Gui-Qiang WANG, MD - Joint Research Institute in Science and ...

Gui-Qiang WANG, MD - Joint Research Institute in Science and ...

Gui-Qiang WANG, MD

Professor of Medicine

Chairman, Department of Infectious Diseases

Director, Center for Liver Diseases

Director, Clinical Trial Base for liver diseases.

Peking University First Hospital

Brief Introduction

Dr. Gui-Qiang Wang is now a professor and chairman in the department of infectious

diseases, and director of the center for liver diseases, Peking University First Hospital.

Dr. Wang has worked in the Pittsburgh University Medical Center as a postdoctoral

research associate and in the Scripps Research Institute as a visiting scholar from 1998 to

2001. His study interest includes the antiviral treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C, the

immunopathogenesis and immunotherapy of chronic HBV infection, and the mechanism of

immune tolerance in HBV infection, etc.

Dr. Wang has published more than 80 papers in the peer review journals such as Journal of

Experimental Medicine, Journal of Biology and Chemistry, and Journal of Viral Hepatitis,

and Chinese journals. He has take charge to constitute the National Diagnostic Criteria for

Hepatitis B, and as one of the experts draft out the Chinese guideline for the treatment of

Chronic hepatitis B. He is the editorial board member of Clinical Infectious Diseases and

Hepatology International.

Dr. Wang is a vice-President, Chinese Society of Physician for Infectious Diseases,

executive member and Secretary-General, Chinese Society for Infectious Diseases, deputy

director of National Group for viral hepatitis research, the National Committee, member for

the Hygienic Standard, the National Committee member for the diseases of natural focus,

and the National Committee for the Medical Evaluation, etc.

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