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The Model Event Guide Summer 2017

Exhibitions High Winds

Exhibitions High Winds Move Slowly Sat. 19 Aug. - Tue. 29 Oct. Oliver Laric Sat. 22 Jul. – Sun. 1 Oct. Oliver Laric’s practice, which comprises sculpture, video and installation, explores both historical and contemporary image economies. In particular, his work attends to the dynamic context of images: how they move, transform and replicate as part of an ever-evolving visual culture. For his exhibition at The Model, Laric presents a recent film work. Composed of found and newly animated image sequences in which bodies metamorphose from one form into another, or are caught between two states, the untitled film dialogues with the consistent cultural trope of mutable identity. As domestic appliances transfigure into civilians, frogs become regencystyle furniture and half-human/halfanimal ‘furries’ cradle each other erotically, a nuanced reminder is posited of how frequently those not conforming to normative standards of identity are pathologised and marginalised. Laric’s film represents an appeal against such tendencies, while simultaneously proposing a pluralistic, open-ended vision of what a body is, and more importantly what it might become. The Model is delighted to present High Winds Move Slowly, a very special two-person exhibition with Dutch artists Arno Kramer and Henk Visch. This show, which is curated and toured by the Museum De Buitenplaats in the Netherlands, marks the first time that these two artists have been brought together Opening Sat. 19 Aug., 5pm Jack B. Yeats; Lives Until Sun. 1 Oct. in one exhibition. While Arno Kramer is predominantly engaged in making drawings and drawinginstallations, Henk Visch focuses on sculpture in the broadest sense of the word. Both artists however experiment with the possibilities of the figurative and the abstract in the visual sphere. The opening reception will be marked by a gallery conversation between Arno Kramer and Henk Visch, as well as a very special performance by contemporary dancer Iris Reyes. Artists Select; Michael Wann and Kiera O’Toole Cairde Visual Thu. 6 Jul. - Sun. 6 Aug. The Model presents Cairde Visual, Cairde Sligo Arts Festival’s fourth annual open submission show. The exhibition will feature work from both Irish and international artists across a great diversity of media. The Model on tour / Ronnie Hughes The Model is pleased to tour it’s successful solo exhibition Ronnie Hughes; Strange Attractors. Limerick City Gallery of Art: Fri. 30 Jun – Sun. 27 Aug. The Royal Hibernian Academy: Fri. 8 Sep – Sun. 22 Oct. Opening Reception Thu. 6 Jul., 7pm See Special Events for details of artist talk. This project has been funded by the Arts Council’s Touring and Dissemination of Work Scheme. This exhibition enables audiences to trace the development of key characters in Jack Butler Yeats’ artistic practice, through an exploration of his illustrations, pencil sketches, watercolours, and the iconic oil paintings of his later mature period. In a practice that spanned 70 decades and displayed a wide variety of styles, it is interesting to note that Yeats’ subject-matter changed very little from his earliest work to his latest. Michael Wann and Kiera O’Toole are invited to select works from The Niland Collection, that resonate with their own artistic interests. Both artists discuss their practice in the context of their unique response. Kiera O’Toole Exhibition: Sat. 5 Aug. - Sat. 2 Sep. Artist Talk: Sat. 26 Aug., 2pm, Free Michael Wann Exhibition: Sat. 9 Sep. - Sat. 7 Oct. Artist Talk: Thu. 5 Oct., 2pm, Free Cover image: Oliver Laric, Untitled, 2014-2015, 4K video, colour, sound; 5 min 55 sec. Courtesy of the artist and Tanya Leighton, Berlin