Sharetime magazine Spring 2015 from TATOC


Sharetime magazine from TATOC, the Timeshare Association, is a free magazine for timeshare owners and the committees who represent them. This spring 2015 issue includes the latest from the TATOC conference, news from our member resorts and affiliates and features including confessions of a timeshare salesperson and why I love my timeshare by Tracie Bushell.

ISSUE 21 • SPRING 2015









View of weir on River Leven Lake District National Park Cumbria England


time for a

new look

Welcome to the 21st issue of Sharetime


ATOC believes it is a time for

Tchange and regular readers of

the printed edition of Sharetime

will notice quite a difference this

time – the move to a more modern

and cost effective A5 size.

It’s a popular move for many

magazine publishers and will help

TATOC continue to produce and

distribute Sharetime in the future.

In this edition we report on the second joint TATOC and RDO seminar

and the TATOC 2015 conference. This was the association’s 17th

conference and we enjoyed some great speakers and a full house for

two days. Further information on both the seminar and the conference is

available online (

2015 continues to be a busy time for director Geoff Chapman, who

is responsible for resort accreditation. He and his team will remain

fully occupied during 2015/16 as they work towards our target of 50

accredited resorts. Accreditation is TATOC’s ‘kitemark’ for quality for

resorts and is available to all member resorts.

We have welcomed three new resorts into membership recently: The

Lakeland Village, in the Lake District (our focus resort this issue), and

Club Olympus and Pearly Grey Ocean Club, both in Tenerife. These are

mature resorts and we look forward to working with them.

The long awaited Timeshare Regulations Review will be published later this

year. TATOC anticipates it will make some important recommendations -

which will be good for timeshare owners. When published we will report in

full so please check the website and later issues of Sharetime.

A request: We are constantly looking for stories and news from TATOC

member resorts and timeshare owners so, please help to keep your

magazine a must-read by sending us your contributions to the team at:


TATOC launches

A - Z video

TATOC has launched a video to

promote its services to timeshare

owners, resort committees, the

general timeshare industry and

the wider legal, consumer and

media community.

TATOC CEO Harry Taylor said:

TATOC has just celebrated its

25th anniversary and we are now

involved in every aspect of the

timeshare industry representing

the interests of timeshare consumers.

We felt that a short video

was the best way to showcase

who we are today in a quick and

easy-to-follow way.”

Developed by Steve Pentland from

Group Impact, the four minute,

twenty-one second video takes

viewers on an ‘A to Z’ tour of


Launched at the recent TATOC

conference, feedback has been

positive with many admitting they

were unaware of the activities of

TATOC and the areas in which it

is involved.

“It has certainly opened the

eyes of many in the industry

and in other fields who were not

aware, for example, that TATOC

represents over 400,000 timeshare

families, that our registered

charity helpline has helped in over

18,000 cases and that the association

works with Brussels and the

U.K. parliament to help develop

timeshare legislation that protects

consumers,” added Taylor.

2 | Sharetime issue 21

Harry Taylor, executive chairman




TATOC Consumer

Helpline in action

Timeshare owners Paul and Joyce-Ann Hughes

share their experiences after meeting with a

scam company in Tenerife in October 2014.

e were approached leaving

Wthe resort as they knew we

were timeshare owners. In spite

of us assuring them we were very

happy with our ownership, they

shocked us by saying we would

be stuck with the membership for

life and beyond.

They tell people about our

membership being in perpetuity

and children inheriting the debts.

Of course, we had never spoken

to our company about this, so we

had no idea that these are all lies.

They took us to their offices

where we received even more

stressful stories, backed up with

paperwork from other owners they

had helped.

They told us that if we were to

try to relinquish the ownership

ourselves it would cost us in

excess of £30,000 (without a

guaranteed result), a great deal of

time and we would still have to

pay our yearly management fees.

After four hours, we agreed

they could act on our behalf in

relinquishing our timeshare. We

were told to keep all paperwork

out of sight once we were back

on the resort, as if it were found

we would be instantly thrown off

the site!

We paid over £12,000 for this

service. In return they gave us

computer software and told us it

would give us holidays at reduced


The main reason we signed was

because of the perpetuity clause

and that our children would be

liable for the management fees

upon our death. They were going

to ‘fight’ for us in court to get the

membership cancelled.



IN 2014, THE

Helpline received

5,917calls and

1,721 emails

On the scammer’s advice we

were told to get a letter from our

GP stating that my husband has

arthritis and can no longer holiday.

He does have arthritis, but it no

way stops us from holidaying!

I now know these are all lies.

Illness is an acceptable reason

for Diamond, the developer to

relinquish a membership with no

costs at all.

We ended up cancelling the

membership ourselves, directly

with Diamond Resorts.

Everything they told us was

based on lies, and although the

membership has been cancelled,

this was not due to their expertise

or services! We did this and there

would have been no need to pay




ompanies that prey on owners

Coffering them false hope of taking

over their timeshare ownership

or selling it for unrealistically high

prices are a major problem – despite

EU regulations.

The promise to take over or sell

is often linked to an unwanted

holiday club membership or

cash back scheme promising a

generous return. These schemes

often fail to pay out.

The offer to take over the

timeshare week/points frequently

fails to take place and, as with this

case, the owners remain liable

for the original timeshare and

management fee.

Fortunately they were able to

relinquish the contract with the

developer. But only after the

scammer had made them spend

money on a new product they

didn’t want.

If you are in this position you must

decide whether to continue or fight

to have your money returned.

Getting money back is not easy,

but if you have given your credit/

debit card details you should

contact your provider for advice on

cancelling your card.

The TATOC Consumer Helpline

assisted Mrs Hughes who claimed

through her credit card under

section 75 of the 1974 credit

consumer act.

She claimed £12,000 back for

misrepresentation and misselling.

They made a donation to the

Helpline for the help received.

Sharetime issue 21 | 3

With close to 20 years’ experience in

the timeshare resale market, Worldwide

Timeshare Hypermarket are the natural

choice if you are looking to buy or sell a


With a friendly and knowledgeable team

we can guide you through the advantages

of owning - at a fraction of the cost of

buying new - or advise you on your options

if the time has now come for you to

sell your timeshare.

Professional, expert and hassle free. Call

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Buyers: 01202 544 870

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Some examples of resort currently available from a

selection of our sellers.



Royal Savoy - Madeira


Cameron House - Scotland

Anfi Beach Club - Gran Canaria

Sunset Bay - Tenerife

Marriott Marbella - Spain

eXpectations Points - Various

4 | Sharetime issue 21






Hundreds of other resorts available worldwide, call us for





The dining area in a

refurbished villa

A refurbished

guest bedroom

ortugal’s Four Seasons

PFairways, which celebrated its

silver anniversary last year, has

embarked on a major renovation

programme of its villas.

Seven villas have now been

completed and combine

traditional Portuguese style with

contemporary comfort. Quinta

Style Boutique Design, based in

Almancil, is overseeing the project.

The remaining 125 villas will be

renovated in stages over the next

few years.

