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Hello Abu Dhabi ,

I'd like to thank all our readers who petitioned us tirelessly to increase the

frequency of our magazine, and expand our magazine distribution network.

We've done both. We will now come out bi-weekly (every two weeks) and

will be available through an expanded chain that has grown to include all

Starbucks in Abu Dhabi, the capital's finest malls including Abu Dhabi Mall,

Khalidiya Mall, Raha Mall and Mazyad Mall, not to mention our expanded

reach of hotels, hospitals and businesses.

We have also fine tuned our highly popular handy events pull-out as the

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com, a vibrant site full of information resources and community news,

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Dear Tempo,

Last month’s Arablish was spot on! Even though I’m

not from an Arab background but having lived in

UAE all my life has helped fine tune my senses to the

variation in dialects of different Middle Easterners.

Filmmakers in the west should take heed of their

apparent loopholes in character development. The

Peacemaker was another movie full of linguistic

errors. George Clooney was wrongly cast in that role!

But that’s another story.

Dear Tempo,

Heena Majid

I must tell you, as a student, I found AD Tempo

extremely attractive. The layout is young and bright,

and I love the stories you feature, which happen

to be so UNIQUE! I have never seen something

like PeopleMeter, and Making a Difference is very

relevant. I really, really enjoyed Carine Bruyninckx’s

story in My Abu Dhabi. Who knew that our own Abu

Dhabi could be home to such a fairytale? I have to

admit, when I saw the magazine as I was leaving my

local mall yesterday, I saw a pile of something glossy

and bright, and the avid reader that I am (I’ll read the

labels on toiletries when I visit someone’s bathroom!),

I had to pick it up, yet I had a feeling it might be one

of those shiny, non-substance city guides. But I was

wrong, thank God! It is one lovely little magazine, and

I have yet to see your website, which I will visit todayworry


Dear Tempo,

Sana Farooqui

I’ve attended many of the ‘free’ events on the Corniche,

and I am astounded by how event organisers continue

to misunderstand their viewing public. Case in point

the Red Bull concert held on the Corniche in late

March: the main act was Lebanese singer Ragheb

Alama--who is a mainstream Arabic music performer-

-and the opening act was an Emirati hip hop group,

Desert Heat. They were both good acts, but for entirely

different audiences! Desert Heat were great with the

whole urban street dance routine for the younger

crowd, and an older crowd ( some left tired by the

din and some stuck around) for Ragheb Alama. Next

time, guys, remember that the ‘opening act’ should

be a smooth introduction for the main act.


Education: Teachers who focus on real-life

communications skills hold the key to raising standards

of English in the Emirates, according to a department of

Cambridge University. The Al Afaq Model School in Abu

Dhabi is one example of how student-centered learning

is successfully working in the region. The girls school

adopted tests for young learners set by Cambridge to

raise the learning level of their students in March 2005

and as a result has been able to measure the progress

of its students and adjust the language programme


Photography: Emirates Photography Competition (EPC)

under the patronage of the International Federation of

Photographic Art (FIAP), has rece0ntly announced that the

last date to submit entries for their fifth season is April 15.

Photographers and those interested to participate in

the competition must register online. The competition

website provides comprehensive information and details

on the competition in four languages; Arabic, English,

French and German. For registration and further details,

please visit EIP website: www.ephotoc.com

Young Archaeologist Initiative: The Historic

Environment Department launched an educational

awareness program for primary schools pupils in Al Ain,

to educate them about the principles of archeology.

The program teaches the students practical applications

of archaeological exploration in an artificial field and it

imparts an understanding of the various stages of an

archeological process and the types and functions of

all the relevant tools used in such operations. Pupils are

then taught how to make practical explorations. Sounds

exciting, doesn’t it? Over the past weeks, Al Ain National

Museum has received a large number of school pupils,

and the program will continue to run till mid-April 2010.

So enroll young ones in the program and give them the

opportunity to explore… or rather, poke and prod to

their heart’s content. Hey, at least it will keep them out of

your closets and re-direct the energizer bunnies towards

something constructive and fascinating.

Randa A

4 Tempo March 2010



By now most of you know that J.C. Rags has opened a flagship store in

Marina Mall. Their spring-summer 2010 collection is an interesting

combination of colours, textures and a dapper urban look. Okay

let’s get the obvious out of the way, the designer clothing and

accessories are pricy. How much can it cost to re-create a raw urban

look you might ask? We are no design experts but we’ve been told that

the ‘look’ has to be a cut above the rest. So everything from accessories to

apparel has been designed keeping the new summer palette in mind.

One thing is for sure, you can dress funky, hip and trendy without

looking like you’ve been trying too hard! That’s one promise J.C. Rags

definitely lives up to.


Do you think a shopping mall is just another place to splurge?

Think again! The ground floor of Khalidiyah Mall will be

transformed into an art gallery for a photography exhibition

running from April 1 to April 10 with contributions from

talented photographers: Abdullah Al Ghurair, Abdullah Al

Marzouqi, Abdulrahman Belhaik, Heba Al Mardood, Mariam Al

Mazroui, Moza Alfalasi and Nadra Badri. Check it out guys!


Shop for new Alokozay Tea flavours

This year, the Gulf Food Festival 2010 witnessed the re-launch

of Alokozay Tea. A large crowd of consumers and traders

gathered to taste the tempting new flavours added to the

already popular line-up of refreshing tea varieties.

“Visitors were very eager to sample the varieties of teas. Besides

the brand’s already popular black and green tea, our new

flavors like peach, mint and lemon as well as herbal infusions

like camomile were popular choices with visitors.”, said Ms. Tara

Doddihal, Marketing Manager of Alokozay International Ltd.

As far as promotional activities go, Alokozay created quite a buzz with its sampling, give-aways and exciting daily competitions.

The competitions were hosted by Alokozay’s Emcee, Ahmed Faraj Salahat who stopped the passing crowd dead in their tracks

with unique beat boxing performances. Competition winners walked away with exclusive Alokozay gift hampers that consisted

of electronic items and a range of company products such as dates, oil, tissues and of course, tea! Distribution of the fresh new

packs to existing markets has begun last month. Try out the peach flavour, it’s mind boggling and quite frankly addictive; i.e., if

you don’t mind your tea tasting like peaches.

www.abudhabitempo.com 5



in Abu Dhabi




20 Mar - 7 Apr, Emirates Palace

The visual arts exhibition at this year’s Abu Dhabi

Festival just got more interesting. An announcement

on March 10 revealed the names of two of the most

distinguished living masters of Middle Eastern art

who will be displaying their work in a joint exhibition.

Sculptors Parviz Tanavoli (Egypt) and Adam Henein

(Iran) will unite for the first time to unleash the magestic

beauty of Arabian art forms on local audiences in the


Adam Henein’s visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

fueled his desire to become a sculptor with an uncanny

perception of nature and its forms. They say if you

immerse yourself in his craft, it becomes increasingly

impossible to distinguish what was shaped by nature

from that which was transformed by his human hands.

