SEPTEMBER 2010 NEWSLETTER - Marathon Maniacs

SEPTEMBER 2010 NEWSLETTER - Marathon Maniacs


Kauai Marathon 2-3

The Marathon Show 3

American Discovery Trail

Marathon 3

Skagit Flats Marathon 4-5

Operation Jack 7 hours 5

Winthrop Marathon 6-7

Priest Lake Marathon 7

Maui Marathon 8

Social Networking 8

Top of Utah Marathon 9

Rate the Race 9

Bellingham Bay Marathon 10

Half Fanatics 10

Omaha Marathon 11

Maniac Art 12

Maniac Poll 13

Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon 14

Milestones/Promotions 14

Race Bling 15-16

Marathon Plates 16

Report from Insane Asylum 16

Discounts 17

Coming Up in October 18

Note from the Editor 19

Rhetorical Revelations

from “The Rev” 20


Volume 7, Number 6

As summer winds down, many Maniacs get ready for the fall

marathon season to begin. September had some fun races

including two marathons in Hawaii, the Tahoe Triple, the 50

state club reunion in Omaha and a hand full of northwest races.

What are you running in October? There will be a lot to choice

from and Maniacs will be running from coast to coast! Be sure

to send me your pictures and race comments!

Kauai Marathon (9/5): Alfredo " Da Man " Aromin,

Cowboy Jeff Bishton, John Bozung, John "JonBoi"

Chun, Michael "Mik-iac" Hagen, David Hammes,

Carole "Foreverbronze" Higa >,

Steve Yee and Gunhild Swanson showing off

there awards.

Steve Yee and



September 2010 Newsletter

The Marathon Show (hosted by Maniac #1817, Joe Taricani) was first broadcast in June 2010. It’s a one of a kind

show that spot lights the marathon and marathon runners. Maniacs have found a safe haven with this great show.

A few times a week Joe broadcast the show live online, the shows are then made available to download from iTunes

(via Podcast). Each week Joe features a marathoner, and often does shout outs to marathoners from all over.

Another great part of this show is the “runners chat”, in these shows Joe gets three marathoners together and does a

round table discussion about many great topics. So if you have already come across the show, please do.

Check it out and tune in!

Elaine Green American Discovery Trail

Troy Johnson

Yolanda Holder

Brad Davis

Steve Yee, Steve Pavao

Steve Yee, Harvey Nakasone, Marie


Marathon (9/6): Deanna Ashby,

Jarrett Banks, Bryan Baroffio,

Angel Brock, Doug "It's Cheaper

Than Therapy" Clark, Morgan

'Baby Cougar' Cummings, Elaine

Green, Cathie Johnson, Troy

Johnson, Runliarun, Jackie Ong,

John Oster, Keith "Kip" Panzer,

Melissa Rankin, Steve Supkoff,

Larry Wasson

Carole Higa, Dennis Blinn







Alfredo Aromin, Les Omura

and Johnny Landeza

Carole Higa, Michael Higa


Jim Boyd

These four women are headed to Arizona in

October for a 100 miler. Good luck girls!

Rich Menzel Mel Preedy

Lisa Reid with Diane Robinson and Robert Lopez

David Stout

Bob Hearn and Robert Lopez Ric Hart Betsy Rogers with Gary Marr

September 2010 Newsletter

Skagit Flats Marathon (9/12): Roger Adams, Bret Bellevue,

Dawn "TronWife" Benz, Jessica Bienvenue, Rikki Bogue, Jim

Boyd, Carrie Caffrey, Ruben Contreras, Rick'the runner'Cooney,

James "Gimme my Medal" Copley, Bob & Lenore Dolphin, Kevin

Dunn, Ted Eckert, David England, Clark "The Dude" Gilbert,

Hannah "Sky Queen" Glenn, Rick "Road Kill" Haase, Ric "the

sweeper pacer" Hart, Bob "Owlbait" Hearn, Paul Hoffmann, Jill

Hudson, Laura Johnson, "MMKuhl", McLovin, Sarah Lynch, Mike

Mahanay, Sherry "MMM" Mahoney, Gary "The Red Rabbit"

