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NSW President and

NSW President and Editor’s Report As we reported in the last newsletter, this edition is going Australia wide, i.e. to all 3 States that the Australian Commando Association have committees. It will take a little "tweaking" to get the right balance of news etc, so I would like to have your thoughts. BRIG Keith Stringfellow, one of our life Patrons, has been in hospital recently having an operation on his hip. This has kept him fairly quiet and unable to attend recent functions, however I keep in contact with him and I am sure everyone wishes him a speedy recovery. A few weeks ago the National Committee of the Australian Commando Association met at the Officers Mess at 2nd Commando Regiment. This committee is made up of the three State Presidents and their Secretaries, a National President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. President: MAJGEN Mike Clifford AM CSC (Ret’d) Vice President: BRIG Paul Kenny DSC Secretary: Steve Pilmore OAM Treasurer: Bruce O'Connor OAM Victoria President: Secretary: NSW President: Secretary: Queensland President: Secretary: Public Officer: Mark Preston Glenn MacDonald Barry Grant Kevin Mahony Keith Long Tony Mills Brian Liddy The items for discussion were of membership, the Commando Welfare Trust, as well as making a determination on the official birthdays of 1st & 2nd Com - mando Com panies. This has been of some conjecture over the years with some suggesting that 2 Company is in February and 1 Company in June, however, as the units were "conceived" at the same time, regardless of their first parade, a decision was made to celebrate the Commando Companies birthdays in February, the same as the 1st Commando Regiment. End of story. ★★★★★ Former medic at 1 Commando Regiment, Joel Donkin, is now in "harm's way" in a very different situation. Joel is part of a Red Cross team that has been deployed to Sierra Leone to halt the Ebola Virus. He will be away over Xmas and I am sure all of us wish him a safe return to Australia after his deployment. ★★★★★ MAJ GEN Greg Melick AM RFD SC has graciously accepted his appointment as one of our State Patrons saying he was honoured. MAJ GEN Melick was a former member of 1 Commando Company. ★★★★★ Merry Xmas to all members of the Commando Associations including those who are in harm's way at this time of the year, may the New Year prosperous one. Barry Grant COMMANDO NEWS ~ Edition 4 I December 2014 3

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