Inspire Empower Engage

2013 Annual Report

Letter from JUMP!

Greetings JUMP! Community,

What does JUMP! stand for? JUMP facilitators hear this question a lot.

Obviously, as facilitators we often answer the question with another question:

What do you think it stands for? For me personally, JUMP! stands for many

amazing things. It stands for years of challenge, years of growth and years of

unyielding passion. It stands for an uncompromising commitment from our amazing

community of supporters and champions. It stands for people coming together all

around the world to do amazing things. It stands for creating the type of world

that we want to live in. It stands for standing up so other people can stand and

support others to stand.

But at our core, I feel our organization stands for opportunity. Opportunity for all

people in the world to have the experience of being filled with so much inspiration

that they have to change, grow, develop and act. Opportunity for all people to be

empowered by skills, experiences and perspectives. Opportunity for all people to

make the kind of world that they want to live in.

In our programs, we challenge participants to ask themselves some difficult

questions, to look inside and use reflection as a powerful point to grow and to

learn form. After years of expanding and developing, JUMP! decided to spend

2013 looking at the internal functions of our organization and focused intensely on

building a more sustainable model for how we operate. It paid off. As you will see

in the pages that follow, we have many accomplishments to report, but one of the

biggest accomplishments is that, in December 2013, we officially graduated from

a “start-up” into a self-sustaining organization. This was a tremendous JUMP!

point for our organization, and we are confident that JUMP! will be around for

many years to come. We are honored by all the support that we have received from

all of you: the JUMP! Global Community.

Light, love and Laughter,

Justin Bedard

Executive Director

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Letter from JUMP!



Impact & Numbers // 2013

Where We JUMPed // 2013


Financial Highlights // 2013

Financial Development 2009-2013


Table of Contents

Looking Back // 2013

J!Schools Highlights

J!Experiences Highlights


The JUMP! Foundation is a social enterprise

that offers experiential education programs.

Established in 2006, JUMP! was created in response

to what its founding members saw as

a need in youth education for programs that

address issues of leadership and global citizenship.

In a world that has become flatter

and more accessible through new media and

globalization, they believed it was important

to create a platform from which to facilitate

among youth within their own communities as

well as with youth in other communities.

Today, JUMP! has a strong network of facilitators,

partners and advisors across the globe. We

act as a collaborative platform for participants

to come together to challenge themselves,

inspire one another, and affect change in their

surroundings. JUMP! has delivered programs

throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and

North America. We have utilized the outdoors,

cityscapes and various other environments

to engage and challenge participants. Our

activities provoke reflection, dialogue and

everyday application by encouraging individual

resilience and broadened horizons. To date,

we have delivered our programs directly to

over 15,000 youth.


J!Development Highlights


Thank You!


JUMP! helped me learn that it is equally

important to contribute ideas as it is to

listen to other people’s.”

Year 12 Student, GIS

Looking Back // 2013

New Curriculum Model

Introduction of the new JUMP!


Program Curriculum

First University Program

in the Middle East

KAUST in Jedda, Saudi Arabia.

was the first University JUMP!

Program in the Middle East

Students Facilitate Educators

Jr. Facilitator Training for 25 students

in Grades 6-12 joined the

JUMP! team as facilitators for an

entire Educator Community Day

YPO Capetown

Increasing the programs we

run on the African Continent

with YPO Capetown.

Europe, we meet again!

First programs in Europe in over

3 years! Programs in Switzerland

(ZIS, ICS Zurich) and Germany


China Hub moves to


The majority of the JUMP! China

staff moved to Hangzhou









Global Issues Summit

in Nairobi

Participated in the GISS

Conference at ISKL in Kenya

International Youth Award

First ever IYA programs with

ISBeijing. Supported students in

designing their own expeditions

and preparing for a self-led trip

NIST Global Leadership Center

JUMP! launches the first GLC @NIST.