Marr, Tracy Marshall, Daniel "Mur" McMurtry, Rich Menzel,

Ruthie Meraz, Janice Moyer, Brian Pendleton, Cheri Pompeo

(Gillis), Mel Preedy, Mike Pruyne, Lisa "Lovely Feet" Reid, Megan

Reuther, Linda "Girlie" Rowe-O'Neal, Marilou Russell, Tom Scott,

Michael Shiach, David"Marathon Diet"Spooner, Tim Stensen,

Wendy Stensen, Rob Stretz, Steve Supkoff, Janna Theriault,

Merita Trohimovich, Linda Walter, Steve "Marathon Freak"

Walters, Emily Weiler, Dan Whitaker, Steve White

Lisa Reid

Ruben Contreras

Tom Scott and RD

Terry Sentinella

Pedro Infante




Sam Felsenfeld is running 61

marathons this year to raise

money for autism.

Rick Haase and Betsy Rogers

Betsy Rogers with Jill Hudson and

Marilou Russell

Debbie Bosilevac, Sam Felsenfeld and Steve Walters

Rose Bak

Benjamin Chan

September 2010 Newsletter

Jon Dotson

Paul Hoffmann Roger Adams

Tim Lawson

Josh Owen

Sarah Duncan

Goofy Matt Hagen helping out with

the finish line timing.





In early August, Sam Felsenfeld

contacted me and asked if I would

like to help organize a 7 hour race

for his charity, Operation Jack.

Together Sam, Debbie Bosilevac

and I put together a 7 hour race.

On September 5, about nine

Maniacs and eight other runners

turned out, and together we

raised about $2,300!

Operation Jack 7 hour Challenge (9/5): Rose Bak, Benjamin Chan, Sarah Duncan, Tim Lawson,

Josh Owen, Steve "Marathon Freak" Walters, Melissa M. Williams

- Steve Walters


Patti Randall Krebsbach, Steven Yee, Sharon


Bill McCarty

Pre-race Maniacs!

Jenny Appel

Mike Kuhlmann

Ashley Kuhlmann

Marilyn Pyke

Brett Wittner

Mike Kuhlmann

Carla Owen

September 2010 Newsletter

Winthrop Marathon (9/26): Roger Adams, Jenny Appel,

Deanna Ashby, Bob & Lenore Dolphin, Terri "Maverick" Gray,

Sharon Hendricks, Genia "Tiptoes" Kacey, Patti "pk"

Krebsbach, Ashley "rogue wave" Kuhlmann, "MMKuhl", Kurt

Lauer, Sara Malcolm, Michele Miller, Mike Moore, Mariposai,

Brad Nelson, Gary Otheim, Lesa Overfield, Carla Owen, Josh

Owen, Marilyn "Mare" Pyke, Michael Shiach, Kaci Sun, Brett

Wittner, Prez Steven Yee, Guy Yogi

Michele Miller



Kurt Lauer and Ashley Kuhlmann

Sara Malcolm and Jenny Appel

Sandra Colbert

Gary Otheim


September 2010 Newsletter

Steve Yee Kaci Sun and Marilyn Pike Mike Moore Brad Nelson

Mike Moore

David Lund with the Prez

Ken Briggs, Robert Towne

These Maniacs are sporting some age

group awards!

Some Maniacs posing for a picture before the race.

Gunhild Swanson

Francie Hankins

Michele Miller

David Lund

“A lot of people run a race to see who’s the fastest. I run to see who has

the most guts.” – Steve Prefontaine


Pre-race Maniac photo. Pre-race Maniac dinner.