Other highlights of the Abu Dhabi Festival 2010 include

performances by The National Polish Radio Symphony

Orchestra under the direction of one of the leading

composers of the 20th century, Krzysztof Penderecki;

piano recitals by two young virtuosos, Nobuyuki Tsujii

and Yundi Li; the first full opera presented at the

Festival – La Boheme performed by the Puccini Festival

Orchestra; ‘A Night at the Ballet’ with dancers from the

Bolshoi, Mariinsky and American Ballet Theatres; the

jazz legend Wynton Marsalis; an outdoor concert with Il

Divo; multimedia performance Pictures Reframed; Oud

virtuoso Naseer Shamma; and the London Symphony

Orchestra conducted by Maestros Sir Colin Davis and

Kristjan Jarvi. More on our website:


Download a complete list of April Events from 1 - 15 April

on our webpage

Parviz Tanavoli is undoubtedly one of Iran’s

foremost artists whose untiring dedication to

art and constant pursuit of enlightenment

through it lead him to set-up the

Saqqakhaneh School (a neotraditional

style of art

which finds its roots in

Iranian folk art and


6 Tempo March 2010

16 – 17 Apr, Yas Marina Circuit

Six manufacturers, twelve teams, twenty-four of world’s most

iconic sports cars and forty-eight leading sports car drivers from

around the world will be racing on four continents with the launch

of the FIA GT1 World Championship this year. Their first pit stop is

Abu Dhabi’s F1 Yas Marina Circuit. One thing is certain; it will be an

exhilarating race to the finish!

Headlining the event will be some of the most iconic and

revolutional sports car manufacturers in the world including Aston

Martin, Corvette, Ford, Lamborghini, Maserati and Nissan. Want

us to be more specific? Okay but hold on to your seats guys...the

Aston Martin DB9, Corvette Z06, Ford GT, Lamborghini Murciélago

RS-V, Maserati MC 12 and Nissan GT-R are all competing for top

spot. Attend the event and decide for yourselves which car...err

team is your favourite!

UFC 112


Apr 10, Ferrari World, Yas Island

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is ready to pack

a punch this season as former Abu Dhabi Combat

Club Champion (2007), Demian Maia returns to the

capital to challenge UFC Middleweight Champion,

Anderson Silva in a fight which will be televised live to

the world as a pay-per-view event. UFC is the world’s

leading professional mixed martial arts organization

and offers the premier series of MMA sports events.

As the first ever UFC outdoor fight, taking place on a

custom-built stadium outside Ferrari World, Maia is

looking forward to the much talked about night: “As

someone who has trained in jiu-jitsu all my life, and a

former Abu Dhabi Combat Club Champion, I am very

much looking forward to returning to Abu Dhabi to

fight in UFC® 112.”

Of course the fan favourite fight of the day will be BJ

Penn vs. Frankie Edgar. For those of you who enjoy

a good fight, all blood and guts; or even if you are

those who enjoyed watching Brad Pitt’s Fight Club

with loads of popcorn, watch BJ Pen in action! This

American mixed martial artsist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

(BJJ) practitioner is currently the Ultimate Fighting

Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion. In

2000, he became the first American-born winner of

the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship in the black-belt

category. ‘Pitt-ed’ (hey it’s not us, the term just keeps

coming up!) against him is Frankie aka James Edgar, a

fiery master of his craft with a purple belt in BJJ.

We know the guys won’t miss this one and as for the

girls, do go watch ladies, you might get some helpful

self-defense tips!

www.abudhabitempo.com 7





16 Apr, ADNEC

Welsh superstar; the man with the velvet moves; power

performer; and legendary singer, who else can we be talking

about but Sir Tom Jones? Performing for the first time in Abu

Dhabi Sir Tom Jones will sing his most popular and loved

songs such as ‘Delilah’, ‘She’s a Lady’ and ‘It’s Not Unusual’ as

well as numerous other foot-thumping, chart-busting hits.

With a career spanning over forty five years, this Welsh singer

is definitely one of the world’s most commercially successful

and critically acclaimed artists. We have danced to the tunes

of his numerous successful collaborations with the likes of

Tina Turner, The Stereophonics and Luciano Pavarotti to

name a few. Singer, an electric performer, a musical legend; a

man who has paved the way and influenced many modern

artists like Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson and Duffy amongst


Tom Jones Live in Abu Dhabi is an all-seated concert. Tickets

have gone on sale since March 22nd and fans will surely be

flocking to see the legendary crooner belt out his popular

and memorable songs in the capital!

A Bird’s Eye View?!?

Mar 29 - Apr 28, Salwa Ziedan Gallery

Abu Dhabi – March 29th – The Salwa Zeidan Gallery

launched the first exhibition for French artist Bo Tasle

d’Heliand under the patronage of His Excellency Alain

Azouaou the Ambassador of France.

The one-month-long exhibit features more than 15

works made with China ink and flour glue on recycled

paper as part of his latest series entitled “Birds Eye

Vision Inside-Out”. The gallery will also show some of

his latest sculptures using metal and paper material.

This work is a continuation of the last artistic work

made in Africa where Bo had used the “eagle eye

vision” for the first time. In this series the artist use

various pictorial traditions to create a new form of

representation with the human condition still in the

focal point of his research.

“The “eagle eyes vision” remains as this series conveys

trials of an eagle’s scrutiny of the artist from the

superposition of sky views, in essence, representing

omnipotence of vision,” explains Bo, “One can consider

the work as a self-portrait through the intermediary

of a bird.”



Clash of the Titans

Releasing April 2: Sam Worthington is

joined by Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes

for the ultimate struggle for power which

pits men against Al-Mighty beings. Perseus

(Sam Worthington) is unable to save his

family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), ruler

of the underworld. He then sets off on

a perilous journey deep into forbidden

worlds. Battling unholy demons and

formidable beasts. His survival depends on

whether he can accept his powers, defy his

fate and create his own destiny.

The Joneses

Releasing April 16: Who hasn’t heard of the

phrase, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’? This

movie is a social satire about a seemingly

perfect family which moves into a suburban

neighbourhood. They are envied by

everyone but the truth about why they

relocated is a far cry from their apparent

perfection. David Duchovny, Demi Moore,

Amber Heard and Gary Cole star in the film.


Releasing April 16: Starring Nicolas Cage,

Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

and Mark Strong, Kick-Ass tells the story

of average teenager Dave Lizewski (Aaron

Johnson), a comic-book fanboy who

decides to take his obsession as inspiration

to become a real-life superhero. There’s only

one problem standing in his way: he has

absolutely no superpowers!

Death at a Funeral

Releasing April 23: Starring Chris Rock, the

movie is based on 2007 comedy about a

hilarious day in the life of a family that has

come together to put a beloved family

member to rest. As mourners gather at the

family home, shocking revelations, festering

resentments, ugly threats, blackmail and

a misdirected corpse unleash lethal and

riotous mayhem. This is a must watch!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Releasing April 30: Director Samuel Bayer

recreates the gruesome world of Freddy

Krueger. Hollywood gurus call the movie

a re-imagining of the popular 1984 horror

classic. Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, and

Thomas Dekker, play teenagers who are

stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly

disfigured killer who hunts them in their

dreams. As long as they stay awake, they

can protect one another...but when they

sleep, there is no escape.

8 Tempo March 2010


This month, Tempo sat down for

a tete-e-tete with Salwa Zeidan

- Creative Director of Abu Dhabi

International Sculpture Symposium,

entrepreneur, homemaker, visionary,

and innovator.

Tempo: Tell us a little bit about

yourself. Who is the lady behind the

title of Creative Director of ADISS and

how did you get started in this field?

