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Proprocessor provides all types of food processing equipments like meat grinder, commercial meat slicer, vacuum sealer, meat mixer at suitable cost on internet for easy cooking.



Proprocessor has all the kitchen equipments

including meat processing equipment, deer

processing equipment, bowl chopper, cook pot

& vacuum sealer etc. We have all the

accessories you would need for your home &


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Our Products

‣Bowl Chopper

‣Meat Mixer

‣Meat Tenderizer

‣Electric Meat Slicer

‣Meat Grinder

‣Vacuum Sealers

‣Cast Iron Cook Pot & etc.

Bowl Chopper

Professional processor have various types of bowl

choppers, which can full fill your basic needs for

meat processing. It will be very easy to use prepare

food in kitchen.

5 ltr. Table Top Vertical Bowl


Price: $899.99

Meat Mixer

70LB Meat Mixer - 110


Price: $1799.99

#32 Commercial Electric

Meat Mixer/Grinder

Price: $6999.99

Meat Tenderizer

American Eagle Meat Tenderizer Attach

Price: $399.99

Meat tenderizers or meat cubes are straightforward. Stainless Steel

tenderizer cutting edges slice profound into the item to separate fiber

and ligament. Two passes are everything you need to make quality

included delicate steaks from less costly, difficult to stock cuts.

Enhance your item blend and gross benefit and expand efficiency.

Commercial Electric Meat




•Compact and less expensive.

•Easiest to operate.

•More durable than slicers twice its size and


•Available as a table top or on a portable stand.

•The Spirocutter will slice boneless products

with an attachment.

•Maintaining a razor-sharp blade edge is easy

with the sharpening stone attachment.

•User friendly design enables one operator to

operate several slicers simultaneously.

•Instructional video and operations manual.

Price: $10,995.99

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1562 FM 109 New Ulm

Texas, USA

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Contact No: 979 733 0800

Toll. Free No: 1- 800 330 5081


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