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048-050 Ibiza Rocks n Raps R 23.08.2008 11:12 Uhr Seite 2

‘Dance wiv me’

Ibiza Raps

Once again the magical

quality that sets Ibiza

Rocks apart from the

competition has struck – but

who could have predicted

this one?

As Dizzee Rascal celebrated

his third week

at No. 1 in the charts with

“Dance wiv me” and the

support act, Sam Sparro,

sat at No. 11 with “Black &

Gold”, Ibiza Rocks had them

both on stage in front of a privileged

audience of barely 1,000.

As I write seven of the other

recordings that make up the gap

between Dizzy & Sam are all by

rap artists. The also-rans were

Madonna and The Ting Tings.

As the name of the venue suggests

“Ibiza Rocks” hotel is more

about the original musical revolution

of the late 60’s than the current

shift in the taste of musical youth.

I remember the arrival of punk on the

scene, but I don’t recall it dominating

the top ten so quickly. (Do hoodies really

seek out record shops in their

hordes, whilst the rest of us download

our music?)

How quickly ‘rap’ will capture the

imagination of the audience of Ibiza

Rocks is probably another

matter. Nonetheless Dizzee and his partner, Calvin

Harris, hit the stage in a blaze of lights and about as

much sub-bass as the audience could cope with. They

responded by waving their arms in the air, but chose to abstain

from throwing beer in the air for a change.

However, a bit of background: Dizzee, aka Dylan Mills,

brought himself up on the streets of Tower Hamlets, East London,

an area that might reasonably be described as

‘a bit rough’. A few skirmishes with the law and expulsion

from school drove him into music – and here we’re

talking rap, but he’s poured his energies into this to the

extent that he’s now earning a nice living, thankyou very


Small world that this is, my step-daughter once drove him

and a colleague from the Roll Deep Crew, Skepter, back down

to London after a gig at a ‘blues’ in Nottingham. On the way

Skepter pulled out his latest toy, a stun gun, and proceeded to

show how it worked as they sped down the motorway. My stepdaughter

wet herself but managed to keep the car on the road.

Apparently they’re still talking, but it’s not the sort of stuff to inspire

white kids aspiring to university.

It soon became obvious that the rappers haven’t quite got

their heads round successfully crossing over into the mainstream

– the unforseen challenge that’s dropped upon you by

instant success.

The problem is that they now have to perform to a whole new

different audience who don’t ‘bump and grind’ in the way that

only those of African descent truly can?

Similarly, such heavy bass works best in a sweaty underground

venue with a low ceiling – ideally in Brixton? Add in the

audience’s difficulty with ‘Patois’ lyrics and the performers frustration

at their less than over enthusiastic reaction was almost


It was too hot for hoodies, so none were to be seen, and the

only two black faces were those to be found onstage, so this

looks like being a bit of a struggle for both the top act of the

moment and their ‘mainstream’ audience.

Some of the more experienced of those

present who had previous experience of

‘blues’ culture felt ‘de riddims’ and understood

the vibe – this is the message of the

‘yout’ from the streets and it’s getting louder.

Best to ignore that shiver down your spine

that the lyrics might

inspire if you understood

the Patois...

48 IbizaNOW 9/2008

048-050 Ibiza Rocks n Raps R 23.08.2008 11:12 Uhr Seite 3

Stand back Oasis, maybe...


After the distraction of the Dizzee Rascal show the previous

week Ibiza Rocks was back to business as usual with

some full on thrash rock featuring virtual unknowns that

might yet become household names.

For the third week running we were at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel

and the downstair’s bar was still the smart option. I missed the

first four tunes trying to order a beer in the VIP whilst the barstaff

focused on emptying bins and pouring complex concoctions

in the middle of an ice shortage.

It was better than last week though – they’d got the till back

from the girl in the other room where you had to go to buy a

ticket once you finally got to the front of the queue at the bar.

Then it was time to join the unhappy queue back at the bar

who’d beaten you to the girl that stole the till!

