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Modernization of Logistics Center

Centraal Boekhuis,



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Service Provider


Warehouse Availability Secured

Initial Situation

Centraal Boekhuis is the largest provider

of logistic services for publishing

groups in the Netherlands. Since

1984, the company has operated a

five-aisle unit-load automated storage

and retrieval system. Decreasing

system availability and rising maintenance

costs caused by intensive

multi-shift operation prompted the

service provider to modernize its

logistics system. viastore systems was

entrusted with assessing the overall

system and undertaking the reconstruction


System Solution

The modernization concept was drawn up in

close cooperation with Centraal Boekhuis

employees. Due to signs of wear, the

mechanical components such as the hoisting

units, carriages and guide rails of the S/R

machines were replaced. The error-prone,

on-board SRM control was replaced by a

central, stationary and highly efficient PC

control. During the first reconstruction stage,

one S/R machine after another was upgraded

and put into operation via a provisional

interface computer. This was followed by the

replacement of the material flow control

system and implementation of system visualization.

In order to ensure the availability of

the system, the new material flow control

system was installed and commissioned in

parallel to the existing MFS over several


Scope of Supply:

Planning and projection

General contractor

Modernization of SRM control

Electrical and mechanical upgrading

of SRM

Material flow control system

System visualization

Essential Features:

5-aisle unit-load AS/RS:

Load capacity of each S/R machine:

2,205 lb. (1,000 kg)

Height: 105 ft. (32 m)

Length: 394 ft. (120 m)

The Result

The advantage of this modernization is the

system's uniform and integrated control

concept. The PC hardware and the Windows

operating system represent a modern, userfriendly

combination both for the material

flow systems and the S/R machines. The use

of future-oriented technology secures

long-term system availability.

References 40

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