Republic of Indonesia - ViaMUN

Republic of Indonesia - ViaMUN

Republic of Indonesia

Delegate: Peter Lippmann

Session of the United Nations Security Council on Regional Stability in

South Asia concernig the threat of nuclear terrorism

5 th - 7 th June 2008

Top 1: Adoption of the Agenda

Top 2: Nuclear Terrorism

Top 3: Regional Stability

Top 4: Conclusion

Top 1: Adoption of the Agenda

Recalling Security Council resolution 1803 (2008) and noting with serious concern, that the

international community is heavily misguided by some sorts of disputes and stressing that

under these conditions the terrorist threat may increase, the Republic of Indonesia declares

that it is determined to overcome these barriers to collectively face the serious threat of

nuclear terrorism for the regional stability in South East Asia as well as the global stability

among all the souvereign nations.

Top 2: Nuclear Terrorism

Having regard to states rights and obligations to international trade, Indonesia is desiring an

international community in which the prolifaration of nuclear materials is controlled by the

IAEA and only admissible according to the NPT obligations. Without this precondition,

Indonesia considers the threat of terrorists acquiring nuclear materials as feasible. If that will

be the case the outcome of such a scenario would be horendous.

Indonesia strongly condems all kinds of terrorism, such as occurred on Indonesian territory.

Alarmed by the ongoing terrorist attacs all over the world and aware of the current situation,

Indonesia likes to stress that the problem of nuclear terrorism is only to be solved by

collective and immediate action.

Therefore Indonesia encourages the international community to coordinate their actions

within the various International Organizations and by using diplomatic channels.

Top 3: Regional Stability

Concerned by the proliferation risks in Asia and reaffirming its commitment to the request of

the documents S/PRST/2002/10, S/PRST/2002/26, S/PRST/2002/38, S/PRST/2003/3,

S/PRST/2003/13, S/PRST/2003/17, S/PRST/2004/8, S/PRST/2004/14, S/PRST/2004/37,

S/PRST/2005/36, S/PRST/2005/37, S/PRST/2005/45, S/PRST/2005/53, S/PRST/2005/55,

S/PRST/2005/64, S/PRST/2006/18, S/PRST/2006/28, S/PRST/2006/30 and others, Indonesia

calls upon the souvereign nations of this region to take all necessary steps required by the

Security Council resolutions 1368 (2001), 1373 (2001), 1377 (2001), 1438 (2002), 1456

(2003), 1526 (2004), 1535 (2004), 1566 (2004), 1617 (2005), 1624 (2005), 1737 (2006) and


Considering the terrorist threat as a transnational one which is not hindered by the borders of

the South East Asian Nation, Indonesia furthermore recommends the establishment of a joint

group of Asian nations (JOGAN) or a committee against terrorism and the unconditional

cooperation of the respective nations within such an organization or committee under

conditions to be laid down.

Top 4: Conclusion

Indonesia is aware of the challenge that the South East Asian Nations are facing. Fully

convinced that their good will to prevent terrorists from gainig nuclear matirials is as strong as

the will of Indonesia and confident of their foresight that besides national measures as well as

the compliance with the above listed documents, only a joint cooperation of all Asian nations

is going to be a succesfull strike against the imminent peril of nuclear terrorism.

The prevention of the most horrid scenario, which is terrorists acquiring nuclear materials,

must be of utmost importance. Underlining the common interests of Asia, Indonesia is urging

all Asian nations to take the above-mentioned steps in order to prevent this transnational

hazard from a violation against our souvereign nations.

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