Key to Caring

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Key to Caring

Official Bulletin of Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Key Club

Issue 1 May 2015

In This Issue…









Table of Contents

Successful Service Projects: Page 3

Caring Key Clubber: Page 4

Committee Information: Page 6

Committee Application: Page 7

Convention Information: Page 8

Key Club International Partners: Page 9

Governor’s Introduction: Page 10

International Trustee Introduction: Page 11

District Board Introductions: Page 12

Kiwanis Family Baseball Game: Page 25

Contact Information: Page 26

Page 2

Memorial Provides Refreshment for Runners

Every year, Eau Claire has a marathon that our Key Club volunteers at. This year,

the theme was Hawaiian, so everyone that participated dressed to the theme. We all

brought decorations for our water station, and we then decorated our table with

streamers and other various Hawaiian items. Our Key Club demonstrated responsibility

because we were there on time and had all our materials ready to be used as soon as

we arrived. We also supported every runner that went by our water station and made it

easier for them to grab water as they ran by holding it out for them to grab. This is

usually one of our most popular events because it is always fun to cheer on the runners

and it is a good way to help out the community.

By Phillip Akfaly, Eau Claire Memorial Key Club

Eliminate With Henna Tattoos

How do you mix fundraising with learning about a different

culture? With the aid of our foreign exchange student, Appleton

West Key Club was able to raise $100 for the Eliminate Project. We

raised the money by providing students with henna tattoos before

school, after school, and during lunch. Henna tattoos are a form of

temporary tattoo that lasts for a few weeks. A paste made from

the henna plant is the “ink” used for henna tattoos. The paste is

applied to a person’s skin and gives a brown color to the skin as it

dries. Students were able to receive traditional henna tattoos as

well as other designs like the one pictured. As students were

tattooed, they were amazed by the artistic ability of our exchange

student and asked questions about what the different tattoos

meant. The fundraiser went so well, we asked our principal if we

could do it again in the spring.

By Amanda Stickney, Appleton West Key Club

Page 3

Bonding Through Bell Ringing

The Wausau West Key Club does many events that involve getting its members

active in the community. Every time I think about Key Club, I think about ringing bells

for the Salvation Army and singing carols with our awesome club members! Every

year, Wausau West Key Club gets together with the Salvation Army where our club

sings (and even dances) outside of Fleet Farm in Wausau. This is always so much fun

because when we are all together, there is an amazing community feeling. Knowing we

are all together because we all want to volunteer and make our community a great

place to live makes this event as much fun as it is. So this December, we brought out

hot chocolate and Christmas spirit and stood outside Fleet Farm spreading the joy to

make everyone's holiday just a little more cheery! This is by far one of my favorite

events, and every year that I do this event, I get to spend time with all of our awesome


By Benjamin Rauen, Wausau West Key Club

Don’t Let Summer be a Stop Sign for Service

The Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District of Key Club accomplishes amazing things

over the course of nine months. There are many opportunities that are taken

throughout the school year to create a very successful year of service. However,

summer vacation can often mean a decrease in service. These three months can be a

major stress reliever and a much-needed break from the pressures of school. There is

generally a large amount of free time that is experienced during the summer. Instead

of spending this time being bored or doing small activities you will soon forget, why not

make some memories and find a volunteering opportunity?

Even though summer is time away from school, people still have activities going

on and it can be very hard to coordinate schedules. If you would like to volunteer with

Key Club, you can try to contact members of your club to see if they would like to

organize a service project. If it is hard to establish communication or find a time that

works, try contacting your Lieutenant Governor to create a project for the whole

division to participate in! Even if you are not able to get in contact with Key Club, you

can still volunteer by yourself or with a few friends!

No matter who you volunteer with this summer, there are many great

opportunities! You could sell lemonade for The ELIMINATE Project. If there are veterans

in your area, offer to help them out with an event they have coming up or offer to

organize one for them! The opportunities are endless. Even though summer is a

vacation from school, do not let it become a vacation from volunteering.

By Jason Shebilske, District Bulletin Editor

Page 4

Providing service of your home, school, and community impact the lives of many

in the simplest of ways. Whether it’s helping a classmate with a math problem or

working an event, Key Club has taught its members to make minuscule changes in their

own lives in order to influence the lives of those around them.

In Key Club, most students are influenced to become members because it looks

good on college applications, their friends are in it, or because they want to go to the

District Leadership Convention (DCON), but they stay in Key Club for a much deeper

reason: they find their niche. Throughout my freshmen year of high school, there were

always sign-up sheets for NHS events in my Accelerated English class, and since I had

nothing going on that day, I’d sign up to work the events, even though I wasn’t yet a

part of the club. Little did my freshman self know that community service would

become a large part of my life. Since my freshmen year, I have been a member of Key

Club with a total of over 500 service hours throughout my high school career thus far.

Furthermore, I have applied to NHS not only for college scholarship opportunities or to

wear the stole at graduation, but because I wanted more volunteer opportunities. As a

senior in high school, I have learned to sign up for events and chair them as much as

possible, instead of only doing it as a default. I have fallen in love and developed a

passion for helping the members of my community. The love for the purposes of these

events is the key difference between being a member of some club at school and being

a proud member of Key Club International. The key to caring is working events even

though you may have loads of homework, fundraising for the greater good, being

president to pass this passion along to others. I encourage you to watch the following

video. It will be worth your while. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZGghmwUcbQ.

