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iPad apps to support Cognition - MonTECH

iPad Apps to Support


Leslie Mullette, OTR/L, ATP

Clinical Coordinator / MonTECH

Community Services Bureau


September 27, 2012

App Categories

• Vision

• Hearing

• Memory/Organization

• Productivity

• Communication

Vision Apps

• Eye Glasses

• Jumbo Calculator

• Touch LCD

• VOD (Voice over Daisy)

• Web Reader

• Built in accessibility features

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Jumbo Calculator

• Jumbo Calculator is

great for those with

failing vision (and an

iPad), or those who

just want the ease of

use of a large

buttoned calculator.

• Free

Eye Glasses

• The Eye Glasses

app is ideal for


individuals, those

with reading glasses

or bifocals, senior

citizens and anyone

that just needs to

see more clearly.

• $3.99

Touch LCD

• Talking clock

• Analog or digital

• Count down timer

• Stopwatch

• 5 color schemes and

night mode

• Chime every hour,

30 minutes or 15


• $1.99

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VOD (Voice OF Daisy)

• Voice of DAISY (VOD) is

a DAISY digital talking

book player that can

handle the multimedia


DAISY is an international

standard for individuals

with visual impairment or

dyslexia who experience

difficulty reading printed


• Free

Hearing Apps—Sign Language

• ASL 101

• ASL Dictionary

ASL 101

• Learn almost 1000 English/ASL translations

of letters, numbers, words, sentences,

phrases, questions and more

• Easy to navigate via alphabetical index and

search over 25 categories

• Practice receptive skills with interactive quiz

• $1.99

ASL Dictionary

•Over 5,200 signs from A-Z

•765 Multiple meaning words


•Multiple word signs such as “don’t

want” & “hard of hearing”

•473 Idioms translated



•Dates, Months, Years

•General numbers

•Finger Spelled Alphabet


•Common Phrases like “You’re too



Hearing Apps--Relay

• Hamilton Mobile CapTel

• IP-Relay

• Sorenson Video Relay

• Z4 Mobile

Hamilton Mobile CapTel

• This app makes it

possible for you to see

exactly what is being said

to you on every call. It's

called Hamilton Mobile

CapTel® . Similar to

captions on television,

you'll be able to listen to

what you can, and you'll

be able to read what you

can't hear.

• Free for individuals who


IP-Relay from Purple

• For iPhone 4, iPhone

4s, iPod touch and

iPad 2

• Make and receive VP


• Place and receive

VRS calls

• Free

• Android version


Z4 Mobile

• Make and receive ZVRS,

point-to-point, VCO Plus

and HolaVRS calls using

Wi-Fi or cellular connection

(depending on model)

• Manage your Profile

account directly from your

Apple mobile device

• Have instant access to The

Z’s social media links

• Free

• Z5 available October 2012

Sorenson Video Center

• The Video Center app is a

mobile version of the Video

Center feature that is available

on the Sorenson videophone.

This mobile version of the

Video Center lets you view

SignMail video messages and

all other videos that are

available on the Sorenson

videophone right on your

iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad


• Free to Sorenson


Hearing Apps--Other

• Subtitles

• soundAmp


• Subtitles allows easy

access to a huge library

of movie subtitles in 20

languages. Subtitles is

especially useful for the

hard of hearing and

people who would like

access to subtitles in their

native language when

visiting the cinema.

• $0.99

Sound Amp

• soundAMP is a software

application that turns

iPhone, iPod touch and

iPad into high quality

hearing solutions.

• Sounds are picked up by

the microphone, amplified

and processed in realtime

by soundAMP, and

sent to your earbuds.

• $4.99

• Lite version $0.99

Memory/Organization Apps

• Calendar (Built-in)

• Reminder (Built-in)

• Awesome Note

• Bento

• First/Then

• Med Helper

• Vocal

• Picture Schedule

• Visules

Built-in Calendar

• Meetings,




anniversaries all have

their time and place

with Calendar.

• Alarms can be set as


• Can be synced

through the cloud

Reminders—built-in app

• Forgetting happens way

too often. That’s why iPad

helps you remember with

Reminders. Create a list

of have-to-dos, want-todos

or whatever you like.

Set a due date, and

Reminders notifies you so

you stay on track. iCloud

even keeps all your

reminders on all your


Awesome Note Lite


• Personal database

app for iPad.

• Organize contacts,

track projects, plan

events and manage


• $9.99


• First-Then allows

schedules to be created

“on the go” and

customized to the needs

of the

individual. Schedules

can be created to show

daily events or steps

need to complete a

specific activity or daily


• $9.99

• Available for Android

Med Helper

• A comprehensive


compliance and tracking

App designed to help

individuals and

caretakers manage the

challenges of staying on

time up to date and on

schedule with very simple

to very complex regimes.

