May 2010 newsletter:Layout 1 - Horsforth Harriers

May 2010 newsletter:Layout 1 - Horsforth Harriers

May 2010 newsletter:Layout 1 - Horsforth Harriers


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May 2010



Gordon Little

awarded Life

Membership at

Harriers Silver

Jubilee Evening!

Amazingly, he’s still OK!


Horsforth Harriers

Silver Jubilee Celebration

The evening at the Ramada Parkway seems to

have been a huge success - members past and

present had a great time and it’s a shame we

have to wait another 25 years to have another


Still, I’m sure we’ll think of something else in

the interim to celebrate!

On the evening, TV’s Gaynor Barnes, a long

time friend of Horsforth Harriers, did a brilliant

job in presenting and there were guest speaking

spots from Ralph George, Andrew Charles

and Bob Foulkes.

And club Chairman and founder member

Gordon Little was rewarded with Lifetime

Membership of Horsforth Harriers for having

had the idea in the first place and then doing

25 years - and counting - at the coalface!

In view of the somewhat disastrous history of

the awarding of Lifetime Membership, I’m

happy to report that Gordon is still fine,

although I note that he hasn’t run since

receiving the award!

Angus Teanby put together the audio visual

presentation for the night and Bev Elliot

dressed the room and made sure we had a big

turn out, while Ralph George oversaw production

of the event like an expectant father - and

there were some actual expectant fathers

there on the evening!.

Photographs of the evening - some of which

are reproduced here - were shot by both John

and Hilary Wharam and a small army of people

worked their socks off to ensure the evening

was one to remember.

Ralph found time to put together a potted

history of the club with Steve O’Hara and

Ian Park (who’d like to thank Nicola Liddle for

putting up with his meglomaniac art direction)

and copies of the brochure are still available if

you didn’t get one on the night, or couldn’t be

there and would like one. E-mail:

ian@tcpleeds.com and let me know and I’ll

get one to you somehow, or you can collect

from the clubhouse on a Tuesday night.

Thanks also to our sponsors and those local

businesses, approached by Jody Wharton,

who contributed so generously to the prizes

for the on-the-night raffle. As ever apologies

to anybody missed out - you know who you




Your captains are at your service. Any ideas,

observations and even the occasional grumble

should be addressed to: Captains Corner, 106,

Long Row, Horsforth Leeds LS18 5AY.

Hils writes:

Well done to everyone who helped to make

the Jubilee evening such a resounding

success. The room was full of happy smiling

people enjoying each others company and

making sure they spoke to everybody. It was

good to see so many past members and the

presentation brought it all together, thank you

to all who came and made it an evening to


What a joy to have light evenings again and to

be able to train off road. I hope to entertain

you with more tracks and trails.

Speaking of which Tina and I are in process of

sorting out the teams for the Bradford

Millennium Way and will let you know very

soon (in fact, see Tina’s piece following this -


I need to know if people wish to run in the

Washburn Valley Relay, Friday 16th July

7.00pm, three legs each about 4 miles long

with three people to a team, one runner per

leg, M, F, and mixed teams. Information is on


I already have some names but don’t want you

to miss out on a scenic easy to recce and very

do-able course.


Too good to miss! Tina pictured at the

Haweswater Half Marathon.

Picture courtesy of Sportsunday - and no,

Tina isn’t being sponsored by them!

Tina writes:

Hi Everyone -

A short piece this issue just to congratulate

everyone on their recent results. Also well

done to all who did the Leeds Half, I hope your

training paid off for you and you all achieved

what you wanted.

There will be one Ladies Team for Bradford

Millennium Way on Sunday June 13 as follows:

Leg 1 Sophie and Serena

Leg 2 Helen and Lyndsey (Clegg)

Leg 3 Amy and Bev

Leg 4 Lyndsey (Noakes) and Christine

Leg 5 Angie and Gillian


Jill, Vicky and me. Thank you all for volunteering,

please let me or Hils know if you require

assistance with your recce(s). We can recce

with you or help with transport etc.


Nothing from Marc this issue - he’s up on our

roof as I write, but don’t worry I don’t think

he’s going to jump. A rather good photo

though of Marc - could be from the Leeds Half,

at which he won a prize as 1st M55 - I believe

he might have mentioned this in passing at

the club!

On the subject

of the BMW..