By Elise Langdon, Escanaba Key Club

Caring Key Clubber

Page 5

Committee Information

Governor’s Project:

For the 2015-2016 Key Club year, the Governor’s Project will be “Service for

Service”, enabling Key Clubbers to serve the veterans who have served us! On the

committee, we will be finding new and fun ways to support and help out our nation’s

veterans. One idea can be as simple as sending out thank-you letters and holiday cards

to the veterans. We will brainstorm ways to give back to the veterans and find more

ways to do service projects in order to say thanks! Also, there are many hospitals, soup

kitchens and other organizations that support veterans in our District. As a committee,

we will get contact information for these organizations and help spread awareness

throughout the entire District!

By Abbey Claes, Governor’s Project Chair

Public Relations and Communications:

The Public Relations and Communications Committee is in charge of spreading

Key Club spirit and improving communication throughout the District! Joining this

committee will be an exciting roller coaster ride of Key Club Spirit! If you are able to be

a part of the Public Relations/Communications Committee, you will not only get to be

with other amazing committee members, but you will also be able to raise awareness

about Key Club throughout our entire District through fun videos and designing new

materials! Fresh and new ideas are a must; so come prepared with fun and interesting

ideas on how to achieve new heights that we have never seen before!

By Max LaCosse, Public Relations and Communications Chair

Awards and Contests:

All Key Clubbers are encouraged to join the Contests and Awards Committee! On

this committee, Key Clubbers will brainstorm innovative and new ideas for contests,

banner patches, and awards. The committee will also work together in order to design

the banner patches and awards! As a part of this committee, members will be in

contact with me, Jennifer Englebert, the Committee Chair of Contests and Awards,

through email, Google Hangouts, and Skype. With your help, Key Clubbers will make

service fun and be awarded for their hard work at the upcoming District Leadership


By Jennifer Englebert, Awards and Contests Chair

District Project:

This year for the District Project we will be raising money for Camp Wawbeek in

Wisconsin and Bay Cliff Health Center in Upper-Michigan. As a committee, we will be

helping clubs complete projects and educate them on both of the camps and why they

are beneficial to the community and the campers that stay there! We will also be

coming up with new and clever ideas for service projects and fundraisers. It would be

very helpful to get people from around the District on this committee so we can work

with as many clubs and divisions as possible! The committee members will stay in

contact with one another and work as a team in order to make this a great year and

celebrate everything that these amazing camps do!

By Derek Kamin, District Project Chair

Page 6

Committee Application

The committees serve as a useful asset to the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Key Club

District Board. Each committee’s purpose is to improve the District by providing

resources to members and making them readily available by advertising and

communicating. Committees work to support all of the divisions within the District and

work directly with members in order to give Key Clubbers opportunities to improve their

Key Club experience! All Key Club members are strongly encouraged to apply!

Other than Key Club, what groups and activities are you involved in?







What Committee are you interested in joining, and why?







Do you have any specific projects that the committee could do?






Name: ______________________________________

Grade: ______________________________________

Division: ____________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Completed applications are due by Tuesday, July 7. Please send them to your

LTG or email the Director of Committees, Taylor Hurst, at

wium.taylorhurst@gmail.com. Thank you!

Page 7

DCON Recap

This March, the Hyatt on Main was transformed into Hogwarts School of

Witchcraft and Wizardry, and it was a magical experience! The district leadership

convention theme of Harry Potter lived up to expectations by providing education and

fun similar to what would be seen at Hogwarts. The first night began with the

decorating of floors that corresponded with the house that each Division represented.

Later in the night, the convention officially kicked off with the opening session and the

keynote address by speaker Michael McGowan. His message of being passionate and

enthusiastic in whatever you do helped to inspire the Key Clubbers that attended to

have an even bigger commitment to service. After the opening session, Key Clubbers

attended workshops on subjects from board duties to general information on Key Club.

Finally, the night was capped off with the dance in the convention center along with a

fundraiser for The Eliminate Project. The next day was even busier than the last! It

contained caucusing for District Board elections, awards, more workshops, House of

Delegates, where the voting delegates for each club elected the new board, and

another dance! The weekend came to a close on Sunday morning at the closing

session, where the 2014-2015 District Board was retired and the 2015-2016 District

Board was installed. The weekend helped to reinforce the idea for Key Clubbers in the

Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District that service beyond measure is man’s greatest


ICON Preview

The 2015 Key Club International Convention in Indianapolis will be very busy, but

a lot of fun can be expected as Key Club celebrates its 90th anniversary! WIUM Key

Club has a tour planned that includes visiting tourist attractions in both Chicago and

Indianapolis! The first day of the tour will be spent in the Windy City visiting tourist

attractions like the Shedd Aquarium and Navy Pier. The next day, the District will

depart Chicago for Indianapolis, where we will visit the Indy Zoo and have a chance to

shop in the morning. Later in the day, we will arrive at the convention and prepare for

opening session. Key Clubbers will get the chance to attend workshops the next day,

followed by a celebration for Eliminate! Not only does this year mark the 90th

anniversary of Key Club, but it also marks the 100th anniversary of Kiwanis! This

anniversary will be celebrated the next day with a Birthday Bash and a celebration of

the Kiwanis Family at Victory Field. The final day in Indianapolis will be filled with

workshops, a launch to the next 100 years of service, and a concert for Key Club and

Circle K featuring Hellogoodbye and A Great Pile of Leaves! ICON is sure to be a fun

and rewarding experience for all Key Clubbers in attendance!

Page 8

Key Club Major Emphasis: The ELIMINATE Project

The partnership with Key Club and The ELIMINATE Project may be in the final

stretch, but that doesn’t mean that it is over! There is still time to join the fight with

Kiwanis and UNICEF against maternal and neonatal tetanus. 60,000 newborn children

die every year due to neonatal tetanus, and a significant number of women die of

maternal tetanus each year. In order to eliminate this disease from the Earth, 129

million mothers and their future babies have to be immunized. In order to do this,

Kiwanis and UNICEF hope to raise $110 million. More details can be found on the Key

Club International website.