Marie Zorne,

Marie Kuramoto

Jane Herzog and Ray Shaw

Maui Marathon (9/19): Alfredo " Da Man " Aromin,

Tom "Drag-on" Craven, Morgan 'Baby Cougar'

Cummings, Sandy Hanson, "Insane Jane", Edde Kanai,

Gary 'Cougar Bait' Krugger, Marie "Queen"

Kuramoto, Johnny "Shaka" Landeza, Del Landicho, Ed

Loy, Jon "Coconutboy" Mahoney, Sherry "MMM"

Mahoney, Heather McCafferty, Harvey Nakasone,

Terry Nelson, David Nevitt, Les "Maniacles" Omura,

Jackie Ong, Steve Pavao, Mary Schumann, McGyver,

Ed Thompson, Joni "why rush?" Van Arsdale, Cindy

Wetzel, Marie Zornes

From Facebook to Twitter, the Maniacs have a presence in the world of social

networking. Whatever social network your prefer I’m sure the Maniacs are

there, so check them out!







September 2010 Newsletter

Marie Zornes

Ed Loy and Terry Nelson


Pat Finney and Angie


Greg Goebel, Pat Finney,

Steve Yee and Angie Whitworth-Pace

Greg Goebel and Franz Kolb

September 2010 Newsletter



Greg Goebel

Have you run a marathon (or ultra) recently? What am I

thinking, you’re a Maniac so of course you’ve run a

marathon. I would like to know what you thought about

it. I would like to compile rating of different marathons

from Maniacs. Take a minute and rate your race at the

following web site:


Eric Gierke

Bellingham Bay Marathon (9/26): Christine

"Jorpeyt" Adams, John Anderson, Michelle

Barnes, Margaret Barrett, Martin Bavuso,

Peter 'Running Dutchman' Bennink, Steve

Boer, Carrie Caffrey, May Cheng, Ruben

Contreras, James "Gimme my Medal"

Copley, Ted Eckert, David England, Kathleen

Farrell, Andy Fritz, Clark "The Dude" Gilbert,

Martin Gordon, Margaret Gorog, Jill Hudson,

Robert Jacobsen, Heath Johnson, Barefoot

Jon, Tory "Teechur" Klementsen, "MMKuhl",

Sonny "Tranquilrunner" LaForm, Mike

Mahanay, Jon "Coconutboy" Mahoney,

Sherry "MMM" Mahoney, Gary "The Red

Rabbit" Marr, Tracy Marshall, Heather

Myers, Monte Pascual, Brian Pendleton,

Sheryl Perales, Cheri Pompeo (Gillis), Mel

Preedy, Mike Pruyne, walkabitrunabit, Nadia

"Corredora", Marilou Russell, Neal

"Stinkerbell" Saxe, Janna Theriault, Steve


“They change the course every year but the

views are always nice and hot pizza at the

finish is tasty.” – Jill Hudson (#535)

Ed "Quiksilver" getting a

massage after the first

day of the Tahoe Triple.

Pedro Infante





Neal Saxe

Jason Streubel

Yolanda Holder & Jennifer Dicus

September 2010 Newsletter

Marathon Maniacs running half

marathons…YES, it’s true!

Tired of running marathons and ultras (HA!!)?

Need to back down on that weekly mileage and

concentrate on getting faster? Then join the Half

Fanatics ( There are currently

over 400 members in the Fanatic Asylum, and I’m

sure you’ll recognize a few names in the group. So

jump on the bandwagon now, get your qualifying

races in and join this new, zany group!

Mike Mahanay



Kino after finishing his third Yonkers Marathon.


The “Dave Mari” Fan club! Post-race Maniacs!

