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3 Plants That Naturally

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3 Uses For Camphor Essential


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Homemade Natural

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Our Brand New VitaPlus



Health in Motion director Natan Gendelman talks about how to maintain a

healthy & balanced lifestyle.

Meditation has been practiced for

thousands of years and originated in

ancient India. Since then, it has spread

all over the world in various forms and

is now a very popular trend that many

people participate in. Unfortunately,

many people do not know what meditation

really means, what it is, and how to

do it properly.

The most important thing people need

to realize is that meditation is very

powerful and is basically the same as

prayer. This is why we need people who

are educated in matters of the spiritual

world (i.e. priests, imams, rabbis) who

can lead their congregation in and out

of prayer (a.k.a. connecting with the

spiritual world). Meditation’s original

design and purpose was the unification

of the spirit and soul and to help you

connect to the spiritual world. If you are

not experienced or do not have proper

guidance, you can do much harm to

yourself. Some of the earliest meditation

practices derived from Indian Buddhism,

and even they were practiced

mainly in temples and under the guidance

of spiritual leaders. There were

even strict dietary restrictions because

certain foods were thought to disturb

meditation. Therefore, if you decide to

start practicing meditation, I strongly

recommend getting advised by a spiritual

leader of your religion or one that

is very experienced in meditation. Avoid

cult meditative practices, because they

can lead you into more harm than good.

Be well, and all the best!





Plants are a beautiful decoration for any home or office

space, but did you know that they help remove toxins

that are floating around in the air? There are chemicals

released into the air from cleaning products and building

materials (i.e. paint, plastics, carpet, etc.) in every living

space. According to Healthline,

Three major offenders found in the home include:

• Formaldehyde: in carpets, upholstery, glues, paint,

and more

• Benzene: in plastics, synthetic fibers, lubricants, rubber,

pesticides, and more)

• Trichloroethylene: in paint removers, rug cleaning solution,

adhesives, and more

In 1989, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors

of America published a ‘Clean Air Study’ that showed

that certain plants are able to filter the air of these potentially

harmful chemicals. Here are 3 plants that were

among the list of air-filtering plants that NASA put together

as part of the study:

• Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum): This white flower is not

only beautiful, but it is also able to neutralize toxins

(formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene,

ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc.) in its pores. The

peace lily prefers medium, indirect sunlight and generally

needs to be watered once a week.

• Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii): The bamboo

palm thrives in bright, indirect sunlight and will sometimes

sprout flowers and berries. It is one of the best

plants for filtering out benzene and trichloroethylene

among many other pollutants.

• Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum): Also known

as devil’s ivy or pothos, this climbing vine is characterized

by waxy, heart-shaped leaves with white or

yellow markings. It is effective at removing formaldehyde,

xylene, toluene, benzene, carbon monoxide

among other toxins from the air. This plant thrives

indoors in pots under most light conditions except

direct sunlight.


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-The Health in Motion Team

l 2



• Insecticide: Not only is camphor oil an effective disinfectant,

but it is also an excellent, natural insecticide.

Leave a piece of cloth soaked in camphor oil out in

the open (or you can burn it as well) and it will drive

away the insects! A drop of camphor oil mixed in with

a large amount of grains can also help repel bugs

away from your food stores. After a camping trip or

long hike, it may be helpful to have a bath with a little

camphor oil mixed in to help disinfect your skin and kill

any parasites or small bugs that may have latched on

to your body

• Decongestant: Camphor oil is a very good decongestant

and is found in many cold rubs and balm products.

Rubbing some on the chest, after diluting with

another carrier oil like lavender or olive oil, will help

clear congestion of the respiratory system and ease

cold symptoms (i.e. coughing, stuffy nose). Coupled

with its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

properties, camphor oil is a useful remedy for colds,

flu, and bronchitis.

• Stimulant: Camphor oil helps stimulate our circulatory

system, improving its functioning and increasing the

activity of processes such as digestion, secretion and

excretion. This helps eliminate problems caused by

improper circulation, sluggishness, poor bowel movement,

gout, and rheumatism. Camphor oil also helps

to reduce swelling in our body, as in the case of arthritis,

which contributes even more to proper circulation.

***Please take care to use camphor oil in small amounts.

It should also always be diluted with another carrier oil.

Camphor oil is extremely powerful and can be very toxic.

Always consult your health care provider when using it in

conjunction with other medicines or treatments.


Our daughter, Maggie,

was diagnosed

with Cerebral Palsy

when she was 17

months old, though we

expected this diagnosis

much sooner. In the

four weeks that we’ve

been here, Maggie

and we have learned

so much and she has

accomplished amazing things. She can roll, sit and crawl – all the

things that she tried her best to do before but not properly. She can

now transition from the floor to sitting, to being on her knees, to

standing and she is even taking steps with very little support both

with and without a walker. We were told to get a wheelchair before

we came! Overall, we can’t say enough about Natan and the staff

here at Health in Motion. From functional rehabilitation, to massages,

communication and diet advice, they have it all covered.

We’re so grateful God led us here to support our little Maggie.

Thank you so much!

Mini Program

For: kids 0-12 & 12-16 with CP, ABI or stroke Frequency: 2

times a week, 2 hours/day Duration: Ongoing as needed

Maxi Program

For: kids 0-12 & 12-16 with CP, ABI or stroke Frequency: 5

times a week, 4.5 hours/day Duration: 4 weeks

Contact us if you are interested in booking for 2015.

