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Institute for Environment and Sustainability

Global Environment Monitoring Unit

Via E. Fermi, T.P. 440, 21020 Ispra (VA), Italy

Your virtual space for collaboration and

information on the Water Sector

AquaKnow is an online interactive platform that aims at enhancing and sharing water

sector knowledge by gathering information and integrating knowledge management

tools. AquaKnow is a powerful means to share documents, data, information, ideas,

experiences and work with other stakeholders involved in the WATER sector.

GeoData Library and GIS Tool

The geodata library contains maps on water and other related indicators such as water

supply service coverage, water body surfaces or population. The Geographical Information

System (GIS) tool allows users to share and visualize geographical environmental



The virtual community space is a mean to create and share

ideas, geographical data, documents and other

information among practitioners. Users can join

an existing working group of interest or create

and manage their own group.

Water Geographical Databases

A searchable database including national and

international geoportals and organizations that

hold information about water resources. Users

can contribute adding their own information.

Training courses

A database on training courses available

in the water sector around the

world. Users can add courses improving

their visibility.

News, Events and Blog

Users can find and share news and upcoming events as

well as create and run their own blog on the topics they

are interested in.

The Water Project Tool kit

The Water Toolkit is an interactive on-line tool that provides a comprehensive framework

for all activities related to water resources development, promoting good practices

consistent with the internationally agreed principles. The Toolkit provides a set of interactive

checklists to identify problem areas and suggests potential responses.

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