September 2010 Newsletter

Omaha Marathon (9/26): Stephanie Arango, John "Pony Espresso" Backman, Dave Bell, Janet Burgess, Dan Cardell, Morgan 'Baby Cougar' Cummings,

Brooke Curran, Carol "Ponytail" Earles, Kay "Dirtball" Evans, Jean "Mama Jean" Evansmore, Pat Finney, Jim "Superdawg" Fisher, Greg "Flatlander" Goebel,

Carol Goslin, Elaine Green, Tim Gundeck, Mike Herrin, David Holmen, Donna Jacobs, Lien James, Etienne Jaulin, "Da Do Run" Ron Kalich, Kathy Kass, Valerie

Kilcoin, Clare King, Gary 'Cougar Bait' Krugger, Steve Laine, Michael Larkin, Keith Levitt, McLovin, Donna Loud, Sue "Italian Stallion" Mantyla, Dave Mari,

Runner’s High, Al " retired CMSGT, USAF" McGowan, Peggy McKean, Steve Metcalf, Nemo, Tracey Newenhouse, Jackie Ong, Keith "Kip" Panzer, Neil "CPT

USAR" Paulson, Martin, Pascal Radley, George Rehmet, Andrew Reynolds, "Lyle, Lyle Crocodile" Robertson, har, Cassy Russell, Mary Signorelli, Russ "I never

repeat a marathon" Smith, Chip Southern, Steve Supkoff, Jeffrey "Wardium" Ward, Charlie Weiland, Mary Weiland, Annette "mom's gone again" Wulffe,

Jonathan Young, Lacer the Racer

Kathy Klass, Dave Mari, Diane Jones-Bolton

Donna and Dave, don’t let the statue win!

Russ Smith, Dave Mari, Pascal Radley

Janet Burgess


(I will ALWAYS accept your photos!!!) –

Donna Loud

Greg Goebel getting a

little close!


September 2010 Newsletter

I found this when I was going through some of my old web files. In October 2006 (a few months after I

joined the Maniacs), I created this piece of artwork in my spare time. There are more than 75 names,

words, or phrases (related to the Maniacs/marathons) in this piece of artwork. I’ve posted this on my

web site if you would like to take a closer look and find the names.

(Steve Walters MM#338)

Sam Felsenfeld and Marathon

Mitch before day one of the

Tahoe Triple.

Maniacs prior to the Yonkers Marathon.



Lesa Overfield, Steven

Yee, Patti Krebsbach

Mike Moore and Bill Bernhardt

Roger Adams

Gunhild Swanson

Each month there will be a “Maniac poll”. This poll will be posted online. Please

take a few moments to answer this poll. I will post the results in the next


This month’s question: What is your dietary preference?

September 2010 Newsletter

Elaine and Paul


Joe Poliquin & Bekkie Wright

Please vote online between now and November 1:

(Thanks to Andy Fritz for this month’s poll.)

Last month’s question: How important are finisher


When it comes to medals, it looks like Maniacs like them.

Of our 111 votes, medals appear to be somewhat

important with 44% of the voters. Medals are “very

important” to 33% of those who voted. 16% of those

who voted thought medals were not that important. And

finally 6% of those voted don’t need a medal. Thanks to

all that voted.


Maniac Triplers!

Quicksilver MM#388

Jennifer MM # 1756



Dude" #2810


Noteworthy Accomplishments / Promotions / Omissions / Maniac Stuff:

Please let me know if you reached a higher Maniac level and want the recognition in the


� Titanium (10 star) Maniac: none

� Platinum (8 star) Maniac: none

� Palladium (7 star) Maniac: none

� Osmium (6 star) Maniac: none

� Ruthenium (5 star) Maniac: Joao Danda, Karen Vollan, Wray Jean Cornwell

� Iridium (4 star) Maniac: none

� Gold (3 star) Maniac: none

� Silver (2 star) Maniac: none

September 2010 Newsletter

Karen Vollan

Emerald Bay Marathon - Day 1 (9/24):