The design incorporates dove

grey fabrics with blue and white

accent colours. Quality fixtures

and modern lighting complete

the look.




wo Tenerife-based resorts,

TClub Olympus and Pearly Grey

Ocean Club, have been approved

for TATOC resort membership.

Speaking at the recent TATOC

conference, Club Olympus director

Tony Rhodes explained: “We have

been impressed by what TATOC

is doing to support legacy resorts

like ours.”

Located in Garden City, the resort

offers 130-studio, one-bedroom

and two-bedroom apartments.

On-site facilities include a fitness

centre, two swimming pools, bar,

restaurant and clubhouse.

Pearly Grey Ocean Club, situated

near Adeje, comprises 105-studio,

one-bedroom and two-bedroom


Facilities include: heated swimming

pool, children’s play area,

Origins gym, restaurant, bars and

Jazzy Salon offering a range of

treatments and nail bar.

Explaining the resort’s application,

developer James Beckley

added: “TATOC has grown as an

organisation and has become a

respected voice for resorts run by

owners’ committees.

“The brand of TATOC brings

further credibility to Pearly Grey as

an affiliated member and supports

the business model of transparency

and integrity that we embrace.”

A newly painted kitchen

at the Alto Club



ll 35 units at the Alto Club,

APortugal, are set to be updated

with new modern bathrooms

and re-painted kitchen units as

part of a refurbishment project

taking place over three years.

The estimated cost is more than


Sharetime issue 21 | 5

The river Leven flowing past

The Lakeland Village




47 properties divided into 22

one-bedroom, 23 two-bedroom

and two three-bedroom


1,363 fixed-week timeshare

owners cared for by 11 fulltime

staff and approximately

40 casual/weekend staff.

Facilities on site include a

leisure club with 20-metre

pool, whirlpool bath, sauna,

steam room, squash court,

fully-equipped gym and

Elemis Spa.

There is a tennis court and

children’s play area while the

adjoining Whitewater Hotel

offers bar and restaurant

facilities with specific deals

for guests.

Located on the banks of the River Liven, which flows

directly from Lake Windermere, and 15 minutes from

Bowness, is The Lakeland Village.

Committee chairman Wally Francis and resort manager

Richard Guzinski outline how the resort has fared during

this challenging time for legacy timeshare resorts.

What is the history of The Lakeland


The whole site was once a paper

and cotton mill and in the 1900s

was used to make ‘Ultramarine

Blue’ – a laundry additive known

as Dolly Blue. The timeshare resort

opened in 1984 with the lease

expiring in 2063.

How has timeshare at the resort

fared over the past five years?

It is fair to say that we, like other

resorts, have seen a change in

recent years, as for various reasons,

an increasing number of owners

have had to surrender their weeks.

We see this situation as an

opportunity rather than a

challenge. As more weeks have

come back into the ownership of

the club, we can now be much

more flexible about utilising

available inventory.

6 | Sharetime issue 21


Why have you succeeded?

Success is a journey, not a destination.

We have a lot of work to do in

terms of meeting current demands

such as the need to offer a flexible

holiday alternative, but we are on

the right path.

In terms of our offering we continue

to maintain the whole site to a

very high standard and run an

annual programme of preventative


We are also very proactive in

offering our guests added value,

whether it be in the form of providing

vital local information or partner

benefits such as discounted access

to major tourist attractions.

How has the marketing and sales

approach changed over the years?

A quick response is to say …it has

had to. In more recent years, as

the occupancy levels have slowed

down, we have had to be more


Initially it was thought the gap

could/would be filled with sales


We now know that a bigger percentage

of our sales and marketing

will be spent on attracting a higher

proportion of rentals.

Do you offer a re-sale and rental

programme to your owners?

Owners get first bite of any opportunities.

Rather than publish detailed

lists, we indicate availability in the

welcome packs.

We have had great success with

some ‘owners only’ deals. These

include heavily discounted ‘winter

warmer’ weeks and another offer

exclusive to owners where additional

weeks can be rented for just

the management fee instead of the

listed rental price.

How do you market and sell

remaining weeks and promote the


In the past we relied on internal

efforts. More recently we’ve

used e-blasts, reader offers in

newspapers, through third parties

such as, and our own

website. We are actively pursuing

new areas for rentals and are going

to launch a targeted sales campaign

for the re-sale of weeks.

How do you fund and manage

refurbishment at the resort?

Each year at budget time we set

our replacement fund figure, which

is based on historical activity and

a wish list derived from unit/site


Part of this funding comes, of

course, from the annual management

fees. A separate figure is

set-aside for the unknown, which

basically covers repairs, breakdowns

and so on.

You have a resort website – how

does this support your business?

We are about to undergo an

overhaul of our website to meet

the demands of tech-savvy holiday

seekers. The site needs to reflect

how we are changing as a holiday

destination and what people can

expect when they stay with us.

We do use social media – but

not enough. People don’t seem to

review ‘self catering’ as much as

hotels – but we have to change this

by encouraging all to post reviews.

We need to make our Facebook

page (TheLakelandVillage) much

more proactive as a marketing tool

– not just a social commentary toy.

Of what are you most proud?

We still have a loyal customer base

who enjoy coming back year after

year - some more than once a year.

Our standards of cleanliness and

maintenance are always commented

on, and the fact that we are

now in our 32nd year of providing

a unique holiday experience for all

who choose to stay with us.

How important is your owners’


Very important - most of the committee

members, past and present,

have owned here from the beginning,

so they have a vested interest

in making sure any decisions taken

are in the best interests of the club.

What do you think the future is for

timeshare in general?

We can’t get away from using THE

word but maybe timeshare is no

longer appropriate on its own. We

believe that ‘timeshare’ resorts like

ours will continue to exist, but the

original concept has been/will be

overtaken by a different animal.

That is because we have to provide

what people want and expect - a

more exciting, last-minute, user

friendly, book-now arrive-tomorrow


Sharetime issue 21 | 7


FNTC acquires

Continental Trustees

Diamond REsorts win


eading trustee FNTC (U.K.) Limited has

Lacquired Continental Trustees Limited.

FNTC, part of the First Names Group,

controls over £2.5 billion of property assets

on behalf of its clients and looks after the

interests of over 650,000 consumers within

the vacation ownership industry.

Continental was founded in 1995 and has

20 years’ experience in the provision of

trustee, escrow, and collection services for a

number of resorts, principally across the U.K.

and Europe.

The acquisition of Continental enables FNTC

to strengthen its position as the largest specialist

trustee in the holiday ownership and

fractional ownership market.

iamond Resorts

DInternational has been

honoured with this year’s

American Resort Development

Association’s (ARDA)

ACE Philanthropic Award.

The award comes in

recognition of Diamond’s

first annual Brian Gay Golf

Invitational, a best in class

celebrity/amateur golf tournament

held in December.

The Diamond Team

receives its award from

Christel DeHaan

The event raised more than

$410,000 for the Florida

Hospital for Children last


Net proceeds from the

event were donated to the

Walt Disney Pavilion at The

Florida Hospital for Children

in Orlando, Florida.

Fab keeps up with growing

demand on Costa del Sol


ugust 2014 saw the largest

Aever recorded number of tourists

visiting Spain - and 2015 is set to

bring even more.