I am planning to complete

the full circuit of the BMW in

one day on 13th June,

same day as the race,

all 48 miles and 6130ft of it.

I hope to leave the Beckfoot

Lane start (leg 1) at 3.00 am

and be at Marsh (leg 2) at

6.00 am, Lanycock (leg 3)

at 9.00 am, Silsden (leg4)

at 12.00 noon,

Ilkley at 3.00 pm and Bingley

Rugby Club finish by 6.00pm.

If I am very lucky I might

be a little quicker but recce’s

are not indicating this, I shall

be jogging and walking,

with current best efforts

averaging 3.5 mph

over a 30 mile route.

I do have a volunteer to

start with me would you

believe? If anyone wishes

to join me on any of the other

legs their support would be

most welcome.

The whole thing will be to raise

money for the MS Society.

Hope this leaves you as

startled as everyone else!

Cheers! Hils

Get your kit on!

It’s been a bone a of contention recently that

some of our members - chiefly ladies - have

been running races as Horsforth Harriers but

not wearing the club strip.

This presents a problem as, if you enter as a

Horsforth Harrier, you are obliged to wear the

club colours - in some races, cross country

races for instance - it’s compulsory, otherwise

you don’t count for the team score. And you

can be disqualified as counting as a team

member in other races if you are not wearing

the club colours thereby negating your other

team members efforts. Plus, it’s a bugger trying

to spot Harriers in bigger races!

Apparently some ladies find the vests, shall

we say, unflattering, so ever accommodating,

Hilary has sourced a t-shirt which can be made

in the club colours as an alternative. These

come in a variety of sizes and Hilary has a

sample t-shirt for you to see and is happy to

measure you to make sure you get as close a

fit as is possible.

Downside? Well, each shirt costs £15.00 and

Hilary has to order a minimum of five at a time

(in varying sizes).

It’s also worth mentioning that Hilary has all

manner of Horsforth Harriers logo-ed kit

available from crop tops to hoodies and woolly

hats and waterproof jackets - not to mention

the much maligned regular Horsforth Harrier

club vest, mens and ladies cuts available! See

her on a Tuesday night for an idea of what is

available and at what it will cost you.

Unfortunately the burka in club colours for the

even more reticent, and the full lycra catsuit

with enhanced six-pack and super hero cape

in blue and white with HH logo for the more

flamboyant runner are not currently available!

And speaking of kit.....

You’ll read further on, in the up-coming social

events page of our plan to have a group

Harriers picture shot at our Summer club run

on July 13/20th (exact date to be confirmed).

Obviously the shot should be a sea of blue and

white vests, so you need to bring your Harriers

kit along with you on the night so you can be

photographed in it, even if you don’t run in it.

Championship Races

...coming up in May/June. See our

own website:


for details of rules and future races!

30th May

30th May

1st June

5th June

9th June

16th June

22nd June

27th June

Ilkley Trail Race

Melmerby 10K

Kirkstall YVAA Race

Kirkby Malzeard 10K

Otley Ten Miles

Pudsey YVAA Race

Meanwood YVAA Race

Rainton 10K

Yorkshire Veterans Bit

Eds Note: Tina is looking for someone to help

her with the organisation of the Vets teams

this year. If you can help please do so - Tina

does a tremendous amount for the club but

needs someone to share the load with on this.

A massive thank you to the 10 gents and 4

ladies who ventured over to Meltham for the

first Grand Prix race. Your efforts have given us

a decent start to build on for 2010.

The men are 4th in all categories and the

ladies are 5th in '4 to count' and 6th in 'all to


After a long gap the Vets Grand Prix kicks off

again with a vengeance in June with 3 races.

Tuesday June 1st it’s all down the road to run

from Kirkstall Leisure Centre for the second

fixture*. Closely followed by Pudsey on

Wednesday 16th and another local venue on

Tuesday 22nd at Meanwood. All very close so

would be great to have high turnouts in all

three races. Anyone wanting more details

please ask.

Every runner is very welcome and every single

point counts in one of the three competitions.


