The Menu:




Chose from 3 starters:

1 – Croatian Celery Cross

(For extremely sinful people)

Homage to the catering in the Croatian set of DIG, a starter with raw Celery Crosses

stuck on a base of Seitan (Satan). Eat staples on crosses if, and only if, you want to go

straight to hell.

2 –Dead Sea Mud on wounded Peter (Pita) + DIG Symbol

(For wounded body and soul people)

Dead Sea Mud sort of heals Peter Connelly’s bullet chest wound. Here is a starter made of

ruptured Pita, spread with mashed black beans (cooked with garlic + olive oil + spices) –

the Mud. The distinct DIG Symbol is made of ketchup.

3 – Well of Souls Kebab

(For people with balls – courage! – and great souls)

Pita stuffed with Grilled Sole (fished from the Well of Souls – Soles), Falafel and small

Tomatoes (Balls). Homage to brave characters in DIG (inspired by Golan asking for Falafel

and having balls, Peter protecting many souls and having balls, etc).

Main Course

Breastplate with Stones + Bodies of Chrisp

Grilled Chicken Breast on Plate (Breastplate) with 12 Stones made of assorted candy,

representing the 12 tribes of Israel, as they appear in DIG engraved in Hebrew.

Accompanied by Bodies of Chrisp (actually Crisps – Messiah didn’t appear by 6pm, May

7 th 2015 to provide bits of his body). Intertwining between ketchup and mayo represents

the troubled relationship between Peter and Emma. Rich people should use Lokum as

candy, I used normal candy.

Experience Dinah while eating it!


Mikveh Chai-Latte

Chai-Latte with tea specially made with rain water. Representing the Jewish cleansing

ritual performed by Peter and Emma at the Jerusalem caves. They bathed in a mikveh

(lake in the caves) in episode 1. Why not drink it during the DIG meal?


ESSENES with Bee Gee’s Honey & assorted candy

Vanilla flavored E,S,N biscuits spread with Bee Gee’s Honey (& bits of 12 stones). Bee

Gee worked in my cousin’s beehive 20 years ago and her honey is still as good as new.

This dessert represents the resilience and toughness of the Essenes. The biscuits are so

hard that I cracked a 30 year old filling eating them.

And try dancing to the sound of Tragedy by the Bee Gees, while eating Essenes biscuits,

because they are very caloric. The album Spirits Having Flown (containing Tragedy) was

the 2 nd LP I bought in my life. Listen and dance to Stayin’ Alive after finishing the meal.

Here is a photo of the whole banquet taken at 9:59pm EST May 7 th 2015 (2:59am BST

May 8 th in Lisbon, Portugal, where the feast took place):

A small photo of the shy cook (me – Tosca Nini) and her meal.

No religions were harmed while making and eating the food cooked for

The DIG Menu. Nor Red Heifers.

This Work was sponsored by the now defunct UIPOD (United Involuntary Pirates Of Dig).

As soon as the DIG DVD is released, I’ll buy it and become a legal DIG viewer.

Many, many thanks to all the people who made DIG (cast and crew), and especially to

Jason Isaacs and Ori Pfeffer for providing the main inspiration for this meal. From Jason

Isaacs tweets, I discovered Chai Latte and Seitan, and from Ori Pfeffer, Falafel. The

trigger for starting to eat DIG related food was Golan asking for falafel. I subsequently

went to a chain food called Joshua’s (!!) to buy it. From DIG in general, I found a

different Jerusalem than I was used to perceive, and a place that is actually attractive to

know and visit, and that’s a real feat, believe me!

Don’t forget to visit Amy Samson’s astonishing DIG related blog to get the meaning of

Mikvehs, the Breastplate and other things. Great thanks to her for enlightening me on

many things. And also to other people who made an essential contribution to the 12 stones


Are you (USA Network) sure there’s no 2 nd season of DIG?

Well, OK… I had a splendid time watching it, anyway!


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