Timeshare resales in Marriott

Vacation Club European resorts has

never been better.

To cope with the ever growing

demand, Fab Timeshare has moved

from its original office opened three

years ago to larger, more prominent

premises directly opposite

Marriott´s Playa Andaluza in the

busy Commercial Centre Diana.

This strategic move complements

its highly successful resales office

in Elviria, just outside Marriott´s

Marbella Beach Resort. After

re-launching the updated, easy

to use, mobile-friendly website,,

last month, Fab has

seen an increase in

clients looking to buy

luxury timeshares in

Spain - and prices are

starting to increase

again. Now is a great

time to buy, especially

in Marbella.


director Julie Bett

commented: “2014 was another

great year for Fab and we have

even more exciting projects for

2015. Our portfolio will soon

include several brand new resorts

to sell as luxury fractional and

timeshare developments.

Our real estate company Fab

Property has also seen

a dramatic increase in property

sales and we have several exclusive

developments being constructed in


Marriott Vacation Club Resale Specialists

The Marbella Property Experts

Sharetime issue 21 | 9

Our commitment



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TWO years RCI membership

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10 | Sharetime issue 21

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Sharetime issue 21 | 11







Celebrating 23 years of successful resales, Travel & Leisure Group, established

in 1992, are the longest running Timeshare Resale Broker in Europe, assisting

clients from all over the world in buying and selling Timeshare properties, with

monies safe in solicitors hands.

A family owned company with a first class reputation within the industry.

Travel & Leisure Group are trusted by both consumers and developers alike,

with over 20 experienced staff covering major European languages.

So if you are looking to sell, add to your ownership or rent we are here to help.

• In house conveyancing - unrivalled knowledge of timeshare transfers,

we also handle transfers for people buying or selling privately

• Experienced staff speaking major European languages

• Websites in nine languages - over two million visitors per month

• Renowned for high level of customer care and friendly relationship

with resorts

Head Office



0800 988 7157









and joint RDO seminar review

‘The joint TATOC and

RDO seminar was

only meant to be for

one year. But we’re

back as there is still

much to discuss.’

o said Harry Taylor, TATOC exec-

chairman, as he welcomed


guests to the second joint industry

and consumer event.

Geoff Chapman, TATOC director,

set the scene with a summary of

TATOC’s recent activities including

its involvement in the review of

the European timeshare directive.

A report is expected later this year.

“We believe it will recommend a

mix of amendments, better use of

regulations and working with consumers

and the industry,” he said.

There has been considerable

interest in exit strategies from consumers,

media and government.

“Any strategy must be carefully

managed with a clear policy, criteria

and conditions. Of course the

answer to exit is entrance, but we

know it is not just that simple.”

Chapman told delegates how

TATOC had been reported to the

Citizens Advice Bureau. However,

rather than damaging the relationship,

it had been re-affirmed.

Harry Taylor,

executive chairman

The TATOC team is also working

with Trading Standards to achieve

clarification on the current regulations

in the European directive.

TATOC often gets stick for sleeping

with the industry,” began Paul

Gardner Bougaard, from the Resort

Development Organisation (RDO).

“Yet those who criticise do not

understand the relationship and

why the two bodies need to work


Over the past 12 months, TATOC

and the RDO have worked closely

on bogus claims companies, exit

strategies and the enforcement of

the directive.

The TATOC Consumer Helpline

with the Timeshare Task Force

have enjoyed success against

some of the leading scam companies.

“But while we have success it is

proving very hard to get the authorities

to act mainly because of the

cost of prosecution”.

Eugene Miskelly, from the RDO’s

Legislative Council, told delegates

how the organisation was tackling

bogus claims companies.

“Owners are hoodwinked into

expensive court cases or buying

new non-timeshare products, while

the original ownership is never

transferred,” he said.

“Don’t panic or be bullied by them

and push back with as much

information as possible. Be polite

but also pedantic and demand

copies of the evidence,” he advised


He suggested resorts ask themselves

if there was a grain of truth

to the claim and could they make

it easier for owners to exit their


“It might be time to introduce a

more flexible solution which will

help owners and stop them turning

to the claims firms in the first place.

It will certainly pull the rug out from

under the claims companies.”

Flagship’s Jackie Murphy spoke

on promoting the positive side of

timeshare and bringing the focus

back to holidays.

Murphy explained how the holiday

environment had changed. People

no longer just want accommodation

- they were looking for experiences.

With the growth of the new

sharing economy, it was time for

the RDO and the industry to get

behind a new campaign promoting



Sharetime issue 21 | 13



Introducing the new campaign

- Time To Share - Murphy

explained the aim was to counter

the negativity towards timeshare

and build a movement that

promotes the positives.

“We will focus on the importance

of holidays and show how timeshare’s

inherent characteristics

are perfect for today’s family,”

she said.

The plan is to create a visual

brand that spans multi-generations

and media. It will create

content covering video to blogging,

galvanising developers and

owners to get involved.

Tony Rhodes, from Club Olympus

in Tenerife, explained how a mature

resort must adapt to survive.

After intensive sales in the early

days things changed as the resort


“Owners loved the resort but

sometimes had to sell. We set up

a re-sale service but failed and

many owners were fleeced by

third party re-sale agents.”

A ´lightbulb´ moment led to the

development of a programme

for owners who had hit financial


The result was happy owners

who could enjoy their timeshare

when circumstances changed -

and a drop in re-sale scams.

Other changes were re-configuring

units, reducing the size of

the club and taking advantage of

rental opportunities.

“We have reduced the size of the

club by two thirds but now have a

nucleus of happy owners.”

14 | Sharetime issue 21

Geoff Chapman

We might be divided into

two entities, but the TATOC

Consumer Helpline is

deeply embedded into the

ether of TATOC.

o said Geoff Chapman, TATOC

Sdirector, in his annual round up

of the association’s activities.

Highlight of the year was the

separation of the Helpline from the

main TATOC association as part

of its plan to achieve charitable

status. This was achieved in 2014

and the two bodies were now

operating separately.

He conceded that help was now

needed to make this move worthwhile

and that the new charity

remained adequately funded.

Moving on to TATOC accreditation,

which rewards successful

resorts with a badge of consumer

excellence, Chapman reported 42

resorts had achieved accreditation

since the programme was

launched - with many now undergoing


TATOC accreditation is now the

recognised kitemark of excellence

and valued by those who have

gone through the process. We are

still not sure why other resorts

have yet to go through the process

as there is so much to gain from

this recognition,” Chapman added.

Just as accreditation showed best

practice at resort level, TATOC

affiliation recognised trusted businesses

operating in the industry.

Geoff Chapman

TATOC director

Over the past 12 months, five new

businesses had affiliated with the


The TATOC ambassador programme

was launched in March

2014 to promote, grow and fund

the association. In the last 12

months the five ambassadors had

enjoyed success with the introduction

of new resort members and


“We have now set the ambassadors

targets for 2015 with the aim

of increasing resort membership to

100 resorts, with 50 resort accreditations

and 40 affiliates. They are

going to be busy,” he said.

