour with distinctive unusual ingredients. Expect your taste-buds to be wowed and your perceptions of what beer can be,

altered for ever. Drink Wildly Different.


1. Bibble, Pale Ale , 4.2%, Can 330ml

Everyday pale ale with beautiful Mosaic and Amarillo hops to the fore.

2. Modus Operandi , Barrel-aged , 7%, Bottle 330ml

A blend of red wine and bourbon barrel-aged old ale, aged with brettanomyces, before different ages of beer are blended together.

3. Millionaire , Milk Stout , 4.7%, Bottle 330ml

Salted Caramel chocolate milk stout, sweet, chocolatey and savoury.

4. Wild Goose Chase , Sour , 4.5%, Bottle 330ml

The everyday drinking wild beer, dry-hopped pale ale, fermented with gooseberries and wild yeasts from local orchards.

5. Sourdough , Sour , 3.8%, Bottle 330ml

Oak Barrel-fermented sour beer, fermented using a 60 year old sourdough culture from a local bakery. Gentle stone fruit sour


6. Madness IPA , IPA, 6.8%, Bottle 330ml

Very heavily hopped IPA, citrus and tropical fruits to the fore.

7. Ninkasi , Celebratory , 9%, Bottle 750ml

Celebratory beer, brewed with a small percentage of local apple juice. Bone dry, effervescent, with a hint of apple on the finish.

8. Yadokai , Unique, 13%, Bottle 750ml

Weird and wonderful. Inspired by Sake. Big and bold, sweet, sour, bitter, umami. Brewed with a high percentage of rice, with additions

of 2 Japanese seaweeds, yuzu juice and foraged sea buckthorn

11 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F208

Stand: F209

Budweiser Budvar UK Ltd

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BB, United Kingdom

Contact: Simon George

P: 07774 016 453 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

The home of the world famous Budweiser Budvar Original is the city of Budweis, Southern Bohemia, where we select the finest

Moravian Barley, full leaf Saaz Hops and over 102 days of brewing and maturation we craft one of the leading lager-conditioned

Czech beers. Na zdravi!


1. Budweiser Budvar Original, Golden Lager, 5.0%, Bottled & Draught

Brewed with 3 golden Moravian malts and 102 day brewing and lagering period to deliver a wonderful depth of flavour.

2. Budweiser Dark Lager, Dark Lager, 4.7%, Bottled & Draught

We add a fourth roasted malt to craft a lager with rich colour, delicate aroma with a dry, caramel bitter taste that’s finely balanced

but not overtly sweet.

3. Budvar Czech Imperial Lager Fresh Hopped, Bock, 7.5%, Draught

Fresh Saaz hops were added at the brewhouse on 29th August 2014 directly from the field and with over 200 days of maturation,

our brewers craft a true, full-bodied, fine hoppy, malty, aromatic strong lager - unparalled worldwide.

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Thistly Cross Cider

The Cidershed, South Belton Farm, East Lothian EH42 1RG, United Kingdom

Contact: Peter Stuart

P: 07956655123 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Thistly Cross Cider make an innovative and award winning portfolio of unique, handmade Traditional and Real Fruit Ciders. As

the foremost UK Craft Cider with distribution to 29 different countries, including 45 American States, this genuinely Independent

Farmhouse company has proven that their Ciders have an International appeal.


1. Original 6.2%, Farmhouse, 6.2%, 330ml / 500ml / 20L / 30L

Slow fermented, long matured

2. Whisky Cask Cider 6.9%, Barrel Aged, 6.9%, 330ml / 500ml / 20L / 30L

Oak Whisky Cask matured

3. Traditional 4.4%, Session, 4.4%, 330ml / 500ml / 20L / 30L / 50L

Summer Session Cider

4. Real Strawberry Cider , Real Fruit, 4%, 330ml / 500ml / 20L / 30L

Full Strawberry

5. Real Ginger Cider, Real Fruit, 4%, 330ml / 500ml / 20L / 30L

Natural Ginger balance

6. Real Elderflower Cider, Real Fruit, 4%, 330ml / 500ml / 20L / 30L

Bold Elderflower

13 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F210

Stand: F211

Duvel Moortgat

The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL, United Kingdom

Contact: Matthew Willson

P: 7792896688 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Quality, craftsmanship and innovation in beer are cornerstones of the history of family-owned Duvel Moortgat. We want to offer

consumers top-quality products so that they are always able to enjoy the beer of their choice in optimal circumstances, whenever

and wherever they are.