Salwa Zeidan: Well... I started as an

artist 25 years ago. I have been living

here, in Abu Dhabi since many years!

Indeed, I was the first one to open an

art gallery in Abu Dhabi in 1994. Five

years before that I used to organize art

exhibitions in hotels.

I love this city and I respect its people

as I believe that what they are doing

now is amazing and surprising at times

where the whole world is going into

coma (artistically). I want to develop

the art scene by introducing something

that doesn’t exist, which is public

sculpture. I have lots of knowledge

about art and sculpture, and through

my international relations with artists

and sculptors I was able to direct this

symposium in the best way possible.

T: Why in your opinion, is an event

like ADISS necessary at this point

in time during Abu Dhabi’s cultural


SZ: Public art is part of the

development itself. Abu Dhabi lacks

this important element called public

sculptures. I was lucky to come up and

introduce ADISS to Sheikh Nahyan and

Zayed University. They were the right

people who knew its importance and

acted on it immediately.

T: We think it’s fabulous that sculptures

from the symposium shall be

permanently placed outdoors for the

public to appreciate and enjoy. Was the

idea opposed initially? How important

was it for you to gain approval for

placement of the artwork outside?

SZ: The Municipality was the first

strategic partner to see the importance

of this initiative and immediately

adopted a very positive way of helping

us into bringing it about, they did an

excellent job and helped a lot in many

ways that were otherwise impossible

to achieve. They own the public

space so their participation in ADISS

is extremely important and they did

deliver their part in such a professional

way. Even artists were impressed with

the high level of organization on the

site. The Municipality did a wonderful

job in developing the site and helper’s

accommodation in such short period

of time.

T: On what criterion were 17 renowned

artists from all over the world chosen?

Were you personally involved in their


SZ: Before we answer this question we

have to know that symposium sculptors

are different than other sculptors, in

many ways. To start a sculpture from

scratch and finish it in one month is a

great responsibility that many artists

simply do not take on. And so, we are

left with few of them that have the

standard we are looking for. One major

criteria was that each participant

has to have taken part in at least 7

international symposiums with nonfigurative

sculptures. We tried to select

a diverse group of artists from various

corners of the globe and managed to

secure a list from some of the major

countries. By the time we complete the

five to ten year contract, we will surely

have worked in artists from every single

country in the world!

We will definitely influence the

region with all these sculptures that

will be placed all over the city, as we

are looking at placing sculptures

in locations where the public can

walk around them, enjoy them and

interact with them. Only when public

art becomes a part of one’s daily life

can we truly get influenced by it. This

also mandates that we be extremely

selective with regard to the type of art

we chose so that the influence be of a

positive and joyful nature.

T: What does Salwa Zeidan look for in

‘good art’?

SZ: It is a very simple answer: good

art makes you feel good and makes

you wonder how it came about and

speaks to yourself. It touches your

thoughts and questions the minds, it

should be very well done and have a

curtain vision or idea. It has to be strong

enough to stop you and tell you a story.

Encountering good art has to be a

pleasant experience for both the eye

and the mind.

T: On a more personal note, as a

modern-day Lebanese professional

businesswoman, how do you manage

time between family, friends and


SZ:To tell you the truth, art takes you

away from many things including

friends and family. It is time consuming,

and it needs a lot of attention,

otherwise it won’t be interesting art. My

life as an artist has been hard, because

I’m married and I have family that needs

lots of attention. To be able to be good

at both levels, I had to ask too much of

myself, and this has been the difficult

part. I don’t want to compromise one

or the other. My route to becoming a

successful artist was rather a herculean

task, but it was great experience on all

levels that eventually got me to be who

I am today, and that is why I feel I have

truly earned the titled to be the director

of this symposium.

T: What is your message to struggling

artists in Abu Dhabi?

SZ: Transform the struggles into

positive energy that will help you grow

and evolve, follow your hearts and

intuition all the way, be perseverant to

overcome all the difficulties that come

your way and see the difficulties as the

source of determination to get to their

highest potentials. That is the only way

to do great things.

You have to recognize that you are

lucky to be living in a vibrant city where

many people dream to live today.

10 Tempo March 2010


Where tradition meets flavour!

So you’ve seen the camels; taken a dhow trip along

the Corniche and you’ve even experienced the

quintessential desert safari. ‘What else there?’ you

might ask. Well, how about treating your taste buds

to some authentic Emirati food? Nope, the Shawarma

doesn’t qualify; you really need to dig into some

delicious ‘hareesa’ and for those of you with a sweet

tooth, ‘aseedat’ is a must try custard. But where?

Al Dhafra restaurant near the Mina fish market is an

Emirati eatery which offers both ala carte and buffet

dining (175/per person without sea food). Freshly

baked local bread like Mahala, Khameer and Gabab is

served with Saloona, a Bedouin dish resembling a stew

made from lamb, vegetables and beans. Another try is the Hareesa. This is a popular local dish; mainly


thick porridge made from a tasty batter of finely

minced lamb, butter and white wheat. For sea-food

junkies, local sea food like fishes, lobsters and squids

from the Arabian Gulf are also available. Whereas the

Biryani samak would make a delicious meal too! Rice

and fish cooked in Arabian spices will give you a taste

of the original Emirati staple diet. For desserts you

could try the ‘khabeesa’, a sweet dish made of flour,

nuts and cream. Of course there are other magical

ingredients which make it mind-numbingly sweet but

the cook wouldn’t divulge his secret recipe! Maybe you

can taste it and tell us what else is in there that makes

it so delightfully rich in taste and very filling.

Another restaurant which prides itself on delivering

the ultimate Emirati dining experience is Al Asalah

restaurant in Heritage Village near Marina Mall.

The manager, Mr. Zahir will gladly make

reservations for large gatherings and

is quite well versed with the vast

menu. The restaurant offers

different Emirati specials

every evening! So while

today you might be

munching the ‘matrooba’,

vegetable and minced

meat dish; tomorrow’s

special may include the

‘sareed’ fish with boiled rice

and vegetables.



On 3rd April, Assyemtri - the contemporary

international dining outlet - is inviting families to

come and enjoy an Easter family brunch priced at

AED 130 (including soft beverages) and AED 160

(including house beverages). There will be a big

buffet to suit all ages and tastes as well as children’s

activities such as an egg hunt and face painting.

So what are you waiting for? Ask the little tots to

choose their fave animal, dress them accordingly and

remember to click lots of pictures while you enjoy

your Easter family brunch!

Don’t miss out on the local dining

experience. There is more to Abu

Dhabi then just Shawarmas and Falafel

wraps you know.

www.abudhabitempo.com 11


People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about

our community and its people, who come from

different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.




Mohammed Al Disougi

Mohammed Al Disougi is an Abu Dhabi born

resident who studies here and plans to make a life

for himself in this country…














Omar Moudni



What first word comes to your mind when I say:

Michael Scofield






T shirt

Never mind






1) What is your idea of a

dream vacation?

Omar: I like my vacation to be

in the summer season because

then I can go to the beach and

enjoy! Once there, I can go

for some swimming too.Also,

during night time, I can relax

with my close friends on the

golden sand.

Christina: Sun, sea, sand,

sleeping late, feasting, dancing,

and being in love.

Christina J. Hebert






























2) If you could be one

superhero, who would you

be and why?

Omar: Umm… no idea really!