Quicksilver Runner, Marathon Mitch, Jennifer

Dicus, Victoria Duke, DEO, Scot Kuwaye, Vickie

Lau, Phil Nimmo, Randen Richards, Karen"Evil

Twin" Vollan, Li-Chym Wu

Cal-Nava Marathon - Day 2 (9/25): Quicksilver

Runner, Marathon Mitch, Jennifer Dicus,

Victoria Duke, DEO, Scot Kuwaye, Vickie Lau,

Cyndie Merten, Phil Nimmo, Joseph "Jo Jo

Starbucks" Reilly, Randen Richards, Karen"Evil

Twin" Vollan, Li-Chym Wu

Lake Tahoe Marathon - Day 3 (9/26): "Xtreme

Mike", Quicksilver Runner, Joyce Carey,

Marathon Mitch, Jennifer Dicus, Victoria Duke,

Scot Kuwaye, Vickie Lau, Dotty Maddock,

Cyndie Merten, David Nevitt, Tony "Endorphin

Dude" Nguyen, Phil Nimmo, Machelle Poole,

Randen Richards, Jan Tarr, Karen"Evil Twin"

Vollan, Li-Chym Wu

Yolanda Holder




What is a Maniac?

Navin Sadarangani (MM#2251) came

up with this creative acrostic.








Christine Adams’ medals

Steve Walters’ medals

Greg Goebel’s collection

Steve White’s Collection

Sherry Ricker’s cubicle of medals!

September 2010 Newsletter

Bob Dolphin and his collection in March of 2007 after the Yakima

River Canyon Marathon.

Jerry Nairn’s Collection

The following photos are

pictures of some Maniacs

medals. If you would like to

show off your collection, e-mail

it me.



Sally Boles’ license plate.

Sutah Ann Robins’ Collection

Tom Hosner’s license plate.

Brad Nelson’s


Brad works for a

company that makes

medal holders. Check

them out:

A few Maniacs

sent me in their

262 plates!

The following is a statistical update on the growth of the Marathon Maniacs. It may not mean much to you, but I find it very


Monthly Growth

Month ► Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Yearly

Averages ► 34.4 30.4 32.4 27.7 46.9 30.7 20.7 12.9 15.7 32.2 36.0 42.7 318.1

2009 ► 66 47 52 50 94 91 73 29 33 99 95 116 845

2010 ► 105 81 90 67 127 111 78 38 50 - - - 747

New Maniacs in Sept 2010 50

New Maniacs in 2010 747

Total Maniacs 2862

September 2010 Newsletter

Philip DeYoung’s medals

This is the license plate of Maniac Kirby Mills, and active

Marine, currently stationed at Camp Pendleton in

California. Kirby has run in the Marine Corps Marathon

every years since he was 18 in 2003. I think I speak for

the whole Maniac family when I say, “Thank you for

your service, Kirby!”

State MM Pct%

Washington 629 22.0%

California 297 10.4%

Texas 183 6.4%

Illinois 124 4.3%

Florida 112 3.9%

Oregon 95 3.3%

Virginia 92 3.2%

Ohio 72 2.5%

New York 68 2.4%

Hawaii 58 2.0%


Maniac Ongoing Discounts

September 2010 Newsletter

In the ongoing quest to save all the Maniacs money at some races here is a list of the latest races to offer discounts/perks

for Maniacs:

Continuing the quest to save the Maniacs some coin, here are the latest races to offer discounts/perks to Maniacs:

• Miracle Match Marathon:

• The Sedona Marathon:

• Mercedes Marathon:

• The Cowtown Marathon:

• Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon:

• Martian Marathon:

• Wisconsin Marathon:

• Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon:

• Delaware Marathon:

Details on how to obtain the discount/perk on these races are in the Discount section of the Bulletin

Board on the Maniac web site. Keep an eye out, as I will continue to post new ones on the Bulletin Board

as the details are finalized. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at:

New Maniacs in September 2010

Cristy Spangler (#2813)

Jessy Morgan (#2814)

Linda Robinson (#2815)

Alissa Draper (#2816)

Amanda Custy-Schaas (#2817)