This hub promotes experiential education

for educators, social entrepreneurs

and students

New JUMP! Hub Model

JUMP! opened more Location

Focused Program Hubs:

SEAsia, China, and Global


Launch of CIS Hangzhou

Satellite Campus

JUMP! designed 25 J! Experience programs for

the CIS HZ students to participate in throughout

the year and trained 8 coach-mentors at

CIS HZ to be JUMP! Facilitators

Plug-in in to the MYP Program

5 days of JUMP! activities linked

directly to the MYP curriculum that

empowered students with new

knowledge and skills

“The program helped me think about my future and what I am

truly passionate about. Although I am not 100% sure about who

I am and what I really want to do, JUMP! has definitely given me

the time and opportunity to reflect back on my life and on my



Year 13 JUMP! Participant

Impact & Numbers // 2013

Strongly Agree


Neither agree nor disagree

Mildly Disagree

“ As a result of the JUMP! INSPIRE Leadership Program,

I have a better understanding of what success means to me.”

8,5 %

75 %

16,5 %


#of Total Participants

Strongly Disagree

“ I now feel that my school is more of a community”

1 %

1 %

15 %


#of Youth


#of Educators

“Please rate your overall JUMP! experience”

40% The most amazing experience

32 % Excellent

28% Good

44 %

40 %

“ I have a clear understanding of leadership”

3 %

10 %


# of Programs

0% Fair

0% Poor


45 %

42 %

180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187


of Programs

Where we JUMPed // 2013







Abu Dhabi



Hong Kong

10 +



Dominican Republic







Kuala Lumpur






“I would like to personally thank JUMP! not only

for challenging us to become leaders but also for

helping me become my own leader.”

Year 13 JUMP! Participant

Financial Highlights // 2013

2013 Unaudited Revenue and Expenditures

Amt. in USD

% of Revenue

Organizational Revenue:

Program Fees & Donations 1


Total Revenue


Organizational Expenses:

Program Expenses


Operational Expenses 2


JUMP! Development Projects Expenses 3 19,000

Total Expenses


Net Surplus


2014 Contribution to JUMP!

Development Projects 4 56,410


Program Fees and donations, including pro bono program budgets


Operational Expenses (Staff Salaries, Fixed Operating Expenses and Organizational Development)


JUMP! Development Projects funded from 2012 surplus


10% of 2013 Program Revenue, excluding pro bono program budgets










“Leadership isn’t just about the individual, but the overall group dynamics

as well. I realized that it was just the act of doing these fun

little games that brought our newly formed group closer together.”

Grade 11 Student - DCSZ

Financial Development 2009-2013














JUMP! Facilitator Network

J!Schools Highlights

2013 was an exciting time for JUMP! Schools programs. We began the

year redesigning our curriculum, launching the INSPIRE, EMPOWER and

ENGAGE program series. The redesign came from a desire to offer more

depth to our engagement with students and partners. It was exciting

to see our INSPIRE program really take shape, especially working with

entire grade levels at GIS KL and BIS Jakarta. We are currently in the process

of finalizing our ENGAGE program which will launch in 2014 as the

3rd part of our leadership series.

2013 was in many ways the year of junior facilitators. Junior facilitators

are trained to run experiential activities and facilitate meaningful discussions

and reflection. By building their capacity to facilitate, JUMP!

Junior Facilitators supported and delivered GIN Conferences, Educator

Workshops, Community Days and Student Leadership Retreats in 2013.

We are excited at the limitless potential of these amazing individuals and

value their continuous dedication and contributions as leaders in their


Lastly, our JUMP! Schools partnerships have evolved to a whole new

level with the development of a Global Leadership Center at NIST and

conversations with many other partners about how we can continue to

deliver more innovative programs that challenge our traditional notion

of education.

We look forward to continuously providing valuable learning experiences

to our partners in 2014 and beyond. Additionally, we are constantly

striving to innovate and refine our program capabilities and look forward

to working with students, educators, and facilitators across the globe in

providing premium quality experiential programs.