I wouldn’t want to be anyone


Christina: Elektra, because

she is swift, powerful, a deadly

assassin, a force for good, a foe

to be reckoned with, a loyal

friend, and a goddess draped

in red silk.

“My name is Mohammed Al Disougi but friends call

me Hamoodie. I'm 16 years old. I was born in Abu

Dhabi but originally I'm from Khartoum, Sudan. My

father got a better job, so we came to UAE. Since I

was raised here, I think it’s best to finish university

education from Abu Dhabi. Then I plan to look for a

job and stay in the capital permanently.

“I have lot of dreams that I want to accomplish

in this life time. When I was young, I wanted to

become a basketball player. I still like the game but

it's more of a recreation now. The profession of law

attracts me these days because it’s a well paid job

and I will probably get to help people and bring

some peace to their unsettled lives. My goal in life is

to get a proper education first and then lend a hand

to those who are suffering. I want to be one of the

revered intellectuals in whichever field I choose.

“The lifestyle in Abu Dhabi is very entertaining.

It's conservative but then again, it’s fun! People

have the right to express themselves within the

boundaries of the law. I wouldn't change anything

because I'm satisfied with my life here.

“To people who come here from abroad,

I recommend that they should go to see Emirates

Palace and the sandy beaches of Abu Dhabi. If they

wish to have some fun, they can visit the numerous

clubs and Marina Mall.

“I think that everybody should try different things in

their life and travel to different places in the world.

Like here in Abu Dhabi, you get the opportunity to

learn so much about Arabian culture and lifestyle

through interacting with many people, sometimes

they are complete strangers but you can learn so

much from them. This is how some of the myths

about Middle Eastern countries can get shattered,

like the fact that people think that they are too

strict. That’s so not true! My message to such people

is to come here and judge for yourself.”

12 Tempo March 2010

Making a

Each of us can in his, or her, own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple gesture, and sometimes it

is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that

will make our planet a better place for us all.

is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that

Abu Dhabi Visitor’s Survey

Results:Some 60% of international

visitor arrivals in Abu Dhabi are

guests making their first trip to the

emirate, according to an Abu Dhabi

Tourism Authority (ADTA) survey, and

87% would consider returning.

“The survey is delivering crucial insights into key

inbound tourism drivers. One of the most important

results was that 86% enjoyed their stay rating their

overall experience as very good or excellent, a

massive 92% said they would definitely, or probably,

recommend Abu Dhabi to others.” said Lawrence

Franklin, Strategy & Policy Director, ADTA.

Future Vision: The Fourth International Heritage

Symposium from 29 March to April 1 aims to discuss

the relationship between heritage and education.

Twenty working papers will be delivered in the

symposium with key focus on:

• Methods of promoting heritage in curriculum.

• Leading Arab and international experiences in

educating heritage.

Focus on Youth Basketball: NBA Global Ambassador

and 18-year NBA veteran Dikembe Mutombo

conducted a clinic on March 11th for 30 promising

basketball players at the American International

School in Abu Dhabi. The clinic engaged boys and

girls aged 13-18 as they took part in drills focusing

on basketball fundamentals and skill development,

while promoting fitness and the benefits of a healthy




Here is your chance to contribute towards helping

Palestinian women in their efforts to better their

situation. THE One has joined forces with Qalandia Camp

Women’s Handicraft Cooperative - a non-profit and nongovernmental

organization, to bring you cushion covers,

lovingly hand-embroidered by Palestinian women in the

Qalandia Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

As the women can only work on the cushion covers in

the evenings, each exquisite cover takes two months to

embroider, featuring intricate patterns in an array of colours.

The cushion covers sold at THE One represent the Ramallah,

Hebron, Beir El-Sabe’ and Beit Lahem areas.

The proceeds go to Qalandia Camp Women’s Handicraft

Cooperative which aims to raise the educational, social,

cultural, health and economic standards of women and

children in Palestine. This means that these cushion covers

are so much more than just beautiful home accessories.

They are symbols of the hope that comes from opportunity

and the preservation of Palestinian heritage. Go ahead buy

some and make a difference in someone’s life today!



On a mission to become

more environmentally

responsible, THE One

has introduced 100%

degradable plastic bags

in its Dubai, Sharjah and

Abu Dhabi Theatres.

Kudos guys, every bit




(aka ‘the Rahma brigade’)

“The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is a leading UK-based charity that

works to help those that are blind and visually impaired. RNIB has launched several

campaigns to help raise funds. ‘Save Stamps for Charity’ is a recycling campaign which

recruits volunteers to collect used or new stamps, later sold for their value or weight.

The great news is that foreign stamps are worth more which means the UAE’s diverse

population can really benefit this campaign.

We are recruiting volunteers to be Stamp Ambassadors by collecting stamps in their

home and/or place of work or study. We are especially interested in hearing from

teachers, students, and offices. If you are interested please email volunteerinabudhabi@g

mail.com with your 1) Name, 2) Mobile Number, 3) Email Address.

Next time you are opening an envelope, please take a few second of your time to save a

stamp, because it could help change a life.”

Viad Cares Volunteer in Abu Dhabi Team

Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community

‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to editorial@abudhabitempo.com

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Ever wonder why Hugh Jackman and George

Clooney look amazingly handsome in their

designer suits while you can barely pull of stylish

in your most expensive branded formal wear? Like

any expert tailor will tell you: it’s all in the fitting.

Find the right size and you can go from being

dressed like a trussed-up turkey to dashingly and

ruggedly masculine in nanoseconds!

Step 1: To determine your jacket size, wrap a tape

measure around your chest from under your arms,

making sure it crosses over your shoulder blades

and the fullest part of your chest. Note down the

measurement in inches, keeping the tape measure

loose and parallel to the floor.

Step 2: In order to get a relative chest measurement,

measure over your arms and around your chest in

inches and subtract seven from the result. Compare this

number with your underarm chest measurement from

Step 1. The larger of the two measurements and is your

suit size. For example, if the larger measurement is 42

inches, purchase a size 42 suit.

Step 3: Wrap the tape measure around your waist just

above the hipbones to determine correct trouser size.

Make sure to stand up straight, and please do not suck

your stomach in! A snug, ill-fitting suit can be a greater

tell-tale sign of your holiday weight gain!

Step 4: Now comes the tough part! Begin measuring

for pant length from the top of the inner leg to the

bottom of the leg opening on your best fitting pair

of pants. For the inseam measurement, remember to

round the reading to the nearest half inch. If you do not

have a suitable pair of pants to use as a benchmark,

measure from the top of your inner thigh to just below

your ankle. Since suit trousers come in a variety of

inseam lengths, if the inseam length you require is not

available, you may have to visit your trusty tailor after all

to get your store-bought pants altered; we hear there

are some great tailors on Electra and Hamdan Street, in

the Al Markaziyah area.


.Keep this information handy for your own good. Cut out and save it in a folder

.Keep this information handy for your own good. Cut out and save it in a folder

Abu Dhabi’s entry for New Seven

Wonders of Nature Bu Tinah Island

deserves your vote!

“Close your eyes and imagine a wonder of nature. Blue skies,

clean water, flamingos flying overhead, corals surviving

underwater, turtles nesting happily and mangroves growing

healthy. Now open your eyes and vote for Bu Tinah Island as a

wonder of nature”.

The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi is spreading this message

to encourage people to vote for Bu Tinah Island of Abu Dhabi.