Ron Beyersdorf (#2818)

David Thompson (#2819)

Ron Torrez (#2820)

Lisa Donahue (#2821)

William Schneider (#2822)

Heather Holst (#2823)

Mike Schlecht (#2824)

Brenda Lee Finley (#2825)

Lisa Pass (#2826)

Edith Crawford (#2827)

Marco Lopez (#2828)

Sarah Rabe (#2829)

Matt Baxter (#2830)

Davin Hagman (#2831)

Kathleen Simko (#2832)

Debbie "Zippy Turtle" Bumgardner (#2833)

Stephen Meratla (#2834)

Mat Gerowitz (#2835)

Jim Tuttle (#2836)

Victor Ierulli (#2837)

Jim Davison (#2838)

Jeff Pettett (#2839)

Sandra Grisi (#2840)

Kristina Grisham (#2841)

Kirby Mills (#2842)

Jon Roberts (#2843)

Rachel Smith (#2844)

Robert Duff (#2845)

Denise Evans (#2846)

Barbara Folkman (#2847)

Ryan Westin (#2848)

Kara Greer (#2849)

Katrina Mumaw (#2850)

Alan Hargrave (#2851)

Ed Burns (#2852)

Dagmar Knudsen (#2853)

Don Kern (#2854)

Phuong Huynh (#2855)

Layne Davis (#2856)

Jeff “Boneman” Bollman (#1058)


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Arkansas Traveller 100

Baker Lake 50k

CAR Lifes a Beach Marathon

Desert Dash Trail Run

Freedoms Run

Gold Country 34M

Hamptons Marathon

Leavenworth Oktoberfest Marathon

New Hampshire Marathon

Rock/Creek StumpJump

Run for the Toad

Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon

St. George Marathon

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bear Chase 50m/50k

Boulder Backroads Marathon

Camarillo Marathon

County Marathon

FATS 50k

Hampton Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon

Johnstown Marathon

Köln Marathon

Lewis and Clark Marathon

Loch Ness Marathon

Long Cane 50K

Maine Marathon

Maraton de Guayaquil

Marina Madness Marathon

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon


Run Crazy Horse

White Tail Trail Marathon

Wineglass Marathon

Yurrebilla Trail 56k

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Coto De Caza 50m/26.2

Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Farmdale Trail Run 50m/30m

Harbor Springs Marathon

Hartford Marathon

Heartland Spirit of the Prairie 100m/50m

Ironman World Championship

John Holmes 50k Trail Run

Layton Marathon

Le Grizz Ultra

New River Trail 50k

Prairie State Marathon

Run for Life Marathon

Trapline Marathon

Vasque Triple Lakes 40m/Marathon

Whistle Stop Marathon

YMCA Stone Bridge Marathon

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Badgerland Glacial Trail 50m/50k

Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon

Chicago Marathon

City of Trees Marathon

Maraton de Buenos Aires

Mohawk Hudson River Marathon


Mother Road Marathon

Munich Marathon

Okanagan Marathon

Portland Marathon

Prairie Fire Wichita Marathon

Royal Victoria Marathon

Spokane Marathon

Steamtown Marathon

Towpath Marathon

Tyler Rose Marathon

Walla Walla Marathon

Wine Country Marathon

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Night Marathon #4

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pony Express Trail 100m/50m

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baltimore Running Festival Marathon

