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An Introduction To Chapman Freeborn

VIP Charter

Passenger Group Charter

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Aircraft Leasing

Cargo Charter

Humanitarian Relief / Disaster Response

CF Wings

Support Services

An Introduction

to Chapman Freeborn

Chapman Freeborn is the

world’s leading aircraft charter and

aviation support company, with a

proven reputation for innovation,

expertise and professionalism.

Established in 1973, Chapman Freeborn

has over 35 years of experience providing

specialized air charter solutions for both

passenger and cargo movements. With

more than 30 offices strategically located

across 5 continents, our global coverage

is unparalleled.

As a private company, we operate

independently and therefore have the

flexibility to select the best aircraft and

operators to meet our clients’ needs.

We have built mutually productive

relationships with all sectors of the charter

industry – airlines, airports, handling

agents, freight forwarders, control

authorities and other related agencies

– which allow us to facilitate all kinds of

operations, from an emergency relief airlift

to a corporate roadshow, in a timely, costeffective


Our diverse client base includes major

corporations, governments, NGOs and

relief agencies, as well as high net worth

individuals (HNWIs) and prominent figures

from the entertainment world. Much of our

business is gained through competitive

tendering processes but we also receive

many referrals from satisfied customers.

Our People Make the Difference

One of our key strengths at Chapman

Freeborn is our extraordinary personnel.

Each office has a team of professional

multilingual charter experts who are

contactable 24/7/365 and dedicated to

finding the best charter solutions for

our clients.

Our staff have up-to-the-minute access

to the very latest information on aircraft

availability and operating conditions as well

as an extensive database that enables us

to match aircraft to customer requirements

within minutes. We can assist in fuel

purchase, trip planning, permit applications

and more, and can provide airport

assistance and onboard Flight Managers /

Loadmasters if needed.

At Chapman Freeborn, safety and

security are our top priorities. We

employ stringent company procedures

to vet every operator and scrutinize the

paperwork for each and every flight that

we charter to ensure that all legal and

regulatory requirements are satisfied.

We pride ourselves on providing a

first class service at a competitive

price, consistently exceeding our

customers’ expectations.

Each office has

a team of professional

multilingual charter

experts who are

contactable 24/7/365

and always ready to

assist our valued clients.

VIP Charter

trusted by corporate and entertainment clients

VIP & Executive Charter

safety, security, discretion

Chapman Freeborn has been

involved in VIP charter since

its earliest days. Our expertise

ensures an attentive yet discreet

charter experience.

Chapman Freeborn’s VIP charter services

accommodate a variety of needs:

• Executive travel

• High net worth individuals (HNWIs)

• Bands on tour

• Movie promos

• Hospitality & events

• Travel professionals

• Head of state, government and

diplomatic flights

In today’s environment of corporate

accountability, protracted airport formalities

and airline route cutbacks, there are many

advantages to chartering a private aircraft.

These include:

• choosing the most convenient


• travelling at times that suit your


• streamlined passage through smaller,

private terminals

• the safety and security of carefully

vetted operators and crew

• the privacy to conduct confidential

business onboard

• a more flexible baggage allowance

• catering tailored to your individual


Aircraft charter is a flexible and

competitively priced alternative to the fiscal

burden of full or part aircraft ownership,

jet card programs and similar schemes.

We have access to all types of aircraft –

including private jets, helicopters and VIP

configured airliners – anywhere in

the world, 24/7/365.

Executive & HNWI Travel

Executive jet charter can offer a

surprisingly cost-effective solution for

corporate travel, especially where there

is a multi-city, time-sensitive itinerary.

Concert tours, financial roadshows,

product launches, site visits and executive

board meetings can all generate complex

travel requirements, which can be greatly

simplified through the flexibility and

personal service provided by air charter.

Also, the unique travel requirements of

HNWIs mean that private jet charter is

often the only feasible way to get from one

location to another on schedule

and in a secure manner.

We are accustomed to providing

charter solutions for discerning clients who

expect nothing less than the very best.

Our reputation for exceeding expectations

is illustrated by the high level of repeat

business and referrals we receive.

Hospitality & Events

Chapman Freeborn often provides

corporate clients and travel management

companies (TMCs) with air charter in

support of special events. An executive jet

or helicopter may be required as part of the

“experience”, or it may be an essential tool

to get passengers to their destination.