School Partnerships

in 2013

Western Academy of Beijing School


Beijing International School

Singapore (BISS)

Garden International School Kuala

Lumpur (GIS KL)

Dulwich College Suzhou (DCSZ)

American International School Hong

Kong (AIS HK)

Shanghai American School Pudong

(SAS Pudong)

British International School Jakarta

(BIS Jakarta)

United World College of Southeast

Asia East (UWCSEA East)

International School of Bangkok (ISB)

International School of Kenya (ISK)

Chinese International School Hong

Kong (CIS HK)

Regent's Pattaya

King Abdullah University of

Science & Technology (KAUST)


Harrow International School of

Bangkok (HIS)

Mt Kiara International School


United World College of Southeast

Asia Dover (UWCSEA Dover)

American International School

Abu Dhabi (AISA)

International School of Beijing


International Community School

Zurich (ICS)

Zurich International School (ZIS)

Strothoff International School


Concordian Internation School

of Bangkok

American School of Dubai


New International School of

Thailand (NIST)

American Community School

Abu Dhabi (ACS AD)

“I learned that leadership is not just about leading a group;

it is taking the initiative to change something and to guide others

to make changes as well.” -

`Grade 11 JUMP! Participant

J!Experience Highlights

In June of 2013, JUMP! once again welcomed a group of students for the start

of our 4th program partnering with APSA. This cohort of 36 scholars from

all over the United States demonstrated their passion for China and Chinese

language, earning scholarships for a six-week-long program studying in and

exploring Beijing. With Chinese classes, daily student-led cultural excursions,

speaker panels, company visits, and weekend expeditions to the Great Wall,

a beautiful mountain village, a migrant school and more, the students deepened

their connection to China while gaining insights into their own personal

leadership and development. JUMP! has been improving the APSA program

each year since 2009, and it continues to be a powerful experience both for

the scholars and staff involved.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Youth Award goes to... JUMP! facilitated

our first IYA program, a Bronze-level Adventure Journey, with 8th-graders

from the International School of Beijing (ISB). For three days, the students

navigated their way for three days through the awe-inspiring mountains just

outside Beijing. They battled thick mist, a thunderstorm, intense inclines, and

each-other’s cooking on their way to the final summit at LingShan. Along

the way, they learned not only how to hike, but also how to work as a team,

accomplishing goals in a totally new environment. JUMP! also had a chance

to continue to strengthen our relationship with ISB, one of our longest partnerships,

and run the first of many more IYA programs to come.

In 2013, we put a lot of energy into evolving our favorite experiences, but

we’ve also begun adding new experiences to the mix. Mei Lum and Alexandra

MacLeish designed a brand new, and extremely successful, Adventure

Race in Hong Kong for the American International School of Hong Kong.

In addition, we ran our first MoGanShan Adventure with CIS HangZhou just

outside JUMP! China Hub’s new home city. 2013 was a year of momentum for

J!Experiences, setting us up for another year of brand new experiences and

refined favorites.

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)

Concordia Internation School

Shanghai (CISS)

Beijing International School Singapore


American International School Hong

Kong (AIS HK)

Stamford American International

Schools (SAIS)

Canadian International School of

Hong Kong


Chinese International School Hong

Kong (CIS HK)

Shanghai American School Pudong

(SAS Pudong)

Northwood University

St. George’s Academy

United States of America

International School of Beijing


Americans Promoting Study Abroad


“Before this trip I’d always considered a leader to be the one at the front,

organizing everyone and everything, but this trip helped me to realize that

sometimes the leaders are the ones behind the scenes doing the planning

and encouraging everyone else to step up to their potential.”

Grade 11 JUMP! Participant

J!Development Highlights

Global Potential

Number of youth: 615 (332 males & 283 females)

In July and August, Global Potential (GP) & JUMP! organized and held their largest and

most successful Youth Conferences to date. These conferences brought together inspiring

and motivated youth leaders from Paris, New York, Boston, Nicaragua, the Dominican

Republic (DR), and Haiti in order to facilitate a powerful exchange of different ideas and

cultures. These open space youth conferences equipped youth from developing areas

with the confidence, connections, and ideas to tackle the problems they are facing as

individuals and as communities. This year, for the second time, Social Entrepreneurship

project prizes were awarded to the most-voted-upon project proposed by all participants.