Boulder 100

Defiance 50K

Indianapolis Marathon

Kansas City Marathon

Maratona do Sol Poente

Medoc Trail Marathon

Nashville Ultra Marathon 50k-80k

North Face Atlanta 50m/50k/26.2

Palo Duro Trail Run 50m/50k

St Pats 24h

Tussey Mountainback 50m

Wild Duluth 50k and 100k

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Amica Marathon

Amsterdam Marathon

Asbury Park Relay Marathon

Atlantic City Marathon

BayState Marathon

Columbus Marathon

Des Moines Marathon

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Duke City Marathon

Grand Rapids Marathon

Green Mountain Marathon

Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

Istanbul Marathon

Long Beach Marathon

Louisville Marathon

Mount Lemmon Marathon

Mt. Desert Island Marathon

Nike Womens Marathon

NWTR Great Northwest 50k

Poulsbo Marathon

Prince Edward Island Marathon

Rock N Roll Denver

Toronto Marathon

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Night Marathon #5

Saturday, October 23, 2010

24 the Hard Way 24h/12h/6h

September 2010 Newsletter

4th Dimension Lake Sammamish Trail Run

A Hurricane Jem

CAR Brandi Cowans Trail Marathon

CAR Sallys Birthday Trail Run

Columbia River Power Marathon

Frankenthon Monster Marathon

Goblin Valley 50k

Javelina Jundred

Jenkinson Lake Fall Trail Runs

Mankato Marathon

Marathon for Adoption

PCTR San Francisco One Day

Peacock 54m

Praias & Trilhas Challenge Day One

Running for the Bay Marathon

Sask 50k

Zombie Marathon and Undead Ultra

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bimblers Bluff 50k

ChunCheon Marathon

Columbia Gorge Marathon

Dothan 6hr Run

Golden City Marathon

Legs for Literacy

Niagra Falls International Marathon

On the Road for Education Marathon

Paso Robles Harvest Marathon

Praias & Trilhas Challenge Day Two

Stone Steps 50k

Venice Marathon

Wisconsin Dells Marathon

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dublin Marathon

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Night Marathon #6

Friday, October 29, 2010

Screaming Pumpkin!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumn Leaves 50m/50k

Cactus Rose 100m/50m

Carkeek 12 Hour

Cave Creek Thriller

Chicago Lakefront 50m/50k

Enviro-sports Napa Wine Country Marathon

Haunted Hustle Marathon

Hoover Dam Marathon

Return to Las Flores Trail Marathon

Ridge to Bridge Marathon

Spinx Runfest

Athens Marathon

Blue Springs 50m/50k and Larry Mattonen


Cape Cod Marathon

Frankfurt Marathon

Keelung International Lions Club Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon

Paul Pipilani Memorial Marathon

Silicon Valley Marathon

Tri-Cities Marathon




Keith Panzer

Sharon Hendricks getting a kiss from the Prez!

Steve Walters and Brian Pendleton

Nancy Pratt

Sandra Colbert

Larry Wasson

Speedy Jerry Mark

Genia “tiptoes” Kacey

From the Editor…

September 2010 Newsletter

Morgan Cummings

Caroline Burnet, Mary Cate Brauchla

hanging with Elvis at the Tupelo


Jessica Bienvenue, Tony Phillippi and Betsy Rogers

at Roots Rock 50k on Sept 5

Sharon Hendricks, Elizabeth Ellis, Patti Randall Krebsbach, Lorinda

Hagstrom, Brad Nelson, Vadim Shinderuk

October is here, and that means the fall marathon season is about to begin. Some of the

highlights this month include the St George Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Portland Marathon,

Denver Marathon, Baltimore Marathon, Nike Woman’s Marathon and Marine Corps

Marathons. So many races so little time. Of course people like Larry Macon and Yolanda

Holder don't let them hold them back, thankfully there are five weekends in October.

Thank you to all that have sent in pictures, I enjoyed seeing people's medal collections, and license plates. I'm starting something new this

month, I would like to have Maniacs rate and comment on the marathons they run. Please bookmark this webpage

(, here you can rate your experience at any marathon and leave me comments (short or

long). I really want to know what people think about the different marathons. I want to make this newsletter as interactive as possible.

- Steve “Marathon Freak” Walters MM#338


Rhetorical Revelations and W(Rites)…

from the Rambunctious Rev

Hiya Stevie Boy!

Hey Prez! Somebody, or I should say, some bodies, read my “Try vegetarianism” letter to you last month.