Key Club Co-Sponsor: Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways has had 30 years of experience leading programs that provide

both international education and service programs for students. They are the global

leader in their field, having over 130 programs in 20 countries. Rustic Pathways has

partnered with Key Club to provide members the opportunity to learn more about other

parts of the world while performing service. In 2016, the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan

District of Key Club will be participating in an international service project in Costa Rica

through Rustic Pathways! For more information about Rustic Pathways, visit their

website. If you’d like more information about the service project in Costa Rica, contact

Kathy Gillis. Her contact information can be found on the final page of this issue.

Key Club Vision Partner: Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has joined Kiwanis International as a vision partner with an

emphasis on the Big Help initiative, which addresses issues in service, education, the

environment, and health. More information on Nickelodeon’s Big Help, their Halo

Awards program, and Day of Play can be found on Nickelodeon’s website.

Preferred Charity Highlight: Children’s Miracle Network

Key Club participates with Children’s Miracle Network by sponsoring fundraisers.

In addition, members of Key Club volunteer at their local children’s hospital. CMN has

over 170 hospitals throughout the nation and they save the lives of over 14 million

children every year. For more information on how your Key Club can help, visit the

WIUM Key Club website or the Key Club International website.

Page 9

Governor’s Introduction

Hey, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District!

My name is Joshua Dvorak and I will be serving as your District Governor for the 2015-

2016 Key Club year. I’m super excited to work with all of you to make this next year the most

successful one ever!

First off, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I am currently a junior at Wausau West

High School. Aside from Key Club, I take part in many activities in my own school, including

Spanish Club, Bible Club, Math Team, Link Crew, curling, orchestra, and choir. I play the piano

and violin, which I love doing! Music has a huge role in my life, but I aim to go on to college to

complete my pre-medical studies in something, whether it be genetics, biochemistry, or

something else. Outside of school, I enjoy being with my friends, my family, and my dog. I do

my best to spend time with them as much as possible; while I make my schoolwork a priority,

I do my best to have some fun every once in a while, usually by watching a classic Disney

movie with whoever wishes to join me!

Introductions aside, there is a lot I would like to accomplish with your help this year.

With the ELIMINATE Project coming to a close, I would like to place an emphasis on expanding

membership in the district. The fastest way to do this is to simply spread the word. Tell the

world what Key Club means to you and how it has impacted you and that is sure to be

enough!! A school or an advisor can advertise Key Club, but its members have the largest

impact on growing their own clubs. I hope to work with the District Board, specifically the

Lieutenant Governors, to help you make that happen.

Another goal I’d like to accomplish is to give back to those who have served our country

and have lived their lives according to our own core values. It is now our generation’s turn to

serve them as they have served us. Now, I’m not charging all of you to go and sign up for the

draft, but there are a plethora of other ways to give back to our veterans. This project,

“Service for Service,” is my Governor’s Project for this upcoming year, and I believe that by

giving back to our veterans, Key Clubbers will build lasting relationships with people from all

generations and find satisfaction in the impacts that they make on people in their own


Key Club has had an enormous influence on me; I have become close with so many

people from every corner of the world, and I have truly learned to lead and serve my home,

school, and community. Now, I have the opportunity to lead and serve the entire Wisconsin-

Upper Michigan District, and I am so thankful for this opportunity. Please, PLEASE don’t

hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you have

throughout the year! Together, we will propel the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District to new


Yours in service,

Joshua Dvorak


Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Key Club International

Page 10

International Trustee Introduction

Greetings Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District,

My name is Barry Seng and I am honored to serve as your International Trustee.

I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to work with all of you to improve the

organization as a whole. Together, we will spread Key Club values around the world.

As trustee, it is my duty to connect the district and

international levels. I will provide updates from international

to your district board and will represent all of you at

international board meetings. The constant communication

will allow me to better serve your district. I will work closely

with Governor Josh and all of you to ensure a successful

year of service.

One of my goals for the year is to make Key Club

International more accessible to Key Club members.

Through increased communication between international and

district levels and transparency on the international board,

more members will be involved in the organization. My main

goal is to emphasize service, the foundation of our organization. I will help your district

with its service initiatives and service projects. We will strengthen Key Club through


If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not

hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to serve all of you. I look forward to a great

term of service with the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District!

Yours in service,

Barry M. Seng

Page 11

Secretary-Treasurer: Daniela Beltran

My name is Daniela Beltran from Burlington High School in Burlington, Wisconsin

and I am your new Secretary-Treasurer for the 2015-2016 school year. It is going to be

a great year and I can’t wait to work with the numerous Key Clubs in

our district.

I have been in Key Club since freshman year and I am currently

a junior. This is my fourth year as a Key Club member. My experience

with Key Club has been especially unique because I was part of it in

the California-Nevada-Hawaii District and I’m now ready to be an

equally active participant in the WIUM District. I hope to incorporate

new ideas and I hope everyone participates with me.

I have had a lot of experience with leadership positions in Key

Club as I was secretary of the Southwest High School Key Club last

year. I continue to be very involved in school, but my position as

Secretary-Treasurer for WIUM will be my priority. During my free time,

which is rare, I like hiking, swimming, working out, or playing my


As Secretary-Treasurer, my goal is to get more clubs to turn in

their MRFs, as well as keeping everyone well informed on upcoming events. I hope to

promote more active involvement through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or

even Instagram. I also plan to keep the WIUM website updated and easy for everyone

to use.

I am super excited for this year, and everyone is welcome to contact me through

email, text, call, or any social media!