*Details of registration and the course etc., for

the Vets race at Kirkstall have been posted on

the Yorkshire vets website at www.yvaa.org

Registration is at the Leeds Postal Sports

Association, off Beecroft Street, from 6.10 pm

onwards. The race start and finish is at

Kirkstall Abbey - start time is 7.30 pm, so

leave yourself plenty of time to get to the start

from Beecroft Street which is approximately

half a mile away. There are limited facilities for

showers/changing/bag storage at the LPSA

and Kirkstall Leisure Centre can’t/won’t

accommodate runners - see web site - but

mercifully the bar will be open at the LPSA for

drinks and refreshments (also slightly limited)

after the race. Full details of the course, much

of which will be familiar to Horsforth Harriers,

are also posted on the website.

If you haven’t pre registered for the series, you

can do so via www.yvaa.org, which will help

speed up registration on the night. If in doubt

or requiring further information see Tina at

the club.

Future Social Stuff

As if she hadn’t been busy enough organising

the ‘social event of the year’ (the 25th

Anniversary bash, silly!) Bev has a whole raft

of social events planned for us over the

summer months and beyond.

So here’s what’s planned:

Sunday 20th June

Bowling - usually at the Hollywood Bowl on

Kirkstall Road. Prizes for all abilities. Bumpers

if you think you need them!

Friday 2nd July

Harriers go to the dogs! To Pontefract Dog

Track in fact. Price £12.00 per person which

includes entry and food etc. But not money for

gambling. You are on your own there! Should

be great fun based on last year’s trip to Ripon

Races and the skill, or lack thereof, of Harriers

to separate the bookies from their hardearned.


Tuesday 13th or 20th July

Summer Run with our chums from Kirkstall

Harriers! From our clubhouse at Hall Park.

Food laid on afterwards, no cost! As all

Tuesday nights, routes and groups to suit all


Sometime in August

Meal out at Canal Restaurant, exact date to be

confirmed, and mass outing to Seaside 10K

race - if you have a suggestion for a venue for

this, a great seaside race you’ve done on east

or west coast please let Bev know. (Is the

Scarborough 10K on this year? Ed).

Alternative Sport Night - Rounders match to

be organised, possibly for late July/early


As with all social events, Bev needs to know as

soon as possible so she can finalise numbers,

bookings, catering and such like, so please let

her know if you want to come to one, some or

all of the proposed events as soon as you can


*At the Summer Run we propose to get as

many people there as possible from Horsforth

in order to take a Harriers group picture. This

means that we need everybody to turn up with

their Horsforth racing kit so everybody is in

the club strip for the photo - if you don’t want

to run it it then bring it along so you can pose

in it before donning your normal training gear!

Club strip is available from Hilary - see her on

Tuesday nights if you are short of a vest or

want to order one of the ladies ‘alternate strip’

t-shirt option Hilary can get hold of. If you’re a

bloke then see Hilary for the full, bewildering

range of kit sporting the Horsforth Harriers

logo (but mainly, buy a vest!)

National Three Peaks Attempt

Our brave lads - and lass - will

be attempting to scale the three

highest peaks in the UK - Ben

Nevis, Sca Fell Pike and

Snowden in 24 hours between

June 15th -17th.

They will be raising money for

the West Yorkshire Multiple

Sclerosis Therapy Centre at

Rawdon, who were the benficiaries

from last year’s 10K race,

so if you haven’t sponsored

Kevin Watson, Bob Foulkes Angus Teanby, Julia Day and

them yet, please do. See Angus

Michael Walker on a recent Sca Fell Pike ‘reccie’.

on Tuesdays or e-mail

andy.teanby@hotmail.com for further details I’ll be after them for a report once they’ve

on sponsorship or even helping out.

slept a bit and can walk again!

Martin’s ‘Where’s my Garmin?’ ‘Frisco Run

Hi Ian - Very late with this I know. I seem to

have no free time nowadays. Anyway, the run

that Mel and I did was the Mission Rock 5k (In

San Francsico not New York) on December

27th 2009. The course was as flat as a

pancake which is unusual for San Fransisco

and ran round an industrial port area. It would

have been a certain PB for me if I was fitter

(usual excuse). I came 24th with a time of

21:03 and Melanie came 105 with a time of

32:50 (which was exceptional considering it

was only her 2nd run after a lengthy layoff).

She was annoyed though to be beaten by a

chap who ran the entire race backwards!

Martin Coates

In case you missed it last time...