Available on Android and

IOS platforms.

• Free


• Your reminders, in YOUR

voice, in YOUR words,

delivered on time, every

time. Your alerts are

delivered even when the

app is switched off!

Simply speak your

personal memo, set the

time and date, be

reminded in YOUR voice

using YOUR words.

• Free

Picture Scheduler

• With the Picture

Scheduler, you can

attach a picture to a

note, which is

particularly helpful for

those who need

visual supports to

perform daily tasks.

• $2.99


• This app an be used by

anyone who thinks

visually and would benefit

from visual cues for daily

tasks, decision-making,

and other activities.

• Visules provides a

compact way to store a

large collection of visual

supports, and keep them

well organized.

Sent from my iPad

• $4.99

Productivity Apps

• Documents to Go

• Dragon Dictate

• AudioNote

• Notability

• Notes (Paperport)

Documents to Go

• Word processing:

• View/Edit/Create:

• MS Word 97-2004 Document (doc)

• MS Word 2007-2010 Document (docx)

• View/Edit:

• MS Word 97-2004 Template (dot)

• MS Word Macro-Enabled Document (docm)

• Text (txt)

• Spreadsheet:

• View/Edit/Create:

• MS Excel 97-2004 Workbook (xls)

• MS Excel 2007-2010 Workbook (xlsx)

• View/Edit:

• MS Excel 97-2004 Template (xlt)

• Presentation:

• View/Edit/Create: *

• MS PowerPoint 97-2004 Presentation (ppt)

• MS PowerPoint 2007-2010 Presentation (pptx)

• View/Edit: *

• MS PowerPoint 97-2004 Template (pot)

• MS PowerPoint 97-2004 Show (pps)

• MS PowerPoint 2007-2010 Show (ppsx)

• * NOTE: PowerPoint editing/creating available in


Office Suite $9.99

Premium version $16.99

Dragon Dictation

• Dragon Dictation is

an easy-to-use voice


application powered

by Dragon


that allows you to

easily speak and

instantly see your text

• Free

AudioNote Lite

• By synchronizing notes and

audio, AudioNote automatically

indexes your meetings,

lectures, classes, interviews—

you name it. Watch as your

text and drawings highlight

during playback, helping you to

remember the context in which

they were taken. Tap notes to

seek in the audio, taking you

instantly to what you want to


• Free

• Android version


• Features:

• Full featured


• Advanced word


• Audio recording linked

to notes.

• Auto sync on the cloud

• $0.99

Notes (Paperport)

• Import PDF, PPT and Image

files into your notes

• Robust tools for note taking

and marking up documents

• Record page by page audio

• Powerful tools to keep you


• Integrations with your favorite

could storage services

• Anytime, anywhere access to

PaperPort documents

• Share documents easily with


• Free

Communication Apps

• Sono Flex

• Proloquo2go

• Verbally

• Aphasia

• Speech Amp

• Speak IT

Sono Flex

• Tobii Sono Flex is an

easy to use AAC

vocabulary app that turns

symbols into clear speech

and provides language to

nonverbal users who are

not yet in full control of


• Free version (lite)

• Full version $99.99

• Available for Android


• Proloquo2Go can be

adapted to suit the needs

of a wide range of users

with varying literacy

levels. Featuring naturalsounding

voices, speech

can be generated by

tapping buttons with

symbols or typing using

the on-screen keyboard

with word prediction.

• $189.99

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• Core Words Grid offers over

50 essential words, which can

save you over 50% of the taps

required to input your


• Core Phrases Grid offers a

dozen common phrases to

enable faster & easier


• Text Prediction that learns the

words & names you use and

makes entering your thoughts

significantly faster than typing

• Free

• Premium $99.99


• The SmallTalk Aphasia App

turns the iPod touch, iPhone, or

iPad into a mobile accessory to

your AllTalk. It allows you to

take your favorite icons,

phrases, and videos from the

AllTalk with you wherever you

go. The SmallTalk Aphasia App

provides a vocabulary of

pictures and videos that talk in a

natural human voice, with a

male or female option.

• Free

Speech Amp

• Speech Amplifier uses

the iPhone, iPod Touch

or iPad to amplify quiet

voices for people with

speech difficulties, or

amplify volume for

professional voice users,

e.g. teachers, lecturers,

people giving


• Free

Sent from my iPad

Speak IT

• Easy to use interface: simply

enter the text you want to say, and

press the “Speak it! button

• Four high quality voices are

included: American Male,

American Female, British Male,

British Female

• • Save as many phrases as you

would like, and easily repeat them


• • Change the volume, as well as

the speed of spoken text

• $1.99

Accessibility Features

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