Canada-Mathare Education Trust

Number of youth: 20 (10 males & 10 females)

In February, JUMP! facilitated a workshop in partnership with CMETrust in the Mathare

slum of Nairobi. The workshop was designed to introduce the JUMP! Foundation methodology.

The main theme was centred around how the participants, as young leaders,

can identify challenges, brainstorm ideas & implement solutions that the community

agrees on.


Number of youth: 40 (20 males & 20 females)

JUMP! ran 2 workshops for Bridging Education and Mobility (BEAM) in 2013, the first

in April and the second in October. The workshops were run with BEAM’s Project GGJJ,

which uses a model similar to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization to pair ‘littles’ with

‘bigs’ who act as mentors. The aim of the workshops was to facilitate a space where bigs

and littles could engage in fun team-building activities together and have an opportunity

to bond and build confidence while having fun.

Ikamva Labantu

Number of youth: 25 (15 males & 10 females)

In June and July, JUMP! facilitated a series of three leadership workshops with the youth

of Ikamva Labantu’s Rainbow Community Center in Gugulethu Township, South Africa.

The workshops were centered around themes of personal leadership and facilitation. The

group first reflected on who they are as individuals and as members of their community,

then chose activities that represented them and their community and finally designed

workshops on these activities for a group of international visitors who are part of the

Young President’s Organization.



Number of Countries


Of Funding in 2013




J!Development Participants

in 2013



2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


“An important aspect of the JUMP! Inspire Leadership Program is an appreciation for all different

types of leaders. Leaders are sometimes people who feel confident speaking in front of large

groups of people, but that is only one type of leader. During the training we learnt about other

types of leaders who are just as important. Leaders can also be the quiet ones, who remain in

the background until they feel that they have something of importance to say. Leaders can be

the calm ones who help to make sure others finish their school projects on time.”

Year 7 Student, BIS Jakarta

Thank You!

To our partner organizations:

+ Global Potential

+ Global Issues Network

+ Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA)

+ Global Poverty Project

+ Young President’s Organization

+ Beijing United Family Hospital

+ Educo South Africa

+ The Dandelion School

+ Bridging Education and Mobility (BEAM)

+ Round Square Network

+ Mathare Education Trust

To our volunteer Board of Directors for their guidance:

Matthew Carberry, Peter Luk, Ari Lee, Frances Fremont-Smith, Andrew

Berry, Gervais Lavoie, and Claire Veuthey.

To those who interned with JUMP! in 2013:

Justine Hong, Alexandra McShane and Dominika Paisut

Inkind Donations:

Film Production Technics (Film Production), Samuel Oluoko (Filming),

Frank Cohn (Advisory on Monitoring and Evaluation Systems).

And finally, to JUMP!’s operational staff in 2013:

Kris Ruiz, Daniel Kinzer, Alyson Chun, Jacqueline Aldrovandi, Justin Bedard,

Aveleigh Gateman, Roohi Gupte, Liz Heller, Andrew Berry, Alexandra MacLeish,

Austin Volz, James Fleming, Arabella Higgins, Lena Papadopoulos, Tim Foley,

Mei Lum, Jozef Bienkowski-Gibbs, Joanie Wang, Steffen Lohrman, Sarah Ghan,

Troels Jæger Søndergaard, and Alexandra MacLiesh.

To our advisors for their ideas, time and passion for the growth

and development of JUMP!

Frank Cohn, Josh Morris, Paul Crouch, Anne Russell, Mike Johnston, Brian

Bedard, John Gruetzner, Emily Robilin, d’Arcy Lunn, Austin Volz, Joanna Wong,

Charlie Chrisman.

To all JUMP! Facilitators in 2013:

Billy Lou, Ashley Tolbert, Chris Kwan, Poh Choo Sim, Kirsten Joe, Monica Davis,

Skott Taylor, Austin Volz, Frank Cohn, Claire Bennett, Emily Roblin

Hannah Short, Natasha Krell, Ann Salimbene, Rebecca Belkin, Jin Sha, Elena





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