Phil McGeever - our Male Club Member of the

Year at the recent Presentation Evening - often

sends me times and pictures for inclusion in

the newsletter (for which I’m eternally grateful,

and anybody else who wants to send in

stuff, feel free). Now he’s gone one better and

set up a website for all of Horsforth Harriers

to upload and share photos. It’s at:


Phil explains how it works: “ To upload photos

to the site users need to log in. So first they

need to register, there’s a link at the top of the

page for this. This will just setup their username,

password and email address (needed).

Also optional info is requested of full name

and club (if I know they’re Horsforth Harriers

they get extra privileges; there is a separate

section for Harriers, not visible to the public

and bigger upload quota). The registration

needs approval (I would do that asap) then

they can login and select Upload file at the top

of the page. Then they can select an album to

upload to, from the drop-down and browse for

files to upload and that’s it. Finally the

uploads need to be approved (to avoid abuse)

and they’ll appear on the site (I may move

them to a more appropriate location).

visitors and top rated and most viewed photos

listed on the front page - for the more competitive

Harriers among us. Titles and comments

can be added to pictures. Also I notice a lot of

other clubs have a photo gallery and it would

be nice to have a decent gallery to compete

with them. It might be a good motivating

factor for getting more runners to PECOs and

VETs races knowing they’ll probably get their

picture on the site afterwards”.

So.....load up those photos!

I may have made it sound complicated and it

isn’t really, it’s just:

Register - Login - Upload

As an incentive...photos can be rated by

Phil pictured at the Nell Bank PECO Cross at

Ilkley. Thanks to Ilkley Harriers for use of

the photo.

Lindsey teams up with Betty

I’m now a regional consultant for Sweaty

Betty: selling and advising on stylish sports

and leisure wear (sorry guys, its ladies only

though!). The running range is absolutely

fantastic - it looks great, is top quality and is,

so far, indestructible, despite my best efforts

to destroy my tights falling over in the snow

and running through waist high muddy water!

We also sell fab ranges tailored for lots of

other sports: cycling, tennis, swimming, golf,

yoga and skiing, plus gorgeous everyday gym


Take a browse at http://sweatybetty.com or

collect a catalogue from me on a Tuesday

night (I will be bringing a box of catalogues for

the club house - Newsflash! New Summer

catalogues available now!).

I can offer exclusive discounts on orders

(which are not available in the shops or

online) and, for group orders or for anyone

interested in hosting a Sweaty Betty party,

extra discounts plus fab free gifts are up for

grabs. And anyone who can say that they are a

sports/health and fitness instructor of any

description, including all the ladies who take

groups or are involved in the organisation of

the club, can claim a special 20% gym instructor

discount on their orders.

I also have a selection of stock from each of

the core ranges (with a particular emphasis, of

course, on running wear) in a variety of sizes

which you can take a look at, or try for size,

before placing an order. Hopefully, I’ll be

bringing this down to the club on a Tuesday

night for people to take a look at in the next

couple of weeks, so watch this space!

If you don’t manage to catch me at the club

and are interested in making an order, getting

hold of a catalogue or hosting a party, then

please do give me a ring on 07872 520751 or

email me at lindseyclegg1@googlemail.com


Race Results

- a Fat Bloke writes

Apologies for the long gap between newsletters -

sorting out the 25th Anniversary booklet took up

rather longer than I thought it might and that had a

definite deadline to work to, so the newsletter took

something of a back seat while that all got done.

Having said I’d never leave the results to mount up

longer than a month again, I find myself guilty of

that very crime - again - so let’s wade into them from

where we left off in mid February of this year.

And as usual, where better to start than at the Hyde

Park parkrun where we can update the previously

missing Steve O’Hara’s time to 25:31, and follow

that up with the results from the following week’s

parkrun which saw Jamie Stewart 27:14 and Caroline

Faithwaite 30:30 our only runners.

Steve Hall was out on the fells to do the Ilkley Moor

race, finishing in 54:17, while also going off road at

the Yorkshire & Humberside County XC Champs

were Richard Sunley 39:54, Marc Springer 41;35,

Phil McGeever 44:34 and Serena Blackburn 26:36.