Conference and incentive travel, corporate

hospitality packages, sports events

(including teams and their supporters)

may all benefit from at least investigating

aircraft charter costs. Our personnel are

happy to provide initial advice, budget

quotations or firm costings as required.

We can also arrange for onboard

branding, catering, security, and other

services to complement your event

and enhance the experience for your


Government & Diplomatic Flights

Government and diplomatic flights

involving heads of state and other

high-profile passengers demand delicate

handling. Naturally security of the

passengers is critical, but there are other

operational and political challenges.

We have successfully managed many

projects of this type, from short haul trips

to round the world diplomatic flights.

Thanks to our global network, we can

often provide local airport assistance and

onboard Flight Managers to ensure the

smooth operation of such projects.

Passenger Group Charter

any number of people, anywhere in the world

Passenger Group Charter

anything is possible

emergency evacuation and repatriation

flights. We have many years of experience

of such operations to ensure a calm and

professional approach even in the wake

of a major incident.

Personalized Service

Group air charter with Chapman Freeborn

is a fully managed service. We take care

of every detail to ensure the operation runs

smoothly and safely.

Chapman Freeborn is an industry

leader in group charter. We can

quickly assess the nature of your

enquiry and search the market for

the most suitable charter solution.

Travel arrangements for groups can be

complex, so why depend on a scheduled

airline when planning an important

conference or event?

As specialists in conference and incentive

travel, we regularly source passenger

airliners of all types for group flight

operations. We can supply regional turbo

props and jets for up to 50 passengers

and all categories of narrow and wide

body airliners up to the largest long-range

aircraft. In fact, a private charter is often

the most cost-efficient way to transport

a large group.

Chapman Freeborn passenger group air

charters are tailor-made for:

• conference and incentive groups

• special events and product launches

• sports teams and their supporters

• bands and orchestras

• specialist tour groups

• government and diplomatic flights

• contract corporate shuttle operations

• airline to airline sub-charter and leasing

We also provide charter solutions in

unplanned circumstances, such as

We can tailor charters with dedicated

check-in arrangements, often assisted

by on-site Chapman Freeborn personnel.

Other benefits include maximum

convenience and flexibility, increased

baggage allowances and custom catering,

as well as branding options ranging from

headrest covers through to full aircraft

livery. We can also provide onboard

Flight Managers, including personnel who

are US FAA Approved Ground Security

Coordinators (GSCs).

Charter Assurance Plan

Chapman Freeborn also offers a Charter

Assurance Plan to provide extra peace

of mind during challenging economic

times, both globally and in the aviation

industry. The Plan is an optional addition

to our usual service and lays out financial

assurances regarding the sourcing of

a replacement aircraft, and / or

compensation in the case of financial

or technical failure of the carrier. Full

details are available on request.

Entertainment Specialists

music & movies

Photo appears courtesy of Miller

We are renowned as specialists

in the music industry, having

worked with most of the best

known bands and solo artists

for “one-off” shows, festivals or

extended world tours.

Our VIP team works with tour and

production managers and their travel

agents to plan efficient flight itineraries. We

study every aspect of the trip, evaluating

flight time, drive time between airport,

venue and hotel, airport opening and

closing times, availability of customs and

immigration out of hours etc. We assist

with tarmac access arrangements where

permitted, customs and immigration

formalities, special catering requirements

and much more. All this is handled in a

discreet manner to ensure the safety and

security of our clients throughout.

Conversely, if the chartered aircraft is part

of a publicity plan to promote a new album

or tour then we can cover it in decals,

turning it into a flying billboard if that’s what

is required. We can source helicopters

and executive jets for the main party, and

then back up with regional airliners for the

supporting group needs plus cargo aircraft

for stage and backline equipment. We

can also help with limousines, trucking,

customs clearance and the like.

Our ever-expanding global office network

has helped us to keep apace with the live

music markets, not only in Europe

and North America but also beyond –

in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and

Latin America.

Movie Promo Tours

From airport to red carpet in under an hour!

Much like bands on tour, movie promos

often involve a quick circuit of a number of

cities in a few days for red carpet premieres,

film festival appearances and awards galas.

We work with a number of major movie

studios, production companies and PR /

publicity agencies on high profile projects,

involving one or more executive jets or

coordinating multiple aircraft in different

parts of the world simultaneously.

