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Чому цей проект є важливим, і яке його значення? Why this Project Is Important, and What Is Its Role? SBSTTA9, Montreal UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/9/WG.II/CRP.1 - 11.11.03 - indicated that the project "Biodiversity Indicators for National Use", funded by GEF, "might illustrate how each step proposed in the guidelines for indicator development contained in this document could be carried out in practice and thereby provides lessons on the practical development of biodiversity indicators”. COP7, Kuala-Lumpur UNEP/CBD/COP/7/L.2720 -February 2004: …11. Invites …WCMC …to support the Secretariat in facilitating the compilation of information necessary for reporting on achievement on the 2010 target… 17. Invites Parties and Governments to use existing national indicators or to establish national indicators using the tools …referred to in decision (…), and according to their national needs and priorities, to assess progress towards their national/and or regional targets… STAC Meeting, ULRMC, March 16, 2004

Схема виконання проекту BINU в 2003 (витяг) BINU Project Framework in Ukraine in 2003 64KQs 24KQs 5KQs 97 Potential Indicators were proposed (64% with data and 36% with no data) 1 st Ukrainian BINU Project Report was Prepared STAC Meeting, ULRMC, March 16, 2004

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