January 2013 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council


January 2013 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council




hampden community council | since 1972 | www.hampdenhappenings.org | january 2013


historic hampden happenings • January 2013

historic hampden happenings • January 2013 3




HCC Officers

President: Adam Feuerstein

Vice President: Elizabeth Carney

Secretary: Genny Dill

Treasurer: Erin Nueslein

Board Members

Ed Nueslein

George L Peters Jr

Jay Lazar

Kerry Vayda


Adam Feuerstein, President

HCC, PO Box 19957

Hampden, Maryland 21211




Stephanie Murdock

Robert Arena

Christopher Binnie

Tina Carroll

The next HCC meeting is on

January 28, 2013.

Plan to join us at 7 p.m. at the Roosevelt

Park Recreation Center on West 36th Street.

The agenda will include committee updates

and discussions of the most important

issues of the day for business owners and

residents of Hampden.

7:00 - 7:05 pm: Welcome

7:05 - 7:30 pm: Committee updates

7:30 - 7:45 pm: ACCE presentation

7:45 - 8:00 pm: Elm Ave Park presentation

8:00 - 8:15 pm: New business

Historic Hampden Happenings is distributed

to residents, organizations and businesses

throughout Greater Hampden.

Circulation: 2,200, Readers: 10,000+

©2010 All rights reserved.

The HCC is a 501 (c) (3)

nonprofit organization.

www.hampdenhappenings.org • Since 1972

Cover photo by Brett Aaron

president’s letter

Thanks for a Great 2012

By Adam Feuerstein / Opposite photo by Photo With Monkey

Happy New Year! It

seems like every year

goes a little faster. We

had a great 2012 and we

are looking forward to an

even better 2013.

I want to thank everyone who helped the HCC

this year including all members of the board,

our committee chairpersons, the advertisers

that make the newsletter possible, all of our

volunteers, all of our local politicians who

assisted us in our endeavors, and anyone

else who came out to show their support of

the HCC and the Hampden community. As

an all volunteer board, we rely on all of these

people to make the HCC a great organization.

We will need all of your support again in

2013. January is the time for membership

renewal. We have elected to keep the annual

membership fees the same low price.

Individual memberships are just $10/year,

household memberships are just $15/year

and business memberships are $25/year.

Also, we are adding a few other opportunities

for savings. All senior and student members

only have to pay $5. A senior member is

a member who is over 65. A student is a

member who shows us a student ID and

is 26 or under. All your membership dues

are needed to help make sure the HCC can

continue to all the good work we do for the

neighborhood. In 2012, your membership

helped support a number of endeavors that

will continue to carry over into 2013.

Although I cannot list everything we

accomplished, here are some highlights that

your membership helped us accomplish.

Community Partnerships – In 2012,

we worked with the Hampden Village

Merchants Association to help put on

Hampdenfest. We were also co-sponsors

with the Roosevelt Recreation Council

at Hampden Hi-Fi, the weekly outdoor

summer concert series in the newly

redesigned park.

• Through grants from PNC Bank and

Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts

and Park and People foundation, we have

transformed the Elm Avenue Park. The

landscaping work was spearheaded by Steve

Baker. He got a lot of help from volunteers

throughout the community and we will

continue to call on volunteers in 2013 to

help keep the park looking great.

• We signed a community benefit agreement

with Seawall Development in 2011 that will

provide Hampden and our neighboring

communities up to $5,000 per year for 15

years. The HCC and other organizations

will be meeting each year to determine

the use of the funds. They will go towards

the betterment of our community. This

agreement will bring many great things for

years to come. In 2012, the $5,000 grant

was allocated to Skatepark of Baltimore for

their expected work on the skate park at

Roosevelt Recreation Center. The $5,000

donation was matched by the City of

Baltimore. What a great way to get the most

bang for our buck!