Bulletin Editor: Jason Shebilske

My name is Jason Shebilske and I am privileged to serve as the WIUM District

Bulletin Editor for the 2015-2016 school year. I am incredibly excited to have the

opportunity to strengthen unity in our district this year!

I am currently a junior at Appleton East High School and the 2015-

2016 will mark my third year as a member of Key Club. In addition to

Key Club, I am also involved in activities such as the school newspaper,

Ski Club, Bridging the Gap, DECA, National Honor Society, and Quidditch.

As Bulletin Editor, my goal is to encourage Key Clubbers to submit

articles to the district publication, the Key to Caring. There are so many

successful events and outstanding members in our district, and I would

like to help all members feel comfortable sharing their experiences

through articles in the publication. The information that somebody

receives from reading an article in Key to Caring may be just the inspiration they need

to take a step in Key Club, whether it be leading an event, running for a board position,

or simply dedicating more time to volunteering. The more articles that are submitted to

Key to Caring, the more opportunities that members have to improve their Key Club


If anybody has any questions for me, please feel free to contact me anytime! I

am available via text, call, email, and Facebook, and I will get back to you as soon as

possible. I am very excited to see what our District will accomplish in this upcoming


Page 12

Director of Committees: Taylor Hurst

My name is Taylor Hurst, and I am thrilled to be your District Director of

Committees for the 2015-2016 Key Club year. This year is going to be phenomenal,

and I cannot wait to start it with all of you!

Helping people is my biggest passion, and it’s because of Key

Club that I’ve been able to do just that! I am currently a sophomore at

Kimberly High School. Since I joined Key Club, I have served as a

member on my school’s ELIMINATE Committee for two years as well

as the District Chair of Preferred Charities. I’ve met so many amazing

people, and I have grown as a person and as a leader. In addition to

Key Club, I do many other things to get involved such as Life Force,

Sparklz, Project Unify, Peacemakers, National Honor Society, HOSA,

Project Green, Cross Country and Choir. I love working with others

and I always keep an open mind for new possibilities!

As the Director of Committees, my goal is to raise awareness

about all of the amazing committees that the District Board has to offer. The

committees will create many easily accessible resources such as fundraising ideas, new

membership recruitment methods, and much more! I will also strive to increase the

communication between Key Clubbers and the committees in order to make more

opportunities readily available. The committees are here to serve each Key Clubber in

order to enhance their Key Club experience for the 2015-2016 Key Club Year!

Please feel more than welcome to contact me via Facebook, email, text or phone.

I would love to hear about any ideas or questions that you may have! I cannot wait to

see how much of an impact we make this upcoming year!

Director of Technology: Mikaela Hanrahan

My name is Mikaela Hanrahan and I will be serving as your District Director of

Technology for this 2015-2016 Key Club year! I look forward to meeting all of you this

upcoming year and working together to make a positive impact in our district!

As Director of Technology, I will reach out to clubs and encourage

them to create a club website, because it can be a very beneficial

resource. Also, I would like to publish four newsletters this year which

will include helpful tips for club webmasters to enhance their use of

technology as well as information about what we have been doing in

our district on a technological scale. A goal of mine is to efficiently keep

updating the district website. I hope to make it an easier and more

widely used tool throughout our district. I look forward to serving you

on the District Board this year and cannot wait to see how we can make

a difference together.

I am currently a sophomore at St. Mary’s Springs Academy. I am

involved in Vocal Jazz, Choir, Math Team, Chess Team, Optimist Club,

ASTOP (Assist Survivors Treatment Outreach Prevention) Committee,

Music Liturgy, Theater, Volleyball, and of course, Key Club.

This past year on the 2014-2015 District Board as Director of Technology has

allowed me to grow in my understanding and love of Key Club. I hope to surpass last

year’s accomplishments and lead you all through a successful year of service!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Page 13

Division 1 Lt. Governor: Sarah Candee

My name is Sarah Candee, and I will be your new Lieutenant

Governor for Division 1! Over the following year, we will be in contact

so I can provide you and your club with information and services offered

from Key Club International. In addition, information will be given on

DCON, service projects, scholarships, and awards.

I am currently a sophomore at Kenosha Tremper High School.

This is my first year in Key Club, and I can assure you that I absolutely

love it. I really look forward to diving into Key Club this year and doing

everything possible to keep our division at its best. Not only am I

involved in Key Club, but I am also involved in Student Government, FBLA, and DECA.

Our division made a great step this past year. I am proud to say that at DCON

several of our seniors received grants and scholarships. Not only that, but our Division

won the Divisional Unity Award thanks to our superb past Lieutenant Governor, Zach

Raetzman, and your participation! We have such a great head start, and I am excited to

see what the future holds.

I also really want to emphasize the importance of communication. I completely

understand that sometimes emails are not always checked and procrastination can get

the best of us – trust me, I know. However, I do encourage everyone to keep up-todate

so your club stays on its toes.

Throughout my short time in Key Club, I have met so many wonderful people and

made many very close relationships. I can’t wait to personally meet and work with all of

you in the future. Let’s make this year the best it can be!

Division 2 Lt. Governor: Jessica Korducki

My name is Jessica Korducki, and I am honored and very excited to be serving as

the Division 2 Lieutenant Governor for the 2015- 2016 year!

I am currently a junior at Burlington High School. I

have been in Key Club since my freshman year and have

served as Secretary and Vice President. Besides Key Club, I

am very active in other clubs and activities. I am a member

of my school’s Varsity Poms Dance Team, DRIVEN Leadership

Program, HART Club, Forensics, NHS, Partners2, and Student


For this year, one of my main objectives is to help

strengthen the communication between the clubs in our

Division. If we work together, we can truly make a huge

impact on our community. Also, I hope to meet with the

leaders of each club, whether by phone or by visit every

month, and find out what each club is up to! I am here to answer any of your questions

and let you in on all the fun things going on around the district.

