February 2010 Newsletter - DolphinUnderwater.org

February 2010 Newsletter - DolphinUnderwater.org

February 2010 Newsletter - DolphinUnderwater.org


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Dolphin Underwater & Adventure


February 2010 Newsletter

Next Club


Wed. 10 th February


B-B-Q Night

What’s Inside

Coming Trips & Events

Committee Contacts

News & Views


Club’s Mail Address:

14 Gails Drive


RD2 Albany

Ph/Fax: 09 473 8069

Mob: 0274 839 839

Email: marg.howard@xtra.co.nz

Venue: The Club Rooms

Northcote Rd Ext’n,

Lake Pupuke, Takapuna



President Martin Brett 418 2332 m.brett@auckland.ac.nz

Vice-President Steve Boundford 476 9286 sbounders@xtra.co.nz

Secretary/Treas Margaret Howard 473 8069 Ph/Fax marg.howard@xtra.co.nz

Susan Boundford 476 9286 sbounders@xtra.co.nz

Editor Denis Adams 444 0501 triden@clear.net.nz

Ed. Mobile Denis Adams 0275 970 922

Web Site John Freeman 478 4958 johnf@witblitz.net

Susan Boundford 476 9286 sbounders@xtra.co.nz

Dive Trips Officer Bruce Nixon 478 7186 bruce.nixon@orcon.net.nz

Dave Dobbie 479 8334 dobbie@paradise.net.nz

Adventure Trips Martin Saggers 410 2363 msaggers@xtra.co.nz

Steve Boundford 476 9286 sbounders@xtra.co.nz

Committee Tom Butler 624 3505 trbutler@xtra.co.nz

Honorary Dive Instructor Kevin Hodgson 442 4148 kevin@performancediver.co.nz

Life & Honorary Members

Barry Barnes – Life Peter & Margaret Howard – Life Brian Horton – Life

Reg Lawson - Life Roberto Tonei – Life Dave Quinlan – Life

Graham Thumah – Honorary Tony & Jenny Enderby - Honorary Eileen Slark – Honorary

Cover Page Photo: Trish about to fish while waiting for the Scuba divers to return

Dolphin UAC Trips & Events Coming Up

10 th February - Wednesday – Dive Club Meeting – Club Rooms – Northcote Road Extension – 7.30pm –

BBQ Night

10 th March – Wednesday - Dive Club Meeting – Club Rooms – Northcote Road Extension – 7.30pm –

Guest Speaker - Rex Gilbert – NZUA’s Accident Recorder

Club clothing ; There have been quite a few asking about Club Clothing. If you would like to purchase the

clothing, your size, colour etc. (polo shirt, T-shirt, polar fleece) or have an item already (not too old or worn) you

would like it embroided with the Club Logo, bring it along to the next meeting or get it to me and I will arrange

the Club logo for you. Not sure of the cost yet, it will depend of how many items – ring me if you would like more

details. Margaret 09 473 8069.

Other trips Bruce will book if you are interested in any of the following:-

Once the weather starts to improve and warm up Bruce will have a few more dive trips to add – or if you would like to

organize an event or a dive give him a ring & we can add it into our schedule.

Matauri Bay – diving the Rainbow Warrior – with Northland Dive.

Twin Wreck dive out from Tutukaka – Diving the Tui and Waikato

Diving the Mokohinau Islands.

Alderman Islands Weekend trip on “Taranui” with skipper Jim Hope. Contact Bruce – 478 7186

Our Club’s Trip Rules

A. Bookings allowed on all trips.

B. A deposit or full payment to be made at time of booking.

C. Full payment MUST be paid at least two weeks before departure date.

D. Trips Officer to handle trips & bookings, & Treasurer to handle finances. Cancellations due to

weather will be refunded in full, or transferred to another trip.

E. Members cancelling for any reason will lose full monies unless they find a replacement for their

position on the trip.

F The trips Officer will determine if there are enough people to run a trip & if not will notify

cancellation two weeks prior to departure.

Non-Members & non-financial members will be charged an extra $10 on trips.

Two trips & club membership is a must.

Please send Club Fees to Margaret Howard, 14 Gails Drive, Okura, RD2, Albany

Or Internet bank to 06 0122 0074227 00 & don’t forget your name.

Family Membership $55 – Single $45 – Junior $30 – Social $30

If members need to hire or buy any new gear Kevin Hodgson (our Hon Dive Instructor) from

Performance Dive, have offered the Club great discounted rates, email him on

Kevin@performancediver.co.nz or give him a ring on 09 489 7782.

Dive Travel 2010

Who is interested in going diving in Western Samoa or Tonga?

Let’s either help out with their economy in Samoa & at the same time enjoy ourselves or do we wait a year & try

Vavau in Tonga first. A couple of options.