• Clean and Green activities – We had

our biggest turnout ever at various clean

and green events. People came out in

record numbers in 2012 to help make

our neighborhood a lot cleaner. Events

like these brought together like minded

individuals to help spur other greening

projects into 2012. We have been collecting

Street Tree requests from all over the

neighborhood and the Clean and Green

Committee will be busy in 2013 helping

to coordinate those requests with the city.

We also will continue to work with other

organizations to explore area grants to

help keep our neighborhood beautiful. We

continued to fund the pick up after your pet

stations to make sure our neighborhood

stays free of pet waste.

• Zoning issues will always be an important

function for the HCC, and the Zoning and

Land Use Committee continued to be

(continued on next page)

(continued from previous page)

busy in 2012. They worked very hard to

help facilitate any zoning questions in and

around the neighborhood, they attended

many city zoning and liquor board hearings

and did their best to make sure that the

city considers our members requests when

making their decisions. There is going

to be a lot on the agenda in 2013 with the

impending development of the Rotunda,

the continued development of the Mount

Vernon Mill and the zoning code rewrite

that is going on throughout Baltimore. I

suspect that in correlation with this new

development the hot button topic will be

parking, parking and more parking. Stay

tuned, Hampden.

• Throughout the year we make donations

to various organizations in and around

Hampden. Whether it is Roosevelt

Recreation Activities, the Hampden

Christmas Parade or other worthy causes

in the neighborhood, the HCC always finds

some funds in our budget to help out our

fellow residents and organizations. We

also have a number of members who lend a

helping hand whenever they can.

We are really looking forward to a great 2013.

We cannot do it without you. Please make

sure that you join the HCC in 2013 so we can

continue to provide community leadership,

engage in educational, informational,

and charitable activities, and promote the

living standard and overall welfare of the

Hampden community.

Baltimore Police Announce Command Staff Changes

By The Baltimore Police Department

Communities across the City of Baltimore

are getting new police leadership.

The announcement comes as Police

Commissioner Anthony Batts begins to

implement strategic changes to help ensure

the department has a strong foundation in

place to start 2013 with a distinct plan to

attack crime and disorder.

“Maximizing our most valuable resource

– our employees – and ensuring we have

the best leadership teams in place to take

on the challenges we face in 2013 is the

impetus behind these moves,” says Batts.

“We are putting the people and systems in

place to help improve our crime fight and

that includes better management of our

resources, community engagement, and a

continued and targeted focus on guns and

gangs – that small group of criminals who

wreak havoc on our communities.”

The changes include the addition of a

Community Policing Division led by newly

promoted Lt. Colonel Melvin Russell, a

mainstay commander who successfully

drove down crime in the Eastern Division

through the implementation of a strong

community policing strategy. Commissioner

Batts intends to take this best practice across

the city.

A new Special Enforcement tangent of

Patrol, led by Lt. Colonel Ross Buzzuro

and assisted by Major Clifton McWhite,

formerly of Western District, will focus on

special operations and zone enforcement

teams that will concentrate on gangs and

guns and bring stability to neighborhoods

that are experiencing higher crime rates.

Garnell Green, most recently in charge of

Homicides in the Criminal Investigations

Division (CID), has been promoted to

Colonel and will command the Patrol

Division, while Major Darryl De Sousa is

promoted to Lt. Colonel to oversee the Area 1

Command. Area 2 Command remains under

the auspices of Lt. Colonel Robert Booker.

Colonel Dean Palmere, who most recently

led Patrol, will take the reins of CID,

taking over from the retiring Colonel Jesse

Oden. Deputy Commissioner John Skinner

remains in charge of overall Operations.

Remember that we need to ensure that the

community’s voice is heard on legislative,

development, and other issues affecting our

neighborhood. The stronger our numbers the

louder our voice will be to our area politicians.

We need your membership and your vote to

make sure we are acting in the best interest

of the community. See the back page of this

newsletter for a membership form.

Thank you, happy New Year and see you on

January 28 for the first meeting of 2013.

