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Special Forces Training Centre - 2014 The origins of the Special Forces Training Centre are traced to 1st Commando Regiment’s Commando Training Wing established in 1997. The Commando Training Wing was raised to support the establishment of 4 RAR (Commando) (now the 2nd Commando Regiment) and to provide expert individual training of commandos and develop the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures required. Major Hans Fleer was the Wing’s first Officer Commanding. He, along with his staff, formed the solid foundation for what would grow and develop into the Special Forces Training Centre. The Special Forces Training Centre with a small staff of around twenty came to be in 1999, operating under Training Command - Army. The Centre subsequently developed into a cross functional Army Training Establishment, responsible for training development, delivery and doctrine. The Special Forces Training Centre now operates under the command of Special Operations Headquarters. The Centre is responsible for a range of tasks including registered training organisation governance, Special Forces trade employment management, the coordination of recruiting, and selection for Special Forces’ trades, and management of Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) doctrine. The Centre also supports numerous individual professional development and education functions. Today the unit is manned by in excess of one hundred personnel and has one of the most diverse work - forces within SOCOMD. To facilitate the wide range of roles and tasks the Special Forces Training Centre undertakes, the unit is organised into a small Regimental Headquarters supported by three functional Wings; Commando Training Wing, Selection Wing and Trade and Training Development Wing. While the Centre supports a wide range of tasks, its main effort remains the conduct of individual Special Forces skills training for commando operators and supervisors. The Centre will normally conduct in-excess of thirty multiweek courses per year, generating both the reinforcements for the Commando Regiments and the specialist supervisors responsible for ensuring commando capability preparedness. The process of generating a fully qualified Special Forces operator is complex and utilises a variety of ADF resources. Individuals apply either as in-service ADF members (both regular and reserve) or through the Special Forces Direct Recruiting Scheme (SFDRS). A Special Forces trade applicant applies for service through annual planned recruiting cycles. The SFDRS has been operating for the past decade, allowing applicants to enlist directly via Defence Force Recruiting as a Trainee Commando in the Army. Trainees undergo a nine month process that includes regular recruit training, qualification requirements for initial entry to Infantry and the Special Forces Training Centre facilitated Accelerated Infantry Training Program before they then attempt Commando Selection. The Special Forces trades’ application process for both Commandos and the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) is facilitated by the Special Forces Entry Test (SFET).During the SFET an applicant’s suitability to attend either the Commando or SASR Selection Course is assessed. Assessments include, physical, cognitive, service performance and psychological. If assessed as suitable, an applicant is panelled as a candidate on either the Commando or COMMANDO NEWS ~ Edition 4 I December 2014 5

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