Part of the Marawah Biosphere Marine Reserve, the Bu Tinah

Island was recently shortlisted as one of the 28 finalists from a list

of 447 locations across 224 countries in the New Seven Wonders

of Nature campaign.

The Island: Bu Tinah Island which lies 130 miles west of Abu

Dhabi is a core area within the Marawah Marine Biosphere

Reserve, the region’s first and largest UNESCO-designated marine

biosphere reserve.

Marine Life: It hosts a rich marine ecosystem that comprises a

dense mangrove forest, various endangered species and beautiful

coral reefs that have long survived difficult temperature and high

salinity. Various species of fishes, seabirds, endangered dolphin

and sea turtles are found in large numbers in and around the

island which is also home to the second largest concentration of

endangered dugongs following Australia.

The island is also used by many species of migratory birds,

including great flamingos (locally known as Fanteer), Socotra

Cormorants and Ospreys, as a breeding site and stop-over point

during their migration from Central Asia to Africa.

Three types of dolphins live in the waters of Bu Tinah including

humpback, bottlenose and common dolphins which are widely

spotted around the island. In addition, it hosts a large number of

sea turtles including hawksbill turtles and green turtles which

come to breed on its coasts.

Among other reasons to vote for the Bu Tinah Island are its

unique coral reefs which are able to survive amid the harsh

environment and high temperature, thus providing researchers

with a rare opportunity to study them in the view of climate

changes that adversely affect several biosphere reserves around

the world.

To vote for Bu Tinah, choose one of the available options:

1) Within the UAE: send an SMS with the word “BU TINAH” to the

number 3888. Each SMS costing AED 2.

2) Outside the UAE: call the 24-hour international hotline by

dialing +448 721 840007 or +442 033 470901 and selecting the

Bu Tinah nominee code 7705.

3) Visit the Bu Tinah Island website www.butinah.ae (Don’t for

get to watch videos of the island, they are superb!)

14 Tempo March 2010


Pareto Analysis is a very simple

technique that helps you identify the

most important issues to address

and rectify without wasting time

and resources over less pertinent

problems hindering process efficiency.

This can be particularly helpful in

the workplace as it can assist you in

making quick and effective changes

in situations where many possible

courses of action are availabale and

they compete for your attention.

The basic idea behind the Pareto principle is that by

making a 20% change to the method or system of work

you can eliminate 80% of the issues plaguing the entire

task. So throughout the analysis you concentrate only on

the changes which will give you the biggest benefits.

How to use the Pareto Analysis

Step1: This step requires that you make a list of all the

feasible changes that can be made to improve a system.

Step 2: Group related changes together if your list

seems long.

Step 3: Score the changes on the basis of advantages

each change might generate. For example, if you are

trying to improve sales, your scoring technique will be in

accordance to the profit each change will bring. If you are

attempting to improve customer satisfaction, the number

of complaints eliminated by each change will help you

gauge the improvement it will effect.

Step 4: The change that scores the highest is the first

one you should undertake. This is the one that will reap

the largest benefits for your organization. Keep in mind,

you might be tempted to go ahead with changes which

might seem more pressing but remember that these will

cost you more than they will benefit.

Customer Service Centre Example:

System: A service center failing due to poor customer


Changes that can be made based on customer


· Staff training - 35 complaints

· Hiring more staff - 13 complaints

· Improving organization and communication system

(installing more phone lines, workstations etc) - 5


By conducting the Pareto analysis on the above scenario,

the vast majority of problems (66%) can be solved

by training employees and improving their customer

service skills. Next, the manager may want to increase

office workforce. However, if he had decided to install

new phones and workstations as the first change then

it would have cost the organization a lot more without

providing much benefit.

Time Management Tip # 7*

Cut down on external appointments. If you

receive a lot of salespeople hawking their

wares, ask them to send you profiles or their

proposals by email so you have time to

evaluate it before committing to a meeting.

Do this only if you believe the visitor may be

of value, and not as a pretext to avoid them.

If you’re not interested, then you should be

direct and honest in voicing this to the party

that requested the meeting.

* Part 7 of a 12 issue series

*Part of 12 issue series

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Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing


Tips on deep breathing

• Exhale slowly so that you activate your ‘relaxation response’

which calms your mind and relaxes tensed muscles.

• Engage every part of your body when you breathe.

Feel your breath fill your belly and chest. Arch your spine

and back - stretch and feel the energy flow through you!

(Caution: If you are seated on a swivel chair, be careful, it

might overturn. Don’t ask us how we know...ehem.)

• When you are nervous or frustrated, control your breathing

first! Don’t take those ineffective quick short gasps like

you’ve just run a thousand miles. Concentrate on your

breathing – on every single breath; you will never be

overwhelmed by emotions this way.

They say life is but a series of breaths we take - well... health

experts agree! Infact recent medical research has provided

sufficient evidence on the long-term benefits of deep

breathing in the average homosapien (has anyone used

that word recently?) And what is deep breathing? It’s...deep!

On a more serious note, deep breathing raises levels of

oxygen in our blood. This helps in stimulating the digestive

process, improving fitness and over-all mental performance.

International health icon, Dr. Andrew Weil says: “If I had to

limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be

simply to learn how to breathe correctly.”


Common Lung Hazards



Radisson Blu hotel spa offers a luxurious facial

combined with added spinal pressure back, neck and

shoulder massage to stimulate the nervous system and

balance the body’s energy flow for a whole hour and

thirty minutes. Go on, spoil yourself a little!

Price: AED 320 per person

By Dr. Max Sawaf

During your lifetime, you inhale enough

air to fill ten million balloons. Like

heating and air-conditioning, breathing

is something that we take for granted

when it is working. Here is a simple test

to check your lungs: Climb two flights

of stairs without taking a break. If you

experience extreme shortness of breath

or have to stop, it is a sign your lungs are

suffering at least some distress, even if

your heart is at fault. I recommend that

you do this test once a month as a way

to periodically check your lungs and

your heart.

1) Cigarette Smoking: The major cause of

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary

Disease). The term pulmonary refers

to the lungs. Long term smokers may

or may not get heart attack or cancer,

but they all get pulmonary disease. The

lung tissue is destroyed and is replaced

by air balloons trapping air. Take a deep

breath. Now hold your breath and

start breathing from that point, never

allowing the lung to completely deflate.

That is how you would feel the rest of

your life. There is no cure. Be honest with

yourself; a chronic or so-called ‘smokers’

cough, shortness of breath and other

lung symptoms are not normal. Take


2) “Shisha” smoking is increasingly

emerging as a significant health risk, due

to the sharing of the pipe with someone

with pulmonary tuberculosis or TB.

3) Triggers of Asthma: Asthma, the

temporary blocking of the small

passages of the lungs, has many possible

triggers and can be life-threatening.

4) Occupational Hazards: Substances

you breathe at work can cause lung

trouble too. Workers, who are exposed

to occupational hazards in the air, dust

like those from coal, silica, asbestos, raw

cotton, and metal fumes, or chemical

vapours, can develop lung disease.

5) Viruses, Fungi and Bacteria: It is

crucial to change the filter of your AC

regularly and to clean the AC ducts once

a year as moisture from dripping AC

condensation encourages the growth of

mould which can then be carried to your

lungs creating allergies that later turn

into asthma.