Feel free to contact me at any time by Facebook, phone call, text, e-mail, etc. I

am super excited for this next year and look forward to meeting you all!

Page 14

Division 3 Lt. Governor: Noah Goetzke

My name is Noah Goetzke, and I will be your new Lieutenant

Governor for Division 3!

I am currently a junior at Dodgeville High School. I joined Key

Club my freshman year, and since then, I have served as treasurer

my junior year before becoming lieutenant governor. In addition to

Key Club, I participate in NHS, musicals, forensics, soccer and track.

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, hiking with

my dog, listening to music, and playing Xbox.

I would like to stress the importance of communication. I want

to increase use of our Division 3 Facebook page by adding more

members and updating information on a regular basis. Another one of

my goals is to personally get to know my clubs and be able to engage

members whether they are new or returning. I really would like to be

able to visit all of the clubs and if you have any questions about Key

Club, please do not hesitate to ask! Let’s make this year the best it

can be and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Division 4 Lt. Governor: Charlie Deakman

My name is Charlie Deakman and I am the Lieutenant

Governor for Division 4 Key Club. I currently attend Madison East

High School as a freshman. I have had the greatest year at Key

Club and am hoping to do a great job as Lieutenant Governor.

Some of my goals for this year are to increase in collaboration

between clubs to make our communities better. I would also like to

educate the new officers to help them turn forms in on time. It is a

honor to serve you as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 4.

Page 15

Division 5 Lt. Governor: Abigail Sann

My name is Abby Sann and I am the Lieutenant Governor of

Division 5. I am so excited to be working closely with all of the

amazing projects we have planned as a District this year. As

Lieutenant Governor I have centered most of my goals around

increasing membership. I hope to work with several middle schools

in my Division to promote Key Club at the high school level. In

addition, I would also like to promote internal recruitment

throughout Division 5 high schools. Overall, I am excited to work

with a variety of different schools who have service projects that

they are passionate about. My favorite part of Key Club is service,

and I am excited to share my love for helping others with everyone

in our District.

Division 6 Lt. Governor: Emily Li

My name is Emily Li, and I will be serving as your new Division 6 Lieutenant

Governor for the 2015-2016 year! I am extremely excited to work with all of you to

improve our local communities and the world!

Currently, I am a sophomore at Germantown High School, and for the past two

years, I have had the honor of serving as Secretary and Vice-

President to Germantown’s 300-strong Key Club. Through Key

Club, I found a myriad of opportunities to venture out of my own

narrative and understand others’ experiences. For example, until I

tutored middle schoolers, until I helped organize a wheelchair

basketball fundraiser, until I aided in rebuilding trails using 30

pound planks, I did not know what it was like to struggle in

seventh grade math or to maneuver without legs or how much

common property needs to be maintained.

In spreading the core message of service, I will assist your

clubs by communicating effectively, offering advice, organizing

regular meetings, answering questions, and providing invaluable

information. I understand the anxiety associated with chalkboards

eclipsed with fundraising plans and deadlines, and I assure you

that you will not be alone in working through this.

I emphasize strong communication between all levels of Key Club, so I plan on

sending regular emails and setting up a shared calendar and folder with ideas,

descriptions, and general advice. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or

comments, I’m always available. Let’s make the world a much more lovely place!

Page 16

Division 7 Lt. Governor: Kristen Navis

My name is Kristen Navis. I am the Division 7 Lieutenant

Governor and I am a freshman at Neenah High School. Being a

freshman this is my first year in Key Club, but I am already so

excited to see where this year takes us!

I have three siblings, two older and one younger, and also

an older foster brother. I love reading, being outside, and

spending time with my friends and family! I am an avid movie

watcher, and would be content spending all weekend watching

movies with my family. All three of my older siblings have been

in Key Club, and it already feels like home to me.

I have made so many great friends, and I also hope all of

you are able to create these kinds of friendships throughout

another successful year of service!

Division 8 Lt. Governor: Stevie DeCloux

My name is Stevie DeCloux, and I’m the Lieutenant

Governor for Division 8. Currently I am a junior at Menomonee

Falls High School and an employee at the local Panera.

Though I’ve only just entered Key Club this year, I have

a lot of leadership and service experience from 4-H, Amnesty,

and varsity athletics. My biggest goal this year is to participate

in at least two service activities outside of my Division, so keep

me in mind if you’re planning an exciting project.

Feel free to contact me any time via text, e-mail, or

Facebook with questions about my clubs or myself. I look

forward to a great year!

Page 17

Division 9 Lt. Governor: Sam Simon

Following another successful year of service by our Wisconsin-

Upper Michigan District, I’m proud to be Lieutenant Governor of

Division 9 for the 2015-2016 school year!

As always, there is a lot of activity taking place in our

organization, and it is my goal to help keep that progressive style

alive both within our District and within my Division. As this year’s

Division 9 LTG, I have made my pledge to make frequent face-toface

contact with my clubs while circulating service and fundraising

project ideas amongst them.

My duties also extend into District affairs where I will help

make District Board decisions regarding club grants, district wide

fundraising, and the annual District Leadership Conference (DCON).

Our District has big goals for this year, so, as my favorite

saying goes, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Division 10A Lt. Governor: Kai Schmitt

I am Kai Schmitt, and I am the new Lieutenant Governor for Division 10A.

Currently attending Southwest High School for my junior year, I am excited that I have

the honor to serve with such a spectacular district board.