The thinking about it should be done by now & we will get better deals by booking early.

Try looking up this web site www.tripadvisor.com & look at the reports of the various places to stay & visit.

If we generate a trip list of those interested we can then start looking.

The New Year has arrived & we now need potential numbers to put a plan into action.

Trish & I will also be looking at getting some dive time in Brisbane mid-May. Hopefully the Inner & Outer

Gneerings & maybe HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba, if anyone wants to join in? Let’s know.

Well done Brian – 13lbs at Great Barrier Island.

And two Club members up to mischief!

March Meeting

Next months (March) meeting we will have Rex Gilbert as our guest speaker. Rex is NZUA’s Accident

Recorder, so I’m sure he will have some interesting points of interest to tell us plus I believe he’s recently

been diving overseas, but you’ll have to come along to find out where!

Some of us did get wet over the holiday period even if only briefly. Day one, 1 x smoker sized Kingfish – but it

did feed eight people several times. Then !%$#*&^ bronchitis on holiday – no diving. Still took out a friend

fishing one day then Garry & Tom the next (thanks for getting the seafood you two). Then retired from all

activities. Denis

Hauling Ass over the Heaphy.

Kate, "Why don't we do the Heaphy Track over New Year".

Me "Done it already."

Kate "Well I haven't so I'm doing it."

So with bricks and mortar in her pack she set to train for this longest of the Great Walks, 82km. Two nieces

and a sister in law showed signs of interest, so it was duly booked with me down as the donkey (or ass).

After a fantastic time with Angela and Stu in Nelson, (I was sleeping with "Dolly" for two days) I caught up

with the rest of the party at Collingwood and we sorted out the kai for the 4 day torture.

Me "We are not taking any of this tinned food!"

Them "Why we like fruit salad?

Me "Co's it ain't going in my pack and we haven't got ice cream.

Liz "I'll take it"

Me "No problem".

First night Browns Hut, - you drive to this one (my kind of tramping). After breakfast (fruit salad) we headed

off up to Perry Saddle ( I needed one with a horse under it), 5hrs away. As was the norm Joss and Fiona

streaked fully clothed, ahead, beating us "Olds" by an hour or more. "We're taking in the scenery, flora and


What's that? "Never mind". The wind was truly howling on this leg and if you closed your eyes you would

swear it was surf pounding on a beach. It's a slow gentle climb with great scenery. As you can imagine this

time of year the huts are busy, mornings are best described as organised chaos. Most trampers were Kiwis

and professional people so I was in good company.

Me "You sleep up there Liz".

Liz "No way, I'm not sleeping with a stranger."

Me "He might not be strange".

That was all sorted by the next hut. The track is well formed and every day the scenery and fauna is so

different. Heavy rain warnings were forecast which never arrived till the Mackay/Heaphy leg and boy did it

come down. About an hour from the Heaphy Hut the track became a river and like drowned rats we

cautiously waded through up to our waists in places. We finally arrived at the Heaphy Hut, The ranger

commenting that it was the worst she'd seen. I wasn't sure whether she was talking about us or the track. We

were lucky that Kate's brother met us at the last hut and drove us to Christchurch as it can be a logistical

nightmare. A Great Walk it is. Martin S.

An Open invite to all club members

Hi All,

I am a committee member for the Mount Maunganui Underwater Club and like most clubs, we have

problems filling trips and getting people diving. I wanted to contact you all to see if you want to have some

sort of common contact email list or perhaps even a dive exchange programme where we could visit each

others home grounds for dive trips? Given Tauranga is close to many clubs in the North Island so we even

though about having some trips where would allocate visitor spaces?

Our dive club has many different members, wreck divers, photographers, spearos, cray hunters and just plain

divers. So trying to please everyone at the same time is difficult. We haven't been on many away trips

recently, however our trip out to Gannet Island from Kawhia ( near Raglan ) was a great trip and very


We dive out of the BOP for most of our trips, heading round the outer reefs and pinnacles ( Astrolabe,

Penguin Shoals ), then out to Mayor and round motiti. We have some great wrecks, the Taioma, Taupo and

San Benito. We were heading to White Island today but called off due to weather!

Our club boat is privately owned and its a superb 15m Cat. We are very lucky to have her and get to dive off

her for a very reasonable price. Have a look at http://www.mantracharters.co.nz/?pgRq=showDoc&item=1.

So, maybe I can kick things off. We are running a weekend trip to Mayor Island, we will be staying in the

DOC huts on the island and doing all our own cooking there.

Rough Plan Below approx 6 dives for the trip. Charter, Fills, Food, Accommodation, Landing Fees approx

300$. We have are taking 12 people out and have 4-6 spaces (TBC) at the moment.

