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Heartwood Tripod Table

Right: Petal Pendant Light

Made from a reclaimed Kumbuk log, the cross section slab reveals the heart of the tree. Growth rings expand

outward from the center, each year of the life of the tree adding to its beauty.

My grandfather left me his waterfront farm and

residence on the Eastern Shore of Virginia as a

vision for my future, a vision of rural life where

agriculture, aquaculture, and the work of the

artisan are interwoven.

Porcelain Hollow Zig Zag in Robin’s Egg Blue

Cerusing is a highly labor-intensive process with stunning results. First the piece is brushed by hand with a stiff wire

brush to ‘raise the grain.’ The piece is then painted white before the paint is meticulously scraped off with a razor

blade, leaving behind traces in the recessed areas and creating a dramatic finish.

Geode Chest and Sugar Press Side Table

Upper Left: Wheel Mirror

Tukuro Armoire in Distressed White


For the past 25 years

Tucker Robbins’ passion has been

bringing the spirit and craft from

traditional artisans to contemporary life.

By combining ancient techniques and

iconic forms, he creates furniture that

is both modern and timeless. He has

created thriving artisan workshops in

Guatemala, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri

Lanka, and Cameroon, working with

sustainably harvested or reclaimed


Through his support of indigenous

cultures and traditional handcraft he has

formed partnerships with tribal chiefs,

Arabian sheiks, and village artisans

around the world.

The result is a collection of furniture

with a spirit and life of its own.

Modernist Dining Table :: Human Chair with Natural finish

Porcelain Bangle Stool in Cobalt Blue :: Porcelain Mortar in White

Right: Porcelain Geode Stool in Graphite

When this log was pulled from the bottom of a river in the mountains of Sri Lanka, the local people cut a notch

around the log to catch the rope. This remote region is inaccessible by truck, so elephants were used to pull the log

from the river and drag it down the mountain.

Cooperation as demonstrated within the

natural world is my aspiration. Materials from

agriculture—salvaged wood, woven straw,

reeds, and porcelain—crafted by the skilled

hands of the artisan tell the story of

an interconnected world.

Copa Twist and Copa Grande by Aleman/Moore


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