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HILLMAN ROSS mix of specialist recruitment and consulting

expertise helps your attract and retain top performers.

Make sure we are

up to Speed

Hillman Ross Recruitment’s specialists have

worked in our clients’ industries and have solid

experience in the recruitment sector.

We draw on our powerful networks and

constantly track employment trends and

emerging opportunities to source the best

talent in our key industry sectors.


Banking and Finance

Engineering, Construction & Property

Human Resources

Information Technology


Secretarial & Office Support

Sales & Marketing

Supply Chain, Logistic & Procurement

Going Global

Our Hillman Ross’s global team will work with you to

attract the talent you need from anywhere in the

world. It’s all about accessing our global gateways.

We understand that not all of your needs will be met

with a local solution. We draw upon our network

globally, across all industry specialisations to deliver

high caliber appointments for a range of positions

with employers.

To enhance our local recruitment offering we have

crafted a unique international recruitment

methodology that can be tailored to your needs. We

have a track record of delivering success to Asia

Pacific’s largest organizations to help you attract, recruit

and retain the best talent from overseas markets.

Recruitment Solution

We are your recruitment solution, we

want you to shine. That’s why we are

single-minded about giving you

outstanding, responsive service and

exceeding your expectations.

Our clients and candidates keep coming back because we enhance our

proven recruitment and account management methodologies with a true

service mentality. We leave no stone unturned in our search for the best

talent and career opportunities.

Hillman Ross’s core services are supported by a suite of value-added and support

services that offer clients certainty, consistency and end-to-end solutions.

Whatever your goals

Everyone’s Unique

Hillman Ross’s success is based on building

long-lasting relationships with clients, candidates

and employees every step of the way.

Hillman Ross began as and firmly remains a

people-centred business. The passion for

people that our directors brought to founding

the company continues in their hands-on

leadership today and in the values they have

instilled in every member of our team.

We make it our business to get to know you,

because understanding is the basis on which

shared purpose and trusted partnerships grow.

We match individual clients and candidates

with their own consultants to reflect individual

styles and strengths and to create personal

accountability for performance.

At Hillman Ross we take the time to listen to

you and to understand your career and

business goals – whatever they may be.

The results we achieve matter only if they meet our

clients’ organisational objectives and fulfill our

candidates’ personal aspirations.

We believe that finding the best talent on the right

terms is part of the bigger picture of helping our

clients grow and position their businesses for the

future. We use our experience of people

management and the job market to tailor the best

human resource solutions for you.

Quality candidates underpin our business and our

reputation. We strive to see our candidates’ careers

flourish wherever opportunity leads and encourage

them to return to us as a trusted source of career advice.


Hillman Ross’s flexible approach

means you choose the recruitment

services you need.

One size does NOT fit all. We leave off-the-shelf,

generic recruitment solutions to others. We draw on

a range of skills, leading-edge tools and recognised

assessment techniques that are customised to meet

your needs, to ensure we always validate your

recruitment decision. We work to your agenda and

deadlines, not ours.

We demonstrate the same flexibility in building our

own business by constantly looking for ways to

improve our services and the way we deliver them,

informed by global best practice.

Tried and true

Hillman Ross earns our clients’ loyalty by

delivering time and again through a

winning combination of a global footprint,

local expertise and service delivery.

We draw on the resources of the world to bring you

the best talent locally. All our consultants are

industry experts that have worked or recruited in

their specialism.

Hillman Ross service delivery is best practice and that’s

why our client comes back to us repeatedly. Whether

you’re looking for permanent or executive recruitment,

you always deal with a consultant who understands

your needs and the local business environment.

Accounting Specialists

Our accounting specialists know that taking time to understand your

business is what counts.

Hillman Ross understands accounting. Our specialists have worked in

the industry, so we can draw on extensive professional networks and

experience to track emerging trends in the market and identify the

best available candidates in your industry sector.

From support staff and accounting graduates, through to

management accountants, financial controllers and senior managers,

we can help you find the talent you need.

Human Resources Specialists

Our human resources specialists do not believe in resume matching

recruitment solutions.