1. Duvel, Belgian Golden Ale, 8.5%, Bottle

A Belgian Iconic top fermented, bottle conditioned Golden Ale

2. Vedett Blond, Premium Lager, 5%, Bottle and Draught

The anarchic, alternative and trendy blonde beer is a light; well hopped imported premium pilsner, brewed using only natural


3. Liefmans Fruitesse, Mixed Fruit Beer, 3.8%, Bottle and Draught

A refreshing fruit beer matured for 12 to 18 months on the juiciest cherries and enriched with a blend of 100% natural fruit juices.

4. Vedett IPA, IPA, 5.5%, Bottle and Draught

Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA has a superb finish with a long-lasting, dry aftertaste that continues to tantalise the taste buds. The

beer’s pure, fresh character in terms of both taste and aroma make it a truly divine beer!

5. De Koninck, Antwerpen Pale Ale, 5.2%, Bottle and Draught

Highly fermented pale ale with a full-bodied taste, a velvety texture and a full head. Made from Saaz hops and a mixture of pure

malt without the addition of maize or any other brewing sugars.

6. La Chouffe, Strong Belgian Golden Ale, 8%, Bottle and Draught

A Blond top fermented bottle conditioned Golden Ale 8% ABV. Hazy appearance and a fruity aroma, medium bodied and

effervescent, sweet herbal bitter taste, fruity spicy hoppy flavor and a lingering dry after taste.

7. Tank 7, Farmous Saison, 8.5%, Bottle and Draught

Belgian Style Farmouse Ale

8. SWIPA, IPA, 5.7%, Bottle and Draught

American Indian Pale Ale

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Elgood & Sons

North Brink Brewery, Wisbech PE13 1LW, United Kingdom

Contact: Marcus Beecher

P: 01945 583160 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Elgood & Sons Ltd is a family-owned brewing company. Our brewery is situated in the heart of “Fen” country in Cambridgeshire,

England. We supply our fine ales worldwide.


1. Coolship Blonde, Sour Beer, 6%, 500ml bottle

Blonde sour beer

2. Coolship Fruit, Fruit sour, 5%, 330ml bottle

Blackberry /raspberry sour

3. Apple and Vanilla Wheat, Fruit wheat beer, 4%, 330ml bottle

Sparkling , refreshing ,fruity

4. Cherry Wheat, Fruit wheat beer, 3.6%, 330ml bottle

Sparkling , refreshing , fruity

5. Cambridge IPA, IPA, 4.7%, 500ml bottle

Hoppy , traditional IPA

6. Cambridge Bitter, Standard bitter, 3.8%, 500ml bottle

Tawny , well balanced bitter

15 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F212

Stand: F213, F214

Mastri Birrai Umbria

United Kingdom

Contact: Luciano Fiore

P: 020 8880 2525 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Our aim is to create sought-after and unique craft beers, which will integrate seamlessly into the Umbrian agricultural supply chain.

Highly drinkable and instantly recognizable by the originality that defines all our beers. Try the true Italian craft, try Mastri Birrai



1. Mastri Birrai Umbri 19 Spelt Beer, Italian Spelt Ale, 5%, 750 ml

Non-filtered bottle conditioned lager, produced by the high fermentation method, using carefully selected malted barley, spelt

and choice hops.

2. Mastri Birrai Umbri 19 Spelt Beer, Italian Spelt Ale, 5%, 375 ml

3. Mastri Birrai Umbri 28 Chickling Vetch , Italian Red Ale, 5.5%, 750 ml

Red non-filtered bottle conditioned, produced by the high fermentation method, using malted barley and carefully selected hops.

