Expansion of the igefa central warehouse at Ahrensfelde ... - viastore


Expansion of the igefa central warehouse at Ahrensfelde ... - viastore


Expansion of the igefa central warehouse

at Ahrensfelde near

Berlin Blumberg district/Germany


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New Installations

Quick access to small parts

Initial situation

igefa Zentrallogistik GmbH & Co. KG

is a company specialized in supplying

goods to commercial bulk con -

sumers. The range of products in -

cludes consumables for cleaning,

maintenance and occupational

safety as well as non-returnable

packages, and other prod- ucts. From

the central warehouse at Blumberg,

igefa's more than 50 European locations

– each of them with its own

warehouse for fast-moving items –

are supplied overnight. In order to

continue growing and to maintain

the high quality and the short deliv -

ery times , the capacity of the central

warehouse had to be expanded. The

core of the expansion is the fullyautomatic

small-parts warehouse,

which increased the access speed to

the prod ucts significantly.

System Solution

Next to the existing manual storage areas, a

fully-automatic one-aisle tray warehouse

with 2,370 storage locations for small parts

was erected. On a total of 2,250 sheet-metal

trays, the products are stored predominantly

in cartons. The trays are approx. 74.8 in.

(1,900 mm) long and 31.5 in. (800 mm) wide,

and weigh up to 507.1 lb. (230 kg). Over a distance

of approx. 229.7 ft. (70 m) and a height

of approx. 26.3 ft. (8 m), the warehouse

is adjacent to one of the front sides of the

new warehouse. The rack technology, the S/R

machines and the conveyor systems consists

of standard components made especially for

small and medium-sized ware houses, this

system includes hardware from the construction

kit plus a pre-configured software

package. The software viad@tONE includes

integrated warehouse control and warehouse

management. Its graphic user interface

makes it clearly organized and easy to use –

the picker can easily process the different

order types. A track-bound storage and

retrieval machine in combination with a

modern conveyor system provide for high

access speeds at the operator station. Up to 3

orders can be processed simultaneously.

Storages and retrievals are handled at the

pick station located on one of the long sides

of the warehouse.

The Result

The staffers of the small-parts warehouse quickly

acclimated to the new system. Through the automation,

the access to the small parts became

more efficient, the reliability of the picking

process increased once more, and the risk of

incorrect deliveries was reduced. The picking

accuracy and the quick shipping of products to

the respective igefa locations are important

preconditions for the central warehouse.

Scope of Supply:

General contractor

Small-parts rack system

Storage and retrieval machine

Conveyor system with operator station

Warehouse control and

warehouse management

Essential Features:

One-aisle tray warehouse

Length: 229.7 ft. (70 m)

Width: 19.7 ft. (6 m)

Height: 26.3 ft. (8 m)

Capacity: 2,370 storage locations with

2,250 trays of up to 507.1 lb.

(230 kg) of weight

2 different heights

1 SRM of the viaspeed type

with a pin extractor

1 pick station on one side

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