There will be four new faces added to

district commands with the promotion of

Lieutenants Kim Burris, Osborne ‘Moe’

Robinson, Deron Garrity and Erik Pecha

to the rank of Captain and second-incommand

of districts. Captains Melissa

Hyatt, Keith Matthews, and Robert Smith

are all being promoted to Major to take

command of Central, Eastern and Western

Districts respectively.

“We have full confidence in the abilities of

those we have promoted and those moving

to new challenges. We encourage our

communities to welcome their leadership

teams and continue to support the face of

public safety in their neighborhoods.”

The changes are the beginning of a number

of coordinated and strategic efforts to

improve policing through a strategic crime

focus, improved intelligence gathering

and sharing, and a renewed commitment

to proactive policing and community



historic hampden happenings • January 2013

historic hampden happenings • January 2013 5

education news

4th Annual ACCE Thanksgiving Basket Drive a Success!

By Kristin S. Brown, ACCE School Counselor

The Academy for College and Career

Exploration (ACCE) is proud to announce

the success of its fourth Annual Thanksgiving

Basket Drive.

Over four years ago ACCE staff and faculty

realized there was a need to provide some

of their students and the community with

additional services and tangible goods

to supplement the educational program

elements that are in place at the high school.

This acknowledgement of the hardships that

some students faced stimulated our first

Thanksgiving Basket Drive. In the beginning

the drive simply collected canned and box

goods. These non-perishable items were

then passed along to families who the school

identified as needing such contributions.

Over the years, the drive has grown far

beyond these modest beginnings. This year

our students, faculty and staff contributed

over $1,000 to the Basket Drive. Such

generosity enabled the school to provide

48 ACCE students and their families with

baskets containing the ingredients for a full

Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Each family’s basket contained a turkey,

stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, string

beans, peas, cranberry sauce, sauerkraut,

seasonings, and an apple pie. Staff and

students worked side by side to package

and individually wrap each basket in the

signature blue and gold school colors

complete with a ribbon and a card.

Principal Quinhon Goodlowe, along with

the ACCE leadership team and staff hand

delivered baskets to the families in need

throughout Baltimore City the week of

November 19 to November 21. This personal

contact gave those who delivered the baskets

an opportunity to enrich and extend their

personal relationships with our students

and their families.

The Thanksgiving Basket Drive is led by

ACCE’s Student Support Team. In addition to

providing “wrap-around” services to insure

the physical, social and emotional wellbeing

of students whose non-instructional

needs hinder learning, the Student Support

Team has partnered with the Maryland Food

Bank to offer a bi-weekly food pantry for

parents, families and community neighbors.

The food pantry is open every other Monday

from 10 am to 2 pm at ACCE high school in

the Student Support Center at 1300 W. 36th

Street Baltimore, MD 21211. Please contact

the school at (410) 396-7607 for additional


St. Mary’s Roland View Towers


3838 and 3939 Roland Avenue offers efficiency,

1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Reasonable Prices: from $443 to $744, including utilities

Convenient to Giant, RiteAid and area shops.


Call 410-889-8255 for information.



historic hampden happenings • January 2013

historic hampden happenings • January 2013 7

community news

St. Mary’s Outreach Center Celebrates 10 Years of Service

By Sandy Simmons, Executive Director / Opposite photo by Whitney Cecil

(continued from previous page)

On December 4, friends and supporters of

St. Mary’s Outreach Center filled the historic

Clover Hill to celebrate the organization’s

service to the greater Hampden community.

Bishop Eugene Sutton of the Episcopal

Diocese of Maryland spoke to the importance

of the work that St. Mary’s Outreach Center

provides to older adults in our community

while guests enjoyed food that was graciously

donated and prepared by Symphony Manor,

and wine donated by The Wine Source.

Later in the evening, guests gathered around

the piano to sing Christmas carols, and a

raffle drawing was held with great donations

from local businesses like Corner BYOB, The

Dizz, The Dogwood Restaurant, Grandview

Penthouse Restaurant, Mud & Metal, The Wine

Source, Woodberry Kitchen, and many others.

