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Silk shirts are the single most versatile item in your wardrobe. Shop VAUGHAN shirts at to browse our selection of silk blouses, button downs and shirts today.

The Hepburn silk shirts are the garments for all occasions, from

paired with jeans for a classic look to the basic black business

suit for the office. However, it’s just an easy fabric to wear; but

that does not mean that anything goes when you wear it. There

are certain rules to consider while wearing Hepburn silk

blouses. Take a note of the below discussed points so that when

you will wear these button down silk blouses you will stand out

in the entire fashion world.

A Finest Fit

A perfect fit is everything; when you will wear

Vaughan’s Hepburn Silk Shirts. Make sure

that the silk blouse you will choose can’t be so

tight that it can show your every lump and

bump. If the silk shirt won’t fit properly, then

the buttons will open. So, it’s better for you to

choose our silk shirt which must hug your

shape slightly.

Keep It For A Simpler Look

If you want to wear our Hepburn silk shirt to accentuate your business suit or to pair with an

embellished jeans, then keep it simple. In fact, the appeal of this silk shirt lies in simplicity.

Even if you want to add some funky ingredients to your look like a super long pair of earrings,

then you need to keep the color and the style of the silk shirt simple.

Avoid Wrinkles

Our Hepburn silk blouse should be neat and crisp all the time. If you will dare to walk out of

your home in a wrinkled silk shirt, then you will be breaking the major fashion rule.

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