Legislation had always been an

important aspect of TATOC’s work

and the past year saw an increase

in TATOC’s involvement.

The association was heavily

involved in the review of the

European Timeshare Directive and

the recent report from the CMA

(formerly the OFT) into timeshare

exit strategies.

“We are not trying to be the timeshare

police spying on resorts but

we need to have an input in the

development of new regulations,”

Chapman explained to delegates.




Helpline manager.

The TATOC Consumer Helpline was

able to help consumers save a potential

£2.2m in 2014.

o outlined Mark Caldicott, TATOC

SConsumer Helpline manager,

who revealed key 2014 statistics.

It had been a busy year for the

team with the Helpline’s new

charitable status, corporate identity

and stand-alone website.

Contacts from consumers had

increased five per cent in the

past year with email enquiries

and the LiveHelp facility growing


There had been a large increase in

the number of enquiries about resales

and exit strategies (up 23 per





IN 2014.

cent and 131 per cent year on

year), while there were over 900

complaints about cold calling resale

and takeover companies.

“We provided assistance and advice

to 76 per cent of those who reported

losing money to scammers,” he


Each month the Helpline issued a

list of cold calling companies who

have been reported the previous

month. Over 750 companies have

been reported since 2010.

“The scammers will never stop as

long as they continue to make money,”

Caldicott explained. However

working with the Timeshare Task

Force, progress was being made.”

In 2014, some 34 businesses were

reported to the police and two scammers

were expected to receive prison

sentences for fraudulent trading.

Refunds of more than £8 million

have been returned to owners.

Gregory Crist

Scamming is

expanding across

the U.S. and Canada

and spoofing is

rife. The National

Timeshare Owners

Association and

TATOC partnership

is working to solve

these challenges.

Gregory Crist

President and CEO of the NTOA.

his was the warning from

TGregory Crist of the NTOA,

which has been in operation for

20 years and now has members in

50 states.

“Communication will help

us weather the storms,” he

explained. “The recent statistics

from the NTOA’s tie-up with

Intuition is monitoring what

people are saying on the web.”

There are 1.2 billion websites and

Facebook alone has 865 million

users daily. Knowing what they are

saying about timeshare can help

the NTOA respond to challenges.

The software monitors a number of

keywords on 70 million websites

across the U.S. and has highlighted

some interesting statistics.

Forums and social media websites,

such as Facebook and Twitter,

account for the largest percentage

Sharetime issue 21 | 15



If the timeshare

industry ever held

an X Factor-style

competition then

John Spence,

chairman of the

Karma Royal Group,

would win.

ith his rollercoaster life story

Wfrom university dropout

and failed music agent to being

awarded entrepreneur of the year

and lecturing at Yale and UCLA,

his story includes exotic locations,

famous faces and plenty of risk.

John Spence is a legend within

the timeshare industry and he

entertained delegates with a whistle

stop tour of his career – to date.

Starting as an OPC for Global he

worked his way up to managing

director before moving his team to

India with one computer and very

little else.

Identifying new markets and

responding to ever-changing

holiday trends has been key to


From developing Goan timeshare

resorts to building boutique style

properties in Bali, Australia and

Thailand, Spence has more

recently bought his brand back to

Europe. Today he has properties

in Greece, France, Austria,

Norway and the Scilly Isles.

Karma Royal Group

chairman, John Spence

Why the move back to Europe?

Because his ‘5-star hippie chic’

clients want these destinations.

“It’s a reverse in tourism trends.

There is no cheap land left in

Asia but some fantastic resorts in

Europe and the Caribbean that we

can sell to our Indian membership

who want to visit their dream

destinations,” he said.

These tourists are not weather

dependent but are looking for

different things from their holiday

experiences, which these new

locations can provide.

“Tourist destinations in these

areas will be full of Asian visitors,”

he told delegates.









affiliate access

programme for


CI has launched a special

Rprogramme to support

independent resorts. Details were

revealed at the TATOC conference


Designed to generate cost savings

and operational efficiencies

across resort operations, the

programme supports independent

RCI-affiliated resorts and more

developed properties.

RCI suppliers have agreed to offer

services and products at lower

rates than if they had bought


Currently available through the

programme are:

• Procurement services;

• Health and safety

training for resorts;

• Fee collection services

featuring on-line

payment training and

enhanced reporting;

• Rewarding owner loyalty with

incentive travel programmes;

• Legal services including

set-up of new projects

and agreements; and

• Marketing and PR through

press support and coverage.

For more information or

to share an idea for the

RCI Affiliate Access Programme,

please email

16 | Sharetime issue 21

TATOC CONFERENCE 2015 in photos

Pat May, DAE with Ian and Jacqueline Kerr, TATOC

Katrina Pascazio and Allan Reich,

QLodges and John Tweddle, The Carrick

Marianne Mallia, Pine Lake

and Phil Morris, Benal Beach

Eivind Steffensen, Regency Resorts

and Ian Goddard, Richvale Resorts

Jackie Collins and David Francis, Crown Resorts

Oliver Turner, Sunset View with

Sue Barnett, Sunset Bay

Darren Ettridge, Interval International

with Dimitris Manikis, RCI

Helen Foster, RCI and

Jonathan Worth, Craigendarroch

Francis Taylor, DAE with

Jennie Thompson, RFS

Tony Rhodes, Club Olympus

with Harry Taylor, TATOC

Perry Newton and Gavin

Dickinson, Azure Services

Vivienne Noyes Thomas, Christel

House and Ron Howell, HMC Funding

Jon Baker, Connections Money; Sue McNicol, RDO; Jodie Darnbrook,

Club Olympus and Paul Gardner Bougaard, RDO

Shaun Lamont, Club Leisure

Group, with Geoff Chapman, TATOC

David Manning, Rhinefield

and Neil Jennings, TATOC

Jackie Murphy, Flagship

with Lorraine Karabin, RCI

Christine Roberts, TATOC, with Peter Vanderhorst,

@WorkInternational and Richard

Coles, Cameron House

Peter Bakaj and Vicky Dubois

Sandy, Resort Solutions

Sharetime issue 21 | 17


Paul Gardner Bougaard


Is there light at the end

of the tunnel?

his was the question asked

Tby the Resort Development

Organisation’s chief executive Paul

Gardner Bougaard.

The industry is still in good shape,

he told delegates. In 2013, RDO

members sold €539 million of new

timeshare; there were 20 million

owners worldwide and 1.5 million

European owners. The U.K. was

still the largest market in Europe

with 600,000 owning families.

The biggest frustration for the RDO

was the lack of enforcement of the

EU Directive by the U.K. authorities

due to financial constraints.

As a result, and supported by the

European Union, the organisation

is set to make a complaint to the

government about its lack of action.

Addressing the issue of exit strategies,

Gardner Bougaard announced

a new RDO policy, due for official

release in spring 2015.



“All RDO members have to offer exit

provisions to their members. These

are to be expanded so that three

years’ of maintenance payments is

the maximum that can be charged

to release owners from their contracts,”

he said.

The new provisions are not draconian,

but if members are not able to

comply within two months they will

have to resign their membership of

the RDO.