St. Mary’s Outreach Center is grateful for

the support from the community, and looks

forward to serving in 2013! Wishing you all a

Happy Healthy New Year!

Left photo: Carol Wolbert, Frank Sheckells, and

Mary Beth Willett. Right photo: Sandy Simmons

and Board Chair Debbie Finnerty.

(continued on next page)

Do you or someone you know need help in

managing your health problems at home?

If you are 65 years or older, you may be

eligible to join THE CAPABLE: Research

Study (Community Aging in Place-Better

Living for Elders).

Each person who participates in research

will receive four home visits from a nurse

and six from an occupational therapist. Each

person will also receive handyman services

to your house.

All services are provided at no cost to you.

Each participant must be willing to provide

their medical information numbers so that

we can understand whether a program like

this saves health care costs.

All study participants will receive a CAPABLE

tote bag to show our appreciation for your

participation in the study.

To qualify, you must:

• Be 65 years or older

• Be able to stand (with or without assistance)

• Have some difficulty with getting dressed

or preparing food and bathing

• Receive a low monthly income

• Have no plans to move in the next year

• NOT be receiving home nursing or other

therapy right now

Enroll now!

To learn more, contact the Johns Hopkins

School of Nursing: call Dr. Sarah Szanton,

410-502-2605 or Alice Delaney at 443-


Sandra G. Simmons, Executive Director

St. Mary’s Outreach Center

3900 Roland Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21211


Bagged Leaf Collection Schedule

Bagged leaf collection season continues through Monday, Jan. 14.

The Bureau of Solid Waste will collect bagged leaves every Monday

throughout the season.

Residents need to put leaves in clear or labeled bags and place them

at their regular mixed refuse collection location and not in the public


Residents can also drop off bagged leaves at five Bureau of Solid Waste


Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm:

• Quarantine Road Sanitary Landfill: 6100 Quarantine Road

• Western Sanitation Yard: 701 Reedbird Avenue

• Eastern Sanitation Yard: 6101 Bowleys Lane

• Northwest Sanitation Yard: 2840 Sisson Street

Monday through Saturday from 7:00am to 3:00pm:

• Northwest Transfer Station: 5030 Reisterstown Road

D & J Auto Care, Inc.

1100 West 41st Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21211

You bend


We mend


Serving your community for 40 years



Four-Wheel Alignment Specialists


Call 410-889-6536 (Fax 410-889-4564)


Reveals 9 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

When Selling Your HAMPDEN Home

Hampden – Are you an “Empty Nester” who needs a home for

the future? Is it time to downsize or to move into another home

suitable for your glorious retirement years?

To order a FREE Special Report call toll-free 1 800 457 8319 and

enter 2003. You can call any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

or go to this website: www.9MistakesNotToMake.com

R. Valacka, Keller Williams Realty Baltimore, , 443 874 7617/410 342 4444

Friends Services and Cleaning Inc.




Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Handyman

$20 off first cleaning, $15 off third & $15 off fifth

We offer many other services, they are listed on our website

Bonded & Insured

We accept Visa | MasterCard | Discover


historic hampden happenings • January 2013

historic hampden happenings • January 2013 9

News From the Hampden Library

By Devon Ellis

Maryland SPCA’s Wellness Clinic Offers Low-Cost Pet Services

By Tina Regester

Something new is starting at the Hampden

Branch and all the branches of the Pratt

Library in 2013, called “Read Down Fines.”

This year-long initiative allows children

and teens only (not adults, unfortunately)

to “read down” their fines, by coming in to

the Library and registering to read silently

under Library supervision. For every 15

minutes of reading by a child or for every 30

minutes of reading by a teen, the participant

will receive a coupon good for one dollar off

their fine. A wide variety of materials are

acceptable for reading, including books,

magazines, newspapers, and textbooks.