Rough Plan Below approx 6 dives for the trip.

Friday 19th

Depart 15:00 - Dive Penguin Shoals then Night dive at SE Bay

Sat 20th

AM - Tramp/Relax/Kayak

PM - Tuhua Reef and 2 Fathom Reef

BBQ dinner

Sun 21st

Pinnacle & Pudney Rock on Way in

RTN 16:00

Please get in touch if you are interested in the above trip, organising hosting us as a club or us hosting you, or

just exchanging ideas via email groups?

You can have a look at some of my pictures at www.shanewasik.com

Safe Diving Cheers


Reply 1

Hello Shane,

I shared your e-mail at our recent South Taranaki Underwater club meeting. While our Club is still relatively

strong we also encounter similar problems.

Our Committee is always keen to organize trips, but know that on most occasions it's only committee

members that take up the challenge. The membership also has a similar make up to your own.

We would be very keen to become part of a e-mail group forum that is able to share ideas and take part in

other clubs trips. I know from experience that this sort of forum is helpful in business programs and would

think it will work equally well for clubs such as our own. There are a couple of members that have shown an

interest in the planed Mayor Island trip, hopefully you will hear from them.

Many of our members have their own boats, as trips in this area are of the day type; we have no offshore

Islands (unless you count the South Island) like the lucky people in your area.


Richard Guy. Secretary STUC

Reply 2

We have also experienced similar problems, and would strongly support better communication and closer

collaboration between dive clubs, to facilitate diving for our respective members throughout the country and

on overseas trips. We also believe that we could exert more of an influence on NZUA to simplify the

regulations covering club boats etc, to avoid excessive costs to clubs and members.

We would encourage contact from other clubs and their members if wishing to dive the Upper NI, or to meet

us socially, at say our monthly meetings held at 7pm on 1 st Monday of each month in the Cock & Bull,

Botany Downs. Also, check out our website, address below, which we hope to improve this coming year.

This may be an opportunity to share expertise between clubs in for example website design, hosting, and

communication with members. Likewise, boats, engines, dive equipment etc.

Just a few thoughts and we would welcome your feedback.


Julian Waters. President Botany Bottom Scratchers Dive Club



Our trip to Rarotonga.

Forced to take such a long summer break, Sue and I decided to pass some time with the usual dose of festive

self indulgence and book a trip to Raro’ and Aitutaki.

We left on Dec 24 th for 8 days and enjoyed Christmas in the air on the way there and New Years in the air on

the way back. Nice to get free drink on both occasions, it’s not often that happens! Aitutaki was the middle

three days, we had lots planned but by the time we got there we had settled into the calm, relaxed way of the

Islands and did absolutely buggar all.

Back in Raro’, we did manage to drag ourselves out of the air conditioning for a couple of dives with ‘The

Dive Centre Ltd’ run by Sabine and Sascha. The currency over there is all NZ$ and two dives was around

$150. There are only a couple of places on Raro’ where you can get through the reef, the dive shop is

situated in the south west but because it was quite windy, we dived on the north east of the island on a pretty

large reef which unfortunately was largely destroyed by cyclones in 2005.

As you can see from this three year old chain the reef is coming back with a vengeance. The water was a

fantastic 28 0 and we had about 20m vis. Lots of fish and coral, a couple of great dives.

All the gear was supplied and the dives were guided. We took our own fins and boots...Because I hate shoe

fins, but we could have managed. The operation was pretty slick with two guys in the boat to help you with

your gear, so on the whole I would recommend this company.

Rarotonga itself was worth every penny, we had a great time being taught local dances, drum medleys and

the snorkelling was fantastic......Apart from the Reef Triggerfish that actually thought the beach was his. I

also won money on the hermit crab races! Sue & Steve.

Welcome to the New Year! The team at Performance Diver

I hope you are having a great time diving. If you are starting to make plans for diving over winter look no

further, how does diving in the tropical waters of Savaii sound? Performance Diver is pleased to offer a

fantastic trip to Samoa 30 th July – 8 th August. On arrival in Samoa the group will head to the ferry and make

their way to Savaii to soak up the true “Island Life”, there is nothing better than having a relaxing time and

only having to worry about if the water visibility is 25m or 30+. The package includes flights,

accommodation, breakfasts, 10 dives + 1 night dive and ferry transfers.



Cost of the trip is $2495 this includes:

Return airfare departing Friday 30 th July – Arriving Saturday 7 th August.

Ferry transfer to Savaii.

7 nights accommodation with breakfast included.

10 dives and 1 night dive.

Not included in the trip:

Departure Tax leaving Samoa.

Minimum of $500 non-refundable deposit will assure your place

Trip is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

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