Its aroma has notes of malt, caramel, well balanced by the typical bouquet of herbal hops.

4. Mastri Birrai Umbri 28 Chickling Vetch , Italian Red Ale, 5.5%, 375 ml

5. Mastri Birrai Umbri 75 Double Umbrian Malt, Italian Golden Ale, 7.5%, 750 ml

Mastri Birrai Umbri’s unfiltered Blonde Double Malt Beer is a pure barley malt beer inspired by the tradition of Strong Ale. The

main aromas of this beer can be clearly distinguished: the fresh herbaceous notes of the aromatic hops and the notes of malt,

honey and caramel due to the use of special malts in this recipe.

6. Mastri Birrai Umbri 75 Double Umbrian Malt, Italian Golden Ale, 7.5%, 375 ml

7. Mastri Birrai Umbri 42 Double Malt with lentils, Italian Dark Ale, 6%, 750 ml

Dark non-filtered bottle conditioned and produced by the high fermentation method using special roasted malt and lentils.

The long period of refermentation in the bottle gives it an intense aroma, characterised by notes of roasted malt, coffee and dark

chocolate. The dominant flavour is of intense roasted malt with notes of liquorice, highlighted by a light, refreshing tartness.

8. Mastri Birrai Umbri 42 Double Malt with lentils, Italian Dark Ale, 6%, 375 ml

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


La Rulles

Brasserie Artisanale de Rulles sprl, Rue Maurice Grévisse 36, Rulles 6724, Belgium

Contact: Frederic Bekaert

P:+32(0)6341 1838 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

La Rulles is a Belgian craft brewery founded in 2000. Production in 2014 was about 3.000 hectoliters. No rules, no formatted

styles, no spice. We brew dry beers with a good balance between malt and hops. Highly drinkable and with a strong personality.


1. Rulles Saison, 5.3%, 75cl

Our latest creation. Saison XIII breaks the rules at Rulles, as the brewery is known for a distinctive and balanced bitterness. Greg

wanted to go for a more malt-driven taste, keeping a dry (not sweet at all) finish and a low alcohol level. A session beer you can

drink by full buckets.

2. Rulles Estivale, 5.2%, 75cl

Only 5,2% alcohol, still with a lot of personality. This beer showcases the flavors of aromatic hops in all their glory. Vegetal nose

(grassy, black currant). Easy to drink and extremely refreshing, with hints of grapefruit and a long finish.

3. Rulles Blonde, 7%, 75cl

Got to be careful with this one… Blonde tastes easy on any occasion, still you keep on discovering new things in this beer at every

sip. Rich, complex, pretty malty (bakery), roundness is counterbalanced with a good bitterness that calls for the next glass… or


4. Rulles Brune, 6.5%, 75cl

Brown beer with reddish reflects. Creamy head, roasted nose, round and soft mouthfeel. This is our take on a Stout, tastes more

like a cappuccino than a strong coffee. Hops ensure a refreshing aftertaste.

5. Rulles Triple, 8.4%, 75cl

Beautiful coppery appearance. Warm en rich mouthfeel, finishing with a slight bitterness. Full-flavored, with a lot of spice as a

lingering impression. A very dangerously easy to drink Triple…

17 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F215

Stand: F216

The Horns Brewing Co.

25 Summerstown, London SW17 0BQ, United Kingdom

Contact: Emily Dall

P: 2034177338 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

By The Horns Brewing Co. began with two friends brewing beers they loved on a homebrew kit. We now produce four flagship

ales and at least three varying seasonal ales every month. Our ales are brewed in small batches, with more care and attention than

your mum’s Sunday roast!


1. Stiff Upper Lip, Pale Ale, 3.8%, Bottle

Balanced mellow malt with clear, rich body. Crisp late bitter finish. Light & quaffable.