He expressed his disappointment at

the recent legal case lost by the Anfi

Group in Spain and warned that the

claims companies would now

“jump on the bandwagon” - which

was alarming.

However, answering his original

question: “It’s clear that there is

light at the end of the tunnel for


With the RDO initiatives including

the new DIY timeshare release website,

Time To Share campaign, sales

accreditation programme and the

successful partnership with TATOC,

it was evident that the industry is

“marching on the right path.”

There is no magic

wand when it comes to

overcoming the issues

of owners wanting to

return their weeks, but

there are some tips to

help resorts.

So said Alex Radford from My

Lawyer In Spain as he outlined

how he believed resorts should


First, check the club constitution

to see what is allowed. If weeks

cannot be handed back, then the

committee needs to ask, why not?

“Why keep someone as a member

when they do not want to be?”

Second is to review and change

the constitution, release units

from trust and sell them and then

speak with marketers, rental and

sales companies.

Determine whether your resort is

sustainable as a business that can

continue to provide the hospitality

levels promised to owners.

Consider the duration of the club.

If your membership is unlikely to

survive the duration of the club

at its present level, change it with

a vote.

Finally, decide what happens

when a member dies. Are you

happy that beneficiaries continue

with the membership when they

do not want the liability?

18 | Sharetime issue 21



The biggest change in

our lives has been the

evolution of the Internet:

no company, brand or

service is immune to

the effects that changes

in this technology have


his claim was made by Darren

TEttridge, SVP at Interval


Timeshare resorts need to be

aware that the expectations and

activities of their owners are

changing every year.

Darren Ettridge

SVP Resort Sales & Business

Development (EMEAA) at

Interval International.

Timeshare had evolved from fixed

weeks to floating time and then

to points.

But Interval’s experience showed

that new owners are going back to

fixed week products so they can

get exactly what they want.

Timeshare was sold in perpetuity

because owners wanted it that

way and no one foresaw the

issues the industry is facing today.

However, resorts are changing

their products to shorter five- and

ten-year term programmes.

Marketing has also changed.

The days of junk mail have gone

because of the prohibitive costs.

Today, small, targeted mail shots

were proving more relevant and


Changes to legislation, he said,

had proved a negative impact on

sales and marketing practices.

“Legislation may have protected

the consumer, but it hurt the

industry and driven out the good

as well as the bad.”

Most popular

resorts revealed

ial An Exchange executive Paula Vickers re-

the results of research looking at the


most popular resorts in Europe and the U.K.

The research was based on the reviews and

ratings of members on their immediate return

from their exchange holiday.

Members were asked to grade the resort visited

from one to five on seven different criteria

including: resort helpfulness, maintenance of

public areas, leisure facilities, overall unit quality,

furnishings, appliances and cleanliness.

The top three resorts are:

• Tresco (scored 4.9 out of 5),

• Island Residence Club Radisson,

Malta (4.9 out of 5) and

• Underscar, U.K. (4.8 out of 5).

• Of the top 50 resorts, 21 were

located in the U.K.

Silverpoint launches plan

to help legacy resorts

ilverpoint has launched the European Resort Alliance (ERA),

Sa concept for the ‘legacy independent’ resorts in Europe.

ERA’s vision is to bring together all of the independent

timeshare resorts in the U.K. and Europe to provide them

with the benefits of a collective branded identity, while

continuing to maintain the freedom of an independent

operation. The three main elements of ERA are:

1. Management company:

The benefit from a big brand experience while maintaining

independent values; management efficiencies and global

distribution channels for unsold or un-owned inventory.

2. Sales and marketing:

A re-sale service, outlets for the increase in re-possessed

weeks and for owners seeking an exit.

3. Vacation club:

A new, exciting and flexible product providing the latest and

best modern travel offerings.

Sharetime issue 21 | 19



This year’s international

panel of experts (from left)


Dimitris Manikis

(DM) from RCI;

Phil Watson

(PW) Worldwide Timeshare


Rami Filo

(RF) of Classic Holidays

oderator Robin Mills asked

Mpanelist to discuss the main

issues facing their marketplace.

RF: New financial legislative

changes in Australia are

impacting sales representatives.

We are moving to a point where

salespeople must now be

registered and trained to degree or

diploma level in financial advice.

PW: The focus on exit routes is

a load of toffee. With our new

club, which gives members

the opportunity to leave their

timeshare, no one did. What they

like is that the facility is there.

Promotion of the industry is now

important and we need to look

into how this is funded.

DM: The focus on exit just winds

me up and we believe our own

story that everyone wants to

leave. My daughters will only

holiday at timeshare resorts and

being timeshare owners is the

best thing we have done. Yes,

clubs need to re-structure their

constitutions but the focus needs

to be on other things.

RM: Do you think Europe is a

dying market?

RF: In our own backyard we are

successfully generating sales to

a new generation but we have

pulled back from entering the

European market.

Europe has some magnificent

properties but these mature

resorts need advice from the

professionals, bring sales teams

back to the resorts and give

management a side role. Owners

are making choices that will not

appeal to a younger market.

Comments came from:

Geoff Chapman, TATOC director:

We have become negative

because someone told the

government that timeshare was

rubbish. We talk about exit

policies so much because we

have to stop the legislation that

could be implemented which

would have killed it off.

Jan Tilley, Pine Lake chairperson:

We all love timeshare but if we

put 20 pence on our fees to fund

promotion, we want to see the

industry doing the same.

Paul Gardner Bougaard, RDO:

Everyone has bought into the new

‘Time To Share’ campaign but

we need to address the issue of

the old lady who cannot get out

of her contract. This issue has to

be rectified without encouraging

people to leave.

Stuart Lamont, chairman Club

Leisure Group: Resorts are

currently structured for a certain

market niche. This needs to be

changed with a younger owner

committee to develop the product

that suits their needs. In South

Africa we re-modelled resorts

to fit a younger generation with

easy repossessions to fund the

management fee.

Dimitris Manikis from RCI

with Phil Watson from

Worldwide Timeshare

Hypermarket and

Rami Filo of Classic


20 | Sharetime issue 21



oderator Robin Mills (RM)

Masked Phil Jennings about

the recent turbulent times at

Club Las Calas.

PJ: We are an owners club with

3,500 owners with a number of

unsold and re-possessed weeks.

While we were financially OK

with a fair management fee and

four per cent added to the sinking

fund each year, we realised

that we needed a commercial

partner to increase rentals and


RM: Any highlights from the

topics discussed this weekend?

RC: It is clear that at developer-run

resorts exit strategies for

those in need must be considered

to stop owners getting scammed.

JD: For many resorts rentals are

the one activity keeping them


RM: Many resorts have a capital

partner but what is it that they

can offer?

JD: They control everything but it

must be managed in partnership

with the owners.

This year’s chairmen’s

panel (from left) included:

Phil Jennings

(PJ), Club Las Calas;

John Davey

(JD), The Alpine Club

Richard Coles

(RC), Cameron House;

PJ: Our partner took over sales

but we made sure that owners

could still buy a single week. To

date we have made 300 sales

and we’re working with them to

develop new products.

