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Проект BINU

Проект BINU запропонував першу карту, де заповідна мережа накладена на сільськогосподарські землі BINU Project Created the First Overlap Map on Protected Areas and Agricultural Lands BINU Project initiated new indicator to be included in the National Annual Fact Book in 2004: percentage of agriculture areas inside of protected areas (3% in 2002). BINU Project helped to illustrate this with new map based on remote sensing data. STAC Meeting, ULRMC, March 16, 2004

Веб-сторінка Проекту BINU BINU Ukraine Web Page Ecoregions and Indicative Species http://www-int/services/binu/index.html STAC Meeting, ULRMC, March 16, 2004

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