2. Lambeth Walk , Porter , 5.1%, Bottle

Velvety rich with notes of coffee bean, cocoa, toasted hazelnuts & dark berries. Triple award winner

3. Wolfie Smith , Amber , 5.2%, Bottle

Light caramel colour, big hop finish with a bitter bite.

4. 2Tone , Lager , 4.5%, Bottle

Brewed with flavour in mind. Dry hopped, unfiltered & unpasteurised.

5. Hopslinger , IPA, 5.9%, Bottle

Big malt base of Maris Otter Pale, Munich, Cara & Wheat. Brewed with six hop varieties.

6. Old Smoke, Tea Bitter, 5.0%, Bottle

In collaboration with Joe’s Tea Co. Light bitter ale, combining the gentle smoky flavours of smoked malt, the bitterness of English

hops and the aromatic notes of the finest Ceylon tea.

7. Samba King , Rye Blonde, 5.1%, Bottle

Brewed with lime & lemongrass

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Siren Craft Brew

Unit 1, Weller Drive, Finchampstead RG40 4QZ, United Kingdom

Contact: Darron Anley

P: 0118 973 0929 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Brewery based in Finchampstead, Berkshire offering a full flavour experience. Our desire is to discover ways to excite people’s

curiosity and share our knowledge of our craft. We believe all beer drinkers should be able to enjoy craft beer as wine drinkers

enjoy the finest wines. Temptation is calling.


1. Undercurrent, Oatmeal Pale Ale, 4.5%, Bottle

A 4.5% pale ale with spicy, grassy aromas and a taste of grapefruit and apricot.

2. Soundwave, West Coast IPA, 5.6%, Bottle

A 5.6% West Coast IPA; golden, immensely hoppy and alive with grapefruit, peach and mango flavours.

3. Liquid Mistress, Red IPA, 5.8%, Bottle

A 5.8% West Coast bright red ale with flavours of burnt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus.

4. Broken Dream, Breakfast Stout, 6.7%, Bottle

A 6.7% Breakfast Stout with a gentle touch of smoke, chocolate and coffee.

5. Calypso, Berliner Weisse, 4.0%, Bottle

Calypso, the Goddess known for her sharp tongue . This beer is our homage to this enchantress, a tart, spritzy Berliner-style sour

beer that is liberally dry hopped with different hops for each batch.

19 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F217

Stand: F218

Westside Drinks

126 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AA, United Kingdom

Contact: Ben Frederic

P: 07557284602 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Westside Drinks represent and distribute premium drinks brands throughout the UK.

Our portfolio consists of a unique range of imported and domestic beers and ciders. Our mission is to provide choice and quality

to customers interested in great beer!


1. Frontier Craft Lager , Lager, 4.5%, Bottle

Frontier’s aroma highlights citrus zest. It’s first sip is clean and crisp with a cool and refersing finish.

2. Cornish Orchard Gold , Cider , 4.5 %, Bottle

Cornish Orchards Gold has a light champagne sparkle with fruity apple tones.

3. Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale , Pale Ale , 5.6& %, Bottle

This Californian beer has a deep amber colour and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character

4. Chimay - Gold , Belguim Blonde , 4.8 %, Bottle

Chimay Gold has a subtle combination of fresh hop and spices. It has a fruity touch of Muscat grapes and raisins.

5. Veltins , Pilsner , 4.8 %, Bottle

Brewed to the Reinheitsgebot German purity law, a Veltins is a crisp light fruity pilsner with a hint of citrus.

6. Honey Dew , Ale , 5.0 %, Bottle

Light and golden with a zesty edge with a bitter-sweet flavour. Honey dew is a naturally palatable brew that is Soil Association


London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Love Drinks Ltd

Unit 1, 16 Porteus Place, Clapham Old Town, London SW4 0AS, United Kingdom

Contact: Barnaby Richardson

P: 02075019630 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Love Drinks are distributors of premium, craft produced or family owned spirits, liqueurs and craft beers in the UK. Our exclusive

selection appeals to drinks enthusiasts and our brands are available throughout the UK as we enjoy long-term relationships with

bars, restaurants, wholesalers and premium retailers alike.