Apart from Key Club, I also participate in DECA and Language

Arts Academic Team. Outside of those, you can generally find me

partaking in a variety of activities: fishing out on the Fox River,

enjoying a bike ride, relaxing in my hammock, gaming on my

computer, or hanging out with friends, whenever I am not working at

my job; a stocker & bagger at Austin’s, a local grocery store.

As Lieutenant Governor, I have three main goals. First, I would

like to increase Inter-Division communication by developing a

reliable communication network, where information can be spread

quickly and efficiently between our schools. I would also like to

encourage club member attendance, by the means of myself working

with club officers, offering them the tools they will need for membership

retention. Finally. I would like to expand my division to encompass

new schools.

I hope that this introduction gave you an idea of who I am and what I would like

to accomplish this year. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact

me through phone or email anytime!

Page 18

Division 10B Lt. Governor: Keegan Downham

My name is Keegan Downham, and I will be serving as your Lieutenant Governor

for Division 10B during the 2015-2016 Key Club year. In the coming year, I will be a

resource for any important Key Club information and services at the District level and

will provide insight into things such as scholarships, awards,

DCON, ICON, divisional projects and service opportunities.

I am currently a junior at Kimberly High School. I joined Key

Club my freshman year and have been a highly dedicated member

ever since. In addition to Key Club, I play football and baseball,

serve as a Link Crew leader, participate in Free3 (a drug and

alcohol awareness club), compete with the math team, play in five

different music ensembles, and serve as the librarian for the band


I would like to start off the new Key Club year by urging all

schools to turn in your NOIS forms to me as soon as possible. With

this information, I will be able to start contacting each club and

develop a strong communication network between each of the

clubs within the Division. If you have any questions or need help with NOIS forms, feel

free to ask!

The most important thing I want to stress this year is communication. I would like

to implement the buddy system into our Division in order to promote cooperative

service projects between schools. This way, members from each club can get to know

each other and form new relationships through service.

I am very excited to be able to serve as your Division 10 Lieutenant Governor and

build new relationships with all of you throughout the coming year.

Division 11 Lt. Governor: Leslie Kent

My name is Leslie Kent and I’m honored and excited to be the Division 11

Lieutenant Governor for the 2015-2016 Key Club year.

I’m currently a junior at Eau Claire Memorial High School.

I’ve been involved with Key Club since my sophomore year and

have loved the opportunities I’ve received while being a part of it.

I’m also a member of Student Council, concert band, soccer, cross

country, dance, Holiday Club, and Link Crew. I’ve found that

staying busy helps me avoid my horrible habit of procrastination,

and participating in more activities also allows me to meet lots of

new people!

My biggest goals for our Division this year are for us to

come together for Divisional Council Meetings as well as

participate in joint service projects in order for us to be even

more successful in our attempts to help others. I believe that with

a lot of communication we can achieve these goals and others

that we set for ourselves. Setting and achieving Divisional goals

will help the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District reach their goals, ultimately helping to

meet Key Club International goals.

I can’t wait to see all that we can accomplish as a District in this upcoming year!

Page 19

Division 12 Lt. Governor: Ryan Lucka

My name is Ryan Lucka, and I am the new Lieutenant Governor for Division 12. I

will keep Division 12 up-to-date and will create and maintain communication among all

the clubs throughout the year.

I am currently a junior at West Bend East High School. As a

sophomore, I joined Key Club and Future Business Leaders of

America (FBLA). I was invited to join the West Bend East National

Honors Society this past fall.

In addition to these extra-curricular activities, I joined the

West Bend High School Trapshooting Team in its inaugural

season. I have been both a varsity shooter and a Student

Representative on the Board of Directors since joining the trap

team as a freshman. I also work at Jumbo’s, a small family owned restaurant in West

Bend, and have been employed there for almost a year.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I would like to use the

Divisional Facebook page to share volunteer experiences, so please request to join. I

look forward to a great year working with many fantastic people.


Division 13 Lt. Governor: Tyler Radke

My name is Tyler Radke, and I will be the new Lieutenant Governor for Division

I am currently a freshman at Berlin High School. In 8 th

grade, I was a leader in a club that welcomed incoming classes

and new students to our school. I joined Key Club this year, but

have participated with my older sister long before. Next year, I

hope to join Mock Trial, Link Crew, Kind Committee, and some

other clubs. In my free time, I like to read, hang out with my

friends and family, and watch Disney movies with my sister.

As we all know, having good communication is important.

Feel free to contact me anytime. If you have any questions

about Key Club, I will do my best to answer.

I am so excited to be able to get to know each other throughout this new Key

Club year! I hope I am able to make as many new friends as I can during my term.

Page 20

Division 14 Lt. Governor: Phoebe Hu

My name is Phoebe Hu, and I’m the Lieutenant Governor

for Division 14.

Having joined the Houghton High School Key Club as a

freshman, this upcoming school year will be my fourth and

final year in the club as a senior. In addition to Key Club, I

participate in JSA (Junior State of America) and I’m the junior

class secretary. I’m also an avid member of Houghton’s figure

skating team, local tennis team and orchestra. When I’m not

busy, I like hanging out with friends, shopping at the mall,

eating food, and marathon-watching shows on Netflix.

As a Lieutenant Governor, my division goal for this year

is to integrate the division buddy system to help encourage division unity. If you have

any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Division 15 Lt. Governor: Huey Griep

Hello, my name is Huey Griep and I am the Lieutenant Governor in

division 15 for this upcoming year!