16 Tempo March 2010








An international pop group living the essence of the

word “international”. With members from four different

countries – IL DIVO is the brainchild of extraordinaire

manager and reality TV star; Simon Cowell (they’re also

signed to his record label, Syco music).

These four charming fellas, may look like a your regular

boyband but in snazzy suites, but they’re actually talented

opera singers creating a new genre of accessible opera:

operatic pop. They are Carlos Marin (Spanish Baritone), Urs

Bühler (Swiss Tenor), David Miller (American Tenor) and

Sébastien Izambard (French pop singer).

boyband but in snazzy suites, but they’re actually talented

operatic pop. They are Carlos Marin (Spanish Baritone), Urs

With six albums in their catalog already, they’ve

collaborated and worked with some of the biggest names

in the pop world: Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Leona


collaborated and worked with some of the biggest names

Their appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005 was

a career defining moment, which saw them rise to new

levels of popularity and exposure. Il Divo also performed

the official 2006 World Cup song “The Time of Our Lives”

with R&B sensation Toni Braxton. All of their original

material albums reached the number one spot in the UK

charts, as well as getting into top ten charts around the

world - making them a world-wide sensation loved and

adored by millions of fans.

Their appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005 was

The group has also released four DVDs of live footage

from their concerts around the world covering

performances of their most famous songs. Get ready to hit

some high notes Abu Dhabi- especially female fans!!!

performances of their most famous songs. Get ready to hit

These guys are sure to please the crowd during their Abu

Dhabi concert on April 2 in Emirates Palace.



5 EcoUsable bottles!

The Prize:

environmentally safe and made of 304 Food

Grade Stainless Steel which is non-leaching

and BPA-Free are called ECH20. EcoUsable

Inc. is a company which designs and markets

reusable, eco-friendly stainless steel water

bottles providing consumers a sustainable

product for life!

The Prize: EcoUsable bottles which are

environmentally safe and made of 304 Food

Grade Stainless Steel which is non-leaching

and BPA-Free are called ECH20. EcoUsable

Inc. is a company which designs and markets

reusable, eco-friendly stainless steel water

bottles providing consumers a sustainable

product for life!

Eco Benefits

Eco Benefits

• The ECH20 is the world’s only portable

stainless steel filtered water bottle with a

built in filtration system so you’ll always have

filtered water on the go.

• The ECH20 is the world’s only portable

stainless steel filtered water bottle with a

built in filtration system so you’ll always have

filtered water on the go.

• The ECH2O comes in two sizes: 18oz & 25oz

and multiple colors.

• The ECH2O comes in two sizes: 18oz & 25oz

and multiple colors.

• The ECH20 filter has been tested by

• The ECH20 filter has been tested by

independent State & EPA approved

laboratories to EPS/ANSI protocols and NSF

standards 42 & 53.

• The ECH2O is not only meant for your daily

Tap Water use but, it also removes micro

biological organisms such as Giardia and

Cryptosporidium so it can be used at local


as Tap Water. However, since we are in Abu

Dhabi, promise us that if you win you will not

substitute sea water to test the filters of these

revolutionary EcoUsable bottles, the results

will not be...healthy.

How to Win?

Simply answer the question: What makes

ECH20 bottles different from all other stainless

steel bottles in the world?

Send in your answers along with

your name and mobile number to

contest@abudhabitempo.com with ECH20

Contest in the subject line.



Log on to

to find out if you are one of the lucky winners of last


Log on to www.abudhabitempo.com

to find out if you are one of the lucky winners of last

month's Ecojot prizes. Just type Ecojot in the search tab.


My Style

Tempo spots

fashionable and

smart dressers

around the city.



Shaf Raisi

Age: 24

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

(Dh 980)

Scarf: Just Cavali

(Dh 900)

Chain: Armani Exchange

(Dh 150)

Shirt: Zara

(Dh 250)



What do you do (work)?

Marketing Manager

Your most valued

fashion possessions?

Ed Hardy jacket

Belt: Lee Cooper

(Dh 60)

Pants: Jeans West

(Dh 170)

The One Thing I Regret


Disel Jeans

The One Thing I Dream

of Buying:

Classic Ford Mustang

Style inspiration:


My Style Philosophy:

I go with the flow

and I am what I am.

Shoes: Lee Cooper

(Dh 120)



Possibly helped by that

ultra-artsy goatee and

those aviators, you have

managed to pull off the

skinny jeans and tight shirt

look (on a guy), without

looking any less manly.

That's a feat in itself, dude!

Would you like to be featured on My Style Blueprint? If you do contact: 026673349, blueprint@abudhabitempo.com

18 Tempo March 2010


Summer’s here and there is one more thing you need to do aside from buying bucket-loads of sunscreen.

Can’t think of what? We have three words for you: stylish eye protection! Shades are the uber cool way to

stand out in a bleached summer crowd (since most people wear white and all!). Choose the right ones and

your pumped up ‘ttude will blaze a trail through stunned crowds. Choose the wrong ones and… people will

point and laugh. Your choice really!

For Her




For Her

Chanel Retro

glasses with

black acetate

For Her

Dior Glossy


For Her

Juicy Couture




For Her

Ed Hardy


or Glory


For Him

Ray Ban

Outdoorsman II

rainbow sunglasses

For Him

Tom Ford Black

Gold Sun Glasses

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By Rantan Rave

Sweet & Sickly

My rant is about juice: why does packaged juice have to be so

sickly sweet?

You may think it's not a big deal, but it is considering that a large

portion of people in the UAE have diabetes and a growing number

is at serious risk. It is an exasperating disease because it catches

kids while they’re young, and unless you have superhuman

discipline (which most adults don’t even have) it is a tough battle!

The problem is that most people think packaged juice is good

for you. Fresh juice is good for you-- with no sugar added (and

hopefully consumed immediately after preparation). But most

commercially bought juice --and that's even those that are fortified

with vitamins--are loaded with tons of sugar.

There are a few brands of juice that don't have much sugar added.

But we don't see enough of these fine brands in UAE supermarkets.

Most of the brands we do have here, whether they are apple,

orange, strawberry, passion fruit, guava, peach, and pear etc, have

high fructose nectar and concentrates bases that are far too sweet,

even if they claim 'no sugar added.' Best way to check those labels

(assuming they don't lie), and keep in mind that one teaspoon of

granulated white sugar is equal to about 4.2 grams. That means

that a cola or juice with 44 grams of sugar is equal to 10 teaspoons

of sugar, and one with 35gms of sugar has eight teaspoons of


That means that a kid who takes a juice in his lunchbox in the

morning, consumes one with lunch, and another at dinner time,

has already joined the queue to becoming a diabetic. And here we

haven't even touched on all the other fatty, sugary foods that are

also consumed in the span of a day.

And the tragedy in all this? Juice doesn’t need to have so much

sugar to make it consumable, or ‘buyable’. Because sugar is an

acquired taste (you can calibrate your taste buds with time to

want more of it, or less of it), consumers are continuously adjusting

their palettes to appreciate rising levels of sugar. So here’s the

idea: how about we reverse the process, and start lowering sugar

content gradually until the point that juice (and other foods) can

be appreciated without so much sugar.

So a call to all juice manufacturers: please consider reducing sugar

content. Hopefully if it affects your business it will be temporary,

and over time you will add new customers as well. We need

to work together with responsibility, and caring, to bring up a

healthier young generation. Plainly speaking, it’s just the right

thing to do!