1. Einstök Icelandic White Ale, White Ale, 5.2%, 330ml

Einstök Icelandic White Ale is brewed in the centuries-old Belgian tradition, and features the complex flavours of the classic

witbier, including orange peel and coriander – all brewed with pure Icelandic water that delivers a cool smoothness that is

flavourful and refreshingly drinkable.

2. Einstök Icelandic Pale Ale, Pale Ale, 5.6%, 330ml

Einstök Icelandic Pale Ale is the best of American and Bavarian craft beer traditions joined together with the finest Icelandic water

to create this Viking version of the Pale Ale, where robust hoppiness meets smooth malty undertones. Cascade hops give it the

American character, while Northern Brewer hops add just enough bitterness to make this ale refreshingly Icelandic.

3. Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter, Porter, 6.0%, 330ml

Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter has clear notes of espresso, dark chocolate and a hint of authentic Icelandic coffee. This Porter is

dark and rich, offering a medium body that is robust, yet smooth on the palate and easy to drink.

4. Van Bulck Organic Lager, Organic Lager, 4.5%, 330ml

Awarded a bronze medal at the 2014 International Beer Challenge, Van Bulck’s Gluten Free Organic Lager is a light, clean beer

with a light honey and walnut after taste. It is brewed using gluten poor and organic barley malt, resulting in a light and balanced

flavour that accompanies a wide variety of dishes or is just enjoyable to drink on its own.

5. Van Bulck Organic Blonde Beer, Organic Blonde Beer, 4.6%, 330ml

Van Bulck’s Organic Blonde beer is unfiltered and fermented in the bottle. It is brewed using a unique combination of three

different grains including barley, wheat and spelt. The beer has a pronounced aroma of green fruits with hints of liquorice and

dried apricots with a smooth, bittersweet aftertaste delivered by the spelt and wheat.

6. Van Bulck Organic Wild Fruit Beer, Organic Fruit Beer, 4.7%, 330ml

Van Bulck’s Organic Wild Fruit Beer is made with seven different fruits and they include; cherries, pomegranate, raspberries,

blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit and blackberries. Reminiscent of grandmother’s fresh fruit marmalade, the beer delivers an

explosion of red fruits from the first taste.

21 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F219

Stand: F220

Wild Card Brewery

Unit 7, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Walthamstow E17 9HQ, United Kingdom

Contact: Andrew Birkby

P: 208 935 5560 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

An improbable success story, Wild Card Brewery began when two friends took out a personal credit card to follow their

dream. Punching well above their weight Wild Card Brewery’s rapid growth is based on their reputation for no-nonsense,

uncompromising beers. Artwork by acclaimed Spanish illustrator, Valero Doval.


1. Jack of Clubs, Ruby Ale, 4.5%, 330ml Bottle & 30l Keykeg

Initial flavours of raisin and caramel from British Crystal malts are followed by a grassy bitterness from a blend of new world hops.

2. Queen of Diamonds, India Pale Ale, 5.0%, 330ml Bottle & 30l Keykeg

Hops are added continuously during the boil and fermentation (‘dry hopping’) to create complex citrus flavours, a fresh bitter edge

and tropical fruit aromas.

3. King of Hearts, Blonde Beer, 4.5%, 330ml Bottle & 30l Keykeg

Brewed with lager malt to create a refreshing beer. Lightly dry hopped to add subtle hop aromas. Best enjoyed cold.

4. Ace of Spades, London Porter, 4.7%, 330ml Bottle & 30l Keykeg

A classic dark London beer style with rich chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours.

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


Curious Drinks

Chapel Down Winery, Tenterden Vineyard, Small Hythe, Tenterden TN30 7NG, United Kingdom

Contact: Susie Bearne ■ P: 1580763033 ■ E: ■ W:

Company Profile

Curious Drinks offers a range of premium beer and cider that are a fusion of brewing and winemaking techniques. Produced by

England’s leading winemaker, Chapel Down, our products are very distinctive- we only create beers and cider where we add value

as a winemaker and in turn create world-class products.


