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Specialist tooling,

jigs and fixtures

Success build on the back

of new challenges

Kiehn KG, a family-run business,

was founded in the early 80s.

For almost thirty years we

have constantly developed out

technical know-how and offer

experience and a business

partnership you can trust.

Our products:

¬ Stepped tools

¬ Alloy wheel drills

¬ Milling tools and cutters

¬ Profiled reamers

¬ Profiled plunge cutters

¬ Flat chisels

¬ Round chisels

¬ Profiled indexable inserts

¬ Cartridge tooling

All tools are VHM or HM coated or

are HSS. On request, we can

provide internally cooled tooling

to suit every need.

Steeped in tradition

Precision is our passion.

Our qualified technicians working

on the state-of-the-art machine

tools guarantee exceptional

accuracy down to 0,002 mm.

As a family business we offer

flexibility and fast decision-making.

DIN EN ISO 9001- Certified 2008

Tool production is, of course, itself

dependent on in-depht R&D and

excellent tooling.

We use the most modern CAD

systems to create individualized

drawings and patterns and even in

the early stages of manufacture use

sophisticated CNC machines which

support fast prototyping.

Special tooling

Precision tools are being revolutionalised

by new measurement


We use techniques such as

real-time feedback control and

compensation as well as active

oscillation damping to constantly

increasing our production quality.

By linking our machines together

and using cells, we can co-ordinate

production steps quickly and


Confidence is good...

Every single tool undergoes a

final quality check and

the most modern and accurate measurement

technology is

used to verify results.

...but control is better

We consider repeatability to be a

standard requirement.

Sound expertise backed-up by

trained staff working with the

latest high precision measurement

tools guarantees tight tolerances

and fast working Connecting each

and every production machine

to the measurement system and

Zoller pilot 3.0 software ensures

not only accurate control but also

customer-specific traceability and

measurement certification.

Jigs and fixtures

Our 3, 4 and 5-axis machining

centers can produce a wide

variety of jig and fixtures.

The use of CAD and CAM

facilitates fast programming and

we can accept and manipulate all

the major data and drawing

formats such as dxf, dwg

and iges.

Products :

¬ Non-clamped special tools

( such as bending and

stamping tools )

¬ Special turned products

¬ Special milled parts

¬ Fixture components

¬ Special housings

¬ Short run products

¬ Special clamping


Taking just a preliminary idea

we can guarantee cost-effective,

on-time completion of your

project from development right

through to production.


Our products can be found in

many areas

¬ Gas valves

¬ Motorsport

¬ Machine tools

¬ Tool-making

¬ Aerospace

¬ Automotive

¬ Pump manufacture

¬ Valve manufacture

¬ Turning

...and in your sector and

manufacturing facility.


Specialist tooling, jigs fixtures

Corunnastr. 9

58636 Iserlohn

Tel. +49 0 23 71 - 1 29 69

Fax +49 0 23 71 - 2 38 44

A 46






Further advantages of

working with Kiehn:

¬ Quick proposal service

¬ Fast delivery times

¬ Remote and client-site


¬ Repair and sharpening

service for all tools

¬ Surface treatment including


¬ Modular system for

many tools

¬ Fast, on-time order fulfillment

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