Aircraft Leasing

short and long term

Chapman Freeborn’s leasing

division offers a wide scope of

options for customers looking

for ACMI (aircraft, crew,

maintenance and insurance)

services and more.

Whether you need a last minute

sub-charter or are looking to purchase

an aircraft outright, our professional

team will evaluate what’s required and

respond quickly with a solution tailored

to your circumstances.

We work closely with airline partners

around the globe to source / procure

on your behalf and put you in touch with

target carriers who have spare capacity.

Our services include:


• Wet Lease

• Damp Lease

• Dry Lease

• Aircraft purchasing

We also place aircraft on fixed term

lease operations for direct clients,

including corporate flight departments,

NGOs and relief agencies.

Our worldwide buying power has

assisted us in forging some international

partnerships in this area and leasing

continues to form a growing segment

of our business.

Wings 24 ACMI Service

Our 24-hour ACMI team, known as

“Wings 24”, is based at our London

Gatwick headquarters and offers round

the clock expertise on ACMI and last-minute

sub-charter operations worldwide.

Working together with our global office

network, our ACMI service provides

customers with the reassurance that

knowledgeable office-based staff are on

hand at all times, both locally and at the

head office, to deal with unforeseen issues.

Cargo Charter

nothing is too large, too small or too difficult

Cargo Charter

world-renowned cargo charter solutions

Our cargo team regularly provide clients

with project studies that include assessing

the loadability of pieces, organizing cargo

inspections at the manufacturer’s facility,

and advising on packaging requirements.

We can also arrange airport representation

for your charter, so aircraft loading and

unloading can be expertly supervised.

Furthermore, we can coordinate

arrangements for specialist equipment,

including cranes and custom-built loading


Our in-house operations division, Paragon

Global Flight Support, is also on hand to

assist with the securing of all required traffic

rights and clearances to expedite your


Chapman Freeborn delivers reliable

and cost-effective cargo charter

solutions to a diverse client base

of international freight forwarders,

logistics providers, shippers,

governments, and humanitarian

relief organizations.

We specialize in providing tailored charter

services for:

• Heavy and outsize pieces

• Oil and gas equipment

• Automotive cargo

• High value commodities

• Aerospace equipment

• Peacekeeping support

• Humanitarian relief cargo

• Dangerous goods

• Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations

We analyze route, payload and timescale

in order to propose the most suitable

aircraft for your requirements. We also

offer part-charters, backloads and other

commercially innovative solutions for ad

hoc, peak season and project cargo.

This, coupled with our volume buying

power, frequently enables us to provide

our clients with superbly competitive


Unlike some brokers who simply buy

and sell the flight, we are keenly focused

on the value-added service we provide

our clients.

We can offer pre-flight advice on

everything from documentation

requirements and customs formalities to

trucking and warehousing arrangements.

We flight watch every sector of the

operation and keep you fully apprised of

all movement times and progress reports.

For flight programs to difficult and remote

regions we can also deploy specialist

project managers to oversee operations

from the ground. Many of our personnel

have obtained the highest level military

and government security clearances and

possess years of operational experience.

Air Cargo Charter Broker of the Year

Chapman Freeborn was voted Air Cargo

Charter Broker of the Year at the ACW World

Air Cargo Awards in 2007, 2008, 2009,

2010, 2011 & 2012. For four consecutive

years, worldwide freight forwarders,

logistics providers and airlines chose us

as their favorite charter partner. This award

is unique in the industry and reflects our

professionalism in coordinating over 6,000

cargo charters a year.

Humanitarian Relief / Disaster Response

emergency airlift specialists

Chapman Freeborn coordinates ad

hoc and large-scale humanitarian

relief flight operations for the United

Nations, governments, international

NGOs and other aid providers.

Often the most lives are saved in the

immediate hours and days following

a disaster and we are proud to be a part

of a speedy and efficient response.

We pride ourselves on our ability to react

rapidly to emergency situations – including

setting up time-critical flights outside of

normal working hours. Furthermore,

our unrivalled global coverage allows

aid providers to respond to a crisis

anywhere in the world.

Nearly every emergency airlift mission

in the last 30 plus years has involved

Chapman Freeborn chartered aircraft.

Major operations have included supporting

the response to the Asian Tsunami,

earthquakes in Pakistan and China, floods

in Burma, and humanitarian

crises in Darfur and East Africa.