I attend Portage High School, where I am a junior. In school

I enjoy being a part of many extracurriculars, including Student

Council, FBLA, NHS, and of course, Key Club. Other activities of

mine include Cross Country and Tennis. Outside of school, in my

free time, I like to listen to music, hang out with friends, and go

hiking and skiing. I am also often a ball of energy and pretty

fun! Yet I'm also pretty easy to get along with and am easy to talk


I'd like to highlight some of my goals for this next year. I'd

love to see an increased amount of members in our division and not

only increased membership but also increased participation in volunteering


Now that you know a little bit about me, if you ever spot me, come up and

introduce yourself. I love to meet new people and get to know them! In addition,

please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Page 21

Division 16 Lt. Governor: Charlotte Strom

My name is Charlotte Strom and I’ve been elected Division

16 Lieutenant Governor for the upcoming year. I’m really excited

about getting to work and meeting all of you!

My favorite part about Key Club is meeting new people and

making friends. As Lieutenant Governor of my Division, I aim to

increase the number of Club Monthly Report Forms that are turned

in and unify Division 16 as a whole.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and

playing instruments. Besides Key Club, I am involved in Science

Olympiad, Youth in Government, Drama Club, marching band, pep

band, concert band, and my school’s tennis and bowling teams.

I can tell that this is going to be a super great year filled with

awesome service projects, and I can’t wait to see what we as a District can achieve!

Executive Board Assistant/Eliminate Chair: Shiyue Xie

My name is Shiyue Xie. You are welcome to call me C.U.! I'm

your 2015-2016 District Executive Board Assistant and Eliminate

Chair. I’m currently a junior at Burlington High School. I’m

involved in different sports like tennis and poms and other

leadership organizations like NHS and DRIVEN. I played the

violin ever since I was in fourth grade. I love to read during my

free time. My favorite animal is a panda and I moved to the

United States in 2008 from Chongqing, China!

Anyways, I’m very excited to work with you all. I have

been involved with Key Club since my freshman year of high

school. As the past Lieutenant Governor of Division 2 and

Director of Committees, I gained many new experiences and new

skills every step of the way. With those experiences I will do my

best to assist the newly elected District Board and the entire

Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District. Just for the past two years, Key Club had taught me

many things. Thinking back to when I was a newbie, I had grown into a whole new

different person now. I was no longer the shy, sensitive, and quiet teenage girl. Key

Club has improved my leadership skills, my public speaking skill, and my view of world.

I was no longer living in that small bubble of mine; instead, I was interacting with

people all ages with all different backgrounds. Whether if you just joined Key Club or if

this is your last year, I hope you all will learn or have learned something from this

amazing organization just like I did. If you need any of help throughout this amazing

Key Club year, please let me know. I will do my best to help you out whether it’s

coming up with new ideas, suggestions, comments, paperwork, Divisional Council

Meetings, and Monthly Report Forms.

Page 22

Public Relations Chair: Maxwell LaCosse

My name is Maxwell LaCosse and I am the new Public Relations and Communications

Chair for the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Key Club District. Throughout the year, I will

improve communications between each club and improve our

public image!

I am currently a junior at Mid Peninsula Highs School in

Rock, Michigan and have been involved with Key Club ever since

I was a freshman. Outside of Key Club, I am involved with

National Honor Society, Gaming Club, and Ecology Club. Outside

of school, I am a member of the Youth Advisory Committee of

Delta County and I participate in cross country, golf, and

basketball. I have included a picture of my parents and me at

my National Honor Society banquet.

This year, my goal is to unite the clubs through various

means of communications while spreading Key Club awareness

throughout the schools of our District. I will be keeping touch

with all of the Lieutenant Governors to ensure they receive

personalized materials to promote their local clubs.

I am looking forward to a fantastic year!

Membership Development Chair: Matthew Jewell

My name is Matthew Jewell and I am the Membership Development

Chair for the 2015-2016 year! This year I plan to help make

many new clubs, and get more people involved in Key Club!

I feel like membership in Key Clubs can be increased by

throwing Key Club out in the air more. I have been thinking about

going to schools and giving presentations to the awesome freshmen

out there, to get them really involved in Key Club! I hope we all have

a great year!

Page 23

Governor’s Project Chair: Abbey Claes

My name is Abbey Claes and I will be the Governor’s Project Chair this year. In

this new year of Key Club we will be focusing on 'Service for Service' or serving

Veterans! Every club should set a goal of doing at least two service projects. We will

also be pushing to do more service projects than fundraisers. Some things you can do

are volunteer at a veteran soup kitchen or hospital. Also, you can

make tie blankets or have a toy drive for children in military


Some things about me are I attend Escanaba High School,

and currently am a junior. I am in NHS, orchestra, and chorale.

Also, I teach and take dance classes. In my spare time I enjoy

watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, kayaking, and reading

books. This was my first year in Key Club and I am so excited to

see what this coming year has in store.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer any of

your questions the best I can. I would also love to hear about any

upcoming service projects coming up, or any ideas you have. I am so excited to start

out our new Governor’s Project and this Key Club year.

Contests/Awards Chair: Jennifer Englebert

My name is Jennifer Englebert, I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and am

currently a junior at Preble High School. I am the Contests/Awards

Committee Chair for 2015-2016. This is the first full year of Key Club at

Preble High School, and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve

on the district level. As well as being the Contests/ Awards Committee

Chair for the district, I also am the President of Preble’s Key Club. In my

free time, I play the piano, the viola, read, watch Netflix, run and do


I am very excited to work with each and every one of you!

Through the course of this year, Key Clubbers can earn various banner

patches to represent their year of service. These will include patches for

turning in all of your club’s Monthly Report Forms, have 1,000 service

hours as a club, participate in the Governor’s Project, and many others.