A core of owners did not want

sales on site, but they are quieter

now they can see that it is not too

bad. We use the Facebook page

and website to communicate with

our owners.

RM: How is the new venture

with QLodges going?

RC: QLodges are showing much

more interest in the timeshare

side and we are positive that

progress will be made with exit,

referrals, rentals and so on. We

know that we need to modernise

and the reaction from owners is


The discussion was opened to

the floor for comments.

Stuart Lamont, chairman

Club Leisure Group: The new

generation of owners want good

accommodation but their primary

requirement is what they can do

at the resort.

Jonathan Worth, Craigendarroch:

Youngsters can’t afford to buy a

house let alone a timeshare. We

need to look further afield and

target this market.

Helen Foster, RCI: There is a

passion for travel among the

younger generation and RCI works

with companies to address this

and get the message out. RCI

has launched a Chinese language

website to look at this market.

Tim Hiles, Royal Tenerife Country

Club: As a pilot for Ryanair I can

see similarities with the image of

the timeshare industry. We need

to review the cost of maintenance

fees and reduce the need for exits.

We need to do a Ryanair and

make ourselves better.

2016 DATES

TATOC Conference:

4-6 March 2016

Joint TATOC RDO Seminar:

4 March 2016 (TBC)

Sharetime issue 21 | 21





- Buying Timeshare - Guaranteed competitive

prices when buying your timeshare

The Timeshareshop is a family run business

specialising in all aspects of timeshare

ownership. We have a 25 year history of providing

an effi cient and reliable service for all our clients.

Whether you are thinking of buying, selling, renting

or exchanging your timeshare we offer friendly and

honest advice.

Our experienced consultants are available

on FREEPHONE 0800 542 4466.

The Timeshareshop Ltd is recommended by the

Timeshare Consumers Association.

As silver affi liates of TATOC, The Timeshareshop Ltd

will adhere to the code of conduct issued in 2011. All

companies wishing to affi liate to the Timeshare

Association are thoroughly vetted beforehand and

continually monitored. Further details of the code of

conduct can be found on the Associations website:

We have an extremely competitively priced

portfolio of timeshares for sale worldwide

and are confi dent of meeting your needs. Secure

and fl exible payment terms available

on all slaes.

- Selling Timeshare - Free registration,

valuation and advice for sellers We will register

your timeshare free of charge and give an honest

and realistic valuation of your expected return

both in terms of price and timescales.

- Renting Timeshare - Rental portfolio now

available at affordable prices Why not rent your

timeshare? Rental timeshare popularity is on the

increase. We can rent your unused timeshares

and save you unnecessary management fees.

- Exchanging & Upgrading for Timeshare -

Are you are finding that you cannot use your

existing timeshare or timeshare points? Too far

to travel? Too inconvenient? Management fees

too costly? Why not part exchange your week(s)

or points for lower management fees with a

resort more accessible you and your family.

- Tailored options to meet your needs

- Points packages with massive savings

- No cold call promise

- Service Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Sales ] 0161 794 5241 Admin ] 0161 794 5240

E ]

W ]

Europe – Asia & Far East – Africa & Middle East – US & Canada – Caribbean & Bahamas – UK & Eire



A world

of quality


ast year RCI added more

Lthan 150 new properties to

its global exchange network.

New resort choices include the

Italian seafront property Domina

Zagarella, Sicily; Cactus Resort

Sanya in Southern China; and

the Mexican beach resort of El

Dorado Maroma.

Dimitris Manikis, RCI VP for

Business Development, said:

“Providing our members with

choice is very important to us.

Even more important, is that

we consistently provide our

member families with quality


RCI operates a resort quality

improvement programme and

works with any resort falling

The pool area at Domina Zagarella, Sicilly

below requirements to help

bring them up to expectations.

Failure to meet RCI quality

criteria results in disaffiliation

from the RCI network.

“It is important we highlight

resorts we disaffiliate, as well as

those we affiliate. Last year we

removed a significant number

of resorts from our exchange

system in Europe, Africa and

Middle East, which did not

meet required standards.

“We are always here to help,

not just for exchange bookings,

but while members are away,

should they need us, via our

24-hour helpline, and when

they return, completing a

comment card feedback to let

us know about their holiday.

“When booking an exchange

holiday, RCI members can

also be assured that we only

work with resorts which meet

our stringent health and safety


DAE scoops top


provider, Dial An

EExchange, has been named the

global timeshare industry’s best

overall company with less than 250

employees for the second year at the

2015 Perspective Magazine Awards.

New Mexican Caribbean resorts

for Interval International

nterval International has affiliated

Ifurther Palace resorts located

in the Mexican Caribbean to its

exchange network.

The Palace properties are situated

in some of the Caribbean’s most

highly demanded locations and


• Beach Palace, Sun Palace,

Moon Palace Golf & Spa

Resort – Grand, Moon Palace

Golf & Spa Resort – Sunrise,

Moon Palace Golf & Spa

Resort – Nizuc, Moon Palace

Golf Villas, and Le Blanc Spa

Resort, all in Cancún, Mexico

• Cozumel Palace, in

Cozumel, Mexico

• Isla Mujeres Palace, in

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

• Playacar Palace,in Playa

del Carmen, Mexico

• Moon Palace Jamaica Grande,

in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The exchange company was also

honoured with a fifth consecutive

title for best customer services

and took best consumer product

for the second year running.

The gala awards were presented

during the 2015 GNEX Conference,

in San Diego.

CEO Francis Taylor said: “The

awards are the highest honour a

timeshare company can receive and

it is so rewarding to receive these

accolades at the industry’s night of

nights. We have shown that providing

a commitment to extraordinary

service – putting the member first

every time – has set us apart as an

exchange company.”

Sharetime issue 21 | 23


Sally Angel

with TATOC’s

Harry Taylor




Sally Angel, sales consultant at The

Osborne Club in Torquay for 30 years,

shares her experiences at England’s

oldest timeshare resort.

didn’t believe in love at first sight

I until it happened. The moment

I entered Hesketh Crescent and

saw the Osborn I was captivated

and jumped at the opportunity to

become a sales consultant.

Not only was it England’s pioneering

timeshare development, it was

a retreat for the great Victorians

Darwin, Brunel and Angela Burdett-Coutts.

In the good old days, attracting

prospective buyers was simple.

A small advertisement in a national

newspaper resulted in a wave of

bookings in the adjacent Osborne

Hotel and daily viewings from

sunrise to sunset shared among a

sales team.

We were confident in our product

from the start and even self-imposed

a 14-day rescission period

long before it became E.U. law.

There were no gimmicks - just a

nice cup of tea and no obligations.

We achieved an industry-high

conversion rate of one completed

sale from three visits, and the

satisfaction of holiday dreams being

fulfilled for decades to come.

However, here’s my confession. I

became jealous. Our guests were

enjoying the irresistible charms of

The Osborne just a little too much.

I had to do something about it.

So, although living just down the

road, I became an owner and,

mad as it may sound, disguised in

sunglasses and straw hat sneaked

in for my annual holidays.

Today, I’m the sole surviving sales

consultant and grateful for the

many referrals our owners have


However, we replicate some of the

challenges other shared-ownership

developments now face.