We can create air bridges when needed

– setting up a strategic freight hub in the

region of crisis and then transporting

urgent supplies directly to where they

are required. We can arrange helicopters

to reach remote mountain villages in

the aftermath of an earthquake and

drop food and other aid directly into

famine areas.

Our expertise in this area is not limited

to cargo charters. We also assist in

passenger movements, having evacuated

NGO personnel and civilians from

war zones around the world; provided

executive charter services for officials

conducting urgent diplomatic tours and

fact-finding missions; and flown search

and rescue (SAR) teams with dogs and

specialized equipment into disasterstricken


Environmental Disasters

Timely response to major environmental

disasters is critical. Chapman Freeborn

is the chosen partner of a number of

organizations who work to contain the

effects of oil spills and control the risk

to marine life and coastlines.

Our strategic hubs in the USA, Europe,

the Middle East and Singapore are located

where many of these response groups

are headquartered, providing them with

an essential round the clock service and

immediate access to cargo and passenger

aircraft worldwide.

This allows disaster response teams

to operate internationally with minimal

response time and mitigate the effects

of such an incident at the earliest

possible opportunity.

We also work with ship salvors, offshore

operators and other related organizations.

CF Wings

AOG solutions

CF Wings is an all-inclusive service

for passenger and cargo airlines

experiencing technical problems.

Our team of aircraft charter and

leasing experts is dedicated to

providing fast, effective solutions

to AOG situations.

Grounded aircraft mean a huge loss of

revenue and productivity, so speedy

delivery of AOG parts is crucial. Although

other air charter companies offer basic

AOG assistance, their different service

departments can prove disjointed and

are often confined to a single time zone.

CF Wings functions as a single point

of contact for airlines, providing a

comprehensive range of services

tailored to individual needs and available

24/7/365 worldwide.

Look to Chapman Freeborn for:

• Cargo aircraft charters for engines

and spare parts

• Dangerous goods movements

• Passenger aircraft charters for

mechanics and crew

• On Board Couriers for smaller


• Additional transport insurance

• ACMI, Wet, Damp and Dry Leasing

through our “Wings 24” team

The CF Wings team is located in five hubs:

USA, UK, Germany, UAE and Singapore.

These strategic locations ensure round

the clock global coverage for airlines.

Moreover, the team has access to the

specialized departments and extensive

local market knowledge of the full

Chapman Freeborn network.

Airlines in need only have to contact the

CF Wings team for peace of mind. We’ll

immediately sort out your requirements,

with the aim of offering options and quotes

within 30 minutes of the first call. You’ll be

airborne again before you know it!

Support Services

dedicated airline and flight management support

Chapman Freeborn has established

a number of key subsidiaries and

products to complement our core

chartering business, ensuring we

are always at the leading edge of

aviation support.

Air Dispatch International

Air Dispatch International is a service

driven aviation support company, offering

a wide range of cost-effective services to

passenger and cargo airlines worldwide.

Through an international network of

offices, the company provides station

management, ticketing, centralized load

control, flight management and other

outsourced airline operations.

This is an invaluable service to airlines

that find it uneconomical to maintain

offices, staff, vehicles and equipment

at multiple locations.

Wing 24 Ltd.

Our 24 hour operations division,

Wing 24 Flight Support, offers outsourced

airline flight operations, including handling

and fuel purchase, crew accommodation,

flight watch, clearances, permits and more.

In addition to having a solid client base

of commercial airline clients, Wing 24

works closely with Chapman Freeborn

to assist in operations management of

specific charter projects, bringing

greater cohesion, flexibility and cost

control to such special projects.

Wings 24 regularly supports diplomatic,

government and military flight operations,

music tours, aid and relief operations

and major air show events.

On Board Courier

In addition to our charter and leasing

services, we also provide clients with

specialised On Board Courier (OBC)


Our couriers are strategically located

for the worldwide delivery of urgent

documents and small shipments.

Some are ready-equipped with dual

passports and visas to ensure speedy

passage and delivery of consignments

for time-sensitive industries, ranging

from automotive manufacturing and

pharmaceutical companies to the

banking and finance sectors.

The OBC team possesses an expert

knowledge of the courier industry and

can provide advice on weight limitations,

customs procedures, packaging

requirements and restricted materials.


for more information.



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