It went over great! So far I’ve heard from 14 cows, 9 ducks, and 128 chickens!

(Now the following is a true story. I came up with the leading idea of this letter below during the first 15

miles of the Lehigh Valley Marathon. Had the letter half-written in my head by that point. Then, well, let’s

just say I would have adjusted the story to protect the… embarrassed, but you would have figured out the

knucklehead’s identity anyway, so I didn’t bother.)

September 2010 Newsletter

Steve, remember the time we talked about how the older we get, the less inclined we are to tell other people what to do or think, because we

realized that people do not want to hear our opinions anyway? We decided that quiet smiles are universally the more welcome contribution.

Well, Mr. Prez, I’m going to break my “opinions silence” here just this once, (again) because this time I really have got something folks will love

once they hear it! Either they are already doing it, or they will see the good sense in starting it!

Fellow Frequent Runners of Marathons: Lend Me Your Eyes!

When you are out there chugging your choo-choos along the innumerable marathon routes available to us, stop staring down at their common

concrete concourses, and Look Up!

Look Up to see this beautiful, colorful, majestic, serene, interesting, fascinating, ever-changing world! Look Up to be inspired by the infinite

artistry of nature’s glory! Look Up to see first-hand the three-dimensional panoramas that photographers adore and which fill their travel books!

Absorb first-hand all the delights that visually alone please the heart, mind, and soul!

You see, Steve, in September, while trotting through countless landscape-painting scenes spread throughout one of the prettier courses in the

eastern U.S., Bart Yasso’s Lehigh Valley Marathon (and my personal vote for an eastern Maniac reunion), and a brilliantly conceived route traveling

along the Creek, River, and Canal of the semi-mighty Lehigh Valley River system, I could not help but notice that the runners around me were

focusing on the mundane macadam monotony beneath our feet!

What? Really? Studying what, the various shades of dark gray? I suppose a meticulous artist might accurately discern slate gray from black

gray from off-black gray, to say nothing of the subtleties in the full spectrum of charcoal grays, but for the rest of us, any inattention to the colorful

rest of the planet is a most unfortunate and wasted opportunity! Oh, to revel in the beautiful ranges of greens, yellows and blues, the sprinklings

of reds, oranges and purples, the laughter of the children a-rafting and the songs of the robins a-sitting and the chattering of the chipmunks ascampering!

I felt a tad sad being seemingly alone seeing so many wonderful sights on these 26 miles. And listening alone, too, to the precious variety of

sounds! I-pod Shuffle left in the car on purpose, I could hear clearly the poetic train whistles, the river lapping on the shore, the rain drops dripping

off the leaves, all creating such a peaceful and restorative experience.

And, “not for nothing,” my accomplished Mr. Yee, it occurred to me as well that there is a great second benefit to Looking Up! One

immediately gains a better running posture! See, Prez? Rev is actually studying this running stuff! Looking Up keeps the back straighter and the

weight properly balanced, making even yours truly a smoother runner!

So I thought I would be so bold as to teach something valuable this month, a daring stroke of didactic genius by one with no credentials to

impart unassailable running wisdom to our incredible roster of over-achievers, right?

At mile seventeen, on a smooth cinder path, and without a bit of warning…WHAM! I slammed down hard, a full-body chest-and-face plant to

the ground, tripping over who knows what…because?

I didn’t see it.

When I managed to get up, which wasn’t too immediately, it was with a cracked rib. Nothing life-threatening, just uncomfortable.

(Slug gave me good advice though: just don’t sneeze, cough, laugh, or get the hiccups.)

Sigh. Guess I ought to glance down every so often, eh?

Humbled, for yet another month I shall defer to return to offering quiet, if achy, simple smiles again. The little Looking Up I will be doing will be

at the incredible accomplishments of ye who run superbly.

That is until I go run Steamtown. That’s a real pretty course.

Your bumbling Marathon Mucklehead,



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