We’re delighted when owners

pass apartments on to their family

although others, sadly, need to

re-sell. This has created a buyer’s

market with some lovely apartments

available at fantastic prices.

Recognising changes in holiday

trends, we’ve launched HOLIDAY

5 - a five-year membership option

for a selected number of apartment


We haven’t advertised for a long

time, but with a refurbishment

programme underway, including

free Wi-Fi in every apartment, we’re

about to start again.

We’re not sure if placing a small advertisement

to promote the timeless

delights of The Osborne will work

today - but maybe a few ‘tweets’

might – fingers are poised!

I always warn potential buyers that

owning a week at The Osborne will

pose some major questions.

Will they have a lazy day reading

their Kindle while supping a glass

of Pinot Grigio or will they pack a

picnic and head out to beautiful


The only possible drawback to

owning at The Osborne that I can

think of is that you might not get

a strong mobile phone signal. But

that’s all part of the master plan

to ease our guests into a relaxed,

holiday mode.

In the meantime, our gardener’s

planting flower boxes for this year’s

Torbay in Bloom competition and

paddleboards are being polished for

the spring tides so the honeymoon

may continue.

For enquiries, please contact The

Osborne Club:


Tel: (01803) 209600

Sharetime issue 21 | 25

Discover Austria

...and explore beautiful Salzburgerland

Alpenland Sporthotel - Maria Alm



Alpenland Sporthotel - St. Johann

Experience the majesty of Austria in the Autumn

American Resorts International is proud to have over 30 years experience in the hospitality

and timeshare industry with two world-class home resorts nestled in the Austrian Alps.

Come experience why so many have already chosen to be part of the ARI family


Receive 3 Nights Free


When You Book Your 4 Night Fall Stay

Promo Code: TOTOC15

Alpenland Sporthotel - Maria Alm

Hochkönigstraße 31

5761 Maria Alm am Steinernen Meer

Phone: +43 65 84 / 74 91 - 0


Alpenland Sporthotel - St. Johann

Hans-Kappacher-Straße 7-9

5600 St. Johann/Pg.

Phone: +43 64 12 / 70 21 - 0


26 | Sharetime issue 21

Terms and Conditions Valid for new bookings only, Cannot be combined with any other offer, Subject to availability. We can extend or withdraw this offer

without notice. *Taxes & Fees are additional **Fall Stay consists of reservations scheduled between 10/1/2015 and 11/30/2015. Call for additional details


Three generations outside

the Villas at Chayofa

To Live

Tracie Bushell lives life to the full and uses her

RCI membership to get the most for her family

from timeshare ownership.


latinum member Tracie bought

Pa week at Holiday Inn Orange

Lake – West Village in Orlando in

1996. Using her RCI membership,

she has tailored her holidays to suit

the changing needs of herself and

her family.

“That first stay at Orange Lake really

opened my eyes to how I could

be holidaying, “ she says. “After

hotels, the accommodation seemed

luxurious and I really enjoyed the

feeling of security.

“The early years were about my

daughter Shellie. She loved the

theme parks and the pools; I

enjoyed the freedom to relax which

you just don’t get in hotels.”

Tracie, from West London, has a

full work schedule. Since buying

timeshare she has enjoyed a variety

of holidays – and more of them.

“Europe was my next adventure,”

said Tracie, who now takes her

mother Joan on holiday with her.

“Mum and I found Ibiza to be a

truly beautiful island and the Ses

Fontanellas Plaza resort was very


Tenerife has a special place in

their holiday hearts. “We have

been back more times than I

can count. We love The Regency

Country Club Tenerife. The pool, the

accommodation and guest areas

are all amazing. The staff always

remember us and I consider them

to be like family.”

Tracie and Joan have combed every

inch of Tenerife during their visits.

“We eat in the local restaurants,

take in the views on Teide and

listen – you literally can hear a pin


Last year Tracie, Joan, Shellie and

her boyfriend, along with Tracie’s

brother and his wife, took their first

holiday as a complete family at The

Villas at Chayofa.

“We had a huge villa with three

bathrooms, our own private pool, a

basement sauna and wine cellar. It

was ideal for a family party and it

was my membership that made it


“People just don’t realise what you

can get out of RCI membership. I’m

now looking at using exchange and

RCI Extra Holidays for New Zealand

and New York.”

“I absolutely love my holidays –

they are worth putting in that bit of

groundwork to get all the fabulous

breaks I enjoy.”

Read Tracie’s full story at To learn

more about RCI membership visit or call 0845 60 86 360


Dial An Exchange asked its

members why they love

their timeshare.

Isobel Robertson

It’s like home from home with

so much more. Golf, skiing,

walking. Our chalet at Dalfaber,

Scotland looks over the golf

course to the wonderful Cairngorms,

which look fantastic at

any time of year and offer many

outdoor pursuits.

Rosemarie DaCosta

Sutton Hall is such a small

intimate place set in stunning

North Yorkshire. Amazing holidays

whatever time of year. No

need to book flights, exchange

currency, easy to get to and so

well run.

Janey Simpson

It’s in the middle of St David’s

close to good coastal walks,

pubs and restaurants. It’s just

great and we’ll never get tired

of it.

Sharetime issue 21 | 27



Cost effective financial services are no longer

just for committees and developers. Individual

members can now enjoy them too.

In partnership with specialist foreign exchange dealer Baydonhill, Resort

Fiduciary Services is offering you the opportunity to apply for your own

personal foreign exchange account.

You’ll benefit from up-to-the-minute exchange rates and lower transfer fees

than through your bank.

Alternatively, RFS can provide a multi-currency collection system for

payments by credit/debit cards or by transfer using local banks.

To find out more please

contact Andrew Horton on:

tel: +44 (0) 1234 888777

Skype: andrew.horton6


Baydon Hill is authorised by the

Financial Conduct Authority

reference no. 535939

Members can pay their management fees, purchase additional weeks and

pay for rentals locally. Funds are then transferred to the resort in the

required currency using the benefit of RFS rates.

Applying for your own foreign exchange account through the

RFS website or directly with Baydonhill is simple. Just quote

RFS or Sharetime to ensure no transaction fees. /




wners of Spanish timeshare

Ohave been warned to beware

of approaches by so-called

claims companies offering ‘trouble-free’

legal support.

This follows a recent ruling by

the Spanish Supreme Court

finding in favour of a claimant

who brought a case against the

Anfi group.

Anfi’s legal advisors say the

court’s judgment has been a

misrepresentation of Spanish law

and has limited applicability, citing

the two European timeshare


The TATOC Consumer Helpline

has urged owners who “have

concerns” or have been targeted

by claims companies to contact

their resort management or


Alternatively the Helpline can offer help and advice by email: or by telephone: 0845 230 2430.


advert ruled


he Advertising Standards As-

(ASA) has carried out


an investigation into Solution for

Timeshare following a query about

the legitimacy of the testimonials

featured on the company’s


Similar testimonials, with different

names and locations, have also

appeared on the Swedish version

of the website.

Solution For Timeshare, which

claims to offer legal cancellation

of timeshare contracts, did not

respond to the ASA’s enquiries.