Corporate Liguistics

Certain international brands ‘transfer’

well into Arabic while others are

linguistic disasters. If you are in corporate

communications and are looking for a name

that crosses over into Arabic, keep a few

guidelines in mind.

The most obvious one is to stay away

from any word in English that has a ‘g’ or ‘j’

sound. The reason is twofold: in classically

pronounced Arabic there is no soft ‘g’ (as in

‘gate’)—just ‘j’, and the second is that the

soft ‘g’ can be pronounced in three different

ways depending on your dialect. ‘Jeep’ can

be pronounced ‘geep’ in places like Cairo

or Aden. If ‘Jeep’ was pronounced in the

traditional Emirati or Hadrami dialect it

would be “yeep.” The soft ‘g’ is also a bit of a

challenge. Your choices in Arabic is to either

use “jeem” or the “ghayn” in Arabic—which

means that the “Guggenheim” could either

sound like “jujenhaym” (or ‘yuyunheim

in traditional Emirati/ Hadrami) or it can

be written with the ‘ghayn’ to sound like


Other examples of the ‘g’ or ‘j’ words…there's

Gant which can sound like ‘jant’ or ‘ghant’,

and Gloria Jean’s which can either be written

as “ghloria jeens,” or “jloria geenz,’ while

Galleries Lafayette would be pronounced

“jalleri lafayet” or”ghaleri lafayet.”

I would suggest you steer clear away from

the letter ‘p’ because it doesn’t exist in

Arabic. There is only ‘b’ in Arabic. Yes, the use

of two more dots under the ‘ba’ is used to

denote ‘p’ but is not widely used in all Arab

countries. This means that Popeye, it is often

pronounced ‘bobeye’ in Arabic, “Paul” is ‘baul’

(which is unfortunate because that also

means urine in Arabic), Prada is ‘brada’ and

“Parker pens” is “barker bens.”

Had any linguistic (mis)adventures lately?

Do you have questions or comments? Send

them to:


Send in your comments to editorial@abudhabitempo.com

20 Tempo March 2010



“This is really not a big deal but it bothers me just the same when male co-workers in the office place are

inconsiderate towards female staff members just because they believe we are supposed to put up with it. I

know he doesn’t mean any harm but I really get frustrated when a senior level manager in the organization

that I work for, purposely opens my office door every time he passes by. He says it’s for ventilation and jokes

about how I can survive in a stuffy room and that I should really leave the door ajar like the rest of my coworkers.

I just don’t like heads turning

towards me while people pass by. It’s

very distracting and also, I believe

the central AC-s take good care of

ventilation, so I have no idea what

he is complaining about! The matter

seems too trivial to bother anyone with

it and the gentleman in question really

keeps to himself the rest of the time… he

isn’t even from my department! It’s just his

unusual habit that annoys me!!!”

Sameena Abbass

Over to


“He needs therapy if you ask me!”

J.L, Abu Dhabi resident

“I can’t believe you don’t find the fact that a guy from another department opens

your office door to check on you, even slightly upsetting! You should find it very

upsetting since he isn’t even from your department. This behaviour is uncalled for

- I say complain to your boss.”

Anusha Rathore

“Do the opposite to him! Go in his room when he is working, stay at the door and

when you leave, shut the door behind you! This will definitely get the point across.”

Zelia Antonio

“If it really doesn’t bother you then put up with it and don’t go writing to

magazines about it!”

Mohd. Hamid

“Not all men are like that first of all! This sort of behaviour is rare. If it happened in

our office, the man would get fired for sure!”

Syed Raza

Send your stories to mystory@abudhabitempo.com

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“No people in the world

manifest such enthusiastic

admiration for literary

expression and are so moved

by the word, spoken or

written, as the Arabs. Modern

audiences in Baghdad,

Damascus and Cairo can be

stirred to the highest degree

by the recital of poems, only

vaguely comprehended, and

by the delivery of orations

in the classical tongue,

though it be only partially

understood. The rhythm, the

rhyme, the music, produce

on them the effect of what

they call ‘lawful magic’ (sihr


Philip K Hitti, History of the


The earliest form of Arabic

literature is classical Arabic

poetry. Oral poetry is

believed to be a predecessor

of modern poetry since early

6th century. Traditionally

works of poetry are compiled

in a collection of poems

called a ‘diwan’. These can be

arranged by poet, tribe, topic

or the name of the compiler.

Rhymed Arabic poetry

is measured in meters.

Just like other marvels of

engineering...yes, we are

serious! Only you don’t need

a tape measure. We learned

that Meter (wazn) is based

on the length of syllables in

the Arabic. A popular website

explained it as:

“A short syllable is a

consonant followed by a

short vowel. A long syllable

is a vowelled letter followed

by either an unvowelled

consonant or a long vowel. A

nunation sign at the end of

a word also makes the final

syllable long.”

Now that wasn’t confusing

at all!

In Arabic poetry each line is

known as ‘bayt’ (plural: abyat)

and is divided into two

halves called ‘shatr’ (plural:

shatrayn). It is said that the

measuring procedure of a

poem has to be very exact.

Even small changes such

as adding or removing a

consonant or a vowel can

shift the entire ‘bayt’ from

one meter to another.

Moreover, in rhymed poetry,

every ‘bayt’ has to end with

the same rhyme (qafiya)

throughout the poem. Arabic

has only three vowels which

can be either long or short

so the mono-rhyme, ‘qasidah’,

which basically means that

there is a rhyme on every

line of the poem.

Celebrating the proud

heritage of poetry recitals is

Poets of a Million, a festival

of poetry which extends the

appreciation of the Nabati

poetic heritage of the Arab

region to millions through TV

and the Internet. As one of

the most successful cultural

media projects in the Middle

East, it has won the hearts

of millions of viewers tuning

in each week to watch the


Here are some common

types of Arabic poetry:

Nabati: the vernacular poetry

of the tribes of the Arabian


Ritha: an elegy • Qasidah:

an ode • Ruba’i: a quatrain

Hamasa: war poetry • Rajaz:

a discourse in rhyme

Malhunah: vernacular

poetry • Mawwal: folk

poetry in four rhyming lines

• Hija: a lampoon • Wasf: a

descriptive poem • Ghazal:

a love poem, sometimes

expressing love of home

Tardiyyah: hunt poetry

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“The wallet

of the timid

man neither

increases nor


Proverb from






Right behind Christmas

and Thanksgiving, Super

Bowl Sunday ranks as the

third largest occasion for

Americans to consume food,

according to the National

Football League.

22 Tempo March 2010





Automotive Oasis

I recently ventured out of town in search of a place I heard

about and always wanted to visit, the Emirates National

Auto Museum. You see, I have been an incurable gearhead

from a very early age and cars are one of my more healthy


Dear Um Ayman,

I love my husband and we have a great relationship.

But recently he has been suggesting that I go for

plastic surgery: botox on my face and a tummy tuck.

I was shocked and saddened to hear this because

I am comfortable with the way I look. Um Ayman,

what is your opinion on this?

Arwa G.