Back to the parkrun where Ian Gulliford was making

his debut in 21:31 as was Colin Brown 21:54,

followed by Mike Mooney 22:24, Mal Johnson

24:00, Steve O’Hara 25:57, Charlotte Baker 26:14 -

PB - Jamie Stewart 26:38 and Caroline Faithwaite


The cross country mudlarks were also out for a

second week in succession at the National Cross

Country Championships which were held at

Roundhay Park. The men running over 12 km, in a

race won by Andy Vernon, were Richard Sunley

49:10, Marc Springer 52:03 and Phil McGeever,

59:11 and a pulled calf muscle. The ladies ran the

shorter 8 km distance and Serena 38:56, was joined

by Sarah O’Sullivan 40:14 and Vicky Ward 44:29 but

they all had to give best to Steph Twell who was the

ladies race winner. We had a small group of runners

making the trip to Pocklington to run the increasingly

popular (and sold out ever earlier each year)

Snake Lane Ten. Alan Squire was first home in

1:01:44 followed by Steve Large 01:04:07, Kevin

Watson whose 1:08:37 gained him only 5th M60

spot, such is the depth of talent in the field, Angela

Pattinson 1:15:21 and Karen Large 1:30:21.

New(ish) member Steve Raby pictured on

the Spen 20. Picture with thanks to Flaming


Back at the parkrun PB’s were tumbling. Tony

Walker lead the way with a new time of 19:05,

followed by Alek Karagic 19:31, Steve O’Hara 25:50,

Cath Gray 26:08, Sheila Mason 28:24, Caroline

Faithwaite 29:50 PB, and under the 30 minute

barrier for the first time, and Karen Allan 32:18.

Steve Hall was back out on the fells, this time completing

the half tour of Pendle, nine miles and 2250

feet of climbing in 1:29:26. The Sunday saw the

clash of fixtures between the final PECO cross country

race and the first Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix

fixture at Meltham, and the vets fielded a surprisingly

big team, giving us a solid start in the Grand Prix

Championship, without setting any records but the

smallish turn out at the PECO event, although we

were boosted by a number of first timers in the

ladies team, saw the men fall short of winning the

Vets title, which with one race to go, had looked a

racing certainty. Hopefully lessons will have been

learnt for next season if a similar fixture congestion


Escaping from this minor debacle were Nicola Wilde

1:49:06, Jean Davey 1:56:03 and Tina Dickinson

1::58:34 who were running the Haweswater Half

Marathon in the Lakes and Justin Balfour who was

running the Norton Nine, near Doncaster in 70:01.

Malcolm and Angela Johnson claimed they were the

only Harriers in the worlds first ‘Kilomathon’ - 26.2

km run between Nottingham and Derby, Malcolm in

2:18:41 and Angela in 2:29:42. Going even further

were Harriers at the Spen 20. Phil McGeever led the

way, knocking ten minutes off his time of the previous

year to set a new PB of 2:23:10, hotly pursued

by Alek Karagic 2:26:00, new member Steve Raby

2:27:34, Tim Appleyard 2:41:21, Simon Rudsdale

2:44:55, Steve Wood 2:57:56 and Martin Coates

2:59:18. Tim Midgely, running for Bingley was second

overall in a new PB time of 1:58:08.

In Hyde Park, Tony Walker was continuing to chip

away at his 5K time, breaking the 19 minute barrier

conclusively with 18:31 PB, and not to be outdone,

Angie Pattinson lowered her parkrun PB to 22:40.

Also running but not setting new figures were Sheila

Mason 28:14, Jamie Stewart 28:28 and Caroline

Faithwaite 29:50.

The major race of the weekend of March 21st was

the Bradford ‘Epilepsy Action’ 10K which saw Phil

McGeever, 38:28, fail to set new PB figures despite

being put under pressure by Nathan Crossley 38:44,

followed home by Ian Robertshaw 42:48, Mike

Mooney 45:11, Justin Balfour 46:23 Beverley Smith

50:31 and Jennette White 52:32. Also out and about

the same weekend were Richard Sunley, whose

1:00:22 narrowly missed cracking the 60 minute

barrier at the Lytham Ten, and Kevin Watson who

recorded 42:45 at the Help for Heroes 10K held at

Lightwater Valley.

Steve Hall on the Coledale Fell race. Picture

from Angie Pattinson.

The following weekend saw the Dent Brewery Run,

14 miles through the dales from Dent, a race in

which Richard Pattinson was 3rd overall, and further

down the field, running together were Angie

Pattinson 1:52:27 and Gill Gaskin 1:52:29. In Hyde

Park PB’s continued to fall with Tony Walker lowering

his previous weeks best to 19:02, Sheila Mason

reducing her time to 27:41 PB and Caroline

Faithwaite once again lowering her figures to 29:40.