To see a complete list of the banner patches and what is necessary to earn them, check

out the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Key Club website (wiumkeyclub.com). At the District

Leadership Convention this coming year, there will be several new contests that clubs

can sign up for. These rubrics will be out early in September on the Key Club website

listed above. My goal as your Contests/ Awards Committee Chair is to bring our club’s

together and promote service through banner patches. I also will be working diligently

with the Director of Committees and the other Committee Chairs to make this year full

of service!

I look forward to working with this year’s district board. If anyone has any

questions, please contact me with the information listed below! Every Key Clubber is

full of ideas and I would love to hear every single one of them!

Page 24

District Project Chair: Derek Kamin

My name is Derek Kamin and I am the District Project Chair.

I will be overseeing fundraisers and service projects for our District

Projects which are helping Camp Wawbeek in Wisconsin and Camp

Bay Cliff in the Upper Peninsula. These are both special needs

camps that run in the summer. They are in the Wisconsin Upper

Michigan District. These camps are in constant need for funds and

supplies. The resources will help send campers to both camps and

give them the supplies they need. Money can be raised by hosting

a miracle minute at a sporting event or hosting a special event that

you choose. I am here to help and have plenty of ideas floating


A few things about me are that I currently am a Junior at

Escanaba High School. This is my second year of Key Club. Also, I

am a member of NHS, the Usher Project, and Marching Band. Along

with those I am on my school’s track team and bowling team.

If you want to get involved with the district projects please

do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if you have any questions, comments, or a cool

service project coming up please contact me. I would love to hear from you and cannot

wait to see what this year has in store!

Kiwanis Family Baseball Game

Do you love the Brewers? Do you like meeting new people? Do you want a free

bobblehead? If any of these statements apply to you, then come to the Kiwanis Family

Baseball Game! On August 9, when the Brewers face the Cardinals at Miller Park, Circle

K is hosting an opportunity to meet other members from the Kiwanis Family while

watching the game! The game starts at 1:10 and all fans in attendance receive a Bob

Uecker bobblehead. The price of this event is $25, and $4 of that price goes toward the

Eliminate Project, which helps to eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus. The order form

for tickets is available here and the orders must be postmarked by July 1st. If you have

any questions, you can contact Kristie Polzin at polzinkk.cki@gmail.com. I hope to see

you there!

Submitting Key to Caring Articles

Are you interested in writing an article for the Key to Caring? If so, don’t hesitate

to submit an article! They can be about a wide variety of subjects, such as outstanding

individuals or success in either your club or your Division! If you have any other ideas

for subjects to write about, feel free to submit it! Your article will be featured in an

issue of the Key to Caring and could be inspiration for another Key Clubber to take a

step in the club! Articles can be submitted on the WIUM Key Club website. If you have

any questions on writing articles or if you would like to brainstorm ideas for articles,

feel free to contact Jason Shebilske anytime. His contact information can be found on

the final page of this issue.

Page 25

District Board Contact Information

Name Position

E-Mail Address Cell Phone


Joshua Dvorak Governor

governor.wium@gmail.com 715-803-5539

Daniela Beltran Secretary/Treasurer secretarytreasurer.wium@gmail.com 760-693-2660

Jason Shebilske Bulletin Editor

bulletin.editor.wium@gmail.com 920-419-4345

Taylor Hurst Director of Committees wium.taylorhurst@gmail.com 920-257-6517

Mikaela Hanrahan Director of Technology mikaelahanrahandot@gmail.com 262-888-2712

Sarah Candee Division 1 LTG

sarahcandeed1ltg@gmail.com 262-515-8309

Jessica Korducki Division 2 LTG

ltg.d2wium@gmail.com 262-210-6618

Noah Goetzke Division 3 LTG

div3ltg@gmail.com 608-341-9635

Charlie Deakman Division 4 LTG

ltg4.wium@gmail.com 608-338-2767

Abigail Sann Division 5 LTG

ltgd5abby@gmail.com 715-432-0253

Emily Li Division 6 LTG

lt.governor.wium@gmail.com 414-841-4927

Kristen Navis Division 7 LTG

knavis.wium@gmail.com 920-850-5639

Stevie DeCloux Division 8 LTG

d8ltgstevie@gmail.com 414-416-1138

Sam Simon Division 9 LTG

simon.kc.d9@gmail.com 262-443-2508

Kai Schmitt Division 10A LTG kaischmitt.wium@gmail.com 920-676-0016

Keegan Downham Division 10B LTG ltgd10wium@gmail.com 920-470-9927

Leslie Kent Division 11 LTG

lkent.d11ltg@gmail.com 715-563-2685

Ryan Lucka Division 12 LTG

LuckaLTG@gmail.com 262-689-9194

Tyler Radke Division 13 LTG

radke1800@gmail.com 920-789-9009

Phoebe Hu Division 14 LTG

d14.wium@gmail.com 906-281-0710

Huey Griep Division 15 LTG

huey.key.d15@gmail.com 608-697-8835

Charlotte Strom Division 16 LTG

division16.ltg.15.16@gmail.com 906-420-4349

Shiyue Xie Executive Assistant/ wiumexeassistant15@gmail.com 262-215-4307

Eliminate Chair

Maxwell LaCosse Public Relations/

prlacosse.wium@gmail.com 906-241-6807

Communications Chair

Matthew Jewell


Development Chair

mattjewellkc@gmail.com 906-280-0869

Abbey Claes Governor’s Project Chair governorproject.wium@gmail.com 906-280-5647

Jennifer Englebert Awards/Contests Chair jaenglebert.keyclub@gmail.com 920-680-7972

Derek Kamin District Project Chair dpc.wium@gmail.com 906-399-3123

Barry Seng International Trustee barry.seng@gmail.com 484-661-9120

Kathy Gillis District Administrator wium.admin@gmail.com 920-475-0500

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