Dolphin Underwater & Adventure Club November 2012 Newsletter

Dolphin Underwater & Adventure Club November 2012 Newsletter

Dolphin Underwater & Adventure


November 2012 Newsletter

Next Club Meeting:

Wed. 14 th November



Project Jonah

Venue: The Club Rooms

Northcote Rd Ext’n,

Lake Pupuke, Takapuna

Club’s Mail Address:

14 Gails Drive


RD2 Albany

Ph/Fax: 09 473 8069

Mob: 0274 839 839



President Steve Boundford 476 9286

Vice-President/Editor Denis Adams 444 0501

Secretary/Treasurer Margaret Howard 473 8069 Ph/Fax

Secretary/Treasurer Trish Mahon-Adams 444 0501

Web Site John Freeman 478 4958

Dive Trips Officer Dave Dobbie 479 8334

Assist Dive Trips Officer Andy Kilgallon 012 450 477

Adventure Trips Martin Saggers 410 2363

Entertainment Tom Butler 624 3505

Honorary Dive Instructor Kevin Hodgson 442 4148

Clubroom Management Denis Adams 0275 970 922

Life & Honorary Members

Barry Barnes – Life Peter & Margaret Howard – Life Brian Horton – Life

Reg Lawson - Life Roberto Tonei – Life Dave Quinlan – Life

Graham Thumah – Honorary Tony & Jenny Enderby - Honorary Eileen Slark – Honorary

Cover Page Photo: by Project Jonah – Pilot Whale stranded on Karikari beach.

Dolphin UAC Trips & Events Coming Up

14 th Nov – Wednesday – 7:30pm Dive Club Meeting – Club Rooms – Northcote Rd Extn – Guest Speaker –

Yuin Foong from Project Jonah.

17 th Nov – Saturday – 10am Dive gear swap meet & BBQ at our club. Other clubs have been invited.

If attending please advise Denis, Trish, Steve or Sue for catering.

17 th Nov –Saturday – Movie night & dinner at the Westwind Theatre. Contact Tom.

25 th Nov – Sunday – Club’s Xmas dinner at the Bays Club. Contact Margaret.

30 th Nov – 2 nd Dec – Annual Coromandel Dive Festival – Whitianga. Contact


Other suggestions please contact David or it won't happen. 09-479-8334

Our Club’s Trip Rules

A. Bookings allowed on all trips.

B. A deposit or full payment to be made at time of booking.

C. Full payment MUST be paid at least two weeks before departure date.

D. Trips Officer to handle trips & bookings, & Treasurer to handle finances. Cancellations due to weather will

be refunded in full, or transferred to another trip.

E. Members cancelling for any reason will lose full monies unless they find a replacement for their position on

the trip.

F The trips Officer will determine if there are enough people to run a trip & if not will notify cancellation two

weeks prior to departure.

Non-Members & non-financial members will be charged an extra $10 on trips.

Two trips & club membership is a must.

Please send Club Fees to Margaret Howard, 14 Gails Drive, Okura, RD2, Albany

Or Internet bank to 06 0122 0074227 00 & don’t forget your name.

Family Membership $55 – Single $45 – Junior $30 – Social $30

For those that pay their now over-due subs,

you will then receive one of the new CLUB membership cards.

We need to support this by educating others that don’t dive

And another Sunday at the track

Ready to roll

Trish all concentration

Tight racing

Bob & Denis slugging it out

The podium – Bob, Steve, Brian, Denis

and the re-run at Speakers corner

The Swap, Buy, Sell Meet has a great range of gear starting to line up.

Dive Tanks, Wet, Semi-Dry & Dry Suits, Cameras, Housings, Accessories, Knives, Fins, Bouyancy Comp,

SS Boat Props, Boogie Boards, Etc,Etc.

Another succesful “Beatles Charity Night at the Soccer Club

The Dolphin’s table less Trish

The band

And a time watch what you say Guys

A husband and wife are shopping in their local Foodtown.

The husband picks up a case of Speights Gold and puts it in their trolley.

'What do you think you're doing?' asks the wife.

'They're on sale, only $40 for 24 cans' he replies.

'Put them back, we can't afford them' demands the wife, and so they carry on shopping.

A few aisles further on along the woman picks up a $80 jar of face cream and puts it in the basket.

What do you think you're doing?' asks the husband.

'It's my face cream. It makes me look beautiful,' replies the wife.

Her husband retorts:

'So does 24 cans of Speight’s, and it's half the price.'


Dead turtle swallowed 317 plastic pieces

• A GIANT sea turtle found dead on a NSW beach is likely to have starved after more than 300

pieces of plastic it swallowed caused its digestive system to shut down, a marine biologist says.

• The 40cm turtle was found washed up on a beach at Ballina, on the NSW far north coast, earlier this


• A necropsy procedure found it had swallowed 317 pieces of plastic, including three varieties of plastic

bags - clear, black and blue - plastic lids, several lolly pop sticks, fishing line and packing tape, Australian

Seabird Rescue spokeswoman Rochelle Ferris told AAP.

• "Its digestive system became so impacted with the undigestible material that the system basically shut

down and that turtle slowly starved to death," she said.

• Ms Ferris, who is a marine biologist, said she was aware of 40 to 50 cases of turtles suffering from

plastic ingestion each year, but this was a particularly disturbing discovery.

• "We've rescued hundreds of sea turtles. This is the worst case we've seen," she said.

• She called on federal, state and territory governments to act to halt the flow of garbage streaming into

oceans from urban rivers and waterways.

• "The government knows this is a problem," she said.

• "The science is there that says 36 per cent of sea turtles are affected by plastic debris."

• Ms Ferris said there were only seven species of sea turtles on the planet.

• "We only operate on 250 kilometres of coastline," she said.

• "It makes me sick to imagine how many turtles are dying long, slow deaths across the country where

there is no help."

Don’t forget to support these people. They need us as much as we need them.

Some may be offering discount, you’ll have to ask & show your membership card.

It pays to belong & there’s more to come as soon as I can get their cards.

Remember this Date

10am Sat. 17 th November Sell-Swap-Buy & B-B-Q Meet at The Clubrooms

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