Tonight’s support band were The Automatic, with three guitars

and a set of drums. They were ostensibly destined for academic

careers and using music as a hobby to keep them out

of the University bar. Then they had a massive hit with ‘Monster’

whilst discussing their futures with their careers master. Drunk

and famous as rock stars rather than drunk and in debt as students

will hopefully be the end result…

The main event were The Corteneers who are from Manchester,

which might explain why the accepted pronunciation is ‘The

Cortinas’. The lead singer is called Liam who, allegedly, fancies

the vacant crown of the Noel of Oasis fame (that makes two of

them then?).

They’d had a difficult week in ‘music speak’ as their debut

album came in at No. 4, rather than the No. 1 their record company

told everyone was inevitable. But here they were in Ibiza

before a significantly smaller audience than Dizzee pulled last

week, and giving it their best shot.

It was clear that few were familiar with their songs until the set

neared its early end. But heck there’s only one live rock gig a

week at the moment, so if you’re in the audience you might as

well get your rocks off.

This they did, but as they traipsed inside for their after-party it

was clear that more toilet rolls had been thrown than plastic

beer glasses on the night.

Once again, draw your own conclusions – we’d run out at

home, as it happened, but are now the very lucky owners of two

slightly soiled ones…

IbizaNOW 9/2008 49

048-050 Ibiza Rocks n Raps R 23.08.2008 11:12 Uhr Seite 4

A proper Street party

The Streets

It’s hot and sweaty at the Ibiza Rocks hotel, particularly on

the counter where I’m sitting with my back to the grill to get

a view, whilst people aren’t ordering hot dogs. Others would

rather stand under the stream of unidentifiable liquid from the

VIP balcony upstairs in order to get a decent view of their heroes,

The Streets, live on stage.

The kids are loving it – almost all are pogoing their way

through the early numbers despite their sweating. A sultry

evening indeed…

As the pace slows down so does the pogoing, but rap is all

about the lyrics and can be hard to

dance to, so in between the new

stuff the band throw in a few of their

anthemic successes. This has the desired

effect and the assembled

throng get back to waving at the

stage, rather than the TV cameras,

for the benefit of their mates at


Mike Skinner, the vocalist, is an accomplished

showman and knows to

work an audience.

At one point he insisted that everyone in the crowd sat down

on the floor, until the rhythm section kicked in and the whole

crowd erupted into the air in true breakdown style. Those in

prime positions on the balconies and in the VIP missed out on

that experience…

He introduced the next song by asking everyone to gaze into

the eyes of someone in the crowd who they’ve never met before.

Satisfied that all are participating he instructed “Now tell

them that you love them”. The audience, with no need for ecstacy,

were completely won over.

The air guitar being volleyed around the audience finally

50 IbizaNOW 9/2008

burst and, as if by magic, a pink lilo appeared to take its place

in the air above the heads of the audience. Eventually this was

confiscated by one of the security team without an explanation,

but no one cared. Perhaps, after all, these beautiful young

people do respect a father figure? Could this hotel actually be

a finishing school of sorts, exerting an example on kids who

might otherwise fall foul of dance music and its legacy of drug


The set ends, but the band come back for an encore. I’ve

seen encores before, but never anything like this! First Mike

clears a gangway through the crowd, then

runs to the back of the audience and bodysurfs

back to the stage over the heads of his

ecstatic fans.

Then he instructs them all to jump into the

hotel pool. Fifty immediately follow orders and

another security guard appears waving his

arms. Someone tries to push him in as the pool

approaches capacity and glowsticks rain

down from the balconies above. Lilos, beach

balls and toilet rolls follow them as ingredients

into this extraordinary soup.

The security man called in assistance, presumably in the interests

of public safety, but they were overwhelmed. I didn’t notice

any of them give up and jump in with the crowd, but it would

have been fitting if they had.

Forthcoming Gigs:

• 2nd September – The Zutons & Black Kids

• 9th September – Pendulum with Iglu&Hartlay

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