Only Mike Mooney didn’t set a PB but his 22:10 was

only six seconds away from doing so.

Mike Mooney got it right at the parkrun, with a new

PB of 22:05. Steve Raby also set a new PB of 19:26,

as did Caroline Faithwaite 29:28, while also running

were Jamie Stewart 27:45, Sheila Mason 29:27 and

Karen Allan 29:30. Ian Gulliford was the lone

Horsforth representative in the Coniston 14 - this

year extended to nearer 16 miles due to flood

damage - in a time of 2:04:41. Almost as lonely at

the Arkendale 10K were Sarah Greenlees 54:42 and

Kat Shepherdson 1:10:05, and continuing the theme

of Harriers spread thinly, Ian Robertshaw 43:09 and

Andrew Charles 49:30 were the only Horsforth

Harriers running the Wakefield 10K. The main event

of the weekend was the Baildon Boundary Way

where Marc Springer was first Harrier back and

1st M50 in 1:31:41, Phil McGeever 1:36:41, Lindsey

Clegg 1:48:06, Serena Blackburn 1:55:38, Angie

Pattinson 1:59:11, Tina Dickinson 2:15:25, Catherine

Gray 2:20:04 and Hilary Wharam 1st F65 - only F65

in fact! - in 2:53:36.

Back to the parkrun, a lower turn out here with Mike

Mooney 22:34, Charlotte Baker 27:21 and Sheila

Mason 28:39 the only Horsforth runners. There was

a massive turn out for the Guiseley Gallop however,

where once more Marc Springer was our lead runner

in 41:05, taking the 1st M50 place followed by Steve

Large 41:35, 4th M40, Phil McGeever 43:33,

3rd M45, Alek Karagic 45:36, Kevin Watson 46:04

2nd M60, Lindsey Clegg 49:21, Serena Blackburn

50:04, 3rd F45, Steve Wood 52:10, Angie Pattinson

52:14, new member Andy Millar 52:57, Karen Large

59:26, Jill Hobson 59:58, Cath Gray 01:01:23, Hilary

Wharam 1:13:24, 1st F60 and Jean Davey 1:14:34.

Returning to the parkrun there was a big turn out

lead by Steve Large 17:54, Karen Large 25:16, Steve

O’Hara 25;45, Cath Gray 25:33, new member Tom

Needham 26:55, Charlotte Baker 26:56, Sheila

Mason 27:13, Jamie Stewart 28:25 and Caroline

Faithwaite 30:33. And apart from that the only other

result for the weekend was Malcolm Johnson’s run

at the Blackpool Marathon which he finished in

4:00:42. What was everybody else up to?

So - back to the parkrun again. Another big turn out

saw Tim Appleyard first home in 21:04 followed by

Malcolm Johnson, remarkably setting new PB

figures 23:07 after his marathon exploits the weekend

previously, Steve O’Hara 24:57, Tom Needham,

lowering his PB to 26:01, Jamie Stewart 27:23,

Charlotte Baker 27:33, Sheila Mason 28:19, Pete

Scanlon 28:52, and Caroline Faithwaite another new

PB of 29:10. But - blow me! - a new parkrun in Lister

Park, Bradford, and Steve Large was at the very first

one, 4th overall in 18:17. The Pennine 10K, held over

from earlier in the year, a victim of the snow and ice,

saw Phil McGeever 40:25 and Ian Robertshaw 43:55

belatedly complete the race. Steve Hall took on the

Coledale Fell race in the Lake District, which he

completed in 1:49:55, and the following day, also in

the Lakes Angie Pattinson 45:24, Pat Dawson,

1:00:07, 1st F70 and Graham Dawson 1:22:03 were

all running in the second of two St George’s Day

10K’s in Langdale, a race won by Richard Pattinson.

parkrun again - Tom Needham lowered his PB to

25:07, Steve O’Hara 26:22, Jamie Stewart 26:44,

Helen Gaskell 27:01 PB, nice to to see the return of

Steve Iball doing his first run after knee surgery

27:31, Pete Scanlon 28:19 PB, and Caroline

Faithwaite, 29:06, and yet another PB. The same day

Steve Wood was doing battle with the epic Three

Peaks fell race, finishing in 5:45:22 and also running

here were Richard Pattinson, 7th overall but only 3rd

M40, and Tim Midgely - for the first and possibly last

time judging by his post race comments! - who finished

in 20th overall.