For more information, visit our website:

Have something you’d like to share?

E-mail us! We’d love to hear from you. Send your stuff to:

Daniel + Amanda, Nashville, TN, U.S.A.




A vegan diet is one that consists of only plant-derived

foods. Vegans don’t use or consume any animals or animal

products including flesh (land or sea animals), milk,

eggs, or honey.

Eating vegan doesn’t require breaking the bank or moving

to a big city. The most nutritious and inexpensive

vegan foods which can be found in any supermarket,

are fresh produce, grains, legumes and nuts/seeds.

These should make up the bulk of the diet for optimum

health. Vegan processed foods in the form of soy hot

dogs, vegan &”cheeses,” desserts, etc are best eaten

only on occasion.

Nutritional deficiencies are a concern for everyone.

While vegans statistically enjoy longer life spans than

the average human being, we are not exempt from this

reality. First and foremost, you should ensure you are

receiving enough Vitamin B-12, Omega-3, and Vitamin

D. See below for more detailed information on vegan


• Protein: Because animal-based foods are high in protein,

it’s a common misconception that vegans don’t

get enough of it. In fact, the real problem is non-vegans

getting too much protein. Vegans can get all the

protein they need from lentils, tempeh, tofu, beans,

nuts, seeds, and even vegetables.

• Calcium: Leafy green vegetables-kale, collards, broccoli,

okra, figs, oranges, almonds, pistachio nuts, hazelnuts,

flaxseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds,

soybeans, chickpeas, navy beans, pinto beans, kidney

beans, and lentils. Note: Spinach, beet greens,

and chard are healthy foods but not good sources of


• Iron: Chickpeas (hummus), lentils, navy beans, pinto

beans, kidney beans, soybeans, quinoa, tofu, raisins,

goji berries, pumpkin seeds, cashews, figs, sunflower

seeds, sesame tahini, prunes, whole wheat, parsley,

and pine nuts.

• Vitamin-C: rich foods help with iron absorption. Try

eating these foods in the same meal. Use cast-iron

cookware. If your iron status is low, avoid consuming

foods high in zinc at the same meal.

• Vitamin D: Light skin-about 10-15 minutes of sunshine.

Dark skin: about 30 minutes of sunshine or

1000-2000 iu daily depending on the time of year,

etc. Buy vegan Vitamin D3

*Important: If you have any health problems-including

obesity, or are taking medication (cholesterol medication,

insulin, etc) you should inform your doctor of your

plans to change your diet before making any changes.

A switch to a plant based diet can alter your need for


l 4




Summer is almost here and that means more camping trips, hiking, and lunches on patios! Unfortunately, that

means all the bugs are out to bite again, so it’s important to have some good bug repellant on hand for you and your

children. Sticking to more natural bug repellants is safer to use since many commercial bug sprays contain chemicals

that can be toxic to the body. For example, DEET, a chemical widely used in many bug sprays, has been linked to skin

irritations (i.e. rashes, blisters, etc.), neurological problems, and more rarely, death. It is also toxic to the surrounding

environment, including wildlife on land and in water. Here’s a great natural bug repellant recipe you can make at




• Small empty spray bottle (3 ounce)

• 1 Tablespoon natural vegetable glycerine (helps the

essential oils better bind to your skin)

• 30 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

• 10 drops Geranium Essential Oil


1. Add the vegetable glycerine and essential oils to

your empty spray bottle, and fill the rest of the bottle

with distilled water.

2. Close the bottle and shake to mix the ingredients

well. Now you’re ready to use your homemade bug

spray! Just spray on you and your family when going

outdoors, and reapply as needed. See the original

recipe at Scratch Mommy’s blog. (

Other essential oils with bug-repelling properties that you can use are: citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, cypress,

bergamot, lemongrass, cinnamon, lavender, rosemary, and cedarwood! You can make a blend that smells best to


Health Benefits:

• Tea Tree Essential Oil: Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral! It’s no wonder that it’s also

a powerful insecticide as well. It helps keep insects (i.e. mosquitoes, fleas, lice) away when it’s applied to the

body. It’s also great for treating insect bites and blisters!

• Geranium Essential Oil: Geranium oil is another natural antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is also an effective astringent

(induces contractions in the body), which helps prevent skin and muscles from sagging. Geranium is great

for speeding up the healing process of wounds and it also smells great due to its floral and minty odor.




VitaPlus therapy is an all-natural treatment for people suffering from chronic illnesses, which activates the

body’s innate ability to regenerate healing through a completely organic and vegetarian diet, juicing, natural

supplements and vitamins, detoxification and cleansing. Based on osteopathy manual practitioner Natan Gendelman’s

extensive experience of successfully treating various conditions, such as cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia,

asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn disease and so on, the VitaPlus methodology and program is based on

a whole body approach which reactivates the immune system and develops an environment in which diseases

cannot survive.

It Consists Of:

• Entirely organic and vegetarian diet plan, including juices,

meals and snacks

• Up to 5 litres of fresh pressed juice daily

• Biologically-natural nutritional supplements and vitamins

• Detoxification and cleansing

• Massage therapy

• Health coaching

VitaPlus Approach

We see the body as a single unit of function, which encompasses

the mechanisms and ability to heal itself. Our treatment

reactivates and boosts the immune system, which fights

and kills diseases.

How Do We Do This

VitaPlus treatment is a full intensive detoxification and cleansing

regimen focused on restoring and reactivating the body’s

ability to heal itself.



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