HR is becoming increasingly important as businesses adapt to changes

in workplace demographics. Skilled HR professionals can respond to

these challenges by developing strategies that match broader

organisational goals with enduring recruitment solutions.

By taking the time to understand your business as well as the

demands of the role, we are able to deliver you a better cultural fit

and a better solution to your recruitment needs. From support staff to

management, we have the networks and experience to help you

identify the HR team you need to grow your business.

Financial Services Specialists

Our financial services specialists have all your recruitment needs.

The financial services landscape changes frequently as organisations

deal with a diverse array of issues such as corporate governance, risk

management and increased industry regulation.

Our teams of experienced specialists are former finance professionals

and by focussing on individual sectors, they are able to closely monitor

emerging employment trends in retail and investment banking,

insurance and risk, corporate & strategic finance, wealth management

and hedge funds.

Information Technology Specialists

Our information technology specialists can connect you with the talent you require

to meet your business goals.

By talking to clients and candidates on a daily basis, our specialists stay abreast of

the latest industry developments; the systems being implemented, the strategies

companies are using and where technology innovations are heading.

We can help you find the right person for every IT function, from support staff,

programmers and network administrators, through to business analysts, project

managers, communications specialists and IT managers. We believe a placement

will only work if it meets our clients’ organisational objectives and our candidates’

personal aspirations. That’s why we take the time to understand your business

and the demands of the role.

Engineering, Construction & Property Specialists

Our engineering, construction & property specialists excel in

developing networks and strengthening business relationships across

the engineering, construction & property market.

This enables them to consistently deliver the right person at the right

time, helping our clients to achieve strategically planned business

growth and meet specific project requirements.

With the continued buoyancy of the engineering, construction &

property sector comes increasing strain on Hong Kong ever decreasing

pool of talent. Involving excellent understanding of the sector, our

consultants use innovative methods to identify the key candidates in

the market.

We specialise in construction, civil construction, rail, and property and

facilities management allowing us to source candidates specific to

their market. It truly is specialists finding specialists.

Legal Specialists

Our legal specialists can deliver a customised recruitment solution to

meet the needs of any brief.

Our specialists have worked in the legal profession, so we understand

the skills required for all roles, from the complete range of legal

support roles to specialist solicitors for in-house commercial roles or

private legal practice.

In a candidate-driven market, quality candidates underpin our

business and reputation. We go out of our way to listen to our

candidates and understand what they’re looking for in a legal career.

We’re proud of the fact that most of our candidates come to us via

personal recommendations from friends and colleagues we’ve placed

previously. By attracting the best candidates, we are able to ensure we

deliver the best recruitment solution.

Secretarial & Office Support Specialists

Our secretarial & office support specialists are focused on finding the

best talent to support your business needs.

Many of our specialists have worked in office support, so they are well

aware of the demands of these very important roles. We place staff in

every office support position, from customer service and secretarial

staff to senior administrative staff and executive assistants.

Hillman Ross’s success is based on building long-lasting relationships

with clients and candidates alike. These relationships endure because

we are single-minded about providing outstanding, responsive service

and exceeding your expectations every time.

Sales & Marketing Specialists

Our sales and marketing specialists know how to find the talent that

will make your business stand out from the crowd.

The key to business success in any industry is to find a way to stand

out from the crowd. Whether you choose to raise your organisation’s

profile through advertising, public relations or direct marketing, we

can help.

From marketing coordinators to general managers, we can find the

talent you need to grow your business. Our sales and marketing

specialists are successful because they have worked in these

industries, as well as having solid experience in the recruitment sector.

Supply Chain, Logistic & Procurement Specialists

Our supply chain, logistic & procurement specialists look beyond the

surface to find a solution that meets your needs.

Despite a healthy economy, Hong Kong is suffering from a shortage

of skilled Talents. As a result, good supply chain, logistic &

procurement specialists are hard to come by.

Whether seeking permanent or temporary staff, we can source the

best talent in specialist areas as diverse as engineering, procurement &

purchasing, supply chain management, food technology and


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