Books on e-readers can also be read. For

more info please visit our website at www.

prattlibrary.org/readdownfines, or visit

the Hampden Library.

Every Wed morning at 10:30am the Hampden

Library presents Mother Goose Baby Steps,

a lap program for babies, ones and two-yearolds

and their caregivers, featuring nursery

rhymes, rhythm, music, songs, and finger plays.

On Thursday evenings at 6:30pm the

Hampden Library presents Preschool

Leaps, a storytime for children ages 3

through 5 and their caregivers, featuring

read-aloud stories, finger plays, and songs.

The Hampden Library has a wide selection

of best-selling novels, non-fiction, bookson-CD,

DVDs, documentaries, newspapers,

and magazines, as well as computers to use.

Check out our resources and see what’s new

in 2013.

The Hampden Library is starting a book

group which reads books suggested by the

readers themselves. The group is getting

together every other month here at the

Hampden Library on the third Thursday,

from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, to discuss the book

they selected. The book discussions are

facilitated by Bob Maddox, President of the

Friends of the Hampden Library. On January

17, 2013, we will be discusing The Doomsday

Book by Connie Willis, a work of historical

fiction and science fiction, c1992. All are

welcome to attend the book discussion, even

if you have not read this book but would like

to see what the group is like and maybe make

a recommendation for a future selection.

For more information contact the Hampden


Hampden Library’s hours:

Tues : 12 – 8

Wed : 10 – 5:30

Thurs : 12 – 8

Fri : 12 – 5

Sat : 10 – 5

Sun & Mon : closed

Hampden Library

3641 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 396-6043

To encourage low-income Baltimore City

residents to keep their pets healthy and upto-date

on their vaccinations, the Maryland

SPCA is offering low-cost, basic pet wellness

exams and rabies and distemper vaccinations

at Hampden Pet Health to pets of qualifying

residents on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to

5:30 p.m. No appointments will be accepted,

and pets will be seen on a first come, firstserved


The cost for a basic wellness exam and one

vaccine is $29. The cost for a basic wellness

exam and two vaccines is $39. Cash, Visa,

MasterCard and Discovered is accepted. To

qualify, Baltimore City residents must make

under $25,000 annually for a single-income

household or $42,000 annually for a multiincome


All pets must be healthy before receiving

services. Owners of sick pets will need to

make an appointment for a regular sick visit.

Cat must be in a secure carrier, and dogs must

be on a leash and be well controlled.

For more information about this service,

please contact Hampden Pet Health at 410-

400-WELL (9355). Hampden Pet Health,

MD SPCA’s wellness clinic is located at 4007

Falls Rd., Baltimore, Maryland 21211.

About the Maryland SPCA

The Maryland SPCA is an independent

nonprofit organization that works to improve

the lives of pets and people in Maryland. The

MD SPCA receives no operating support

from the government or other animal welfare

groups. There is no national SPCA. The MD

SPCA’s adoption center adopts out more

than 3,000 needy and unwanted pets each

year, and provides approximately 9,000

spay/neutering procedures yearly to reduce

pet overpopulation and suffering. The MD

SPCA also offers pet behavior counseling

and training courses to help keep pets in

their homes. For more information about the

Maryland SPCA, visit www.mdspca.org.org

or call 410-235-8826.

About Hampden Pet Health

Hampden Pet Health, a wellness clinic,

offers routine exams, vaccinations, pet

microchipping, ear cleaning, nail trimming

and spay/neuter surgery. Hampden

Pet Health is a division of the Maryland

SPCA; fees benefit homeless and needy

animals. The clinic is located at 4007 Falls

Road in Hampden. Learn more at www.

hampdenpethealth.org or by calling 410-

400-WELL (410-400-9355).




agent assist you with your sale.

Call today for your

free market analysis.

loving living in Hampden since 1999!

Long and Foster Canton

2400 Boston Street Suite 124

Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Joy Sushinsky

410.675.1244 office

443.622.7323 cell



IT’S 2013!