As the ASA had not seen evidence

to demonstrate the testimonials

were genuine, it concluded that

the advert was misleading.

The advertisement must not

appear again in its current form

and Solution for Timeshare were

told to hold evidence that their

testimonials were genuine.



scam smashed

osta del Sol police have

arrested 56 people

Cimplicated in a timeshare

re-sale scam.

The three-tier scam involved

calls from fake lawyers and

court officials persuading owners

to hand over up to £35,000

after being conned into selling

their timeshare.

Telesales operators contacted

victims and offered them

attractive prices to sell their

timeshare and took advantage

of their ignorance of Spanish

law to instruct them to pay

administrative or public notary


Once victims had been conned,

a second group would call,

claiming to be lawyers launching

a group action on behalf of

victims and asking for money


The third tier involved people

posing as court officials ringing

victims to say cases had been

resolved in their favour, but they

had to pay fees so they could

obtain their cash settlements.

Lead investigator, Inspector

Mercedes Perez Quesada,

added: “The scam sounds

very crude, but we estimate

the fraudsters netting between

£3.5 million and £4.5 million

a year.”

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Re-sales site becomes


e-sales company Confused

RAbout Timeshare has

installed the Google Website

Translator plugin on to its

website to assist non-English

speaking visitors.

The plugin, which is powered

by Google Translate, can be

installed onto any website to

make the site available in 90

other languages.

Said managing director Mark

Bell: “By adding the Website

Translator plugin to our website,

our international guests can

view a translated version of

our site instantly in their own

language, which will hopefully

stop them bouncing off to

another website.”

Visitors to a website with the

installed plugin see an info

banner at the top of the page

asking them if they’d like to

translate the page. They can

also translate the page by using

the Website Translator’s language

selector that’s embedded

in the page.

The visitor sees the translated

text in the original website

without having to reload or

being redirected to another

page or site.


welcomes new


ilverpoint has appointed a new

Sdirector of product development.

Ruth Webb, a former head of product

development at RCI, brings more than

25 years experience to the role.

“I am absolutely delighted to be

joining a progressive and forward

thinking operation that has some

fantastic plans for the future,” she said.

Ruth will be working closely with all

Silverpoint departments responsible

for the creation and delivery of

Silverpoint’s latest travel and leisure


CAT2398 Love Timeshare Advert, new logo 148x105mm v2.pdf 1 14/05/2015 14:25







TATOC Affiliated Resale Company

With roots that go back more

than a decade, the timeshare

resale specialists at Confused

about Timeshare are proud of

our heritage. With our

professional service we take

the stress out of any decision

making and thats what makes

us your timeshare resale

agent of choice.

Buying, selling or renting

we invite you to receive a

FREE market appraisal of

your timeshare ownership

and would be delighted to

offer you practical and

professional advice


Call Today:

01784 451 355

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Resorts best

run in ‘true

partner’ style

wner committees are elected

Oby their peers to represent

the best interests of all owners

and determine the club’s overall


The sheer complexity of club operations,

however, means a third

party professional management

company often becomes a valued

ally in this.

To function at its most effective,

this relationship has to be founded

on excellent communication

and close co-operation.

“We are actively involved in the

day-to-day operations on behalf of

the elected committee. We partake

in committee meetings, disseminating

information and following

through on the agreed strategy,”

says Vicky Du Bois-Sandy, account

manager at Resort Solutions.

The management company supports

committees by providing a

raft of essential business services.

Owners who wish to be directly

involved in the running of their

resort are recommended to stand

for election to the committee.

Phil Watson, MD

Worldwide Timeshare






European reach

e-sale organisation Worldwide

RTimeshare Hypermarket has

launched a German-speaking


The move addresses the growing

need for an effective re-sale market

to service timeshare owners in

Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

It’s a Malt-Teaser: Azure TV You-

Tube Channel Showcases Malta

The Azure Malta team has

launched a platform, Azure TV,

to communicate with members

and guests.

Azure Malta manages RCI affiliated-resort

Golden Sands Island

Residence Club and its team is

creating an online community for

resort guests and shared-holiday

ownership members.

The video content on Azure TV

features a dynamic YouTube playlist

and is designed as a fun way

for guests and members to find

out what is happening, both at

the resort and across the island of

Malta. The playlist also includes

interviews with Azure members,

guests and much more.

Azure TV is produced, presented

and edited by the Azure Marketing

team, making the whole project

very personal to guests of Golden

Sands Island Residence Club.

Germany has an estimated

190,000 timeshare owners. Despite

the substantial owner base,

the re-sale market in Germany is

still far from highly developed.

Hypermarket’s CEO Philip

Watson commented: “If the

owners have desirable weeks at

popular, brand-name resorts and

have a reasonable asking price

then it’s more than possible we

can match them with a suitable

purchaser within a short period

of time.”

A fully translated version of the

company’s website can be viewed at:

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All Inclusive holidays –

good for tourists, not so

good for local communities

he move towards

Tall-inclusive holidays is

a negative development, according

to a survey by the

charity Tourism Concern.

Almost 70 per cent of the

1,750 responders had been

on an all-inclusive holiday.

However, the majority

believed that while tourists

benefited, they thought

local communities were

made worse.

Nonetheless, 42 per cent

of the survey sample said

they were likely to go on an

all-inclusive holiday in the

next two years.

‘Millennials’ SEEK


millennial generation is travelling.

TThe United Nations estimates that

20 per cent of all today´s international

tourists were born between 1980 and

the early 2000s. This translates to 200

million travellers.

Younger travellers, it says, are looking for

new types of travel. Timeshare resorts

with weeks available for sale and rental

need to know more about them.

The pool at Maritima


upgraded pool

at Calypso

They’re committed to travel.

According to a survey published by

Expedia, those 30 and under report taking

an average of 4.2 leisure trips a year,

more than any other age group.

They don’t visit destinations.

They experience places. Younger travellers

are less interested in “the traditional sun,

sea and sand holidays” than previous


They don’t place value on


Millennials place more value on access

than on whole ownership. This could

contribute to the surge in their purchasing

timeshare, which offers access to a resort

without the full investment of a second


Thoroughly modern


anagement company Resort Solutions has been

Mworking with its owner committees for the successful

implementation of maintenance and refurbishment works.

Recently completed improvements at Lanzarote resorts

include: a new swimming pool liner and replaced barriers

for the children’s pool at Club Maritima; and a new liner,

chlorination system and steps for the children’s pool at Club

Calypso and new mood lighting.

“Pools are a strong focal point of any resort, but the aim

was not just to improve their appearance but to make them

easier to maintain and to improve health and safety,” said

RSL account manager Vicky Du Bois-Sandy.

They do their research.

Before making a purchase, nearly

three-quarters of millennials research the

product on-line. According to the American

Resort Development Association, 42

per cent of new timeshare owners experienced

the product first-hand by renting

before making the purchase.

They’re mobile.

Younger groups are more likely to book

and research their travel on-line and

through mobile devices. Only 18 per

cent of those under 30 have not used a

smartphone for travel, according to an

Expedia survey.

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