The Sunday saw two big races, the Sheffield Half

Marathon, and possibly the biggest of them all, the

London Marathon. In Sheffield our runners were

Richard Sunley 1:22:12, Phil McGeever 1:29:55,

Lindsey Clegg (missing a top ten placing due to

some stray bloke - also called Clegg - surely this will

be rectified?) 1:34:14, Sophie Hawkswell 1:43:11, Jill

Hobson 1:54:23, Cath Gray 2:00:27 and Ian Taylor

2:05:15. In London those making the trip to run the

marathon were Ian Robertshaw 3:51, Martin Coates

3:53:57, Tim Appleyard 3:54:33, Simon Rudsdale

3:59:32, Angela Johnson 4:00:09, Tina Dickinson

4:36:57 and Cheryl Ashcroft 5:28:00.

Into May and Marc Springer and Serena Blackburn

complete the 23 miles of the Malhamdale Meander,

strictly speaking a long distance walk, but they can

also be run, and this one has a ‘junior rock climb’

thrown in for good measure. Back in Hyde Park the

PB’s continue to tumble, Ian Gulliford 20:42 PB,

Angie Pattinson 22:41, PB missed by a mere two

seconds, Malcolm Johnson 23:26, Tom Needham

24:52 PB, Keith Park 25:00 PB, Cath Gray 26;24,

Charlotte Baker 26:50, Steve Iball 26:55 PB, Jamie

Stewart 26:56, Steve O’Hara 27:10, Sheila Mason

27:32 and Caroline Faithwaite, yet another PB,

28:56. Vicky Ward was off to the Lakes to run the

Lindsey Clegg on the Baildon Boundary

Way. Pic from Phil McGeever.

Keswick Half Marathon in 1:59, beating better half

Matt home by a couple of minutes. Elsewhere, -

Halifax to be precise - Richard Sunley, 11th overall,

2nd M45, 1:35:58, Phil McGeever 5th M45 1:19:42

and Steve Hall 1:24:28 were all in action at the

Bluebell Trail Ten.

The Bank Holiday’s big event was the Rothwell 10K,

run this year on a revised course. Steve Large was

the first Harrier home in 36:47, pursued by Phil

McGeever 38:42, Ken Frost, 39:19, Kevin Watson

41:04, Simon Rudsdale 42:39, Lindsey Clegg 43:07,

Denise Frost 46:11, 1st F50, Jane Webster 49:32,

Pete Samways 50:19, Karen Large 51:54, Jamie

Stewart 55:14, Suzanne Riordan 56:20, Shirley

Walker 56:34, 1st F60, Caroline Faithwaite 59:00

and Karen Allan 1:02:47.

If it’s May, it’s another series of 5K races - the three

race John Carr series. The first race - won by Tim

Midgely in 16:03 - was the YVAA 5K championships

and attracted a big Horsforth turn out. Richard

Sunley 17:08, 3rd M45, Alan Squire 17:25, Marc

Springer 17:48, 3rd M55, Steve Raby 18:38, Phil

McGeever 18:24 Kevin Watson 19:44, 3rd M60(?),

Simon Rudsdale 19:57, Serena Blackburn 20:55,

Justin Balfour 21:23, Angie Pattinson 21:31, Bev

Hurst 23:40, Paula Bray 23:48, Vicky Ward 24:10

and Hilary Wharam 30:47, 1st F60.

There was just time for another parkrun before the

area’s biggest race - the Leeds Half Marathon. With

a huge turn out of Horsforth Harriers in the Leeds

Half, attendance at Hyde Park was thinner. Tim

Appleyard 21:25, Steve O’Hara 26:27, Steve Iball

26:39 PB and Sheila Mason 28:00 were there


And now the roll call of the Leeds Half Marathon.