We wish you a Happy New Year!

821 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410-366-3100 Fax: 410-366-3377



historic hampden happenings • January 2013

Oldest Plumbing Company

in Hampden… over 30 years

NPR: Neighborhood Price Reductions

• Up Front Pricing, no SURPRISES

• Night, Weekend, and Holiday Savings

• Discounts on Equipment and Parts

• Experts at working on Older Homes


410-243-0058 3678 Falls Road

Cut and Save for an Addtional 10% off Your Next Service Call




- The HCC is recognized by the city as the voice of Hampden. Your membership &

meeting attendance allow you to vote on pertinent community issues.

- Being a member does not commit you to anything! While we do love volunteers, it is not

a requirement.

street tree for hampden

The HCC Clean and Green Team wants to help you get a tree in

front of your home! We are working with organizations that provide

technical assistance and funding for community greening projects.

We have planted many street trees in Hampden since 2005 and

want to plant more!

We still need to hear from as many residents as possible who

would like to have a tree so that we can organize future plantings.

Fill out the form below if you would like to be on the list for a tree,

and ask your neighbors to sign up, too! Trees

are not guaranteed to everyone who applies...

your site must first be inspected by Miss Utility

to ensure you have a safe and proper space

for a tree.

Note: If you are a renter, your landlord

must sign the tree request form.

street tree request form

I, the undersigned, agree to help create a tree pit (if needed), plant,

water, mulch, and maintain my neighborhood Street Tree. I understand

that some locations may not be suitable for Street Trees due to utilities,

signs, handicap ramps, or width of sidewalk. The Forestry Division of the

Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks shall make final

determinations of suitable Street Tree locations and species. The Street

Trees, once planted, will be the property of the City of Baltimore in

accordance with City Code 1879, Article 47.

Do you have an existing Tree Pit? Yes No

Name _______________________________________________

Street Address _________________________________________

Phone ____________________ Email ______________________

Signature _________________________ Date ____ / ____ / ____

- Be in the know about what is going on in the ‘hood, and have a say in it. With projects like

the Rotunda and Union Mill, and Baltimore rolling out a new zoning code, there will be a lot

to discuss in 2013

- Your dues go to improving the community through education, clean & green and

zoning committees, to name a few. Help Hampden continue to thrive.

- Meet super cool people from Hampden and enrich your network.

Mail to: Street Trees for Hampden, PO Box 19957, Baltimore, MD 21211

or email to SustainableHampden@gmail.com

Hampden Community Council





*$10 for individuals | $15 for families | $25 for businesses | NEW THIS YEAR, $5 FOR SENIORS AND STUDENTS!



IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE OF HAMPDEN, please consider joining the

Hampden Community Council. The HCC is a voice for everyone in

Hampden–homeowners, businesses, teenagers, seniors, new-comers

and old-timers. The more members we have the farther your voice can

reach. Your membership fee supports our newsletter and improves our

community through education, clean & green and zoning committees,

to name a few. Help Hampden continue to thrive. BE HEARD, JOIN NOW!

Hampden Community Council SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1976 Baltimore, Maryland



Street Address


Phone Fax Email

Business Name (if registering for a business membership)

In addition to my HCC membership, I would like to serve on/learn about the following committee(s): (OPTIONAL)



Clean & Green

Religious Outreach

Hampden Home Office

Fund Raising


Newsletter Distribution

Please fill out this application and mail it, along with your check to:

Hampden Community Council


PO Box 19957

Baltimore, MD 21211

Student/Senior ($5)

$ Additional Donation

Individual ($10)

Family ($15) Business ($25)

Add a one year mailed subscription to my membership for an additional $25!

Newsletter will be mailed to the address listed above, unless otherwise noted.

Please make checks payable to Hampden Community Council.

The HCC is a non-profit 501(c)3 Organization. All dues and additional donations are 100% tax deductible.

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