1. Curious Brew, Lager, 4.7%, 33cl bottle & 30ltr keg

A truly premium English lager for people who love beer. Created by Chapel Down, England’s leading wine producer, Curious

Brew is re-pitched with Champagne yeast before adding a ‘dosage’ of the rare Nelson Sauvin hop. The result is more fragrant, less

gassy and more refreshing than any other beer we’ve tasted.

2. Curious IPA, India Pale Ale, 5.6%, 33cl bottle & 30ltr keg

Brewed using the finest pale ale malt and three complementary hops; Goldings, Bramling Cross and Chinook. A balanced,

powerful and distinctive beer with real drinkability.

3. Curious Porter, Porter, 4.4%, 33cl bottle & 30ltr keg

Brewed using chocolate malt and classic English hops including Bramling Cross and Challenger. Matured with winemakers’ vanilla

oak chips to give a gentle softness to this naturally bitter beer.

4. Curious Apple, Cider, 5.2%, 33cl bottle

A cleaner, fresher cider. Fully ripe, handpicked apples have been pressed then cold fermented using wine yeast to preserve their

aromatic, delicate, crisp flavour. We’re winemakers - so absolutely no concentrates, no water, just 100% apples.

23 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Stand: F221

The Hopsack Timetable

Monday 18 May

Time Topic Speaker

11:00 - 11:30 Why beer/what Beer? Sophie Atherton, Beer Sommelier

11:45 - 12:15 The Market for Craft Beer Chris Wisson & Jonny Forsyth, Senior and Global Drinks

Analysts, Mintel

12:45 - 13:15 Successful Beer Selling Andrew Morgan, Founder and MD, The Bottle Shop

14:00 - 14:30 How Hops Bring Flavour to Beer Charles Faram & Co Hop Factors & Merchants

14:45 - 15:15 The Many Flavours of Malted Barley Sophie De Ronde, Brewing Technologist, Muntons

15:30 - 16:00 The American Influence on UK


Jeff Rosenmeier, Chairman of the Beer, Lovibonds Brewery

16:15 - 16:45 Great British beers David Scott, Founder and brewer, Kew Brewery

17:00 - 17:30 Sour Beers Andrew Cooper, Co-founder Wild Beer Co

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


The Hopsack Timetable

Tuesday 19 May

Time Topic Speaker

10:30 - 11:00 Creating a Winning Beer List Sophie Atherton, Beer Sommelier

11:15 - 11:45 The Power of British Hops Ali Capper, British Hop Ambassador and Farmer

12:00 - 12:30 The Importance of Beer Training Simon Jackson, Director, Beer Academy

12:45 - 13:15 Britain’s Answer to Lambic Alan Pateman, Head Brewer, Elgood’s Brewery

13:30 - 14:00 Beer to go: an Introduction to


14:15 - 14:45 Beer & Food Matching – How and


Tim Croxson, Chief Operating Officer, Croxsons

Mitch Adams, General Manager, The Bull Highgate

16:00 - 16:30 Defining Craft Beer Sophie Atherton and guests


London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting

The Hopsack Timetable

Wednesday 20 May

Time Topic Speaker

11:00 - 11:30 Using Social Media to Sell More Beer Sarah Warman, Master Gunner, BrewDog

12:00 - 12:30 The Influence of Beer Writing Tom Stainer, Head of Communications, CAMRA

13:30 - 14:00 The New Wave of British Lagers Sophie Atherton, Beer Sommelier

14:15 - 14:45 In Print and Online: the Popularity of

Beer Writing

15:15 - 15:45 Special Relationship: US & UK Beer


Tim Hampson, Chair of the British Guild of Beer Writers

Doreen Joy Barber, Communication & Events Manager, Five

Points Brewing

London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


27 London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting Notes


London Wine Fair 2015 Beer Tasting


London Wine Fair

Brintex, 32 Vauxhall Bridge Road London SW1V 2SS

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