Dear Arwa,

You don’t mention your age in your email, but the

bottom line is that your husband wants you to look

more attractive. Now I don’t think there is anything

intrinsically wrong in his suggestion as long as you

keep two things in mind. Number one is that he

should not coerce you into plastic surgery: after all

your body is yours and it is you that needs to make

such a decision. And number two, that it needs to

be for the right reasons. You see sometimes men

go through a mid life crisis (and have a hard time

accepting the process of aging) and want a partner

to help them feel younger. If that is the case then

he has issues that he needs to resolve, and plastic

surgery will not be the answer. Loving your partner

means accepting them however (old) they are. And

as for aging—it is a human dilemma, and we all have

to work through. I'm sure you have a good man and

a good marriage. I sincerely hope this is a small and

temporary hump in your relationship.

ENAM’s founder and curator is a member of the UAE Royal

Family, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, AKA The Rainbow

Sheikh. All the cars there are his personal collection and

many of them sport his multicolor trademark. He is known

to be a very charitable man.

In addition to the many well restored classic cars inside the

pyramid shaped museum, there are a few fanciful vehicles

on site that suspend belief! There is an eight bedroom

house trailer that is in the Guinness Book of Records, a huge

Dodge Power Wagon truck, a world globe house trailer, a

real Lockheed L-1011 jumbo jet and my favorite, a three

story tall military Jeep that is so complete in every detail, it’s


ENAM is southwest of Abu Dhabi on one of the roads to

Liwa. It is a great day trip away from the city and is well

worth the drive. The facilities are top-notch and I met folks

from all over the world there. You will not be disappointed!

Did I mention Admission is free?

For more info, directions and preview photos, go to: ENAM.ae

- Randy Parker

Randy has been a resident of Abu Dhabi since August, 2008 and

works in the travel industry. He has a blog at:


*Um Saif has moved overseas and we wish her the

best in future endeavours. We welcome Um Ayman,

she will be replying to your queries from now onwards.

So if you have a question for Um Ayman send it to




By Samantha Davis

Life’s Lessons

It is amazing the pearls of wisdom you can gather while checking forwarded emails in your inbox! The words,

though repeated numerous times, still carry an important message within them. I have compiled a list of life’s

lessons which can stir the soul and help raise your spirits. Remember as many as you can:

15. Take lots of pictures. Someday you’ll be really glad you


16. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t

take no for an answer.

17. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, and wear the fancy

clothes. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

18. Over prepare, and then go with the flow.

19. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

20. Eat healthy.

21. Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.

22. Forgive everyone and everything. Revenge never evens

out, it just perpetuates itself.

23. What other people think of you is none of your business.

24. Time heals almost everything. Give time, time.

25. Purposely ignoring the obvious is like walking backwards

toward the enemy.

26. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.

3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

4. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your

friends and parents will. Stay in touch.

5. Pay off your credit cards every month.

6. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

7. Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone.

8. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.

9. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

10. Make peace with your past so it won’t hinder the present.

11. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what

their journey is all about.

12. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

13. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

14. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

27. Believe in miracles.

28. God loves you because of who God is, not because of

anything you did or didn’t do.

29. Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.

30. Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.

31. People deserve a second chance, but not a third.

32. All that truly matters in the end is that you were loved by

those you hold dear.

33. Get outside every day.

34. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone

else’s, we’d grab ours back.

35. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

36. The best is yet to come.

37. Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.

38. Exercise, daily!

39. Frame every so-called disaster with these words, ‘’In five

years, will this matter?”

40. If you never act, you will never know for sure.

24 Tempo March 2010


Everyone has something they do better than anyone else. You have the brag rights and

Tempo is giving you the space! So send us your helpful tips and tricks to making life

simpler and richer. Just make sure its all original and all you.

Send us your tips: editorial@abudhabitempo.com

“My husband used to toss broken electronic gadgets and other junk on

top of our refrigerator. On the weekend, it took me hours to sort it out until

my mother-in-law suggested something very clever. She asked me to place

a large decorative item on top of my fridge (not a basket!) and rest assured

now my husband has to unload his doodads in his tool box since he can’t

deposit them on the fridge any more!” Suneeta M.

“I have three kids and I don’t like spending much time in the kitchen.

Sometime ago I noticed that it takes too much time unloading the dishwasher

if all the items are not stacked properly. So from now on instead of just tossing

everything inside, I make sure I stack similar items together. It also requires lesser

washing loads during the week as this creates enough space for a few extra

dishes in the washer.”

Olivia Brackett

“I keep leftovers in marked containers; it is easier to know what you are looking

for when preparing a dish utilizing them. Also, when unexpected company (is

there any other kind?) helps themselves to something in the fridge they are

met with tidiness.”

Nina Gonzalves

“Garbage cans will reek even after the garbage is gone in a closed apartment

environment. Most resident suffer with this issue. My trick is to clean the bin

with half a cup of white vinegar and half cup of baking soda to get rid of

strong odours.”

Kathy Baumholzer

“Charcoal briquettes or couple of teaspoons of baking soda left open inside

a freezer or fridge will help eliminate odours.” Savi Ramakrishnan

Tempo Tip!

When shopping for pre-teens, it is

important to get an idea of what other

kids their age are wearing first.

Kids take self-image more seriously

than ever but that doesn't mean highend

labels should be their only option.

Set shopping rules and budgets before

you step outside to shop.





L’Oreal Recital Preference

Hair Colour (# 4.6 Deep Red)

Description Amt

Lulu hyper market Dh 41.25

Carrefour Dh 39.30

Cooperative Dh 39.95

www.abudhabitempo.com 25


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26 Tempo March 2010


Sudoku 5

Funny Quotes

“What do you call 500 lawyers lying on the

bottom of the ocean? A good start!”

Danny DeVito

“The length of a film should be directly related to

the endurance of the human bladder.”

Alfred Hitchcock

“This film cost $31 million. With that kind of

money I could have invaded some country.”

Clint Eastwood

Sudoku 4


“A James Cagney love scene is one where he lets

the other guy live.”

Bob Hope

“In God we trust, all others must pay cash.”

Sign on a shop window

Reach for e Sta

Tempo Monthly Horoscope

Aries: This month the planets will turn

you into a magnet for the attention of

significant others! Those who are just

as sizzling as yourself.

Taurus: With sturdiness, and diligence

that’s intrinsic, you may consider

starting up a new business of your

own. Go for it!

Gemini: Sadly, this month, if anything

can go wrong, it will! Prepare, be ready,

and it’ll be fine. You will get through.

Cancer: Career-wise this is the month

to take that leap. Aim for a promotion

or switch jobs, it’s up to you. Just make

sure you are ready for it!

Leo: This month you’ll be supercharged

and ready for the kill. Try

and control that temper and the rest

should go well.

Virgo: 17th of this month is the best

time to start taking care of unfinished

business. Do not put it off any longer.

Libra: Secrets of the romantic type will

turn into an amorous intrigue. Find a

solution to old issues otherwise this

fine catch will run away.

Scorpio: Get ready for a romantic

encounter with what you thought was

lost love. Hold on to them. This time

the results depend on you.

Sagittarius: Decisions, decisions.

Choosing between work and love isn’t

easy but if you utilize your time well,

you can make time for both work and


Capricorn: You’ll get plenty of rest and

sleep this month. Work will continue

but you won’t be burdened by it!

Aquarius: Mars will help you erupt

emotionally, and get it all out. If

someone is hurt in the process, you

will get chatty by the end of the month

and sort it out.

Pisces: Let go of the past! This has

been haunting you for a while, your

pals are right - it’s time to move on.

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