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Ibiza Rocks

The Zutons

We’re back to the more traditional rock concert setting

of the San Rafael horse trotting track(?) so there’ll be

no tomfoolery in the hotel pool tonight, however there

are some ponds lurking in the centre of the track – Anyway we’ll

see what happens tonight…

I’ve listened to this highly respected band on the stereo in

the car on the way to the gig, but couldn’t sing along to any

of the tracks. Then I’ve had to park miles from the entrance and

fallen over a cactus in the dark trying to take a short cut in case

I’m late.

“This band had better

be good” I’m thinking,

as I pluck cactus

spikes from my palm

and negotiate the

guest list queue. There

are no other queues,

it’s just those who

don’t pay that turn up

late and make it difficult

to get in, just as

the band are about to

hit the stage.

I hit the bar and immediately cheer up. Almost immediately

it becomes obvious that his band are different again. This

isn’t a night of anthems or rap, instead the sound rings many

bells inviting comparisons with a spectrum of influences from

Status Quo to Led Zep and any number of others in between

for good measure.

Formed in Liverpool in 2001, they’ve been around a while, but

stand alone amongst the acts we’ve seen this year by delving

back into a different period of music pre-dating most of this year’s

acts and pulling it off in style.

They also have the advantage of Abi Harding front of stage with

her saxophone. This enhances the band’s sound, as do her vocals,

and she’s a lot nicer to

look at than the blokes

with their axes…

Dave McCabe,

lead songwriter, introduced

one song early

on by getting the audience

to vote on

whether the rock

chicks with the inflatable guitars on the podium were getting

paid. All voted an enthusiastic yes. He counter-pointed this at the

end of the set by informing us all that the band had to stop now

because all of the rest of their material was shit. The crowd roared

and the band played on.

Having seen them, listening to the tunes in the car on the way

home it all started to make sense. I just had to leap backwards

and forwards a couple of decades for each new track.

I’m still playing them in the car now and becoming more

and more fond…

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Once again Ibiza Rocks delivers contrast. Hot on the

heels of the Mike Skinner (The Streets) approach to

crowd management, and much to the relief of the

local Health & Safety executive, the band charged with bettering

that experience were Soulwax – masters of the

remix rather than the microphone.

At times the show went so retro that older hacks in the audience

could recall the days when dance culture made the decision

to worship the DJ hunched over the decks rather than the

front man and his axe wielding accomplices. How times


Soulwax, in all their guises, are fundamentally two Belgian DJs

trying various different formulas wrapped around an apparently

weak set of material. For no obvious reason they demoted themselves

to second in the line up for the night, making 2 Many DJs

(also themselves) the headline act for the night.

So first up were a four piece band with a drummer and electric

guitarist doing electronic classics. Interesting we all thought as we

admired their flashing light show whilst it slowly dawned on us that

there weren’t going to be any vocals, just the odd sample thrown

in here and there.

Then there was the problem of the white tuxedos and dickie

bows, no doubt in deference to the white island but not really

practical for the stage on a hot August night.

Nonetheless, there we were listening to a combination of M25

rave breakdowns with drum solos and guitar

interchanges at the end of each song to

the point where the crowd didn’t know when

to start clapping. Or maybe there was some

other reason?

Unfortunately the E’s aren’t as strong as

they used to be and this audience aren’t

bothered anyway, so the repetitive beats

and the flashing lights were never going to

work the way they did twenty

years ago. On the other hand, I

have to confess to not having

been to Belgium for a long time.

The equipment was cleared

from the stage and it looked as if

that was that, but eventually 2

Many DJs appeared and it soon

became apparent that the

name was appropriate. Their set

consisted of teasers from other

people’s anthemic intros whilst

two blokes reached across each

other to twiddle distant knobs on

the mixer as if the audience wasn’t there. The lights flashed and

the audience did their bit, but this wasn’t ‘live’ music?

After 20 excruciating minutes two cuties appeared front of

stage, where the band’s equipment had earlier filled the void,

and the back lighting took our attention away from the two guys

arguing behind the decks.

A few more Eurythmics intros swiftly followed by twiddle and

squeak and the show was over. Next week should be better… ■

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With tears in our eyes…

Ibiza Rocks

Closing Party

The magical mystery tour comes to an end…

By: Pia Walter

Despite the absence of horses, the dust was definitely

kicked up again at Sant Rafel’s Hippodrome on Tuesday

September 9th, during Ibiza Rocks’ last gig of the season.

As the “soon to be huge” Iglu & Hartley took to the stage, a feeling

of dismay fell upon us as we realized that this would probable

be the last chance to enjoy a decent outdoor concert

event in Ibiza until next summer. However, my dismay was

soon to be replaced by laughter as the “best friend of the

band” confidently informed me that Iglu and Hartley would

be the first band to play on the moon. It later became apparent

that they weren’t

planning to take him with

them, because I ended

up with the honour of

driving my new found

mate home.

The second band’s

hometown was none

other than Manchester,

so it wasn’t surprising that

the crowd, dominated

by Brits, made quite a fuss over them. It has to be said that The

Whip’s mixture of electronica and rock was quite unique, if not

complete genius. Definitely my personal favourite of the night.

However, the four stars didn’t manage to generate quite as much

commotion as the main act of the night, although I did observe

a dozen or so grooving grannies raving at their own pace throughout

their show.

At this point it was about dinner time (in Spain, of course) and

I was disappointed to find that my choice was between a burger,

and well, another burger. It was quite a chore to get the six

euro chunk of meat down my throat and I was aware of what

felt like a rock in my belly for the rest of the night. Thank goodness

the “free hierbas chupito girl” spotted me and helped to

ease my digestion.

I was quickly distracted from my ailment when the long awaited

Pendulum entered the spotlight. As the six Australians hit the

stage, it seemed that just about the entire Hippodrome flooded

into the mosh pit. Like flies to a lightbulb, everyone seemed to

have the same goal in life, namely, to be as close

to the stage as possible. Rob Swire, the bands lead

singer, proved to be quite a crowd motivator. The

longer he dominated the mic, the more unidentifiable

objects seemed to be tossed through the

air. This is not entirely surprising because their first

album, “Hold Your Colour”, is one of the best selling

drum and bass albums of all time. Another interesting

fact is that their second single, “Slam”, is

the theme song of the playstation 3 game “Motostorm”,

which perhaps explained all the pre-pubescent


running around

in the audience.

The band are

now based in

London so we

should be hearing

a lot more

from them.

As the night

came to an end

and the still raving stampede headed for the coaches which

would take them to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, where resident DJ Aoki

and Dj Doorly were set to play, I tried to snoop out any fixed

dates for next year’s opening party. But as per usual with Ibiza

Rocks… no chance! So, ladies and gentlemen, patience is a

virtue – we will keep our ears open no doubt, but until then you

can visit www.ibizarocks.com to find out more about next year’s

line up as they book the bands.

See you next year!

58 IbizaNOW 10/2008

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