Spare a thought first though for Tony Walker who

sustained a calf injury on Kirkstall Road and had to

drop out after a fast run up to that point. Steve Large

1:22:23, Marc Springer 1:24:28 and 1st M55, Ken

Frost 1:25:27, Steve Raby 1;26:43, Nathan Crossley

1:26:48, Lee Greenhalgh 1:29:06, Phil McGeever

1:29:32, Lindsey Clegg 1:35:07, Ian Robertshaw

1:40:06, Denise Frost 1:41:08 2nd F50, Serena

Blackburn 1:40:59, Angie Pattinson 1:42:45, Justin

Balfour 1:42:38, Tony Easton 1:45:50, Beverely

Smith 1:47:06, Sarah Thornton 1:47:47, Andrew

Charles 1:48:32, Amy Edmondson 1:48:37, Lindsey

Bunny Runs

The legendary ‘Woodentops’ organise

a five race series of weekly Fell Runs

around Easter - four races and a final

relay - and these regularly attract

Harriers. This year’s results for our lads

and lasses as follows:

Race 1 - Richard Sunley 18:54, Marc

Springer 19:17, Phil McGeever 19:37,

Ken Frost 20:10, Serena Blackburn

23:03, Gill Gaskin 23:27.

Race 2 - Richard Sunley 17:41, Marc

Springer 18:16, Phil McGeever 19:47.

Race 3 - Richard Sunley 18:07, Marc

Springer 18:37, Phil McGeever 19:24,

Serena Blackburn 21:46.

Race 4 - Richard Sunley 18:21, Marc

Springer 18:22, Phil McGeever 19:19.

Race 5 - The Relay. The ‘Horsforth

Harry Hares’ (see what they did there?)


Richard, Marc

and Phil were

35th team in


Marc was

2nd M50 for

the series.

Noakes 1:48:52, Christine Esbensen 1:48:59, Bob

Foulkes 1:49:02, Chris Rhodes 1:49:51, Beverley

Hurst 1:53:01, Rachael Cole 1:54:56, Jill Hobson

1:55:33, Cath Gray 1:58:06

(PB?) Jackie Ford 1:57:37,

Charlotte Baker 2:00:27,

Jamie Stewart 2:08:46,

Helen Gaskell 2:06:54, Jody

Wharton 2:10:57, Hilary

Wharam 2:22:05 2nd F65,

Kat Shepherdson 2:28:18.

Michael Anderson also

shows in the results but

I thought he was currently

injured - in case he did run,

his time was 2:29:39.

Keith Park avoided the

mayhem of Leeds and

sneaked off to Ripon to

craftily rack up some points

in the Club Championship

at the Ripon Ten finishing in


Despite some of them

competing in the Leeds Half

only a couple of days

earlier, our brave (or daft) lads and lasses were back

out midweek competing in the second John Carr 5K

race. Richard Sunley 2nd M45, lead the way 17:11,

followed by Alan Squire 17:15 Marc Springer

2nd M55 18:05, Richard Butterfield 3rd M55 18:33,

Steve Raby 18:43, Phil McGeever 19:05, Simon

Rudsdale 19:29, Serena Blackburn 21:10, Beverley

Hurst 22:53 and Vicky Ward 24:21.

Back to Hyde Park one more time... Newish member

Steve Mordey was first home in a rapid 18:58

followed by Steve Raby PB, Tim Appleyard 20:54,

Keith Park on a sneaky Championship

points scoring run at the Ripon Ten. Pic

thanks to Ripon Runners.

Beveley Hurst 23:55 PB, Tina Dickinson 24:13 PB,

Angie Pattinson 24:17, Keith Park 25:16, Steve

O’Hara 26:36 1st M60, Stephen Iball 26:59, Ian Park

27:03 PB (!) and Claire

Park 33:16 PB.

The final race in the

Airedale Triple Trail

Challenge, the Meanwood

Valley Trail took place on a

bright Saturday morning.

Tim Midgely, was

outright race winner and

Marc Springer was 1st M50

on the day in 49:10,

followed by Lindsey Clegg

58:19, Serena Blackburn

62:38, Cath Gray 72:05,

Jean Davey 75:34 and

Hilary Wharam 85:31.

Provisional results for the

three race Airedale

Challenge show that Marc

and Lindsey have won

their respective age


Apologies for anybody

missed out or mistimed - let me know and I’ll

redress as necessary!

welcome runners old and new at Horsforth Hall Park (Cricket Pavilion),

Ring Road, Leeds 18 every Tuesday at 7.00 pm

For further details please telephone:

Marc Springer on 07968 712055, Tina Dickinson on 07958 231180

or Hilary Wharam on 0113 250 5673

See our website at: www.horsforthharriers.co.uk

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